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Bloody Roar 3

Expert Mode

Get through the whole Arcade mode without losing, this will unlock Expert mode, as well as Uranus.

No Blocking Mode

Get first place when in Arcade Mode. No Blocking should then be open. 

One Hit Finish

Get first in Sudden Death mode to open One Hit Finish. 

Low Speed Mode

Make sure you make it into the ranking book after you finish Arcade mode with every character. 

High Speed Mode

Win a total of 100 fights with one character, this DOES NOT have to be in one attempt, just remember to save before turning off BR3. 

Gallery Pictures

For every character you finish Arcade mode with you will be given their pics. 

One Fall Mode

If you win 20 rounds with any character in Survival mode, you'll unlock One Fall Mode. The first character to be tripped or land on their back will lose. Both characters are immune to every other attack.


Play as Kohryu

Play Arcade mode until you make it to fighter number 5. You will fight Kohryu, beat him and he'll be available.

Play as Uranus

Play the whole Arcade mode without losing a single continue. Beat Xion and fight Uranus. Fight her off to receive her. 

Extra Mode

Defeat 9 enemies in Survival Mode to get the Extra mode option.