PS2 Walkthroughs: The Sims: Bustin' Out Walkthrough

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The Sims: Bustin' Out Walkthrough

Copyright (c) 2004 - 2005 by the author piecemealcranky

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!!!@!!!!  !@!  !!!   !!@!!!     !!!    !!!  !@!  !!!
!!:  !!!  !!:  !!!       !:!    !!:    !!:  !!:  !!!
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 : :  :    : :  :      :

Game Title: The Sims: Bustin' Out.
FAQ Type: FAQ/Walkthrough
Platform: Sony PlayStation II
Author: piecemealcranky
Date Created: 31st of July 2004
Last Updated: 4th of January 2005
Version: 2.0 (Complete)

Updated: 5th of August 2004

Finally, I've completed the 'Complete List of Items' and the 'List of
Social Interactions' sections. A million thank you to dwarfman1990
a.k.a. (Nick Comber) for the Items List. I'll make sure it's here until
well, anything happens. Thanks again.

So readers, no problem, but I'll work on the 'Marriage and Children'
section after this. No worries. Look out for the next update, happening

Updated: 9th of August 2004

Alright, the whole complete guide is finally here. Everything is
complete, so if you have anything you need to know, just mail them to
me and yes, you can find nearly all of them here. Have fun and I'll
update a few more questions or suggestions in the future. This is all,
and I might not be updating this guide anymore!

T a b l e  o f  C o n t e n t s
1. Introduction
2. Legal Info
3. Getting Started
    - Bust Out & Free Play Mode
    - Goals & Jobs
    - Skills
    - Friends
    - Mood
    - Services
    - Space Bar
4. Walkthrough:
    - Mom's House
    - Dudley's Trailer
    - Mimi's Place
    - Goth Manor
    - Studio 8
    - Toane's Gym
    - Casa Caliente
    - Club Rubb
    - Shiny Things Labs
    - The Octagon
    - Pixel Acres
    - Tinsel Bluffs
    - Malcolm's mansion
5. Bust Out Mode Career Info
    - Counter Culture
    - Fashion Victim
    - Gangster
    - Jock
    - Mad Scientist
    - Movie Star
    - Paramilitary
6. Frequently Asked Questions
7. Marriage & Children
8. Complete List of Items
9. List of Social Interactions
10. Credits

I n t r o d u c t i o n

Welcome to my fifth FAQ, this time it's a little different. I'm really
not used of covering guides like these, so I apologize if anything goes
wrong throughout this FAQ. I'll try to not make mistakes during typing,
so it won't confuse you or anything. Just for your info, this FAQ is
not complete, even if it is complete; it is for sure that I'll still be
updating a few sections for some recent questions I received. Remember
if you can't find whatever you're looking for here, check out other
guides here at GameFAQs; they'll come in handy. Anyway, please bear in
mind that I will give you tips on how to make the goals to be completed
easier and faster, so even if the houses on the contents part (above)
is written step-by-step, there might be other different ways to
complete the game faster, rather than going through a difficult process
by following the step. You do not need to follow anything; it's
entirely up to you.

Let me remind you that in the walkthrough section, I've separated the
Marriage and the Children section from the walkthrough, so you can find
it near the end of the walkthrough, but I still include the goal in
every level. See the contents part for that section.

So, if you have something I don't know (tips, secrets, etc), please e-
mail them to me. I'll update it here and give you the credit. Please
give me logical ones though, since I'll be testing and once it's
approved, it'll be here for people to read. Thanks for your time here,
and you may want check the contents part above for whatever you're
looking for.

L e g a l  I n f o

As usual, before you do the nasty things, please read here. I don't
care if any sites are interested in this guide or want it for hosting,
just make sure you e-mail me. I guarantee if your site is a safe and
nice place, it's a 90% chance that I'll say yes, no matter what.
So, pay attention to this:

No part of this FAQ may be reproduced in any form, shape, or
transmitted, in any ways, or any forms by any means (electronic,
mechanical, recording, or otherwise) without prior permission from the
author. This means no copying, no publishing, or any other illegal
activities. This FAQ is posted only in GameFAQs and nowhere else. If
other websites had taken this FAQ to theirs (a secured site), I won't
mention them here. This FAQ copyright 2004 - 2005 by the author
piecemealcranky. The author may agree or disagree with any suggestions

Contact me as soon as possible for any inconvenience regarding this
E-mail me at:

G e t t i n g  S t a r t e d

Bust Out & Fee Play Modes:

Ok, before you start the game, you must first create your sim, meaning
your character that you'll be playing as throughout the game. There are
a few game modes in the game, and the main one is the Bust Out mode.
Free Play mode is for you to create a family, and live there to gain
careers. However, you cannot visit other places or call people that
live in the Bust Out mode. Although this seems weird, you can still
visit the people from Free Play Mode and invite them through the phone.
This can only be done once you advance through the game.

Goals & Jobs:

As I said earlier, this FAQ is for your guide if you fail to pass a
goal or level. Goals are the main things you have to complete to able
to advance or unlock new items. This means that each house you move to
will have different goals to be completed, each depends on the place
and the residents that live there. You can view the goals by pressing
the Start button, and then highlight Goals and hit X. You will then
view the list of missions you must complete in a house you're living
in. You cannot view the goals for other houses if you visit them, nor
can you buy things there.

Finally, your main income in the game. Jobs are important so that you
can buy things and support a house you're living in. Different jobs
have different needs and skills. Once you get a job, you will start to
go to work, and earn some money. Besides this, you will start to get
promotions during your working hours. To get job promotions, you must
do some activities at home, so you can get up to the next level. You
can view your job info by pressing the left on the directional pad (you
can also view the level you're in a career by going to the menu  and choose career). However, skills can't really help you much.
In order to get promoted in your career, you must also pay attention to
your friends, the place you're living in and your mood.

The first two levels for any jobs won't need any skills or friends, so
you can go to work as long as you're in a good mood.


Skills can vary in lots of ways, and very important for you to get
promotions in your career. It also helps you to complete some goals
during the game. Skill levels do not decrease in the game, as long as
you don't lose your job. There are six different skills you have to
master in this game:

Cooking: Very important, since food is your source of living. If you
cook food on the stove, be careful because if your skill in cooking is
not high enough, you could kill yourself for not being expert enough.
You can level up the skill in lots of ways, but the first thing you can
find is a bookshelf. Highlight it and press X. Then, choose 'study
cooking'. This skill is quite important especially in the Counter
Culture career.

Mechanical: Mechanical skill is quite useful in your daily life. You
can fix light bulbs, fix any broken things in your house, and most of
all, getting promoted in your job. You can do anything with this skill,
and you'll soon learn that it will also be useful for earning so extra
cash at home. Read a book from the bookshelf and you'll learn that it
will benefit you in many ways. This skill is definitely important in
the Mad Scientist career.

Creativity: Being creative is definitely worth the effort. You can earn
extra money during the game and even useful for some goals. You can
raise the level by painting, playing guitar and the piano. This is
especially important in the Fashion Victim and the Gangster careers.

Body: You body needs a lot of work out. Simply do any exercise on any
exercise machines and you'll be leveling up this skill. Swimming helps
too. This sill is important in the Jock and Paramilitary careers.

Logic: Logic is important in the Paramilitary career. It needs your
brain to do the thinking and it can be leveled up by playing the chess,
or any other games that requires you to think.

Charisma: Working in this game needs you to do speeches, talk on your
own and socialize yourself with the world. Charisma skills can be
leveled up by doing speeches in front of the mirror or singing. This
skill is definitely important in your Movie Start career.


Friends are one of your priorities in order to get promoted in your
work. It affects your job, and the game. So, start making friends if
you want the game to be easier for you in the future. You can view your
friends by pressing the right on the directional pad. To view the
required amount of friends in your job, press left on the directional
pad. Look on the right side (bottom) with the smiling face. If the
symbol is green, it means that you meet the required number. If it's
red, then you'll have to work out with people until the number meets
the required one and the icon turns green.

Friends will not stay as your friend forever. If you don't treat them
always or if you do not care for them, you will lose your friend and
it's difficult to raise your relationship back with them. Give them a
call or invite them once in a while.


Your mood is the reason why you make money, since you'll be buying
things that will help you raise your mood faster. The mood bar is on
the left side of the screen, on the bottom with your character's face.
There are 4 bars on the left, and continues on the right. The bars on
the left represents how bad you are, meaning if you're in a bad mood,
the bars will start filling one by one. The right side bars represents
your good mood, meaning if you manage your character well, you will be
rewarded with the mood. Red colored bars are bad, while green colored
bars are good.

There are a few things that affect the rate of your mood, and
determines your mood for you to do things and go to work. They are:

Hunger: You must eat in order to survive in your life. Buy a
refrigerator and cook your own food, or you could try calling the pizza
for a change. This is a must.

Hygiene: Sims love clean places, and not stinky ones, not to mention
their own bodies. Clean up yourself from a tub or a shower. This is
also a must thing to do.

Energy: You must get enough sleeping time, all depends on the type of
bed you're using. Use better ones to level up your energy faster.

Social: To raise you social level, you must interact with people. Keep
on talking and you'll notice the plus (green) icon appearing above you
and your friends' heads. This means that you gain relationship points
and it adds to your social level.

Comfort: You must get enough comfort to get yourself in a good mood.
Sleeping helps, or sitting on a sofa or a luxury chair will help too.
Getting in a hot tub helps as well.

Bladder: Well, there's nothing further to be explained. You should go
to the toilet after your meals. It helps. If you do not go fast enough,
you will pee in your pants.

Fun: Do fun things to raise your fun level. A game station helps, a TV
& a stereo will do, and a lot of things affect your fun level. This is
quite important, and I've noticed that it affects your mood a lot. So,
try to raise this level always.

Room: Although this is the least important, it actually affects your
mood. Try putting lots of windows in a house for daylight and put lots
of lights in a room or in the hall. Dirty things like trash, broken
things, and dead plants will bring the level down. Decorate your house
and you will notice the bar increasing.


Sometimes doing all the work yourself could be a pain. Try hiring a
maid or a repairman, but make sure you have enough money to pay them.
You must pay the maid $10 an hour and the repairman $50 an hour.

The gardener helps you to water the plants, but I won't worry about
this as much as I worried about the above two if I were you. Anyway,
once you get the machine that replaces the maid service, you won't be
worrying about the maid. Besides, it's worth the price.

Space Bar:

There's something you might not notice when you first start the game.
Once you're in the buy/build mode, there'll be a bar on the right side
of the screen that appears. It represents how much space is left for
you to buy things and decorate your house. Once the bar is full, you
cannot buy anything else. You may want to sell useless junk or things
that might not be urgent. Take note that plants do take some space.

Note: I will add more in the coming updates, or if requested.

W a l k t h r o u g h

Well, you've reached the main part of this FAQ, where you'll find all
the strategies and goals in the game. I'll state every goal as clear as
possible, so you won't turn back and ask me questions. I won't really
state what you should do in a house (it's entirely up to you), but I
will tell you what you should upgrade so you can live without any
problems. I suggest that you complete one place first, and once
everything's done, you may move out. It makes the whole process easier
rather then going to one place to another. The choice is entirely up to
you though.

Ok, about the marriage and the children, it's not in this walkthrough.
I've separated them so you can find the easier. Look at the contents
part above.

Remember, if you have any suggestions, questions, tips or anything, e-
mail them to me at

In each level in this walkthrough, I've placed a list of things you
should do to be able to stay there better. Here's your guide for them:

Residents: People living in the house.

Social Interactions Available: This will list the new social
interactions you can get either by becoming friends with the residents
or unlocking it by completing a goal. The brackets beside it will show
how to get it unlocked.

Promotions: Promotions available for you, and what level it is.

Items Stolen: Things that Malcolm steals from you in a place.

Upgrade: List of things you should upgrade.

Goals: These are the actual missions you'll be dealing with. There's a
reward after each goal, and it can be a vehicle, an item, or a social
interaction. You will also get to unlock new places for you to visit or
move out.

After Completion: This will state what you should do and where you are
recommended to go next (at the end of a level's walkthrough).

Mom's House

Resident: Mom
Social Interaction Available: Nag About House (Mom)
Promotions: None, you cannot get promoted, nor can you go to work. You
can only apply for jobs, but your bus will never arrive here.
Item Stolen: Malcolm steals your one and only vehicle, the Super
Upgrade: Nothing, this house is good enough for a few days stay.


* Activate Double Speed *

When you start the game, just press or hold the R1 button to speed up
time. Very useful throughout the game.

Reward: $50

* Eat Enough Food to Fill Your Stomach *

Get in the house by using the 'go here' command with the cursor. Next,
Mom will cook food for you in a while. Since your skill for cooking is
not yet good enough, just let Mom do the cooking. When she's done,
highlight the food and grab a plate. Wait until your sim eats and once
the meal is half finished, the goal will complete.

Reward: $50

* Use A Toilet to Empty Your Bladder *

Just use the toilet available here. Once done, goal is complete.

Reward: Maid Service is now on the phone

* Do Fun Stuff to Raise Your Fun Level *

Quite simple. Just highlight the television and hit X. Select 'watch
TV' and your sim will get to the couch and watch the television. After
your Fun Level is filled up a little bit, this goal will be complete.

Reward: $50

* Use The Newspaper to Find A Job *

If you stay here for a moment without completing this goal, Mom will
keep lecturing you to find a job. So, get the cursor outside and
highlight the newspaper. Hit the X button and select 'find a job' and
your sim will walk to the newspaper. Then, you may choose which career
you want. Take note that this will affect the next level you'll be
going to.

Reward: Cancilla 75 Super Scooter (Vehicle)

Unlock: Dudley's Trailer - Move or Visit
        Mimi's Place - Move or Visit

After Completion: Before you go anywhere else, here's a hint. Since
this is a perfect house to stay, you may want to level up your skills
before advancing. This is, however only a suggestion, but it worked out
perfectly for me, or you may want to level up your skills in the next
stage. Don't worry about your job you applied; you won't get fired, but
your bus will never arrive here, so there's no additional income for
you. You may want to think twice before doing anything here. You may
also want to study for cooking to ease the goal you'll be facing at
Dudley's Trailer.

Dudley's Trailer

Resident: Dudley Landgrabb
Social Interactions Available: Burp In Face (Dudley)
                               Pull My Finger (Goal)
                               Nag About House (Goal)
                               Serenade (Job Promotion)
Promotions: Gangster, Jock, Mad Scientist, Paramilitary Careers.
            Levels 2 and 3.
Items Stolen: Malcolm steals the Air Hockey Table and the HellaGraphix
game console.
Upgrade: Nothing, this is an okay place to stay.


* Interact With Other Sims to Satisfy Your Social Needs *

The main reason for this is to raise a little of your Social Level.
Highlight Dudley and hit X. Then, select talk. Keep on repeating the
same interaction and soon you'll get your reward and complete the goal.

Reward: $50

* Get to Know Dudley Better *

To complete the goal, keep on talking to Dudley. View your relationship
points with him (right button on D-pad) and interact with him until the
number reaches 35 or higher. It's better if you continue and make
friends with him. Talking and burping will do, but make sure you're
friends with him before trying new things.

Reward: Social Interaction - Pull My Finger

* Have One Skill Point In Cooking *

If you've already did this in Mom' House, you'll complete the goal when
you arrive here. If you haven't its quite simple. There's a bookshelf
on the left at the far end room (Dudley's bedroom). Highlight it and
hit X. Choose 'study cooking' and your sim will get to a couch or a
chair and start reading. A blue bar will appear above your sim's head,
and once it's full, you'll complete the goal, and on the same time,
having one skill in cooking.

Reward: $200

* Invite Mom Over to Your New Place *

Quite simple. There's a phone near the kitchen area, so highlight it
and hit X. Then, choose Mom's House and select it. Choose 'invite' and
Mom will respond. If she refused to come over, then try again another
time. Make sure you call her in a proper time or else you'll get a
lecture. Try not to invite her late at night. Once she reaches your
house, the goal will be complete. You don't have to greet her, but if
you wish to do so, then do it.

Reward: Social Interaction - Nag About House

* Clean Up The Mess *

Once you reach here, you'll notice that it's dirty and untidy.
Highlight all the rubbish from the front door to the back area. Clean
them up, or you could just hire a maid through the phone and let her do
all the work. Once everything is clean, you'll complete the goal.

Reward: DOT-55C Disposal Drum (Trash Can - Miscellaneous)

* Visit Mimi's Place & Get Her to Pull Your Finger *

Make sure you have the 'pull my finger' social interaction first. This
can be obtained by getting to know Dudley better (one of the goals
above). Next, highlight your vehicle outside and select 'visit'. Then,
select Mimi's Place at the box that appears and you'll reach the
destination. Get to Mimi and talk to her. After that, choose 'pull my
finger' in the list of the social interactions and you'll complete the
goal. You can also start to befriend her now so it's easier for you
when you reach here.

Reward: Big Mouth Chair (Chair - Seating)

Career Rewards:

Gangster - Shoplifter

Reward: NevaGess Secret Door (Door - Build Mode)
Unlock: Club Rubb - Visit

Gangster - Burglar

Reward: Social Interaction - Serenade
Unlock: Toane's Gym - Move or Visit

Jock - Ball Collector

Rewards: What The Puck! Air Hockey Table (Fun - Miscellaneous)
         Dude Buggy (Vehicle)

Jock - Rookie

Reward: Neon Flamingo Sign (Lighting)
Unlock: Toane's Gym - Move or Visit

Mad Scientist - Potion Tester

Rewards: Torchemada Wall Torch (Lighting)
         Dude Buggy (Vehicle)
Unlock: Shiny Things Labs - Visit

Mad Scientist - Pyro

Reward: Experimental Lamp  (Lighting)
Unlock: Goth Manor - Move or Visit

Paramilitary - Boot Polisher

Rewards: HellaGraphix 1024 "Diamond Edition"  (Fun - Electronics)
         Dude Buggy  (Vehicle)
Unlock: The Octagon - Visit

Paramilitary - Drill Instructor

Reward: Portable Up-Light  (Lighting)
Unlock: Toane's Gym - Move or Visit

After Completion: You could try being friends with Mimi during your
stay here. It helps you on your goal in the Mimi's Place. Nothing else
can be done here, unless if you want to level up your skills. Advance
to Mimi's Place.

Mimi's Place

Resident: Mimi Landgrabb
Social Interactions Available: Brag About Money (Mimi)
                               Use Sign Language (Goal)
                               Give Money (Goal)
                               Gossip (Job Promotion)
Promotions: Counter Culture, Fashion Victim, Movie Star Careers.
            Levels 2 and 3.
Items Stolen: Malcolm steals the Beverage Bar and the Gourmet Stove.
Upgrade: Nothing, this is an okay place to stay.


* Interact With Other Sims to Satisfy Your Social Needs *

Just do like what you did at Dudley's Trailer. Talk a little bit with
Mimi and this goal will be completed.

Reward: $50

* Get to Know Mimi Better *

You should've completed this goal once you arrive at this place if you
became friends with her when you were at Dudley's Trailer. If you
haven't yet, just talk to her and raise your relationship points with
her to 35 or higher. To make the game easier, just become friends with
her now. She enjoys jokes and dances, but make sure you're friends with
her before trying new stuff.

Reward: Social Interaction - Use Sign Language

* Have One Skill Point In Cooking *

Well, not a problem. You should've completed this goal if you did this
at Dudley's Trailer. However, if you didn't, just highlight the
bookshelf near the television and select 'study cooking' and your sim
will get to a couch or a chair and start reading. A blue bar will
appear above your sim's head, and once it's full, you'll complete the
goal, and on the same time, having one skill in cooking.

Reward: $200

* Invite Mom Over to Your New Place *

Quite simple. There's a phone near the kitchen area, so highlight it
and hit X. Then, highlight Mom's House and select it. Choose 'invite'
and Mom will respond. If she refused to come over, then try again
another time. Make sure you call her in a proper time or else you'll
get a lecture. Try not to invite her late at night. Once she reaches
your house, the goal will be complete. You don't have to greet her, but
if you wish to do so, then do it.

Reward: Social Interaction - Give Money

* Visit Dudley & Use 'Sign Language' on Him *

Make sure you have the 'use sign language' social interaction first.
This can be obtained by getting to know Mimi better (one of the goals
above). Next, highlight your vehicle outside and select 'visit'. Then,
select Dudley's Trailer at the box that appears and you'll reach the
destination. Get to Mimi and talk to her. After that, choose 'use sign
language' in the list of the social interactions and you'll complete
the goal. Take this opportunity to raise your relationship with him, so
it's safe and you don't have to visit or call him anytime soon.

Reward: Topiary Skull (Plant - Build Mode)

* Fix All The Broken Things *

If you look carefully, there's an espresso machine (near the kitchen)
and it's broken and needs some repair. With your mechanical skill a
little down, it will be difficult for you to fix it, and takes a large
amount of time to do it. If you've studied enough at Dudley's Trailer,
good. If you didn't, a little problem here, but not a big one. Just
study at the bookshelf everyday (or anytime you're free) and get it up
to the third or fourth level (anything above 2). Then, go and fix it.
I'm not sure if you have to repair other things that were broken during
your reading/studying period. So, if you've repaired the espresso
machine and the goal is still not completed, try to find other things
that are broken like the light bulbs or the dishwasher. It's easier if
your skill are already at three (mechanical) when you are at Dudley's

Reward: Repairman Service is now on the phone

Career Rewards:

Counter Culture - Leaflet Distributor

Rewards: Epicurious Gourmet Stove (Cooking - Skill Building)
         Matsuura Imposter Type-S (Vehicle)
Unlock: Pixel Acres - Visit

Counter Culture - Basket Weaver

Reward: Confucius Wall Lamp (Lighting)
Unlock: Studio 8 - Move or Visit

Fashion Victim - Lingerie Model

Rewards: SlushRush Bar Counter (Cooking - Skill Building)
         Matsuura Imposter Type-S (Vehicle)

Fashion Victim - Body Waxer

Reward: "VenuSpice" Dresser by Polly Vinyl (Dresser - Miscellaneous)
Unlock: Studio 8 - Move or Visit

Movie Star - Kiddie Show Sidekick

Rewards: Social Interaction - Gossip
         Matsuura Imposter Type-S  (Vehicle)
Unlock: Tinsel Bluffs - Visit

Movie Star - Stunt Double

Reward: Exoticalistism Floor Lamp  (Lighting)
Unlock: Goth Manor - Move or Visit

After Completion: You could try and stay here for a while and level up
your skills. Other then that, there's no reason for you to stay, so
move out.

Goth Manor

Residents: Mortimer Goth & Bella Goth
Social Interactions Available: Kiss Hand (Mortimer)
                               Nag About Friends (Bella)
                               Tell Story (Goal)
                               Do Magic Trick (Job Promotion)
Promotions: Mad Scientist & Movie Star Careers.
            Levels 4 and 5.
Items Stolen: Malcolm steals the Seance Table and the Skeleton Display.
Upgrade: Alright, first of all, the kitchen needs some upgrades. If I
can recall, there's no food processor, so buy one and place it on the
counter. Then, buy yourself a better refrigerator and replace it with
the old one. You can also upgrade the bathroom and buy yourself a
better tub or whatever. If you want, you can add a television or the
HellaGraphix. If you need some skill building items to get promoted,
feel free to buy one yourself.


* Make Friends With Bella or Mortimer *

Quite simple, so make friends with either one of them. You can also
befriend both of them, but that's not necessary. Once the relationship
points for either one of the residents reach 50 above, you'll complete
the goal. Don't worry, they appreciate jokes, dances, etc.

Reward: Social Interactions - Kiss Hand/Nag About Friends

* Control Another Sim by Pressing The L2 or R2 Buttons *

Simple, just press one of the buttons to switch characters. You can
only control one of the residents, according to your sim's gender. From
now on, you'll have to manage two characters in the same time.

Reward: Social Interaction - Tell Story

* Buy $1000 Worth of Improvements For The Goths *

As told above, you should upgrade the kitchen and buy some new fun
stuff. Those cost more than $1000 to be exact, so you should have no
problem completing this goal.

Reward: Spectre Detector Seance Table  (Fun - Miscellaneous)

* Exorcise The Ghosts by Holding The Seance *

See the seance word? Yes, you need to unlock it first, so make sure you
upgrade the kitchen and buy some fun stuff first. Then, you will unlock
the Seance Table. Now, go to start and buy this creepy thing. Place it
in the room, where it was before. Now, wait until the night comes. You
can do this with any residents living in the house. Highlight it, and
hit X. Select 'contact spirits' from the selection menu and your
character will start doing the job. Remember, do it only at night. It
has to be done twice, so it shall take you two days to complete the

Reward: Anatomical Skeleton Display (Decorative)

* Find The Fern That Was Stolen From The Goths *

Quite simple actually. Get to your vehicle and select it. Choose
'visit' and go to Dudley's Trailer. Notice the abandoned, wrecked
vehicle at the back area? The fern is there, near the area of that car.
Highlight it and choose the 'steal fern' command. After that, get back
to the Goths and they'll respond something about the goal. It will then
be complete.

Reward: RGB Flashback (Vehicle)

Career Rewards:

Mad Scientist - Virus Breeder

Reward: Gene Genie Incubator (Logic - Skill Building)

Mad Scientist - Chemist

Reward: Boggs' Memorial Commode (Plumbing)
Unlock: Shiny Things Lab - Move or Visit

Movie Star - Horror Movie Extra

Reward: TumulTech "Sim-Phony" Synthesizer (Creativity - Skill Building)

Movie Star - Soap Opera Star

Reward: Social Interaction - Do Magic Trick
Unlock: Club Rubb - Move or Visit

After Completion: As usual, you can continue building your skills here
if you want, and you can start making friends here. Just invite them
over and talk to them. It helps in the future. By the way, the
synthesizer is helpful for you to build up your Creativity Skills (if
you haven't done it yet).

Studio 8

Residents: Artie Fischl & Charity Grant
Social Interactions Available: Fake Out (Artie)
                               Tell Lies (Charity)
                               Sissy Fight (Goal)
                               Air Kiss (Job Promotion)
Promotions: Counter Culture & Fashion Victim Careers.
            Levels 4 and 5.
Items Stolen: Malcolm steals the Artist's Block and the Pottery Wheel.
Upgrade: You should upgrade the bathroom, since there's a shower only,
so sell it up and buy a tub or something, or if you want to extend the
place, you don't have to sell the shower, instead buy another one and
place it in the new area. You may also want to buy a television or s
stereo or anything fun, since there isn't anything fun around here.
Also, buy the food processor and anything that helps you to cook. The
bed might need some upgrades if you have extra cash. Also, hiring the
maid isn't a bad idea, since this place is quite large.


* Make Friends With Artie or Charity *

Quite simple, just raise your relationship points with either resident
to 50 or more. You may also like to extend your relationship, so they
last longer. Befriend both of them and you'll get two rewards.

Reward: Social Interactions - Fake Out/Tell Lies

* Control Another Sim by Pressing The L2 or R2 Buttons *

Simple, just press one of the buttons to switch characters. You can
only control one of the residents, according to your sim's gender. As
usual, you'll have to manage two characters here.

Reward: Social Interaction - Sissy Fight

* Buy $1000 Worth of Improvements For The Studio *

Buying a new television, a couch, upgrading the kitchen, and the shower
will be enough to complete this goal.

Reward: Beejaphone Guitar (Creativity - Skill Building)

* Have A Great Art Opening by Rearranging The Art *

Ok, I have the solution, and I guarantee 90% that it will work. If it
doesn't work, e-mail me. First of all, buy a game console. Then, place
it on the left room (facing inside of the house from the front door) at
the far end. Next, but a couch, anything will do, and place it in front
of the game console. If you can't fit in both of them, clear everything
out of the way (walls, pictures, items, etc). Then, add anything
creative at the front door. Next, if you can, clear the wall that is
dividing the room and the kitchen hall (not really necessary).

Then, get your sim to use the phone and throw a party (call in the
morning so that the police won't come and fine you). Next, use the
other sim in the house to cook the food. Make sure the house is in a
good condition, so call the repairman in case anything happens, and
clean up the house before you start. Once the party starts, make sure
you're already playing the game, and it helps if your fun level is low.
So, once the guests arrive, highlight one by one and hit X, and then
select 'join'. Keep the guests coming, one by one. Once you get five
people to play the HellaGraphix with you, the goal will be completed.

Note: Even if your guests said that this place is lack of something,
just keep on doing the process. Make sure you're not really sleepy
during the whole process. Also, if you're afraid you're going to fail
the goal, you could save your game before throwing the party, so that
if you fail, you can load your game and try again. They will give you
some compliments once everything's done.

Reward: KrafKing Potter's Wheel (Creativity - Skill Building)

* Visit Mimi's Place & Make Sure Mimi's Ok *

This is quite easy, but can be tough at times. Before you go, let me
remind you that your Energy and Comfort level is high enough, and so
does your Bladder bar, or else it will be very tough to complete the
mission. First, get to your vehicle, Use it and select 'visit'. Then,
choose to go to Mimi's Place. Once you arrive there, you'll notice that
it is really in a mess. The trash is everywhere, so clean up one by
one. If you've hired a maid service here before, she'll most probably
arrive around 10am, so if you visit her before that time, the maid will
be there and help you. Clean up everything and you'll complete the
goal. Take this opportunity to raise your relationship points with

Note: I don't know about other people, but I would like to share this
info with you. Once I went there like normal, cleaned everything up,
but the goal never popped up. Then, I noticed that there's one trash
that was behind a chair, near a wall. Unfortunately, the chair was
blocking the trash, and so did the wall. I was frustrated since I
cleaned up everything, wasted a large amount of time for nothing. So, I
don't want other people to feel what I've felt. Just make sure you
don't fit the place with chairs and tables, or anything. If you want
to, make sure you clear everything up once you leave. Leave some space
for you to walk here and there. Also, if you leave the area without
finishing the job, the next time you visit her, the trash will be
added, or maybe even more. Make sure you finish the job in one go.

Reward: Cruisette Leviathan (Vehicle)

Career Rewards:

Counter Culture - Flower Child

Reward: Artist's Block (Creativity - Skill Building)

Counter Culture - Message Therapist

Reward: 8-Step "Love Yourself" Wall Lamp (Lighting)
Unlock: Casa Caliente - Move or Visit

Fashion Victim - Fingernail Painter

Reward:  Floyd Co. Laser Light Show (Electronics)

Fashion Victim - Wig Designer

Reward: Social Interaction - Air Kiss
Unlock: Club Rubb - Move or Visit

After Completion: After you're done here, you could continue leveling
up your skills if you want. Also, there's no better time then to start
making friends now, fast.

Toane's Gym

Residents: Max Toane & Goldie Toane
Social Interactions Available: Bear Hug (Max)
                               Give Noogie (Goldie)
                               Towel Snap (Goal)
                               Show Off Muscles (Job Promotion)
Promotions: Gangster, Jock, Paramilitary Careers.
            Levels 4 and 5.
Items Stolen: Malcolm steals the Treadmill and the Climbing Wall
Upgrade: First of all, there are no beds. There's an empty room behind,
near the kitchen, so add some beds there. Also, to make things easier,
you could try moving all the kitchen appliances outside, meaning to the
back of the pool (near the high dive of the pool) at the wall. Put the
table alone at the kitchen area. Also, you may want to add a television
or/and a stereo here. Make friends with them so that you can save money
on buying beds. If you can, try using the tub instead of the shower;
it's better. You may also want to upgrade the kitchen appliances.


* Make Friends With Goldie or Max *

As usual, get their relationship point to 50 or over with either
resident. Make friends with both and you'll get two rewards, and you
can save money on the beds, so you can sleep with them. The goal will
then be complete.

Reward: Social Interactions - Bear Hug/Give Noogie

* Control Another Sim by Pressing The L2 or R2 Buttons *

Simple, just press one of the buttons to switch characters. You can
only control one of the residents, according to your sim's gender. As
usual, you'll have to manage two characters here.

Reward: Social Interaction - Towel Snap

* Buy $1000 Worth of Improvements For The Gym *

Just be rearranging and upgrading the beds and the shower should take
care of everything. Just make sure you don't waste your money too much.

Reward: Flush Force 5 XLT (Toilet - Plumbing)

* Get Four Sims to Join Toane's Gym As Members *

This can be easy at times, and if you're just unlucky, it can be tough.
So, the main thing you should do is to throw a party. Remember that.
Then, while having a good relationship with someone (recommended 90+
points), you will have to use the 'ask to join gym' social interaction.
Let me make this clear that you don't have to do it all in a row (or in
the same party), you can do it anytime but there must be a party going.
Another thing is that you cannot ask Max or Goldie to join as members;
they're already members in the gym, so don't waste your time.

First thing's first. Start a relationship with someone, like your
previous friends (Dudley, Mimi, Mortimer, etc). Try visiting them or
inviting them over to add your relationship points with them. After
those are taken care of, throw a party (anytime between 7am to 12
midnight, recommended daytime). Before throwing the party, call those
who are close to you (good relationship with you). While calling those
people, have another sim in the gym to cook food. Once he's done, your
friends should've arrived in time. So, jump inside the pool and ask
each and every one of your closest friends to join you in the pool (if
you don't do this, they'll still get there and enjoy themselves without
you asking). Now, maybe a few of them will stop swimming and have
something to eat (that's why it's easier if you just arrange the
kitchen outside near the pool). Take this opportunity. If some of your
friends are still in the pool, get out and highlight them and 'ask to
join gym'. They'll get out and if nothing happens, ask again. If they
shake your hands or do anything showing that they agree, then well
done, they'll say they love the gym and you'll have to find three more.
Keep repeating the process and just make sure you don't skip your job
too any times or you'll be fired.

Reward: Turntablitz DJ Booth (Creativity - Skill Building)

* Go to Dudley's Trailer & Party *

Alright, here's what you got to do. First, the main objective is to
have a relationship point of 5 or more with each and every guest that
will be at Dudley's Trailer. So, once you arrive there, Dudley will
immediately throw a party. If the guests that arrived in the party are
close to you, then you're in luck. Since you don't have much time, I
suggest that you talk with the guest once, and that should be enough.
Talking is the only social interaction that would help you get your
points up, and try not to get the negative points. Also, if you go to
Dudley's Trailer by daytime, you'll have more time to spend with the
guests. If you want, you can try having a meal and wait for the guests
to sit and talk with you (while eating). That's another way of doing
it. Remember not to waste time by talking to long with a guest, because
you have a few more to go. Once you've talked to everyone, the goal
will be completed.

Reward: Maximoto Tsunami X-TEQ (Vehicle)

Career Rewards:

Gangster - Car Thief

Reward: High Dive (High Dive Pool - Build Mode)

Gangster - Mugger

Reward: Sonic Shower (Plumbing)
Unlock: Casa Caliente - Move or Visit

Jock - Starter

Reward: Life Rocks! Climbing Wall (Body - Skill Building)

Jock - All Star

Reward: Aeromaster Whifferpuff "Gold" (Electronics)
Unlock: Club Rubb - Move or Visit

Paramilitary - Paratrooper

Reward: Social Interaction - Show Off Muscles

Paramilitary  Chopper Pilot

Reward: Miss Memo Sleeper (Bed - Seating)
Unlock: Shiny Things Labs - Move or Visit

After Completion - Quite simple, finish you job if you haven't
(leveling up your skills). Next, just move out to Casa Caliente. Since
there's a marriage goal there, I suggest that from here, you should
start creating a sim in Free Street 3 (Free Play Mode), and once you're
at Casa Caliente, you can start visiting him/her (if you don't like the
residents living in Free Streets 1 or 2). Then, your job would be
easier. Also, to make your life easier, you could start making friends
with Randy or Paisley from Casa Caliente. Just invite them over and
have a chat and do fun stuff with them. Make them fall in love with you
and it will be much better.

Casa Caliente

Residents: Randy Hart & Paisley Rainbow
Social Interactions Available: French Kiss (Randy)
                               Spank Booty (Paisley)
                               Romantic Kiss (Goal)
                               Force to Slap Self (Job Promotion)
Promotions: Counter Culture & Gangster Careers.
            Levels 6 and 7.
Items Stolen: Malcolm steals the love Bed & the Love Tub.
Upgrade: First of all, you should buy yourself a tub or a shower, since
Malcolm stole the only one here. Next, buy yourself a bed and place it
anywhere there's space or an empty room. If you have a lot of money,
you could try building a wall and make a new room at the opposite side,
but what I did was that I just bought the Camp-Bed, which you can store
outdoor. However, you have to be promoted in the job to unlock it
first, but for the mean time, you can just store the beds in an extra
room (build yourself at the sides facing the ocean). Try buying the
Sonic Shower and place it inside the bathroom, if you have enough
money, since there's not much space for a big tub. The kitchen is in a
good condition, but if you want to upgrade the dishwasher or the fridge
or whatever, you may do so. Also, you may also want to buy a television
or a stereo, since there's nothing fun around here, excluding the pool


* Buy $1500 Worth of Improvements For Casa Caliente *

This is actually too little. Buying an extra bed outside or upgrading
the tub or any source of fun here is more than enough to complete this
goal. Piece of cake.

Reward: Sham-Shag Polar Bear Rug (Decorative)

* Invite Your Lover Over *

Not really difficult if you followed my hint at Toane's Gym. Anyway,
this goal will be automatically completed once you reach here if you've
made Randy or Paisley fell in love with you during your stay at Toane's
Gym. However, if you have someone special (near the relationship points
bar, with a heart beside someone with 70+ points), then invite him/her
over. The goal will be completed once someone who is in love with you
visits you, or if one of the residents is in love with you.

Reward: Hawaiian Fantasy Tiki Torch (Lighting)

* Get Married *

(Read the Marriage & Children section for further info)

Reward: Spritzen Funken (Vehicle)

* Score With Two Sims At The Same Party *

Ok, this is quite a tough goal to complete, if you don't have anybody
special in the game. So, you must get a relationship going, and here's
a hint and some info.

First, during your stay here at Casa Caliente, a new Social Interaction
will be available for you (Try and Score). This, what I've been told,
similar to the French Kiss interaction. It's basically like a normal
kiss, but a little different in a way. So, kissing is meant for people
you love, and if you have someone else special with you in the same
room while doing it, they will become jealous of the person you kissed.
Another thing you have to remember is that the person you're trying
with must be in a good mood, and since the you can control both Randy &
Paisley, you can get them in a good mood and do it. Pretty simple if
you know exactly what to do. So, here's the method.

Start a relationship with Randy and Paisley (both of them), and get
them to 100 points with a heart for both of you. Then, anytime you can
throw a party, do it and get another sim to cook food. Next, quickly
get your sim to the bathroom (or anything, the bedroom will do too) and
use the 'Call Over' command to either Paisley or Randy first. They'll
come, and make sure you don't go or leave the room. Once one of them is
in the same room with you, quickly go to the start menu and sell the
doors, or anything connecting outside. This ensures that nobody will
enter the room, just both of you alone (you don't have to do this if
you want). So, chat a little bit (not too long), and use the 'Try &
Score' interaction. If you succeed, two '+' (green) will go above your
head and either one of the residents. Then, quickly build back the door
and ask your sim to go to another room (or get the other sim away).

Next, call the next resident and do the same. Have a little chat and
max out your points. Then, 'Try & Score' again. If you succeed, you'll
get your reward, and thus completing the goal.

Reward: Social Interaction - Kiss Romantically

* Go to Studio 8 & Help With The 'Outsider Art' *

As the goal stated well, you must visit Studio 8 to complete the goal.
Before you do that, make sure you have a high skill in Creativity, so
you can succeed easily in this goal. So, work out your creativity if
you haven't (7 or 8 will do), and visit Studio 8. Once you reach there,
either one of the residents will talk something about this goal. So,
remember the easel near the kitchen? Get there and start painting. You
will have to finish the painting and you'll get the reward if Artie
likes it. It he doesn't, then it's probably because your skills for
creativity are not high enough, or maybe you didn't complete the
drawing & accidentally pressed the triangle button. Try again and work
on your creativity if it didn't work out.

Reward: That 70s Window (Window - Build Mode)

* Find A Neighbor Who Knows About Candelabras *

To accomplish this goal, you must have the 'Kiss Romantically' social
interaction unlocked. To do that, you must complete the goal 'Score
With Two Sims At The Same Party'. After you've done that, go to Goth
Manor and use the social interaction to either Bella or Mortimer (Kiss
Romantically). If it doesn't work, try talking and raise your
relationship with either resident. This is a great opportunity to raise
your relationship with them again.

Reward: Torchemada Candelabra (Lighting)

Careers Rewards:

Counter Culture - Toga Instructor

Reward: Vibromatic Heart Bed (Bed - Seating)

Counter Culture - Transcendentalist

Reward: Sili-Camp Tent (Bed - Seating)
Unlock: Pixel Acres - Move or Visit

Gangster - Body Guard

Reward: Social Interaction - Force to Slap Self

Gangster - Arsonist

Reward: Niagara Love Tub (Plumbing)
Unlock: Pixel Acres - Move or Visit

After Completion: You may want to get married now, because you can get
additional income and it will ease the similar goals you'll be facing
at Club Rubb and Shiny Things Labs. So, start to visit your new created
sim at Free Street 3 and have a good relationship, and start proposing.

Note: Read the Marriage & Children section for further info.

Club Rubb

Residents: Bing Bling & Mona Lott
Social Interactions Available: Break Dance (Bing)
                               Dance Dirty (Mona)
                               Admire Body (Job Promotion)
                               Slow Dance (Job Promotion)
                               Tell Dirty Joke (Job Promotion)
                               Wolf Whistle (Job Promotion)
                               Booty Tease (Job Promotion)
                               Moon Walk (Job Promotion)
Promotions: Fashion Victim, Jock, Movie Star Careers.
            Levels 6 and 7.
Items Stolen: Malcolm steals the Dance Floor and the Beverage Bar.
Upgrade: Man, this place is awful! The first thing you should consider
doing is upgrading the kitchen. There's a fridge at the back area, so
move it to the hall. Then, take the toaster oven and put it there as
well. Next, buy the best dishwasher you have and buy a sink. If you
want, sell the old fridge and replace it with an expensive one. Buy new
beds and extra ones (if you're married). Try befriending both of the
residents so you can start saving your money. You can and actually must
build a room (which you will need to store the beds). Also, buy the
Beverage Bar for the goals you'll be completing here and put it at the
front hall beside the kitchen area. You can try upgrading the shower if
you wish, and build an extra room to store the tub. This place is
large, so build wherever you want and fill the place with basic things.
Also, think about putting the table for your meal will you? Finally,
call the maid service.


* Buy $1500 Worth of Improvements For The Club *

Simple, fixing the place up and buying the kitchen appliances and beds
are more than enough to complete the goal.

Reward: Bounce My Booty Dance Floor (Fun - Electronics)

* Invite Your Lover Over *

If you're married, then you would have completed this goal as soon as
you arrive here. If not, have someone special (near the relationship
points bar, with a heart beside someone with 70+ points), then invite
him/her over. The goal will be completed once someone who is in love
with you visits you, or if one of the residents is in love with you.

Reward: KlassiKlean "More-saic" Tub (Plumbing)

* Get Married *

(Read the Marriage & Children section for further info)

Reward: Spritzen Funken (Vehicle)

* Throw The Ultimate DJ Dance Party *

Finally, a nice goal to be done. First, once you completed the 'buy
$1000 worth of improvements for the club' goal, you will unlock the
dance floor, which is required for this goal. So, buy the Dance Floor
and fix it in front of the DJ Booth, which is where it was before. Get
your sim to work on that DJ Booth until your creativity skills are as
high as you want it to be (level 8 or recommended higher). You could
just let your sim to fill up his skills for creativity to 10 if you
want. Anyway, once that is done, let me give you some info about this

First, as you should know, this goal will work only if you throw a
party, and the main objective is to get five people to dance on the
Dance Floor. Second, you must get someone which has a high skill for
creativity. This is compulsory because to get people dance on the Dance
Floor, someone must 'spin' the disc creatively, so that people will
enjoy the party and keep on dancing. It doesn't have to be your own
sim, so you can let anyone spin the disc if you like. But, I recommend
that your sim to do it. Make sure you restore the Dance Floor, and also
buy the Beverage Bar, those are important.

So first, skip a day off work and stay at home. Let other residents to
skip their work too. Once this is done, get your sim to use the phone
and throw the party, while another sim to cook food and another one to
make drinks using the Beverage Bar. After that, get your sim (or anyone
with a high Creativity Skills) to 'spin' at the DJ Booth. After that,
get the sim that was cooking the meal to dance at Dance Floor. Now,
once the guests arrive, highlight every one of them and click on
'join'. A few of them will go and dance. If there are four people and
you need one more person, get the other resident who's making drinks to
join. Once there are five people dancing on the Dance Floor, the goal
should be complete. Now, close everything and go to sleep.

Reward: Q3 Recliner (Seating)

* Find Out What's Going On At Toane's Gym *

First, you have to unlock Toane's Gym for visiting. Go and unlock it
first by doing any of the previous goals. Now, start building up your
Body Skills if you haven't yet. This is why I told you to max out every
single skill you can at other places. Anyway, once you're Body Skill is
at least level 8 (preferably higher), you could succeed in this goal.
Get to Toane's Gym as soon as you finished all the previous work. Once
you reach there, either Max or Goldie will dare you to do triple jumps
from the High Dive Pool in a row. So, if you have the requirements, you
will just have to highlight at the High Dive Pool, and select the
'triple jump' move. Do it three times and both of them will get

Reward: Wicked Breeze Outdoor Shower (Plumbing)

Unlock: Studio 8 - Visit

* Show Off Some Club Rubb Moves at Studio 8 *

First of all, the required thing to get this goal completed is a social
interaction. It's the 'break dance' social interaction, so to get it;
you must befriend Bing Bling first. So, start the talking and do some
jokes. Once you have it in the list, you'll have to unlock Toane's Gym
for visiting. Not a big problem, since the reward is available for you
in the above goal. So, get there and talk a little with either Artie or
Charity. Then, use the 'break dance' social interaction in front of
either resident. You'll complete the goal once it's done.

Reward: The Apoplectic Photoelectric (Lighting)

Unlock: Toane's Gym - Visit

Career Rewards:

Fashion Victim - Hair Stylist

Reward: Social Interaction - Admire Body

Fashion Victim - Makeup Artist

Reward: Social Interaction - Slow Dance
Unlock: Tinsel Bluffs - Move or Visit

Jock - MVP

Reward: Social Interaction - Tell Dirty Joke

Jock - Super Star

Reward: Social Interaction - Wolf Whistle
Unlock: Tinsel Bluffs - Move or Visit

Movie Star - Game Show Host

Reward: Social Interaction - Booty Tease

Movie Star - Sitcom Star

Reward: Social Interaction - Moon Walk
Unlock: Tinsel Bluffs - Move or Visit

After Completion: Well, if you're married, get your spouse to gain
careers if you wish, and get him/her to level up the skills. It helps
you get additional income and ease your pain going to work and
supporting the house.

Shiny Things Labs

Residents: Vaughn Braun & Makino Nada
Social Interactions Available: Coo Coo! (Vaughn)
                               Whine & Complain (Makino)
                               Hypnotize (Goal)
Promotions: Mad Scientist & Paramilitary Careers.
            Levels 6 and 7.
Items Stolen: Malcolm steals the Tesla Coil and the Telescope.
Upgrade: Well, first, if you're married, buy the same type of bed here
and place it somewhere in the room. I actually enlarged the room so I
can put an extra bed there. Also, upgrade the fridge and buy a stove
for cooking. There are few of fun things available here, so if you want
to add a television, it's up to you. Also, sometimes sims would rather
walk through the whole garden just to wash their hands in the other
bathroom after using the toilet, even if there's one beside them. So,
sell the old one and buy a sink, where you use in the bathroom. This
place is ok and you can live normally here for a while.


* Buy $1500 Worth of Lab Equipments *

You know, don't listen to the goal. Buy anything you need in a normal
house, and not in a lab. Upgrading the kitchen and buying an extra new
bed or replacing the fun stuff around here would be enough to complete
this goal.

Reward: KraftKing Inventor's Workshop (Mechanical - Skill Building)

* Invite Your Lover Over *

If you're married, then you would have completed this goal as soon as
you arrive here. If not, have someone special (near the relationship
points bar, with a heart beside someone with 70+ points), then invite
him/her over. The goal will be completed once someone who is in love
with you visits you, or if one of the residents is in love with you.

Reward: Bird Of Paradise (Plant - Build Mode)

* Get Married *

(Read the Marriage & Children section for further info)

Reward: Spritzen Funken (Vehicle)

* Show Off Rocket Gnomes At 'Launch Party' *

Quite simple if you followed my guide/hint. Your Mechanical Skills
affect the gnomes you'll be making from the Inventor's Workshop
(there's already one in this lab, near the wall beside the door, so you
don't have to buy one). So, build up your mechanical skill if you
haven't yet to 8 or higher. You'll be making normal gnomes if you don't
have the required skill. To build your Mechanical Skills, it's up to
you. There's one item that will boost up your skill faster then any
other available skill-building items (the Tesla Coil, under Skill
Building, but you'll have to complete the job promotion to unlock the

Once you have the required level for building the gnomes, then well
done. Now, start building five of those (the gnome is yellow/red in
color with sunglasses) and go to the Start Menu. Use either the Buy or
Build Mode to move the gnomes outside on the sand. Then, all you got to
do now is to throw a party. Get a sim to use the phone, and leave your
sim outside with the gnomes. Once the box appear telling you that the
party has started, highlight one of the gnomes and select it. Next,
choose 'launch' and it will fly to the sky. Get every gnome to be
launched in the air and you'll complete the goal.

Note: Every time you launch a gnome, you'll get a respond from a sim
that he/she is not impressed. This means that you have to finish all
five, and not only a few of them. The sims want to see all five being
launched in a row, meaning they want to see five of those being
launched, so don't get confused. Just do it normally and you'll be

Reward: Social Interaction - Hypnotize

* Find Out Where The Contaminating Spores Are Coming From *

First, you must get Goth Manor unlocked and available for visiting.
Now, visit the Goths. There's a few of the giants ferns, similar to the
one you stole from Dudley's Trailer. Steal one from them, and you're

Reward: Giant Fern (Plant - Build Mode)

Unlock: Studio 8 - Visit

* Go to Studio 8 & Change Their Minds About Scientists *

Quite simple. First, get Studio 8 unlocked. This can be done by
completing the above goal. Next, you must first complete the gnome
mission, where you have to launch all five in a row. You need to do
that to get the required social interaction for this goal. So, once you
have the 'hypnotize' social interaction in the list, pay Studio 8 a
visit. Get up to either Artie or Charity and perform the 'hypnotize'
move on either resident.

Reward: Pathmatic Sliding Door (Door - Build Mode)

Career Rewards:

Mad Scientist - Vivisectionist

Reward: Tesla Coil 3.0 (Mechanical - Skill Building)

Mad Scientist - Gene Splicer

Reward: SLP Lamp  (Lighting)
Unlock: The Octagon - Move or Visit

Paramilitary - Covert Ops

Reward: Horrorwitz "Star-Track" Telescope (Logic - Skill Building)

Paramilitary - Secret Agent

Reward: WarKraft Radar Dish  (Decorative)
Unlock: The Octagon - Move or Visit

After Completion: Alright, time for a little strategy in the game.
Here's a hint. First, I'd suggest that you go to Tinsel Bluffs after
this level. This seems like a jump but it's worth it. At Tinsel Bluffs,
you'll be facing a goal, which you must do and befriend Malcolm. If you
go and stay at The Octagon instead, you'll be having a lot of problems
when you move out from that place, since you might become enemies with
Malcolm and it's difficult to complete the goal at Tinsel Bluffs.
Follow my guide, and I'll make sure you're fine. If you didn't unlock
Tinsel Bluffs yet, go and unlock it now.

The Octagon

Resident: General Payne & Maxine Powers
Social Interactions Available: Snap Out Of It (General)
                               Karate Chop (Maxine)
                               Flip (Job Promotion)
Promotions: Mad Scientists & Paramilitary Careers.
            Levels 8 and 9.
Items Stolen: Malcolm steals the Miss Gyrotic & the Sentry System
Upgrade: You might want to change the beds into better ones, and they
have a small colored television. You can buy a game station if you
want, and buy a new shower if you like. You might want to upgrade the
refrigerator and buy a stove for you to cook. Though this place is not
luxurious, it's fine for a few days stay.


* Buy $2000 Worth Of Improvements For The Octagon *

Simple, fixing a few stuffs and adding new beds would complete the goal
in no time.

Reward: Atlantean Column (Decorative)

* Get Married *

(Read the Marriage & Children section for further info)

Reward: Spritzen Funken (Vehicle)

* Raise A Baby to A Child *

(Read the Marriage & Children section for further info)

Reward: Schnell Meister (Vehicle)

* Mission: Classified - Eliminate Senator Langrabb *

This is the best mission that I love. I'll state the easiest way to
complete the goal. First, go through the Mad Scientist Promotion and
you'll unlock the Miss Gyrotic. It's a robot, so it can eliminate
Malcolm for you, easily. Here's what you have to do.

First, you must have enough level for your Logic Skills to program the
robot for 'defense'. Anyway, first, call Malcolm's Mansion and invite
him over. When he arrives, greet him and he'll go inside. Now, quickly
go to the robot and program for 'defense'. The robot will get out and
zap Malcolm a few times and once he begs for your mercy and gives you
the money, you'll complete the goal.

Another method involves trapping Malcolm in a room. First, invite
Malcolm as usual. Let him have a meal, and after he finishes eating, he
most probably will rush to the toilet. Quickly press start and block
the whole area where Malcolm is. He'll be trapped there and you'll have
to wait. The goal will be complete, but it may take a while.

The last method of completing this goal is to attack Malcolm and beat
him up. The problem is, you can't beat him up because he's not really
your worst enemy, unless you've done something to him. He hates jokes,
so make jokes in front of him to lower your relationship points with
him. Once he has a red face beside his face in your relationship bar,
which means he's your enemy. You should be able to 'attack' him now, so
do it until he begs for mercy.

Note: If you do anything that gets him to hate you, then most probably
it will be tough for you to complete one of the goals at Tinsel Bluffs.
So, that's why I advise you to move out to Tinsel Bluffs first, so it's
safer. Make sure to use a safer way so you don't suffer in the future.

Reward: $5000

* Mission: Find & Shut Down The Hackers *

Well, who else would be the hackers if not those scientist at the lab?
Well, pay them a visit, and find a computer inside the lab. If I'm not
mistaken, they have a few of them. The best one is at the wall after
the main hall. Highlight it and use the 'steal computer' command. It's
simple, really.

Reward: Spartan Special Desk Lamp (Lighting)

Unlock: Club Rubb - Visit

* Mission: Find & Suppress Antiwar Protesters *

Well, first of all, you must unlock Club Rubb for visiting. This can be
done by completing the above goal. Once Club Rubb is on the list,
you'll have to make sure your Body Skills are high enough (around 7
will do), so work on it. This place has the perfect machine to do that.
It's near the bathroom, near the main hall with the television. Work on
it and pay Club Rubb a visit. Get to either Bing or Mona and use the
'attack' social interaction on either one of them. You don't have to be
enemies with them; the command will be available once you get there
from The Octagon. You'll have to win the fight, and after that, you get
your reward. Repair your relationship with the back since you'll need
this to get promoted in your work.

Reward: Toy Parrot by FauxFriend (Decorative)

* Seek & Destroy Bio Weapons *

Another easy one. Get Goth Manor unlocked in the list, and pay Mortimer
& Bella a visit. Notice the incubator at the back of the Manor? Well,
highlight it and use the 'destroy bio weapons' command to it. Your sim
will walk to it and give it a kick (quite funny on how it can be
spoilt). Then, you're done here.

Reward: GyroSport AbDominator (Body - Skill Building)

Career Rewards:

Mad Scientist - Robotician

Reward: Miss Gyrotic (Mechanical - Skill Building)

Mad Scientist - Space-Time Tinkerer

Reward:  RiteLite Spotlight (Lighting)
Unlock:  Malcolm's Mansion - Move or Visit

Paramilitary - Code Breaker

Reward:  Social Interaction - Flip

Paramilitary - Intelligence Director

Reward: SimSentry CDXLVIII Motion Detector (Electronics)
Unlock: Malcolm's Mansion - Move or Visit

After Completion: What you should do now is to try and be friends with
Malcolm again, if you've made him your worst enemy. This is important
and it will ensure your safety at Tinsel Bluffs. Also, if you haven't
worked out on your skills yet, do it here. Finally, call your friends
and max out your relationship points with them, especially at Casa
Caliente (you'll see soon).

Pixel Acres

Residents: Chase Skurtz
            Ying Yangst
Social Interactions Available: Tell Secret (Chase)
                               Feather Tickle (Ying)
                               Barnyard Taunt (Job Promotion)
Promotions: Counter Culture & Gangster Careers.
            Levels 8 and 9.
Items Stolen: Malcolm steals the Ping Pong Table, the Tetherball and
the Hot Springs.
Upgrade: Ok, if you're going to live you'll have to definitely fix this
place. Everything is outdoor, and not to mention your beds. Ok, first,
build a wall and connect all the kitchen appliances and the beds. Then,
work it out creatively and buy a game console, since there's really
nothing fun here. Buy a few trash cans and place it around the area,
and call the maid service. If you dislike the tents, then sell them
like I did and replace them with better ones. Buy a fridge and make the
kitchen a complete place for cooking. Enlarge the kitchen, and create
new bathrooms. You should put one near the sleeping area and the other
one at the opposite side. You can decorate the place if you want. Move
the grilling item and place it near the fountain, and move the table,
so that sims can choose to cook on the stove or eat burgers. Put a sofa
in front of the game station, a nice comfy one. Then, you're done.


* Buy $2000 Worth Of Improvements For Pixel Acres *

Simple. Just fixing the whole place up will with walls and new kitchen
appliances and also new beds would be more than enough to complete this

Reward: Hot Spring Conversion Kit (Plumbing)

* Get Married *

(Read the Marriage & Children section for further info)

Reward: Spritzen Funken (Vehicle)

* Raise A Baby to A Child *

(Read the Marriage & Children section for further info)

Reward: Schnell Meister (Vehicle)

* Frame Malcolm & Get Him Busted For Indecent Exposure *

Ok, my solution. First of all, you'll have to get a Creativity Skills
of 9 or higher. Then, once you do this, you'll be able to play the
'Pixel Booty' song, which causes anyone around you (in the same area)
to take their clothes off (if you have done the required goal first).
Since it goes well with this mission, go work on your Creativity
Skills. If you've worked that out when you were at Club Rubb, this is
very simple.

Note: Before I state anything further, you cannot play the song if you
haven't done the Goth Manor mission, so go do it first and then you'll
be able to play the song.

First, buy a synthesizer. Then, place it near the main entrance (near
the place with the bookshelf and the phone, at the grassy area). Next,
invite Malcolm over, and if you're friends with him, you'll have more
chances for him to come over. Once he arrives, play the song, and while
he's at the door, he'll take off his clothes and one of the residents
will respond that they've got him. A cop will be there and arrest him.
The goal will be complete.

Reward: $5000

* Seduce Someone At Casa Caliente *

At The Octagon, I've informed you that it's easier if you raise your
relationship points with either resident at Casa Caliente there, and
this is where you need to use their friendship. First, if you're in
love with either Randy or Paisley, good. If not, start talking and
inviting them over. Let's assume those are taken care of. Now, visit
Casa Caliente. Let me remind you that your Energy Bar should be full,
and your Bladder should be empty, or else it's difficult to get your
sim to 'relax' at the Bear Rug (in other words, get your sim to be in a
good mood).

Once you reach there, get to the Bear Rug which is opposite the
fireplace. Highlight it and select it. Choose 'relax' and your sim
should go there and lie down on it. Next, highlight either Paisley or
Randy (whichever that has a good relationship point with you, with a
heart at the Relationship Bar) to join you. Next, both of you will have
a little chit chat and then they'll start kissing and once they start
'doing it', press triangle to exit and quickly claim your reward.

Reward: Varmenkozze Euro Fireplace (Fireplace - Build Mode)

* Find Someone Interested In Chase's Secret Formula *

First thing you should do is becoming friends with Chase. This is
important so you'll receive the 'tell secret' social interaction needed
for this goal to be completed. So, be friends with him, and once you've
unlocked that already, get to Shiny Things Labs (if you haven't
unlocked it yet, do the above mission first). Then, get up to either
Vaughn or Makino & use the social interaction to either resident. The
goal will be complete.

Reward:  Boomtown Redwood Table (Surfaces)

Unlock:  Goth Manor - Visit

* Find Out What 'Ghost' of A Problem The Goths Are Having *

This goal is important for you to play the Pixel Booty song for the
mission of framing Malcolm. Anyway, here's how to do it. First, get
Goth Manor unlocked by succeeding in the above goal. Next, pay them a
visit and make sure your Creativity Skills are at least at level 9. Get
to their Synthesizer and play it. You'll know you've succeeded once
everyone opens their clothes. You can now go and do the framing Malcolm

Reward: RustyRedneck Stump Chair (Seating)
        Unlocked The Pixel Booty Song On the Synthesizer

Career Rewards:

Counter Culture - Love Guru

Reward: Tetherball (Miscellaneous)

Counter Culture - Psychic Activist

Reward: Social Interaction - Barnyard Taunt
Unlock: Malcolm's Mansion - Move or Visit

Gangster - Extortionist

Reward: Table Tennis from Slammo (Miscellaneous)

Gangster - Hit Man

Reward: BroilBastard Stone Grill (Miscellaneous)
Unlock: Malcolm's Mansion - Move or Visit

After Completion: You can get your spouse to gain careers if you want.
Right now, you should have your skills fully filled. Try being friends
with a lot of people if you want to get promoted, especially in the
Movie Star career.

Tinsel Bluffs

Residents: Humphrey Hawks & Fannie Adore
Social Interactions Available: Imitate (Humphrey)
                               Smooth Talk (Fannie)
Promotions: Fashion Victim, Jock, Movie Star.
            Levels 8 & 9.
Items Stolen: Malcolm steals the Microphone and the Information
Upgrade: This is a luxury place alright! First, nothing should be done
at the kitchen; you should leave it. Buy an extra bed if you're
married/have a kid or enlarge the place if you wish, but that's not
necessary. You might want to buy a Plasma TV or a game console. Other
than these, this is a fine place to stay.


* Buy $2000 Worth Of Improvements For The House *

Buy a television, and an extra bed. This should be a piece of cake.

Reward: Constructed Table (Surfaces)

* Get Married *

(Read the Marriage & Children section for further info)

Reward: Spritzen Funken (Vehicle)

* Raise A Baby to A Child *

(Read the Marriage & Children section for further info)

Reward: Schnell Meister (Vehicle)

* Get Malcolm to Put You In His Big Movie *

Ok, what did I tell you? If you're friends with Malcolm, then this goal
would be less difficult for you. First, get Malcolm to be your friend,
and maybe a lover. First, make sure you have the HellaGraphix stored
here. Then, invite Malcolm over, throw a party after that and while
another sim is cooking food (as usual). Then, get your sim to play the
game (it helps if your Fun Level is low, so you'll play longer). Try
not to invite Malcolm late at night, because he'll go home faster, so
do it at daytime.

Anyway, once the party starts and once Malcolm arrives, click at him
and select 'join'. He'll play the game for a while, and most probably
you'll finish first. So, go to the kitchen area and 'grab a plate'.
Then, Malcolm will reach out for the food. After a little chit chat
with him, select him and choose 'ask for movie role'. If he shakes his
hand with you, that means he accepts it.

Note: If you want to raise your relationship with him, pay him a visit
and talk to him, or invite him over the Tinsel Bluffs. If you get his
relationship points up at the party, it won't work. So, remember to do
fun stuff and serve him a meal.

Reward: $5000

* Find Out Where You Can Score A Red Pool Table *

Quite simple if your Body Skills are full. Now, pay Club Rubb a visit,
since they have the Red Pool Table. Get there and highlight the table and
select it. Play it and get Bing to join you. If your Body Skills are
high enough, there's not much problem completing this goal.

Reward: Overlord Pool Table (Miscellaneous)

Unlock: Shiny Things Labs - Visit

* Find A Good Sci-Fi Movie Script *

First, you must unlock the lab for visiting (get it open by completing
the above goal). Next, make sure you're in a good mood (especially your
Energy and Bladder Bars). Now, get to Shiny Things Labs and look for a
brain in a jar. It's in the same room with the Inventor's Workshop,
where you created the gnomes for the goal for this place. Get to it and
use the 'steal script' command. It should take a minute to be
completed, but not too long.

Reward: Cypress Tree Plant - Build Mode)

* Muscle The Muscle At The Gym *

Ok, first, get Toane's Gym unlocked. Then, head over there. Once you
reach here, find either resident and choose the 'attack' command. You
don't have to win the fight though, but it is recommended so it won't
affect your mood if you lose. Start a fight and you'll get your reward.

Reward: Frigidarium Colossicus (Pool - Build Mode))

Career Rewards:

Fashion Victim - Runway Model

Reward: CYMK Floodlight (Lighting)

Fashion Victim - Centerfold

Reward: Fontis Publicus (Plumbing)
Unlock: Malcolm's Mansion - Move or Visit

Jock - Head Coach

Reward: Information Overlord by Bu Butubu (Television - Electronics)

Jock - Hall of Famer

Reward: Autocrat by Emporium Imperium (Seating)
Unlock: Malcolm's Mansion - Move or Visit

Movie Star - Sex Symbol

Reward: NostalgiCo Microphone (Charisma - Skill Building)

Movie Star - Director

Reward: Manila 1000 Marine Aquarium (Decorative)
Unlock: Malcolm's Mansion - Move or Visit

After Completion: Well, you might want to have a baby for this moment,
since you need it for the next, final stage. Read the Marriage &
Children section for further info.

Malcolm's Mansion

Resident: Malcolm Langrabb
Social Interaction Available: None
Promotions: All Careers - Level 10
Items Stolen: None, Malcolm Got Kicked Out of The House by Mom.
Upgrade: Well, this is tough. I don't know what to suggest, since this
house got it all. You might want to upgrade anything that is there, but
not the best product (like the dishwasher, so you might want to buy a
better one). Also, the whole time you're here, whether you're going to
work or greeting somebody by the door, your sim will make a whole round
around the mansion. This is a waste of time, and sometimes you might
miss your bus for work! So, if you want, you can destroy the wall so
that your sim will only walk in the middle area. However, if you don't
want to do that, you should just be at the front of the mansion earlier
so that you won't miss your bus, or use the 'go here' command.


* Get Married *

(Read the Marriage & Children section for further info)

Reward: Spritzen Funken (Vehicle)

* Raise A Baby to A Child *

(Read the Marriage & Children section for further info)

Reward: Schnell Meister (Vehicle)

* Show Off Your Fortune - Upgrade The Mansion *

Well, think wisely before doing anything here. You can buy the nine-
screen television if you want, because that's expensive. Just upgrade
the bathroom, put some fun things outside, or you just do it like me.
I created the whole mansion exactly like the other places in this game.
I made a room like a club and another one a little like Tinsel Bluffs,
and out a little decoration at the pool area. You might want to buy a
computer or a bookshelf for your kid to study. I also bought the DJ Booth
and put it in front of the pool, for the purpose of making the mansion
a fun place and to complete the goal. Just spend $20'000 on those things
and you'll complete this goal.

Reward: Limo Ultimo (Vehicle)

* Send Your Child to Prep School With Straight A's *

Well, I actually hate this goal, honestly. Well, it would be a lot
easier if you've sent your child to school while you work on the seven
careers. Here's a little info on how to get your child to boost up on
his/her grades.

First, it works like this. If your kid misses a day off school,
he/she'll go down one whole grade. What you should do is buy a
bookshelf or a computer and place it anywhere in the mansion. Get your
kid to study everyday (recommended) and it's definitely useful if your
child missed the bus. So, make sure your kid goes to school everyday
(in a good mood), so that he/she will get up one notch (like from B to
B+). There are three levels, A, A+ or A-. You can get your kid to level
up the grades by using the 'study for school' command. Your kid can get
up to two grades by one night, so the day doesn't matter. Your kid will
be leveled up by going to school only in a good mood. Once you do this,
a new sports car will be available for trading.

Reward: Satinity 'Diavolo' GT 1000 (Vehicle)

* Finish All Seven Careers to See Your Dreams Come True *

Alright, this is the best goal ever, but not actually the hardest.
First, here's how it works. The final promotion you'll get is by going
to work from here, you know that of course. Now, once you get promoted
to the final promotion, you'll get a movie related to your career you
just finished. Well, once you complete each and every career, you'll be
awarded with a 'career gnome', which depends on what career you're on.
So, notice the weird looking thing in front of the mansion? Well, the
gnomes will appear here, and by choosing 'activate', you'll see all the
gnomes dancing on it. You cannot sell that thing before finishing this
goal nor can you watch those movies again. But, once you complete all
seven careers, and get promoted to the highest level, you'll watch
every single movie again and see the final one.

Reward: Temple of Simoleon (Decorative)

Career Rewards:

Counter Culture - Full Time Freak

Fashion Victim - Super Model

Gangster - Mob Boss

Jock - Living Legend

Mad Scientist - Death Ray Inventor

Movie Star - Movie Mogul

Paramilitary - War Minister

After Completion: Well, congratulations, you've completed the Bust Out
Mode. Keep on unlocking other stuffs (if you haven't unlocked yet) like
the social interactions and other stuff. You're the master now, no one
can stop you.

B u s t  O u t  M o d e  C a r e e r  I n f o

As you know, there are seven careers in Bust Out Mode, and each with
ten different promotion levels, and through all thirteen different
houses (from Mom's House to Malcolm's Mansion). Well, this section will
provide info on how to get promoted to those levels, which includes all
the skills and friends you need. Here's your guide:

Skills Guide:

Fri: Number of Friends
Co: Cooking skill
Me: Mechanical skill
Cr: Creativity skill
Bo: Body skill
Lo: Logic Skill
Ch: Charisma skill

Houses Guide:

Mom: Mom's House
Dud: Dudley's Trailer
Mim: Mimi's Place
Got: Goth Manor
Toa: Toane's Gym
Stu: Studio 8
Cas: Casa Caliente
Clu: Club Rubb
Shi: Shiny Things Labs
Oct: The Octagon
Pix: Pixel Acres
Tin: Tinsel Bluffs
Mal: Malcolm's Mansion

Plc: Places to Get Promoted

Counter Culture

Lev    Job              Pay   Hours    Fri  Co  Me  Cr  Bo  Lo  Ch  Plc

1 Panhandler           $110  10am-2pm   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   Mom
2 Leaflet Distributor  $120  10am-2pm   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   Mim
3 Basket Weaver        $180  10am-3pm   0   1   0   1   0   0   0   Mim
4 Flower Child         $200  12pm-5pm   2   3   0   1   1   0   0   Stu
5 Message Therapist    $220  11am-4pm   3   5   0   1   1   0   1   Stu
6 Yoga Instructor      $300  10am-5pm   4   6   1   2   1   0   2   Cas
7 Transcendentalist    $350  12pm-5pm   6   7   2   2   2   0   2   Cas
8 Love Guru            $450  12pm-5pm   6   8   2   2   3   0   4   Pix
9 Psychic Activist     $550  2pm-7pm    7   9   3   3   4   0   6   Pix
10 Full Time freak     $1000 10pm-2am   8  10   3   4   5   0   8   Mal

Fashion Victim

Lev    Job              Pay   Hours    Fri  Co  Me  Cr  Bo  Lo  Ch  Plc

1 Hand Model           $200  10am-2pm   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   Mom
2 Lingerie Model       $225  10am-spm   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   Mim
3 Body Waxer           $275  10am-3pm   0   0   0   2   0   0   0   Mim
4 Fingernail Painter   $315  10am-3pm   1   0   0   4   1   0   0   Stu
5 Wig Designer         $400  11am-5pm   2   0   0   5   1   0   1   Stu
6 Hair Stylist         $550  10am-6pm   3   0   0   6   1   0   2   Clu
7 Make Up Artist       $650  12pm-6pm   4   1   0   7   3   0   3   Clu
8 Runway Model         $900  6pm-1am    5   2   0   8   4   0   4   Tin
9 Centerfold           $1100 2pm-9pm    7   3   0   9   5   0   4   Tin
10 Super Model         $1200 10am-4pm   9   4   0  10   8   0   5   Mal


Lev    Job              Pay   Hours    Fri  Co  Me  Cr  Bo  Lo  Ch  Plc

1 Vandal              $140   10am-2pm    0   0   0   0   0   0   0  Mom
2 Shoplifter          $200   9am-1pm     0   0   0   0   0   0   0  Dud
3 Burglar             $275   11pm-5am    0   0   0   2   0   0   0  Dud
4 Car Thief           $350   9am-3pm     2   0   1   4   0   0   0  Toa
5 Mugger              $425   5pm-1am     3   0   2   5   0   0   0  Toa
6 Body Guard          $530   3pm-11pm    4   0   3   6   1   0   1  Cas
7 Arsonist            $640   9pm-3am     6   0   3   7   3   0   1  Cas
8 Extortionist        $760   9am-3pm     8   0   5   8   3   0   2  Pix
9 Hit Man             $900   9am-3pm     8   0   5   9   5   0   3  Pix
10 Mob Boss           $1100  6pm-12am    8   0   5  10   7   0   4  Mal


 Lev    Job             Pay   Hours    Fri  Co  Me  Cr  Bo  Lo  Ch  Plc

1 Mascot              $130   10am-2pm    0   0   0   0   0   0   0  Mom
2 Ball Collector      $170   9am-2pm     0   0   0   0   0   0   0  Dud
3 Rookie              $230   10am-3pm    0   0   0   0   2   0   0  Dud
4 Starter             $300   10am-3pm    0   0   0   0   4   0   0  Toa
5 All-Star            $385   9am-3pm     0   0   0   0   6   0   1  Toa
6 MVP                 $510   9am-3pm     1   0   2   0   7   0   1  Clu
7 Superstar           $680   9am-4pm     2   1   2   0   8   0   2  Clu
8 Head Coach          $850   8am-2pm     3   2   2   0   9   0   3  Tin
9 Hall of Famer       $1000  9am-3pm     4   3   2   0  10   0   5  Tin
10 Living Legend      $1200  9am-3pm     6   4   2   0  10   0   5  Mal

Mad Scientist

 Lev    Job             Pay    Hours   Fri  Co  Me  Cr  Bo  Lo  Ch  Plc

1 Lab Cleaner          $155   10am-2pm   0   0   0   0   0   0   0  Mom
2 Potion Tester        $230   11am-3pm   0   0   0   0   0   0   0  Dud
3 Pyro                 $320   2pm-10pm   0   0   2   0   0   0   0  Dud
4 Virus Breeder        $375   11am-4pm   1   1   2   0   0   1   0  Got
5 Chemist              $450   10am-5pm   2   1   2   1   0   2   1  Got
6 Vivisectionist       $540   10am-7pm   2   1   2   2   0   4   1  Shi
7 Gene Splicer         $640   11am-3pm   3   1   4   2   0   4   2  Shi
8 Robotician           $740   12pm-8pm   4   1   6   2   0   5   3  Oct
9 Space-Time Tinkerer  $870   10am-4pm   5   1   8   4   0   7   4  Oct
10 Death Ray Inventor  $1000  10am-2pm   6   2  10   5   0   8   5  Mal

Movie Star

  Lev    Job            Pay    Hours   Fri  Co  Me  Cr  Bo  Lo  Ch  Plc

1 Mall Clown           $100   10am-2pm   0   0   0   0   0   0   0  Mom
2 Kiddie Show Sidekick $150   9am-1pm    0   0   0   0   0   0   0  Mim
3 Stunt Double         $200   9am-3pm    0   0   0   0   0   0   2  Mim
4 Horror Movie Extra   $275   7am-3pm    2   0   0   0   1   0   2  Got
5 Soap Opera Star      $375   7am-4pm    3   0   0   1   2   0   3  Got
6 Game Show Host       $500   10am-6pm   4   0   0   2   2   0   4  Clu
7 Sit Com Star         $650   10am-6pm   6   0   0   2   3   0   6  Clu
8 Sex Symbol           $900   7pm-1am    6   0   0   2   3   0   7  Tin
9 Director             $1100  10am-7pm   8   0   0   5   4   0   8  Tin
10 Movie Mogul         $1400  10am-3pm  10   0   0   8   4   0  10  Mal


  Lev    Job            Pay    Hours   Fri  Co  Me  Cr  Bo  Lo  Ch  Plc

1 Latrine Cleaner      $250   10am-2pm   0   0   0   0   0   0   0  Mom
2 Boot Polisher        $325   8am-12pm   0   0   0   0   0   0   0  Dud
3 Drill Instructor     $400   9am-2pm    0   0   0   0   0   2   0  Dud
4 Paratrooper          $450   6am-12pm   0   0   0   0   2   4   0  Toa
5 Chopper Pilot        $500   6am-12pm   0   0   0   0   4   5   0  Toa
6 Covert Ops           $550   9am-3pm    1   0   1   0   4   6   2  Shi
7 Secret Agent         $580   9am-3pm    2   0   1   0   5   7   2  Shi
8 Code Breaker         $600   9am-3pm    5   0   4   0   5   8   2  Oct
9 Intelligence Director$700   9am-3pm    6   0   7   0   8   9   2  Oct
10 War Minister        $1000  9am-3pm    6   0   8   0  10  10   4  Mal

F r q u e n t l y  A s k e d  Q u e s t i o n s

Ok, here is where you asked questions that might be for new players, or
somehow unknown or stupid ones. You tell me. Anyway, just to clear
things up for you, 'Q' is for questions and 'A' is for the answer for
that question. Here we go!

Q: How do you propose?
A: Ok, some people just don't know how to do it. You'll get the
interaction once you invite someone over and in love with him/her. You
can't do it if you don't have to complete the goal though. Read the
marriage section for further info.

Q: Why don't your FAQ has the Free Play Mode Career Info, when the Bust
Out Mode is included?
A: I didn't include that because the other FAQ has one, and since I'll
be needing too much time for something which is not really important
for the whole main game-play, I didn't include it.

Q: How often do you update your FAQ?
A: Well, I don't think there are any more future updates, but if the
readers seem to ask questions or have any further suggestions, I might
be updating, but nothing else will ever change.

Q: I actually completed the Malcolm's Mansion goal, the career one,
which you have to complete all seven, but even when I did that, I
didn't get any gnomes on the structure in front of the house. I can't
even seem to activate it. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
A: No, nothing's wrong. I don't know what's the main problem of this
somehow a glitch, but all I can suggest that you try & sell it away,
what I mean is the structure. You should be able to sell it after
completing the goal, but if that doesn't work, I don't know. Maybe you
might want to use a new CD or clean up the disc.

Q: How do you complete the 'Go to Dudley's Trailer & Party'?
A: It's here, isn't it? Didn't it help you? If not, you can try to call
the people appeared on the party, and recognize the faces and pay them
a visit. Raise you relationship and they'll probably appear again in
the party and just continue talking to a few other people which has a
relationship of lower than 5 with you.

Q: How do I get promoted?
A: I'm somehow surprised to see this question. Anyway, read the
'Getting Started' section and search for the 'Goals & Jobs' part there.

Q: I can't complete the 'launch the gnomes' goal at Shiny Things Labs.
Each time I launch one gnome, someone will say that it didn't impress
them. How do I get it to work even if I had 5 outside already?
A: Ok, you might not understand this. Like I said at the 'note' part at
the goal above, you'll have to launch 5 in a row, meaning that you
launch them one by one, normally. You don't have to worry, as long as
having five outside and lighting up one by one, you'll succeed. You
don't have to be confused because it's normal for the guests to say
that after each gnome you launch.

Q: I tried completing the 'seduce someone at Casa Caliente', but it
won't work. Everytime I asked one of the residents there to 'join'me,
they'll go there but they'll stand but don't lie down. What am I doing
A: First of all, if it's you whose not lying down, than that will most
probably because of your Bladder and Energy bars. Make sure they're
both full or at least half filled. If it's one of the residents which
is having problems lying down, than something must be blocking or on
his/her way. Make sure you clear everything up before you leave a house,
because it often happens to people. If it's on the way, you'll have to
move back out to Casa Caliente so you can move it anywhere else.
Sorry for the bad news.

Q: I'm having problems using the cheats. I keep entering them but still,
they don't seem to work. This implies to nearly all the cheats at
GameFAQs. Do the cheats there really work?
A: Yes, they do, it's just you having problems. First, as you've been
told, you must enter the 'blue gnome code' in order for the rest of the
cheats to work. So, enter that. Next, just press all the button
combinations you need to get the cheats to work, except that they must
be entered really fast. I mean fast, really fast. Memorize the entire
code, and once you're in the start menu, quickly press them all out.
You'll here an "oohh' sound any of the codes are entered correctly.
Note: You don't really always enter the code while in the start menu.
Though it work there, you can always enter the code while at the
loading screen & while you're driving (when you move out or visit
a place). Remember, this is extremely helpful in order to enter
difficult cheats that requires you to press the triangle button,
because if you do so, you'll return to the game while at the start
menu. So, if you're entering the 'Unlock All Objects' codes, use this

Q: Will the blue gnome outside the house disappear when I move out of
my house?
A: No they won't. However, you have to manually enter the code again
once you stop the game, even if you've saved. So, enter them at the
loading screen. The only code that takes effect permanently is the
'Give Money' code, so your money will stay like what you did forever.
Of course it can finish, but still it's permanent.

Q: Can I customize my children's clothes and all?
A: You can't, I'm sorry to say that. It would be really nice if you could 
do that though, but not in this sims no. Just kill them (yeah, a 
murderer) and get another child. Most of the time their appearences would
be different.

Note: It ends here, but won't be like this forever. I'll add a few
soon, but right now here's all I got.

M a r r i a g e  &  C h i l d r e n

Alright, since there's one FAQ in GameFAQs about marriage and of course
children, you might want to check there too for further info (or
otherwise, it's here, since I've required the permission, but I'll get
there later). Anyhow, here's all about marriage that you have to know
from tip to toe. Also, the next following section is all about having a
baby and to raise them up, and of course, managing your kid. All you
need to know is right here, from having a baby, getting a wife/husband,
starting a relationship, how things work and a few more other things.
Continue reading and you'll see what my point is.

Note: Remember, if you have problems or difficulties which you think
you can't find (yet) in this guide, feel free to mail me your questions
and/or you could ask those people at the message board. I'll be there
sometimes, and the alternate way is just to find other guides for
additional info, although I think mine would be enough.

What You Should Know About Marriage & Proposing:

First, you should know that you cannot marry any one of the characters
in the game. This includes Mimi, Dudley, Mona, Bing, Mortimer, Bella,
Vaughn, and other characters you'll find/or have found in the game. No
matter how you do it, proposing is possible (I've tried that), but they
would reject it in any way related to their life, in any way. So, if
you're seducing someone which is one of the characters, stop. So, if
you can't marry game characters, who else can you marry?

Before we get to that point, remember that if you're reading this when
you haven't reached Casa Caliente (or any other places that requires
you getting married), please leave, since you'll be confused and I
don't want any confusion between anything. Get there first and then you
can start reading, however I can't stop you; totally up to you.

Third, as you might already know (just stating it here), to be able to
get married, you must use the social interaction 'propose' to any of
the sim, which is to the opposite sex. 'Move in' is another one used
for the same gender, although it might be sick doing so. Anyway, just
want to clear that up for you.

Fourth, mood plays an important role in order for your lover to agree.
If your lover or you is in a bad mood, your luck might/will go down,
depending on the situation. So, make sure you're in a good mood and
your lover as well.

Decorate your house if you can. Nice place you're living in might be
attractive to your lover, instead of seeing flies buzzing around in
your house, and with plates all over the living room. Try to be nice
and clean, and try to take a bath before trying to do anything.

Proposing & The Next Step:

Ok, proposing is the only way to get married (duh). You see, this
social interaction is quite special and complicating. First, you cannot
see the interaction, or it will appear if you visit your lover or have
someone which is not in love with you to visit you at home. No, it
doesn't work that way. The only way for it to appear must have these

- that person is in love with you, 100 points with a heart beside the

- have your lover visit you at home, and sometimes you don't have to
call through the phone (this is a must)

- good mood, and usually once the 'kiss' social interaction appears in
the list, you will find the 'propose' interaction in the list too

So, if you want that 'propose' interaction to appear, follow those.
Anyway, we'll now be getting to the next step/level.

Of course, the next level is getting married. So, how do you do it, you
go to a hilltop or marrying in a church or what? No, it's not like that
in this game. Before you even think of getting married, you must have a
little bit of cash in your wallet. A little and not much. So, make sure
you have some money or you'll be ashamed of yourself. Please don't be.

Raising Your Relationship:

Ok, there are many ways to raise your relationship with someone you're
interested in, and make sure that person is a created sim in Free Play
(Free Street 3), or just chosen from one of the Free Streets'
residents. Ok, considering your choice has been made, we'll be going to
the next level, raising your relationship. Quite easy, because getting
them to be your friend is not hard. Just don't get them to hate you and
you're still ok, but I recommend you not to get the point below -20.

So, the first and easiest way is to pay these people a visit. You can't
expect them to treat you while you're home, so get to their house and
have a chat. I made a very good relationship within a few hours, that's
not bad enough to spare, right? So, once you reach Casa Caliente, you
can visit Free Streets, so pay your lover/choice a visit. They normally
do love jokes and all those funny acts (even if some of them are not
funny). Make sure you don't have too many negative points, or that'll
result in a bad one.

Free Street Residents:

There are 2 Free Streets, each with different gender of the residents.
There are two families, each family with different genders. The Tutti
and Frutti. So, you might be attracted to them, I don't know. If you
don't, then create one yourself. Once you create a sim from the Free
Play Mode, they'll automatically move to Free Street 3, which is
available in the list. So, you can visit them anytime you like once you
unlock Free Streets for visiting. You can't move out to their house

Getting Married:

Alright, time for the steps. Here, I'm not including my own list, so
the list comes from the Marriage FAQ available at the FAQ page here at
GameFAQs. A million thank you to the author of the FAQ (Michael
Monette), which gave me permission to put it here. Thanks again. So,
here I'll include the 'My Method' section from the original FAQ of his
and some other stuff that will help you. I know this works because I've
given it a try, and it should work for you too. If I have some spare
time, I'll include my own tips, ok? So, here we go!

From the Marriage FAQ:

About Marriage:

To successfully get married you first have to get the sim you're trying
to marry to say "yes". How exactly are you supposed to do that you ask?
Well, I'm going to tell you how. First thing you need to know is that a
sims mood is what effects whether or not he/she says yes. Second thing
you need to know is that you just can't go up to any sim that you don't
know and just ask them if they'll marry you, just like in real life.
You knew that though right? Make sure that your relationship with
him/her is at the very least 75 and make sure you're in love with each
other. The propose interaction will not show up unless they are in

Once you get married, the sim that you chose to get married with will
live with you, you will be able to control them directly. If the sim
you married was living alone, then all their money will come with them.
If they lived alone and had kids, all they're kids will go with them
too. I'm not sure if the kid thing is the same in Bustin' Out mode so
if someone can please clarify then it would be greatly appreciated.

So now that you know the basics, you want to know how to get married
now right? Well read on...

How to Get Married:

Your sim must wake up at around 6:00am. Make sure that their energy
meter is completely full. Ok, now that your sim is awake, make sure
that he/she is happy. Send your sim into the bathroom, go to the
bathroom, then have a shower/bath whichever. Now call the sim that
you're marrying over. Make sure that it's at least 7:00am before you
call them. After they agree to come over, Go to the fridge and serve
breakfast, don't take a plate for yourself yet, wait until they get
there. Also do not watch television or do anything fun, you want your
sim to need fun for when they're over.

Move your Sim outside and wait for them, they should be at your place
soon. Once they arrive greet them, now you can go and pick up a plate
of food. They should get one too. As soon as you are finished, go and
turn on the television (assuming you have one) or video game system and
if they are done, ask them to join you. Remember that they have needs
just like your own sims.

Sit for a little bit and watch television with them. If your bladder's
meter is low, then go to the washroom, if not, just sit and watch
television until they get up.

Once they get up, they should go to the bathroom. Make sure that your
sim stays in the area of the television. Once you see that they are all
finished call them over. The Sim your marrying now has his/her hunger
meter full from eating the food, their bladder meter is full from going
awhile ago, their fun meter full from watching television/playing the
video games, and their comfort meter is at least close to being full
from sitting on the couch and watching the television/playing video

So what now you ask? Time to get their social up a little bit. You
don't need to do much, Just give them a gift, and then kiss them. There
are two kinds of kisses for the normal kiss interaction, passionate
kissing and causal kissing. You should be able to tell which is which.
Just listen to the music that plays when they kiss.

If the kiss was passionate, you know that they will say yes, if it was
casual, then you know you did something wrong. Don't fret; even if it
is causal it is still worth giving it a shot at marrying them.

If you did this all right then they should say yes! Congratulations,
you're married!

To Summarize:

1. Wake up.

2. Go to the washroom, have a shower/bath.

3. Call them over.

4. Serve food.

5. Greet them once they come.

6. Eat with them.

7. Go watch television and tell them to join.

8a. Go to the washroom if needed in the middle of watching television
with them.

8b. Watch television until they get up.

9. Let them go to the washroom.

10. Call them over to you.

11. Give them a gift and kiss them.

12. Ask them to marry you.

Alright, since the above one is from the original FAQ, I think I'll
include my own list, so here we go!

1. First, call them through the phone.

2. Control another sim and get him/her to serve food.

3. Wait for your lover to come. Make sure he/she is close and have a
good relationship with you. It helps if his/her mood is currently good.

4. Once he/she arrives, greet by the door.

5. Then, have a little chat.

6. Your lover will go to the kitchen and eat. If you're hungry, eat
with them. If not, go watch the television, or play the HellaGraphix if
you have one (highly recommended).

7. Next, highlight your lover and use the 'join' command. Your lover
will watch the television or play the HellaGraphix with you. Buy one
because it helps the whole process and makes it a lot easier.

8. Play or watch the game with him/her. Then, once your lover finishes
playing the game or watching the television, quickly get to him/her and
kiss. Then, give your lover a hug or a gift or a backrub if you can.

9. Try to get your bladder empty by now or the Energy Bar full.

10. Start proposing. It should work if you follow the instructions

Since everything has been stated, let's carry on to the children shall


Ok, you know kids right, the ones where they go running all around?
Yep, you have to have a baby and raise then till they grow up. The
point is that you must be wise to take care of your children so they
don't go crazy and be stupid (no offence). Yes again, the Marriage FAQ
has it all, so I'll be posting a few directly from there, near the
'Children' section. Thanks again to Michael Monette for letting me use
a part of the FAQ.

Having a baby:

To have a baby in the Sims, first you must be married. You must be in a
good relationship with your partner. Second, both you and your partner
must be in a good mood. Very much like when you are trying to get
married. do all of the same things there.

Once you and your partner are in a good mood, kiss them and your lover
should ask you if you want to have a baby. If you want to, press 'yes',
if not then 'no'. If you press 'yes' it will say, "Congratulations It's
a boy/girl"! Then it will ask you what you want to name the baby.

So to get your sims happy:

1. Wake up with full energy.

2. Serve food.

3. Eat the food.

4. Sit and watch television.

5. Go to the washroom.

6. Take a shower/bath.

Taking Care of the baby:

This part can be very annoying. It takes the baby three days to grow
into a child. That seems like nothing but if, when the baby is crying,
isn't taking care of immediately, social services will come and take it
away. They do give you a few chances, first there is a phone call, then
they come and take it away. So you have to be very aware.

There are three interactions that you can do with the baby, Sing, Feed,
and Play. Since it is impossible to determine which one of these
interactions the baby needs when he is crying, I would suggest just
selecting one and then queuing up the other two.

You don't have to leave the crib where it is, move it somewhere that
you will be able to get at very easily. To move it, just go into buy
mode and select it, and then move it where you like. Make sure to keep
at least one sim awake at all times. Have one sleeping while the other
is awake. I would suggest buying a cappuccino machine to help the sim
stay awake.

Do this for the next three days and always make sure to get to the baby
as fast as you can. Put a recliner in the room with the baby and right
after the baby is done crying, take a nap. Your sim wakes up pretty
quickly when they are taking a nap, unlike they do when they are in
bed. So this way when the baby starts crying, your sim will wake up and
be able to care for the baby as quick as possible.

When the three days are over your baby will grow into a child.
If you want to get rid of the child, you can send him to school, once
he/she gets home make them study on the computer. Do this until they
have A+ as their grade, then send them off to prep school. Or you could
keep them home and make them fail, then send them off to military

Note: Alright, there you have it. If you want further info on how to
take care of your child so that he/she can go to prep school (Malcolm's
Mansion), read one of that level's goal. I might be posting further
info on this if anyone of you have a new question. Be sure to check the
'Frequently Asked Questions' part too, so if you're asking the same
question which is already there, it will be ignored.

C o m p l e t e  L i s t  o f  I t e m s

Ok, before I start this part, let me remind you that this is definitely
not my own list, because I've acquired the permission from the author
himself from the 'Items List' FAQ to post it here, so if you want the
whole original FAQ, fell free to go to the main FAQ page here at
GameFAQs & look for it. Thanks a million to dwarfman1990 (Nick Comber)
for giving  me permission for this list. Here's the whole complete
list, so you don't be afraid if I miss out any, because I won't, at
least I think so.

Note: There are 425 items in total (complete with the price and the
description from the author himself), and in this section, every single
item has its own group, and there are 17 sections (includes the Build
Mode too), so here they are.

Section 1: Walls

Item - Wall Tool
Cost - $70
Description - A requirement for all houses, this creates a block of
wall. Hold X and drag to make a longer wall.

Item - Picket Fence
Cost - $10
Description - A pretty white fence used for gardens.

Item - Connecting Iron Fence
Cost - $45
Description - Looks like the picket fence, but it is black.

Item - Wrought Iron Balustrade
Cost - $100
Description - A rather overpriced and ugly looking garden fence.

Section 2: Wallpaper

Item - "Placentonic" Wallpaper
Cost - $4
Description - Green wallpaper with a dark green border at the bottom.

Item - "Harvestic" Wallpaper
Cost - $4
Description - Ugly yellow and brown wallpaper.

Item - "Oceanic" Wallpaper
Cost - $4
Description - Blue and purple mosaic style wallpaper. Use this if you
are on a tight budget and need a decoration for your bathroom.

Item - "Peaches 'n' Cream" Sponge Paint
Cost - $4
Description - Light brown wallpaper, could be used in a bedroom.

Item - "Westchester Ecru" Wallpaper
Cost - $4
Description - Horrid brown wallpaper with diamond patterns.

Item - Robin's Egg Blue Paint with Border
Cost - $4
Description - Contrary to the title, this is actually a violet
wallpaper with a white and turquoise border at the bottom. Ideal for a
woman's bedroom or a lounge.

Item - "Neo-rotic" Black Lite Wall Concept
Cost - $5
Description - A cool looking grey wallpaper with a blue neon stripe and
a pink neon stripe

Item - "Neo-rotic" Blue Lite Wall Concept
Cost - $5
Description - This looks really cool. It is a black wallpaper with
black tiles but it has pink, yellow and blue neon stripes in the

Item - "Neo-rotic" Arch Wall Concept
Cost - $5
Description - Exactly the same as item #12 but the neon stripes are in
an arch pattern.

Item - "Rest in Peace" Wall Treatment
Cost - $5
Description - A blue wallpaper with a strange not nice looking pattern.
This is the sort of wallpaper you see at your gran's house.

Item - "Claire de Lune" Swirled Plaster
Cost - $5
Description - Turquoise swirly wallpaper, looks good in a bedroom.

Item - "Shooting Stars" Wallpaper
Cost - $5
Description - Yellow wallpaper with various patterns on. Looks nice in
a child or baby's room.

Item - "Paradise Found" Wallpaper
Cost - $6
Description - Light blue wallpaper with a dark blue wallpaper and with
palm tree patterns on it. Looks nice in a lounge or bedroom.

Item - "Mountain Fog" Wall Treatment
Cost - $6
Description - Beige on the top half and white tiles on the bottom half.
Ideal for a kitchen or bathroom.

Item - "Supperclub" Walnut Paneling
Cost - $6
Description - Cool looking wooden paneling, looks good just about
anywhere but a bathroom.

Item - "Too Turquoise" Wall Treatment
Cost - $6
Description - Plain turquoise on the top half, mosaic style turquoise
tiles on the bottom half. This is the best wall decor you can get for

Item - Barnola Wall
Cost - $7
Description - A dark pink wallpaper which is patterned into vertical
stripes, looks good in a female sim's bedroom.

Item - "DecoraTime" Paisley Paint
Cost - $7
Description - Turquoise wall with red spots all over it. Quite dark
looking so if you do use this get lots of windows in the room you use
it in.

Item - "Carson City" Stucco Styling
Cost - $7
Description - Beige wall, thats about it really. Very light and airy
and will look good pretty much anywhere

Item - "Time of the Season" Wallpaper
Cost - $7
Description - Very ugly wall covering. This has dark wooden panels on
the bottom half of the wall and orange paint with a disgusting white
pattern on the top half. Avoid at all costs.

Item - "ColorLast" Wallpaper
Cost - $7
Description - Plain grey wallpaper. Way overpriced.

Item - "Easy Street" Fake Bricks
Cost - $7
Description - A must if you want a traditional English looking house,
these are quite normal looking red bricks for the outside of your

Item - "Click n' Stick" Brick Wall
Cost - $7
Description - Exactly the same as item #26 but on this item the bricks
are coloured grey.

Item - "Flamingo Lingo" Pink Stucco
Cost - $7
Description - Rose pink wallpaper. Great for a female's bedroom or
anywhere in a female's house.

Item - "Pinky's Surprise" Wall Covering
Cost - $7
Description - This is a very light pink wall covering, which is hardly
noticable, and it also has a very light spotted pattern, which
again, is hardly noticable.

Item - "The Last Simoleon" Wall Paper
Cost - $7
Description - Very weird but very cool wallpaper. This is a white
wallpaper with light blue simoleon ($) signs patterned on it and it has
a wooden skirting board.

Item - "Carving Cravings" Wall Treatment
Cost - $7
Description - A very light and airy looking sky blue wall covering with
a patterned border on top and three indented lines at the bottom.

Item - Regulation Wall #DA-28.DMZ
Cost - $7
Description - A very basic military green coloured wall with a dark
green stripe through the middle of it.

Item - Reinforced Bunker-Grade Cement
Cost - $7
Description - Grey cement wall which is divided into rectangles. Looks
nice if you are building a prison!

Item - Patriot Wall System
Cost - $7
Description - A quite nice looking grey wall covering with red and blue
stripes at the top, a dark blue stripe in the middle and a blue border
at the bottom.

Item - "Gettysburg" Antique Wallpaper
Cost - $7
Description - Small grey square tiles. Very basic and very boring.

Item - "Stoney Baloney"
Cost - $7
Description - A dry stone wall, looks great for an outside wall

Item - "Peace Through Strength"
Cost - $7
Description - Light grey wall covering with a dark grey stripe through
the middle. Quite possibly the most boring wall covering in the game.

Item - Slightly Decorative Concrete Wall
Cost - $7
Description - The name says it all, this grey tiled wall covering is
only very slightly decorative.

Item - GrimeTime "Pre-aged" Wall System
Cost - $7
Description - The strangest wall covering in the game. This is a grey
wall with green 'grime' all along the bottom, looks horrible.

Item - Cinderblock Wall
Cost - $7
Description - Put simply, these are just grey breeze blocks, could look
okay as an outside wall covering.

Item - "SecuraTone" Concrete Wall
Cost - $7
Description - Grey wall covering with a yellow and black striped stripe
through the middle.

Item - Chemically Treated Wood Wall
Cost - $7
Description - Light coloured wooden panels, looks good if you have a

Item - "Diamonde Diabolique"
Cost - $7
Description - Cool looking bright red wallpaper with small diamond

Item - Corrugated Aluminum
Cost - $7
Description - Disgusting looking light brown and silver striped
aluminum wall.

Item - "Settler's Fashion" Wall Treatment
Cost - $7
Description - Blue and white chequered wall covering with wooden panels
at the bottom. This is the best wall decor you can get for kitchens.

Item - "Rustic Memories" Wall Decor
Cost - $7
Description - Blue and dark blue striped wallpaper. Looks disgusting
and is a rip-off, it should be down with the ones at $4.

Item - Ramshackle Wood Shingles
Cost - $7
Description - This is a mouldy wood outdoor wall covering. If you want
your house to look like a weather beaten shed from the outside, then
buy this.

Item - "Passaic" Aluminum Sliding
Cost - $7
Description - This is a modern looking shiny aluminum covering. Choose
this if you want a traditional American looking house.

Item - Bovine Wall Treatment
Cost - $8
Description - Red wallpaper with a cow textured border at the bottom.
Ideal for children's rooms.

Item - Shoji Screen Wall Covering
Cost - $8
Description - One of the coolest wall decor in the game. It is designed
to look like one of them Japanese paper coverings. Looks good in any
room at all.

Item - "Erectonica" Wallpaper
Cost - $9
Description - Brightish green wallpaper. Looks cool but there aren't
really any styles of flooring that go with it well.

Item - "Dusty Fields" Wallpaper
Cost - $9
Description - Similar design to the "Erectonica" Wallpaper but this is
a much more murky green so it doesn't look as good.

Item - "Aerometric" Wall Covering
Cost - $9
Description - Plain blue wall decor. You can get blue wallpapers with
nice patterns for a cheaper price than this so there is no point in
buying this one.

Item - African Equine Wallpaper
Cost - $10
Description - Zebra style wallpaper, this looks really great in a
bedroom or a lounge.

Item - "Othello" Wall Treatment
Cost - $11
Description - Disgusting grey tiled covering with wood panels at the
bottom and a brown border in the middle. Doesn't look good in any room.

Item - Adirondack Wall Treatment
Cost - $11
Description - Yellow wallpaper with a grey border at the bottom, this
looks quite nice in bedrooms and lounges but it is too expensive.

Item - "Midlantic" Tan Brick
Cost - $12
Description - This doesn't look very good because despite it being
bricks for the outside of your house they are a weird shade of brown so
it doesn't quite look right.

Item - "Exit-15" Wall Treatment
Cost - $13
Description - This is a vibrant purple wall decor with a metallic
border, this looks great but it makes your rooms seem really dark.

Item - "Nix Brothers" Wall Treatment
Cost - $14
Description - Black wall decor with a beige coloured tiled border. I
think this is supposed to be used with kitchens but because it is black
there is no point in buying it because it makes your room look

Item - "Charvat Manor" Granite Ashlar
Cost - $14
Description - Mosaic style grey tiles, this looks really cool in
bedrooms if you want an artistic sort of house.

Item - Wartburg Wall
Cost - $15
Description - Outdoor wall covering. Makes your house look like a

Item - "Lancastrian" Wall Treatment
Cost - $16
Description - Bland grey wallpaper, a complete rip-off, you can get
much better wallpapers at just $4.

Item - "New Light" Wall Treatment
Cost - $17
Description - Light and airy wallpaper, with a flower border at the
top, looks very nice in a lounge, but it costs a bit too much.

Section 3: Floors

Item - "Crimson Crux" Flooring
Cost - $4
Description - Bright red and light brown diamond shaped tiles with
yellow coloured outlines. Looks cool in any room.

Item - "Sanguinette" Flooring
Cost - $4
Description - Despite it having such a posh name, all this is is plain
bright red flooring. Slightly obviously, this will go with any red
coloured wallpaper.

Item - "Milk and Honey" Linoleum
Cost - $5
Description - Very light green linoleum, looks nice just about anywhere
and it is cheap too!

Item - "Tintoretto" Linoleum
Cost - $5
Description - Blue linoleum, looks more like a carpet though really,
goes well with any blue wall covering and cheap too!

Item - "Blue Heaven" Linoleum
Cost - $5
Description - A lightish blue floor with a simple pattern, looks great
in bedrooms or living rooms.

Item - Royal Blue Carpet
Cost - $5
Description - Goes well with any sort of royal or dark blue wallpaper.

Item - Moss Green Carpet
Cost - $5
Description - This flooring isn't really green at all, it is more of a
turquoise colour. It has triangular patterns, and looks quite nice.

Item - Berber Carpet
Cost - $5
Description - Brown carpet that, without being funny, looks like poo.
Only get this if you have a brown wallpaper or if you have no taste.

Item - "Mintastic Elastic" Carpet
Cost - $6
Description - Violet carpet with a diamond pattern, looks nice in
lounges and alongside wallpapers that look good with it.

Item - "Blue Moon" Wonder Carpet
Cost - $7
Description - If you have any kind of blue wallpaper then get this, it
is light blue so aswell as looking nice it also brightens up your room.

Item - "Aristocrust" Wood Tile
Cost - $8
Description - Simply put, these are darkish wooden floorboards, looks
good if you have a wall covering made out of wood.

Item - Hyper-Safety Mat
Cost - $8
Description - Bright yellow tiles that should only be used in a child's

Item - "ExposiTime" Floor
Cost - $8
Description - The same design as the Hyper-Safety Mat but this time it
is in a reflective dark blue colour, looks pretty cool.

Item - Cement
Cost - $8
Description - The same colour as the paths, if I were you, only use
this outside.

Item - "Tenderfoot" Luxury Wood Floor
Cost - $10
Description - Much more reddish wood floorboards than the last lot,
look quite upper-class and therefore very nice.

Item - "Ruff N' Reddy" Wood Substitute
Cost - $10
Description - Light coloured, almost beige wooden floorboards. Could be
better than normal wood because it lightens up your room more but then
again it doesn't look as nice as real wood.

Item - "Opolux" Carpet
Cost - $10
Description - Horrible looking brown coloured shaggy carpet with dark
brown stripes.

Item - "TropiCruz" Designer Carpet
Cost - $10
Description - A plain yellow carpet that looks quite good because it is
not too bright, it is quite mellow and light.

Item - "Blancmange" Carpeting
Cost - $10
Description - Despite the posh name this is just plain grey carpet.
Extremely boring.

Item - "Plush Lush" Carpet
Cost - $10
Description - Very bright pink carpet. Should only really be used in a
female's bedroom or house.

Item - "Walking on Eggshells" Linoleum
Cost - $10
Description - Simple grey linoleum which is divided into small square
tiles. Very plain and boring.

Item - "Touch of Teak" Floor Tile
Cost - $10
Description - A much more light wood coloured floorboards, looks cool
in any room.

Item - "Tears of Eros" Marble Tile
Cost - $10
Description - Very cool looking sky blue marble flooring, looks quite
nice in bathrooms.

Item - "Carthage" Floor Tile
Cost - $10
Description - Small turquoise coloured square tiled floor. Again, this
looks good in bathrooms.

Item - "Hannibal" Floor Tile
Cost - $10
Description - Same as item #87 but this time the tiles are coloured
dark grey, almost black.

Item - Poured Concrete
Cost - $10
Description - Looks good in gardens as an alternative to grass.

Item - Cabernet Carpet
Cost - $10
Description - A purple carpet that is ideal for use in bedrooms,
lounges or with any matching or light coloured wallpaper.

Item - "Pine Soul" Wood Floor
Cost - $11
Description - Polished floorboards. The reflective effect with this
looks great and this can be used in any room.

Item - "Californica" Carpet
Cost - $12
Description - Bright red carpet with black star patterns. Looks very

Item - "Solar Flare" Carpet
Cost - $14
Description - Yellow carpet with black polkadots. Despite the fact that
this doesn't go with any wallpaper, this looks really cool and is one
of my favourites.

Item - "Il Rustico" Earthenware Tile
Cost - $15
Description - Red ceramic tiles with diamond patterns, looks nice when
used as a patio.

Item - "El Capitan" Grey Shale
Cost - $15
Description - Reflective light blue linoleum, perfect for bathrooms.

Item - Dark Granite Tile
Cost - $15
Description - Grey tiles for use outdoors as patios, pathways, etc.

Item - Foursquare Parquet
Cost - $15
Description - Another wooden floor but this one looks better because it
is patterns of wood rather than just polished floorboards. Looks
good in any room.

Item - La Fortuna II Tile
Cost - $18
Description - Dim green tiles that have a diamond pattern (yet again).
These don't look good indoors and because of the dim green colour they
don't look right outdoors either, so a definite no.

Item - La Fortuna Tile
Cost - $18
Description - Exactly the same pattern as #62 but this time the tiles
are a light brown colour, so it looks good as an outdoor patio area.

Item - Macadam
Cost - $20
Description - Grey floor, that's about it really. Very boring.

Item - "Too Turquoise" Ceramic Tile
Cost - $20
Description - Made to match item #20, this is perfect for bathrooms.

Item - "Los Alamos" Tile
Cost - $22
Description - Tiles that give the impression of a stony patio, perfect
for garden patios.

Item - "El Diablo" Tile
Cost - $22
Description - Dim green tiles with diamond patterns, but these ones are
brilliant. They give the impression of some sort of Spanish villa
patio, looks great for garden patios.

Item - "Stone Cold" Tile
Cost - $22
Description - More tiles but these are boring because they have a very
basic and boring pattern, and at $22 it is a rip-off, don't bother.

Item - Cobblestone Tile
Cost - $22
Description - Great tiles that make your patio look like a cobblestone
road, worryingly like Coronation Street, these are worth the money.

Section 4: Doors

Item - Non-Materialistic Door
Cost - $80
Description - Not a door, just a frame with beads hanging down from it
so that your sim can walk straight through.

Item - Walnut Door
Cost - $100
Description - Basic wooden door but it will never let you down, and
cheap too.

Item - Maple Door Frame
Cost - $150
Description - Not a door, just a frame, creates a flowing effect
between 2 rooms, great for kitchen diners.

Item - Federal Lattice Window Door
Cost - $200
Description - White outdoor door with small windows in it. Looks very
nice for a main front door.

Item - Resistit Warehouse Door
Cost - $225
Description - A hard steel door. Great if you want your house to look
like a factory or warehouse.

Item - NevaGess Secret Door
Cost - $300
Description - This is truly billiant, it is a door that is disguised to
look like a bookcase, so no-one will ever know it is there!

Item - Windsor Door
Cost - $300
Description - Posh looking wooden door with a oval shaped frosted
window in it. Ideal if you are filthy rich!

Item - Duratallic Door
Cost - $350
Description - A full glass door, looks really nice, but not the best
front door to have if you want to prevent a break in!

Item - Monticello Door
Cost - $400
Description - Another white door which again would look perfect to use
as a front door.

Item - Pathmatic Sliding Door
Cost - $420
Description - The most expensive door. And worth it, this door
automatically opens as you come through and closes, so you never have
to touch it!

Section 5: Windows

Item - Single-Pane Fixed Window
Cost - $50
Description - Basic square window, can be used in any room, even
bathrooms because this window is quite high up.

Item - Single-Hung Window
Cost - $55
Description - Another square window but this one is always slightly
open. Looks great above the kitchen sink.

Item - Privacy Window
Cost - $60
Description - A very small window that goes at the very top of your
wall, good for bathrooms so no-one sees what is going on. The only
downfall with this window is that it looks like something you see at a

Item - Corporate Plate Glass Window
Cost - $65
Description - Similar to item #120. This is a floor to ceiling window
with a very thin frame to allow the maximum amount of light through.

Item - Plate Glass Window
Cost - $65
Description - A window that covers the whole height of the wall, great
for large rooms that need more light.

Item - That 70's Window
Cost - $75
Description - A small heart shaped window, very cool and great for a
generally weird house.

Item - Crowell Estate Hothouse Window
Cost - $80
Description - Another floor to ceiling window but this one looks better
because it has dividers that divide it into 8 rectangular sections.

Item - FenestraKing Ventilation System
Cost - $100
Description - A small ventilation duct that still lets in plenty of

Item - Glasstastic Brick Window
Cost - $210
Description - A nice looking frosted floor to ceiling window, ideal for
bathrooms as it allows light in and you have enough privacy because you
can't see through it.

Item - Stained Glass Window
Cost - $250
Description - Very cool looking red and purple stained glass window,
makes your house look like a cathedral!

Section 6: Fireplaces

Item - Modesto Tile Fireplace
Cost - $600
Description - Grey tiled fireplace with a wooden mantelpiece, it looks
really cool but it is quite expensive, mind.

Item - Varmenkozze Euro Fireplace
Cost - $800
Description - Very weird shaped fireplace, you can't really describe
it, it looks quite good though.

Item - The Bostonian Fireplace
Cost - $1,000
Description - Very posh looking brickwork fireplace with a wooden
mantelpiece. This looks brilliant but only buy it if you are VERY rich.

Section 7: Plants

Item - Desert Thistle
Cost - $5
Description - A spiky looking green plant.

Item - Wildflowers
Cost - $5
Description - Rather rough looking green plant.

Item - Daffodils
Cost - $10
Description - Despite these being daffodils, this plant looks exactly
the same as item #130.

Item - Nasturtium
Cost - $10
Description - A small, green plant that is so flat it looks like
someone stepped on it... repeatedly.

Item - Tulips
Cost - $25
Description - This is supposed to be a purple bunch of flowers but it
still looks like a green thing when you buy it.

Item - Beavertail Cactus
Cost - $75
Description - A weird shaped green leafy plant with pink flowers
sticking out of it. Looks nothing like a cactus.

Item - Rose Bush
Cost - $100
Description - Quite nice piece of shrubery with small pink roses
scattered around in it.

Item - Topiary Skull
Cost - $101
Description - A bush which has been trimmed to look like a skull.
Perfect to go in the garden of a haunted house.

Item - Hottie Hot Hibiscus
Cost - $120
Description - A small bush with yellow flowers scattered around on it.

Item - Bird of Paradise
Cost - $125
Description - A single large orange flower. These look good in groups.

Item - Boxwood Hedge
Cost - $150
Description - A hedge that is cut into the shape of a box, looks great
when put in rows.

Item - Giant Fern
Cost - $190
Description - A rather large green leafy plant.

Item - Surplus Llama Lawn Ornament
Cost - $200
Description - A large hedge cut into the shape of a llama, quite

Item - Dead Tree
Cost - $210
Description - A massive dead tree. Looks rather spooky and is great if
you have a graveyard.

Item - Pine Tree
Cost - $220
Description - A tall tree, looks good in groups of 3 or 4.

Item - Giant Saguaro Cactus
Cost - $230
Description - A large cactus. This is great if you want your garden to
look like a desert.

Item - Mulberry Tree
Cost - $250
Description - A tree that is shaped like a lollipop, looks good in
groups of 3.

Item - Birch Tree
Cost - $280
Description - A very expensive tree. Looks good in groups of 3.

Item - Trachycarpus Beverlyhillsei
Cost - $295
Description - This has a very posh name for what it actually is. It is
a palm tree, and looks great if you want your garden to look like it is
in Hawaii.

Item - Swamp Cypress
Cost - $299
Description - This is a leaning tree which looks like it is about to
fall over.

Item - Redwood Tree
Cost - $500
Description - An 20 foot tall tree. Looks like a gigantic Christmas

Section 8: Pools

Item - Official Diving Platform
Cost - $900
Description - A 10 foot diving board. You actually don't have to have a
pool underneath this, although that could hurt your sim!

Item - Mini Pool
Cost - $1,800
Description - The cheapest pool, this is just as good as the other
pools but it is smaller and it doesn't have a diving board built into

Item - The "Wet Tangle"
Cost - $3,300
Description - The average rectangular pool with a diving board built
into it.

Item - "Elle Belle" Pool
Cost - $3,675
Description - An "L" shaped pool with a diving board. This is good if
you have a long, thin garden. Very expensive.

Item - Frigidarium Colossicus
Cost - $5,995
Description - Very cool pool with a diving board. Designed to look like
a Roman bath and succeeds. Has a strange pattern on the bottom of the

Item - "I Claudius" Roman Pool
Cost - $6,075
Description - An "I" shaped pool with a diving board. Extremly

Section 9: Seating/Beds

Item - Recalled Folding Chair
Cost - $79
Description - These are the cheapest chairs, they are very basic metal
folding chairs which give little comfort.

Item - Werkbunnst All Purpose Chair
Cost - $80
Description - This is a red chair which can be used pretty much
anywhere in your house. Gives little comfort.

Item - "Posture Plus" Office Chair
Cost - $100
Description - A swivel chair used for computer desks, still very little
comfort in this chair.

Item - RustyRedneck Stump Chair
Cost - $110
Description - Despite this chair giving little comfort, it looks really
cool because it is made out of the stump of a tree!

Item - Jock Bench
Cost - $140
Description - A blue bench just like the ones you would find at any
American high school. Gives little comfort.

Item - Recycled Couch
Cost - $149
Description - An old couch with several rips in it. As with all sofas,
you can nap on it aswell as sit on it. Provides little comfort.

Item - Deck Chair by Surviviall
Cost - $150
Description - A wooden chair that again gives little comfort.

Item - Contempto Loveseat
Cost - $150
Description - A 2-seater black sofa that, yet again provides little

Item - Satinistics Reproduction Armchair
Cost - $155
Description - A blue coloured armchair with a strange pattern on it.

Item - Stool Sample
Cost - $165
Description - A very basic and very boring wooden stool.

Item - MC2 Examination Stool
Cost - $180
Description - A blue stool that, despite it looking more comfortable
than the wooden stool, it still provides very little comfort.

Item - Worn Leather Chair
Cost - $199
Description - A brown leather chair, sounds nice but the down side is
that the leather has faded in several places on the chair.

Item - Love Your Behind Dining Chair
Cost - $225
Description - A very strange chair, the back of it is shaped like a
heart and the cushion is coloured red. Perfect for 2 loverbird's dining

Item - CamoComfort Easy Killin' Chair
Cost - $245
Description - An armchair which is coloured in army camouflage! Perfect
for someone who is obssessed with military stuff!

Item - Country Class Armchair
Cost - $250
Description - A blue coloured armchair with a wooden shell. Looks

Item - Parque Fresco del Aire Bench
Cost - $250
Description - A wooden bench that should be used outside and NOT as a
sofa because sims can't sleep on it.

Item - "Back Slack" Recliner
Cost - $250
Description - The cheapest recliner, it is black and it is quite
comfortable. As with any recliner, your sims can also sleep on this.

Item - Spartan Special
Cost - $300
Description - The cheapest bed, it is a single bed and despite it being
so cheap it does give your sims a good night's sleep.

Item - Country Class Loveseat
Cost - $340
Description - A 2-seater sofa to match item #170.

Item - Peacock Wicker Chair
Cost - $385
Description - A white armchair with a white and sky blue striped
cushion. Perfect to go in a room with light coloured wallpaper and

Item - Big Mouth Chair
Cost - $390
Description - A really cool chair which is shaped like a penis. Despite
that, it looks really cool.

Item - Futon Bed
Cost - $399
Description - The cheapest double bed. This is a very basic bed with a
white duvet cover and no headrest.

Item - Wicked Breeze Rattan Chair
Cost - $410
Description - A white chair with a sky blue cushion. With it's shape,
it should be the chair to use for your dining table.

Item - Sili-Camp Tent
Cost - $415
Description - A double bed with a big tent around it! This could go
outside in your garden if you like.

Item - C-SX247 "Couch Potato" Stealth Sofa
Cost - $445
Description - A 3-seater sofa that is colour in camouflage, for someone
who loves military stuff.

Item - "Moldy Foldy"
Cost - $449
Description - Another black leather recliner. This appears to have a
few stains on it.

Item - Country Class Sofa
Cost - $450
Description - A 3-seater sofa to math items #170 and #174.

Item - Club Chair by Saarbach
Cost - $450
Description - A very cool and shiny looking black leather chair. Could
be used just about anywhere.

Item - Tyke Nyte Bed
Cost - $450
Description - Children's colourful bed, although adults can sleep in it
aswell, although that would be VERY strange!

Item - Cheap Eazzzzze Double Sleeper
Cost - $450
Description - You definitely get your money's worth with this double
bed. It is very comfortable and gives your sim a very good nights

Item - The Love Seat
Cost - $475
Description - A bright red 2-seater sofa. Great for 2 lovers to sit on

Item - "The Sarrbach" by Werkbunnst
Cost - $500
Description - In my opinion this is the coolest chair. It is purple and
is curvy, also it is very comfortable. It can be used anywhere, the
dining table, the computer desk, anywhere!

Item - Autocrat by Emporium Imperium
Cost - $550
Description - A blue and white striped 2-seater sofa. Has a strangely
massive headrest.

Item - Empress Dining Room Chair
Cost - $600
Description - A posh looking chair specifically made for the dining
table. Not very comfortable at all but it makes the room it is in look

Item - "Sofesque" by Wutami Godat
Cost - $700
Description - The coolest looking sofa in the game. This is made out of
clear glass and has weird curvy legs. Not very comfortable but it looks

Item - Q3 Recliner
Cost - $825
Description - A very comfortable bright yellow recliner.

Item - "Von Braun" Recliner
Cost - $850
Description - Cool looking but expensive recliner. This is one of the
most comfortable chairs in the game.

Item - Luxuriare Loveseat
Cost - $875
Description - Horrible brownish colour 2-seater sofa. It is very
comfortable though.

Item - Baby Doll Canopy Bed by Polly Vinyl
Cost - $900
Description - A very girly four poster bed. This has a pink duvet cover
and a heart on the headrest.

Item - Q3 Loveseat
Cost - $920
Description - A bright yellow 2-seater sofa. Matches well with the Q3

Item - Napoleon Sleigh Bed
Cost - $1,000
Description - Expensive double bed, but the money is worth it, because
this is one of the best beds, comfortable and will give your sims a
great night's sleep.

Item - "The Deiter" by Werkbunnst
Cost - $1,100
Description - Comfortable but expensive 3-seater leather sofa, made to
match item #192.

Item - Miss Memo Sleeper
Cost - $1,290
Description - The coolest bed. When you get in it a lid shuts and seals
your sim in for the night. It also gives your sim the most energy, it
is rated 11!

Item - Modern Mission Bed
Cost - $3,000
Description - Very expensive double bed. Gives your sim a good nights
sleep, though.

Item - Princess Luxury Bed
Cost - $3,200
Description - A very cool white bed with a sky blue duvet cover. The
headrest is shaped like a sea shell!

Item - The Vibromatic Heart Bed
Cost - $4,500
Description - The only bed that can allow you to get the option of
having a baby if you 'use' it with someone who loves your sim. Very
expensive though.

Section 10: Surfaces

Item - Empty Supply Crate
Cost - $35
Description - An empty wooden crate. If your sim is really poor, you
can use this as a kitchen counter aswell.

Item - Pinegulcher End Table
Cost - $40
Description - Nice and cheap bedside table, actually looks better than
some of the more expensive ones.

Item - Found Art Spool Table
Cost - $55
Description - A white end table with what looks like some brown stains
on it.

Item - Wicked Breeze End Table
Cost - $55
Description - A round bedside table with cool looking curved legs.

Item - KinderStuff Nightstand
Cost - $75
Description - Bright and colourful bedside table that is ideal for a
child's bedroom.

Item - Mesquite Desk
Cost - $80
Description - Can be used as a computer desk, or even a small dining
table. Good if you don't have a lot of money to spend.

Item - Covert Table
Cost - $85
Description - A camouflaged dining table! Perfect for people who love
military stuff.

Item - NuMica Folding Card Table
Cost - $95
Description - Large green table that is good for if you have a large
family and not much money to spend on dining tables.

Item - Le Maussade Glass Dining Table
Cost - $99
Description - A very cool looking glass dining table with strange curvy
legs. Very cheap too!

Item - SlushRush Bar Counter
Cost - $119
Description - A very cool looking bar counter which is colour black but
it has blue, yellow and pink neon stripes on it!

Item - "Anywhere" End Table
Cost - $120
Description - Basic looking wooden bedside table with a shelf

Item - GeneriCounter
Cost - $145
Description - A light coloured wooden end table. Can be used as a
kitchen counter or a bedside table.

Item - Count Blanc Bathroom Counter
Cost - $150
Description - The only bathroom counter. Looks good with a sink and
then a medicine cabinet above it.

Item - SirPlus! Metal Desk
Cost - $150
Description - A metal computer desk with 3 drawers. Looks very boring.

Item - Gallery Display Stand
Cost - $199
Description - A white block. You can put anything artistic on top of
this so it is used as a display stand.

Item - Backwoods Table by Survivall
Cost - $200
Description - Picnic table ideal for use in the garden for barbecues.

Item - The Smart Counter
Cost - $200
Description - A boring white counter with 2 drawers.

Item - London "Cupertino" Collection Desk/Table
Cost - $220
Description - Grey desk which is the best looking desk for computers to
go on.

Item - Boomtowne Redwood Table
Cost - $250
Description - A very cool looking table that has been carved from a
tree! Looks great as a dining table or picnic table.

Item - Tiled Counter
Cost - $250
Description - Rather expensive kitchen counter with a blue tiled

Item - Modern Mission End Table
Cost - $250
Description - The most expensive but best looking bedside table. It has
a mahogony finish and a drawer. It also makes sims happier because
it makes the room look nicer.

Item - NuMica Kitchen Counter
Cost - $300
Description - Cool looking kitchen counter with a metallic surface.

Item - Used Autopsy Table
Cost - $320
Description - An autopsy table that is bloodstained. Very creepy.

Item - London "Mesa" Dining Design
Cost - $450
Description - A very expensive polished wood dining table.

Item - Isinglass Tableau
Cost - $500
Description - The coolest dining table. The surface is made of clear
glass and it has really cool curvy legs.

Item - Butch Butch Butch Kitchen Counter
Cost - $500
Description - A highly overpriced kitchen counter with a wooden

Item - Constructed Table
Cost - $600
Description - A big and nice looking marble table.

Item - The "Redmond" Desk/Table
Cost - $800
Description - Wooden desk with a draw underneath. Don't bother with
this because it looks no better than the other desks and it is way too

Section 11: Decorative

Item - Pink Flamingo
Cost - $12
Description - A small pink flamingo on a stick. Strangely, your sims
can kick it!

Item - African Violet
Cost - $30
Description - Nice looking purple and green potted plant. Note that
this can only be placed on tables.

Item - Spider Plant
Cost - $35
Description - Scruffy looking leafy plant. Note that this can only be
placed on tables.

Item - Stepping Stone
Cost - $35
Description - A small stepping stone. You can place several of these in
a line for the best effect. Note that these can only be placed on

Item - "Roxana" Geranium
Cost - $45
Description - Red flowery potted plant, looks nice. Note that this can
only be placed on tables.

Item - Metull Skull Poster
Cost - $65
Description - A rather scary looking painting of a skull.

Item - Watercolor by J.M.E.
Cost - $75
Description - Three watercolor paintings rolled into one, these cover
the whole height of your wall.

Item - Tragic Clown Painting
Cost - $80
Description - A painting of a miserable looking clown.

Item - Ventilation Duct
Cost - $85
Description - I don't understand why this is in the decorative section.
This green ventilation duct is quite ugly.

Item - Chou-Kawaii "Cute Cute" Poster
Cost - $85
Description - A poster of a strange creature.

Item - The Magic Unicorn by Rane Bowie
Cost - $85
Description - A painting of a white unicorn with a rainbow background.
Very girly.

Item - (W-22) Warning Sign
Cost - $89
Description - A bright red warning sign with a black exclamation mark
on it.

Item - Biohazard Sign
Cost - $89
Description - A triangular yellow sign with the biohazard symbol on it.

Item - Queen Vivanco Roses
Cost - $99
Description - A nice bouquet of red roses. Note that these can only be
placed on tables.

Item - Lairtsudni Reciprocal Column
Cost - $119
Description - A tall column that looks like an electricity pylon.

Item - Atlantean Column
Cost - $120
Description - A tall and quite pretty looking white column. Makes your
house look like an Ancient Roman temple.

Item - Rubber Tree Plant
Cost - $120
Description - A rubber plant that is placed on the floor. This needs a
lot of watering.

Item - Echinopsis Maximus Cactus
Cost - $150
Description - A small cactus in a yellow pot.

Item - Jade Plant
Cost - $160
Description - A large green potted plant which looks like a miniature

Item - Rosie's Palm
Cost - $165
Description - A baby palm tree in a pot.

Item - "Big Brother Is Shopping" Poster
Cost - $165
Description - A painting with a weird gold coloured pattern on it.

Item - Situation Station by WarKraft
Cost - $199
Description - A war map that is on it's own stand.

Item - Poseidon's Adventure Aquarium
Cost - $200
Description - The only kind of pet you can have in this version of The
Sims, fish! Don't forget to feed the fish daily and clean the tank

Item - PuffPower Rug
Cost - $210
Description - A circular rug with a bright pink flower on it. Very

Item - Old Movie Prop
Cost - $210
Description - A rather scary looking mask that attaches to your wall.

Item - "Bi-Polar" by Conner I.N.
Cost - $240
Description - 2 small rectangular paintings, one is blue, one is
yellow. This will look excellent if you have a blue and yellow room.

Item - "Love in Baghdad" Movie Poster
Cost - $249
Description - A poster of a man and a woman who look like they are in

Item - Toy Parrot by FauxFriend
Cost - $300
Description - A very funny fake parrot on a stand. It can make some
comical noises!

Item - "Despondent Correspondent"
Cost - $325
Description - A painting with a pattern that you can't really put a
description to.

Item - "Delusion de Grandeur"
Cost - $360
Description - A pink painting to hang on a wall. Looks good in a
woman's bedroom, or in a man's bedroom if he likes pink!

Item - Beaver Pelt Moosehead
Cost - $450
Description - The one artistic piece that is worth having, this is a
moose's head to put on a wall. It looks great!

Item - Floor Rug by Leopard Life
Cost - $460
Description - A floor rug which is designed to look like leopard skin.
Make sure not to put this near a fireplace, unless you want a fire,
that is!

Item - Anatomical Skeleton Display
Cost - $550
Description - A statue of a skeleton. Looks very cool.

Item - "Fountain of Tranquilitry"
Cost - $700
Description - A small, working fountain. Your sims can actually play
with it!

Item - SimBad's Stuffed Marlin
Cost - $777
Description - A stuffed pike fish, to put on your wall. Great if you
want your sim to feel like he is a fisherman!

Item - WarKraft Radar Dish
Cost - $900
Description - A gigantic radar dish. I don't know why you would want

Item - "Hazard the Guess" by Connor Tiist
Cost - $950
Description - A rather dull looking painting to hang on your wall.

Item - "Edith On My Mind" by Omar Kittup
Cost - $999
Description - A large bright and colourful painting. Looks cool

Item - "Blind Date" by I.Roney
Cost - $1,020
Description - A colourful portrait of a woman which looks like
something Picasso would do.

Item - Gold Record
Cost - $1,200
Description - If you want your sim to think they are a rockstar, then
get this. This is a gold record, it looks like your sim has had a
number 1 hit if you get this!

Item - Neo-Primo "Sun God" Calender
Cost - $1,299
Description - A massive circular patterned thing that hangs on your
wall. Very expensive.

Item - "Scylla and Charybdis"
Cost - $1,450
Description - A very strange looking statue with a picture of the Sun
halfway up it.

Item - Think Tank
Cost - $1,475
Description - A brain in a jar that your sims can actually talk to!

Item - "Proof Positive" by Hugh Klid
Cost - $1,500
Description - Looks like something a child would make. This is a green
pyramid on top of a blue cyclinder which is on top of a red cube. Very

Item - Debauchium Mosaic
Cost - $1,525
Description - A large mosaic painting which has the Simoleon ($) sign
in the middle.

Item - Highbrau Coat of Arms
Cost - $1,800
Description - A shield with 2 swords passing though it to hang on your

Item - Snails With Icicles in Nose
Cost - $2,140
Description - Brightly coloured painting which looks like something a
toddler drew. Very over priced.

Item - Portrait Grid by Payne A. Pithcher
Cost - $3,200
Description - A small portrait of an ugly woman. Again very much over

Item - Grandfather Clock
Cost - $3,500
Description - The old British favorite, this is a traditional wooden
grandfather clock.

Item - Sham-Shag Polar Bear Rug
Cost - $3,650
Description - A rug made out of a polar bear's skin. Your sims can lie
down on this and relax.

Item - Untitled 1973. By Costa D. Moenet
Cost - $3,800
Description - A bright green piece of metal. That is it. Highly over

Item - Radiant Doomed Child by Don T. Ripitof
Cost - $3,900
Description - A very large painting, that, if you look closely, is of
several sims.

Item - Blue China Vase
Cost - $4,260
Description - A blue china vase on a grey stand. Be careful not to
knock it off!

Item - Faux Bearskin Rug
Cost - $4,300
Description - A cool rug which is made out of bearskin and looks
exactly like a bear.

Item - White Rhino Re-enactment
Cost - $4,800
Description - Very cool rhino's head to stick onto your wall.

Item - I Love Queens by Painter X
Cost - $5,000
Description - Four small paintings of various women. Highly over

Item - "Still Life, Drapery and Crumbs"
Cost - $7,600
Description - A small green coloured painting. Highly over priced.

Item - "Eruption of Decadence" Tapestry
Cost - $8,100
Description - Old fashioned tapestry which looks like a nativity scene.
Looks cool because it covers the whole height of your wall.

Item - Antique Persian Rug
Cost - $8,200
Description - Rug with a classy looking pattern on it. Don't put this
near a fireplace because it will catch on fire.

Item - Manila 1000 Marine Aquarium
Cost - $8,500
Description - Very expensive but worth it. This is a gigantic fish tank
with tropical fish in it. But you don't have to feed the fish, because
they are fake!

Item - Temple of the Simoleon.
Cost - $8,999
Description - A massive water feature, looks really cool.

Section 12: Electronics

Item - FireBrand Smoke Detector
Cost - $50
Description - Make sure you buy these to put near each of the following
items: Oven, barbecue and fireplace. Because you never know what might

Item - SCTC Cordless Wall Phone
Cost - $75
Description - Have at least 1 of these in your house, otherwise you
won't be able to phone the police, fire brigade and you won't be able
to invite friends round if you don't have one.

Item - Urchineer Train Set by Rip Co.
Cost - $80
Description - Ideal if you have to get a toy for your child and you
don't have much money to spend.

Item - Monochrome TV
Cost - $85
Description - Small black and white television. Won't give your sims as
much enjoyment as a colour TV will.

Item - "Down Wit Dat" Boom Box
Cost - $100
Description - Small hi-fi. Your sims do a weird dance to music on hi-

Item - SimSafety IV Burglar Alarm
Cost - $250
Description - You should buy one of these and put it by your front
door. Then, if a burglar comes in the alarm will sound and the police
will be automatically called.

Item - Electronic Insect Control System
Cost - $300
Description - This attracts flies into it and electrocutes them. Your
sims can also touch this, but they will get a nasty electric shock!

Item - SimSentry CDXLVIII Motion Detector
Cost - $350
Description - A motion detector that will go off if a burglar is in
your house.

Item - Trottco 27" Colour Television B94U
Cost - $500
Description - A small colour TV set. Provides moderate amounts of
enjoyment for a sim who watches it.

Item - Zimantz Component Hi-Fi Stereo
Cost - $650
Description - A large hi-fi which sits on the floor rather than a

Item - OCD Systems SimRailroad Town
Cost - $955
Description - A large train set which has its own legs. Fun for
children and adults.

Item - Moneywell Computer
Cost - $999
Description - The cheapest computer. This is highly susceptible to
break though. Also helps your children with their school studies.

Item - Wurl 'N' Hurl Retro Jukebox
Cost - $1,199
Description - A cool, old style jukebox, like the ones you see in
American cafes.

Item - Freyja "Freedom" Stereo
Cost - $1,495
Description - A large record player with various buttons on it.

Item - "See Me, Feel Me" Pinball Machine
Cost - $1,800
Description - Bring the arcade to your house with this cool pinball
machine. This is perfect for parties. It does break a lot, though.

Item - Microscotch Covetta Q628-I500JA
Cost - $1,800
Description - A much more powerful computer with a flat screen. Your
sims have lots of fun when they play on this computer.

Item - SSRI Virtual Reality Set
Cost - $2,300
Description - Very hi-tech virtual reality goggles. When your sims put
these on they do all sorts of weird things!

Item - Strings Theory Stereo
Cost - $2,550
Description - A massive hi-fi with 2 giant speakers. Great for using
when you are hosting a party.

Item - Floyd Co. Laser Light Show
Cost - $2,700
Description - If you give this machine some money, it will provide a
pretty laser light show. This is very over priced though.

Item - Soma Plasma TV
Cost - $3,500
Description - A gigantic flat screen plasma TV. Sims get a lot of
enjoyment from this TV.

Item - HellaGraphix 1024 "Diamond Edition"
Cost - $4,999
Description - A very cool holographic video game system! This provides
lots of fun for sims if they play it.

Item - Meet Marco
Cost - $6,500
Description - A very cool computer with a flat screen. This costs a
lot, but it is worth it, because it gives your sims a lot of enjoyment.

Item - Bounce My Booty Dance Floor
Cost - $7,999
Description - A very expensive dancing game, your sims look really
funny when they play on it though!

Item - Information Overlord by Bu Butubu
Cost - $9,499
Description - This costs loads but it is worth it. It is a multi screen
TV that your sims get lots of enjoyment out of. It also has snacks
built into it!

Section 13: Appliances

Item - Mr. Regular-Joe Coffee
Cost - $85
Description - A basic coffee machine that will keep your sims awake a
little bit longer.

Item - Brand Name Toaster Oven
Cost - $100
Description - The cheapest cooking tool, you can cook your meals in
this, but it is much better to have a microwave or oven.

Item - XLR8R Food Processor
Cost - $220
Description - A requirement for cooking as you need to process the food
before cooking it.

Item - Positive Potential Microwave
Cost - $250
Description - A microwave for cooking food in. Better to have an oven

Item - Wild Bill THX-451 Barbecue
Cost - $350
Description - An outdoor barbecue for grilling burgers on. Ideal for
when you are hosting a party.

Item - Junk Genie Trash Compactor
Cost - $375
Description - Put all of your rubbish in here. You can fit much more
rubbish in one of these than you can with a plain old trash can.

Item - Dialectric Free Standing Range
Cost - $400
Description - The cheapest oven. This is very dangerous to use if you
have a low cooking level.

Item - Gagmia Simore Espresso Machine
Cost - $450
Description - An improved coffee machine. This will keep your sims
awake for quite a while longer.

Item - BroilBastard Stone Grill
Cost - $451
Description - This is an old fashioned barbecue made out of stone.

Item - Dish Duster Deluxe
Cost - $550
Description - Rather than having to wash your dishes in a sink you can
just throw them in this dishwasher! This breaks very easily.

Item - Llamark Refrigerator
Cost - $600
Description - The cheapest fridge. This is required for your sims to be
able to eat.

Item - Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher
Cost - $950
Description - A better quality dishwasher than item #324, it will not
break so easily.

Item - The "Pyrotorre" Gas Range
Cost - $1,000
Description - A cool metal stove. Much less dangerous for lower level
cooks to use.

Item - Porcina Refrigerator Model Plg-S
Cost - $1,200
Description - A better fridge that will fill your sims up more.

Item - Freeze Secret Refrigerator
Cost - $2,500
Description - The highest quality fridge. Fills up your sims the most.

Item - Teppan'Yaki Table
Cost - $3,000
Description - A Chinese cooking table. If your sim is a good cook, they
can produce a great meal from this!

Section 14: Plumbing

Item - Hydronomic Kitchen Sink
Cost - $250
Description - The cheapest sink. This will flood VERY easily.

Item - Drain
Cost - $300
Description - This is a small drain that will suck up any liquid that
has been spilt onto the floor.

Item - Boggs' Memorial Commode
Cost - $300
Description - An old fashioned toilet with a wooden tank and toilet
paper with it.

Item - Hygeia-O-Matic Toilet
Cost - $300
Description - Just a normal toilet for your sim to empty their bladder

Item - Fontis Publicus
Cost - $400
Description - An old fashioned brass sink that is on it's own stand.

Item - "Andersonville" Pedestal Sink
Cost - $400
Description - A white coloured bathroom sink with it's own stand.

Item - Epikouros Kitchen Sink
Cost - $500
Description - The best sink. Will never flood and is made of shiny

Item - Wicked Breeze Outdoor Shower
Cost - $599
Description - A shower that can go indoors or outdoors. Looks like the
showers you see at swimming pools.

Item - SpaceMiser Shower
Cost - $650
Description - A cubicle shower. This will need cleaning periodically.

Item - Justa Bathtub
Cost - $800
Description - The cheapest bathtub. Basic rectangular shape and it is

Item - Flush Force 5 XLT
Cost - $1,200
Description - A toilet that will automatically flush! And apparently it
has a 56K modem!

Item - Sani-Queen Bathtub
Cost - $1,500
Description - A Victorian style bathtub, the tub stands on legs.

Item - Hydrothera Bathtub
Cost - $3,200
Description - A very expensive square shaped bathtub. This is very
hygienic and comfortable for your sims.

Item - Sonic Shower
Cost - $3,999
Description - A shower that does not use water, it uses cleansing laser
beams! Very hygienic and comfortable for your sims.

Item - KlassiKlean "More-saic" Tub
Cost - $4,500
Description - A very posh looking square bathtub with gold taps. It
sits on a block with a mosaic pattern on it.

Item - Hot Spring Conversion Kit
Cost - $5,000
Description - A hot tub that is designed to look like it is made out of
volcanic ash!

Item - WhirlWizard Hot Tub
Cost - $6,500
Description - A 4-seater hot tub which can be used indoors or outdoors.
Perfect for use in parties.

Item - Niagara Love Tub
Cost - $7,999
Description - A 2-seater hot tub shaped like a heart. Perfect for 2
lovebirds to play in.

Section 15: Lighting

Item - Spartan Special Desk Lamp
Cost - $24
Description - A cheap, black coloured desk lamp. Note that this can
only be placed on tables, desks or counters.

Item - Bottle Lamp
Cost - $25
Description - A cheap lamp to be placed on tables or desks.

Item - Garden Lamp by Lunatech
Cost - $50
Description - Just as it says, a lamp to go outside in your garden.
Automatically turns on and off.

Item - Halogen Heaven Lamp by Contempto
Cost - $50
Description - A very bright floor lamp with an uplighter style

Item - Confucius Wall Lamp
Cost - $75
Description - A pretty looking wall lamp with a orange paper lampshade.

Item - Oval Glass Sconce
Cost - $85
Description - A funky oval shaped lamp which fixes to your wall.

Item - CYMK Floodlight
Cost - $95
Description - A small spotlight that goes on your floor and lights

Item - Portable Up-Light
Cost - $100
Description - Exactly the same as item #355 but the light is a bit more

Item - Top Brass Sconce
Cost - $110
Description - A small lamp with a lampshade that fixes to your wall.

Item - The Apoplectic Photolectric
Cost - $115
Description - A square shaped light that fixes to your wall. Only gives
out a small amount of light so therefore it is over priced.

Item - Blue Plate Special Sconce
Cost - $135
Description - A small circular light with a blue tint that fixes to
your wall.

Item - Neon Flamingo Sign
Cost - $150
Description - A bright purple neon light that has a picture of a
flamingo on it!

Item - 8-Step "Love Yourself" Wall Lamp
Cost - $150
Description - A red neon wall light that is shaped like a heart!

Item - Elite Reflections Chrome Lamp
Cost - $180
Description - An original table lamp with a lampshade.

Item - Hawaiian Fantasy Tiki Torch
Cost - $180
Description - A Hawaiian style floor lamp that can be used indoors or

Item - Custom Neon Sign
Cost - $185
Description - A large neon light with a picture of a weight on it.
Gives out little light.

Item - SLP Lamp
Cost - $199
Description - A small white floor lamp that is very powerful and gives
out lots of light.

Item - Torchosteronne Table Lamp
Cost - $200
Description - A cool table lamp with black bars used as the stand.

Item - Exoticalistism Floor Lamp
Cost - $210
Description - A very cool curvy floor lamp with an orange lampshade and
an orange base.

Item - Torchemada Wall Torch
Cost - $250
Description - A very cool flame wall torch. It is a statue of an arm
holding the naked flame torch.

Item - Experimental Lamp
Cost - $275
Description - A table lamp that has a very high voltage and gives out
lots of light.

Item - RiteLite Spotlight
Cost - $300
Description - A large street lamp that you can put indoors! Gives out
massive amounts of light so it is worth the money.

Item - Torchosteronne Floor Lamp
Cost - $350
Description - A floor lamp to match item #366.

Item - Torchemada Candelabra
Cost - $400
Description - A set of 9 candles on a stand for a brilliant medieval
effect to your house.

Section 16: Miscellaneous

Item - Trash Can
Cost - $30
Description - A yellow trash can. As simple as that.

Item - SnoozMore Alarm Clock
Cost - $30
Description - An alarm clock that, when you set it, will wake you up 2
hours before you have to leave for work.

Item - Magical Mystery Toy Box
Cost - $50
Description - A toy box to amuse your children. Watch closely, as they
take different things out of the box.

Item - Happy Thunder Neoscillating Sprinkler
Cost - $65
Description - A rotating sprinkler that, as well as watering the grass,
your kids can play in.

Cost - $65
Description - This is a metal trash can with a radioactive symbol on it
to make it look like a chemical waste drum.

Item - Slurp 'N' Burp Beverage Cooler
Cost - $100
Description - A beverage cool box that your sims can pull a drink out

Item - Will Lloyd Wright Doll House
Cost - $180
Description - A small doll's house that a girl child sim can play with.

Item - Pinegulcher Dresser
Cost - $250
Description - A chest of drawers that your sim can use to change into
different outfits.

Item - Kinderstuff Dresser
Cost - $300
Description - A multicolored chest of drawers that is ideal for a
child's bedroom.

Item - Sock-a-Jock Gym Locker
Cost - $325
Description - A blue metal school locker. Your sims can use it to
change into different outfits.

Item - "VenuSpice" Dresser by Polly Vinyl
Cost - $400
Description - A white wardrobe that your sims can use to change into
different outfits.

Item - Tetherball
Cost - $450
Description - With this, 2 sims can play the classic ball game,

Item - Traditional Oak Armoire
Cost - $550
Description - A large, wooden wardrobe. With this, you sims can change
their outfit.

Item - Strip Poker Table
Cost - $600
Description - Two sims can play a game of poker on this table, and
whoever loses has to take off an item of clothing! Very funny if your
sim is terrible at poker!

Item - SuperDoop Basketball Hoop
Cost - $650
Description - A basketball hoop to go outside that you sims can play
on. Strangely, they always seem to miss!

Item - Table Tennis from Slammo!
Cost - $700
Description - A very cool table tennis table that up to 2 sims can play

Item - Domestic Beach Simulator
Cost - $1,000
Description - The name of this item is a bit posh, basically it is a
sand pit for child sims to play in.

Item - The Funinator Deluxe
Cost - $1,200
Description - Massive children's apparatus to go in your garden. This
can keep your sim children entertained for hours.

Item - Antique Armoire
Cost - $1,200
Description - An antique wooden wardrobe. With this, your sims can
change their outfit.

Item - Specter Detecter Seance Table
Cost - $1,225
Description - This is a really cool crystal ball that your sims can try
to see into the future with!

Item - "Dressex" by Conni D. Sendde
Cost - $1,300
Description - A cool wardrobe with glass doors, with this your sims can
change their outfit.

Item - What the Puck! Air Hockey Table
Cost - $2,200
Description - Up to 2 sims can play on this really cool air hockey

Item - Aromaster Whifferpuff "Gold"
Cost - $2,500
Description - An air freshener that can be set to different smells.
Each one improves a different aspect of your sim's mood.

Item - Aristoscratch Pool Table
Cost - $4,200
Description - A full size pool table that your sims can play on.
Strangely, they never seem to pot any of the balls!

Item - Overlord Pool Table
Cost - $4,200
Description - Exactly the same as item #396, but the table cover is red
instead of green.

Section 17: Skill Building

Item - Narcisco Wall Mirror
Cost - $100
Description - A small wall mirror that helps your sim's charisma skill.

Item - Medicine Cabinet
Cost - $125
Description - Perfect for going above the sink in your bathroom. Your
sims can brush their teeth with this. They can also improve their
charisma skill.

Item - Narcisco Floor Mirror
Cost - $150
Description - A floor mirror that your sims can use to improve their
charisma skill.

Item - Cheap Pine Bookcase
Cost - $250
Description - A small bookcase with 4 shelves. With this, your sims can
study cooking, mechanics or they can just read a book.

Item - "Dimanche" Folding Easel
Cost - $250
Description - A painting easel where you sim can paint something, and
then sell it. Improves your sim's creativity skill.

Item - Artists' Block
Cost - $300
Description - A large block that your sims can sculpt into statues.
Improves your sim's creativity skill.

Item - Chuck Matewell Chess Set
Cost - $500
Description - A chess table that your sim can play by himself or with
someone else. Improves your sim's logic skill.

Item - Amishim Bookcase
Cost - $500
Description - A small, posh looking bookcase that even has a clock
fixed onto it. With this, your sims can study cooking, mechanics or
they can just read a book.

Item - Beejaphone Guitar
Cost - $580
Description - This improves your sim's creativity skill. If their skill
is really high, they can play some really cool tunes!

Item - "Exerto" Benchpress Execise Machine
Cost - $700
Description - This improves your sim's body skill. Beware though, if
you use it for too long your sim will get very tired!

Item - KraftKing Woodworking Table
Cost - $720
Description - Your sim can make wooden gnomes with this, it also
increases their creativity skill.

Item - Libri di Regina Bookcase
Cost - $900
Description - A large wooden bookcase. With this, your sims can study
cooking, mechanics or they can just read a book.

Item - Concept Bookcase by Andy Lushan
Cost - $1,000
Description - A very posh, strange shaped bookcase with clear glass
shelves. With this, your sims can study cooking, mechanics or they can
just read a book.

Item - NostalgiCo Microphone
Cost - $1,100
Description - This is a microphone that your sims can sing into to
improve their charisma skill. If they are really bad, it is funny
because they can't sing at all!

Item - PerspirAction Executive Treadmill
Cost - $1,200
Description - Improves your sim's body skill. You can get your sim to
walk, jog or run. Beware though, if you get your sim to run while they
are tired, they will probably fall over!

Item - KraftKing Potter's Wheel
Cost - $1,300
Description - Your sim can make vases from this potter's wheel. It
improves their creativity skill.

Item - SlushRush Portable Bar
Cost - $1,500
Description - Your sim can make some cool drinks with this mini-bar. It
improves their cooking skill.

Item - Horrorwitz "Star-Track" Backyard Telescope
Cost - $2,100
Description - A telescope to go in your back garden. Improves your
sim's logic skill. If you look out of this for too long, your sim will
be abducted by aliens and sucked into the telescope!

Item - Turntablitz DJ Booth
Cost - $2,295
Description - You can allow your sim to work the decks with this DJ
Booth. It improves their creativity skill.

Item - Epicurious Gourmet Stove
Cost - $2,600
Description - With this, your sim can cook and prepare hors'derves.
Improves their cooking skill.

Item - KraftKing Inventor's Workshop
Cost - $3,330
Description - With this, your sim can make cool green gnomes. Improves
their mechanical skill.

Item - Chimeway & Daughters Piano
Cost - $3,500
Description - A piano. Improves your sims creativity skill. If the
sim's skill is high, they can play a really cool tune on the piano!

Item - Genie Genie Incubator
Cost - $3,950
Description - With this, your sims can make their own plant. The plant
will eat trash but if it grows too big it will eat your sim! This
improves their logic skill.

Item - Life Rocks! Climbing Wall
Cost - $4,500
Description - This is a tall climbing wall that your sims can climb to
the top of and then absail back down. Improves their body skill.

Item - TumulTech "Sim-Phony" Synthesizer
Cost - $5,900
Description - This is a cool piano synthesizer that your sims can play
various tunes on. Improves their creativity skill.

Item - Gyrosport "AbDominator"
Cost - $8,000
Description - This is a giant wheel that you sims can get in and spin
around in. Improves their body skill.

Item - Tesla Coil 3.0
Cost - $8,595
Description - With this, your sims can create their own ball of
lightning! Improves their mechanical skill.

Item - Miss Gyrotic
Cost - $9,995
Description - With this, your sims can program a robot to do their
chores for them! Extremely helpful but very expensive. Improves their
logic skill.

And that concludes my full items list for The Sims Bustin' Out. I hope
you enjoyed reading it.

Note: If you have questions about anything for the above items, feel
free to ask.

L i s t  O f  S o c i a l  I n t e r a c t i o n s

Alright, there are 62 social interactions that I know, each with
different uses and different ways to unlock. Each interaction will be
explained on how to unlock it after the - (if available), and some
explanations will be given in three separated sections - Special Social
Interactions, Unlock-Free Social Interactions & Social Interactions
Available For Unlock. You can find most of them in each of the
walkthrough above near the info section. Anyway, here they are:

Special Social Interactions:

Kiss: When you're in love with someone with 100 points or higher, this
will become available.

Propose: If you want to get married, use this social interaction.

Join: When you doing something (e.g. like watching television, playing
games, swimming), then when you click on a sim, this social interaction
will be available.

Ask to Go 'Free': This is a special social interaction available only
at Pixel Acres. If you have a good relationship with someone, and when
you use this interaction, that person will open his/her clothes.

Try & Score: This is another special social interaction available only
at Casa Caliente. It is useful for the mission 'Try & Score with 2 Sims
at The Same Party'.

Move In: A replacement word for the 'propose' interaction used for
people with the same gender and of course, who's in love with you.
It creeps me out.

Attack: Works for some goals, but lowers your relationship if used
against your friends.

Tease: Teasing is good for bad people, but definitely not wise to use
for good people.

Insult: Well, use this to the ones you hate.

Brag: Bragging about money is better.

Call Over: Well, just select a sim and you can use this command to call
that person.

Unlock-Free Social Interactions:

Talk: Simple and works fine most of the time.

Entertain: Your sim will start to entertain another sim. If that sim is
not your friend, he/she won't look at what you're doing.

Joke: Good for fun people, but bad especially for people at Shiny
Things Labs & The Octagon.

Compliment: Do it to your friends, but Malcolm hates this even if
you're his friend sometimes.

Tickle: Tickling works best for women, but don't do it to serious
people; it's a shame.

Dance: Well, you can dance happily with the ones you love, but beware
because it causes jealousy to other people (who's in love with either
both of you) if they see it.

Hug: Hugging will raise your Social Energy fast, that's why I kept
repeating it. Anyway, it's good with people who are close to you.

Give Back Rub: Do this to your wife/husband or to your mom. They
usually love it.

Social Interactions Available for Unlock:

Nag About House: Well, not really useful actually, but it's good for
the collection - Befriend Mom/Complete 'Invite Mom Over To Your New
Place' goal (Dudley's Trailer).

Burp In Face: If you have a friend, use this but if you don't, stay
away - Befriend Dudley Landgrabb.

Pull My Finger: Same as the above - Complete 'Get to Know Dudley
Better' goal (Dudley's Trailer).

Serenade: Not really important or useful - Get to Burglar in the
Gangster career (Dudley's Trailer).

Brag About Money: Not really useful too, unless you want to try
something new - Befriend Mimi

Use Sign Language: Important for one of the goals at Mimi's Place,
other than that, nothing else - Complete 'Get to Know Mimi Better' goal
(Mimi's Place).

Give Money: You should use this for someone who is close for you,
especially your mom - Complete ' Invite Mom Over to Your New Place'
goal (Mimi's Place).

Gossip: Important with someone, and recommended nobody else is around
you while using this interaction - Get to Kiddie Show Sidekick in the
Movie Star career (Mimi's Place).

Kiss Hand: Important if you love someone, so use this - Befriend
Mortimer Goth.

Nag About Friends: Not really useful, but good for the collection -
Befriend Bella Goth.

Tell Story: Ok, but will get boring for some sims - Complete 'Control
Another Sim by Pressing The L2 or R2 Buttons' goal (Goth Manor).

Do Magic Trick: Quite good for your close friends, and I mean close -
Get to Soap Opera in the Movie Star career (Goth Manor).

Fake Out: Funny for something which is not funny. Not useful - Befriend
Artie Fischl.

Tell Lies: Good, if you're very good in this - Befriend Charity Grant.

Sissy Fight: Nothing helping you raise your relationship, but it's good
for sissies - Complete 'Control Another Sim by Using The L2 or R2
Buttons' goal (Studio 8).

Air Kiss: Ok but really won't help you do anything, but ok - Get to
Fingernail Painter in the Fashion Victim career (Studio 8).

Bear Hug: A good way to get someone to love you (preferably men). Make
sure the points are over 70, or nothing happens - Befriend Max

Noogie: Not sure what it does, but not really useful at times -
Befriend Goldie

Towel Snap: Nice for Max, or any other non-serious and tough people -
Complete 'Control Another Sim by Pressing The L2 or R2 Buttons' goal
(Toane's Gym).

Show Off Muscles: Make sure you have a decent body rating or it won't
work for people to be impressed - Get to Paratrooper in the
Paramilitary career (Toane's Gym).

French Kiss: Just like the 'Try & Score' social interaction, but a
little different. Err... quite useful actually - Befriend Randy Hart

Spank Booty: Not useful, so don't use it often - Befriend Paisley

Andrew Ayetey ( said:

"If you actually vist a friends' house and if they are friends and you 
use it on them your sim will like him of her (yes it is really weird 
but I have keeped my friends very close by using it) by 15 points.

Romantic Kiss: needed for one of the goals in this game. Use it for
your loved ones, or your wife/husband to raise the relationship points
- Complete 'Score With 2 Sims At The Same Party' goal (Casa Caliente).

Force to Slap Self: Really not the kind of social interaction you want,
but quite funny for me - Get to Body Guard in the Gangster career (Casa

Break Dance: Nice one. One of my all-time favorite social interactions.
Also required for a goal in Club Rubb - Befriend Bing Bling.

Dance Dirty: Well, it's a dirty dance, nothing more. What, you want
more? - Befriend Mona Lot

Admire Body: Good to use to your wife/husband, but make sure they're in
a good mood - Get to Hair Stylist in the Fashion Victim career (Club

Slow Dance: Well, it's a slow dance, nothing more. I know you don't
want this to be too long huh? - Get to Makeup Artist in the Fashion
Victim career (Club Rubb).

Tell Dirty Joke: Ok, it's not dirty, because you don't understand what
they say - Get to MVP in the Jock career (Club Rubb).

Wolf Whistle: Please don't use this, it's bad, but not the worst, yet -
Get to Superstar in the Jock career (Club Rubb).

Booty Tease: Nothing useful again - Get to Game Show Host in the Movie
Star career (Club Rubb).

Moon Walk: Nice one, second to my Break Dance interaction - Get to
Sitcom Star in the Movie Star career (Club Rubb).

Coo Coo!: Oh, please don't be friends with the nerds - Befriend Vaughn

Whine & Complain: Well, what did I told you? - Befriend Makino Nada.

Hypnotize: This is required for hypnotizing the artists at Studio 8.
They'll make funny things once done - Complete 'Show Off Rocket Gnomes
At Rocket Launch Party' goal (Shiny Things Labs).

Snap Out Of It: Yeah, snap out of it! - Befriend General Payne.

Karate Chop: How about Kung-Fu? - Befriend Maxine Powers

Flip: Hey, funny if the sim you are interacting with falls to the
ground - Get to Space Time Tinkerer in the Mad Scientist career (The

Tell Secret: Well, want to know a secret? - Befriend Chase Skurtz

Feather Tickle: Well, better than the normal tickle - Befriend Ying.

Barnyard Taunt: Well, use more foul words! Joking right there - Get to
Psychic Activist in the Counter Culture career (Pixel Acres).

Imitate: Well, imitate me now - Befriend Humphrey Hawks.

Smooth Talk: Nice talking dude - Befriend Fannie Adore.

C r e d i t s

Alright, let me apologize first if I offended anyone during the whole
FAQ. First, thank you to dwarfman1990 a.k.a. (Nick Comber) for giving
me permission using the Items List, and thank you to Michael Monette
for giving me permission using a part of his Marriage FAQ. Thanks to
Andrew Ayetey for correcting one of the social interections. Also,
I'd like to thank CJayC for still running the site and hosting the
guide. Thanks to myself for figuring things out, and thanks to some
other FAQs for this game, since I referred there for some info. So,
read others if you can't find it here in my guide. So, thank you, and
I'll update this guide in the future if the readers have any questions
or suggestions. I'll never forget that.

Again, no part of this FAQ may be reproduced in any form, shape, or
transmitted, in any ways, or any forms by any means (electronic,
mechanical, recording, or otherwise) without prior permission from the
author. This means no copying, no publishing, or any other illegal
activities. This FAQ is posted only in GameFAQs and nowhere else. If
other websites had taken this FAQ to theirs (a secured site), I won't
mention them here. This FAQ copyright 2004 - 2005 by the author
piecemealcranky. The author may agree or disagree with any suggestions

Contact me as soon as possible for any inconvenience regarding this
E-mail me at:

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