PS2 Walkthroughs: Sly 2: Band of Thieves Walkthrough

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Sly 2: Band of Thieves Walkthrough

Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Walkthrough & Strategy Guide
Version 0.20 (09/27/04)
Written by Stephanie Lemmeyer (darkchaoscontrol)
e-mail: chaoscontrol[at]pokemonsux[dot]com

0-0. Version History
0-1. Introduction
0-2. Main Characters
0-3. Controls
  0-3-1. General
  0-3-2. Sly
  0-3-3. Bentley
  0-3-4. Murray
  0-3-5. Turret Controls
  0-3-6. RC Chopper Controls
  0-3-7. Hackmobile Controls
  0-3-8. Tank controls
0-4. General Tips
  0-4-1. Health
  0-4-2. Sneaking
  0-4-3. Combat
  0-4-4. Coins & Loot
  0-4-5. Gadgets
    0-4-5-1. Sly's Gadgets
    0-4-5-2. Bentley's Gadgets
    0-4-5-3. Murray's Gadgets
    0-4-5-4. Hidden Gadgets
    0-4-5-5. Vault Gadgets
  0-4-6. Jobs
  0-4-7. Bottles/Vaults
0-5. Walkthrough
  1-0. Episode 1: The Black Chateau
    1-1-1. Sattelite Sabotage (Sly)
    1-1-2. Breaking and Entering (Sly)
    1-2-1. Bug Dimitri's Office (Sly)
    1-2-2. Follow Dimitri (Sly)
    1-2-3. Waterpump Destruction (Murray)
    1-3-1. Theater Pickpocketing (Sly)
    1-3-2. Silence the Alarms (Murray)
    1-3-3. Moonlight Rendezvous (Sly)
    1-3-4. Disco Demolitions (Bentley)
    1-4-0. Operation: Thunder Beak
  2-0. Episode 2: A Starry Eyed Encounter
    2-1-1. Recon the Ballroom (Sly)
    2-1-2. Lower the Drawbridge (Sly)
    2-1-3. Ballroom Dance Party (Sly)
    2-1-4. Steal a Tuxedo (Sly)
    2-1-5. Battle the Chopper (Murray)
    2-1-6. Dominate the Dance Floor (Sly)
    2-2-1. Boardroom Brawl (Sly/Murray)
    2-2-2. RC Bombing Run (Bentley)
    2-2-3. Elephant Rampage (Sly)
    2-3-0. Operation: Hippo Drop (a.k.a "Bomb the Bridge" (Bentley))
0-6. Secrets
0-7. Contact Information
0-8. Legal Disclaimer

0-0. Version History
0.20 = Added guide for Episode 2. Corrected a slight boo-boo in a job 
description. Also updated the Gadget section, though it's not quite complete.

0.10 = First version. Basic information and a guide through the end of Episode 

0-1. Introduction
Sly 2: Band of Thieves takes place two years after the first, in which Sly 
fought the Fiendish Five to gain back the Thievius Raccoonus and defeated 
Clockwerk, the metallic owl bent on the destruction of the Cooper family. 
That's all you'll really need to know in order to keep up with the sequel's 
plot (even if you didn't know it, the game's plot is quite simple and easy to 

The sequel is an improvement over the first in practically every way -- bigger 
environments, freedom of movement and choice, stronger and smarter enemies, 
and a slightly improved plot -- everything in this game is better. Oh wait, no 
it isn't, I forgot about Carmelita's new voice. Ugh. Also, the game's 
difficulty hasn't been ramped up that much -- I beat the game without getting 
the vaults in less than 20 hours. 

Minor gripes aside, this game comes highly recommended. It's definitely worth 
a rental, if not a purchase. Parents can rest easy, as this game is rated E -- 
for Everybody!

This guide will also be directed for everyone to read, and thus free of any 
vulgarities or such.

Also note that this guide cotains SPOILERS, and as such, you should probably 
try to beat the game on your own before consulting this guide. This isn't the 
most ramble-free thing I've written, and besides, it's more fun when you can 
pat yourself on the back for beating frustrating bosses/jobs.

0-2. Main Characters
Sly Cooper - The thief and leader of the Cooper Gang. Born into a line of 
master thieves, he was instructed on the secrets of being a master thief by 
the book called the Thievius Racconus. When he was a child, Clockwerk and the 
Fiendish Five killed his parents and stole parts of the book. He was then sent 
to an orphanage, where he met Bentley and Murray. Sly proved himself as a 
master theif by defeating the Fiendish Five, destroying Clockwerk, and getting 
every page of the Thievius Racconus back. Now, two years later, he wants to 
steal the Clockwerk Parts to ensure that they'll never be put together again, 
and thus eradicating the threat of Clockwerk's wrath against the Coopers from 
manifesting. He's quite cocky about his skills, and is quite flirtatious 
(especially with Carmelita).

Bentley - The brains of the Cooper Gang. A techno whiz with a head for 
planning. He practically guided Sly through the first game, and does the same 
(to a lesser extent) in this one. Short, weak, and speaks with a nasal voice. 
VERY nervous about being out in the field for the first time, and tends to be 
overly cautious. Despite his head for technology, he doesn't know how to drive 
a car with a stick shift.

Murray - The brawns of the Cooper Gang. Drives the getaway van, which he has 
poured his life into. Really likes to eat snacks. Not too bright, but with his 
strength and Sly and Bentley around, that's not much of an issue. Now that 
he's out in the field, he seems to go by a superhero/luchadore persona, what 
with his red mask and him calling himself "The Murray".

Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox - An Interpol police detective who has been 
obsessively chasing the Cooper Gang for several years, to no avail. Considers 
her Shock Pistol her best friend. Has a black-and-white view of crime and 
justice -- despite the fact that Sly steals from other, less honorable 
thieves, Carmelita believes that a criminal is a criminal, and that Sly must 
be brought to justice, no matter what. VERY volatile, but isn't without 
compassion. It's quite possible that Sly's feelings for her are mutual.

Constable Neyla - Another officer of Interpol, Neyla's biggest asset is her 
ability to gain people's trust, only to scam or backstab them later on. Enjoys 
one-upping Carmelita. Quite friendly to Sly, but we all know how she'll turn 
out in the end.

The Contessa - Criminal psychologist working for Interpol. Converted her late 
husband's estate into a prison/brainwashing center, where she rehabilitates 
former criminals.

Clockwerk - Enemy of the Cooper lineage. Fueled with so much hatred for the 
family that he decided to replace his body with metal parts in order to live 
long enough to wipe out the line. Currently in several pieces, owned by 
members of the Klaww Gang.

Klaww Gang - An international gang that runs an illegal spice operation. 
Currently there are four known members - Dimitri, Rajan, Jean Bison, and the 
leader Arpeggio - each in posession of one or more Clockwerk Parts.

0-3. Controls
0-3-1. General
These apply to every character.

    Left analog stick/digital buttons = Move character
    Right analog stick = Rotate camera
    L3 (push the left analog stick) = View job/safe house markers
    X button = Jump
    O button = Open door/Pick up item/Unlock/Activate/etc...
    Square button = Swing attack (Sly's cane/Bentley's bow/Murray's punch)
    L1, L2, or R2 = Use gadget (when equipped; see the Gadget section for more 
    X, then X again = Double Jump
    Hold R1 = Run
    Hold O near colored sparkles = Sneak around a ledge or wall

    R3 (push the right analog stick) = Use/Put away Binocucom
    Left analog stick = Scan surroundings
    Right analog stick/Up or Down digital buttons = Zoom in and out
    Square, Triangle, O = Exit Binocucom
    X = Exit Binocucom (Murray & Bentley only)

0-3-2. Sly
    O near sparkles under a car/table/vent = Crawl (use the right analog stick 
to look around while crawling)
    X, then O = Jump and grab/climb/land on designated spots (look for blue 
    X (while hanging on from a pole, wall, etc.) = Let go

  Attack Controls
    X, then Square = Overhead Smash
    Triangle = Juggle
    X, then Triangle = Dive Spin
    Hold Square to charge up, let off to release = Power-up Whack

Sly's Binocucom has a built-in Spycam which is used during the recon photo 
mission at the beginning of every episode (except 4) and during a certain 
mission at the end. The only extra control with this is the R1 button, which 
takes pictures. Be sure to zoom in (or maybe out) on the item you intend to 
photograph (the focus will turn green and beep when you can grab a photo).

  Sly's Master Thief Moves
    O = Pickpocket an enemy (sneak up from behind them without being seen. If 
you're seen by an enemy, you cannot pickpocket until the coast is clear)
    Triangle, then Square = Finishing Slam (again, can only be done on an 
enemy while you are unseen)

0-3-3. Bentley
    O near sparkles under a car/table/vent = Crawl (use the right analog stick 
to look around while crawling)
    Triangle = Drop bomb (be sure to run away from the red light radius around 
the bomb, or you will take damage)

  Bentley can fire sleep darts with the Binocucom equipped. Press the R1 
button to fire. Try to hit the broad area of an enemy, such as the back or the 
chest. Also note that sometimes, an initial dart will not make an enemy doze --
 instead, they will see you and come running towards you. If this happens, 
try to fire another sleep dart or exit the Binocucom and run away.

0-3-4. Murray
    X, then Square or Triangle while still in the air = Thunder Flop
    Triangle = Juggle/Uppercut
    Triangle, then Square = Roundhouse Punch (can only be done on an enemy 
while you are unseen)
    O = Stomp (this is used to pick up barrels or items or stunned enemies)
    Triangle, then O = Catch an enemy (O must be pressed while the enemy is 
still in the air)
    While carrying item/enemy, O, Square, or Triangle = Throw item/enemy

0-3-5. Turret Controls
    Left analog stick = Aim/Move turret
    R1 = Fire turret

0-3-6. RC Chopper Controls
    Left analog stick = Move RC chopper
    X = Drop bombs
    Square = Fire straight ahead

0-3-7. Hackmobile Controls
    Left analog stick = Move hackmobile
    Right analog stick = Fire code

0-3-8. Tank controls
    Left & Right analog stick pushed forward = Move tank forwards
    Left & Right analog stick pushed backward = Move tank backwards
    Left & Right analog stick pushed in opposing directions = Rotate tank
    R1 = Fire

0-4. General Tips

0-4-1. Health
The original game had a one-hit-you-die health system (unless you could grab a 
silver or gold horseshoe to take one or two extra hits). Thankfully, this game 
uses a health bar located in the upper left corner of the screen to show 

Your health bar is partially regenerated by collecting a red health cross, 
which can be found by defeating enemies or smashing objects. Your health bar 
is completely regenerated every time you die or go back to the Safe House.

If you fall into deep water, you will take damage and jump back to where you 
were previously located. Shallow water does not hurt you (a good rule is that 
if it looks like Bentley can walk through it, it's safe to go through).

If you fall into a bottomless area, you will take damage and jump back to 
where you were previously located. If you fall down from a high place and land 
somewhere, you will not take damage.

If you die while in the overworld, you will be taken back to where you last 
entered it (such as the Safe House or a building door).

If you die in the middle of a job, you will be taken back to the job's 
beginning, unless you entered another building or you are at an integral 
location to finish the job (i.e., if you got two magnets out of three, you 
will be transported to where you got the second magnet). Note that not every 
job allows you to do the latter.

0-4-2. Sneaking
This is probably the most important element of the game (I can hear you saying 
"Well, DUH."). Quietly sneaking around enemies, spotlights, and lasers is 
integral to making through this game with a minimum of fuss.

The character icon on the health bar is your thief meter. When it pulses with 
yellow sound waves, it indicates that you must be quiet and stealthy in order 
to avoid being spotted. Make sure to not run while the thief meter is in this 
mode; running is a sure-fire way to get an enemy's attention. Move slowly (and 
wait, if you must) until the thief meter stops pulsing.

When the thief meter flashes red, you've been spotted by a enemy/laser/light 
and the enemies in the immediate area will rush to attack you. You can choose 
to either take them on or run away.

You can avoid enemies by crawling under tables or passageways (but only if 
you're playing as Bentley or Sly; Murray's too big to crawl). Press the Circle 
button when you see blue or green sparkles under a table or passageway, and 
the camera will switch to a first person perspective. The left analog stick 
controls your movement while the right analog stick moves the camera.

All characters can sneak around walls or ledges. When you see colored sparkles 
along a wall or a ledge, press and hold the Circle button to put your back 
against the wall. You can use the left analog stick to move left or right 
along the ledge.

You can pickpocket characters when playing as Sly. Sneak up behind an enemy 
and press the Circle button to take coins or items out of an enemy's back 
pocket. You have to be fairly close (but not too close or the enemy will see 
you) in order to get stuff.

Most enemies carry only coins, but some contain loot to sell or items required 
for a job. Enemies with loot will have back pockets glowing with a gold aura; 
enemies with items required for a job will have glowing blue back pockets. 
Note that sometimes you may have to press the Circle button multiple times 
(usually two or three) in order to get to the loot at the bottom.

0-4-3. Combat
While sneaking around enemies is almost always a good idea, sometimes you'll 
have to fight them in order to gain loot or make a job easier for you to 

Sly and Murray have stealth attacks that are both executed by pressing the 
Triangle button to juggle an enemy into the air, and then pressing the Square 
button to finish them off. These can only be done while you haven't been seen, 
and finishing the attack will alert any guards in the area (although if you 
run quickly enough, you probably won't be seen).

Bentley's way of sneakily attacking an enemy is by hitting them with a sleep 
dart, usually followed with a bomb. Press the R3 button to activate Bentley's 
Binocucom, and use the the left analog stick to scan and the right analog 
stick to zoom in and out on a target. Pressing R1 fires one sleep dart, and 
you will have to wait for a few seconds before being able to fire another. 
Sometimes the enemy will not go down with one dart, and will come running 
towards you. You must either fire another or exit the Binocucom and run away 
(the latter is recommended if you alerted several enemies by firing a sleep 

When/If the enemy falls asleep, you can run up to the enemy and press the 
Triangle button to place a bomb near them. Note that if there are any other 
enemies in the area, the sound of the explosion will alert them (but if you 
run quickly enough, you probably won't be seen).

If your cover's blown and you are seen, you will typically face one enemy 
while others come running to the scene. Small and/or medium enemies may call 
for back up. Large enemies will immediately fire at you with powerful 
guns/missiles/knives. If you're on the roof, small and medium enemies will try 
to jump up after you, but large enemies will typically lose you.

If you're playing as Sly, small enemies (like the frogs in Episode 1) should 
be no big hassle to take care of. Medium ones (like the rats in Episode 1) 
aren't too much of a problem, either, although in later episodes they will 
throw a device that will split up into a laser that moves toward you (these 
devices only move in a straight line, and are easily avoided by moving out of 
its path). Larger enemies (such as the rams in Episode 1) can be trouble, and 
you should either deal with one alerted large enemy or run away.

Murray is the most resilient member of the team, and can pratically take down 
any enemy he encounters (although two or more large enemies may be a problem).

Unfortunately, Bentley easily takes damage, and should avoid any direct combat.
 He can take down one small or medium enemy at a time, but large enemies will 
take him out with a minimum of hits. If you accidentally alert a group of 
enemies, run away until the coast is clear.

0-4-4. Coins & Loot
A longtime staple of platform games, you'll collect coins throughout the game 
to buy gadgets on TheifNet. Coins are usually found by either pickpocketing or 
defeating enemies, and by smashing breakable items strewn throughout the game. 
Smash anything and everything you come across. You could get anything from one 
to a buttload of coins.

Collecting coins from enemies and destroyed items is really not enough to buy 
all the gadgets you want, so sometimes you'll want to steal loot as Sly.

Sometimes enemies carry loot, ranging from items like small necklaces to 
bronze medals to gold pens and so on. Which loot you get from which enemy is 
random, so pickpocket any enemies that you can. (See the Sneaking section for 
how to pickpocket enemies.)

Occasionally, you will come across an item on a pedestal, glowing with a gold 
aura. These kinds of loot are worth a fair amount of coins, but are not 
counted towards 100% completion of the game.

To steal loot, press the Circle button near an item, and Sly will 
automatically put it on his back. Make it back to the Safe House without 
taking a hit and you can sell it on ThiefNet for coins.

Sometimes loot is booby-trapped, and you must make it back to the Safe House 
without taking a hit AND within the time limit, or it'll explode and give you 
damage. Switching booby-trapped loot can buy you some time (although there 
have been problems regarding a bit of timed loot in Episode 5).

If you get hit or you don't make it back to the Safe House in time, the loot 
will regenerate after a bit of time.

To sell loot, go back/stay in the Safe House and select the option to buy 
from ThiefNet (cycle through the characters and then you'll see Bentley facing 
the laptop). At the Buy Gadgets screen, go left and you'll see a list of the 
loot you've accumulated and their costs. Press X to sell the loot.

0-4-5. Gadgets
Gadgets are items that you can buy via ThiefNet that power you up, give you 
new attacks or weapons.

To purchase a gadget, go back/stay in the Safe House and select the option to 
buy from ThiefNet (cycle through the characters and then you'll see Bentley 
facing the laptop). From this screen, you can buy certain gadgets if you have 
enough coins. Press X to select a gadget to buy, and press X to confirm the 
purchase or Triangle to cancel it.

To equip the Gadgets that you've bought, press the Select button to go to the 
Gadget Grid. You are allowed to equip up to three items with the L2, L1, and 
R2 buttons. (Note that a select few gadgets are automatically equipped to a 
different button.)

Every time you use a gadget, an increment of the Gadget Power Bar (the tan bar 
located under the health bar) is depleted. Projectiles (such as bombs and the 
Alarm Clock) use up small slivers at a time, while others (such as the 
Insanity Strike) use up chunks at a time. Depleted gauges may be partially 
regenerated by getting a red health cross, and, as with health, the gauge is 
completely refilled if you die or you go back to the Safe House.

Purchasing gadgets does not count toward 100% completion of the game, nor are 
they necessary (aside from Sly's Paraglide and Alarm Clock) in order to beat 
the game.

In this section, "[]" will represent whatever button you have assigned to the 

0-4-5-1. Sly's Gadgets
    Smoke Bomb
   Price: 300
   First available in: Episode 1
   Obscure the vision of your enemies for a hasty getaway. Press [] to 

    Combat Dodge
   Price: 600
   First available in: Episode 2
   Sidestep enemies in combat. Press [] to dodge while in combat. Use the left 
analog stick to choose a direction.

    Stealth Slide
   Price: 650
   Roll through the level...silently!

    Alarm Clock
   Confuse your enemies with this distracting alarm clock. Press [] to aim, 
then [] to throw.
   Note: This gadget is required to complete the final job/heist in Episode 7.

   Fly through the air with this quick-deploy paraglider. Press R1 while j
umping to deploy your paraglider.
   Note: This gadget is required to complete the final job/heist in Episode 
4/5 (don't remember which at the moment.)

    Silent Obliteration
   Finish off juggled enemies without attracting attention. Juggle an unaware 
enemy with Triangle, then finish them off quietly with Square.
   Note: Not required, but DEFINITELY recommended -- especially since you'll 
be doing this steal move a lot, and using it doesn't eat away at your gadget 

    Thief Reflexes
   Price: 1600
   Slow time to a crawl.

    Feral Pounce
   Jump over vast distances. Press [] to trigger.

0-4-5-2. Bentley's Gadgets
    Trigger Bomb
   Price: 200 coins
   First available in: Episode 1
   Throwable bomb with remote detonation.   

    Size Destablizer
   Price: 500
   First available in: Episode 2
   Shrink guards by whacking them with your crossbow. Press [] to trigger.

    Snooze Bomb
   Price: 550
   Puts enemies in the area to sleep.

    Adrenaline Burst
   Price: 550
   First available in:
   Run like a turtle has never run before.. Press [] to trigger.

    Health Extractor
   Capture guards and extract medicine from them. Press [] to aim, [] to 
throw, then [] to trigger.

    Hover Pack
   Price: 1200
   Extend your jumps by hovering in the air.

    Reduction Bomb
   Price: 1700
   Shrink enemies in the area.
    Temporal Lock
   Price: 2000
   Freeze time around the guards...temporarily, at least..

0-4-5-3. Murray's Gadgets
    Fists of Flame
   Price: 400 coins
   First available in: Episode 1
   Turns ordinary punches into fiery ones. Press [] to trigger.

    Turnbuckle Launch
   Price: 400
   First available in: Episode 2
   Jump to heroic heights. Press [] to crouch, then press X to jump.

    Juggernaut Throw
   Price: 750
   Thrown objects explode on impact.

    Atlas Strength
   You can jump while carrying somebody. Usage is automatic.

    Raging Inferno Flop
   Price: 1150
   Use while jumping to create a wall of flame on impact.

    Berserker Charge
   Price: 1400
   Scatter enemies with this powerful run.

    Guttural Roar
   Price: 1500
   Terrify your foes.

    Diablo Fire Slam
   Price: 2100
   Use while carrying an enemy to create a deadly firestorm.

0-4-5-4. Hidden Gadgets
  These gadgets are unlocked via codes posted on Cartoon Network's site as 
part of a Sly 2 promo. Both of these can only be used by Sly.

    TOM: Let TOM do his thing and grab the guards' attention...allowing you 
to slip on by unnoticed. Press [] to aim, [] to throw, then [] to trigger.
  To unlock TOM, pause the game and press Left, Left, Down, Right, Left, Right.

    Time Rush: Live the fast life while you speed up the clock. Press and hold 
the [] button to use.
  To unlock Time Rush, pause the game and press Down, Down, Up, Down, Right, 

0-4-5-5. Vault Gadgets
  These gadgets are obtained by finding all the clue bottles in an episode's 
overworld, and unlocking the vault. Getting these count toward 100% of an 
episode and thus the game.

    Knockout Dive
   Unlocked in: Episode 1
   Used by: Sly
   Leap at enemies, leaving them stunned on the ground. Press [] to trigger.

    Insanity Strike
   Unlocked in: Episode 2
   Used by: Sly
   Confuse your enemies into attacking each other with a tap from your cane. 
Press [] to trigger.

0-4-6. Jobs
Before you can pull off a heist to steal back the Clockwerk Parts, you must 
first complete a series of tasks called "jobs" in order to gather information 
and set up an ideal situation for a heist.

To begin a job, you must head to the location of job markers placed all around 
the episode area. To view the locations, you can either activate your
Binocucom by pressing the R3 button, or you can view the markers (sans titles) 
by pressing the L3 button. Jobs for Sly are marked with his character icon and 
a blue arrow pointing to the marker; jobs for Bentley are marked with his icon 
and a green arrow; jobs for Murray are marked with his icon and a pink arrow.

In Episode 1, the order that you take jobs is determined by the game until 
halfway; from then on, you can take whichever available job in the order that 
you choose. Because I feel that this freedom of choice is an important 
positive addition to the game, I will not give specific directions to the job 
markers beyond that point. Most of the locators are out in the open and easy 
to get to, but if you are having difficulty finding or getting to a job 
location, here are four tips:

- Have you tried finding the general area by looking through your Binocucom?
- Scan the area around the locator to find a way to get to it. Usually, there 
will be something for Sly to climb on (like a pole or a rope) or a platform 
(such as a rock or car) or a trampoline for Bentley or Murray to get up on a 
higher level.
- Remember Bentley's advice: the view is best from the top. Head up to a 
higher level in order to see where the jobs are located.
- Remember that the L3 button only brings up the beacons' locations; to see 
their titles, you'll have to look at them through the Binocucom.

If you are having too much difficulty completing a job or you're missing a 
required gadget, you can abandon the job by pausing the game, selecting the 
Abandon Job option, and pressing the Square button to abandon or the Triangle 
to go back to the Pause menu. Bear in mind that if you abandon a job, you will 
lose all progress and loot you've accumulated since taking that job on.

0-4-7. Bottles/Vaults
Scattered around the overworld in each episode are thirty bottles that give 
Bentley clues to figure out the vault's code. While the location to the vault 
is marked in your Binocucom after you complete all jobs in the episode or find 
all the bottles (whichever comes first), the bottle locations are not. You 
will come across most bottles while trying to complete a job, but others will 
require a bit of searching.

If you are having difficulty finding bottles, try turning the music down (by 
going into the Pause menu, then the Options menu, then the Sound Options menu, 
and finally adjusting the sound by pressing X and using the left analog 
stick/digital pad to adjust the music) and listening for the familiar clinking 

Sometimes bottles are high upon poles or rooftops, so you should either use 
Sly to climb and/or jump to them or use Bentley's Hover Pack (if you have it) 
to get to them.

In this guide, bottle locations will be at the end of each episode's section. 
Again, as of version 0.10 of this FAQ I have not found all the bottles yet, 
and will not have them up until I beat the game and can easily give a general 
location for bottles. I apologize for not having them up yet, but please do 
not contact me asking for bottle locations as I can't help you just yet.

0-0. Walkthrough

At the title screen, press start to begin a new game. Bentley, nervous and 
annoyed at Sly's attitude toward the code names, instructs Sly to turn on the 
elevator via the security station on the second floor. Once you gain control 
of Sly, move forward and jump on the tan trampoline to land on top of the 
suspended skeleton. Make way down its back and fins to jump to the ledge with 
the station; Sly will automatically pull the lever down.

The elevator comes down, containing Bentley. Just follow Bentley to the 
computer console and wait for him to disable the lasers and the security door. 
Run through the hall, turn right, and then go inside the hall on the far right 
side. You'll end up back outdoors on a balcony, with a black wire with blue 
sparkles on the upper right side. Bentley reminds you that you can walk on 
thin ropes/wires and slide on slick rails by jumping (X) and pressing the 
Circle button. Do so, and walk across the rope to the next roof. Jump on the 
wire on the upper right corner, and walk all the way to the next balcony. 
Murray is supposedly lost, so head on into the room yourself. Murray will then 
jump through the roof, calling himself "The Murray" and wearing what appears 
to be a red luchadore mask. Murray will then open the gates for you, allowing 
you to go to the balcony. Murray will pick up a bust and throw it at the gate 
on the other balcony. His "hulking frame is too much for that puny rope" (in 
other words, his butt's too big to go across), so jump on the rope and walk 
into the room.

A cutscene ensues in which Carmelita and Neyla bust out of the coffins, 
accusing Sly of stealing the Clockwerk Parts, surprising Sly. Neyla dismisses 
Carmelita's accusation and insists that it was the work of the Klaww Gang, 
giving Sly a clue and time to escape.

However, Carmelita will come out, shock pistol blazing. Simply run towards the 
camera, going down to the bottom level and avoiding the tables in the middle 
of the path. (Murray and Bentley will follow you, but it doesn't matter if 
they get hit.)

When you're back outdoors, keep jumping and running on the ropes connecting 
the rooftops, avoiding the blasts from Carmelita's pistol. (She's not a good 
shot, so don't worry too much about getting hit.) Eventually, you will slide 
down a spiraling wire, and when you reach the bottom, the getaway van pulls 
up. Jump into the van to end this section and view the prologue.

1-0. Episode 1 -- The Black Chateau
Back in Paris, Sly and the gang have found out that the Clockwerk Tail 
Feathers are in the posession of Dimitri, a frustrated artist who runs a 
nightclub, distributes spices, and learned English from hip hop videos. Why 
should someone with such terrible taste possess the Tail Feathers? You gotta 
take them back!

But first, some careful research and planning must be done before the big 
heist. In the Safe House, select Sly (at this point you can only select him or 
buy loot on ThiefNet, which is pointless as you don't have enough coins to buy 
anything yet) and go outside. Jump and hit the Circle button to grab on the 
nearby pole to get on the roof. Bentley will contact you, telling you that the 
antenna on the roof of the safe house will help with hacking into Dimitri's 
sattelite array, and to head toward the job start beacon.

You should be facing the general location of the start beacon; just jump over 
the rooftops and head toward the beacon located at the top of the stairway on 
the ground level.

1-1-1. Sattelite Sabotage (Sly)
Bentley needs you to find three satellite dishes and reposition them to point 
at the Safe House antenna. The first one is right in front of you -- run to 
the tower itself, and then grab onto the side pipe. Climb up, and press the O 
button near the marker on the dish to reposition it.

The next one will be ahead of you in the middle of the overworld area. It's on 
the roof of a building located directly behind the Safe House. Go across the 
rooftops to make your way to the dish, and press the O button at the dish's 

The final one is to the far right of you (when you're facing the Safe House). 
It's located on the building near the river edge with a "Le Hotel" sign (if 
you can't find it, press the L3 button or open your binocucom to find the 
marker). You should know what to do by now.

Job Completed!

Now, you must sneak through a wine cellar in order to get to the Nighclub. 
Head to the job marker located on the ground level front of the purple-domed 
building facing the river.

1-1-2. Breaking and Entering (Sly)
Inside the cellar, Murray is waiting for you, here to help you take down all 
the guards in this room. Head forward to get noticed by the rats and beat 
every last one in the room (there's no need to worry about Murray, as he won't 
take damage if he gets hit).

Once all rats are defeated, Murray will lower the bars blocking your way. 
Double jump over the bars to get to the next side. Avoid the first set of 
lasers down the hallway by waiting for a large gap to appear on the left or 
right side, and then avoid the second and third sets by crawling under the 

Past the third set, there will be a large flashlight guard standing in the 
middle of the pathway. Avoid being seen by crawling under the tables on the 
right hand side (don't worry if you go over the very edge of the flashlight; 
as long as you go slow, are on the far right side of the screen, and go under 
as soon as you can, you won't bee seen).

There's nothing of interest in the room on the right side (aside from a few 
objects that you can smash for coins), so ignore it. A flashlight guard will 
be standing on the far right side of the hallway, swinging his flashlight 
periodically from side to side. Wait until the flashlight is swung away from 
you, then walk (don't run) over to the table on the left side of the wall. 
Wait until he swings his flashlight away from the area in front of you, then 
crawl out from under the table. Crawl into the vent in front of you to head 
into the Nightclub.

At the end of the vent is a room with a flashlight guard turned away from you 
and yellow lasers blocking the entrance. Take out the guard with a Finishing 

Head into the hallway. There are some red lasers, and a flashlight guard 
walking around. Make sure that he's walking away from you before walking under 
a gap in the lasers and taking him out.

In the large room, there will be three rats patrolling the area. Whack 'em 
all, jump onto the stage, and smash the vent open so that you can crawl 
through it. 

Inside the printing press room, you will need to take some recon photos. Head 
to the window, and zoom in on and photograph these objects in the following 

1. the Money Printer, which is in the bottom center area of the screen. 
Dimitri's using the Tail Feathers to help print counterfeit money -- after 
all, if they were part of a bird that lived for numerous centuries, certainly 
they aren't going to wear down anytime soon.
2. the Generator above the Tail Feathers. This powers the security system.
3. Dimitri himself, who is walking on the catwalk around the g
enerator/printing press. Ew, that suit.

Job Completed!

(NOTE: From here on, you will be able to pick and choose which missions to do 
when. Same goes for after you complete the first job in each episode. Because 
of this freedom to pick and choose, I will not give directions to the job 
start beacons, and encourage you to choose which ones to do first on your own. 
Refer to the "Job" section in this guide for a few tips if you get lost or 
can't get to a beacon.)

1-2-1. Bug Dimitri's Office (Sly)
You must take the bugged painting to Dimitri's office and swap it with the one 
already there. However, if you get hit while you have the painting on your 
back, you'll fail the job and have to restart from either the beginning or the 
office window.

Grab the painting from the table (using the O button), and jump on the car 
across from you to get onto the rooftop. The entrance you now must take is 
located on top of the building connected to the Nightclub on its left side (if 
you're facing the Nightclub itself).

The building's front has three windows. On the far right window, there is a 
pipe on its left side that you can climb to reach the upper level. Sneak 
around the roof's ledge to get to the middle window, and press O to enter.

First, you will have to make your way across the room, where red lasers line 
the floor. However, four rat janitors are cleaning up the Nightclub/office's 
floor. They're typically spread out, which makes sneaking without entering a 
fight a bit tricky. While it is possible to engage in a fight with them 
without getting hit (be sure to watch out for the attack where they bring 
their broom back, then rush into you), it's a better idea for you to jump on 
the red platform to the left of where you begin, wait until the rats generally 
move to the right side of the room, and then sneak by to the other end of the 
room. (If you get hit by the small brown dirt clods they throw, you won't fail 
the job.)

Avoid the lasers by jumping through the gaps and jump onto the piano. There 
will be a gold spiralled wire that you can jump and grab onto. Climb up on the 
red platform, and sneak around the wall to get to the ledge on the other side.

From here, there will be a golden rope leading to the opposite side. Run along 
it, jump onto the next platform, and then sneak under the waterfall to get to 
the ledge with the vent. Smash it open and crawl into it.

In the office, press the O at the painting on the pedestal to make the switch.

Job Completed!

Exit through the door with the O button, and walk/sneak to the gold spiralled 
wire on your right side to climb up to the red platform and exit the way you 
came in. If you make it to the Safe House without taking a hit, you can sell 
the painting on ThiefNet for a fair amount of coins. (232 coins) (If you get 
hit, you'll lose the painting, but you won't have to restart anything. This 
painting, unlike the rest of the loot in the game, does not regenerate.)

1-2-2. Follow Dimitri (Sly)
Whack the bell on the boat to get Dimitri to come out. (How come he gets his 
own introduction scene and the other Klaww Gang members don't?) He will slowly 
saunter through the city streets (with his own lowsy dance music playing :X), 
periodically stopping and checking all around him. Large flashlight guards 
will still patrol the city streets, so sometimes you'll want to make a detour 
to avoid being seen (if Dimitri is out of your general site, a marker will 
point you to his location).

He will get off the boat and walk up the steps directly in front of him. He'll 
then go to the street on the left side of the Safe House. In this road, he'll 
stop and look all around him, so hide behind the table before you're spotted.

Next, he will do a u-turn around the building's corner, walk down the street, 
and then take the first street on the left. In the middle, he will do a spot 
check, so hide behind the car until he starts moving again.

From there, he'll take a right, go down the long street and out into the open 
area. He'll go right, and in the middle of this street he'll do another circle 
check, so hide behind the nearby car.

He'll then go around the water tower (the same one with the first dish in the 
Satellite Sabotage job), heading for the stairway on the far edge. He'll do 
one last spot check in this area, so either hide behind the tower or the 
staircase post to avoid being seen.

He'll go down the stairs, jabber in frustration trying to remember the code, 
and then inputs it and enters the door. Finishing this job opens up the 
Waterpump Destruction job for Murray.

Job Completed!

1-2-3. Waterpump Destruction (Murray)
(Note: The "Follow Dimitri" mission must be completed by Sly before you can do 
this job.)

Head back to the same door that Dimitri entered at the end of the Follow 
Dimitri mission, and you'll automatically enter the door.

To get past the lasers, Murray must pick up a block of ice from the machine 
and throw it at the power box. Press the Circle button to stomp, which tosses 
the block into the air for Murray to grab. Then, press Square to throw it at 
the power box past the laser. You'll have to do this twice to destroy the 
power box and thus the lasers.

Ignore Bentley's advice to pick up other stuff in the room (throwing boxes or 
barrels will usually result in nothing, possibly coins), and run back to the 
ice machine to grab a block of ice and throw it at the next power box. Again, 
do this twice to break the box.

In the next room, there will be a large flashlight enemy standing guard on the 
upper level. Pick up a block of ice and throw it at the guard to knock him out. 
You can jump up and pick the guard up, but throwing him will only knock him 
out again; take him out and move on.

Wait for a large gap to appear on the right side of the lasers (the gap that 
appears in the middle is not big enough to fit Murray), and walk up the wooden 

In the next room, you'll have to destroy the waterpumps by throwing rat 
enemies into it. First, knock out a rat by punching him, then stomp to grab 
him, face the pump, and then throw the rat into the pump. Every time an alarm 
sounds, another rat comes into the room. Toss in five rats to destroy the pump 
for good.

Job Completed!

With enough intelligence, the Cooper gang can now set the optimal scene for 
the big heist.

1-3-1. Theater Pickpocketing (Sly)
Sly must put a splice chip into the spotlights' controls (I assume), which is 
located on top of the grand chandelier in the middle of the room. However, the 
only way you can reach it is by the fans, which you currently can't step on 
without becoming raccoon fricassee. To slow them down, you'll need to 
pickpocket keys from the six guards patrolling the area and use them to 
operate the fan controls.

However, the keys are extremely fragile and will be destroyed if you attack 
the guard before pickpocketing them. Likewise, if you get hit while carrying 
one or more keys, you'll fail the mission. (However, you'll start back with 
however many keys you had before you had to continue.)

The first guard is right in front of you, walking back and forth on among the 
ledge. Wait for him to turn his back on you, and pickpocket him by pressing 
the O button when you're close to him. (Don't get too close or you'll be seen, 
and bear in mind that you'll have to pickpocket these guards three times 
before you'll get the key.) Once you get the key, do a Finishing Slam to 
dispose of him quickly and quietly. Remember that the location of the fan 
controls is directly across this ledge, connected by a gold rope.

Walk on the rope and jump on the purple platforms. On the ground floor are two 
guards patrolling the round walkway. In the middle are dining tables and 
spotlights, so you can't cut through. Wait for one guard to pass you, then 
drop to the bottom to sneak up behind the guard and pickpocket him. If you 
decide to take him out with a Finishing Slam, make sure that the other guard 
doesn't see you (you can hide behind the stage curtain and wait for the other 
guard to calm down and begin patrolling again).

You can either wait in the curtains or go up the gold spiralled rope 
connecting the purple platforms to wait for the next guard to come by. Again, 
wait for him to pass you, sneak up behind him, and get the third key.

From here, make your way to the stage curtains and go backstage. Go to the 
staircase on the left. Jump and grab on the pole and climb up to the stage 
lights. Make your way across the lights to the third guard, who is watching a 
bit of the boob tube. Steal the key from him and then Finishing Slam him for 
being an incompetent sloth.

Drop down to the bottom. On this side of the stage, there are two guards 
patrolling the area. One will go upstairs while the other stays on the bottom. 
Their pattern can vary from being in different spots to being in the same 
space at the same time, so be patient and wait (by either staying below the 
rised portion or jumping up and hiding under the table) for the guards to 
split paths and go after the one on the bottom. Sneak up behind him and steal 
his key, then get away before he turns back around (Finishing Slamming him is 
not recommended, as the noise may alert the upstairs guard).

Wait for the guards to split paths again, and go after the guard about to go 
up the stairs. Steal his key, then Finishing Slam him and dash upstairs before 
the other guard sees you. You'll be back in the small alcove with the fan 
controls, so press the O button to use the keys on it.

With the fans stopped, go back to one of the purple platforms, and then jump 
on and across the ropes of the fans to get to the main chandelier. Press O to 
insert the splice clip.

Job Completed!

1-3-2. Silence the Alarms (Murray)
From the Safe House, the first alarm you'll have to take care of will be on 
the far west side of the area, where Sly entered Dimitri's office. Head over 
there, taking out any and all guards along the way. Just do what Bentley says; 
stomp to pick up objects (or unconscious enemies) and throw them at the horns. 
You'll have to hit the alarm three times to destroy it.

Destroying alarms will cause enemies to run to get you, but taking them out 
should be no problem as Murray.

The second alarm will be on the opposite side of the city, near the 
Nightclub's back door. Opposite the alarm on the corner of the street is an 
ice box. Use that (and any enemies) to hit this alarm three times and destroy 
it. Sometime you may accidentally throw things into the river; just get 
another slab of ice or slab of enemy and try again.

The third and final alarm is near the end of the building with the "Le Hotel" 
sign (press L3 if you're unsure of where this alarm is). The ice box is along 
the building opposite the alarm. Use the ice slabs and enemies to hit this 
alarm three times and complete the mission.

Job Completed!

1-3-3. Moonlight Rendezvous (Sly)
Neyla meets up with Sly, and says that she led him here because she doesn't 
want the Klaww Gang to put the Clockwerk parts to use. She offers her help, 
but only if you can keep up -- literally.

You're pretty much going to have to run (hold R1) the entire mission -- if you 
fall too far behind, Neyla will get bored and you'll fail the mission. 
There'll be a trail of yellow sparkles following her, so with the exceptions 
of the times she jumps onto rooftops, you shouldn't really lose her. You 
should stay behind her, as she'll dispose of most of the enemies you might 
encounter, and if you run on a wire ahead of her she'll knock you off. Jumping 
slows her down, so use that delay time to catch up with her.

She'll run off the roof and go down the street near the river. She'll then 
jump on a car to jump on the bouncy canopy to get to the rooftop. She'll run 
on the rope connecting that building to the Safe House, and then jump on the 
rooftop of the lower building to the left. She'll run across the rope to the 
next rooftop and then jump off, running up the street along the river.

Then, she'll jump on the car on the left hand side to jump onto the purple 
canopy to get to the rooftop. She'll jump along the rooftop, past the 
satellite, and then run towards the end of the roof before jumping off. She'll 
then run past the fountain and jump on the striped canopy at the cafe (you'll 
have to jump on a table to get to the canopy) to get to its roof. She'll then 
jump to the orange canopy to the left of the cafe's rooftop, and then run 
across the rope to the purple-domed building.

She'll run to the building with the clock, and run past the clock to the 
riverside below. She'll run along the street and jump on the red car in front 
of the gates to get over them. She'll jump on the red speaker, jump on the 
light wire above it, and run along the circular platform before jumping in 
front of the nightclub back door. If you've kept up with her all this way 
she'll give you a key for the door.

(Good lord, this section was redundant.)

Job Completed!

1-3-4. Disco Demolitions (Bentley)
(Note: The "Moonlight Rendezvous" job must be completed by Sly before you can 
do this job.)

Poor Bentley is hopelessly frazzled at going out into the field alone. To get 
past the first laser gate, place a bomb on its controls. To get past the 
guard, fire a sleep dart at him, and then lay a bomb near him. Bomb the next 
laser gate to get into the main disco.

Here, you'll need to bomb four pillars that support the disco ball. The first 
one is right beside the staircase. Get close to place a bomb on it, then get 
away to avoid the explosion and the wrath of any guards who may be alerted.

Fire a sleep dart into and bomb the guard on the upper level, and go up the 
ramp. The second pillar is to your right.

Bomb the laser gate and then fire a sleep dart into and bomb the next two 
guards. The third pillar is up on a platform on the left hand side. The fourth 
pillar is further down on the right hand side, near some tables.

Job Completed!

Finally -- the big heist!

1-4-0. Operation: Thunder Beak
Select Bentley and head out to the beacon on the back side of the Safe House. 
Murray will acommpany you to the water tower (the same tower where Sly first 
started the "Satellite Sabotage" job). He'll help you take out any enemies in 
any fights you may get into (although you might get lucky and only have to 
encounter two rats standing in front of the tower). Jump and press O to land 
into Murray's arms, and as Murray, aim Bentley toward the circular entrance. 
Lay a bomb near the entrance, and jump off the tower to avoid the explosion. 
Jump into Murray's arms again, and have him throw you into the tower's 

You'll have to divert the water pressure by switching the valves. Turn them in 
this order:

                           1     5
                           4     2

Now you'll be playing as Sly. You'll have to pickpocket the key from the guard 
without being seen. Simply follow him (and, if there are other enemies 
following him, wait until they go down a different road), sneak up behind him, 
and steal his key. Head back to the plaza to give the key to Bentley and 

Back as Bentley, head out to the repair truck parked in front the Nightclub 
back door gates. Sleep dart & bomb any patrolling guards to minimize fuss.

In the plaza, Sly must get to the top of the peacock sign. Jump up on the 
cafe's striped canopy (the same on you had to jump on during the "Moonlight 
Rendezvous" mission) to get to the roof. There is a light wire connecting this 
roof to a balcony on the Nightclub. Run across it, jump down from the 
wire/balcony to the golden platform. Sneak across the wall, and jump on the 
gold wire to climb to the top.

Now you must fire the tow harpoon (by pressing O) at Sly so that he can grab 
it. Frankly, I have no idea how to aim it (aside from the obvious and general 
"aim at Sly"), so unless someone submits a better tip, you'll just have to try 
until he catches it.

The guards suspect something's fishy, and run towards the truck. Jump on the 
harpoon's rope to slide down it, and protect the truck from the waves of rat 
guards. The truck's health gauge is on the lower right side of the screen, but 
the amount of rats (no more than three at a time) shouldn't be overwhelming 
and if you keep on your toes this should be a piece of cake.

In the printing press room, you come across Dimitri, who will try to bribe you 
and spout meaningless slang, causing Sly to say what is probably every fan's 
favorite line in this game:

"I have no idea what you're saying. And your suit sucks."

BOSS: Dimitri
Dimitri will begin by firing purple blasts at you three times. Hide behind a 
pole to avoid the blasts; if you run out into the open you'll certainly be 
hit. When he tries to shoot a fourth time, his finger (??) shorts out, causing 
him to briefly jabber before firing again. Try to get in close enough to whack 
him before he fires again; otherwise he'll begin this pattern once more.

Once hit, he will switch his attacks to a sweeping tail attack or a rushing 
kick. He will precede these attacks by getting into a stance; get away from 
him while he's in this stance and hit him when the attack ends. Keep attacking 
and avoiding him until he comedically speeds away and begins the blasting 
pattern again.

Repeat the above patterns and Dimitri will run away to the printing press 
(to do WHAT?!), while Sly does a Power-up Whack, knocking Dimitri into the 
press and into a barrel. Is it just me or is Sly a bit...TOO giddy about 
getting those Tail Feathers?

Job Completed!

2-0. Episode 2 -- A Starry Eyed Encounter
The next member of the Klaww Gang to beat is Rajan. He was a poor peasant who 
worked his way up from the streets to the high life by selling spices. Despite 
his successes, he's quite paranoid and insecure of himself. Normally such 
people would resort to buying Ferarris and wearing Speedos at pool parties, 
but Rajan instead compensates by attaching the Clockwerk Wings to his throne.

The drawbridge that connects the spot of land the Safe House is on to Rajan's 
enclosed palace is currently drawn up, preventing Bentley and Murray, so 
select Sly and head northwest. On the river's edge, you'll see three craggy 
peaks with sparkly blue tips. Ninja Spire Jump on top of these by jumping and 
pressing the O button to land atop the rocks. Jump to the small island, spire 
jump onto the rock to your right, and jump and grab onto the rope to climb to 
the wall's top. (The spire and the small island you see upstream will lead you 
to a clue bottle and a section of the wall further down than the one described 
here.) Run along the wall, avoiding any flashlight guards you may come across, 
and at the end,  run on the rope connected to the snake statue.

2-1-1. Recon the Ballroom (Sly)
At the marker, Bentley tells you to sneak into the ballroom via the balcony. 
Go back on the path a little bit, and look for the branch with blue sparkles 
on your left side. Jump and hit the O button (you may have to double jump) to 
land on it. Jump and land on the branches and large leaves, and once you're on 
the balcony press O to open the door.

Inside, you'll have to stay back behind the curtains. Two large guards are 
standing watch, and if you go past the curtains you'll be seen.

Take photos of the following:

1. Left Clockwerk Wing.
2. Right Clockwerk Wing.
3. The electronic winch high up in the ceiling, above the throne.
3. Rajan, who periodically walks in and out of the upper left window on the 
right hand side of the room.

Then take photos of the guests:

1. Arpeggio, who appears in the window that Rajan was previously in.
2. Jean Bison, standing where Arpeggio previously was.
3. The Contessa, walking in and out of the upper right window on the left hand 
side of the room.
4. Carmelita, standing in the window where the Contessa used to be.
5. Neyla, standing the same window as the previous three.

Job Completed!

2-1-2. Lower the Drawbridge (Sly)
Murray and Bentley cannot get into the palace with the drawbridge up, so Sly 
must lower it for them. You'll have to steal five keys (which are NOT fragile 
like the keys in the first episode, so it's OK to take a hit) from guards in 
various positions:

1. Patrolling the land in front of the Safe House outside the palace. Get over 
there and pickpocket him. Be sure to avoid being seen by the elephant's 
2. At the snake statue. Make your way down the palace wall, run across the 
rope to him, and pickpocket him. What a shmuck.
3. On the corner of the roof near the palace. It's almost impossible to 
pickpocket him from where he's standing, so ring the gong to lure him away, 
and then pickpocket him as he stands about, wondering where the noise came 
4. Patrolling the bridge connecting the main palace area to the guesthouse 
area. When he reaches the end of the bridge, he might do a false turn by going 
one way and then switching back to his normal route, so don't be hasty if 
you're watching him from the rooftop or another vantage point.
5. On a guesthouse balcony. Try reaching him by running along the wall and 
jumping up the rooftops to find him. (You can't go through the guardhouse 
just yet, unless you've beaten the Steal a Tuxedo job already.)

Once all five keys are acquired, go back to where you began the mission and 
unlock the winch to lower the drawbridge.

Job Completed!

2-1-3. Ballroom Dance Party (Sly)
(This technically isn't a job, as you really don't do anything and it just 
leads into the Steal a Tuxedo job, but since it was listed in the Binocucom 
I'm listing it here.)

Simply go to the job beacon at the palace's ballroom door. The guy will 
inform you that there is a dress code, and no tux = no entry. Sly doesn't have 
one, but certainly he could find a spare one in the guesthouse.

2-1-4. Steal a Tuxedo (Sly)
Make your way to the guesthouse (which is isolated from the rest of the palace 
across a bridge).

Inside, Bentley tells you to ransack the place until you find tuxedo parts. 
Each room holds one tux piece, and several guards. Two flashlight guards will 
be patrolling the hallways, who should be easy to take out considering that 
there are multiple pipes and bouncing jugs to allow you to reach higher 
places. The layout of the house is as follows:

105                    101
      104         102


101: One flashlight guard. Smash the second luggage case to get the Bowtie.
102: One flaslight guard, one monkey guard, and one goat guard. Take out the 
large one before dealing with the others. Smash the drawer up the stairs to 
get the Gloves.
103: Rajan's room; also the largest and most heavily protected room. Avoid the 
two guards on the floor by simply going upstairs. Jump on the chandelier and 
climb up its rope to avoid being spotted by the guard's flashlight, and smash 
the dresser beside the bed to get the Dance Shoes.
104: Two goat guards and two monkey guards. Smash the chest beside the bed to 
get the Shirt.
105: One goat guard and one flashlight guard. Smash the luggage case to get 
the Tuxedo Jacket.

Take note that while going out on the balcony (which is through the double 
doors in every room but Rajan's) doesn't make you abandon your job, it DOES 
cause the guards to regenerate when you come back in. It's a pain in the butt 
to take those guys out again, so don't go out; it's not like you can do 
anything out there, anyway.

Job Completed!

2-1-5. Battle the Chopper (Murray)
Now Murray can come in and take out the chopper flying around the palace. 
(Which makes me wonder...why couldn't it have noticed Sly jumping around on 
all those rooftops?)

Before you can get to a-shootin', you'll need to lift the lever. Press O to 
grab a hold of it, and rapidly tap O to keep your strength up to lift it (you 
can also use Triangle, X, and Square if you feel inclined to do so, I just 
found that using O was easier).

Use the left analog stick to move/aim the turret and press R1 to fire. You can 
hold R1 down to rapid-fire, but use it for too long and overheat (indicated by 
the double gauge at the bottom), causing you to be temporarily vulnerable. 
You're better off just tapping the R1 button (and I agree that its placement 
is rather counterintuitive -- I adapted by placing the controller's right side 
in my lap, using my left hand to hold it in place and control the stick and my 
right fingers to rapidly tap the shoulder button).

Nevertheless, the chopper will fly around directly in front of you. 
Occasionally it will fire missiles (and more rapidly as you deplete more of 
its damage gauge), which you will have to blast before they blast you. Just 
keep destroying missiles and firing at the chopper and you'll beat this soon 

Job Completed!

2-1-6. Dominate the Dance Floor (Sly)
Now donned in a dapper tuxedo (and where did he steal the hair gel to fix 
his?), Sly can enter the ballroom. He will have to distract Carmelita (and 
everyone else) during the big heist by dancing with her, but she's very picky 
about who she shares the floor with. Luckily, Neyla doesn't have such 
reservations, and takes up his offer to dance.

Much like the Parappa rhythm games, you'll first be shown a screen which 
displays which buttons to press at certain times. You'll have to repeat what 
you see, but there's a catch: you have to memorize what buttons you were 
supposed to push.

(Note: For this job, "T" will represent the Triangle button and "S" will 
represent the Square button.)

T     T     T
T     T     O
O     T     X
O     T     O

T     X     T
O     T     X
T     T     S
X     T     X

XX    T     O
T     O  X  T
T     O     T
T     X  O  X
O  O  O     X
O     T     S

Shouldn't be too difficult, unless you're terrible at rhythm games. Just 
remember: follow the bouncing raccoon! ;P

Job Completed!

And now, the next phase of Bentley's plan:

2-2-1. Boardroom Brawl (Sly/Murray)
You will start this job as Sly, who must unlock the vault room for Bentley 
and Murray. Run to the end of the hall, avoiding and defeating flashlight 
guards as necessary, and crawl under the very last table to see the code (you 
don't need to memorize it). Run halfway down the hall, and press O at the 
marker on the laser-protected doorway to input the code.

Now you'll be taking control of Murray. Bentley must hack both computers 
repeatedly in order to get control of the electronic winch. This also gets 
the attention of the guards, who will run in and try to attack Bentley.

You and Sly must protect Bentley from dying (watch his gauge on the lower 
right hand side of the screen) until he finishes the hack job. Sly can hold 
his own and won't die, so don't worry about him (how nice to have a game with 
an AI that actually lives up to the "I" part, however minimal). Focus on 
Bentley, and punch any enemies that get close to him.

Bentley will begin with hacking the level six barrier and switch to the other 
computer every time he says "moving on to level X system". (The even-numbered 
levels are on the computer he started at, and the odd-numbered levels are on 
the computer near the fireplace.) Attack any enemies that get too close and 
move when Bentley switches, and you'll be triumphant.

When the job ends, you'll be in control of Sly and the door Bentley and Murray 
exited through will be locked, so exit out the way you first came in.

Job Completed!

2-2-2. RC Bombing Run (Bentley)
To take care of the air defense jeep, Bentley employs the use of his trusty 
radio control chopper (after all, if your game/movie/show has a geeky 
character in it, they MUST use some kind of RC device to save the day).

Use the left analog stick to move the chopper around and press X to drop 
bombs. Follow the air defense jeep as it zig-zags through the palace (if you 
lose it, follow the direction that the red air is pointing towards) and 
barrage it with bombs.

Once you do a bit of damage to it, the jeep will fire missiles at you. Avoid 
these by doing sharp turns (instead of wide, round ones like you usually 
would) by going a hard direction that was opposite of the way you were going. 
Drop bombs and avoid missiles and the skies will be clear.

Job Completed!

2-2-3. Elephant Rampage (Sly)
Not a difficult mission, but it can get tedious.

Do what Sly suggests and crawl under the hole in the steps, but make sure to 
turn to the side (in other words, don't go straight through) and crawl under 
the pen's boards for a bit. When you get close to a rat, you'll scare the 
elephants into going outside.

Get out from under the pen and the hole. You'll see the two elephants walking 
around the city (they have the large red pillars of smoke trailing from them; 
it's hard to miss). You'll just have to jump onto the nearest rooftop, wait 
for the elephant to make its way toward you, then jump onto the cart on its 
back. Whack at the elephant's headdress until you get a gem, after which it 
will throw you off its back.

As is an infuriated elephant's wont, they won't take kindly to you being on 
their back, and will try to swipe you off by flailing their trunks at you. 
Jump to avoid it, and continue smacking the headdress.

You'll have to get a total of six gems from these elephants, and sometimes you 
may have to cross to the other side to get to the other elephant. This and the 
waiting seem to be the only annoying parts of this mission.

Job Completed!

2-3-0. Operation: Hippo Drop
(Note: The map and your Binocucom refer to this as "Bomb the Bridge" for 
Bentley...but since you don't have to go to a marker to start Sly's and 
Murray's jobs, I just grouped this in with the main heist. Plus, the heist's 
name sounds cooler :D)

Select Bentley and head toward the bridge connecting the palace to the guest 
house. You must bomb the cleats on both levels to destroy it, thus eliminating 
the chance of reinforcements coming through. 

Run down the path along the cliff's edge to the bridge. Fall down to the lower 
level, and place bombs directly onto the nine lower cleats (get very close to 
the cleat and press Triangle). After the first bomb explodes, debris will 
begin to fall. Avoid the falling rocks and jump on the bouncing jug to get to 
the bridge's higher level.

Debris will continue to fall as you work on a much more limited space. Jump to 
get around this level, and place bombs directly on all eight cleats to finish 
Bentley's part of the heist. (Don't worry about being in the right place when 
the last cleat explodes, the cutscene will show Bentley running back up the 

Now Sly will take up Carmelita's offer of a dance. The same strategy used in 
the dance with Neyla applies here; it's only slightly more tricky but there 
shouldn't be too much of a problem beating this.

(Note: For this part, "T" will represent the Triangle button and "S" will 
represent the Square button.)

T     T     T
T     T     O
XX    T     X
O     T     S

T     X     T
T     O     X
O  O  X     S
X     T     X

XX    T     T
T     O  O  T
T     X  T  T
T     X  X  S
O  O  O     X
T     X     O

After Sly gives Carmelita the slip, Murray will be walking through the 
streets, carrying the heavy Clockwerk Wings to the van. You'll be controlling 
Bentley's RC chopper, using it to bomb any enemies that may block Murray's 
way. Sometimes enemies will be ahead of Murray or jump at him from above, so 
keep on your toes. Watch Murray's health gauge and keep him safe until he 
reaches the van. (Is it just me, or did the chopper controls on this seem much 
looser than the previos mission?)

Job Completed!

Guides for Episodes 3-8 will come soon. Please be patient!

0-6. Secrets
Beating the game with 100% does not give you anything aside from bragging 
rights. However, there are a few hidden goodies:

To unlock the TOM Gadget, pause the game and press Left, Left, Down, Right, 
Left, Right.

To unlock the Time Rush Gadget, pause the game and press Down, Down, Up, Down, 
Right, Left.

When you've beaten the game, you can check out hidden movies. On the episode 
selection screen, highlight the odd-numbered episodes and wait until a badge 
appears in the lower left hand side of the screen. Press the Square button 
when you see it to watch the movie. Episode 1 has an alternate opening, 
Episode 3 has the Sly 2 commercial that you probably saw on TV, Episode 5 has 
some...obnoxious thing that aired on Cartoon Network (god, La La, SHUT UP), 
and Episode 7 has a fascinating behind-the-scenes video.

0-7. Contact Information
If you spot a mistake in this FAQ or if you have an alternate strategy for 
beating a job/boss, please e-mail me and give me a name so that I may credit 

If you have a question pertaining to a part of the game not yet covered in 
this guide, politely e-mail me and I may help you out. Be sure to check the 
FAQ beforehand -- if you ask about something that I have already covered in 
it, I will either ignore you (most likely) or tell you to read the FAQ (if I'm 
in a good mood).

Please do not e-mail me with "How do I get to X job?" or "Where are the last 
clue bottles in episode X?" questions. I cannot specifically direct you to a 
job (although tips on how to find it will be in the Jobs section of the 
guide), and as of version 0.10 of this FAQ, I have not found all the clue 
bottles just yet.

If you have a web site on which you would like to display this FAQ, please 
(1) ask me for my permission, and (2) do not alter this FAQ in any way or 
form. Additionally, any unauthorized usage or alterations to this FAQ should 
be reported to me.

Other comments are also welcome.

When you e-mail me, please be sure to put "Sly 2" in its subject title. 
Failure to do so will end up with your mail ignored in the trash bin. That 

Replace the brackets and words with the correct symbols and e-mail: 


If you have AIM, my screenname is kodoku na cowboy. Please tell me who you are 
before you ask questions; otherwise I may get irate and block you (I'm not 
very kind with anonymous pranksters or spam bots :X).

Please be patient if I do not answer you immediately or have an answer ready 
for you; I'm a full-time college student and certain things have priority over 
this game. I am also writing this FAQ as I beat the game for a second time, so 
I may not exactly recall how to do a specific job/action/what have you.

0-8. Legal Disclaimer
Sly 2: Band of Thieves, its characters, and any other trademarks and 
copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark 
and copyright holders.

This FAQ is copyright 2004 Stephanie Lemmeyer (GameFAQS name: 
darkchaoscontrol). This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except 
for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.

The following sites have my permission to display my FAQ:
1. GameFAQs (
2. Cheat Code Central (
3. Neoseeker (

If you see a site using this FAQ without my permission, please notify me by
my e-mail address, located in the Contact Information section above.

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