PS2 Walkthroughs: Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough

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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough

Max is back...
    ...and he is more in pain than ever.

                        Max Payne 2 - The Fall of Max Payne
                              A film noir love story

Platform: Playstation 2
          A Rockstar/ Remedy Game
Author:   The Genius of the Hole
Version:  1.0   (submitted 30.05.2004)


Table of contens:
I.   Introduction
II.  General Game Tips
III. Walkthrough
IV.  The Characters
V.   Previously 
VI.  Copyright and special thanks
I. Introduction

This walkthrough is designed for beginners to medium players, all those of us 
who are not an ace with the gun, but still enjoy an action game with a good 
storyline. It is supposed to get you through the whole story without 
getting stuck because of an enemy who just won't go down or any other situation
that might drives you up the wall. It might not always be the most elegant way 
of solving the problem, but hey, as long as it works...who cares.

I would like to draw your attention to the notes that sometimes follow a 
section of the walkthrough. These sometimes contain hints about ammo, or 
warnings about misshaps that could put your mind at unease, or alternative 

Since I have described the whole story in the walkthrough it contains spoilers,
so don't read ahead, if you want to enjoy the whole experience.

In case anything should sound strange to you, or you are wondering about 
confusing grammar or spelling errors: English is not my first language. I've 
tried my best and I am pretty sure you will understand what I mean, especially
when you see the situation I am desribing on your screen.

One more thing: Just in case you should have it in your CD collection and want
to get yourself in a suitable sucidal Max Payne mood: Listen to Rob Dougan's
'Furious Angels' CD, especially the songs 'Furious Angels', 'You left me for
dead' and 'Speed me towards death' are really doing the trick.

II. General Game Tips

Save your painkillers as long as possible, use your weakest gun as long as you 
can and handle grenades with care (same goes for Molotov cocktails). This is 
the basic advice I can give you. 
Apart from: don't waste your bullet time unless you have to, and: it is not 
always wise to shoot dodge into unfamiliar terrain. When you enter a room for 
the first time, hit bullet time for a few seconds and open the door. Then back
off again (switch off bullet time). This method might could mean that you take 
a shot or two, depending on the weapons your enemies have, but it will tell you
something about their position, their numbers and their weapons. It even might 
will cause them to come out of the room which would give you the advantage of 
killing them one by one, especially if you hit bullet time at the right moment.
Once you know their positions it could enable you to get them without having to 
take a single shot, provided you have a grenade. But don't waste them!! They 
are rare (at last at the beginning), so if you missed the first time think hard
before you try it again, (or save your game and retry). The best way is to use 
bullet time once again, enter the room and throw your little present. 
Unfortunately enemies in Max Payne2 are not completely stupid, this means they 
can dodge bullets and they will even try this with grenades by warning one 
another. Talking of warning: Take their advice. This means, when you hear them 
shouting "take cover" you better do as they say, because one of these 
b*****ds has just thrown a bomb. When you hear "shoot", follow their 
invitation, they won't give you a second one, and it usually means they got you 
in their sites. 
One more thing about grenades: Don't try to shoot dodge them (unless out of a 
room). You will be far to slow in this movement and until Max gets up the bomb 
will hit him from behind and cause an awful lot of damage, if not even kill 
him. (At least that's what happens to me.) Run and hide, that's the better 
The best way to kill groups of enemies is when they just enter the room. Hit 
bullet time and even an Ingram or MP5 won't help them too much. But kill them 
fast! Once they passed the door, they start dodging your bullets and will 
spread over the room, which will put you in a much weaker position. 
Also listen to noises in general. Enemies give themselves away by whistling, 
talking with one another and even by telling you what they are about to do. 
I think I already mentioned that you should save ammo for the stronger guns, 
especially the once with a sniper modus. For me its the MP5! Rapid 
fire, kills effectively and: it can be used from a distance without even being 
seen! No risk taken, and the enemy is down. There is a phase in the game 
when you don't find any ammo for this one, so be careful if it is your 
favourite as well.
One thing you should always look out for are explosive materials lying around.
You can either use them for an easy kill of the bad guys, but if you are not 
sure that you are not going to be caught up in an explosion caused by 
crossfire,shoot the object from a distance to blow it up.
Though Max has the ability to find painkillers in the strangest of places, do
not use them unless your health bar has turned half red. Rather consider 
replaying a part of the game, than having to deal without any relief for Max. 
And always remember that it will take some time for the painkillers to take 
effect. So don't hope for a miracle in the middle of a mad gunfight.
And one more thing: Nothing is for free, not even in Max Payne. So if you 
suddenly find an amazing amount of painkillers or a room full of weapons just 
for you to enjoy - prepare for pain and action, because you are not being 
equipped for nothing. Such a blessing usually means that there is trouble ahead
so don't get your hopes up...Max won't.

III. Walkthrough

Part 1: The darkness inside

The Manor now
Max is obviously once again in trouble. Police is arriving outside.

Hospital earlier tonight
Max seems to have one of these New York nights again. We see a cut to a 
hospital, the doctors are fighting for his life. 
Later Max gets up from a bed in the same hospital, intending to run away. Once 
again in his life he is either badly injured or on drugs, or both. Tumbling 
through the room he listens to the voices in his head. 
When you take control of Max turn left to the cupboards and open the middle
one. You will find 2 painkillers here...your best friends for the future. You 
might have by now realized, that this time things are movable in your 
environment. Sometimes this is the way to open boxes in order to get 
painkillers or weapons and ammo. This is one of the small changes Rockstar has 
made in the game compared to the first one.(Max also looks different for some 
This time you also won't find the '!' above Max's head when he is supposed to 
use an object, but don't worry, most of the time it is pretty obvious what you 
should be doing. 
But the really good news is: this time you can save whenever and wherever you 
want (or need). An alteration especially useful for those of us who are average 
players and not to keen on playing the same scene over and over again. 
Ok, now leave the room and cross the corridor to the room slightly on your 
right. Cross the room. Once you have approached the left corner this will 
trigger off a cut scene(...or some of Max's memories?) Those of us who have 
played the first game will remember Mona. She actually should be dead, we've 
seen her being shot in front of an elevator after she had changed sides.
After the short scene you hear a telephone ringing. This usually means you are 
supposed to pick it up. So get out of the room through the door in front of 
you. You are back on a corridor, in front of you there is a first aid kit on
the floor - kick it open (by walking against it) in order to get the 3 
painkillers. Keep an eye open for this kind of boxes throughout the game.
Now go into the reception to your left and answer the phone. Then go back to 
the door next to the one with the 'Exit' sign. You will find a dead body lying 
on the floor. A cut scene will be triggered off when you enter the room, and 
you will see Max picking up a gun (that feels better!). Now get ready for 
action. As soon as the cut scene is over shoot the masked man in front of you, 
or he will shoot you. If you should need any of the painkillers for that, don't 
worry, you won't have to save them for later. 
Go into the next room (Max still seems to be on a trip, fantasizing about 
Mona) and cross it. Exit through the door and find yourself on
a corridor (is this the same wallpaper in the nursery of the hospital as the 
one in the nursery in Max's house in the first game?), turn right and head to 
the reception room, where a suspiciously open elevator is waiting. Press the 
button on the inside and watch the scene.
Who ever Jim was, he is no longer relevant and you have other worries. The
gunman with the Ingram will hit a gas canister which will cause the elevator to
drop. No harm done, but why did Max let go of his guns? And more importantly,
where have all the painkillers gone, once the scene is over? Anyway, go through
the hole in the wall to your left (comes in very handy) and go into the room
ahead. You will find a corps and Max seems to be familiar with her...

Manor now
Max is still dwelling on the mess he is in. Obviously his horror trip into 
his troubled mind hadn't ended last time we left him. It seems to have gotten 
even worse...
The police is calling for reinforcement...

Chapter1: Elevator doors

New York City last night
Max has left the drug department and gone back to the NYPD. He feels guilty 
because he hadn't been punished for the events in the first game. (Must be his
clearly masochistic characteristic). He gets a call for an emergency in a 
warehouse and decides to react to it, because it belongs to his old 'friend'
Vlad. We know this criminal mind from the first part, when Max introduced him 
as being from the 'old school'. He even helped Max to track down some of his 
enemies, though not without any personal profit.
When you take control of Max things look pretty much like normal police
business, though the gunshots should make you a little bit worried that things 
might not be going to be that smooth. Leave the parking area through the alley 
on your right and walk around the building until you come to some stairs on 
your left leading to a door. Enter the door and turn left. You will see Max 
heroically sneaking up on a TV. Grab the 2 painkillers from the table and make 
your way through the boxes, then turn left. As you approach the gate it will 
open and a guy will walk out, claiming to be working for a cleaning company. 
Max will follow him through the next room where he will open another gate. You 
might already have been suspicious of that guy, but if not this is a good time 
to finish him off. If you wait for too long he will draw a gun and shoot you in 
the back. A second 'cleaner' will appear, so hurry and shoot him as well. Don't 
forget to pick up his gun, something you should always do if you don't want to 
run out of ammo. This cleaners are easy too kill, you will encounter them a lot,
so it's good practice for the tougher guys later who will wear bullet-proof 
Cross the room and open the gate on the other side by pushing the button next 
to it. Walk slowly through the next room and soon you will see a cleaner 
walking passed on the far end. Shoot him and since he had been talking to 
somebody, his colleague will show up soon. Finish him and pick up the guns, 
then turn left in the middle of the room and left again to open the small metal 
door. Then use the door on your left. You'll hear voices again and will have 
to fight two cleaners on the stairs. You can lure them down the stairs and kill 
them in the doorway. On the top of the stairs leave the first room behind and 
turn left in the second. Max will alarm you to a message on the answering 
machine, so listen to it. Open the cupboard to your left and take the ammo. 
Exit through the door opposite. Here you will find some ammo in the last 
cupboard. Use the door in your back and pick up the painkiller from the desk to
your left, another one is in the cupboard to your right, and some shotgun ammo
is in the safe which is also on the right side of the room. One more painkiller
can be found on the left side on a desk. When you approach the door to the 
right a cut scene will start. Only heaven knows why Max suddenly feels the need 
to play righteous cop again, but he will give you away, so get ready to shoot. 
Do it fast, because one of the guys has got an Ingram and those mean trouble. 
You will also acquire a shotgun at this occasion and there is a painkiller on 
the desk in the room. Don't stroll around for too long inside the room, or two 
cleaners who are approaching will shoot you from behind. If you already have 
left the room, you will encounter them outside, of course. When you are out on
the corridor again the door to your right will now be open. As soon as you 
enter the room at least four cleaners will attack you, kill as many as you can, 
the rest of them will flee due to the sirens. Now its time to clear the 
cupboards. You will find some shotgun ammo, a sawed-off shotgun, and two 
painkillers. Don't forget the weapons the cleaners dropped. Then exit through 
the same door they did. When you head forward you will watch the tragic end
the cleaners will take - and, if you haven't played the first game, have your
first real-life encounter with Mona Sax. Unfortunately she'll be gone as fast
as she came. Take the elevator she disappeared with and go down. It is very 
likely that Max will be holding a shotgun in his hands by now, since he usually
switches to his strongest weapon automatically - you might want to change this
especially if you are a beginner or medium player. Shotguns might be strong, 
but only from a close range, so as soon as the enemy is further away they get 
pretty useless and leave you open to enemy fire. Exit and turn right. If you 
were hoping for help from the arriving police, forget about it. If you want to
have it done, you have to do it yourself, so get ready for gunfight. Turn right
in the next room again and you will see a forklift truck moving in the room 
ahead. When you enter it you will be shot at, so return fire. At least three 
cleaners will be fleeing from the scene so follow them to the room on the 
right. Watch out for the falling shelf! Follow the trace of the dead bodies on
the floor, obviously the police has already been in this room. When you 
approach the door at the far end a cut scene will show Max shooting at the
escaping cleaners. Detective Winterson will save his life. Then we will switch
to the police station where Max has an unpleasant encounter with his boss. Mona
turns out to be the suspect in a murder case, but Max will keep the fact that 
he has seen her secret. Obviously he still can't let go of his past and 
clings to anything that comes along, even if it's a killer and a femme fatale.
Max decides to visit Vlad, who officially has quitted his life as a criminal, 
seeking a new profession as the owner of a restaurant. The Racknarock used to
be an old night club where Max had hunted down one of the crime bosses he 
blamed for the death of his family.

Chapter2: A criminal mastermind

Vlad is obviously in trouble. (But no rush, no matter how long it will take you
to get through the building and to Vlad, he won't die on you.) Max decides to
go in all by himself and enters the renovated restaurant through a backdoor.
When you take control of Max, Vlad will be mocking you. Turn left and go up the
stairs. Voices will alarm you to three enemies, watch out for the guy with the 
Ingram, when you take them on. Turn right into the small corridor where the 
dead bodies are lying, and go through the open door. You will be in Vlads 
office. When you switch on the answering machine on his desk, you will hear 
Vlad talking to his girlfriend. Use the radio on the desk next to the Captain
Baseball Comic (that brings back memories...painful memories.) to let him know,
that you are coming for his rescue, but watch out, turn around immediately and
pump some lead into the guy approaching the door. Maybe it wasn't that wise 
after all to let your enemies know you are on your way...
Anyway, up the stairs and open the door to meet Mike the Cowboy. (Doesn't he 
look a little bit like Boris Becker?) You will meet allies like him more often
in the game, you can decide whether or not to take them with you by talking to 
them. I would advise you to take this guy with you, especially if you are a
beginner, since he comes in really handy and if you play it clever, does most 
of the work for you.
Go upstairs and turn right again into the corridor. The cowboy will storm 
passed you as soon as you approach the door on the left. Let him do the job 
and enjoy the goodies he brings by picking up the guns. Watch out, there are 
explosives in the room, so if you shoot into it, the blast can kill you and the
Cowboy. You will find Ammo for the Ingram and a Molotov cocktail on the left 
and I think a shotgun and stuff for the 9mm pistol on the box in front of you. 
Don't forget the two painkillers on the right. On the shelf ahead of you 
there should be ammo for a desert eagle. Cross the room and go up the stairs 
on your left. Open the door on top of the stairs and immediately open fire. 
After you have killed the first guy, the Cowboy will run into the room and 
start his work. If you want to let him do the bigger part of it, step away 
from the door so that it will close again. That way you won't be hit by the 
Molotov cocktails or crossfire. There will be five comrades for you to play 
with. The best way to deal with them is not to enter the room, but let them 
come to you one by one. Each time one of them opens the door hit bullet time 
and shoot. Watch your ammo, because if Max has to reload when the door swings 
open, this will give your enemies the time to kill you. 
Vlad will soon ask you to hurry, so do him the favour and head down the stairs 
to the left. If not all enemies have had approached the door yet, you will meet 
one here. Turn left and go to the door. Four painkillers will be waiting for 
you to be picked up in a medicine cabinet next to it. Open the door and 
expect to be shot at. Turn left and shoot the enemy approaching you. Two more 
will be downstairs, but keep running left and let the Cowboy clear the way to 
the right. You will be shot at, but hardly ever wounded, if you just keep 
moving. One of the badies will meet you on the stairs so get rid of him and 
reunite with the Cowboy downstairs. Head up the stairs on the opposite wall 
and enter the door which will lead to another door. The Cowboy will be ahead
leaving you some Ingrams to pick up. Go through the door in the next room and
find some shotgun ammo and some pump-action ammo on the boxes to your left. 
Climb down the scaffolding on the opposite wall and rob the dead bodies of your 
enemies. You will get one of your first grenades here. Also some painkillers 
and ammo. Exit at the far end and open the doors. Six enemies will attack you, 
some from above with Ingrams. With a little bit of luck all you have to do is 
get the Cowboy into the room and back off again. You can even wait outside, 
while he will do most of the work. Once the enemies are dead, after a cut scene 
introducing us to Vlad and Vinnie Gognitti, three more will approach through a 
door in one corner of the room (left, on the opposite wall from the door you 
came in, if I remember correctly). Kill them and exit through the door they 
came in. If you should be in need of, there are four painkillers on one of the 
boxes in the far right corner of the room you just had the gunfight in (seen 
from the entrance) and also the enemies will drop some. Leaving the room will 
trigger off a cut scene. The police, though notorious arriving late, and the 
prospect of another meeting with Max, will cause Vinnie to leave and Vlad will 
be saved. 
He will reassure Max of his reformation and declare Vinnie the bad guy 
causing all the trouble.

Note: The Cowboy can die. If that happens, you will have to do it all by 
yourself, so you should at least help him to stay alive. If you should 
accidentally hit him, he will pay you back and I do believe that his 
performance depends on your own.

Chapter3: The depth of my brain
Max is once again trapped in his troubled mind, feeling the past catching up 
with him. You take control of Max in his apartment (nice...). 
Everything is a little bit blurry since Max is in some kind of dream. Answer 
the knock on the door and a picture of Mona will come sliding in. Step outside 
on the corridor and turn right (either through the boxes or follow the 
corridor). Head down the stairs and follow the green light. Mona will be 
calling you. Go through the door and into the morgue. As you get closer to the 
cooling boxes one of them will slide out and reveal Mona’s? dead body. When you 
look at it she will suddenly be sitting on one of the tables. Go to her and she 
will tell you to answer the phone behind her. Do so. You will hear Vlads phone 
call again, then you will be out on the streets facing the police. Run from 
them, they will open fire, but no worries, it's just a dream. Next you will be 
in an interrogation room - at the wrong side of the table. You will be 
questioned by Winterson and your boss. Ignore their warnings and get up. On the 
table to your right you will find a 9mm pistole, so take it and do what you 
have to: Kill them both. They will be shooting at you, but again, no harm done.
Max will wake up on his sofa, this time there is a real knock on the door.

Chapter4: No 'us' in this 
Mona has decided to pay you a visit. To warn you, as she says. And speaking of
the devil, you will be shot at, while the girl makes a run for it. As soon as 
you take control of Max, get away from the window. Go into Max's bedroom and 
jump into the gap between the bed and the wall to pick up a painkiller. There
is some ammo for the 9mm in the bathroom cupboard and in the cupboard in the 
hall. There is also ammo for a shotgun. Leave the apartment and you will see
Mona’s 'traces' in the corridor. Turn left and see a cleaner flying out of an
apartment - nice neighbourhood. Go through the open door and meet the nice old
lady. She will even offer you another shotgun, so talk to her to make her lead 
the way. In the cupboard to the left you will also find a painkiller, so feel
at home and take it. Leave her and go further down the corridor. Now comes an
a little bit tricky part, at least when you play for the very first time. See
the open window to your left? Yep, you are supposed to climb out there. Don't
fall or slip on one of the canisters. Move along the small ledge until you
reach the end. There is another one on the other side of the wall. Max can just
jump far enough to reach it, but you have to be really close to the edge.
As soon as you reach the other side, prepare for action (its best to save here,
or you will have to do the jumping over and over again if you die). Turn around
immediately and watch a car arriving. Some very quick cleaners will jump out 
and start shooting at you, so better finish them off, before they do you in.
Best way is to hit bullet time for this. This will slow them down. Also there
is a barrel down there which you can cause to explode, and maybe you even have 
saved some of the grenades from the fight with Vinnie's men. If you throw one 
of these just before the van stops, they will get out straight into the 
explosion. Whichever way you do it, get rid of those nasty bastards. Then jump 
onto the ledge in front of you on the opposite wall. Walk around the
corner and climb through the window. Exit the room through the door to your 
left and climb out on the other side of the room. Turn right and, yes, again
through the window. On the corridor a cleaner will walk past you further 
away. When you shoot him, 2 others will be alarmed. Turn left and meet another
nice lady. She will offer you some painkillers (three) which are in the 
bathroom in her apartment. Take them and do as Max said it: Pass through. Once
again out of the window in the second room of the apartment. You will find a
scaffolding to your left. Jump on it and walk up the plank. Enter the snipers
hide-out through the window. You can use his field-glasses to look into your
own apartment and see the cleaners do an 'untidy job'. You can also listen to
the recordings which reveal an interesting view into Max's private life,( and
his growing obsession with Mona)...
Leave the room through the door. When you approach the apartment door two
cleaners will cross your way. Make it their last crossing and then get the
painkiller from the darkroom to the left in the sniper's apartment. Go to
the corridor and head forward. You will see the lady in the red housecoat
run from someone and an explosion will shake the hall. Head to the door next to
the elevator and finish off the cleaner coming at you. Go up the stairs and
encounter two more of the bad guys.

Chapter4 continued
Go further up the stairs until you come to the room with the locked door. An
open elevator tells you to go down. Prepare your guns while doing so. As soon
as the doors will open prepare to shoot the three cleaners which are following
a drunk guy down the hall. (I'm not sure whether you can shoot him, but I
wouldn't do it). Turn to your left and walk into the corridor straight ahead
(the one with the basement sign at its end). Enter the door to your right and
head down the stairs. In the box to your right there are two painkillers. You 
will hear someone humming a tune. Now that's a cleaner you don't shoot. He will
tell you the code and you can return back up to the elevator. When you leave
the stairwell you will have to fight two cleaners, but they will be facing 
into the other direction, so that's no problem if you are careful. Up again
with the elevator and enter the code into the panel. Shortly after you have 
entered the corridor behind the door, four cleaners will come around the corner
-just wait for them one by one. Progress forward and into the room the cleaners
came from. In the cupboard in the entrance hall of the apartment is a 
painkiller. Four more in the bathroom to your left. Open all the cupboards in 
the apartment and take all the goodies. Seen the open window? You know what to
do. Just follow the ledge and jump over the gap. Walk on until you can't go 
any further. See the ledge down below? I am afraid Max is going to take some 
damage, when you jump down there, but I haven't found another way. But you 
should be alright on painkillers. Walk to the gap and let yourself drop. This
time no damage at all (strange...) Depending which way you dropped you will be
facing an open window, so lets climb back inside. Welcome home, you'll be back
at Max's place. Take the painkiller from the shelf and the other one from the
sideboard in the living-room (where the hell did these come from?) Then go to
the exit.

Chapter5: A sign of her passage
Don't ask me why we did all this journey, but now we want to get back to the
streets. Pick up the painkiller next to the bench near Max's apartment. When
you progress forward voices will alarm you to cleaners. Three of them will be
behind the door next to the elevator. Get rid of them and head down the stairs.
Find the 'sign of her passage' and proceed downstairs. Free the drunken man
and take him with you as back-up. (Max must be really desperate.) He is an 
ex-cop and has a gun, but don't expect to much of him. You can't follow Mona’s
traces any longer, because there is a burning gas-pipe in your way, so you got
to find another way. Down the stairs and turn right. Free the women behind the
double door. She also has a gun and will give you some assistance. What a nice
party we have. Though not very useful for your way through the building, the 
two will come in handy later, so you shouldn't completely forget about them. 
Maybe you even want to consider leaving them here until later just in case they
die, but then you would have to come back for them.
Anyway, take them (or leave them) and go back to the stairs, while the hooker 
will be hitting on you. Before you reach the stairs you will have to fight 
three cleaners. Go to the door ahead of you which the cleaners have left open.
Down the stairs and to the utility room. Don't forget to get the two 
painkillers from the cupboards and then use the gas valve. Go back upstairs
and finish off the three cleaners who will be shooting at you. Then proceed to
the stairs to the third floor. Head straight forward to where the fire had been,
then turn left. Go into the burnt out apartment and past the flames to the 
windows. Now comes the part where your two comrades come in. Climb out of the 
left window and don't even start thinking about the saucy offer you just 
received. Cleaners have pulled up in the yard down below and are giving you a
tough time. Help your friends to help you, but do it best from the opposite 
wall. You can use the sniper rifle for that job, just use the telescopic sight
and shoot from a distance without taking any risk. All cleaned up, job done. 
Move on and hurry, because from somewhere you will be shot in the back very soon
(maybe I keep overlooking some nasty cleaner, or he just shows up.) Jump onto 
the scaffolding and get out of danger. You can try and help your allies, but 
I am afraid they are going to die in the shootout (but maybe that just happens
to me).
Go up the planks and jump to the ledge to your left. Get out a good gun,
the Ingrams for example, or anything with a fast! fire rate. You might want to
save now, because it will get a little bit tricky now. See the scaffolding 
ahead of you? It looks as if you couldn't jump on it, but it will do the trick
...for a few seconds. Then it will fall and you will drop with it. What you 
have to do now, is avoid falling to deep and to fast, so you will have to 
change position while dropping, and you will have to avoid being crushed by 
falling planks. But that's not enough, as soon as you hit the ground a nasty 
bunch of cleaners will show up, so get ready to shoot (keep looking down while
you fall, but look up immediately when you touch the ground, that's how it works
for me at least.) So it's: drop from the ledge, wait till the plank slips, 
move to the right (that's away from the wall), wait till it slips and move to 
the left and jump off. 
There are five or six cleaners jumping out of the van, so hit bullet time and
get rid of them. They can be really nasty. Maybe you've got a grenade or two 
left, situations like these are excellent to use them. Unfortunately you don't
get to pick up their guns, because there is a cut to the police station, where
Max tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Mona has left her number 
and invites you to her place. Winterson gets suspicious when she sees Max 

Chapter6: A linear sequence of scares
Well, what to say about a woman that lives in a funhouse? That makes Max look
like a healthy mind. But then again, what's healthy anyway?
Proceed forward and go through the moving tunnel. Turn left, and left again 
where the gate just opened. Again turn left, up the stairs. And it's left, and
left and...(Can't say I like this part of the game, and its only use seems to
be to show that Mona is as down the drain as Max and to make you familiar with
the terrain, because you will come back here later on a few occasions.) Down 
the fire-escape and answer the phone in the telephone box. Go into the cage 
and follow the only way through this psychotic place. Into the next cage and 
out to the doors to your right. Walk on, until you come to the open mouth with
the turning cylinders. I can't exactly tell you how I find the exit, just get 
in and try to stick to the left side. There is a sign with three arrows going 
into different directions. Next to it there is a smaller door. Here you have to
exit. Move forward and answer the phone, then go into the tunnel. Follow the
escape signs until you can turn left behind the side scene. Turn left and 
proceed to the stairs, where you climb up. Since Mona’s door is locked and Max
wants to learn more about his counterpart, go left and exit through the door to
your right. Jump onto the roof to your right and climb through the open window 
ahead into Mona's place. You will find three painkillers in the room with the 
explosives, as well as ammo for the desert eagle. (You will also hear Mona 
sing.) One more painkiller is in her kitchen. When you approach the bathroom 
door a cut scene will be triggered off, and Max will see Mona taking a shower.
(A gentleman would have looked away.) 
Mona promises Max to deliver him to a contact to the Inner Circle, the secret 
organization Max encountered in the first game, when almost all of its members
were killed. Alfred Wooden is a survivor, and he was the one clearing the guilt
of Max's past deeds. 
Despite his mistrust Max does let Mona lead the way without asking too many 
questions. (Maybe it's not answers he wants from her...)

Chapter7: The million Dollar question
Having shown her "who's the man", Max will go up with the elevator, while Mona
will use the headphones to direct him through the building. Back in control 
walk out of the elevator and straight ahead to the other side of the hall. Turn
left and go to the second corridor on your right. Two cleaners are talking in
front of the door, so do them in. Then it's back to the first corridor, the one
you passed. This door is open, so shoot dodge inside and kill the two cleaners
to your right. Follow the blood trace the cleaners have been busy cleaning up
through the doors to the right and you will find four painkillers next to a 
dead body. Back into the living-room and out on the balcony. The fence to the 
balcony to your left has a gap, so use it to go next door. When you approach 
the stairs two the next floor, you will hear voices. My advice would be to wait
for them to come to you, because if you run upstairs there will be an awful lot
of people to deal with at the same time (five I believe). Best thing to do is 
back off behind the pillar in the room, and as soon as they get in your sight 
hit bullet time and have an Ingram out. After you are done with them get up the
stairs and to the room at the far end. You will find the man you were looking 
for, unfortunately already dead. So it's out of the room again. Halfway back 
to the stairs three cleaners will open fire on you from your right. There are 
four painkillers in the bathroom to the right, in case you should need them. At
least the cleaners have opened up a door to the right that had been locked 
before, so get out of the apartment and turn right. Two cleaners will open 
fire from the door ahead of you, kill them and go to where they came from. You 
are in another apartment. In the cupboard in the living-room you will find 
two more painkillers. Then go down the stairs. The sound of a piano will 
alarm you to three cleaners (one of them has talent). Make them play their last
tune and go outside onto the balcony as Mona has advised you to. Turn left and 
look down. See the edge of another balcony? Jump onto the ledge of the 
balcony you are standing on, and you will see a blind below you. It 
will carry your weight, so jump.

Chapter7 continued
You hear them boasting, so put an end to it. (Let yourself drop down backwards
and in bullet time, and you will almost certainly take no damage in the 
shooting.) There are three more bad guys in the room in front of you. You can 
let them come to you by opening the door (it will close again) and stepping 
back. Then just wait and hit your trigger when they show up. Cross the 
apartment and leave it on the other side. You will see a guy in a suit being 
chased down by two cleaners. Kill them. Got to the hall were they appeared (the
second from the apartment you came out of and turn left into the corridor. Into
the apartment and down the stairs. Mona will tell you about the cleaners to 
your right, so go and get them. Well actually it's one, in the lobby to your 
right. Go to where he has been standing and turn right to enter the apartment.
There are two cleaners inside. One is in front of the window you can't see from
the position at the door, the other one is outside. Shoot dodge slightly to your
left from the door and if you are lucky you can kill them both with one shot 
if you use a shotgun. Mona will contact you over the headphones, when something
goes wrong. You will lose contact with her. 
Now, jump out of the window and into the crane. Then press the button to the 
right. When the crane goes down some bastard will start throwing grenades at 
you from above, so jump out of the crane (there's a scaffolding down below). 
Just jump down to the next level, but try to avoid getting hit by the blast of 
one of the grenades. Now down the plank and step onto the ledge. Any minute a 
guy in a suit should be flying past. (I think they are members of the Inner
Circle) At least he left his window open, so get inside. Get rid of the cleaner 
near the window and take the two painkillers from the kitchen counter. Leave 
the apartment and carefully walk to the lobby. Three cleaners are in the hall, 
do them in and enter the next lobby. There you will find two more of your 
playmates, but don't think it it's over when they are wasted, because the 
elevator doors will go open and Mr. Kaufman will order your assassination. You 
better get a move on it, these guys are tricky and soon in your back. Try to 
get inside one of the corridors, so your back will be covered and all you have 
to concentrate on is your front. That's much better than dodging around in the 
lobbies. I think there are five or six men with Kaufman, but I didn't get 
around to count the mess. One more cleaner will come out of the elevator when 
you are done with Kaufman. I counted ten dead bodies on one occasion in the 
end, but who counts anyway, right?
Get into the elevator left open by the last cleaner and go down. Mona has been 
arrested by the NYPD. Winterson will ask you the one million Dollar question...

Part 2: A binary Choice

After a major disagreement with your boss in which you will be defending your
deeds, you will be in the police station. Go to your desk (it's in the furthest
corner from where you are standing) and sit down to write your report. 
Winterson's phone will be ringing, but it will be hung up when you answer it.
Do as your colleague tells you to and get Winterson from the interrogation room,
where she is having Mona and two other girls lined-up for a witness. Funny how 
she is not interested in what he has to say about the cleaners, isn't it?
Anyway, he'll identify Mona as the woman he has seen. After Mona has been taken 
away you can talk to the witness yourself. Now the story about Mona sounds more
like it. Get out of the room and catch Winterson leaking information to an 
unknown source. Didn't you have a strange feeling about her before? She'll go
into your boss's office, certainly not to praise you, so go past the office and
out at the green exit sign. Head down the stairs in order to see Mona. Push the 
buttons next to the doors to get through. You'll find Mona in one of the cells
in the corridor to your left. She is worried that someone will come for her.
Go back to the woman behind the desk and use her phone. A cut scene will show 
Mona’s fears coming to life, and her escaping. Hurry to the locker at the wall
that had been locked before. Get the gun and the painkiller and get ready to 
shoot three cleaners coming through the door. Head past the dead guard to the 
door leading to the garage on the other end of the corridor. Two more cleaners 
are waiting for you. In the garage get into the black van to pick up two 
grenades and a MP5. Get out of the van and move on. Another black van will pull
up and three more cleaners will jump out. When you are done with them get into
their van and get the painkiller. Then walk to the driveway exit. Vlad will 
pull up and bring you to Mona’s place.

Chapter1: The things that I want
One should think that a man in Max's situation would have other things than sex
on his mind, but anyway, get the trouble sorted: Three cleaners ahead of you. 
Watch out, one of them at least will run up the stairs and shoot you from 
above. He'll also throw grenades, so finish him fast. Then head down the 
corridor to the wooden stairs. Two cleaners will come down there,try to take 
them out while they are still heading downstairs, before they are facing you. 
Head on down the corridor and you will find ammo in a box at the far end. Then 
go up the stairs where you have killed the two cleaners and enter the room on 
the first floor. You will find three painkillers here. Then head up to the 
second floor and pick up the Molotov cocktails. Open the door and look down. 
There will be four cleaners (you can't see them all, but you can get one or two 
of them before they realize you are there.) Done with them cross the bridge and
turn right. Follow the ledge all the way around until you come to a door to 
your left. Remember the big syringe that came towards you on your first visit? 
You are in the room above it and you can trigger it of with the panel in front 
of you. If you are lucky you can kill a cleaner down below with it. Then when 
you approach the next door to your left get ready for action. There are nine! 
cleaners waiting for you, so best thing to do is show you are there and lure 
them into the room one by one. Not all of them will come straight away, one 
will hide to the left when you step on the bridge in the next room, another two 
or so will come up the stairs behind you, when you reach the other side of the 
bridge. Get down the stairs to the bottom of the gap and turn right. Proceed 
forward through the corridor and exit through the door on the far end. Mona is 
already on the playground, so join in if you want to. (But this girl knows how 
to handle a gun.) Soon a gate will open on the left and two more cleaners will 
appear. Go through the gate when you are done with them and turn left through 
the doorway. Up the stairs and left again. Kill the cleaner who is awaiting 
you. Looks familiar? When you step onto the fire-escape you will see Mona in 
action. Get ready to shoot the four cleaners down there, they will be firing at 
you pretty soon. (You can also back off and let the pro do the job.) Then head 
for the gate at the far end and walk through the doorway. Mona will be in a 
heavy shoot-out with six cleaners. Help her, but watch the explosion. You can 
do a lot of damage from a distance, so it might be wise not to get to close. 
Then go through the tunnel and head forward until you can't go any further. To 
your right is a door which will open and a cleaner will open fire. When you 
walk through the door a cut scene will start. See the familiar scene of Max 
chasing a black van.

Chapter2: In the middle of something
Having Mona told where you are going and you will be in the garage of the 
construction site. Get back in the van for an MP5, ammo and a painkiller.
Then head to the driveway where the cleaners have gone to. You can hide near 
the wall and just wait if you like, they'll be back very soon to look for their
colleague. Turn left and go up the stairs. There will be an awful lot of these
red boxes in the whole building. You should look out for them, they can be a
quite dangerous, but you can also make good use of them if you remember to keep
your distance. In the next room to your left there will be two cleaners. Do 
them in and run up the stairs and over the bridge to the other door. Mona will
contact you and let you know she's on her way. Nowhere to go in the next room?
See the red boxes? Stand in the doorway and fire a bullet into them, then back 
off and close the doors. When you come back in (wait long enough) one of the 
elevator doors will be gone and you can jump down. Exit through the broken door
and turn right. Go through the two doors, and my advice is to back off in 
again. Five cleaners will be coming your way, and it's easier to kill them one 
by one in a narrow doorway. (Watch out for grenades.) Go around the wall to
your right, (not to the door ahead, but into the small building for guards. 
You will find MC4 ammo, grenades and a painkiller downstairs on a box and 
a painkiller and other goodies upstairs in a box.
Go down the stairs again and head for the door to the right. (Just follow the 
path.) Straight ahead through the door. There is a double-door to your left. 
Voices will alarm you to five cleaners. You can wait for them (they'll be 
coming in two and threes). It doesn't really matter which way you turn now, but 
to make it easier to describe let's assume you turn left. You'll come to an 
open door to your right. It's the door to the left of it, that is of interest. 
There are two painkillers on the desk next to the TV and you can listen to a 
report about Mona and yourself. Seems you are a wanted man. Leave the room and 
proceed forward. Three bad guys are awaiting you, so shoot them down and head 
through the double door. Go up the stairs but don't rush into the room on top, 
there is a big hole in the floor. Gross the gap and cross again to get to the 
other door then go further up the stairs. Now, I have found that dodging into 
the next room and getting ready to shoot to the right is the best way to tackle 
the task. There are three cleaners in the room to the right, but since there is 
a gap in between, you can't get there straight away. When you've got rid of the
cleaners you can take your time to walk over the joists and jump into the 
doorway. Turn left. In the corridor ahead a cleaner is hidden ready to shoot.
Get him and walk through the open door. Leave the room on the other side. A
clever cleaner has hidden behind the screen to your left. Kill him and two more 
will come around the corner. When you walk on a fourth cleaner will be trying
to warn the others about your arrival. End his life and walk on to the small 
door left to the double-doors. Cross the next two rooms and prepare to kill 
four cleaners. Two to your left, two entering the room. Go to the room at
the far end and get ammo for the MP5, the sniper rifle and two Molotov 
cocktails from the right corner behind the screens. Then turn to the gap in the 
ground in the main room. There is at least one cleaner down there. Done with 
him (a cocktail can do the trick, if well aimed), jump onto the planks and from 
there step onto the grating from the remaining floor. It will carry you, so 
jump into the doorway ahead.

Chapter2 continued:
Max will contact Mona and tell her about his find. Then pick up all the goodies 
in the room. You will find out what Mona meant later in the game. You should 
find MP5 ammo x11, painkiller x3 and sniper rifle ammo. Then leave this
sniper heaven to the door on the left and head up the stairs. In the right 
corner at the far end you will find sniper ammo and a Molotov cocktail on a 
table. Then go to the double-doors on the left. Get out your sniper rifle and
test your skills on the three bad guys down below on the ground floor. They 
will probably try to shoot at you, so watch out in case they hit the explosives 
on the bridge. (You can blow them up first.) Then cross the gap and go into the 
next room. Hmm, open elevator doors... yep, inside and, no, not down this time. 
Climb up the boxes which come in very handy and exit through the door onto the
upper floor. There is MP5 ammo behind the pillar. Exit through the double-doors
and expect to meet a new kind of enemy. The masked men are a little bit tougher
than the cleaners. They are more professional in dodging your bullets and wear
bullet-proof vests. It will take more bullets or stronger weapons to kill them.
When you are done with the three new arrivals (watch out for the explosives on 
the bridge in the shoot-out) go to the small gap to the left at the beginning 
of the bridge. Jump across and walk over to the next double-doors. Jump across.
Exit through the furthest door on the right and go up the stairs. There is a 
grenade on the table. Find the jump-suits on the floor an exit through the next
door. Up the stairs and shoot the 'ex'-cleaner. Exit through the double-door to
the left and cross the bridge. Four cleaners are in the room ahead, they will
open fire when you are halfway across. Three painkillers are next to the door
through which you exit the room. A cut scene will start showing Max finding an 
awful lot of dead bodies. Still a cop, he asks Mona to call the police.

Chapter3: Blowing up
That must have hurt. Now that the cleaners have started the fire you have to 
get out fast. Run through the same door the cleaners did (there is a painkiller 
next to the red box in the doorway). Turn right through the corridor and you 
will soon see the floor going down forcing you to take the door to your right. 
Don't rush too fast, a foolish cleaner will blow himself and half the wall up 
- an escape for you. In the next room you will see a gap in the wall that is 
too small for you. Stay away from there and shoot the boxes in front on the 
table. They will blow up opening the gap for you to get out. Jump onto the
scaffolding outside and carefully walk from pillar to pillar. Another foolish 
cleaner will open another gap for you at the other end. Get back inside and 
follow the corridor, once again don't rush, the floor will go down. Walk down 
the broken floor and jump the rest. Turn around and proceed to the gap in the
Watch out, some brainless baddies have decided still to fight you and are down
there. Kill the three and the one outside in the next corridor. Again no rush,
floor's coming down. Walk up the broken floor and shoot dodge slightly to the 
left in order to pass the flames below you. If you don't slow down time, you 
will burn to death. Down the corridor and through the double-door, but careful,
three cleaners are waiting for you. You can either lure them to come outside 
or try to use the explosives in the room against them. On the counter in the
middle are three painkillers in the first-aid box. Now turn to the right in the
room. See the barrels? By jumping against them you can role one down in the 
hole in the floor, then shoot it to kill some of the enemies on the lower 
floor. I would shoot the barrels anyway to take no risk of being blown up in 
the shoot-out (Leave the room on time). There are four of the cleaners down 
there, so what ever way you get rid of them (you might will have to take a shot
or two in order to find out, where they are, and I have found it easier to take 
them on from the opposite side of the hole than the one you approach it in the 
first place), be careful to aim for the tables, when you jump down into the 
hole or Max will take a lot of damage. To get down to the next level walk 
around the hole and aim for the coffins. No damage taken. Exit and turn right. 
Now get a move on it. Run through the hole in the wall on the left. Keep 
running straight ahead (to Max's right, when he enters). Keep going and shoot 
dodge when necessary, just get through as fast as you can. Then watch Max doing 
the impossible jump and his resulting fall into the abyss.

Chapter4: Routing her synapses
You will now make the route through the building from Mona's point of view. 
This change of character could make one wonder whether Rockstar ran out of 
ideas for the chapters of Max, since there is nothing much new in Mona’s 
experiences. But anyway, she is hot and knows how to shoot, so let's get the 
show on the road. Head forward and turn left to the room with the wooden 
stairs. When you are one floor up someone will shoot at you, so it's best to 
hit bullet time and run two more floors up to get him into your sight. Take him 
out, then go one floor down again and through the metal door. You will be shot 
at. Get out Mona's sniper rifle and get close to the wall opposite the door. 
Just take aim and shoot him down. Then run across to the other side of the room 
and play the same game with the other guy shooting at you. You might need to 
use bullet time for that shot. Than move on and up the planks until you can 
turn left. You are now in the position the first shooter had been in. From the 
other side of the gap you will be shot at, so get your rifle and do your what 
you have to. Then go back to the stairs. When you try to walk up, bad guys will 
open fire. Return to your former position and wait for the three cleaners to 
come for you. Now go back up the stairs. Follow the planks to the top. Hit 
bullet time when you enter this floor and kill the guy with the Ingram. Go to 
the lift and push the button on the left. Go down and take the four painkillers 
from the cabinet to your right on the next floor. Then go through the door and 
prepare for action. In this section there are four cleaners. Two will come 
straight at you, the other two will take cover between the half-build walls. I 
can only advise you to shoot dodge a lot and use all the different 
possibilities to hide and take cover. When you are done with them, take the two 
painkillers from the box near the end of the wooden path (after it has turned 
right). Now comes a tougher part in case you got no bullet time left, so wait 
and recover first. Go to the gate, and as soon as you are up the ramp your 
enemies will discover you. Don't try to head up the stairs. Almost all of them 
have MP5s or Ingrams and you'll be dead before you can take them all out. They 
will come for you, so go down the ramp again and wait. Hit bullet time and if 
you have one left take a gun out that you can fire rapidly. Shoot as soon as 
you can and from an angle that will give you the advantage. Don't waste bullet 
time, you'd better not run out of it. So switch it off in between the enemies 
if you can. There will be five of them coming for you, one more will stay on 
the scaffolding further away. Take him out with either your sniper rifle or the 
MP5. Then head up the stairs until you can turn right into a room. Now this 
part is nasty. There are three cleaners and six masked guys. You will have to 
keep a good eye on your ammo and do a lot of dodging to survive that. These 
enemies are clever. They will sneak up on you and change positions when you let 
them out of your sight, so watch your back in case you are in a room with two 
doors or so. As soon as you step out of the room a cleaner will open fire, 
ignore him and back off. Instead point your gun at the doorway opposite the 
room you are in. Another cleaner will come out here. If you decide to shoot 
dodge into that room that is fine for killing the cleaners, at last in my 
experience they don't use the other door in your back. The masked guys however 
will sooner or later come from the door you are not facing. So watch out and be 
ready to shoot dodge and turn. Another bunch of these will come from the left 
corridor in the north. If you manage to get into the dead end to its left on 
time, you can take them one by one. The good news in this mess is, there is a 
cabinet with painkillers on the inward wall in the north. Exit through the 
metal door in the north. Follow the path and Max will contact you. When you 
walk through the door ahead Mona's comment from earlier will become clearer: 
five cleaners (only two at first) are ahead of you. Put an end to this bad 
performance. Move on and encounter another cleaner in the half-built room you 
have to go through to proceed forward. Kill him and turn right at the doorway. 
Head on to the next half-built room. You have to jump down there to trigger off 
the next cut scene.

Chapter5: Out of the window
This is the part when Max will ask you to call the cops. When back in control
get out of the room, you will soon have company from above. An enemy will come 
from the left side of the corridor, so get rid of him. Then go back into the 
room you and pick up the MP5 and the ammo. In case there is still somebody up
there shooting at you, try to take them down. Proceed forward and go right 
until you could go right through an unfinished wooden doorway. Max will contact 
you again, the building is beginning to blow up. Take note of the window ahead, 
but turn around and take care of the bad guy in your back. Leave the room with 
the window and memorize it for later. Walk on and you will find a cabinet
with four painkillers ahead. Take them and go to the metal door ahead. Get 
ready for a mad shoot-out, these guys all have MP5s and most of them are 
shooting from above. Only one of them will be waiting for you on the ground, so
use bullet time and aim well. I never managed to get them all from the door, so
my advice is open the door in bullet time, and shoot the guy on the ground. You
will take hits from above, so back off as fast as you can and close the door.
Then shoot dodge back in and keep shoot dodging to the other side of the room.
(There is a pillar in the middle of the way, where you are safe, too, but it's
more down to luck to find it, so keep moving until you managed to take cover 
near the wall by the next door. Then knee down where you just can see them 
moving and get out your MP5 or sniper rifle. Take aim and hit bullet time,
otherwise it could be a waste of ammo, since they are pretty fast. It's 
surprising how much trouble these guys can give you, but there are only three 
of them. I have found one painkiller upstairs, apart from their weapons, but 
maybe it had only been dropped by one of the cleaners. Go through the next two 
rooms and you will come to an open terrace. Pick up the sniper rifle and the 
ammo, you will need them in a second. Since Max is still trapped under remains 
of the scaffolding (lucky he survived) you will have to give him cover with the 
sniper rifle. But first take care of the cleaner approaching you as you might 
have seen in the cut scene. Then change your gun as quick as you can and use 
the telescopic sight to take out the three cleaners coming towards Max. Do it 
fast, because if Max dies, it's game over. They will surround him and just keep 
shooting at him. If that happens, you should consider playing this part again 
and try to get them earlier, while they are still on their way, or you might 
will find it difficult to manage to get through the second part of this scene, 
since Max will continue to take damage later on. Having taken down the three 
bad guys,it's not over yet, so hopefully Max hasn't taken to much damage by 
now. He will manage to get up and storm on to get back into the building. 
Follow him through the doors ahead. You will have to face another enemy, but 
don't change your gun, just kill him as fast as you can and get to the edge to 
cover Max. I can't tell you exactly how many enemies there are (seven at 
least), they will be coming out of the building to the left and from behind the 
scaffoldings in the north. Take them out as fast as you can, Max will help you 
as good as he can. The first two you will find in the doorway and on the path 
around the small building to the left, then two will come from slightly to the 
right of the building, and some more from the scaffoldings in the north. Sooner 
or later a cut scene will show, that Max has gone for the wrong door, so the 
mess is not over. Shoot the last few enemies, one is on the roof of the small 
building, then Max will tell you about his new plan. More cleaners are 
approaching, so get away from the edge, you will be shot at anyway. Remember 
the window I mentioned earlier? That's the place for the 'good shot', so you 
will have to go there. Run back through the doors,(don't forget the painkillers 
on your way from the red box to your left, where you've killed the second 
cleaner) and take the ammo and goodies from the box on the first terrace. No 
rush, Max will be fine, though the situation might will make you wonder why 
the hell he is not just using one of his painkillers, but anyway... Head on 
through the rooms you came from. Max will have a change of hearts and will 
realize, that he doesn't actually want to die. This is one of the first sane 
thoughts we will hear from him, I wonder if that has anything to do with 
Mona... When you leave the room in which you had been shot at from above, get 
ready to shoot to your right. One cleaner is in the half-finished room and 
another one will be approaching. Then go out onto the balcony in front of the 
window. Take out the three cleaners (I didn't count more), and head on further 
down the hall. Four cleaners will come towards you, so take them out, while Max 
will 'not mean to rush you'. When you are in the corridor with the first aid 
box kill the three cleaners and pick up the three painkillers. Move on and kill 
the cleaner to your right. Watch the explosives in the shoot-out. Then run to 
the window ahead and kill the cleaner on the balcony. There is another one 
above you to the right (took me a while to find him the first time). Take him 
out and run up the stairs. Max will contact you again and tell you about his 
next moves. 

Note: Max can die while you are on your way. I don't believe it has anything to
do with your timing, because you sometimes can take ages to get there without 
anything happening to him, so maybe it is chosen by chance. I advise you to 
save in between, just to make sure you don't have to do it all over again.

He will also let you know that he has found something against the pain (you'll
see his health bar dropping) - now. Isn't that a funny timing. Anyway, move on
and jump onto the box in the hole in the next room.

Chapter6: The genius of the hole
Cops, exactly what you wanted. Take down the cleaner ahead, he won't even see 
you coming. Then take the four painkillers from the cabinet on the wall. 
Step onto the balcony, and try to take out some of the attackers below, but 
watch the flying bullets. Max will try another door but it is not his lucky 
day. You will have to move on, so leave the room to where you came from and 
exit into the corridor. In the next section you will encounter four masked men 
from different directions, so don't leave your back uncovered and shoot dodge 
them into their graves. Max and Mona will have their own kind of duel going on 
(or are they flirting?). Run through to the next room with a window to climb 
out at, get onto the balcony and help Max to reach the door by taking out the 
sniper on a building to the right and the rest of the approaching bad guys. Max 
won't be lucky with the door, and just when he is ready to talk about what 
brought Mona and him together, the radio will be breaking up. Leave the balcony 
quickly, you'll get company from above and it's easier to kill the two cleaners 
inside. Then go out again and up the plank to the next floor. It doesn't really 
matter which way you turn to get to the metal door at the far end, just beware
of the three bad guys, two to your left side and one coming through the metal 
door. He will throw a grenade at you, so get out of the way before you take 
him on. Then proceed to the next room. Get ready to shoot immediately to the 
left, a masked man will be crawling up the wall. Then look over the edge 
and take out the cleaner below you, before you jump down to get to the next 
corridor. When you are in the middle of the bridge a masked guy will open fire 
at you. At least the sirens have proven not to be meant for you. Get him and
cross the bridge. To your left two bad guys are coming for you, so get rid of 
them and take the four painkillers from the cabinet. I found two more lying
next to the ladder, but I am not sure they are always there. When you proceed
fire will be opened upon you from above. There is a scaffolding to your left 
where two cleaners are standing. Get them. Then move forward to the scaffolding 
ahead and kill the two masked men shooting at you when you approach it. Go all 
the way down to the next floor and fight the three bad guys waiting for you. 
There is a gas canister, which you can use to cause damage. Then proceed to the 
planks ahead and walk down a few steps. This will alarm your enemies and at 
least four will come for you. The easiest way to deal with them is to dodge 
back up again and wait for them, then each time they show their head in the 
hole, blow them away. Go down and get the two painkillers from the box to the 
right. Another two masked guys are down the stairs. You will encounter two more 
when you reach the door at the bottom. Pick up the sniper rifles. You can use 
them to shoot down the two cleaners on the scaffolding ahead (just follow their 
bullets to find them), a third one will come down the scaffolding to get you, 
so change the gun and wait for him. Max will tell you that he finally has found 
an exit. Unfortunately the police has arrived as well. Run towards the crane 
and turn left up the ramp towards the containers. Two more masked men for you 
to take down, you can also grab the three painkillers on the wall next to them. 
Head on to the red elevator behind the containers and push the button inside. 
A cut-scene will begin. Mona is held up by Winterson. Max tries so interfere.

Surprise, surprise, Max will choose Mona. Not having checked on Winterson’s 
pulse Max will get shot and fall into the hole in the ground. 

Part 3: Waking up from the American dream
Remember the scene from the beginning when the doctors fought for Max's life? 
We have switched back to Max and are in a typical Max Payne dream. Mona is 
provoking you to follow her, so get out of the room and head after her down the 
corridor. You will encounter your own self after a while - or at least one 
aspect of it- in each cell of the prison ward. (So I can't say I like this 
useless running around in blurry visions, it is an interesting idea about the 
psyche of a troubled mind.) Head on through the bathroom door and you will be 
in a cell soon afterwards. Exit and follow the corridor through the smoke and 
the dead bodies of the police officers. The TV along the way will show your 
past. Up the stairs you will find your dying boss, asking you to solve the case 
and talking about betrayal. Head on and you will find yourself in the police 
station with Mona and Winterson pointing guns at one another. You will be shot.

The manor now
Police is still surrounding the place and are threatening to come in. Max is
absorbed in thought. We see him kissing Mona.

Chapter1: Too stubborn to die
The hospital earlier tonight
We are back were the story began, when Max fled from the masked men. He is in 
the morgue with Winterson's body. 
As you will remember Max had been foolish enough to drop his guns, so you are 
unarmed and anything but dangerous. (I really don't like this part, I am always 
getting far too attached to my guns.) Anyway, as you can hear, there is a 
masked guy outside and unlike you, he is well equipped. Take the four 
painkillers from the wall behind you and get ready to leave the room (you might
want to save here, this could take more then one attempt). When you storm out 
the room, you will cause the masked man to fall giving you a vital second (but 
that's all you get). Run like hell through the red double!-doors. Two floors up 
the stairs and turn left past the reception and the elevator. Use bullet time 
wisely, that means only when you feel the masked guy is catching up with you. 
Switch it off when you can, you might need it later. Take the second door on 
your left (surgery), don't miss it, you won't have the time to run back, or you 
will have an unpleasant encounter with the masked man. Run straight through and 
exit on other end of the room (double-door). On the corridor ignore what's 
going on to your right, more cleaners are coming. Turn slightly to the left and 
head through the double-door ahead. (I think it is Recovery) Use the left! part 
of it, if you go through the middle or the right, it seems to be locked 
(happened to me at least) and you'll lose precious time. There is an open door 
to your left. Rush through it, you are now in an office. Two baddies are now 
after you, so hurry left through the screens to the most distant corner to the 
left. Wait a second or two, you will hear the bad guys coming into the office. 
Then move on carefully into the middle part of the room. Hide behind the 
screens. (There are painkillers on two different desks, you might stumble over 
one on your way, otherwise pick them up later.) Depending on your position you 
might see the masked guy sneaking past you, don't move. Then a guard will come 
in. You are saved! No, you are not. He will die in a shoot-out, but drop a life
saving gun for you. Now it's time to rush again. Shoot dodge onto the gun. Aim 
well, you won't have a lot of chances to pick it up (the masked man has a MP5 
and you'll be history before you know it). Then shoot dodge out of the room and 
turn while in the air to shoot your attackers. Again, aim well you have only 
very limited bullets. Then pick up the dropped weapons. That's a lot better, 
don't you think? In the cupboards on the walls there are two more painkillers 
(one next to the door and one to the left I believe). 

Note: You can jump or dodge the attackers down if you aim well, but this will
only win you a second or two.

Now leave the room and go through the small door into the computer room. To the
left there is a 9mm on the desk and further to the right along the left wall 
you will find two painkillers and a shotgun. When you approach the middle of 
the room, the door ahead will open and three masked men will open fire. Shoot
them. Unfortunately you can't avoid shooting the three guards in the room as 
well since they are in the way. Pick up all the guns, ammo is precious at the
moment and then open the second locker door from the right in the computer 
room, that will equip you with useful MP5 ammo. Go through the next room and 
turn left. Go into the small reception room to the left and open the door. You 
willbe hearing a conversation and if you position yourself behind the door, so 
that you can see the corridor you will get a good shot at the two masked men 
coming out of the room to your right. Watch out, they are throwing grenades. It 
is advisable to save the ammo for the MP5, you will need a good gun later on. 
Then go into the room to the right where they came from and pick up the four 
painkillers from the other side of the room. Exit through the door next to them.
and leave the room. Three masked men are on the corridor, two of them will come
after you, the third will hide behind a table forcing you to step out of your
cover. When you open the door to the right further down the corridor you'll be 
shot at from another masked man. Cross the room and pick up the painkiller to 
your right in the next one. Exit and go to the small grey door next to the 
elevators. Hit bullet time, step in (don't dodge, there's a gap behind the door
and fire a few shots, then withdraw as quickly as you can. There are a lot of 
masked men behind this door, so it is much easier to let them come through the 
narrow doorway, than to take them on on the stairs behind the door. Be careful 
not to let them get past the doorway, otherwise they will spread and kill you 
immediately. Use bullet time wisely and take them down one by one. There are 
five of them. Now head down two floors and prepare for action behind the red 
double doors. You might have found a grenade and want to return it, so do it 
slightly to the right in direction of the black van. I usually then withdraw
back into the stairway, or even dodge under the stairs to give a smaller aim.
The only risk is, that they throw grenades into the room, so you might get hurt
in the explosion. Whatever way you do it, get the four masked bastards and walk
over to the black van. A cut scene will be triggered off. Max has made up his
mind to take on the baddies on his own - again. Unable to find Mona, he pays a
visit to Alfred Wooden to get some answers. It seems you got caught up in a mob 
war. Obviously Vlad has lied, not Vinnie is the bad guy, and even worse, some 
of the things he said in the car about doing the wrong thing, suddenly become a 
lot clearer. Not only did he let you do his dirty work, he even intended to pay 
you back by taking your life.

Chapter2: On a crash course
Fed up with Vlad's game Max returns to Vlads restaurant. This time to take, not
to save his 'dearest of all friends'' life.
Get out your MP5, you can get all three of the 'guards' from a distance, if you
like. In case you miss, they'll be coming after you, concentrate on the one 
with the Ingram. There is a painkiller on a box near the location the 'guards'
have stood in the first place. Through the double door in the right corner a 
bad guy will show his face now and then. Get him. Then turn to the corner 
opposite and go through the door. You will find Strikers and ammo and an M4 in
the room. You can leave it on the other end or just go back. Leave the room 
with the sarcastically blubbering TV  through the door where the baddie showed 
his face. Two enemies are kneeing behind the door ready to shoot, so you might 
want to go in in bullet time. Done with them go to the far end of the room and 
take the four painkillers out of the cabinet. Then turn to the small door to 
your left. You want to get out a good gun now, like the Ingram. Shoot dodge as
far left into the room as you can. There is a counter where you can take cover.
Dodge on to the end of the counter end immediately knee down. You can try and
kill the enemies you are passing along your way, but the most important thing 
is to get into the corner. You will be safe here. The thing is, there is a
sniper on a scaffolding above who could get you if you don't go to the far end, 
so knee there and get rid of the enemies on the ground first. They will take
cover, too, so just hit bullet time when they change position and take them 
out. There are three on the ground. In case you prefer dodging around, the 
double door to the left does open, you can dodge in there and kill them from
there. Anyway, move further to the right and get a gun out that has a 
telescopic sight. Move until you just can see the bad guy, stay behind the 
pillar and knee down. Then take aim and pull the trigger. You can now run up 
the stairs to the right and approach one of the double-doors. Four of Vlad's 
men are coming from the right one talking about a woman being on her way, as 
soon as you approach either ramp. Let's say you used the right one, then turn 
right into the corridor and shoot dodge up the stairs, because there is a guy 
with an Ingram above you who will open fire the moment you get up the stairs. 
Go through the door on top of the stairs and you will hear three baddies 
discussing whether or not to come for you. They will come out of the door to 
the left. Walk through the door and turn right. Don't forget the goodies on the 
boxes (two painkiller and ammo), again in the next room get the goodies (gun 
from the puppet and ammo for the MP5 on the left behind the shelf on top of the 
covered box. There is more ammo on the shelf to the right. Then walk around the 
shelves ahead and prepare to take out two of Vlad's men. Watch it, there are 
explosives in the corner which are easily hit. Then go back to were the puppet 
had been. Don't ask me why there is this huge hole in the wall now. But anyway, 
stay away from it or you'll be shot at, instead get your MP5 out and sneak to 
the edge of the hole. There is a bad guy on the stairs to the right (but he 
also might come down if he sees you), take him out first. Simply use your 
telescopic sight for the whole show. Then take the one on the far end opposite 
of you. Use bullet time to avoid unnecessary hits. Next there will be two more 
enemies below you running around like crazy. You will need bullet time for this 
one and you might have to take a shot or two to make them come out of their 
positions. The first is underneath the stairs, so he is a little bit tricky to 
hit, you have to step to the edge, the next will be further to the left. Of 
course you could also take care of them later, but they will be shooting at you 
while you'll have to make all the way around the room to get down the stairs 
and will be vulnerable. Go up the stairs and down again on the other side. 
Cross the room and exit through the doorway. Halfway through the room and two 
guys will shoot at you through the shelf, soon the door to the right will open 
and another two will be coming in. Don't get to close to the shelves there is 
some kind of explosive stuff on them, at least, when you shoot it. Go through 
the door to the right and head down the stairs.Behind the brown door there are 
some baddies. Similar scene to the hospital car park. Got some grenades left? 
Hit bullet time and deliver it to the black van. You will take them by 
surprise, plus there are explosives in the room. This of course means that you 
should get out of the room again. The remaining men will come for you (I think 
there are three at total). There are a lot of useful things all over the room, 
so feel free to take them. On the tables and boxes near the door to the right 
you will find shotgun ammo and grenades, there is a first-aid box with three 
painkillers next to the van in middle of the room and there are four more in 
the cabinet on the wall next to the door where you came in. Just look around. 
Then leave through the door next to the TV. There is an enemy immediately on 
the stairs, one more is in the room on top of the stairs, but try to take him 
from a distance or a third guy will be shooting at you from the next stairs. 
The voice over the speakers will sound pretty worried by now, so go on up the 
stairs to make his nightmare come true. There are two more men up the stairs. 
Careful they will throw grenades. After you are done with them turn right into 
the corridor and open the first door to Vlad's office. Two men are to your 
Note: If you have managed to keep the Cowboy alive during your first 
encounter, he will be one of them and it will be him mocking you over the 
A cut scene will show Max finding a message on Vlad's answering machine. It is
Winterson practically confessing to intended murder. Now we also know who is 
Vlad's girlfriend who he called during the first encounter.
Max's next destination is Vinnie's place in order to find Vlad, and, as he 
hopes, Mona who is after him.

Chapter3: A mob-war
You take control in the garage Max crashed into. Leave it and cross the other 
room. Soon two of the masked guys will step into the corridor and come 
through the doorway, just wait for them. Run to the next floor and another 
masked man will show up. Go into the apartment and go into the former living
room (the big one). Don't get caught up in the crossfire, stay away from the
windows until the mob has finished itself off. Then get out of the window 
ahead. See the canister above you on the balcony? Get back inside and shoot at
it, this will cause the balcony to come down and give you a possibility to 
climb up. When you come into the room on top hurry to the boxes where the walls
are intact, you will be shot at from the opposite side of the alley. Get your
MP5 out and end the sniper's life. Then pick up the painkiller on the box and
leave the way you came in. Go down the stairs and exit through the door ahead.
You are now in the alley. Rush over to the other side in order to take cover.
It can take some time, but sooner or later there will be two masked guys to the
left seen from the position you came from: one on top of the planks on the 
scaffolding above the ground (you can use the telescopic sight to snipe him 
down) and one on the ground in the darkness of the alley. Having finished them 
off return into the building an run up the stairs again. This time one floor 
further up. There is a part off the wall on the left side that looks different 
from the rest. Just walk against it. Go through the door and turn right. You 
will find a grenade in a box. Jump through the hole in the wall and take the 
painkiller out of the room where the guy is watching TV. Then go through the 
small white door in the hallway. Turn right back into the stairwell. If you run 
up the stairs you might get caught up in a mob-fight, back off and let the 
explosion kill them, there is a painkiller in the corner at the end of the 
Note: If for some reason the mob doesn't encounter one another (maybe you 
killed one party too early), the door to the right at the top of the stairs 
will be open. There will be two baddies watching a porn-movie and some 
painkillers in the room.
When you go down the stairs and you have done it quickly you will encounter 
some baddies (two I think) at the end of the corridor, if you took your time
you will hear the gunshots of their death. Turn left, take the MP5 ammo and the
grenade out of the box and open the door ahead. If you've killed the guys in 
the corridor, you will have to deal with their opponents now, if you didn't, 
there will be probably only dead bodies in the room (sometimes there is one
survivor in the left corner). Watch out for the snipers opposite your position
and dodge into the left corner, finishing the potential survivor and taking
cover. Then snipe down the snipers (one in the window, one in the hole in the
wall. You have two choices what to do now. You will have to use the planks 
outside to get to the other side and into the hole. While you do that the mob
will turn up in the alley down below, shooting at one another and at you. If
you are very good at aiming, you can try to take them out, or you can just hit
bullet time and rush into the hole on the other side and wait until the scum 
has been removed. Then leave the room and cross through the next one back to 
the stairs. Head down and end the relationship problems of the poor bastard, 
just wait in the cover of the stairs until he tells you that he will come up, 
then shoot him and his colleague as soon as you got them in your sight. Then
go back up the stairs again, one floor higher then you head been before and 
open the door ahead. When you turn right into the next room, don't rush in. To
enemies are just trying to climb out of the window, meaning, they won't see you
coming and you can take them down easily. End their fear of height and overcome
your own by climbing out of the window. You will have to jump onto the planks.
I always need to do that from inside the room, because otherwise Max jumps 
either too far or finds another way to break his neck. Anyway, move on and jump
into the bathroom to your left. Remember to pick up the two painkillers on the
chest of drawers to your right, because if you go to the left door first, you 
can't come back.

Chapter3 continued:
Ho ho, how funny. Follow your new found friends down the stairs and keep away 
from the door until the shoot-out is over. Usually the masked guys win, then 
they will come for you (about four of them). Prepare for dodging a grenade they 
will throw into the hallway. Then get out on the street and turn left. Two 
comrades to play with will come out of an alley to the right after you have
turned into the next street, a third one will come also from the right, but
slightly more in a distance. There is a door to the right, where the third guy
came out of, get in there and get ready to dodge to your right onto the stairs.
A black van will pull up, and you will be shot at. The best way to greet the
three new arrivals who will be coming from your right (if you are standing 
with your back to the door) is to throw a grenade at them before you can 
actually see them. Something else will blow up potentially solving your 
problem. Otherwise hit bullet time and take them out as soon as they come 
through the fence. Then head on to where the masked guys came from and watch 
the cut scene.

Chapter4: Dearest of all my friends
It could almost be funny, seeing a gangster boss walking around in squeaking 
shoes, if you hadn't the unpleasant task to keep Vinnie alive. (Remember
Vlad had the costume on his backseat, when you got into his car.) Anyway, rush
to where Vinnie has gone to and get the guns and three painkillers from the 
table behind him, then rush back to where you can see the door and kill the two
masked attackers. Vinnie will run ahead, so follow him and go to the windows to
your left, while he will take cover. Two guys will appear on the wall in the
distance, a third one on the ground. Then head back to Vinnie and keep an eye 
in direction of the window. Two masked guys will sooner or later appear from 
behind the screen. Hurry to do them in, because two more will approach Vinnie
from the right side of the screen in a few seconds. It is best to do it all in
bullet time then you don't need to worry. Leave the guns for later and follow
a squeaking Vinnie out into the yard. You can pick up the painkiller on the 
shelf to the right of the door, before you follow him. Behind the more distant 
boxes slightly to your right a baddie will show up. Kill him (don't let Vinnie
get in your sight) then follow him to the far end. He won't fit through the 
door so keep your eyes on the place you killed the first guy and move 
See the guys coming down the wall? Get them (easiest with a grenade) and turn 
around as fast as possible. A masked man did fit through the door and will 
shoot either you or Vinnie. There are three painkillers on a box near the wall.
Then follow Vinnie again across the yard to a bigger door. (Why didn't he think 
of that in the fist place?) Get a gun for rapid fire out and prepare for a 
rather mad shoot-out. Vinnie will make a run for it using the elevator, so 
forget about him and forget about the four painkillers in the cabinet for a 
second unless you are quick in them picking up. Now face the double doors and 
immediately hit bullet time when they open. Two well equipped men will come 
through (first one), but this time don't just stand there but dodge into the
room while killing him on the way and aim for the second as fast as you can. Go 
into bullet time again and face the gate behind the shelf from where two more 
bad guys are coming. Now run back to the elevator and face the reason why you 
couldn't just stand there. Kill the guy shooting at Vinnie. That's it. It's not
so much the number than the weapons they have that makes them a danger for your
life. Now take your time to get all the good stuff lying around. From the 
other rooms as well, if you haven't done that in the first place. You will find
grenades and a painkiller on the shelf next to the gate in the room behind the
double doors. One more painkiller as well as grenades are to the right on a 
box. You can just walk out of the gate and cross the yard (pick up the guns 
the guys you shot off the walls dropped) to get to the other rooms. Don't worry
about Vinnie for now. Then go back to the room where the elevator was and run 
up the stairs. (One time, when I took my time in the stairway, two bad guys 
shot me in the back, but I can't remember that they had been there the last 
time, so keep your eyes open). Go into Vinnie’s apartment. You will find ammo 
and two painkillers in his wardrobe, then follow him into his living room. Go 
out onto the terrace and carefully risk a look over the edge (a part of the 
wall will swing open). There are three snipers down there. Yep, that's a case 
for the MP5. Use the telescopic sight and get them. Two are standing in the 
yard, one is hiding in the shed to the left. Vinnie will run past you and jump 
down into the yard as soon as you are done with them. At the same time a black 
van will pull up. You will have to be fast now. Easiest thing to do: Throw a 
bomb as soon as they come to a hold. That will ridden you of the two baddies 
getting out. The thing is Vinnie will run on, down the alley to the right and 
then turn left into the yard where he will be the target of some bad guys, so 
he might will get killed while you are still fighting off the masked guys in 
this yard. Done with them hit bullet time to get to Vinnie on time (how can 
this guy run that fast in this costume?). He will be trying to open a door, you 
will have to kill the attackers, before they manage to do Vinnie in. One is on 
the wall opposite to you when you arrive in the yard, the other will come from 
a black van pulling up at the far end. Two will climb out there another one 
will show up at the left side of the green tank. Follow Vinnie inside and he 
will close the door. Run up the stairs and press the button to the left to get 
Vinnie up the stairs. As soon as you do so a van will crash down the gate. 
Prepare to kill two enemies coming out at the back. Then follow Vinnie down the 
stairs. Downstairs turn around as soon as you have got some distance between 
you and the stairs. Three more baddies are on the way. You can kill them with 
just one grenade. Run to Vinnie to trigger off the next chapter.

Chapter5: A losing game
Now, that's true romance. The search for Mona ended up finding Vlad, and with 
Vinnie’s head in pieces despite Max's efforts. Now it is up to Mona to get to 
Max to save him, but what did Vinnie mean 'she is part of the same crew'?...
Run forward and to the doorway to the right. Then head down the stairs to your
left, but only half way. Jump into the hole in front of you where the ceiling
has given in. You might want to safe here, because there is apart ahead that 
could give you trouble. Turn right and run down the corridor. The third part of 
the ramp will give in. Stop on top. The whole room is filled with explosive red 
barrels. They will all catch fire one by one and blow up sooner or later. Try
to jump to the left first. Wait until the barrels at the opposite side (seen 
from where you stood before)have exploded, then dodge there and wait. The wall 
to the left will come down and show you an escape, but go there on bullet time 
or the explosion of the barrel in front of it will blow you up. You might will 
have to wait until it has blown up, but that can mean you will have to keep 
moving since the floor will start burning all over.
Easiest thing to do: Shoot the barrel at the far end. (Ahead, slightly to the
left), shoot the barrel in the middle at the right wall, and finally shoot the
barrel to the left next to the pillar. You do that all from above. Then get a
move on it. Dodge down to the left, shoot the barrel to your left. Dodge past 
the scaffolding to the opposite wall and wait behind the car until the wall 
came down. Go into bullet time and rush in unless the barrel explodes. I know, 
this can be a tricky part, but you've mastered the worst of it once you are in 
the hole and next to the toilette (past the burning flamingos). You might want 
to save again just to make sure you don't have to do it all again. Make a few 
steps into the corridor ahead and then return immediately into the bathroom. 
The walls and the ceiling will come down in an explosion, so wait until things
have calmed down. Then carefully approach the pillar lying inclined across the 
floor and walk up until there is a roof to your right. Jump on it and go to the
right look down into the first corridor. There is a part of the ground that is
not burning. Jump down. One of the moving figures will cause a hole in the 
wall. Go in there and leave the burning hall to the right. Turn left and wait
when you see the big cylinder. It will role, but you can easily avoid it if you
just wait inside of the room. Then get out and walk past the cylinder. Walk on 
until fire makes it impossible to move further. See the four painkillers in the
cabinet on the wall? Take them and hit the fire alarm button next to them
(two hits - one to break the glass and one to trigger it off). The fire will be
extinguished and you can move on. New problem ahead. The electricity makes it
impossible for Mona to get up the stairs, so we need to find a way to switch it
off. Go through the door to the left in front of the generators and through the
next door behind the figure from the shooting-gallery. Next climb through the 
grating ahead and press the switch on the wall to the left. The lights will 
flash and your problem will be solved (for some reason). Back to where you came 
from and up the stairs. Head on down the corridor and find Vinnie’s sad 
remains. At the end of the corridor walk through the rumble to get up the 
stairs to the left. Just run to Mona's apartment to find Max lying on the floor 
in a pool of his own blood.She will try to revive him.

Chapter6: There are no happy endings
Vlad will point out the irony in Max's life - loving the killer associated with
those who killed his family - before he will shoot him in order to revenge his
lady. (He would have done it anyway, but this way he pretends to have style.)
He, like Vinnie, hints to Mona’s assignment.
We are back in one of Max's blurry dreams which would be heaven for every 
psychologist. Go into the next room where your boss is standing next to a 
corps. Next you will be in a surgery room hearing the voices of doctors 
'fighting for a life'. Again it's your boss and the surgery room is the police 
station. Go to the interrogation room and Max will suddenly face himself. Shoot 
at yourself and you will run. Follow yourself through the door to the left. 
Head down the corridor past the cleaner (a real one), Max will be shooting at 
you again. After you passed some doors it will get foggy. Now, I don't know 
whether it makes any difference which doors you take now. Just keep going. I've 
found that sooner or later Mona will be calling you, and soon appear on the 
corridor - to kiss you awake. Then Max returns to reality and decides to go 
after Vlad, despite Mona's plea not to. Not a very wise thing to do for a man 
who had decided to live - seems Max has changed his mind again.

Chapter7: love hurts
Max and Mona will arrive at Alfred Wooden’s mansion (what an ironic choice of 
statue), just to get immediately into a shoot-out. It depends on how much 
you leave to Mona to do, but you will have to take down at least one sniper 
from the opposite wall. Sooner or later the doors to the right in the middle of 
the yard will open. Now either there will be three bad guys coming out, or, if 
you are still behind the van, one might sneak up on you and throw a bomb at 
your position, you might then find the other two either dead in the yard, or in 
the room to the right. Anyway, soon, after you have entered the room the doors 
to the yard will be locked. Strange noise in the background? Right, a bomb. The 
ceiling will be coming down, piece by piece. You can now either dodge around 
heroically, or there is an easy way out of this. Just go into the left corner 
right next to the door, where the candles are and knee down. Not one tiny 
little piece will hit you and you can patiently wait for the baddie that will 
come out of the room on top of the stairs. (These doors were locked before). 
Go up the stairs and through the doors. There is a guy behind the piano, if he 
gets the chance, he will throw a grenade, so be careful. Then go to the doors 
to the right. You will be discovered by your enemies the moment you enter. 
It is hard to say how many there are exactly (Mona will shoot from above after 
a little while, causing dead bodies to drop down to you), but I believe there 
are four or so. You can again leave the work to the pro and just leave the 
room, as soon as Mona has started her work. After you two are done with your 
work a cut scene will show that something bad is about to happen. Just when Max 
has advised Mona to stay above, the doors will lock and windows will open. 
Three masked guys will come through the left of the windows, so the best thing 
to do is greet them with a grenade and dodge backwards behind a pillar and do 
what's necessary. When you are done with them go though the window and turn 
left. Go through the door to the right and open the cupboard to get three 
painkillers. Then open the door ahead and withdraw to make two enemies come 
for you. Then head on. You can now try and shoot the enemies from the gallery 
above, but you will be in a bad position, so you might rather want to run into 
the left corner at the far end, turn around and take cover behind the pillar. 
You will soon see the joyful scene of Mona chasing around the bad guys on the 
gallery. After it has gotten silent you might want to point your gun at the 
door to the right. Four masked guys will storm in, just after Max has finished 
talking to Mona. Hit bullet time and end their lives. Go through the door and
straight ahead to get three painkillers from the bench to your right. Again you
might want to save, you are going to face a potentially crazy shoot-out. 
Head through the door ahead and you will be in a seemingly calm room. 

Chapter7 continued
Two baddies are in the left corner behind the marble slab. They soon will 
part and one will go to the right side. Then sooner or later there will be 
snipers from above on the gallery (from the right as far as I remember). 
One more enemy might appear in the left corner behind you, so keep an eye on 
that. You can of course try to take them one by one. But they are pretty well 
equipped and I've found that to be rather difficult. Or, with a little bit of 
luck and good timing, you can end it before it begins. Get a grenade out, stay
away from the marble slab ahead and throw the grenade into the left corner, 
where your enemies will be in the first place. This comes with a warning, 
because the marble slabs might somehow reflect the explosion and kill you as
well, so handle grenades with care and shoot dodge into the left corner behind 
you as soon as you can. It could be that Mona comes to help you, but she will 
only take on the guys above the ground. The doors ahead will swing open and one
more baddie will come through. Done with them go through the door and carefully
approach the stairs to the left. A bad guy is on the stairs. When you shoot him
one more will be alarmed and one is waiting on the next floor. Sooner or later
a guy in a suit will show up, these are Alfred Wooden's men, but they are as 
bad as the rest, ganging up with Vlad's personnel. You will find a Desert eagle
and a painkiller in the wardrobe on top of the stairs and more goodies like 
four painkillers and M4 ammo in the cupboards in the second room to the right 
on this corridor. Take the stuff and go into the corner with the surveillance 
equipment and take a look at the monitor. You will see Alfred Wooden, and your
partner who is working her way through the building. Exit and cross the next 
room, you will encounter two bad guys when you open the door to the corridor.
When you are on the corridor and approach left door to the right, a voice will
warn you to the masked man who will come through. There is a guy down in the
yard shooting at you as soon as you step out of the doorway. He is best killed
with the MP5 telescopic sight from the safety of the door. Then there is a 
second guy underneath the path you are on. Go a few steps down the stairs at 
the other end to make him leave his hiding place, then shoot him. As soon as he 
is dead the door on top of the stairs will open and reveal another enemy so 
swing around and get him as well. Then go down the stairs and to the place 
where you killed the second men to get two painkillers and some Kalashnikovs. 
Now it's up the stairs again and through the door to the left. Don't dodge in, 
there is a hole in the ground. Go in and throw a grenade if you like. Mona will 
show up any second and clean up the mess on the other side. It could be, 
depending on the speed with which Mona progresses that there is a bad guy 
coming through the door to your left, but he might as well could already be 
dead. Go through the door to your left yourself and exit on the other end onto 
the gallery. Left through the door and through the one at the end of the 
corridor. You will be above a yard. Depending on how fast you are you might 
have to kill a baddie or two ahead. Sooner or later a cut scene will show Max 
and Mona sneaking across the yard. It seems to be a dead end, but Mona will 
open a secret door. This is the proof Max had been looking for. Mona is a paid 
gun for Alfred Wooden, assigned to remove all his potential enemies...including 
Max, as it soon turns out. But she can't do it. Seems she has fallen for Max as 
he has for her. Tragically Vlad will end this romance before it begins. He 
kills Mona and leaves another woman dead in Max's arms. Alfred Wooden will show 
up and in a desperate attempt try to stop Vlad, but he doesn't stand a chance 
and will die. Having found his old killer instinct Max attacks Vlad, but will 
cause a detonation of one of the charges Vlad has placed through out the 
building. Both will fall into a hole as the floor collapses underneath there 
feet. Unlike Vlad Max will find a gun and now he even has found a clear 

Chapter8: That old familiar feeling
Ok, where have all my painkillers gone? As you can see, things don't look that
good any more. You are now in the cellar and have only ten bullets, so what 
ever you do, don't waste them. This is the most explosive part of the game, and
in a few seconds you'll know what I mean. Get out of the room ahead and shoot 
the guy waiting for you. Then hit bullet time and get the gun, on bullet time! 
The thing is, this whole place is going to blow up in a second and there are 
three or so attackers coming from the left. Ignore them, you haven't got the 
time to fight them and you are not meant to do it. Withdraw immediately and 
still on bullet time into the panic room that came crushing down from the 
ceiling. Do it best backwards, this way you can immediately push the button 
next to the door. Don't let anybody come in, but if you do it right, they 
won't make it on time anyway. Pick up the four painkillers inside the room and 
wait until the explosion is over. Then leave the room and pick up any gun that 
you find, you will be low on ammo for some time. Pass the hole in the ground 
and turn left. To your right one of the walls has come down. Approach the hole 
carefully and wait until you see an enemy running around down there. Get out 
your weakest gun (the Desert eagle, if you still got it) and shoot him with as 
few bullets as you can. Then jump into the hole and ignore the guy shooting at 
you (I think it's Vlad). Just hit bullet time and get through the door to your 
right. Things will blow up behind you and there won't be any time for a 
shoot-out. Two enemies will be in the next room, again, no time for long 
shoot-outs. You have to keep going or you are dead. You can try to kill them 
while rushing through the room, either on bullet time or shoot dodging, but 
leave the room behind as fast as you can. If you manage to grab them, there are 
two guns in the box in the middle of the room. In the next room Vlad will be 
shooting at you. Ignore him run up the stairs to the right and if it hasn't 
blown up yet, wait a second while the path in front of you will explode. You 
have to jump the gap and keep going until there is a door to your left. Rush 
through it. An enemy will be coming through the corridor. But again, it's 
smarter not to fight unless you can take him out while running past. Run 
through the door ahead and breath for a moment. 

Chapter8 continued
Now walk up the stairs and prepare yourself. As soon as you open the door hit 
bullet time and dodge the rest of the way to the stairs on your left. There 
will be two enemies waiting for you, so you will have to take them out at the 
same time. If you don't make it up the stairs on time you are dead, because you 
have triggered off a bomb when you opened the door. Watch out for the flying
grenades. Done with the baddies watch out for the two bad guys shooting at you 
from further up the stairs. They will be coming for you. Vlad will be right 
ahead, but you will have wait until the bullet-proof window has moved back into 
the walls and then take out two of his bodyguards coming out of the door on top 
of the stairs before you can proceed. Now you are in sniper heaven! (Not a good 
sign.) Take all the goodies you can find, you can also listen to three messages 
on the answering machine, one from yourself, the other two from Mona and Vlad. 
Then push the button of the elevator to go up. Get inside, push the button and 
prepare to shoot. One bad guy is standing right in middle of the room when the 
elevator doors will open, a second will be coming from the left. Leave the 
elevator, only to dodge back in. This will cause a sniper to leave his 
position, and move around, so that you can take him out from the elevator using 
the telescopic sight of your MP5. Than hit bullet time or shoot dodge to get to 
the right side of the room, where there is a door. Vlad will shoot you in the 
back, but you are not supposed to take him on here, so there is no sense in 
shooting at him.
Note: It is not possible to kill Vlad before you are not supposed to. I once
pumped more than twohundred bullets into him and he just wouldn't go down. 
Keep moving when you come through the door, an explosion will bring the stairs 
down, so dodge to the right to the end of the corridor. Then keep looking up 
and sneak out bit by bit until you just can see Vlads hand through a gap in the 
catwalk above. Shoot it, this will cause Vlad to withdraw. Now you can go back 
to the room you have been in before and pick up three painkillers near the bed 
in a box. Now get out again and push the buttons on the wall. This will bring a 
lift down to you, but NOTE, Vlad can bring it back up again, so you might will 
have to push again. In the meantime Vlad will be running from the left to the 
right and back again, while shooting at you from above. In between a masked guy 
will come out from a door on top, so you will have to take him out as well. 
Again, you can't shoot Vlad here yet, or at least not harm him. Jump onto the 
lift and push the button to the left on it. Keep shooting to the top, one more 
masked guy will show up in between, then Vlad will run. Jump out on top and 
pick up the guns. Also go to the right and right again to get the gun from the 
catwalk in the other room. You might want to save now, because you will be 
facing Vlad now. (While I found this game to be a lot easier than the first one
this can be a really tough part, unless you are a very skilled shooter. In my 
opinion Rockstar/ Remedy have raised the difficulty a little bit to sudden, so
that tactics no longer work. But anyway, maybe that's just me.)
Go through the door and watch the cut scene. The Molotov cocktail Vlad has 
thrown will mean, you can't go back too far through the door again without 
dying, so watch it and don't accidentally stumble out when dodging around. You 
better get used to moving now, because Vlad will be throwing bombs from above 
at you. He will be starting almost immediately, the only warning you will get 
are the peeping sounds when he activates them. But hearing them already means, 
that you will only escape on bullet time in case you are standing underneath. 
You don't survive a hit and will also get injured by bursting glass, if you are 
in anyway close. Also, the intervals between the bombs do get shorter, I 
believe. Now to what you are supposed to do: Since you can't reach him, you 
have to bring him down to your level. The situation is similar to the last 
fight in the first game, when you have to bring down the landing platform. You 
have to shoot the wires (at least three) holding the cage up. The bolts holding 
the wires to be a little more precise. 
(The wires are the smaller strings, not the black thicker ones). This is a task 
best done with the MP5 using the telescopic sight, but then again you will have 
to keep constantly moving to avoid the bombs and have only a second or so to 
aim, so the telescopic sight can be pretty hindering. However you do it, shoot 
the bolts down and stay alive. But watch the ground as well, sooner or later 
the bombs will smash the floor leaving big holes you can fall into. (You won't 
fall, even if the floor is gone, when you keep as close to the wall as 
possible, but avoid to step out of the door!) When the cage is coming down 
things are not over yet. Vlad will go on throwing bombs, and by now he could 
have a really mad rhythm going. Now the task is to shoot the thicker, black 
wires holding the spike above Vlad. Again, you have to shoot out the bolts. 
This is a pretty hard job, since you have constantly to stay on the move, aim 
at the ‘birth-point’ of the wires (the lower one) AND watch the ground, which 
will pretty soon look like a Swiss cheese. I can't give you much advice here, I
just keep shooting like mad without changing the position of the gun too much 
once I have found the right height, hoping Max won't fall in a hole in the 
ground while running. Once you have managed to loosen the bolts (this time you 
have to get them all), it is not over yet. Vlad has been lucky and escaped, so 
he is still up there and has still some bombs left for you. He now will be 
moving forth and backwards on the platform and will also be shooting at you. 
Mind the holes in the ground! At least Vlad now is vulnerable, so get a good 
gun out and shoot this bastard. It shouldn't take too many bullets, but these
seconds can be fatal, so stay mobile and don't relax too early.
Note: If you should in the worst case run out of ammo, there is a lot of it
quite nearby. It's just quite risky to get it. When I wrote it wasn't possible
to step out the door I wasn't being quite precise: It is possible to step right
behind it and next to it behind the wall. BUT: You have to manage to close the 
door, or Vlad's bombs will finish you off despite standing behind the wall.
To the right of the stairs (you will step into it when you take cover behind 
the wall) are the remains of the locker that stood on the platform for the 
lift. You couldn't open it then, but now it reveals an awful lot of ammo! 
The problem is getting back into the room and out of Vlads range on time. You
only got three to four seconds real-time for that.
So good luck. Enjoy the ending.

IV. The Characters

Max Payne
He is the tragic "hero" of the game. Having lost his wife and child the former 
NYPD homicide detective had changed to the drug department in order to 
hunt down the murderers of his family. Now that his revenge is over, he is back 
at the NYPD, but his past still has not left him.  

Michelle Payne
Michelle was married to Max, and the mother of his child before she was killed 
in the first game. She worked as a journalist? and discovered the truth about a 
government project to create the perfect soldier. As Max had to find out, this 
knowledge did cost her her life.

Detective Winterson
She is a colleague of Max. Seemingly the prefect police officer she will soon 
turn out to have a darker side to her and a strange taste in men. 

Vincent Gognitti
The last time we saw him, Max was beating the shit out of Vinnie in order to 
get some information about the next target on his list. Now it seems Vinnie is 
self-employed and running his own business.

Mike the Cowboy
One of Vladimir Lem’s men. You will be fighting alongside him, at least at the 

Mona Sax
A paid-gun. Max believed her dead until a life-changing encounter in an 
elevator. Last time we saw her she took a bullet having tried to revange 
her sister, who was killed by her own husband Don Punchinello. She 
and Max have a lot in common and unlike in the first game this time it seems 
they are going somewhere...

Alfred Wooden
A member of the Inner Circle, a secret organisation you encountered in the 
first game. He used to be the one giving you information. But it is not quite 
clear how much he really used you for his own purposes.

Vladimir Lem
He seemed to be such a nice guy...for a little while. In the first game the 
former drug-dealer was on your side asking you a little favour while scratching 
your back in return. Says he is out of business now, doing only honest work, 
but old habits die hard it seems. 

V. Previously
Max Payne had it all. Success in the job, the house in the suburb, the 
beautiful wife and a child. Then one day, his dream was over. 
Coming home from work he finds his house has become the playground of drug 
addicts and despite his effort to save them, he can't prevent his wife and 
child from being murdered.
He decides to finally join the drug department, something he had been requested
to do a long time ago, but a risk he hadn't been willing to take so far. Now
the time is right for him to go undercover. After three years his work begins
to pay off, but his cover is blown by a mole inside the police. The only person 
who had known that he was dow there gets killed, leaving Max to fight his way 
through the underworld all by himself. Hunted by the police as a madgone cop 
and wanted dead by the underworld, he starts to work his way up through the 
organised crime, beginning with the lowest scum and ending up with the big 
bosses. But things don't go that smooth and take some unexpected turns.
His wife turns out to have known about the new designer drug which things are  
all about, but Max just wouldn't listen to her, when she tried to tell him. 
Guilt begins to eat its way through Max's mind as it turns out, that the 
real strings are not being pulled by the drug bosses themselves, but by big 
corporations. Through an encounter with Alfred Wooden Max learns about the 
Inner Circle, a secret organistion which was originally founded to control the
darker side of businesses going on in NY. But things seem to have gotten out of
hands. Nicole HOrne, owner of Aesir Corporation, seems to have take more power
for herself than she was supposed to. Project Valkyr, the name of the designer
drug experiment, turns out to be her own project. As Max infiltrates her firm, 
he finds information about the project which aims at creating the perfect 
soldier...and about the murder of his family. It hadn't been an 
accident, it had been a test of the newly created soldiers, and an operation
sanctioned by Nicole Horne, to remove the one person who was possessing 
knowledge about her illegal business. Max's wife: Michelle.
Nicole becomes Max's new main target and he manages to hunt her down in her own
building. Before she can escape with the helicopter, Max shoots down the 
landing platform killing the murderer of his family.


VI.  Copyright and special thanks
Special thanks go, of course, to Rockstar Games presenting this really cool 
Remedy Game.
But also, I would like to thank all the game faq writers who have inspired me
to have a go on my very first walkthrough myself. Keep up the good work. I now
know it is, despite the fun it also brings, a hell of a lot of work.
And therefore we come to the official part of it:
Since I also invested a lot of my time and energy in writing this walkthrough I
would hate to see me being ripped off by anyone, so please: Don't take it as
a whole or in parts or what ever brilliant idea crossed your mind, and
present it as your own work. This is for private use only, and if you have 
anything else in mind with it, DO ASK PERMISSION. ANYTHING ELSE IS THEFT.
This also goes for other web sides which are interested in using this 
Walkthrough: ask for written permission before using any part of this guide.
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

For all honest user of this walkthrough: I hope you have enjoyed it and it 
helped you to solve any problems you had playing Max Payne2. If any further
questions arise, or something should be unclear, you can e-mail me, BUT ONLY IF
only friendly and serious mails, and you should make it clear in the title of 
your mail that you are refering to MAX PAYNE, since anything else will probably
be deleted as junk mail.
For so long! 

++++++++++++++++++++The genius of the hole+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
                    Copyright 2004 Katrin Koblischke 

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