PS2 Cheats: Soul Calibur 2 Cheats

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Soul Calibur 2 Cheats

Cheats: Unlockables

Finish these challenges to unlock the following arenas, characters, modes, costumes, and weapons.

Acheron (Cervantes) – In Chapter 4 (Maxim), defeat a specific enemy in Charon’s Pass.
Halberd (Seung Mina) – In Chapter 6 (Aldebaran), defeat a specific enemy in Underground Juno.
Schweizer (Raphael) – In Chapter 4 (Mizar), complete Deserted Village.
Soul Calibur Evil (Xianghua) – In Chapter 5 (Altair), defeat your doppelganger in Paradise of Altair.
Soul Edge Growth (Nightmare) – In Chapter 7 (Rigel), complete Forbidden Grounds.
Synval (Sophitia) – In Chapter 10 (Antares), defeat a specific foe in Court of the Dead.

Berserker – In Subchapter 1 (Schedar) on your second time through Weapon Master mode, defeat the boss in Stone Temple.
Cervantes – In Chapter 3 (Benetnasch), complete Benetnasch Harbor to unlock Cervantes.
Character Profiles – Complete Arcade mode to unlock a Profile of the character you were playing as.
Charade – In Chapter 3 (Benetnasch), complete Carnival to add Charade to your character list.
Seung Mina – In Chapter 6 (Aldebaran), complete Seginus Temple.
Sophitia – In Chapter 4 (Mizar), defeat the boss in Charon’s Pass.
Yoshimitsu – In Chapter 2 (Thuban), beat the boss in Minkar Mine to add this familiar Tekken face to your roster.

New Nightmare – In Chapter 8 (Merak), complete Grand Shrine of Merak to unlock this costume!

Hwangseo Palace/Phoenix Court – In Chapter 7 (Rigel), complete Rigel, Spiritual City.
Labyrinth – In Chapter 6 (Aldebaran), defeat the boss in Underground Juno.
Lakeside Coliseum – In Chapter 1 (Regulus), complete Warrior’s Trial Grounds to unlock this snazzy new arena.
Money Pit/Top Tier – In Chapter 4 (Mizar), complete Al Gieba Ruins and this arena will become available.

Extra Arcade Mode – Simply complete Arcade mode.
Extra Practice Mode – In Chapter 1 (Regulus), complete Proving Grounds to unlock this handy feature.
Extra Survival (Standard) Mode – In Chapter 6 (Aldebaran), complete Siam Ruins.
Extra Team Battle Mode – In Subchapter 1 (Schedar), defeat the boss of Stone Temple.
Extra Time Attack (Standard) Mode – In Chapter 5 (Altair), complete Nereid Gorge.
Weapon Master Opening – In Chapter 10 (Antares), complete Tartaros.

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