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WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007

Unlockables - Win the any of the Tropy to unlock the corresponded character

Unlocks... Win..
Hulk Hogan - WrestleMania Trophy
Mankind - SummerSlam Trophy
The Rock - WrestleMania Trophy
Shane McMahon - Armageddon Trophy
Mr. Perfect - Backlash Trophy
Tazz - No Way Out Trophy
Steve Austin - Royal Rumble Trophy
Jerry "the King" - No Way Out Trophy
Bret Hart - Survivor Series Trophy
Dude Love - SummerSlam Trophy
Bam Bam Bigelow - Unforgiven Trophy
Cactus Jack - WrestleMania Trophy

Trophy List - 

WWE Challenge Trophy - Clear all of the pre-set challenges. 
WWE Legend Trophy - Clear all WWE Legend challenges. 
WWE Superstar Trophy - Clear All WWE Superstar challenges 
100 Wins Trophy - Win 100 matches
Amateur Challenge Trophy - Clear all Amateur Challenges
Bar Room Brawl Trophy - Succesfully win the Bar Room Brawl (season mode).
Legend Killer Trophy - Rank first in the Legend Battle Royale (season mode). 
Match Veteran Trophy - Play each type of match in exhibition. 
Rising Star Trophy - Clear all Rising Star challenges. 
Royal Rumble Trophy - Rank first in the Royal Rumble (season mode). 
Tough Enough Trophy - With 1 CAW wIn 10 matches
Undertaker's Urn Trophy - Beat  The Undertaker in the Buried Alive match (season mode) 

Other Unlockables -

Million Dollar Championship Belt - Win the Challenge mode Legend Trophy
Hardcore Championship Belt - Win the Challenge Mode Legend trophy.
n.W.o. Championship - Win the SummerSlam Trophy
Wrestlemania 21 Stage - Win at Wrestlemania 21
Smoking Skull Championship - Win the Royal Rumble Trophy
Unforgiven Arena - Win the Unforgiven Trophy (season mode)
SummerSlam Arena - Win the SummerSlam Trophy  (season mode)
No Mercy Arena - Win the No Mercy Trophy  (season mode)
Vengeance Arena - Win the Vengeance Trophy (season mode)
WrestleMania 22 Arena - Win the WrestleMania Trophy  (season mode)