PS2 Walkthroughs: Dark Cloud Walkthrough

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Dark Cloud Walkthrough

Dark Cloud (ACSII Art soon form Brother Reed!)
For the  Playstation 2
Created by: Tiger8191
Date Created: 6/3/01
Version: 1.1


This FAQ is protected by international copyright law. This FAQ is for personal
use only. DO NOT post this FAQ on any website for profit. DO NOT copy this FAQ
and post it on your website as yours without the expressed written consent of
me. If you do I ask that you email me and ask for permission and an explanation
of your site. 99% of the time I will allow it is not for profit and I get
credit on your site for creating the FAQ. If you do sell it I will require 99%
profit made by my FAQ and you can have the rest. DO NOT make your own FAQ by
taking bits and pieces of mine. This is called plagiarism and it is illegal and
I have enough money to take legal action if necessary, or will I?? But I'm sure
we won't have to go that far, right? You can print this file to use while you
are playing the game. Give it to your friends if you like.

Webmasters! If you have a site and it isn't up yet, email me with the URL when
I am able to check out your website. I will not put my FAQs on any site that
has offensive material. So when I am emailed by another site wanting to host my
FAQ I check out the site, but lately I have had webmasters email me wanting
permission to post my FAQ but their site doesn't exist. These emails will be
ignored and deleted. If you were one of these, email me again when your site is
up and you most likely be granted permission.

If you can't follow these rules then do not bother reading this. I posted this
to help fellow gamers with troubles they might be having, that's all, nothing
else. For permission please email me at


Well finally I am pleased to see a decent RPG for the Playstation 2. Some might
disagree but I think compared to Orphen, Eternal Ring, and Evergrace, we have
something to keep us busy and entertained till the release of FFX. As a fellow
FAQ writer said, Dark Cloud is a mix of Legend of Mana and Timestalkers. Some
may not be too thrilled about that comparison, but in my humble opinion, I
believe that it fixes the problems in those titles.

This game grabbed me right away. I love the graphics, the controls are great,
and I like the story. It won't go down as one of the best PS2 titles but it is
a game worthy of some recognition. Hopefully I will be able to help you get
through this game and make some things easier or more understandable for you.
This is my 5th FAQ, and will be my first RPG FAQ so bear with me if it doesn't
have the right feel as an ATadeo or Dingo FAQ. I promise to do my best to help
you out.

VERSION HISTORY________________________________________________________________

1.0 (6/1/01)
Started typing up the intro, disclaimer, version history, and other tid-bits.
Won't submit this version.

1.1 (6/3/01)
Started typing in all the necessary info you may need to play this game. Also
added was the first part of the walkthrough, items, weapons, and other tid-bits
to get you started. I will update regularly so don't worry if you are ahead of
me. Soon I will be ahead of you!

TABLE OF CONTENTS______________________________________________________________

I.        Controls
II.       Main Menu
III.      Screens
IV.       Command Menus
V.        Weaponry Menus
VI.       Battle
VII.      Dungeons
VIII.     Georama Menu
IX.       Characters
X.        Gameplay Tactics
XI.       Walkthrough
XII.      Items
XIII.     Attachments
XIV.      Alta Pieces
XV.       Beastiary
XVI.      Weapons
XVII.     Email Rules
XVIII.    Thanks!
XIV.      Copyright Info


                        _____                 ______
                       | L1,2|               | R1,2 |
                       -------               --------
                      /   _    \____________/        \
                     |  _| |_    ___    ___     /\    |
                     | |_   _|  |sel|  |str| []    O  |
                     |   |_|    __   __   __    X     |
                     |         /  \ |  | /  \         |
                      \       | L  |----|  R |       /
                       \     / \__/      \__/ \     /
                        \___/                  \___/


Select menu item --------- Directional button or Left analog stick + X

Scroll menu items -------- Directional button or Left analog stick

Open Command menu -------- Triangle Button
(in Walking/Dungeon Mode)

Change option settings --- Directional button or Left analog stick
(on Option Menu)

Highlight Weapon, Item --- L1 or R1 button
or Attachment Inventory tabs

Pick up item in Invetory - Directional button or Left analog stick + X

Drag and place item ------ Directional button or Left analog stick + X

Place multiple like ------ Triangle button
items in Active Menu

Quick buy/sell/check ----- Triangle button
at shops

Close menu --------------- Circle button

Put item back ------------ Circle button


Run/Walk ---------------- Left analog stick

Climb ladders ----------- X button to grab, Left analog stick Up/Down

Open some doors --------- X button
(some need keys)

1st person view --------- R2 button

Look around ------------- R2 button + left stick

Talk -------------------- X button

Use Item Menu when "!" -- Square button

Center Camera View ------ Circle button

Pan Camera View --------- Right analog stick or L1/RI in dungeons

Strike with weapon ------ X button (hold for charged attack)

Toggle Enemy Lock-on ---- Circle button

Switch target Lock-on --- L1 button

Block attack Lock-on ---- R1 button

Quick Ally switch ------- Select + Driectional button or Left stick

Open Chests and Alta ---- X button when you see "!"

Cycle through Active ---- Directional button Left/Right

Use Active Item --------- Square button


Toggle Edit/Walking ---- Select button

Move Georama cursor ---- Directional button or Left analog stick

Pick up/Place ---------- X button

Move Georama object ---- Directional button or Left analog stick

Remove Georama object -- Square button

II. MAIN MENU__________________________________________________________________

Start -    Begin a new game

Continue - Load a saved game

Option -   Change setting of game

-Save Cusor Position-
 Turn ON to leave the cursor in position when you close a menu.
 Turn OFF to return cursor to the defualt position when closing a menu.

 ON or OFF

-Message Display Settings-
 Select the speed of the dialogue...NORMAL or SPEEDY.

 Match the sound specs to your TV.

-Clock Display-
 ON or OFF

-Time Progress-
 Select the rate at which time passes in the game. NORMAL or SPEEDY.

-Map Display Settings-
 Set the transparency level of the dungeon map.

-Display DMG Point(Enemy)-
 Damage points ON/OFF

-Display DMG Point(Player)-
 Damage points ON/OFF

-Enemy's HP Display-
 Enemies life meter ON/OFF

-Display Character Name-
 Display the names of people and monsters ON/OFF

-Farside Soft Focus-
 Distant views are softly focused when set to ON.
 Distant views are shrper when set to OFF.

III. SCREENS___________________________________________________________________

Here I will try and give full descriptions of what your screen will look like
and what each thing is on the screen. As well as explain your map.


-                                    -
-                                A   -
-                                    -
-                                    -
-                                    -
-                                    -
-         C                          -
-                                    -
-                                    -
-                                    -
-                                    -
-                                    -
-    B                               -

   This shows the time of day. People will respond differently depending on
   the time of the day.

   This will appear when you have to make a decision about what to say or what
   action to take. Select using X.

   Blue arrow that appears over the location of a person who you can talk to.


-B                     F                    G      -
-C/D                                               -
-E                                                 -
-                                                  -
-                                                  -
-                                                  -
-                                     A            -
-                                                  -
-                                                  -
-                                                  -
-                                                  -
-                                                  -
-                                                  -
-                                                  -
-                                                  -
-                                                  -
-                                         I        -
-   H                                              -

   This shows the area you are currently in. It will grow as you venture more
   into the area.

-Pink arrow is you
-Green dots mark the location of Alta.
-Large green squares are floor entrances
-Yellow green squares are floor exits.
-Red dots are enemies.
-Yellow dots are chests or objects.
-Large blue circles are water. (Used to fill health and thirst)
-Small blue circles are Mystery Circles. Good and bad!
-Large Pink "?" designate backfloor entrances.

   Your Hit pints (HP)

   Measure the durablilty of you equipped weapon. Striking a weapon lowers the
   WHp of a weapon. When the WHp wears out the weapon will break and vanish.

   As you defeat enemies you absorb their power to upgrade your weapon.

   Water is necessary for survival. Run out of water and your HP will drop.

   These are items that are quickly available. Use by pressing Square. Use the
   directional pad to select your item.

   This shows you what floor you are on.

   This shows your ability to attack. When partially full or full you can
   attack. When empty you cannot.

   Appears to warn you if you are poisoned or under a spell.

IV. COMMAND MENU_______________________________________________________________

When you press Triangle you will get the list of Command Menus. Here I will
describe what they all are.

 Here you can move items around and use them.

 Here you can equip weapons, add attachments, look at stats, and upgrade.
 See V. for more info!

 Here is where you can change allies while in a dungeon.

 Where you can start to reassemble your world.
 See VIII. for more!

 Use this to leave a building.

 Use to transport to different reigions.
-Red X-places you can go
-Blue X-place where you are now

 Use the mind connect and the Fairy King will take you out of the
 dungeon. Must kill all enemies in current level to work!

 Learn details about every aspect of Dark Cloud!

 Change game options

 Save your game!

IV. WEAPOMRY MENUS_____________________________________________________________

This section will for now discuss weapons and how they work here in the world
of Dark Cloud. As time goes by this section shall hopefully boast a load of
info that will deal with how to make and upgrade weapons in great detail. As of
know the info is still being collected so we will deal with the basics as of


There are different types of weapons here in Dark Cloud. We have:

Primary weapons:

Throwing Weapons:
Magic Gems

Throughout the making of this FAQ I will get a full list of all the weapons in
Dark Cloud.

WHp-The hit points of a weapon. This will decrease with each attack of the
weapon until it breaks. Use Repair Powder to fix it before the WHp hits 0!

ABS-This is the ability to absorb power from defeated enemies. When you fill up
the ABS gauge you will be able to upgrade the weapon to make it more powerful.

At(attack)-Attack power of the weapon. Higher the number the more powerful
           the damage.

Ed(endurance)-This shows the durablilty of the weapon. The higher the number
              the longer it will take for it to lose its WHp.

Sp(speed)-The higher the number the faster it recovers for the next attack.

Mp(magic)-Weapons with higher Mp take greater advantage of it's elemental

XI. Walkthrough________________________________________________________________

Now we are ready to play. Hit Start and let's begin....

We scroll through information about our story. Here is where we get to name our
hero. For reasons that are obvious we will use the name Toan in this FAQ. Enter
whatever name you wish and hit DECIDE when done. Then hit X to accept.


We now cut to some tribal ceremony. We see a pudy little man and a man that
looks as if he is a General (FLag) of some sorts. They are discussing the
ceremony. We see a character who looks a little like Kuja form FF9 sneaking
around as they talk to each other. By the looks of it I believe they are
summoning some type of creature.

As the dancers do their thing a giant Genie appears. It is the Ancient Dark
Genie. Flag tells the Genie that he is its Master. This will then lead to the
quick exit of the little pudgy fellow. Hmmmmm....

We know cut to a village. A young girl is running and enters a hut. Yes, you
guessed it, your house! Toan is told to hurry and come outside for something.
When you get outside you see there is a ceremony going on. Looks familiar huh?
Well it seems Flag has decided his plan on how to destroy the world! The Dark
Genie and Flag appear and destroy the entire village.

Taon awakes in an empty field. He is greeted by a Fairy King. The Fairy King is
an entity that untites all of natures spirits. He tells Toan about the Dark
Genie and how it is powerful enough to destroy the world. He tells Toan his
entire village was destroyed! *sniff*

It seems, as expected, that you have the ability to take on this evil! The
Fairy King gives you an Altamilla. It's a stone with a magical power. The Fairy
King transports you back to village, your empty village.

The Fairy King explains that just before the Dark Genie destroyed the village,
he saved the buikdings and people by sealing them into spheres called "Alta".
These spheres were blown all over the land. It's now up to Toan to find them
all and put the world back together before the Dark Genie realizes what has
happened. We'll discuss the Alta when it is time.

The first thing you need to do is go to the Cheifs house. This is where you
will get your first clue on how to begin your adventure.


Head straight to the house that looks like a crashed Blimp. The Chief says that
Dran, the Gaurdian of Norune Village, should be able to help. The Chief says go
to the DIVINE BEAST CAVE. He gives Toan a cave key and some supplies to start
his adventure.

Exit the house nad head straight and to the right. You will see the entrance to
the caves form the house. Use the key to open the door.


The Fairy King is there to greet you when you enter the cave. Your fist goal is
to conquer the cave and find Drans Liar. After the King shows you a tutorial on
how to play, it is time to enter the first level of the cave.

Since this is a game where the levels and items are different for everytime
through, I will give you what monsters you are likely to meet and what Alta
pieces you will find in each level. I have played thour B1 and B2 three times
each and found the same Alta pieces. I hope it wasn't a coincidence!

Go into town and get supplies whenever needed!

Skeleton Soldiers
Cave Bats -Poison!

Alta Pieces:
Macho's House
Small Windmill 1

When you enter B2 you see a cat.

Skeleton Soldiers
Cave Bats-Poison!
Yammich-Big attack 32+hp!

Alta Pieces:
Annex Room

Also you should be able to find one or two new weapons!

When you enter the Fairy King will give you a new tutorial.

Skeleton Soldiers
Cave Bats-Poison!
Yammich-Big attack 32+hp!
Statue Dog

Alta Pieces
Paiges House
Claudes House
Old Gaffer
Upstairs Storage

XVII. EMIAL RULES______________________________________________________________

If it isn't here than don't expect a quick reply. I will update on a very rapid
basis. I want to get the info out as soon as possible so my fellow gamers can
use this for any rough spots. This is an early version and will ne updated in
two days with a lot more be patient!

Again...webmasters! Do not email me asking permission for this FAQ! I will not
give it to you! READ THE DISCLIAMER!

XIV.COPYRIGHT INFO_____________________________________________________________

This walkthrough is copyright 2001 (C)Tiger8191 FAQS

I am in now way affiliated with Sony

Dark Cloud is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
(C) 2001 Sony Computer Entertainment



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