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Cheat: Unlockable Art
If you're stuck trying to figure out what you need to do to unlock the art in Gunslinger mode - here's what you've got to do.

Wrong Train Movie
Complete The Wrong Train with 65% or more Accuracy

Enemies 1
Complete Boneyard with 65% or more Accuracy

Enemies 2
Complete Showdown with 20 or more Melee Kills

Complete Deadfall with 20 or more Headshots

Allies And Bosses Art
Complete Curse Of The West on Shootist Difficulty

Complete Morning After with 70% or more Accuracy

Environments 1
Complete Darkwatch Outpost with No Deaths

Environments 2
Complete Invasion on Deadeye Difficulty

Environments 3
Complete Curse Of The West in 10 Minutes or less

Attract Mode Movie
Complete Dead Light Prism with 80 or more Kills

Highmoon Trailer
Complete Rescue in 15 Minutes or less

Rescue Intro Movie
Complete Hangtown with 20 or more Headshots

Cowboy Animatic
Complete Torture Maze with 30 or more Melee Kills

Showdown Animatic
Complete The Right Train on Shootist Difficulty

Evolution of Jericho
Complete the Single Player Campaign on any difficulty

Darkwatch Archives
Complete all Gunslinger levels on Deadeye