PS2 Walkthroughs: Scooby Doo: Mystery Mayhem Walkthrough

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Scooby Doo: Mystery Mayhem Walkthrough

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                         Scooby-Doo: Mystery Mayhem
                        For PS2, Xbox, and GameCube
                               Final Version
                       Copyright 2004 YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel
                     (If you Email one of us or both of us.)
                (Please add Game Name or Guide Name in Subject)
                (to let us know which game you need help with.)
                            First Created: 3/14/04
                           Last Updated on: 5/11/04
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Table of Contents

I. Legal Info

II. Introduction

III. Walkthrough

           A. Episode 1: The Haunting of Hambridge

         B. Episode 2: Mayhem at the Movies

       C. Episode 3: Weird Wild West

     D. Episode 4: Bad JuJu In the Bayou

   E. Episode 5: Hi-Tech Terror

============================I. Legal info=================================
This document may not be altered, copied, published, sold nor reproduced for
profit in any way shape or form without advance permission from me. Use of
this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited. If you steal any part of this Guide, FAQ, you will be
punished to the full extent of the law. Plagiarism is illegal, and I really
detest it. If you do Email us for our permission, We have nearly no problems
in allowing you to post it on your site as long as full credit is given to
us (YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel), and you are not charging or profiting off
of Gamers/Users to access it directly or indirectly in any way shape or
form. However, you may print this document out if it is for your own personal
use. If you see a site using this without our permission let us know. 

II. Introduction

This is to help those having trouble getting through their trouble spots in
any of the 5 episodes of the game. I will be making this a step by step
guide to how to get from beginning to end of each Episode. You will want to
do exploring on your own. We know most prefer figuring out games on their own
and a walkthrough is usually a last resort. I will keep this the way we have
done all of our other walkthroughs giving just enough information to
hopefully help you on your way. Some areas I may have problems with in
explaining, but we will see about that. For now enjoy the walkthrough and we
hope it helps some of you that needs it anyways.

This won't need anymore updates unless there is errors or if we feel it is
needed to add more detail to a specific step or description. I don't tell you
when to capture ghost because in most of the game you have to capture ghost
to continue on. If you see a ghost or monster capture it. If you can't wait
until you find the page that will allow you to capture it. Do you need to
capture all ghost on all episodes? No you don't need to only when it's

There seems to be a slight glitch with the Tome of Doom on some levels. It
may stop gaining power. If this happens you may want to restart the level
and try again this is usually how most correct this glitch.

III. Walkthrough

Note: Save when you need to. I won't be telling you where the save points are
since they are in every area just about.

|A. Episode 1: The Haunting of Hambridge|

Opening Scene

1. Go into the door directly in front of you.

2. Use the Camera/Save point if you need to.

3. Use the costume trunk and make your way up the stairs. Go into the door
on the right side.

4. Climb over the crate on the far side of this room and use the button near
the door here to your left.

5. Climb up the ladder and get the "Annex Key".

6. Leave this room through the door near the button.

7. Use the Costume trunk to your right if you want and use the "Annex key" on
the door downstairs that the blue ghost is guarding.

8.  Go over to that small gap that they showed you and Squeeze Scooby through

9. Push the Book cart out of the way. Go to your left and back to where Shaggy
is. Push the cart out of the way and go to Shaggy to make him follow you
again. Go through the door you haven't been through yet on the far side of
this room.

10. Climb over the bookshelf behind you. Drop off on the other side and use
the costume trunk on the other side. Make your way to the back of this room
and go in the door on the left.

11. Go through the door in the back of this room.


12. Use the Camera if you need it and then climb over the shelf to your

13. On the other side to your left is a Costume trunk use it to get by
the ghosts. Follow the bookshelf path to a door and go in.

14. You will end up in a hallway with red carpet go to the right and
in the door there.

15. You are now in a hallway with yellow carpet. Go to your right and go in
the very last door.

16. You are now in a hallway with green carpet. Go to the very last door to
get the "Hideout Key". Return through the door back to the hallway with the
yellow carpet.

17. Use the "Hideout Key" on the door to the left.

18. Climb up on the shelf to your left and go to the right to find a Costume
trunk. Use it to get passed the ghosts and into the next door.


19. You now have the Tome of Doom.

20. If you notice there is a green wisp generator near you the green thing
with the Tome of doom heads on it. You will be using these throughout the
game to recharge your Tome of Doom. You will also find the occasional wisp
floating around that also helps recharge your Tome of Doom. Single wisps
amount of recharging depends on the color of them.

21. Now leave this room.


22. Help Velma find her glasses and return them to her. They are on the other
side of this room.


23. You will need to unblock the Force field around the door by capturing all
the ghosts in the room with the Tome of Doom.

24. Make your way back to the beginning of this Episode. Be sure to get the
the Shadow Page in the yellow hallway. This will allow you to capture the
Shadow monsters. Capture the Ghosts along the way with the Tome of Doom. Use
the random buttons it shows you on the screen by repeatedly pushing it to
capture the Monster/Ghosts. If you are trying to get the Lettuce you must
capture all monsters/Ghosts this includes shadows.


26. Boss Battle "Fake Ghost"

Follow the bookshelf maze to locate shaggy at the end. You will see the Fake
Ghost running around here. He is not your main Objective the main thing you
need to do here is capture the ghosts in this room. IF your Tome of Doom
needs to be recharged locate the Fake ghost. Chase him around to make him
drop Wisps to fill up the power of your Tome of Doom. Keep capturing ghost
until the life bar is gone on the bottom right.


|B. Episode 2: Mayhem at the Movies|


1. Go up the Stairs and to the left.

2. You will notice a staircase farther along this path. You will be using it
shortly first take the path to the right, Climb over the crates and locate
the "Backstage key" near the Poltergeists. You can't catch  them so don't
even bother trying.

3. Make your way back to the stairs that I mentioned earlier and go down


4. Climb over the crates here to use the key on the backstage door. You will
notice that lever picture they showed you in the scene it is a clue on how
to complete a lever puzzle later on.

5. Locate the "Town Key" in this area.

6. Head back towards the area you got the "Backstage key" There is a door
here on the blue background to the left to use your new "Town Key" on.

7. Capture the ghost in this room to continue to the next room.

8. You will find two doors in this next area use the one that opens. The
other one needs a key.

9. Go up the stairs to the left and walk over to the catapult.

10. Climb up the ladder near the stairs and push over the bridge to get the
"Castleyard Key" where it landed.

11. Go back through the door you came in from and use the Key on the other
door to the left of this door.

12. IN this room go up the stairs. If you found all the Lever pictures put
the levers the way they showed you. If you didn't find them all you need to
put the levers 3 and 1 in the down position. 2 and 4 need to be in the up

13. Go back out through the town to the area where you got the Castleyard key
and go inside the Castle.

14. In this Moon Set room you need to launch the rocket.  Put on the costume
and get past the Poltergeist. Push the Button on the wall to the right first
with the picture of the Moon car. After that push the button that was behind
that moon car with the picture of a rocket. Next push the button of the Mine
cart. Finally quickly push the button that was behind the Mine cart with a
picture of a Rocket blasting off. Quickly run over to where the rocket is and
use it. Go into the door that you land near. 

15. Go down the stairs and in the door that is to the left of the stairs.

16. Make your way through the graveyard (Pass by the little pond if you
want). In the back side of this graveyard on the right there is a dirt path
you need to follow. It leads you to a hole that Scooby can Crawl into.

17. Go up this path and Climb up the stairs near the Vampire. Use the switch
you find here on the boxes. Go in the door that is revealed.

18. Locate the poltergeist Page in this room. It's in the back on the right
side. Capture all the poltergeist in this room to leave this room.


19. Chase after the Red Knight and catch up to him. You will be chasing him
back through the tunnel you got here from. Avoid the boulders that roll down
at you by staying near the wall on the right side of the stairs.


20. Go into the next door.

21. Straight in front of you there is a portion of aqueduct near the scooby
snacks is not connected to the rest of the aqueduct move it to the left.

22. Locate Scooby in the large center structure of this area.


23. Leave this circular structure and go to your right. Go up the stone
steps that are in front of you to go to another area. It seems some have
had a problem finding these stairs. Most seem to end up going to the stairs
that lead to the top of the circular room where scooby and daphne is. The
stairs I refer to are rather close to the doorway that goes into where they

24. Climb up the ladder of the crane in front of you and use it to knock over
some pillars. Locate the Aqueduct portions that need to be moved in this
area. They look the same as the one you moved earlier. Once you have moved
them use the stairs near the third pillar to get up to the Aqueduct. Go to
your right and follow it to another crane control panel. When you use it
Shaggy will tell you that it's missing a few parts continue down the aqueduct
in the direction you were going and go down the stairs. There are two doors
at the bottom of the stairs go in the door that leads into the next area
(there is another door that leads back out to the set you do NOT need to go
through that door).

25. Go down the stairs here and locate the "Valve Handle". Go back to the
door you entered from and use the Valve handle near the bridge to lower the

26. Use the Red button on the ship.

27. Climb up the ladder that was unblocked. Climb up to the highest part of
this area to find and use a button. Go down to where the bridge it created is
to get the "Fuse".

28. Make your way back down to the ship and Leave the ship to go out the

29. You are on the Egyptian Set now. Go through the door on the right. Some
have had trouble with finding this door it is located on the far side of this

30. Go up the stairs and use the Lever.


31. Grab the gear in this room and use the lever in the corner. Go out the
door and quickly go to the bridge to get the Mummy Page.

32. Capture all the Mummies to continue on.

33. In this next room Pull the switch and quickly make it past the blade
traps and in through the door before it closes.

34. Make your way across the lava into the next room.

35. Go down the stairs and exit out the door.

36. Go back to where the Crane was that was missing the fuse and Gear to use
it now.


37. Near the Crane that knocked over the pillars is a catapult with Daphne's
Key on it. Once it's launched or if it was already launched over a wall there
is a small gap near that wall that Scooby can go into and get the "Cage Key".
It's right along the side of the stone steps.

38. Go back to Daphne and free her from her cage.


39. Capture all the mummies in this area. Use the Stone steps to get to the
other area to find the rest of the Mummies. Go in the door once you have
captured all of them. If the Mummies go back into their casket put away
the Tome of Doom they hide in there because they know you can capture them
with it. Try to make them walk a good distance away or pull them with the
Tome of Doom away from the casket before trying to capture them.


40. Boss Battle "Red Knight"

This Boss is very easy just keep running away from him until the Castle
bridge is opened for you.


|C. Episode 3: Weird Wild West|


1. Capture both poltergeists in the room.

2. Go through the door and Choose a character for the race.

3. Eat as much food as you can in here. IF you start going slow you will need
to push the action button to burp. You must eat the most to win.


4. Go up the stairs and use the door.

5. In this room you need to chase the woman into the doors she goes into. She
first goes into the middle door on the right. She goes into the top left
door next and then she goes into the middle door on the left. After that she
goes into the Top right door and then the bottom left door. Finally she goes
into the bottom right door.

6. Go down the stairs and use the Basement door.

7. You will end up in a dark basement with a lantern  to pick up and batteries
sprawled out in this basement. Collect batteries when you need it. Go left
and go down the Dark hallway to your left to locate Shaggy.

8. Go back out into the darkness and follow the hallway again you will see a
light to your right. This is where the door you need to use is.

9. You are now in the Saloon. Notice the piano to the right you will need
to use it in a bit. You also need to take notice of the paper on the bar of
the color musical note. Leave the Saloon to go outside. You can't catch
the dust devils yet so don't try.

10. Across the street is a white schoolhouse go to the left of that school
and crawl Scooby under the barrels. You will get the "Liquid soap" here and
then go back out.

11. Go across the street to the Jail and go inside. Take notice the Musical
Note on the Desk in the jail.


12. Go outside and go to the side of the jail to use the liquid soap on the
thing blocking the hole.


13. Head to the Bank it's the building across from the Saloon.

14. Take notice of the final Musical note on the wall. Also of the Song that
the phonograph is playing. It's giving you a musical hint for the piano

15. Leave the bank and go to the Saloon.

16. Use the Piano you will need to put those three musical notes in the
correct order to get a key. The correct order is the dark purplish notes,
orange notes and then the red notes. You get the "Mine Cart Key" for doing

17. Leave the Saloon and go to the right all the way down the street to
that building near the tunnel. Use the Mine Cart Key on that door and get
the item you find here it's the "Handsaw".

18. Use the Handsaw on the bars inside the Cell that you freed Fred from.

19. You can now squeeze into the next cell to get the "Vault Key"

20. Go back to the bank and use the key on the Vault to get the Shovel.

21. Go back to where you got the Handsaw from and use the shovel on the mound
of dirt there. Go into the tunnel you have uncovered.


22. You will be on the Mine Cart ride. I'll let you deal with this part on
your own. It's just a trial and error type thing. Just keep trying you will
eventually get through it.

23. Once you have completed the Mine cart ride you need to go up the stairs
and out the door.

24. Go in the door to the right to enter the Schoolhouse. Take notice of the
numbers on the Chalk board and leave through the doors on the other side of
this building.

25. Use those numbers you saw on the chalkboard on the safe in the Bank. You
now have the "Dust Devil Page"

26. Capture all Dust Devils on Main street outside to continue to the next
area through the train car.


27. Boss Battle "Dust Devils"

Objective in this battle is to just capture all the dust devils that come
down to attack you. 


|D. Episode 4: Bad JuJu In the Bayou|

1. Go to the right side of the house and climb on the crate to get the
"Waterhouse key".


2. Make your way through the bush maze to the left and go into the
small looking waterhouse with that key.

3. Go down the stairs and up the stairs on the right and go into the big pipe

4. Go up the ramp near by to get to some colored valve handles. Turn the
handles until you have the steam shut off across from you (Turn the Green
and then the Red one).

5. Go to where the steam was blocking to get the "Snorkel Gear".

6. There is a little dock you need to make your way to and you can now dive
in with your snorkel gear.

7. Make your way to the left avoiding the Alligators. to another small dock.

8. Push the red button here and cross the bridge to push a second red button
if you haven't already that is.

9. Turn the Valve Handle near where you entered this area. to open the lid
on the waterway and jump into it.

10. Go left down the stairs and left to use a switch.

11. Now you need to do a mini Pipe puzzle. Here is an Overhead diagram of the
way the pipes should look like after moving them. I was going to put step by
step but I figure that might be more confusing. The stairs on the very top
are where you entered this waterhouse from.

                                  _______     _______
                             |  | |      |___|       |
                             |  | |      |___|       |
                             |  | |      |___|       |
                            ||  | ------             |
                            ||  |  | | |             |
                            ||  |  | | |             |
                             |  |               |___|
                        ______||                |___|
                       / ______/                |___|
               ________||    __
              / _______()   |_ \
         _____||              ||
        / _____/              ||
        |(_____               ||
        \_____ \       ----------------
              ||        | | |    | | | 
              ||        | | |    | | |
              ))       ----------------
              ||              ||
              ||___           ||
              \___ \       ___||
                  ||      / __()
         ____~~~__||      ||
        / ___~~~___/      ||
        ||   ______       ||
        ||  |      |      ||
        ))  |      |  
        ||  |______|
                                              |    |
                                              |    |
                                              |    |

12. Notice on the diagram above the switch Use that switch once you have the
water flowing into the pipe next to it.

13. Go down the ramp and stairs to the next Pipe Puzzle. Before moving any
pipes there is two Water pressure/level Consoles with black and yellow
stripes around them. Use them and push the buttons to put the water level the
same as where the red line is. I recommend using the far right button to fill
up the meter and then use the other two buttons to get the water level to the

14. Here is the Diagram to show you how the pipes should be moved to solve
this puzzle. This is another overhead diagram. The stairs that you came
down are at the bottom of this diagram.


                 _______             |  |
                / _____ \            /||
                ||     ))___________/_||    ___
                ||     (_______________/    __ \
                ||                            ||
      __________||                            ||
     / _____  ___/                            ||
     ||     ||                        ________||
     ||     ||                       / ________/
     ||     ||                         
     ||     ||    __      ___________  __________
     \_     ||    _ \    / __________()_________ \
            ||     ||    ||                     || 
            ||     ||    ||                     || 
            ||     ||    ||    ||               ||
   _________||     ||    ||    ||               ||
  / ________()     __    ||     |               || 
  ||                     ||    ||_              ||____---
  ||                     ||    \__              \_____
  ||                     ||                           ---
  ||    ___________      ))                      
  ()    __________ \     ||       _____________   
  ||                     ||       ______________/
  ||                     ((
  ||______________  _____||
  \_______________()______/              ----------
                                          | | | | |


15. Be sure to get the Valve handle on the Top of portion of this area if you
haven't yet done so.

16. Leave this waterhouse and locate the little dock near the fountain.
swim out to get the fountain key. Come back to where the fountain is and
locate the two valve handles you need to turn to connect pipes together.
There is one missing a valve handle use the one you found in the waterhouse
on it. Once you have done that go and use the fountain.


17. Jump in the water and swim past the boats. Just keep swimming to the next
dock with a cave and go into the cave.

18. Swim over to where Billy Bob is. Run up the wooden path that goes around
a big tree.

19. At the top Follow the wooden path around the next tree and keep going
straight. Run past the guard ahead and follow the wooden path to the right.
Keep following it until you find the path leading down the tree.

20. Get to the bottom of the tree and go across the wooden bridge down here.
If a truck comes just run past it.

21. Go across the bridge on your left. Go up another tree path to your right.

22. Take the first wooden path on the right when you reach the top. Go across
and past the guard take the left path across and get down from the tree here.

23. Go under the wooden bridge here and dive off the dock to swim over to the
dock just across the way. Go into the cave here to continue on.

24. Dive off this dock and make your way past the alligators and boats to the
next area.


25. You need to distract the guards here and keep them away from the cage.
Try to lead as many as you can away from the cage. Keep them away the cage
until the time runs out.


26. This is the similar to the Mine Cart Ride. Make it to the end of the
trails with the bike. There is no time limit so just take your time on
getting past this part. Just go fast enough to keep getting gas that is
your only limitation here.


27. Boss Battle "Zombies"

Capture all the zombies here. If you need health go where Velma is to get
Scooby Snacks. When the Big Zombie shows up watch out for him blowing his
toxic breath at you. Capture him with the Tome of Doom  the same way you
capture any other monster.

(Bug Note: We thought we would warn those that may run into this bug that
many have ran into. It seems this fight is kinda buggy you may run into
slowdowns or the gameplay will lag. You may also run into a glitch with the
tome of doom will not work even with full power. If this occurs our best
advice to you is to reset your game and do the level over. This seems to not
happen to everyone, but I figure I am warning you in advance. Just like with
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy walkthrough, if we get emails of bugs that happen
to multiple people we will add it to the walkthroughs to warn others of a
possible problem they may or may not run into.)


|E. Episode 5: Hi-Tech Terror|


1. Go through the door to the right of the Bar.

2. Use your Sneak button and sneak behind the Crates here wait until the
guard starts walking down the hallway. Sneak to the hallway to the right
and Use the Costume Trunk.

3. Quickly go down the hallway the Guard went down and go to your right. ON
your left is a door go in it.

4. There is a Costume trunk here, use it and leave this room.

5. Quickly go to your left and follow the path past the security cameras.

6. If you got to this room soon enough the guard won't notice you when the
costumes wear off. In this room and directly to your left is a Switch that
you need to use.

7. Use the door to the left of the green security monitors.

8. Use the costume trunk in this hallway and go out the door on the other
side of this hallway.

9. You are now in the main lobby go to your left and into the doorway on your
left. Go up the stairs that you find here.

10. Find another Costume trunk here and Quickly go out the far door. Go down
the stairs and step onto the elevator (Some have had trouble finding this
elevator. At the bottom of the stairs you run into a railing in front of you
follow this railing around to the right around the guard and get on the


11. To your left there is a console you can use. To your right are two
lockers you can open which will reveal what you need to do with the buttons
on the console. If you are unsure what it means it says to push the first
button once the second and third button twice and the fourth one once.

12. Push the red button that opened up between the two green forcefields.

13. In the next room push the button to turn off the forcefield. To the
left of that button is a console you need to use a blue card on. Quickly
run in and get the "Blue Keycard" in the corner and use it on the console
to continue to the next room.

14. After using the Transporter you will end up in a room with steam vents
everywhere. Notice the Vent that Scooby can crawl into you will be using that
in a minute.

15. To your left is a locker with a "Red Keycard" in it. Avoid the steam and
get the keycard from the locker.

16. Crawl into that vent I mentioned earlier and open up the door but don't
go into that room. Instead crawl back out and use the console to the right.

17. Guide the robot through the door you just opened and guide it to each
valve handle to shut off all the steam. Continue on to the next area.

18. Crawl Scooby through the vent on the left. Wait for the camera to move
away from you and Crawl through the gap in the boxes in front of you and
quickly into the door you are near before the other camera spots you.

19. Push the button to the left of the door to shut off the cameras outside.
Quickly go over to the button near the door with the force field. Use the
button and lure the scientist into that empty room when he comes in quickly
run out and use the button to lock him in that room.

20. Use the computer console near the window. A robot will come out guide it
to the costume trunk that is near the teleporter. Make it move the costume
trunk out of the vision of the camera.

21. Go back to where shaggy is through the door and get shaggy to follow you
again. Use the Costume trunk and then use the teleporter.

22. Push the red button near the window of this room and capture the zombies
to unlock the next door. Don't worry about the zombies in the cell you will
run into them later.

23. In this next room it's a little trick There is a console on the far side
that needs a "Yellow Keycard". Notice where the Scientist is in this room.
Climb up on the crates to get up to where the Costume Trunk is. Use the
Costumes and quickly run to where the scientist is to talk to him. If you do
this correctly he will give you a "Yellow Keycard". Use the console and then
use the teleporter.

24. Go through the next door. In this room you need to avoid the Electrical
bolts and make it to the door on the far side of this room. 

25. Use the console on this room to control a robot. Guide the robot over to
where  a button is on the wall to the left side of the screen.


26. Quickly go into next room.


27. Boss Battle "Fred, Velma, and Daphne"

Locate the four red buttons next to computer consoles with green screens
and push them to turn the screen red. After doing that go and push the
button near the force field protecting a staircase on the wall. Quickly go
over to the stairs and go up them. Find the Three Red buttons up here to
shut off Selena's Machine.


28. If the ghost is on fire in this room wait for it to go over to the
sprinkler. Once it's not on fire capture it.

29. Make your way back to the Main lobby of this building Capturing ghost
and monsters in each room to open the next door you need to go through.

30. Once you have made it to the Main lobby you will need to capture a few
more ghost here to get out of the door here.

31. Boss Battle "Fire Ghost"

This is the first form of the Final boss. He is not to difficult to take
care of just watch out for his minions. All you need to do is go and turn the
four valve handles to turn on the sprinklers. The only catch is that some of
them are protected by bushes. To get passed those bushes stand in front of
the bushes and wait for one of the fire ghost to throw a fireball at you
dodge it so that instead of hitting you it hits the bushes. Turn on all four
sprinklers to defeat this first form.


32. Boss Battle "Extinguished Ghost"

This Second form is fairly easy all you need to do is capture him with the
Tome of Doom. When he charges at you while you are capturing him just side
step to avoid him.

Congratulations you have now completed Scooby-Doo: Mystery Mayhem.

Enjoy the Ending Movie.

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