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Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny

Easy Mode

Die three times after starting a new game. A message will appear to indicate that a new easy difficulty setting is available if the cheat was successful. Note: You cannot achieve an "Onimusha" rank when playing in easy mode.

Hard Mode

Complete the game on the normal difficulty setting.

Kick Ass Mode

Complete the game on the hard difficulty setting.

Ending Bonuses

Complete the game to unlock the Scenario Route option, Man In Black Suit mini-game, and Team Onimusha mode.

Critical Mode

Complete Team Onimusha mode.

Strongest Equipment Mode

Complete the game on the hard difficulty setting. Then, start new game to begin with the Blazing Fire Sword, 20,000 in money, 30 Intense Medicines, 10 Wood, all level 3 armors, infinite ammunition, and skill always full.

Mind Twister Mode

Complete the game with all eighteen artworks.

Leather Costume

Complete the game with the "Onimusha" rank.

Oyuu's Alternate Costume

Get a 100% scenario completion.