PS2 Cheats: James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Cheats

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James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Cheats

Platinum Cheats
In order to use the platinum cheats below, you'll need to have collected a certain number of Platinum Medals, and then you'll be able to enter the codes. Below is a list of cheats, and the amount of Platinum medals needed for each cheat to work:

All Weapons: Circle, Triangle, X, X, Circle - 17
Cloak: Circle, Triangle, X , Triangle, Square - 13
Double Ammo: Circle, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle - 7
Double Damage: Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle - 9
Full Ammo: Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Square - 11
Full Battery: Circle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle - 15
Improved Battery: Circle, Square, Square, X, Circle - 5
Platinum Gun: Circle, Square, Square, Circle, X - 27
Slow Motion Driving: Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle -
Unlimited Ammo: Circle, X, Square, X, Circle - 23
Unlimited Battery: Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle - 19

Cheat: Golden Gun:

At the pause screen, enter CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, X, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE

Unlockable: Arena Mode:

Play through the cooperative missions and acquire multiplayer points by completing the optional objectives.

Unlockable: Characters and Bonus Arenas:

Unlock the following by earning the appropriate number of multi player points, earned by completing objectives in co-op mode.

  • Agent 003: 290 points
  • Baron Samedi: 50 points
  • Burn Chamber arena: 370 points
  • Arena Mode, and Cistern arena: 30 points
  • Diayato Moscow: 400 points
  • Egypt Commander: 90 points
  • Egypt Guard: 180 points
  • Hezmet Guard: 110 points
  • Katya Jumpsuit: 320 points
  • Le Rogue: 260 points
  • Miss Nagai: 450 points
  • Moscow Guard: 230 points
  • Mya: 130 points
  • Odd Job: 70 points
  • Serena: 350 points
  • Serena: 430 points
  • South Commander: 210 points
  • Test Lab arena: 160 points

Hint: Loads of Tips:

  • 1) Crouching raises the chance of you not getting hit significantly.
  • 2) Always look for available cover at all times.
  • 3) The Q Spider can unlock secret areas and items by crawling through open spaces and scouting.
  • 4) Never charge into a open space without an automatic gun and a lot of ammo.
  • 5) Missiles are very easy to waste and can't be replenished so use them very sparingly.
  • 6) Don't rely on hand-to-hand combat.
  • 7) Always keep your P99 in reserve in case of emergencies.
  • 8) You are a spy which means you need to be silent, crouch, walk, and silently disable men.

Hint: No Medals With Cheats:

If you activate a cheat, such as the Golden Gun, you will not be awarded a medal for completing the mission, no matter how well you do.

Hint: Regain Health:

Crouch, by pressing R2, to slowly refill your health.

Hint: Train Chase Dirt Bike:

At the beginning of the "Train Chase" mission, instead of taking a left to Bond's Porsche, turn right into a small room. Inside, you'll find a dirtbike and a slightly different path through the level.


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