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Knockout Kings 2000 Review

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  When the first Knockout Kings title was released, it received a mixed bag of ratings. Some say it was an all around a good boxing game, others will say that they expected more. The game had poor control, kind of slow gameplay, and it featured average graphics. EA knew that they had to improve the title, and that's when they announced Knockout Kings 2000. Knockout Kings 2000 is another stellar addition to EA's cyber athletes list. The game has some great realism and we all know who better to do realism than EA. But how much of a change has occurred between the two titles? Find out.

   The gameplay has been changed drastically, to make this one of the most realistic boxers out there. The game engine has been tweaked so that Kok2000, plays and feels better. EA Sports has definitely succeeded in doing so, because just watching someone play the game makes you think that you are actually witnessing a real life match. The game features excellently motion captured players to add more depth to the game, but I will talk about that later on. Each character has at least 4 combos, and 4 regualr hits, like jabs, hooks, uppercuts, etc. The game also featres ring entrances which are pretty cool, and yet again add more realism to the title. Although, the gameplay itself can get pretty repetitive. The game features 4 combos for each player, and well after a while the combos can get pretty tedious. Still the game manages to be remarkably amuzing during a two player match. Some final additions, KOK 2000 also features a create player mode, which can be started by going into career. You can change literally everything from your custom players appearance, everything from height to weight to players stance. This is basically one of the most realistic boxing titles ever, and it is all because EA Sports was behind it.

   Unlike other developers, EA Sports doesn't just slap on a cheap looking engine and give the game a green light. No, EA Sports takes their time to make the players look as detailed as possible. They surely did a great job because playing Knockout Kings 2K feels like playing an FMV and that's certainly no exaggeration. If you don't believe me, try and give this game a rental, you'll be surprised at what you see. EA has one of the best looking Playstation titles to date, it more than likely pushes the PSX to it's max limits. The detail in each players body is phenomenal, every cut, every little blood drop, a black eye, a muscle cut, can be seen without a problem. In fact the detail is so fine that you may even think that the Dreamcast can't even do what your PSX is doing (err...maybe not, but still close though). The motion capturing is great too, and let's not forget the frame rate which always says crisp. The game characters look so good mainly because not much work was put into the backgrounds. The audience is very grainy looking, but who ever said that the backgrounds were an important aspect in a boxing game. So to round it all of, the graphics in Knockout Kings 2000 can compare to a mouth watering steak with a touch of steak sauce, that's how delicious the game looks.

   Like many other games that have been released so far, KOK 2000 features a pretty good soundtrack, which is in great and near CD quality. Mainly all the songs are rap or anything of that nature. And as for the sound effects, the game packs a mighty blow in that category. Excellent sounding punches, and great commentary makes you feel like you are right in the game. The commentary also features some color commentary and the commentator is always up with the action. To top it all of, the referees voice in KOK 2000 is none other than good ol' Mills Lane.

   For all I can tell, KOK 2000 has a pretty fluid control layout. Although all you do in boxing is punch the layout is quite simple, the buttons go as follow: X- Lead Hook, O-cross, Square-Jab, Triangle-rear uppercut, L1- block high, L2- Block low, Hold R1 for combos and press any punch button, Hold R2 to punch long range while pressing any punch button. Not much more left to say except that dual shock support is very good.

   In the end, Knockout Kings 2000 is yet another revolutionary title courtesy of EA Sports. The game tales nearly full use of the PSX's graphic capabilities pushing it practically to it's highest limits. Boasting great everything, Knockout Kings 2000 is by far the most realistic and most detailed boxing game ever. I guess it looks like EA Sports will have an excellent holiday season due to games like Madden 2000, FIFA 2000, Knockout Kings 2000, and NBA Live 2000. Let's get it on!

11/15/1999 SolidSnake

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