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Devil Kings 2 Cheats

Unlockable Weapons

You can unlock all the weapons for each character in the same basic ways. Following is a list of how to do so:

Level 2 - Finish two levels in story mode on Normal or finish any two star level in Free Mode

Level 3 - Buy it in the shop

Level 4 - Found in fancy weapon boxes in Unifying/Story mode on Normal

Level 5 - Complete Unifying/Story mode once, then buy it in the shop

Level 6 - Found in the fancy weapon box on Extreme in Unifying mode

Level 7 - Finish any mode on Extreme, then buy it in the shop

Level 8 - Complete all 100 levels of the Daibudokai

Unlockable characters

Unless otherwise noted, the following characters unlock by finishing the second character's Story Mode:

Akechi Mitsuhide - Oda Nobunaga
Honda Tadakatsu - Takenaka Hanbei
Itsuki - Uesugi Kenshin
Maeda Toshiie - Matsu
Matsu - Maeda Keiji
Miyamoto Musashi - Obtain 50+ points for Conquer/Unifying Mode
Mori Ranmaru - Date Masamune
Mouri Motonari - Chousokabe Motochika
Nouhime - Akechi Mitsuhide
Sarutobi Sasuke - Sanada Yukimura
Shimazu Yoshihiro - Mori Ranmaru
Takeda Shingen - Sarutobi Sasuke
Takenaka Hanbei - Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Uesugi Kenshin - Kasuga
Zabii - Mouri Motonari

Extreme Mode

Finish Story or Conquest on Hard with any character.

Alt. Costumes

Finish Unifying mode with a character to unlock their alternate costume.

Daibudokai Mode

Finish Story once with any character.

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