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Street Hoops

Cheat Codes

Enter the following codes at the cheats screen:

Clown Uniforms 

Square, L1, Square, Circle.

Cowboy Uniforms 

Circle, R2 (2), R1.

Kung Fu Uniforms 

Circle (2), Square, L1.

Pimp Uniforms 

R1, Square, Circle, L2.

Santa Uniforms 

R2, L2, R2, L2.

Tuxedo Uniforms 

L2(2), Circle, Square.

Black Ball 

R2(2), Circle, L2.

ABA Ball 

Circle, R2, Square, R2.

Normal Ball 

R1, Square (2), L1.

Block Party 

R1, Circle, L2, R2.

Power Game 

R2, Circle, L2, Circle.

Play as Master P and Lil' Romeo

Buy a couple thousand dollars worth of P.Miller clothing at the clothing store (Foot Action) and when you leave you'll be notified that you have unlocked Master P and Lil' Romeo.

Play as Xzibit

To unlock Xzibit, complete the ''Lord of the Court'' challenge on any difficulty setting on the Venice Beach court.

Play as Cypress Hill, DJ Muggz, and Bobo

Complete World Tournament Mode on the "Greatest of All Time" difficulty setting.

Play as Half Man-Half Amazing

Defeat the Urban Hitmen in World Tournament Mode. Note: You need $10,000 to play as him.

Play as Silk The Shocker

To unlock Silk The Shocker, win the Lord Of The Court in Shakespeare Park.

Play as Speedy

To unlock Speedy, start a World Tournament.

Play as B Real, Muggs, Bobo and the London Knights Team

Complete World Tournament twice on the "Greatest of All Time" difficulty setting.

Athens Minotaurs Team

Complete World Tournament mode three times on the "Greatest of All Time" difficulty setting.

Kinshasha Warriors Team

Complete World Tournament four times on the "Greatest of All Time" difficulty setting.

San Juan Coquis Team

Complete World Tournament mode on the "Balla" difficulty setting.


Fake Right: Press Up, Down, Right.

Fake Left: Press Up, Down, Left

Whooow: Press R2, Left, Right, Circle

Shamgod: Press L1, L2, Up Square

Around The World: Press R2, L1, Down, X

Maja Look: Hold R1 + R2 and press Square 

Look Up: Press L2, R2, Down, Up, Circle

Slip N Slide: Press R1, L1, Square