Playstation Game Reviews: Crusaders of Might & Magic Review

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Crusaders of Might & Magic Review

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   3DO has yet again published another rushed game, with nothing inspiring about it. Crusaders of Might and Magic is their newest adventure title for the Playstation that has a mix of Fighting Force and Tomb Raider, and many elements of Soul Reaver. To get things started, this is definitely not Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, it's worse than Fighting Force, and the game is nothing like Tomb Raider. Instead Crusaders of Might and Magic, makes Fighting Force look good and Tomb Raider not old, but the fact is that if you're going to try releasing an Action/Adventure title, chances are it will probably be rushed, under worked, stale, and won't compare to the current titles. Here is a little advice for you 3DO, next time you publish another game, make sure you play it, instead of just shipping it out for a few bucks. See for yourself how CMM turned (by now you should tell that it isn't going too good).

   Okay, why does this game look like a first generation PS title. This is horrible, 3DO spent no time at all trying to even do something with this game, if they managed to smoothen out the textures, work on the graphics and just push the PS' power then we would have had a nice looking title on our hands. Instead we receive a poorly designed game, with mediocre visuals, and poor textures that have no detail whatsoever. The main character, Drake has some shallow detail within him, he appears very blocky and just the overall detail is grainy. The only thing that is okay in the visuals is the nice CG intro that you are presented with, but the CG doesn't make the game any better. Final point, when playing the game you may notice that when you are running around, the graphics begin to chop and skip frames.

   I have already established the fact that this is definitely not a Soul Reaver, it makes Fighting Force look good, and Tomb Raider not old. The gameplay is by far the worst I have ever experienced, for starters the main character can't even hang onto an edge and pull himself up on it. The jumps he makes are way too long and it may be hard too jump on some objects, and the camera acts up many times. What makes a game better is if it has a good story, and that is something that CMM doesn not have. 3DO just slapped some dialogue, a story about Drake's village being destroyed when he was kid, and now he has to avenge every body that died (very uninspired, Zzzzz...). The action is slow, the enemies are nothing new, (most of them are skeletons), so there goes your variety. The movement is in 3D, but the game makes me feel like I am playing a game that was supposed to be released 5 years ago when Sony Playstation just started out. If all that isn't bad enough the whole Might and Magic franchise may be ruined because of this little game. This series should really just stick on the PC, and stay away from the PS (the series isn't too popular so don't worry you're not missing much people). Like any other Action/Adventure game, you have a magic system, and weapons to protect you through your journey, but nothing can protect you from vomiting after playing CMM. Poor gameplay mechanics, slow moving menu scrolls, tedious story, and just plain boredom definitely make this Might and Magic title the worst of the bunch.

   Damn it I still have to cover the sound and control. Speaking of cover, you better cover ears when playing CMM. The sound effects are trash that rats eat, (on the other hand I think rats eat better trash than this). Okay so there are voice overs but they are somewhat hard to understand, and the quality isn't all there. What really bugs me about CMM, are the awful sound effects, the annoying grunts, and cheap environmental sounds around you when you play the game. Just please do me a favor and avoid this game altogether.

   I am going to skip the control, the sensitivity of the analog sticks are present, and the dual shock is weak and controlling the character is a chore. In the end this is a horrible way to start 3DO's new year for the PS, they should probably over look their games before shipping them out, and hopefully we all don't see another PC franchise horribly ported over to the PS, or any other system for that fact. Instead of buying this game go out and pre-order Medievil 2 if you are looking for a great Action/Adventure to fulfill your needs.



3/9/2000 SolidSnake

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