PS2 Cheats: Aero Elite: Combat Academy Cheats

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Aero Elite: Combat Academy Cheats

Complete the objectives listed below to acquire the planes 


Finish every ground training objectives in Training Mode

Blue Impulse T2 Trainer

On the bay map, find the Blue Impulse logo under the bridge (Free Flight Mode)

Blue Impulse F-86 Fighter

On the island map, find the Blue Impulse logo (Free Flight Mode)


Complete maneuver objectives at Aero Meet.

F-86 Fighter

In Training Mode, log one hour of playing time

F-104J fighter

Reach Mach 2.0

F-105 Drone

In Training Mode, fly 50,000 feet

 F-14B Test Bed

Finish Reconnaissance Mission 2

F-15 Aggressor 1

Log 50 kills

F-15 Aggressor 2

Log 100 kills


Finish ACM objectives at Aero Meet


Finish 10 scrambles


Finish 50 scrambles


Finish helicopter training

 Su-27 Fighter

Finish Reconnaissance Mission 3.

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