PS2 Cheats: Tekken Tag Tournament Cheats

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Tekken Tag Tournament Cheats

Tekken Bowl Mode

Unlock Ogre to get Tekken Bowl (get 200 points and you can unlock the Jukebox)

Theater Mode

Successfully complete arcade mode to unlock the theater mode

Gallery Mode

Simply unlock Devil, and that will get you gallery mode

Bonus characters

Complete arcade mode with any character to unlock one of the hidden characters. Another character will be unlocked each time the game is completed, in this order: Kunimitsu, Bruce Irvin, Jack-2, Lee Chaolan, Wang Jinrey, Roger & Alex, Kuma & Panda, Kazuya Mishima, Ogre, True Ogre, Prototype Jack, Mokujin & Tetsujin, Devil & Angel, and Unknown.

Play as Angel

At the character selection screen, put the selector on Devil and press Start.

Play as Tiger

At the character selection screen, put the selector on Eddy and press Start.

Play as Heihachi

Complete Arcade mode without losing in 5 minutes and 30 seconds..

Play as Gold Tetsujin

Win ten fights in Versus mode.

Play as Devil Jin

Have Jin and Heihachi as your team, while playing as Jin, press Back, Right, Square, Triangle(2), X.

Armor King's alternate costume

Complete Arcade mode with Armor King. Then at the character selection screen, put the selector on Armor King and press Start.

Ling's FMV sequences

Complete arcade mode with Ling, then beat it again in her school costume to view two different FMV's featuring Ling.

Super charger

While fighting (anywhere and with anyone), press all the buttons to do a super charger.

Automatic lower parry

While fighting (anywhere and with anyone), press Down/Forward to do a lower parry.

Escape backflip

While fighting with most characters, press Up/Back to do an escape backflip.


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