PS2 Cheats: True Crime: Streets of L.A. Cheats

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True Crime: Streets of L.A. Cheats

Change Nick's Appearance:

When naming your game file (when you are making your license plate), put in the following names. Hold L1 and R1 when you enter and confirm the name. 

Look like the Chief - B1G1 

Look like Rosie - ROSA 

Look like Rosie in lingerie (like in the Blood Money episode) - HURT_M3 

Look like a cop - FUZZ 

Look like a police officer - FATT 

Look like a SWAT officer - 5WAT (alternate code - SWAT) 

Look like a commando - M1K3 

Look like a female worker - HARA 

Look like a male worker - HARA 

Look like a female punk - B00B 

Look like a male punk - MNKY 

Look like a gangster - TFAN 

Look like a boxer - BRUZ 

Look like a gambler - MRFU 

Look like a butcher - PHAM 

Look like a biker - HAWG 

Look like a S&M donkey - JASS 

Look like Ancient Wu's concubine - TATS 

Look like a pimp - P1MP (alternate code - PIMP) 

Look like a hobo - B00Z 

Look like a corpse - J1MM 

Cheat Codes:

On the pause menu, press the following: 

Get all melee combat skills - UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, X 

Get all driving skills - LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, X 

Get all gun skills - RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, X 

Increase car size (must be inside a car first) - DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, X 

Display Nick's position - X, CIRCLE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE 

Unlock Bonus Movie:

To unlock the bonus movie, get all three endings (poor, average, and best) by successfully passing all of the episodes, including the alternate ones. This extra movie is just for fun, and it shows Masterson and Nick doing something silly at the Gulag Club.

Thanks to RamirezXsJ

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