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Bujingai: The Forsaken City

Unlockable List

Beat the game to unlock the following items:
Hard Difficulty
High Score Records
Stage CG movies and credits
Record Demo Option (saves to different file)
Stage Select (for that difficulty)
Extreme Difficulty (clear on Hard)

Unlock these features by collecting Coins:
5 Coins: Press Release Video
10 Coins: Gackt Interview
15 Coins: Motion Capture Video
20 Coins: Lau Costume #1 Image
25 Coins: Second Costume
30 Coins: Lau Costume #2 Image
40 Coins: Hirokazu Yamadera Interview
50 Coins: Enemy Gallery 1 Images
60 Coins: Maaya Sakamoto Interview
70 Coins: Enemey Gallery 2 Images
80 Coins: Norio Wakamoto Interview
90 Coins: Enemy Gallery 3 Images
100 Coins: Enemy Gallery 4 Images
110 Coins: Tensai and Rei Jenron Images
120 Coins: Demo and TGS Videos