PS2 Cheats: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 Cheats

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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 Cheats

Fusion/Character Unlock Hints:

Must be done in Dragon mode. To get all techniques you need 10000 kills and complete the ship. 

  • Dabura - Get over 100 Kili
  • Gotenks (Fusion) - Get to the Hyper Bolic Time Chamber in Dragon Mode
  • Kid Buu - Get over 5000 Kili
  • Majin Buu - Get over 1000 Kili
  • Majin Vegeta - Beat Majin Vegeta before Buu's egg hatches
  • Super Buu - Get over 2000 Kili
  • Vegetto (Fusion) - In the city when Supreme Kai tells you about the Potara earrings, go to him to get them. When Vegeta comes, give him the other earring. 

Character Unlock Hints:

Must be done in Dragon mode 

  • Android 16 - Beat Android 16 with Goku
  • Android 17 - Beat Android 17 with Piccolo
  • Android 18 - Beat Android 18 with Krillen
  • Android 20 - Beat Android 20 with Goku
  • Cell - Beat Cell with Goku
  • Frieza - Beat Frieza with Goku
  • Future Trunks - Beat Vegeta on Namek with Kid Trunks
  • Ginyu - Beat Ginyu on Namek with Vegeta
  • Gokule - Get Goku and Hercule's breakthrough
  • Hercule - Beat Fat Buu with Saiyaman
  • Kabitoshin (Potara) - Collect 7 Dragonballs and wish for the capsule from the Dragon
  • Nappa - Beat Nappa with Vegeta (first unlock Vegeta and then start Dragon mode again)
  • Raditz - Beat Raditz with Goku
  • Recoome - Beat Recoome with Goku
  • Saiyaman - Beat Cell with Adult Gohan only
  • Supreme Kai - Beat Supreme Kai with Goku
  • Teen Gohan - Beat Cell for the last time on Supreme Kai's planet with Adult Gohan
  • Tiensha - Get Tien and Yamcha's breakthroughs
  • Vegeta - Beat Vegeta with Goku on Namek.
  • Vegetto (Potara with Vegeta) - Collect seven dragonballs and wish for the capsule from the Dragon.
  • Videl - Beat Super Buu (with Gohan absorbed) with Hercule.
  • Yamcha - Beat Nappa with Tien 

Unlock Hints:

  • Adept World Tournament - Unlock 16 Characters, then buy it from Bulma
  • Advanced World Tournament - Unlock all 29 Characters, then buy it from Bulma
  • Babidi's Ship - Collect all 7 Dragon Balls and then wish for it from Shenron

Thanks to Gotenx

Free Capsule Increase:

With a memory card inserted (to save progress), enter an item shop. Hold L1 + L2 and leave. Repeat the process for more stuff.

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