PS2 Cheats: NBA 2K6 Cheats

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NBA 2K6 Cheats

Unlockables - At the main menu, choose Features option, then select "The Crib". Look around until PowerBar vending machine comes up. Zoom in, scroll down to and select "Enter code" button, and enter any of the following case-sensitive code. Go back to the main menu, entered cheat should appear. Select it and enable it.

Unlocks... Code
NBA 2K6 team - nba2k6
+10 Defensive Awareness - lockdown
+10 Offensive Awareness - getaclue
No Quick Game injuries - noinjury
No Quick Game fatigue - nrgmax
Visual Concepts team - vcteam
2K Sports team - 2ksports
Uptempo Nike shoes - anklebreakers
Air Zoom Kobe 1 shoes - KOBE
Nike Shox MTX shoe  - crazylift 

Unlocks... Code
Lebron James Summer shoes - lebronsummerkicks
All items in The Crib - criball 
Bostons Secondary Jersey - bos 2nd
Bulls Retro Jersey - chi retro
Clevelands Secondary Jersey - cle 2nd
Clippers Retro Jersey - lac retro
Denvers Secondary Jersey - den 2nd
Detroits Secondary Jersey - det 2nd
Grizzles Retro Jersey - mem retro
Heats Retro Jersey - mia retro
Hornets Retro Jersey  - no retro
Houstons Retro Jersey - hou retro
Knicks Retro Jersey - ny retro
Nets Retro Jersey - nj retro
Magics Retro Jersey - orl retro
Sacramentos Secondary Jersey - sac 2nd
Suns Retro Jersey  - phx retro
Sonics Retro Jersey  - sea retro
Visual Concepts Team - vcteam
Wizards Retro Jersey  - was retro


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