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Guitar Hero II

Codes: At the title menu, enter the code.

Air Guitar- Y,Y,B,O,Y,B

Crowd has Eyeball Head- B,O,Y,O,Y,O,B

Crowd has Monkey Head- O,B,Y,Y,O,B,Y,Y

Flaming Head- O,Y,O,O,Y,O,Y,Y

Horse Head- B,O,O,B,O,O,B,O,O,B

Hyper Speed De/Activate- Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow

Performance mode- Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Yellow

Secret Guitars- Complete the designated in-game tasks to unlock these secret guitars in the shop

"Snaketapus" Guitar- Beat Hard Mode

"The Log" Guitar- 5-Star every song on Expert

Battle Axe- Guitar Beat Expert Mode

Casket Guitar- Beat Medium Mode

Eyeball Guitar- 5-Star every song on Hard

Fish Guitar- Beat Easy Mode

USA Guitar- 5-Star every song on Easy

Viking Guitar- 5-Star every song on Medium

Unlocking Additional Basses: Here is how you can unlock additional Basses in Co-Op mode.

Cream SG- Get 5 stars on 20 songs in Co-Op

Gibson Grabber- Beat 20 Songs in Co-Op Mode

Gibson Les Paul with the Cherry Sunburst Classic skin- Beat 40 Songs in Co-Op mode

Gibson SG Bass- Beat 10 Songs in Co-Op mode

Gibson Thunderbird- Beat 30 Songs in Co-Op mode

Hofner Bass- Beat every song on Co-Op mode

Lava Pearl Musicman Stingray- Get 5 stars on 10 songs in Co-Op