PS2 Cheats: Tony Hawk''s Project 8 Cheats

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Tony Hawk''s Project 8 Cheats

Cheats - Choose Cheat codes in the Options menu and enter any of the following codes to enable the corresponded cheat.

Unlocks... Code
Perfect rail - balancegore
Perfect manual - frontandback
Unlimited focus - shellshock
Full stats - allthebest
All Specials in the shop - yougotitall 
All Decks  - needaride
Inkblot deck - birdhouse
Infinite Special - jammypack
All Special Tricks - yougotitall
Skate as... Code
Kevin Staab - mixitup
Photo Girl and Filmer - themedia
Christian Hosoi - hohohosoi
Bum - enterandwin
Mascot - manineedadate
Nerd - wearelosers
Anchorman - newshound
Zombie - suckstobedead
Twin - badverybad
Big real estate agent - shescaresme
Dad and Skater Jam Kid - strangefellows
Colonel & Security guard - militarymen

Play as Travis Barker - Enter the code plus44 to unlock Travis Barker (Free Skate mode only)

Play as Grim Reaper - Enter the code enterandwin to unlock Grim Reaper ( Free Skate mode 2 players only)

Play as Jason Lee - Enter the code notmono to unlock Grim Reaper ( Free Skate mode only)

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