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Quake 2 Review

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  Activision's and ID's Quake titles revolutionized the PC sales charts as well as pushing every PC to it's limits. If you are not familiar with Quake games, they are all first person shooters, with excellent graphics and great gameplay. Later on Activison had decided to port Quake 2 on the PSX as well as the N64. Skeptics doubted the possibility of the game coming close to playing anything like it's PC counterpart, and [they] thought it would never happen. Pretty much I think those people are feeling pretty stupid right about now. Because Quake 2 has made it's debut on the PSX.

   The graphics were the most praised thing in the PC version and the most recognized, Activision hoped to accomplish the same with Playstation port. When they hired Hammerhead to develop the PSX version, they were hoping that everything would go well in the graphics department. I guess they their hopes came true. Because Hammerhead has developed one mighty fine graphics engine for the PSX version of Quake 2. The game runs at an excellent frame rate even in the four player deathmatch. The only time the frame rate drops is when you get to close to your opponent in the multiplayer modes. Not only is it very minor but the frame rate is better on the PSX version than the N64 version. I should also mention the CGs in Quake 2 look pretty crappy, the game only makes use of 295 megs of the CD's space, so I pretty sure they could have increased the quality of CGs to the caliber of something like Final Fantasy 8. Now before I head off to the gameplay department I want to make a mention of the lighting effects. The lighting effects are exceptionally good in this game, they look very realistic and that makes you feel more like you are really the person in the game.

   If you loved the PC version, you will definitely enjoy the PSX version of Quake 2. The gameplay is basically the same in both versions, not much has been changed besides the Playstation version features a couple of extra stages that the PC version doesn't. Quake 2 is not your ordinary first person shooter, where you just walk and shoot walk and shoot. Nope nothing like that, instead Quake 2 features tasks to be accomplished in every stage, but they aren't to hard. Every now and then I feel like I'm playing a first person version of Syphon Filter. The action that they have in Quake 2 is great and non stop. So if you love action games this is definitely the title for you.

   Quake 2 features very good sound. The voice acting in the CGs are pretty good and the songs are pretty cool and have some great beats in them. The soundtrack is very good in Quake 2 and the songs are great. They have some great metal beats in them. The soundtrack really got my adrenaline running really fast too. Believe me the tracks in Quake 2 are excellent. The sound effects are also very good in Quake 2, the gun shots and the explosions sound so real, you'll think that you were the one in the action.

   Usually the control is what gets to me in first person shooters. Some games have horrible control as well as bouncy camera, and some like Quake 2 have good control and a great camera. The control lay out takes a while to get used to, but sooner or later you'll get used to it. As for the tilty cameras found in most first person shooters, that problem is not in Quake 2. Quake 2 has a stable camera that never bounces around. So don't worry about losing your cookies after playing Quake 2 for 15 minutes because that is never going to happen. Also the dual shock is supported in Quake 2, it functions very nicely wit Quake 2, you can feel ever jolt and shot. And if you want to know the control layout here it goes: X is to shoot, Square is jump, Triangle and O are to switch weapons, R1 and L1 is to look up and down, R2 and L2 is to sidestep right or left. The analog support is the weirdest feature in Quake 2. If you turn on the analog you don't walk with the stick, now you walk with the buttons (triangle O, X, Square) you only turn with the analog and aim with the analog and you walk forward using triangle and backward using X.

   Quake 2 has been excellently converted to the PSX. More features have been added and as well as new stages that are exclusive to the PSX. Tons of guns to choose from, excellently detailed stages, tons of action, great dual shock support, very weird analog support, and a lot more. Quake 2 is definitely one of those you can't pass up.

10/17/1999 SolidSnake

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