PS2 Cheats: Karaoke Revolution: Country Cheats

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Karaoke Revolution: Country Cheats


Retro Cowgirl Outfit
Earn 250,000 Total Points

Afro Hair, Cropped Pants, Armwarmers, Furry Boots
Earn 500,000 Total Points

FlatTop Cowboy Hat

Earn 1 Platinum Record

Western Cowboy Outfit
Earn 2 Platinum Records

Western Cowgirl Outfit
Earn 3 Platinum Records

Turquoise Cuff
Earn 4 Platinum Records

Brad Paisley
Earn 5 Gold Records

Slick Shades and Boots w/Spurs
Earn 5 Platinum Records

Garth Brooks - Friends in Low Places
Earn 6 Platinum Records

Open Shirt
Earn 7 Platinum Records

Devil Girl Outfit
Earn 8 Platinum Records

Glam Tower Hair, Glam Tux & Scarf, Glam Stripes Pants, Creepers
Earn 9 Platinum Records

Rodeo Dude Outfit
Earn 10 Gold Records

A-Line Skirt
Earn 10 Platinum Records

Velvet Supreme Outfit and Top Hat
Earn 11 Platinum Records

Long Coat, Slacks, Motorcycle boots w/Socks
Earn 12 Platinum Records

Flames Cowboy Hat
Earn 13 Platinum Records

Earn 14 Platinum Records

Handlebar Moustache
Earn 15 Gold Records

Trilby Hat
Earn 15 Platinum Records

Gym Shorts
Earn 16 Platinum Records

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