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Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories

Alternate Endings

  • Axel (Akutare in JP) Ending - Get Defeated by Axel/Akutare
  • Bad Ending - Have Adell 10+ felonies, Killed Ally 50+ Times, Then Finish The Game
  • Etna Ending - Defeat Etna in Chapter 3
  • Laharl Ending - Defeat Laharl in Chapter 11
  • Middle Boss Ending - Defeat Mid-Boss Before Chapter 4
  • Tink Ending - Defeat Final Boss with Lvl. 1000 Tink
  • Worst Ending - Have Adell 99+ felonies, Killed Ally 99+ Times, and Rozalin (Rossary in JP) ally-killed by Adell

Extra Classes

After acquiring the appropriate mastery, petition the Dark Assembly with the correct bill to have them create the following extra classes:

  • Archer - Have someone with a level 5 bow mastery
  • Beast Tamer - Successfully capture a monster
  • Chaos Soldier - Finish the game once
  • Druid - Perform a 500+ Geo Combo
  • Female Ninja - Have someone with a level 5 fist and staff mastery
  • Gunner - Have someone with a level 5 gun mastery
  • Heavy Knight - Have someone with a level 3 spear mastery
  • Magic Knight - Have someone with a level 3 sword and staff mastery
  • Male Ninja - Have someone with a level 5 fist and sword mastery
  • Samurai - Have someone with a level 5 sword mastery
  • Sinner - Someone in your party becomes a criminal
  • Extra Stages

    Extra Stage 01 - Fight Asagi Having 33 felonies, 100 mana, with a couple or more play throughs of the game, the proposal; "I want to fight the hero from another game" will appear.

    Extra Stage 02 - Prism Rangers Return: Only in episodes 12 and 13, with 200 mana, the proposal "Return of the Prism Rangers" will appear. Have that passed to fight the Prism Rangers.

    Extra Stage 03 - Fight Kurtis: Must use up 3 Defenders of Earth Cell phones. After that, the proposal; "Rescue the Earth Hero!! (EDF) will appear.

    Extra Stage 04 - Fight Kurtis Clones Clear extra stage 3, then use up another 3 Defender of Earth Cell Phones. This will make the proposal; "Rescue the Earth Hero Again!! (EDF) appear.

    Extra Stage 05 - Fight Vyers Have 20 hours of game play, 400 mana, and in only episodes 1-9, the "I want to see the ending!" proposal appears. Game will end when you beat him.

    Extra Stage 06 - Fight Preire: Having 66 felonies, 100 mana, a few play throughs in the game, and only appearing in episodes 1-9, the proposal; "Unleash The Fallen Maiden" will show.

    Extra Stage 07 - Fight Marjoly: Having 99 felonies, 1500 mana, during anytime, the proposal “Break the mysterious seal” will appear.

    Extra Stage 08 - Flonne: Play 40 hours and be on chapters 12-13 to unlock "I want to fight an Overlord!" proposal. Pass it to unlock Extra stage 8 "In Holt Village" Beat it and she'll join you.

    Extra Stage 09 - Laharl: After getting Flonne, have Adell become a senator. Attend Dark Assembly and pass Flonne's "Summon Laharl!!" proposal. Beat Extra stage 9.

    Extra Stage 10 - Fight Laharl Again With 5000 mana and in episode 1 only, have the proposal; “Pick a fight with an Overlord” passed and you will fight: Laharl with another boss.

    Extra Stage 11 - Fight Lord Zetta: With 10 dark world maps cleared. 3000 mana and during anytime, the “Meet the strongest Overlord” proposal will appear.

    Extra Stage 12 - Fight Baal: With 25 dark world maps cleared, with 9999 mana, and during anytime, the “Meet Tyrant Baal” proposal will appear.