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Way of the Samurai

Increase Sword Hardness

After pausing the game, hold R1 + R2 then press Right(2), Left(2), Down, Up, Circle. The main player's currently equipped sword will increase in hardness by one. Repeat until the hardness reaches level 5. Note: This cannot be done in versus mode.


Dona Dona's Home

After you fight the man on the bridge toward the beginning, go underneath it. You will find a man in a shack. Talk to him, say something like "What are you doing?". He will say "This is my home."

Stealing From The Girl

You can steal the girl's items if you befriend her. Just throw them out the door then move them as desired.

Funny Father Expressions

In the "Quick Game Completion" trick (see below), after you chase the man with the afro and the girl, walk behind the wall and talk to her dad.

Quick Game Completion

It's actually possible to beat the game in about an hour. Follow these steps to do it. After you fight the man in the beginning, tell him "Ok...". He will ask if you want to join his clan. Tell the man that you are "Not Interested…". After that, take out your sword to scare the girl. Say to her "Give me all your money..." or something like that. She will run off.

Next, go to her house. Her father will tell you that she hasn't come back yet. Go back to the bridge. Then, go back to her house again. This time she will be there with a man with an afro. Take out your sword and scare the girl. The man will tell you to put it away. Once he does, attack him. Both him and the girl will run back to the bridge. Follow them. Fight the man again and kill him. Go back to the house and you will see the girl's father being tortured.

You have two options at this point. Fight the man that is beating the father and then kill him with the gun. Return to the bridge then go back to the house. Walk in with your sword. The girl will run off again.

Join any clan and finish the game. The reason this works is because you are not a friend of the girl, which will in turn take out a large part of the game. You will complete the game and unlock another costume.


Increase Brightness

Hold L2 then L1 and, while both buttons are held, rotate the Left Analog-stick many times in either direction. Your character's eyes will flash and brighten the surrounding areas around you at night. This can also be done during intermission sequences. 

Easy Money

After joining the Kurou family, get about 50 yen by fighting the man when you join the "family." To get about 50 yen more, baby-sit the kid. The night that Dona Dona goes to get the money from the residence, go to the girl, Suzu. "Rescue" Dona Dona. He will call you a fool or something similar and fight you if you say you are on his side. Bring the safe with you to Suzu. When she sees that Dona Dona is not there, she will walk away. You can now get the 180 yen that was in the safe.

Easy Points

Progress into the game and do the best you can, preferably under the hard difficulty setting. The easiest way to get points is to go to the train place and leave the pass. It takes the least amount of time and it gets you a lot of points but only if it's on hard, if not, the payout will be less.

Easy kills 

Skip the bridge and go directly to the foundry in the first part of the game on day 1. Attack the man that is talking about it and you will fight about 100 men. You can do this as often as needed. This will help your money and your weapon.


Restore Health 

Pause the game and hold L1 + L2, then press Down, Up, Down, Up, Right, Left, Circle. Note: This does not work in versus mode.