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God Hand



Starting on the second playthrough, there is an extra NPC in the shop; you can talk to him to change costumes, all of which can be unlocked by beating the game once:

Carnival, Devil Hand, Karate, Olivia’s Bunny Girl

Jukebox Unlockables

  • Jukebox A – Complete the game on any difficulty.
  • Jukebox B – Go to the casino for jackpot pulls and redeem your ticket for this jukebox
  • Jukebox C – Complete the game on the Hard difficulty
  • Jukebox D – Complete the game on any difficulty with the "Kick Me" sign equipped the entire time, without using any God Hand Power or God Hand Reels.

Extra Unlockables

  • Hard Mode – Beat the game once on Normal Mode
  • Fighting Ring Challenges – Clear stage 1
  • Fighting Ring Battle 41-50 – Beat the game once
  • Fighting Ring Battle 51 – Clear Fighting Ring Batttles 41-50
  • Chihuahua Race – Clear stage 2 and then talk to the male NPC in the shop