Original URL: http://www.psxextreme.com/ps2-cheat-print/536.html
Scarface: The World Is Yours

Unlock Cheats: Pause the game, choose "CHEATS" and enter one of the following...

FLYSTRT- Decrease Cop Heat

NOBALLS- Decrease Gang Heat

FPATC- Fill Balls Meter

DONUT- Increase Cop Heat

GOBALLS- Increase Gang Heat

KILTONY- Kill Tony

AMMO- Max Ammo

MEDIK- Refill Health

BLACK- Black Suit Tony

BLUESH- Blue Suit Tony With Sunglasses

GRAY- Gray Suit Tony

GRAYSH- Gray Suit Tony With Sunglasses

DUMPER- Dump Truck

HAWAII- Hawaii print/shirt

HAWAIIG- Hawaii print/shirt w/sunglasses

S13 Mission Replay: Babylon Club Redux

S12 Mission Replay: Deliver

SO7A Mission Replay: Freedom Town Redux

F_M_SHA Mission Replay: Havana Storage

F_M_SHB Mission Replay: Marina Storage

S09 Mission Replay: Nacho Contreras

S10 Mission Replay: Nacho's Tanker

DW_frn Mission Replay: Oakley Drive-In

F_M_SHD Mission Replay: Shoreline Storage

DW_fron Mission Replay: Sun Ray Hotel

A51 Mission Replay: The Dock Boss

S11 Mission Replay: Un-Load

TUNEME- Music Track: "The World Is Yours"

TBURGLR- Repairs any vehicle player is currently driving.

BUMMER- Spawn 4x4 Bodog Stampede

SANDY- Tan colored outfit

SANDYSH- Tan colored outfit w/sunglasses

OLDFAST- Vehicle: Spawn Ariel MK III

666999 Vehicle: Spawn Bacinari

DOZER Vehicle: Spawn Bulldozer

MARTHA Weather Modifier: Change Time of Day

SHAZAAM Weather Modifier: Toggle Lightning

RAINY Weather Modifier: Toggle Rain

WHITE White suit Tony

WHITESH White suit Tony with shades