PS2 Cheats: Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter Cheats

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Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter Cheats

Cheat Mode

Enter OVERSEER in the cheat screen for the cheat mode. 

Secret Spaceship

Enter BLUENSF as the code, for a spaceship that can only be used in Bonus Missions.

Extra Hidden Missions

Enter ANDREW as the code, to unlock Capture the Flag and Two-player Canyon Race in the Bonus Missions mode. 

Pictures of Simon

Enter SIMON.

Spaceship and Hero Gallery


Enemy Ship Gallery


Production Art


Development Team

Enter TEAM

No Cockpit display (radar, damage panel and etc.)




First of all if you actually use this code, consider yourself to be the most un experienced gamer ever! But for those who want to use it for whatever reason: Enter the Code menu in Options and type in, MINIME. 

Director Mode

To gain access to more camera angles enter DIRECTOR as your code in the code option. Press Select to toggle between camera views. 

Jar-Jar Mode

In order to turn this game into the worst piece of hardware ever, enter JARJAR as your code, to completely reverse the controls and make it nearly unplayable. 

Hidden Christmas Video Clip

Enter WOZ as your code to see a stupidly funny video clip. 


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