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Forgotten Realms Cheats

Cheat: Hidden Areas

Chapter 1:
War in Damara

No hidden items

Chapter 2:
Descent into Gemspark Mine

Location: Throne room where you fight the Orc king boss
What: Treasure chest containing gold

The throne in this room can be destroyed to reveal platforms that lead to the hidden area. Use Rannek's new gauntlets to smash the throne. With the throne gone, Zhai can use her new jumping ability to reach the treasure chest at the top.

Chapter 3:
Attack at Cedarleaf

Location: At the top of the platforms near the waterfall that leads to the hut with the switch
What: Bag of gold and treasure chest containing gold

Make sure you grab the treasure before you go to the hut. Once you pass the hut, there's no turning back and you will have missed the hidden area.

Chapter 4:
The Wizard's Tower

Location: Behind a cracked wall on the balcony, just before the long hallway with statues and bugbears
What: Three treasure chests of gold and a book pickup

Use Rannek's Gauntlet of Ogre Power or Illius's Beads of Force to crack open the wall.

Chapter 5:
The Jungles of Chult

Locations: One is hidden in the bushes to the right of the start location, and another is above the mill
What: Treasure chest of gold

Before you leave the clearing where the party starts the level, look in the trees to the right of the clearing. In the brush and trees is a treasure chest. There is a hidden treasure chest on the rafters above the upper level of the mill. Zhai can access it here by jumping onto the box, then onto the stairs.

Chapter 6
: The Yuan-Ti Temple

Location: To the left of the courtyard outside, just before you enter the temple itself
What: Treasure chest with gold, bag of gold

See those ledges? Zhai can jump up using the cobra's head to reach the top for a few nice surprises.

Chapter 7:
Stand at Mithral Hall

Location: On the far side of the tower where you protect Thibbledorf as he jams the gears What: Treasure chests with gold

For the hidden treasure, have Zhai go down the far stairs, next to the fire pit. You can use any character here, but she is the fastest.

Chapter 8:
Into the Underdark

Location: A crude walkway that shoots off the right "arm" of the four-way intersection
What: Bag of gold and treasure chest of gold

At the four-way intersection, take Zhai over to right of the intersection. Notice anything interesting? Jump over to the crude walkway and make your way to the top of the cavern.

Chapter 9:
The Dragon's Lair

Locations: This level has three hidden areas in the smaller enclosed rooms
What: Treasure, book pickup, and health scroll

The first area is in this enclosed room with three barrels by the ledges. Use the ledges to reach the top area to find a book pickup and a treasure chest. Past where you watch the dragon kill Cireka is a small and dark room. Use the ledges to reach the dark hidden area at the top. The last hidden area of the level is in another small room. Find this room right after the party makes it through the long indoor hallway.

Chapter 10:
The Lord of Chaos

Location: This is the same hidden area as in Descent into Gemspark Mine
What: Treasure chest with health scroll

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