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La Pucelle: Tactics

Cheat: Unlockables

Powerful Dark World Items
Powerful Dark World items appear in the item shop for purchase Go into the item shop and buy ALL the items they have, this will cause the merchant to have items delivered from their Dark World branch. Now, select buy again to see the new items.

Cave Of Trials
After leaving and then returning to the main continent for the first time the hidden cave will open to reveal the Cave Of Trials and its 5 levels.

New Title for Prier, the Warp Engine, and the ability to Purify Boss Monsters
Defeat a level 500+ Demon Overlord

Another Title for Prier and the Light Year Cannon
Defeat 20 level 500+ Demon Overlords and 1 level 700+ Demon Overlord.

Dark Shrine 2
Complete the Cave of Trials