PS2 Cheats: TimeSplitters 2 Cheats

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TimeSplitters 2 Cheats

Unlock Cardboard Characters 

Beat TimeSpliters 2 on Easy to open flat/cardboard characters. 

Unlock Characters in Arcade Mode 

Get a Gold medal in "Adios Amigos" (in the Arcade Mode) and you'll open playable characters Hector Babasco and Lean Molly. 

Unlock Characters in Story Mode 

Beat the coresponding levels on Medium difficulty to unlock the following secret playable characters: 

  • 2280 Return to Planet X: Ozor Mox
  • 2019 NeoTokyo: Sadako
  • 1853 Wild West: The Colonel
  • 1972 Atom Smasher: Khallos
  • 1920 Aztec Ruins: Stone Golem

Unlock Rotating Heads Cheat 

Complete "Pane in the Neck" and get Silver (in Challenge Mode) to unlock the Rotating Heads cheat. 

Unlock Streets Arcade Level 

Complete TS2 on Easy to unlock the Streets arcade level.

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