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Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution

Virtua Fighter 2 music

In Vs. Mode, play with any character who has obtained the rank of Shouhaou. Afterwards, when you return to the Character Select screen, the music from Virtua Fighter 2 will play.

Dural's eyes glow

If your character's total wins ends in a 9 (i.e. 29 total wins) when you reach Dural's stage in Arcade Mode, her eyes will glow purple.

Fight as Dural

You can purchase Dural from the Shop in Sega Area Uptown during Quest Mode. In Vs. Mode, you can select Dural by highlighting the top left space.

Sega Yell

To hear the old Sega scream, press Circle when the Sega logo appears during the game demo.

Unlock Virtua Fighter 1 Stages

Go to the shop in Quest Mode and buy it there. At the Stage Select screen in Vs. Mode, move the cursor to the top left of the screen and press the X button.

Unlock Virtua Fighter 1 Character Models

Go to the shop in Quest Mode and buy it there. At the character select screen in Arcade or Vs. Mode, hold P+K after selecting your character.