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Pride: FC Cheats

Hint: Allan Goes: Moves: 

Compasso: Press LK (from Stand/Left Step)

Feint Tackle: Press RK, LP + LK (from Stand/Forward Step)

Punch Combo 4: Press LP, RP, LP, RP, LP (from Mount/Top) 

Hint: Daijiro Matsui: Moves: 

Dropkick: Press RK + LK (from Forward Step)

Triple Slap: Press RP, RP, RP (from Guard/Top) 

Lift Up Reversal: Press RP + RK (from Back Mount/Bottom) 

Dan Henderson: Moves: 

Double Body Hook: Press LP, RP (from Stand/Back Step)

Low Ducking Kick: Press RK, RP + RK (from Stand/Forward Step)

Step Back Upper: Press RP (from Stand/Back Step) 

Hint: Don Frye: Moves: 

Power Upper Combo: Press RP, LP, RP, RP (from Stand)

Double Straight: Press LP, LP (from Stand)

Stomp Kick: Press RK (from Stand/Back Step) 

Hint: Enson Inoue: Moves: 

Machine Gun Jab: Press RP, RP, RP, RP (from Stand)

Yamato Damashii Smash: Press RP (from Stand/Back Step) 

Mid Kick and Tackle: Press RK, RP + RK (from Stand/Forward Step) 

Hint: Gary Goodridge: Moves: 

Down Swing Combo: Press RP, LP (from Stand/Back Step)

Rush Combo 5: Press RP, LP, RP, LP, RP (from Opponent Stun)

Down Swing Punch: Press LP (from Back Step) 

Hint: Heath Herring: Moves: 

Overhead Punch: Press RP, LP (from Stand/Back Step) 

Double One Two Punch: Press RP, LP, RP, LP (from Stand)

Front High Kick: Press RK, RK (from Stand) 

Hint: Kazuyuki Fujita: Moves: 

Crouching Tackle: Press LP + RK, LP + RK (from Stand)

Step in High Kick: Press RK (from Stand/Forward Step)

Lift Up Slam: Press LP + LK (from Stand/Forward Step) 

Hint: Renzo Gracie: Moves: 

Step Punch Combo 3: Press LP, RP, LP, RP (from Stand/Forward Step)

Step Punch Combo and Tackle: Press LP, RP, LP, LP + LK (from Stand/Forward Step)

Leg Drag: Press LP + LK (from S&D/Bottom) 

Hint: Ricardo Arona: Moves: 

Away Step Back Straight: Press LP, LP (from Stand/Back Step)

Double Toe Kick: Press RK, RK (from Stand)

Delay Tackle B: Press LP + LK, RP + RK (from Stand) 

Hint: Royce Gracie: Moves: 

Step Left Punch Combo 3: Press LP, RP, LP, RP (from Stand/Forward Step)

Right Heel Kick: Press RK (from Guard/Bottom)

Right Feint Punch: Press RP, RP (from Guard/Bottom) 

Hint: Tom Erikson: Moves: 

Tom B2B: Press RP + RK (from Stand/Forward Step) 

Triple Axe Handle: Press RP + LP, RP, LP (from Mount/Top)

Double Right Power Punch: Press RP, RP, RP (from Guard/Top)

Thanks to RamirezXsJ

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