PS2 Cheats: Nascar Thunder 2002 Cheats

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Nascar Thunder 2002 Cheats

Bonus cars 

Go into the Create-A-Driver mode. Enter one of the names below to unlock the racer and his car for any mode.

Audrey Clark 
Benny Parsons 
Buster Auton 
Cheryl King 
Chuck Spicer 
Crissy Hillsworth 
Daryl Wolfe 
Dave Alpern 
Dave Nichols 
Diane Grubb 
Dick Paysor 
Jim Hannigan 
Joey Joulwan 
Josh Neelon 
Katrina Goode 
Ken Patterson 
Kristi Jones 
Mandy Misiak 
Michelle Emser 
Rick Edwards 
Rick Humphrey 
Sasha Soares 
Scott Brewer 
Tom Renedo 
Traci Hultzapple 
Troi Hayes 

Bonus Drivers

For every time you beat the Season, you will unlock 2 new drivers and their cars. Beat the Season 8 times to get every secret driver.

Completion FMV Season Video

Complete the Season once, and you will get an FMV as a reward.

Second Completion FMV video

Beat the season mode 8 times to get an all new FMV.


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