PS2 Cheats: FIFA 2004 Cheats

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FIFA 2004 Cheats

Drag & Go - Hold R2 to make your player stand still. When it stands still, keep holding R2 and pull back right analog stick to put your foot on ball dragging back the opponent. Then, quickly hit up or down and you'll knock ball past opponent.

Shoulder Drop - When going towards an opponent, double tap the right analog stick to any direction. Player should drop shoulder and knock
ball past opponent.

The Marseille Roulette - When dribbling with ball hold R2 and rotate right analog stick all the way round. Player steps over ball protecting it from other


Most teams' third kits - Reach level 5 in your EA Bio.
French Ligue teams' third kits - Reach level 10 in your EA Bio.
Italian Division 1 teams' third kits - Reach level 20 in your EA Bio.
Spanish Premeira Liga teams' third kits - Reach level 30 in your EA Bio. 
English Premiership kits - Reach level 40 in your EA Bio.
German Bundesliga teams' third kits - Reach level 40 in your EA Bio.

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