PS2 Cheats: Def Jam: Fight For NY Cheats

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Def Jam: Fight For NY Cheats

Cheat: Unlockables

Go to the extras menu, select cheats, and enter the following codes to unlock easy reward points and new songs.

Unlockable Songs:

Koto by Chiang GHOSTSHELL
Afterhours by Nyne LOYALTY
Get it Now by Bless PLATINUMB
Dragon House by Chiang AKIRA
Take a look at my life by Fat Joe CARTAGENA
Sieze the day by Bless SIEZE
Original Gangster by Ice T POWER
Move by Public Enemy RESPECT
Man Up by Sticky Fingaz KIRKJONES
Lil' Bro by Ricbyobyche GONBETRUBL
Comp by Comp CHOCOCITY
Chopshop by Baxter CHOPPER
Bust by Outkast BIGBOI
Anything Goes by CNN MILITAIN
Walk with Me by Joe Budden PUMP
Poppa Large by Ultramagnetic MCs ULTRAMAG

Easy Points:
100 reward points CROOKLYN
100 reward points DUCKETS
100 reward points NEWJACK
100 reward points THESOURCE
100 reward points GETSTUFF

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