PS2 Cheats: Arena Football Cheats

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Arena Football Cheats

Cheat Codes:

Reset Ball
At the line of scrimmage enter L1, Triangle, Up, Down.

Maxed-out Attributes
While in the play now mode, name a profile IronMen and then load it.

Big Ball
At the line of scrimmage enter L1, Triangle Up, Up.

Small Ball
At the line of scrimmage enter L1, Triangle, Down, Down.

Unlockable Teams:

Albany Firebirds
Finish the Be The Reciever Challenge.

Anaheim Pirates
Complete the Kicking Challenge.

Buffalo Destroyers
Beat the Jack Linebacker Challenge.

Charlotte Rage
Complete the Wall Hit Challenge.

New Orleans Night
Don't throw an interception for an entire game.

St. Louis Stampede
Finish the Mac Linebacker Challenge.

Texas Terror
Beat the Telemetry Challenge.

Washington Commandos
Finish the Coverage Maneuver Challenge.

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