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Test Drive 6 Review

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  What do you get, when you combine Gran Turismo and Need For Speed? The latest installment of the Test Drive series of course. The Test Drive series has been one of the most popular racing franchises, starting back in old age of SNES, to our days of Playstation/Dreamcast. Among other racing title the Test Drive saga always had something better than the leading game. It would either be variety or graphics. But this time around Test Drive 6 has all of that and more. Find out if Test Drive 6 was worth the wait or not.

   Looking at the previous title, I can safely say that the car details in TD 6 are much, much better, than it's predecessor. TD 5 had pretty good looking cars and it had the best looking environments. But TD 6 has just the opposite, the game has excellently detailed cars with great chroming, and the environments are a mixed bag, some look very good and then some look pretty grainy. And at times it may be hard to tell witch way to go because some of the tracks have poor detail. It looks like Pitbull spent a little too much time making the cars look so damn good and detailed that they must have forgotten about the track design. Still never the less barely a majority of the stages have good detail, while the other tracks look like they have been forgotten about. And to finish of the graphics, TD 6 has very good lighting effects.

   Talk about great gameplay, TD 6 delivers just that. The game has an excellently improved Cop AI, and the traffic is a lot more smarter, because when they see you charging at them they quickly get out of the way, now that's realism! The Police AI has been improved greatly, due to the fact that the police in the previous Test Drives would give up in a second. Now not only do the cops chase you but they also chase your opponents. TD 6 isn't too much arcade now but the game also features some Gran Turismo qualities. When you win bets you get money, and that money could be used up for upgrading your car. I'm not talking about cheap upgrades that NFS 4 had, I'm talking about upgrades for the more important aspects of a car. So the following list is a list of things that can be upgraded: Tires, Suspension, Engine, and Brakes. Each of those four has about 4 different upgrades that can be chosen from. Don't get discouraged because TD6 still has that arcade punch to it, and TD 6 makes other racers look like dirt (except Gran Turismo). Earning more cash can be gotten by going against the clock in 5 challenges, being the cop and arresting law breakers, and the original way just betting and winning races.

   Infogrames claims that the game has over 100 unique cars, but the back cover of the case says over 40 unique cars. Now I am lead to believe that the game has over 40 Sports/Muscle cars, and that the other cars could possibly be the traffic cars, this is just an assumption so don't go crazy on me if the game doesn't have any traffic car codes. One of the most impressive things about TD 6, is that the game features a good number of tracks. Over 25 real life tracks, ranging anywhere from New York to Paris to Hong Kong. TD 6 has a pink slip mode that will let you bet your car against your friend's car. And the winner of the race gets to keep his opponents car. Now the only aspect lacking from TD 6 is that the game doesn't let you choose the time of day and weather. But that doesn't really spoil Test Drive 6's score much. The feature that was pulled out of Test Drive 5 is back. Yes I'm talking about the cross traffic, the cross traffic is back and that adds a lot more realism to the game you can never predict the cross traffic until it happens though. Might I add the car crashes look great, and very realistic. And finally the game has breakable objects that you can hit while driving along, some are tables, chairs, trash cans, and cones.

   Like last year's title and the year before, TD 6 has a pretty good soundtrack. Featuring songs by, Eve 6, Kottonmouth Kings, Empirion, Lunatic Calm, Fear Factory, q-burns abstract message, and Gary Numan. Some songs in the soundtrack have the same beat over and over again and no lyrics, while others have great beats and pretty cool lyrics. The game has very good sound effects, great engine roars, and car crash sounds.

   The control is fairly simple to learn, X is to accelerate, Square is to Brake/reverse, O is to Honk, Triangle is to change view, L1 is to down shift (manual), R1 is to Up shift (manual), L2 is to use the powersliding handbrake, and R2 is to look back. All cars have different maneuvering abilities so getting used to the cars may take some time and patience.

   Although Test Drive 6 may have some graphical flaws in it, it is still one of the best racers on the market. The game features great looking cars, pretty good soundtrack, very captivating gameplay, excellent selection of cars and tracks and to top it all of, the ability to pull over law breakers has never felt this good. If you are racing fan you should pick up Test Drive 6, it will very be one of the best racers of year standing along their with great titles like Gran Turismo 2, and V-Rally 2. Make sure to pick up Test Drive 6 or you might regret it.

11/14/1999 SolidSnake

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