PS2 Walkthroughs: Jak III Walkthrough

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Jak III Walkthrough

                   |           Jak 3 Walkthrough	    |		        

Written By: Alex Cleland
Platform: PlayStation 2
Version: 1
Last Update: 23/12/04
Copyright 2004-2005 Alex Cleland

                               Table of Contents
Version History................................<#AAA>           
Copyright Info.................................<#AAB>         
	Act 1..................................<#AAD>         
	Act 2..................................<#AAE>    
	Act 3..................................<#AAF>                  
Weapon Guide...................................<#AAG>    
Light/Dark Jak.................................<#AAH>            
Inventory Guide................................<#AAI>              

                                Version History
Version 1.0 - 23/12/2004 - Started Guide
Version 1.0 - 27/12/2004 - Finished Guide (after some serious time spent 
staring at the T.V screen mind you. 

Version 2.0 - Filled in some missing information (thanks to Shadow) and fixed
some spelling mistakes

Version 2.1 - Changed the copyright notice and fixed some mistakes

			      Copyright Information

This guide is copyrighted to me, Alex Cleland and may not be posted on
any webpage, magazine ect. without my permission. If you email me and I
do allow you to post this guide on your site then you must agree to
not tamper with it and keep it updated. If you wish to reproduce this 
guide for private use then it may not be tampered with or altered in any
way. If I find that you have stolen my work expect legal action.  

The following guides may post this guide: /

Hello and welcome to my complete walkthrough for Jak 3. I was a fan of the Jak
and Daxter series from the moment Jak 2 came out. Although I never have played
the original Jak, Jak 2 and 3 were one of the best games I have ever played. It 
had everything that I could ever want in a game, humor, cool lead character, 
solid storyline, great gameplay and lots of guns! So know I sit here writing 
this guide for a few reasons. I love playing this game so writing a guide 
should prove entertaining as well. I have been looking for a game to write a 
guide on and when I saw that a large number of gamers were in desperate need 
of a Jak 3 guide, I set off right away. The last reason is the fact that Iím 
on holidays and very bored! Anyway I hope you enjoy reading and gathering 
information from this guide at much as I enjoyed writing it. Have Fun! 

Please note that this guide was written whilst playing Hero Mode

********************************|     #AAD     |**************************
                        |          wALKTHROUGH         |	              
********************************|   Act One    |**************************

Mission: Arena Training

In case you have not played Jak in a while, or at all, this mission will give 
a course in how to play the game. It will give you a list of instructions on 
the screen which will explain things far better than I can here. If you donít 
know where a crystal is then you can always press R3 (hold down the right 
joystick) to get a first person view. Goodluck!  

Mission: Earn First War Amulet

Obtain: Morph-Gun
        First War Amulet
        Blaster Mod 
        Spargus Gate Pass

With your new gun head into the arena and start firing away at the soldiers 
coming in, seemingly from every direction. In a nutshell, all you have to do 
is fire away quickly and in every direction. When you hear an alarm sound and 
little bits of lava come up from the floor, this means the whole bottom level 
will be flooded with lava. When this happens, just jump on the platforms that 
come up. When you have around 5 marauders left you will automatically 
transform into Dark Jak, and stay that way. Jump onto the platform 
and through the door to find Kleiver.

Mission: Catch Kanga-Rats

Start by getting on the Leaper (Triangle). Now, the first rat is located 
just down the stairs and slightly right, this takes a bit of skill as you 
have to press square whilst you are right behind the rat in order to capture 
(or eat) it. The second rat is located just to the left of the stairs, 
remember to press square at the right time. The third rat is located a just in
front of the second. If you take a left from the original position of the third
rat, then you will encounter the fourth. The fifth rat is located a little 
while north from the fourth, in the food court (where the food stalls are, 
by the ocean). The unlucky last rat is just past the fruit stores by the 
ocean again. Please note that if you don't like following my instruction you 
can always follow the little red dots in the bottom right corner of the 

Mission: Unlock Satellite

Obtain: Dark Eco Crystal

After the previous mission, follow the helmet to find Seem. Now, this mission 
can be very tricky and difficult. First you must wait until the right symbol 
enters the circle, pressing the right button at the wrong time will still 
count as incorrect, I cannot help you with this, but just try and stay sharp.

Mission: Learn to Drive a Vehicle

Nothing too special in his mission, simply drive through the first light then 
press square at the second, followed by pressing L2 for a rear view. Reverse in
to the third light and jump into the fourth. For the fifth you have to press 
circle while directing the joystick to the left to pass through the L-turn. 
For the sixth you must enter the light, then press L1 and put in a 
direction on the joystick. 

Mission: Beat Kleiver in Desert Race

Obtain: Tough Puppy (sand vehicle)

Now its time for the race. This is of medium difficulty. The red little lights 
found in various places of the course (at the beginning, on top of a hill, jump
to get it and the other is on the hill at the end of the tunnel, again jump, 
and after the mud straight) will activate a little light on the bottom left 
hand side of the screen, when one (or more) are lit you can press L2 for a 
speed boost. Now if you want to take my advice, you should always deviate to 
the right when the race begins because all of the race participants will 
cluster briefly. Also, save at least two boosts for the big straight with the 
puddles on it towards the end of a lap (try and jump over them as much you can,
helps if you stay on the right hand side). The other boost should be used for 
the tunnel. Other than that, the rest is up to your driving skills, good luck!

Mission: Race for Artifacts

Obtain: Mar's Gauntlets

After the race, follow the tire to Damas, though the doors. Now, their is not 
much point in me explaining how to do this mission as it is pretty straight 
forward, just follow the beams of light from the sky and try to avoid the cars
that shoot at you (red dots on the map).  

Mission: Beat Monks in Leaper Race

Obtain: Light Eco Crystal

After a brief cut scene you will be at the starting line of a leaper race. 
Again, I cannot give detailed instructions on this mission. These monks race 
dirty, repelling you if you get to close to them, so donít ram them, just keep
your distance and when you need to over take, just jump or go round. Aside from
that, run through the course a few times to get the feel of it. Don't get 
frustrated if you can't get it first shot, it took me about 7.

Mission: Destroy Metal Head Beasts

Obtain: Dark Eco Crystal

After talking with Kleiver hop in the Sand Shark and start driving, taking a 
right as soon as you leave the base. Now, this ride has something that the 
tough puppy doesn't, a gun, to use it simply press the R1 button. Now for all 
of these metal heads only one basic strategy needs to be used, that is simply 
to stay a safe distance behind them and fire away, I say a safe distance 
because they will turn around and swing their heads from side to side after a 
while (which does practically no damage) and/or drop dark eco balls, which 
inflict  decent damage. Of course, if your not comfortable doing that then 
you could always stay in the same position until they came into view and fire 
at them then, but that would take more time.

Mission: Earn Second War Amulet

Obtain: Wave Concussor (before fight)
	Beam Reflexor
	Second War Amulet

After taking pleasure in shooting a few marauder cars with your new machine 
gun, return to base and follow the crown to find Damas sitting on his throne. 
After receiving the Wave Concussor follow the sword to the arena. 

After summoning a dark bomb you will be reduced to the simple Jak again. Start
by whipping out your new Wave Concussor and let those shockwaves begin, waiting
until 2 or more marauders surround you. As the lava begins to break through the
floor, you will need to move to the next platform (not the 4 pillars that raise 
up, because they are now swallowed by the lava as well). If you manage to run 
out of ammo, then simply fight hand to hand or use the blaster mod. Leave the 
Arena and talk to Kleiver.

Mission: Corral Wild Leapers

Obtain: Dune Hopper

This mission has the potential to get very, very frustrating. When you enter 
the ruins you will need to drive up close to a leaper to release Dax, after 
doing so you must direct the leapers to the cage (with an extremely narrow 
entrance). Try very hard to stay away from the green plants on the ground, as 
they will trip the leaper up, also do not run into walls, as that will also 
cause Dax to lose his balance. Try to catch leapers close to the cage, as 
their are less green plants around there, and their is less room for error. 
If you are finding that you are running over the leapers because you are 
getting to close (whilst waiting for Dax to Jump) then keep in mind that you 
might have to stay behind them for a few seconds before Dax decides to jump.

Mission: Climb to monk temple tower

After jumping through the long winding island track stop in front of the 
pillars and enter the door to the right. You will through out this level that 
their are several eyeballs that will summon spikes when they see you 
approaching, donít worry about them as they will be dealt with later.

Upon entering, jump up the two stones and up onto the trampoline which will 
bounce you to another stone on your right. After jumping up the two rods follow 
the path of stones on your right. Jump up another two rods and follow another 
path of stones, taking care with the collapsible ones. Enter the cave and break 
open the pot for some ammo and then climb the stairs. Break open another pot 
and follow the stone platforms, again taking care with the collapsible ones. 
Jump up the rod and follow yet another stone path before jumping up three more 
rods and following the stone trail. Jump up another pair of rods and follow the 
trail before coming to another two rods and finally reaching the finish. 

Mission: Glide to Volcano

This can be tough if you don't know exactly what to do. Obviously you must pass 
through the blue rings to gain acceleration, shooting the cluster group of 
balls to open up new rings. When you come to the end of one string or rings, 
you must pass through the wind geyser to last you through to the next string. 
The bar on the bottom tells you how long you have before the glider runs out of 
momentum, if it reaches the left (red) hand side then it's game over. Also keep 
in mind that the body of the glider doesn't have to pass through the ring, just 
a majority of the wing.   

Mission: Find Satellite in Volcano

The map is your best friend in mission like these, so if your ever lost its as 
easy as pressing start, x. Anyway, when you "land" follow the path straight 
ahead, using your scatter gun to K.O the metal heads, jumping up cliffs until 
you reach a leaper that runs from you, upon beginning your chase be aware of 
the flying metals heads and of the collapsible platforms. When you reach an 
open space of the level the leaper will begin to run around and stop for a 
seconds or two. Keep on doing roll jumps until it stops, at which point you 
can quickly press triangle to climb on. After that little segment jump up the 
platforms until you reach a volcano hurling lava balls into the air. Wait until 
it goes down and jump to the platform on the left. Repeat this a few times 
until you reach a plateau with metal heads on it. To get off the leaper you 
need to direct it toward the ladder. After you deal with the metal heads, climb
the ladder and approach the tree to your right, this is were the Dax game 
begins. Dodge the lava balls and rivers until you begin fighting metal heads, 
which Daxter is capable of beating up, despite his size. Keep on going until
you reach a few boxes of ammo on top of a cliff. Walk to the nearby pillar
for a cut scene, after which you will be able to return to Jak's shoulder.

Walk back across the bridge and use a high jump to reach the cliff with 
the boxes of ammo. Walk down the steps defeating the metal heads until you come
to a geyser with a circular rock. Push the rock on top of the geyser to gain
access to the next platform. Keep pushing on until you see a cut scene, in which
Dax will take the lead again. 

This game isn't to hard, you simply need to direct Dax in the right direction 
so he does not fall of the side, pressing jump when confronted with a gap in the
path. After that little game, walk up to the cliff and jump on the pile of 
rocks on the left, jump up the trampolines until you reach the top of the 
cliff. Defeat the metal heads and jump up another set up trampolines, again
using the rocks on the left hand side. After another set of trampolines you 
will come to view a cut scene with Dax, in which he is returned to Jak. 

With Jak now back in command push the rock onto the Geyser and jump up to the
platform, defeat the metal heads until you come to a ledge with three geysers
and three rocks. The middle geyser is already plugged with a rock so all you
need to do is plug up the other two and jump on the middle rising platform. 
Keep following the path until you reach a lava stream with platform. Jump on 
one and then quickly jump on the ladder straight ahead, upon climbing the 
ladder a cut scene will incur. 

Jump back down the ladder and onto another platform, wait until it reaches the
edge before jumping to the next area. Smash the ammo crates and proceed down
the winding trail until you reach a fork, go straight, pass the glider to reach
an invisibility statue. Remember those eyes that would raise spikes when they
saw you? Now that you are invisible you can pass through them undetected. 
Anyway, once you touch the statue, go through the portal to your left. 

Mission: Find Oracle in Monk Temple
Obtained: Light Jak Regeneration

Touch the statue on the opposite side of the room and pass the eye to your 
right. Defeat the spider metal heads, advancing through the corridors until you
reach a dark eco fountain, bask in its darkness and go on. 

This part can be tricky. As soon as you enter the room take left path around,
hugging the wall until you come to an invisibility statue. Once invisible run
into the center of the bots and jump onto the button, opening the door. Then
whip out your wave concussor and take them all out. 

Proceed through the door, blowing away the metal heads until you reach an 
invisibility statue, touch and jump across the gorge using the bars, then
proceed past the eye. Do this 4 times. After which, go through the door to the
left and load up on light eco before talking to the oracle. After the cut scene,
jump through the teleported behind you and return to your dune hopper. 

Mission: Rescue Waste Landers
Obtained: Dark Eco Crystal

Definitely one of the harder mission in this game. You must rescue all four
wastelanders before the storm hits. When you approach a wastelander you must 
stop entirely so that they can get in your car. Then you must drive them back
to the transport. Unfortunately, I cannot help you rescue all four wastelanders.
That is up to you. The only advice that I can give is to shoot as many red cars
as possible, as they will drop boosts. Also stay out of the water, as that will
dramatically slow you down. At some point in the mission you will have to drive 
through a valley with water, in this case left hug the left wall where it is
dry. Keep in mind that you will need eco boosts every time you attempt to jump
a bridge, other wise you will crash. Now, when you approach the 4th wastelander
a boss will appear. 

Boss: Dark Splinter (for lack of better name)

This is fairly simple for a boss battle. I will explain it in stages.

Stage 1:
This is when the boss will draw a circle underneath itself with lasers. It 
would be in your best interests to stay directly underneath the boss (in his
shadow even) until the attack ceases.

Stag 2: 
This is when the boss falls to the ground and begins swiping the ground 
with his tentacles. Simply do a combination of jump and fire until he goes in
to stage three.

Stage 3:
During this stage the boss will hover above the ground with a shield protecting
his body. Linking into stage 1.

Now all you have to do is flaw it back to the city. You should have a fairly
decent amount of time left so donít stress. Just shoot anything that appears in 
front of you.

Mission: Beat Turret Challenge
Obtained: Light Eco Crystal

Talk to Kleiver and climb to pillar to start the challenge. Now, this mission 
is actually quite fun, provided you know what your doing. A majority of the
disks will come vertically from the ocean, making them easy pickings for you.
However, their are other disks that will come from the left or right side of
the screen, in order to predict when they will appear in front of you, just 
keep and eye out for the arrow on the right/left hand side. Green disks should
take top priority as they are worth the most points, then blue and lastly red.
Don't panic of you miss a few disks, as their is a limit of 10. After the 
mission go to the arena to have a chat with Damas.

Defeat Marauders in Arena
Obtained: Vulcan Fury

Your given the Vulcan fury for this fight, but to be honest I don't think 
it's the best gun for this situation. Jump into the arena and break open the
ammo boxes to begin the battle. The approach that I took in this situation was
to stay away from the center, as their arenít enough enemies that surround
you to use the wave concussor. Instead, pull out your blaster and run around
the edge of the arena, shooting anything that puts itself in your path. As
always the floor will sink, so jump on pillars accordingly. 

Destroy Eggs in Nest

Follow the cave icon to lead you to the designated spot. After a cool cut scene
the mission begins. Please not that throughout this mission you should not take
you finger off the R1 button. I say this because of the little mushrooms that
lurk in this cave will attack continuously and drain your health. Now, when you
begin, just drive down the path until you come to a little ramp. Follow it 
clockwise, going underneath the ramp to gain access to the next area. First 
take out the egg to your right, then to your left, then go underneath the 
bridge and take out the one their, then the one ahead. At this point you should
have 5 eggs left. Now, veer ahead and to your right (from the last egg) and 
shoot down the pillar to form a bridge and head on down to the next area. From
this area, shoot the egg in front of you, take a left over the bridge and 
destroy the remaining eggs (their all pretty much one after another). From here
shoot down the pillar (the stone tower with small eggs on its base) to form
a bridge. Follow the path through the mud and over the bridge, straight through
until you reach the ramp. Follow the path counter clockwise until you reach the
end of the cave. 

Defend Ashelin at Oasis
Obtain: Jet board
        Seal of Mar

Follow the tree on the map to find Ashelin, after a cut scene you will find your
selves being attacked by a huge group of marauders. 

Your wave concussor is your best friend hear. Stick close to Ashelin and fire
a shockwave at anyone who dare comes near. If you run out of ammo your vulcan
fury or blaster are the next best bet. Keep in mind that you also need to 
destroy some of the cars, which the wave concussor is more than capable of 

Complete Monk Temple Tests
Obtain: Light Jack Flash Freeze

After the cut scene with Ashelin, follow the red cross to the monk trials. Once
inside, go straight ahead and through the door with the spike holes on the 
floor (the spikes wont come up). From their, just follow the path until you 
reach a round door (where the bots where in the circle around the button). Jak
will use is newly acquired seal of mar to open it. Walk through until you come
to a section with pink and blue symbols, 18 of them you have to collect. 

*The first is right in front of you
*Five more can be found on the bottom level (one to the left when coming out 
of the entrance.
*Take a right (if your facing the entrance) and go up the ramp to get 3 more
*Grind the poll to get 6 more
*Cross the main floor and go up the second ramp to get the remaining 4

Follow the path until you reach the oracle. After the cut scene, use the flash
freeze and jump across the platforms and follow the path, grinding and
jumping rails until you come to a light eco fountain and a group of spinning
turbines. Invoke Jak's Flash Freeze and jump across the turbines. When finished
go through the door with circles on it and proceed to drive one very, very fast

Travel Through Catacomb Sub rails
Obtained: Light Jak Shield

These types of mission are really difficult. To begin with keep your finger 
tapping the R1 button at all times so you donít miss anything that might be in
your way. Secondly, if you are pressing the R1 button consistently then that 
allows you to focus all of your attention on the path ahead. And beware of the
holes in the tube, as they really hurt. Also, throughout this mission you will
notice a little red ball that will stay in front of you. If you fail to destroy
this little ball then it will shoot at you, and when their are 2-4 of them, 
it makes the mission that much harder. 

Explore Eco Mine 
Obtained: Leg Armor

After the race you will receive the light Jak shied. Follow Pecker through the 
door and onto the lift. Charge up on dark eco and follow Pecker to begin the

Follow the path, shooting down the two bridges and defeating the metal heads
until you come to some steps with an elevator. When the lift stops you have 
about 3 seconds to shoot the bridge before it collapses, so be careful. Anyway
keep following the path until you come to another shoot able bridge between two
wire fences which leads to another elevator. Keep proceeding until you see 3 
square platform which you must jump, defeat the metal heads and then hang 
left up the ramp, venturing forth until you reach another elevator. Continue 
forth and jump on the big brown circular lift. Now you will be in front of a
light eco fountain, charge up and continue on to the lift. 

Now, this part really confuses some people. After you have defeated the metal
heads a orange metal head will appear, notice that it cannot be killed by
guns of other attacks. You must hit the leopard(?) once to knock it out, then 
push it into the empty wheel half beneath the ground to release the bridge. 
Repeat this process four more times. For the last process, the orange leopards
are down the hill (do not shoot them otherwise they will die). Now go straight 
ahead to receive the Mar's leg armor. Then hang left and hit the switch. 

Escort Bomb Train

Start by taking out your blaster. Now right when the mission begins, shoot the
two target over the ledge. Now, break the ammo crates and shoot the another
target whilst on the bridge. After crossing the tracks, get the ammo boxes and
shoot another target. Then whip out your Jet board and grind the metal beams. 
As soon as you jump off, shoot another target over the edge. Then follow the 
path and shoot another target. Grab the ammo pack and turn right to see a 
moving platform shifting inside and out of the cliff. Jump across the tracks 
and platforms, breaking the ammo packs and shooting two more targets. Jump 
across another moving platform and quickly shoot another target. Now you must 
grind the metal beams, moving along the moving platforms and shooting three 
more targets. Now shoot the bridge to reach the last target. 

Once thatís over, shoot the two bridges and proceed through the door you just
blew up. Ride the lift and view a cut scene.

Defeat Veger's Precursor Robot 
Obtain: Arc Wielder

After the cut scene you are immediately thrown into a boss battle. The Robot 
will start by slamming his sword against the ground, causing shock waves 
which can easily be jumped over. Next he will swipe his laser across the room 
three times, this can also easily be jumped over. Then he will step back and 
fire metal heads at you. Be careful of these, as they will split into more 
metal heads when you shoot them. I recommend using the wave concussor or 
scatter gun. Now, for the last stage of his attack the camera will pan out and
the robot will shoot multiple laser beams at the ground, stay away from these 
at all costs. After the laser beams have been discharged they will form 
platforms, wait for them to cool before jumping on. Once you are on the 
highest platform, shoot a car hanging right above the robot's head to deal 

After the first hit things begin to get harder, he will shoot three shockwaves
(all easily dodged). He will still only swipe his laser across the screen three
times though (also easily dodged). He will also shoot the same metal heads at
you (use wave concussor or scatter gun) although more of them. Now he will 
shoot 5 more laser beams in different directions. Be very careful here as he's
shooting accuracy is greatly improved while you are trying to jump platforms. 
Use the light shield if you are having trouble. Shoot another car to deal

Now he's really pissed. In this final stage the robot will shoot 4 more shock
waves, one right after another making them a bit harder to dodge. He will also
drag two laser beams (one on top of another) across the arena. To dodge these
use the high jump. He will shoot out the same amount of metal heads as in stage
two, so don't worry about them too much. The platform location are in a very
easy location, far away from the robot. This makes things easier because you
have more time to react. Shoot the last mine car to finish the battle.

********************************|     #AAE     |********************************
                        |          wALKTHROUGH         |	              
********************************|   Act Two    |********************************

Reach Port Via Sewer

After talking to Samos and Kiera follow the icon to reach the sewers. Take the 
path down the stairs and take a left at the half pipe (using your jet board).
Begin the course, jumping over the green pits. When the tunnel deviates upward,
take a left down the shaft. Then take another left when approaching the water
fall. Defeat all the metal heads to open the door. Then use your jet board to
pass through. Go straight ahead to find two precursor orbs and some ammo. Come
back down and take a left, grinding the pole and shooting the three fans. Once
you have done that, use your jet board to advance further, taking two left hand
turns until you see a whirlpool. Go straight ahead, down the water slide 
looking path. Veer to your left and wait for the rail to come down. Grind it
and continue until you reach another whirlpool, take a right up the water ramp
using your jet board. Hang a u turn to your left and proceed down the path until
you see another whirlpool. Go straight, up the water ramp and defeat the metal 
heads there. Take a right and proceed across the bridge, up the water ramp and
to your left, defeating the metal heads. After crossing the water flows, take a
right and go through the door. Use your vulcan Fury (and maybe your shield) to 
take out the flying metal heads. Hang a left and cross the bridge, going 
through the door into Haven City. Follow the Martini Glass and talk to Torn.

Destroy Incoming Blast Bots

Firstly, in order to beat these bots quickly, you must kick the bombs it drops
right back in its face. You can also use the Vulcan Fury to deal extra damage 
while you are waiting for a bomb. Now, when the mission starts you will see a 
brief cut scene with one of the robots. Jet board across the lake and take out 
the bot that is shown to you (the one walking to your right). Next, walk to your
left and take out the other bot at the opposite end of the bridge. After that 
one is done away with Jet board across toward the Naughty Ottsel until you come
to the last bot. 

Destroy Barrier With Missile

*Shudder* I really despise this mission. The only key to succeeding in this
mission is patience. It took me a while to do this one. Keep in mind that once
you are half way or so, a checkpoint will be made. Also, Torn will tell you
to not touch anything. This is not really true as you can run into hover cars 
and guards without blowing up. The only thing you need to keep away from is 
walls and those little buoys in the water. 

Beat Gun Course 1
Obtained: Gyro Burster

This mission shouldn't prove to difficult. Just remember to keep a good 
distance away from your target. If a target is really close, donít forget you
can spin to knock them out as well. When you see a person wearing brown or pink
don't shoot or you will be downgraded. Whatever you do, don't equip the Beam
Reflexor as it will without doubt take out the civilian signs. As one last
point, the yellow metal head signs will add more points to your total. After
the mission, talk to Torn.

Destroy Sniper Cannons

Follow the red dots to find the cannons. Walk up the bridge to the cannon 
closest to you. This mission works in a strange way. You must jump press (X +
square) all of the red buttons to turn them green. Once all of the buttons for
a gun are green a platform will rise from the ground. Jump press or shoot 
that platform to destroy the cannon. You must be light on your feet here as the
aiming reticle will fire and hit if you stay stationary for too long. Repeat 
the process for the first gun to take out the rest, their all pretty much the 
same. The order doesn't really matter either. 

Reach Metal Head Area Via Sewer

Follow the disk to find the entrance to the sewer. Cross the bridge and jump 
the steam vents, going through the steel door. Follow the path, jumping more
steam vents and defeating more metal heads until you come to a platform. Jump
on the platform to be taken through a series of moving blue lasers. Be sure to
time you jump correctly, as the lasers move as well. Now you will be in front of
and electric gate, destroy all of the flying metal heads to open it. Now you 
will have to defeat a swarm of little ANNOYING metal heads to open the gate, I 
used dark Jak for this situation. Next you will have to jump on another 
Platform. This time you will have to jump over bullets, not that hard really. 
Take a left and jump into the abyss below were, again, you must defeat all of
the metal heads to proceed unharmed. What I did here was stay in one corner and 
fire round after round of scatter gun and Wave Concussor bullets until all of
them where dead. Of course a little Gyro Burst wouldn't hurt either. Once their
all done away with jump into the pool and dive under the gate. Once under
immediately run straight ahead towards the button in the corner. Press it and
even more metal heads will approach you. Just use the same strategy as above. 
Once done, proceed through the newly opened gate. Now with this section of
the mission you must just across the moving platforms until you reach the 
center. Beware of the robots patrolling the perimeter. To avoid them just jump
in the water and wait for them to float overhead. Once you reach the center, 
jump press the button and proceed through the door. Proceed down the path, 
through the blast door and defeat the flying metal heads there. Now continue
along until you reach the elevator, completing the mission.

Destroy Dark Eco Tanks
Obtained: Dark Blast (Dark Jak)

In this mission you must destroy 5 dark eco tanks in order to stop the metal
heads from making weapons. As the mission begins, take out the metal heads,
then take a left and grind the purple beam to reach a platform. Jump to your
right to reach the first tank, destroy it however you want. Once that's done
grind the second purple beam to another platform. Jump on the flower when it
is blowing out air to reach another platform. Grind the next two beams, 
jumping over the shocker to reach another flower. Jump on the flower at the
right time to reach surprise another platform. Keep grinding and
jumping on smoking flowers until you reach the next dark eco tank. Once at
it's base, use the flowers to reach the top. The rest of the tanks are not
hard to find, simply follow the green dots, grinding and using flowers when
appropriate until you destroy them all. 

Kill Dark Plants in Forest
Obtained: Mar's Shoulder Armor

After just running through the metal head tunnel you must go back to find and
kill some Dark Plants in the forest. Follow the tree to begin the mission.
Taking the left hand side of the path.

This mission is not hard, just time consuming. As soon as you begin take out
you jet board. Now, keep gliding until you reach a green fountain, a you pass
through it the meter on the top of the screen will fill up. Within this time
you must destroy as many dark purple plants as you can. Keep in mind that once
you run out of green eco you don't need to keep going back to the same 
fountain. As one last healthy piece of advice, press circle whenever those 
little mushroom metal heads are near you to ward them off. After the mission
approach the light for a cut scene, then leave the forest to start the next

Destroy Eco Grid with Jynx
Obtain: Needle Laser

After leaving the forest. Jynx will be waiting for you on the left hand side
of the bridge.

This mission is fairly straight forward. Drive to the green dots on the map and
land wherever you see a light from the sky. The best guns to use for this 
mission are the wave concussor and gyro burster. To use the wave concussor
effectively, stay right beside Jynx and fire multiple shockwaves. Be sure not
to park too close to the junction boxes with your car, otherwise you might 
accidentally blow it up with the wave concussor. After the mission, follow the
green dot and hop in the car to start the next mission.

Hijack Eco Vehicle

Luckily, this vehicle has good speed and handling. Follow the arrows until you
reach the port, not stopping for a second (if you do you'll see why you 
shouldn't have). Next you must shoot all of the blue orbs in the lake. Be sure 
to shoot the orbs well before you come near them, otherwise you will collide.
After the mission, talk to Torn in the Naughty Ottsel. 

Defend Port From Attack

I hate this mission with a passion, especially the third screen. Anyway, Torn
tells you that the KG and metal heads are working together to help crush the 
city. When the mission starts you will see the camera pan out to a birds eye
view with Jak. The weapons in the center of the screen are your best friends
here. Not using these guns will ensure your failure. The first, second and 
fourth screens require a bit of skill but the third is an absolute nightmare. 
Not only do you have to stay alive, but you must also protect the civilians
stuck in the crossfire. To complete this screen you must stay either near or on
top of the civilians at all times. Grab whatever gun you can and fire like 
crazy, the wave concussor, gyro burster and arc wielder are you only lifeline 
out. So use them until their out of ammo. Also if you having allot of trouble, 
try morphing into Dark Jak and using a dark bomb or blast. Remember that 
patience is the key here. After the mission, follow the reticle to find Tess 
in the gun course.

Alternate Strategy by Jack Thomas

I find the easiest way to defeat all the robots is to do the 360 Rapid Fire 
Combo which is initiated by pressing X and then pressing O followed by R1 almost
immediately. While doing the combo, keep tapping R1 rapidly to continue the 
combo after you have landed. Using this strategy, I found it was easy to defend 
the whole Port, including the third screen, in my first try. And since you 
don't lose Blaster bullets, it's easer! Also, don't forget to get the Vulcan, 
Gyro Burster and the other guns and fire away with ease. 

Beat Gun Course 2
Obtain: Plasmite RPG

This mission, this frustrating mission I should say will suck up at least half
and hour of your time. Start by selecting the Wave Concussor, do not ever 
switch back to the Scatter Gun under any circumstance. When the targets begin
appearing in groups of 3-7 get in the center of them all and begin firing a 
shockwave. After one shot, immediately charge another, don't worry, the gun
stops sucking up bullets at around 5 (bullets that is). So you can charge the
Wave Concussor for about as long as you want, which is good because that means
you will always be ready. Unlike the previous course, these targets sometimes 
have shields, be aware of this as you will have to charge up a larger 
shockwave. When you see little targets with shields making a beeping noise, 
that is your que to fire quickly, because if you don't they will explode, 
depleting your points. Also, bear in mind that the yellow targets will give 
more points. After the mission go see Torn.

Break Barrier with Blast Bot
Obtained: Peacemaker

As the mission begins, follow the green dot on the screen to reach the 
force barrier. The only advice applicable here would be to shoot everything and
anything in sight. That means whenever the aiming beam turns red, fire like
mad. The only things that can really damage you are the other bots. In order 
to avoid them you must get as far away from them as possible. If you get to 
close then they will fire at you from behind as you advance. Other than that
their really isn't anything else I can say. 

Defend HQ From Attack

After the previous mission, follow the shield to reach Freedom HQ. This mission
is rather easier than the rest. When you see target reticules on the ground,
that means an assault of missiles is about to rain hell down on your ass, so 
move as quick as you can. The jets might also spin lasers around themselves, 
which can easily be jumped over, or you can just step back. Your Peacemaker and
Plasmite RPG work wonders here. Simply aim at the hovering car and fire 
away until you see an explosion. Other than that their really isn't anything 
else. Go back to HQ after the mission. After the mission and meeting at HQ, 
follow the disk to reach the sewer.

Find Switch in Sewer

Upon entering the sewer continue along to path until you come across the dual
laser beams. The first set can be avoided by using the double jump. But with
the second you have to jump over the bottom laser, then quickly jump over the
second, top one. Once you come to the sewer stream, take a right and proceed
up the steps. Now you will find yourself in front of another tri beam trap.
To proceed through here unscathed you must go over the bottom two lasers, then
under the third one. After following the linear path you will come across
a machine shooting red shockwaves with a red button behind it. Whatever you
do DON'T SHOOT IT, if you do then it will begin shooting out laser beams at
a very high rate. Instead just jump over the red shockwaves and punch the 
button to open the gate. Beat up the metal heads with your arc wielder to view
a cut scene.

After the cinematic grab your jet board and quickly make your way to the 
platform to commence fire. Jump up the platforms and under the gate to reach
the next area. Destroy the KG bots and proceed across the platforms and up the 
waterfalls until you reach the switch. Go through the blast door to your left.

In this area take a left until you reach a bridge. This will lead you to the
lift and out of the sewer. Follow the lightning bolt to reach the Power Room.

Find Cipher in Eco Grid
Obtained: Cipher Glyph

Firstly, do not ever, ever, ever play this game in Hero mode, ever! Its is
literally almost impossible. Anyway, as the game begins you must collect all
of the yellow spheres. Sound easy, wrong! This game is quite difficult for
two reasons. Firstly their is a little bug that runs around the grid looking
to end your game, come into contact with it and its game over. Also, every few
seconds a little yellow statue looking machine will appear and drop more balls
that you have just picked up. To get these guys out of the picture just eat
them. The way I did this mission (in normal mode) was to start in the center 
and work your way outwards. Keeping a good eye on the orange ring, which you
should stay well away from at all times. After the mission talk to Sig by 
following the blue face, then the disk on the map.  

Race for More Artifacts
Obtained: Holo Cube

I laughed during the second half of this mission because their are SO many
artifacts that you have to collect. Anyway, their isn't really any advice
applicable here. Just destroy the marauders to get boosts and always keep your
eye on the map for the next artifact location. After the mission follow the 
cave icon to begin the next.

Destroy Metal-pedes in Nest
Obtained: Light Eco Crystal

As the mission begins drive through the tunnel, holding down the R1 button 
until you come down a ramp. Drive around clockwise and continue until you reach
the first green dot. When the dot turns from green to red, that means that the
giant metal head worm is above ground, ready for you to shoot. I have figured
out an easy way to shoot the worms as soon as they appear above ground. If you
drive around in a circle, not reversing or stopping then 9/10 times the worms
will appear either right in front of you or in firing range. Remember not to
get to close to the worms as they will repel you back, sometimes against a 
wall. They will also shoot red laser at you as well, but they don't do much 
damage. Repeat the above strategy 5 times, crossing the bridge at the north side
back and forth to find the worms. After the mission follow the disk out of the
tunnel. Then go and talk to Kleiver.

Chase Down Metal Head Beasts
Obtained: Quantum Reflector

I like this mission because you don't have to drive, just shoot :p. Your job
is to destroy metal head after metal head until one of them drops the artifact.
Keep a close eye on your map here and watch for the green dots. Shoot each and
every metal head, intercepting the purple eco balls and missiles that come your
way. Don't bother firing until the reticle turns red, until you want to do 
little to no damage. That's pretty much it for this mission. Talk to Damas
afterward. Then follow the disk to reach the car line. 

Defend Spargus' Front Gate
Obtained: Beam Generator

A mission of medium difficulty. You must defend the Spargus gate from attacks.
The meter on the top left is the armor remaining on the gate, if it is depleted
from to many enemy attacks, you lose. Your main concern is taking out that large
dark red dots on the map. Defeating all these marauders will complete the 
task. Never stay still in this mission, always be driving around shooting 
anything and everything in sight. Staying stationary will mean the marauders 
can sneak up from behind you and attack the gate. Be sure to use a car with a 
big cannon like grenade launcher, like the Dune Hopper. Follow the cliff icon
to begin the next mission.

Take Out Marauder Stronghold
Obtained: The Prism

After driving along the bridge you will be ambushed by marauders and catapults.
Don't worry though as this part is fairly easy. Keep on the run and equip your
wave concussor, shooting round after round of shockwaves. The occasional gyro
burst wouldn't hurt either. You can also pull out your needle laser and hold 
down the R1 button to help clear the room. After this section it gets abet 

During the cut scene you will see 4 marauders card drive off. Quickly jump in 
the dune hopper and begin the chase. After you exit the bridge to first car 
can be found to your left (the green and red flashing dot). Drive up to it as
fast as you can, using boosts if necessary and commence fire. After the first
car is destroyed proceed through the tunnel, taking a right at the fork to find
the next. Begin the chase, again using a boost is needed and begin opening 
fire. During this part you can fire whilst on top of the slightly elevated
dunes to get more range. Proceed through the ruins to find the next marauder.
This car is difficult to destroy as other marauders (red dots) will always get 
in your way, either shoot non-stop, jump or simply drive out of the way to 
dodge them. After destroying that marauder one more will remain. This should
prove less difficult that the third provided you have enough boosts (shoot red
dots) simply let rip until your right behind him and open fire. After the
mission follow the blue mask then the red tree to find the forest. 

Beat Pillar Ring Challenges
Prepare for a long and time consuming mission this time round. The 5 on the 
right hand side of the screen means that you have to complete 5 ring challenges
before the mission is complete. To activate the challenges you will need to 
jump kick the rock face' nose (X + Circle). The only advice I can give to you 
on these challenges is to take it slow and follow the blue line to a tee. 
After you complete this mission, climb the pillars for a cut scene. Then leave
the forest (use your map if you forgot) and follow the shield to reach Torn.

Destroy War Factory Defenses

After talking to Torn go around the back of Freedom HQ, wait for the doors to
open and ride the lift to find the Hellcat. 

When the mission begins fly around to every group of four lights(?) and shoot a
missile at the pillar in the center. (L1) This will destroy all four instead of 
you having to shoot them 1 by 1. 

Thought that was it? Wrong! Now you must go and shoot the remainder using your
normal gun. If you find you having trouble shooting a target. Then just go far
away from the complex, turn around and come back in, hopefully with a clear 
shot. If you see a cluster of lights or aren't confident in your aim, feel free
to shoot a missile. 

Surely that must be it right? Wrong! Now you must take out the four pillars
from the first stage (red dots). As far as I could tell these things can only 
be taken out with missiles. If you don't have any left donít worry! As they will
recharge. Just fly away from the complex, away from the crossfire and wait for
more missiles to appear on the right hand side of your screen.

Explore War Factory

Now you are inside the War Factory. Ride the elevator down to the bottom and 
destroy the KG bots there. Go up the ramp to your right until you come to a 
big steel gate, turn right at that gate jump press (X + Square) down to the 
room below. Now you will find yourself in front of a big fan. Walk over to the
pipe to the right of the fan to start the Dax game. 

Now that you are in control of Dax, swing your way right to the edge of the 
grate and press X to jump down, kicking the red switch and returning to Jak.

Jump up the ledge and proceed across the conveyor belt, do this quickly before
the flying KG bots respawn. Walk along the next conveyor belt and walk over to
the next pipe by the red square platform. 

Now it's time for the second Dax game. Nothing much here, just wait for the red
tasers to stop before following the path and jumping down to kick the switch. 
Now follow the moving platforms back to Jak.

Proceed across the platforms again and shoot the cracked window. You should now
be in front of a red laser gate. Defeat the metal heads until it dies down 
(plastmite RPG all the way). Look for the breakable grate to jump down ahead.
Defeat the KB bots and jump across the platforms and up the conveyor belt. 
Follow the path until you come to another pipe to your right (after the second
conveyor belt).

Another simple Dax quest. Dodge the red tasers and lava jets, when you get to 
the end, kick the switch and jump down to Jak. Walk along and jump press down
the grate to find another pipe. 

Things get a little bit harder here, but not much. Follow the grate path and
jump down to the switch. After the switch is released, jump of the left side of 
the platform (if your facing the conveyor belts) to find Jak.

Blast the robots until you see the red car at the start of the conveyor belts.
Drive the car along the belts and use the R2 button to break through the gate
ahead. After smashing the first gate, go straight ahead and down the conveyor 
belt and smash through the second and third. Keep going along the paths and
through the gates until you come to a lift. Keep going until you meet 

Boss: Cyber Errol|
Obtained: Light Eco Crystal (?)
          Mass Inverter

A very tough boss battle indeed. First take note to what platform Errol is 
under (you can tell by the direction the bombs come from). Now stay directly 
under his platform at all times (you will see why in a minute). Now, use a 
combination of your Arc Wielder, Plasmite RPG, Needle Laser and Gyro Burster
to take out the KG bots, be aware of the ones coming out of the tunnel under 
Errol though. After a while a little strange looking pod will come out right
under Errol. If you are standing near another platform then the pod will come 
out there meaning you will have to kick it all the way over to Errol which can
take time that you don't have. Kick the pod already under Errol to deal damage. 

Now Errol's bombs will have shockwaves attached, so jump over them right before
they hit the ground. Errol will now destroy some of the battle field with
his bombs, don't fall in these or its game over. After staying under Errol's 
platform and after another wave of KG bots you will see three more pods come 
out. Don't worry about getting all three under Errol, just the one will do. 
Also take note that if you do not hit them they might shock you back.

After another attack similar to the second Errol will be reduced to 1/4 of his
max life gauge. The only difference in this wave is that Errol sends down more
pods, so attack them like crazy to prevent being shocked.

Now that Errol is almost dead he will begin getting angry. He will still shoot
down bomb shockwaves, but the KG bots have been replaced with the next 
generation of metal heads. Use the Plasmite RPG and Gyro Burster excessively
here. After the bought more pods will be deployed. Attack one so its drops 
under Errol to finish the fight. 

********************************|     #AAF     |*******************************
                        |          wALKTHROUGH         |	              
********************************|   Act three  |*******************************


Rescue Seem at Temple
Obtain: Light Jak Wings(!)
        Time Map

After leaving HQ, follow the blue mask to go back to the desert. Get in the 
Dune Hopper and follow the red cross to the temple.

Upon entry you will be introduced to the new breed of metal heads. They are
much tougher this time round and even have shields to protect themselves with.
Use the Plasmite RPG, Arc Wielder or Gyro Blaster for a quick fight. After 
which, proceed through the door, down the steps and through the dark eco 
fountain. Defeat the metal heads and use a dark blast on the cracked door to
proceed. Go around the moving bars (the ones you had to jump with last time)
until you see a message about the dark blast, notice the cracked window 
(beside the invisibility statue) and blast it. Pass through the window and 
charge up on light eco using the fountain to the left (when you come though).
Defeat the metal heads whilst jumping across the platforms, using a dark blast
on the cracked window at the end. Charge up one light eco and talk to the 

I love these wings, read the light Jak in this guide to learn how to use them 
properly. Now, jump on the platforms to your right, go up the ramp and through
the door. Fly to the platform in front of you, then to the long ledge, from 
their fly over the gap to the other side of the ledge. From here, fly to two
more platforms (in front of each other), then fly to the platform on your 
right. Now begin the long flight to the platform ahead of you (I hope you read
my section on how to fly this far). Now turn left, up the next platform, then to
the ledge to your right to find Seem. If you want a challenge, look over to the
way you just came, see the light eco fountain? Try flying straight from Seem's
ledge to there without touching anything else? Think you can do it? I did :p

Once your finished talking, go through the portal to Seem's left. From here go
out of the temple and back to Spargus, following the gun one the map for your 
next mission.

Defend Spargus From Attack
Obtain: Third War Amulet
        Mar's Chest Armor

As the mission begins you will see huge KG machines coming from the water. In 
order to destroy these huge freaks you will need to shoot all 5 weld points on
their bodies. One is one their head, two are on their shoulders and two are on
their knees. You will also notice they shoot dark eco balls. Beware of these as
they will do damage if they hurt you. The trick here is to kill the bots and 
destroy the eco balls at the same time, or one after another. Half way through
Jak will turn his gun around and you will have to start shooting at bots in the
city. Just more of the same, except they will shoot dark beams instead of 
balls. Don't worry if you fail this mission as their is a checkpoint around
halfway through (I think). 

After the mission, follow the blue mask to the city. Then follow the red tree
to the forest. 

Activate Astro Viewer in Haven Forest

Your light shield finally proves it's worth in this mission. As you enter the
forest run straight ahead to find the first gun. If a metal head has already
reached it before you then activate your shield. If you don't have any light 
eco left then you can shoot a peacemaker bullet or RPG from a distance to knock
him off. When I was doing this mission and firing at the plants I did not even
take notice of the metal heads shooting at me. I just looked for the plants
and shot as quickly as I could to get the mission complete, thatís all their is
too it. Also, remember that your health bar in wrapped around the aiming 

Once you are in the first gun the first dark plant is located to your upper
right, the second is located further right on a rock a little further back in 
the distance. The final plant is located a little more to your right, up close.

From the first gun, venture across the lake to find the second. Be sure to
dismount quick or you will be shot at. Shoot a Plasmite RPG bullet to kick the
metal head off. The first plant is located to the right of the Precursor tower.
From their turn left to find the second plant on a rock between the trees, of
in the distance a little. The third plant can be found to the left, 
up reasonably close.

Cross the lake, past the tower to find the third and final gun to the left of 
an arch. Again shoot an RPG or peacemaker shot to kick him off. The first plant
can be found on the cliff face, up somewhat close. From their destroy the 
second plant to your left, very far of in the distance. Look to the left of 
the waterfall. The third plant can be found to the left of the second, far of
in the distance between the trees. 

Once you have finished, climb the platforms to the top of the tower. Do this
quickly as you will most likely be fired upon. 

Destroy Dark Ship Shield

Wow, a robot, I didn't see this one coming. This thing is an Uber Tank because
it can take out a metal head in one single swing of it's huge fists. Anyway,
destroy the metal heads to open the door. In the next screen you must punch 
(square) the floating orbs in order to blow up the door. After punching the orb
and after it explodes, walk up to the door and smash it. Proceed through the
lasers, waiting for them to freeze before passing. In this room go to your 
right and punch a bomb towards the pillar to blow it up and jump down the hole
it leaves. In this screen you much punch the bombs towards to pillars to make
platforms, do this twice. Now you must pick up the cube (R1), place it near the 
ledge and jump up, punching the bombs and therefore destroying more pillars.
After you have done that jump the platforms into the next area. Here you must
quickly punch the bombs to take out the orbs surrounding the pillar. Do this 
quickly as the shockers will rip you apart.  

Once finished here follow the shield to freedom HQ.

Blow Open Tower Door
Obtained: Super Nova

A lengthy and difficult mission to say the least. You must escort Torn through
wave after wave of metal heads and KG bots. Firstly, never dare to take your
finger off the R1 button. No matter how much you shoot at Torn, his health
wont ever go down, so don't be afraid you might hit him. Every now and then 
you might run into one, or a group of metal cylinders, shoot these as soon as 
you can to trigger a blast throughout the immediate area. Also, keep in mind 
that their is a checkpoint once you reach the peer, so don't feel that this
mission is totally lost. Other that that, just keep trying. 

Destroy Metal Head Tower
Obtain: Dark Eco Crystal

Proceed through the tunnel and fill up on light eco. You will now be in a room
with a big hole in the middle. Destroy all of the metal heads here to proceed
across the platform, upon crossing another platform will appear. Use your 
scatter gun or blaster mod here to push them off the edge. Keep following the 
path until you reach another light eco fountain. This is here for a reason. 
Charge up and use your wings to fly across to the other side of the cliff.
Go up the ramp to be confronted with a large group of metal heads, use your
Gyro Burster here. Defeat all of the metal heads and a purple bridge will
appear. Run up the bridge to be confronted with another pack of metal heads, 
deal with them like you did the group before. Jump up the platform to fight
ANOTHER group of strong metal heads. I used Dark Jak here to conserve ammo.
Once finished, cross the purple bridge and up the ramp to face the last group 
of metal heads. Try to use Dark Jak as often as possible here to conserve 
ammunition, especially Dark Blasts. Once finished, a lift will appear. 

Reach Catacombs Via Palace Ruins

After the cut scene, follow the tent to talk to Samos. Then follow the 
building (?) icon to reach the deserted part of town. See the beam coming from 
the top of the wreckage? You must find where it connects to the ground and 
grind it to gain access to the catacombs.

After the brief cut scene, shoot the metal heads (a few peacemaker shots do the
trick nicely) in front of you and take a right. Keep going until you come 
across two precursor orbs sitting on top of two pillars to your left. Jump
across the pillars (use your wings for the second one) and grab them before 
proceeding. Soon you will be in front of a giant hole in the ground, take the
steps to the right until you come to a dark eco fountain. Charge up and strike
the cracked ahead. Defeat the little metal heads and take a right, across the
rubble and grass until you reach a hole with little purple metal heads coming
out of it. Keep shooting whilst very close to the hole and it will blow up. 
Now you will be in front of two light eco fountains, charge up and use your
wings to fly across the gap to you left. Walk along the bridge until you come
to another light eco fountain. Charge up if you need it and fly across the 
second gap to your right (you can walk but its risky). Keep going until you 
reach another dark eco fountain. Charge up if needed and blast the crashed 
glass to the right. Proceed down the eerily familiar hall and quickly jump down
the fragile platforms (or you could just fly). Take a right until you see a 
beam connecting the ledge your on to another. Grind two beams (or fly if 
you feel like it). Take a left to reach another gap, fly up jump across the
platforms to get to the other side. You will now see another dark eco fountain.
Shoot the dark plant hole and blow up the cracked glass to advance. Jump down
the ledge and take a left, crossing the gap and defeating metal heads until 
you come to a long grind able beam. Grind or fly to the other side and defeat 
the metal heads there. Take a left and grind the second beam. Take a right and
jump up the platforms to find another dark eco fountain and cracked rock face.
I think you know what to do here. 

Break Through Palace Ruins

After the cut scene you will be in the driving seat of Damas' car. This mission
is rather difficult so pay attention. You must keep clear of the red target 
that appear on the ground. If you don't then a huge fireball will it you and
take a good chunk of you health bar. You will come across gates that have an
electric charge. To take them down you have to destroy the lightning towers 
with the car by ramming them (sometimes their will be two to one gate).
Their will also be times when you will have to ram cement gates and towers to
create a path. R2 is the magic button there. Remember to never stay stationary,
otherwise you will be a sitting duck for bombs and metal heads alike.

Shoot your way through until you come into a vast area with electric towers on
platforms. As soon as your drive in take a left and destroy the tower there. 
Then turn left and use a boost jump to reach the platform right in front of 
where you came in. From there turn left to reach the smaller platform and
destroy the tower there. Now jump back to the previous platform and boost jump 
to the platform on your left jump back to the platform you where on and shoot
the bridge to lower it. Blow up the final tower near the gate to end the 

Reach Precursor Core

Another driving mission. Jump remember to stay alert and shoot the red balls 
that appear before you. Patience is the key here. Just keeping shooting and
look for cracks in the floor. Not really that hard.

Destroy Dark Ship

As the mission begins, shoot a quick gyro burst to eliminate the metal heads
before you, once they are gone the door will open. Next you will see rotating
platforms, jump across them when they appear (don't bother double jumping as
it will take more time) using the needle gun to destroy the flying metal heads
without aiming.

Jump up the ledge and down the ice tunnel, taking extra care to jump to the 
side when you reach the bottom. Next, take a left and jump across the beams 
(or fly). Keep following the path and defeat all the metal heads to open the
next door. You will now be in front of a light eco fountain, charge up and fly
across the platforms to the other side. You will now be in front of another 
light eco fountain. Defeat the flying metal heads before you fly over yourself.
Defeat the metal heads here to open the next door. If you somehow manage to run
out of time, use the flash freeze to stop the clock. 

This part of the mission isn't too hard. Just avoid the pieces of the bridge as
they come your way. If you get hit then you might walk to roll jump (L1 + X)
to catch up. Also, the flash freeze might help you out. I didn't have enough
light eco so feel free to try. 

Destroy Final Boss

The mission begins with Jak inside one of the crappier cars in the game. 
Anyway, follow the red dots, taking a left at the first turn to find Errol in a
huge spider like machine. 

Your job here is to shoot the purple gems on Errolís feet. Some of them will be 
on the back of his heel, meaning they are easy to shoot if your are driving 
behind him. While others will be on the front of his foot. This can be 
difficult. You have two option here, either slid around his foot and shoot 
(Circle + Directional button) and shoot. Or veer ahead in front of him and blow
them up that way. Errol will also make thins a little bit more difficult by 
shooting various dark balls at you. If you shoot these you will get a boost. 
When you see a green dot on the screen, that means a dark buzz saw is coming, 
stay away from it as much as you can. Try not to throw you controller through 
the TV screen here.

As the final phase of the mission begins, defeat the little metal heads to 
activate a lift at the end of the ledge. Do this a few times to reach Errol.

Boss: Dragon Errol|
Note: This battle was fought in Hero Mode

The battle will begin with Errol shooting metal heads at you. Defeat them with
excessive use of your Needle Laser, Gyro Burster and Wave Concussor. As soon as
the battle starts, shoot a peacemaker bullet at the tentacle in front of Errol,
that one shot will take out all of the tentacles on the screen. Once you have 
fought off the waves of metal heads, Errol will begin to shoot tracker beams at
you (after the first phase), these are easily dodged, just run. After that 
Errol will swipe his laser beam across the screen from side to side, jump to
dodge. When he turns his head to begin another swipe, shoot the red light on 
the back of his head. For a guaranteed hit, use you needle laser. 

All of the remaining stages are pretty much the same. The only two differences
lie in the third phase when Errol begins shooting buzz saws at you. Simply 
shoot these to destroy them. And in the last phase (when Errol has little 
health left) he will ram his head into the ground. This can be dodged by simply
running all over the screen. 

My advice for this battle would be to stay in the center (after destroying the
tentacles) and shoot multiple wave concussor shockwaves. If you don't want to 
do that then you can shoot multiple needle laser bullets to clear the 
battlefield. Also, take advantage of the light eco fountains that appear when 
Errol swipes his laser beam across the screen. If you need to heal make sure 
you do it whilst on top of the fountain as to not lose any light eco. Thatís 
pretty much it.

                                  Weapon Guide 

This part of the guide will list all of the types of guns in the game of Jak 3.
I will list the advantages, disadvantages and strategies for every gun and list
where and when they can be obtained.

Scatter Gun - 1st Red Group
Received: First Weapon Obtained

This one of the guns that makes a return from Jak 2. It is basically a shotgun 
with a wide radius. It has a short range but when used up close it can be quite

Try to use this gun at close range only. It simply will not hit enemies at 
long range. A small group of metal heads in front of you is an ideal situation
to bring out this gun. It is also ideal at pushing enemies back. If you are on 
a bridge or near a cliff then I would recommend using this gun to push them 
over the edge. It also used ammo efficiently.   

As stated above, this gone cannot fire a long way. It also is rather slow to 
fire, unless you spend orbs to upgrade that aspect, in which case the rate of 
fire is quickly accelerated. 

Wave Concussor - 2nd Red Group
Obtained: Before 2nd Arena War

This gun is a new addition to Jak's growing arsenal. It is quite unique because
it can fire a large shockwave at the price of 3-5 bullets. However, it can only
be used effectively in certain situations.

This gun is fantastic when it comes to dismissing a large batch of metal heads
coming from all directions. It is particularly useful when it comes to certain
gun courses as well.

Although this gun has some great qualities, they unfortunately come at a price.
The first would be the ammunition drain, this gun drains ammo depending on how
long you charge it for, and if you choose not the charge, then you get a 
smaller radius. Also, throughout the game, I must have used this gun no more 
than 6 or 7 times. Not because it drains ammo, but because you very rarely 
have a huge group of metal heads surrounding you to the point were you have 
to use this gun. 

Plasmite RPG - 3rd Red Group
Obtained: Complete "Gun Course 2"

This gun reminds me of the grenade launcher that Arnie carried around in the 
Terminator. It fires big grenades that explode and cause huge damage to 
anyone in its radius. A very good weapon for taking out a small group of 
tough metal heads.

As stated above, this gun does a huge amount of damage and can take out any 
normal metal head in one shot. It also has a decent radius and can easily 
destroy an enemy group from far away.

This gun has only one flaw, ammunition drain, for every one shot this gun 
will consume 10 normal red bullets. However, once the upgrade is purchased 
that number comes down. 

Blaster - 1st Yellow Group
Obtained: After First Arena War

This is your basic, multi-purpose gun. It is relatively balanced and is good 
for taking on all sorts of situations.

This gun is good because you know it can handle just about anything. It has 
probably the best range and a good rate of fire with a steady ammunition 
consumption ratio. Its ammo is found constantly throughout just about every 

Although I said this gun was solid, I didn't say that it was great. The only 
downside to this gun is the fact that is does very little damage compared to 
every other group, it takes a number of shots to take out some of the later 
metal heads in the game and it doesn't exactly work wonders against crowds. 
That is why I did not use this gun very much at all. 

Beam Reflexor - 2nd Yellow Group
Obtained: After Second Arena War

This gun is like an upgrade model of the Blaster. It is basically the same 
except its bullets deflect and strike other metal heads. Another solid gun that
can come in handy during some missions. 

Aside from being a solid gun. This weapon is ideal for taking out scattered 
metal heads at a distance. When you shoot one bullet it will hit one metal head
then hit another as it if has some sort of seeking mechanism. So don't think 
that the deflected bullets just bounce off in random directions.

Aside from the flaw of not doing a great amount of damage, this gun also has 
a high ammo consumption rate. For every bullet deflected, another bullet it 
taken from your ammo storage. So in some cases were one shot might be deflected
5 or six times, that many bullets will be taken as well.

Gyro Buster - 3rd Yellow Group
Obtained: Upon Completion of the Second Gun Course

This is a very unusual addition to Jak's arsenal. It is so unusual because you 
have no control over the rate of fire at all. You can only tell the "gun" when
to start and stop firing. It works like this, upon pressing R1 Jak will shoot 
a disk high into the air which will then begin raining bullets in a fairly 
large radius and at a high rate of fire, doing good damage.  

This gun works great when their are a large, scattered group of metal heads 
that are not close enough to use the Wave Concussor. Because it has such a high
rate of fire, it is capable of taking out even the toughest metal heads, in 
some cases even up to 10 or more. A very good weapon. 

This gun has only one bad aspect to it's name. Once again the ammunition 
consumption ratio rears it's ugly head. Because this weapon sprays bullets at 
a rapid rate of fire. It can easily take over 40 bullets from your storage.

Vulcan Fury - 1st Blue Group
Obtained: Before Third Arena Mission

This is the third gun to be converted over to Jak 3. It is basically a powerful
machine gun which increases it's rate of fire depending on how long you hold 
down R1. 

The Vulcan Fury is great for taking down powerful metal heads. Because it has 
such a high rate of fire it can mow down small crowds with not trouble at all.
It is also good fire sniper activity. Because it can shoot so far and so 
quickly, it is great for taking out metal heads from a great distance.   

Although the Vulcan Fury has such a great rate of fire. It does cost allot of 
bullets. Also, it can take a few seconds to get to that great rate of fire, 
seconds that could cost you valuable health spheres. The fact that you can
only attack one metal head at a time is also very frustrating. Unlike the 
Scatter gun and Reflexor which can take about 7 metal heads simultaneously.

Arc Wielder - 2nd Blue Group
Obtained: Defeat Precursor Robot

My favorite gun in Jak 3. This gun will throw out bolts out electricity for 
fairly decent damage. 

The great thing about this gun is that it doesnít have an auto-lock feature.
This means you are free to aim the gun wherever you want. This feature makes 
the Arc Wielder great for destroying a group of metal heads in any direction 
and with a little bit of practice, you can spin in a full circle, wreaking 
havoc on anyone nearby.

Disadvantages: Although the gun is really fun to use, it does not do a great 
deal of damage, just good. Also it tends to suck up allot of ammo, but what gun 

Needle Laser - 3rd Blue Group
Obtained: Complete "Destroy Eco Grid With Jynx"

The needle laser is also a fun gun to use because it requires almost no effort.
When Jak shoots a bullet it will split into 3-4 bullets and seek out an enemy 
target, no matter what direction you shoot from. 

If you have a big crowd of somewhat weak metal heads, this gun will clear the 
room without you having to aim. Simply press the R1 button a few times. The
seek function on this gun really is great because it saves time you would
usually spend aiming. 

Although this is a good gun, the only thing holding it back it that it isn't 
the powerhouse it could have been. Against some of the stronger metal heads it
really doesn't do a great deal of damage. Use with caution. 

Peacemaker - 1st Purple Group
Obtained: Complete "Destroy the Barrier with Blast-Bot"

The peacemaker is my favorite gun from Jak 2. Just aim this baby at a group of 
metal heads and watch the sparks fly.

This gun is great for taking out a pack of tough metal heads. Although you have
to charge, it doesnít take up that much time. A very useful weapon.

As powerful and almighty as this gun is, it's lacking ammo storage holds it 
back. This was the one reason I didn't use this gun excessively. I would put 
the charge time here, but it doesn't take that long, and against a distant 
group of metal heads, it doesn't really matter.

Mass Inverter - 2nd Purple Group
Obtained: Complete "Defeat Cyber Errol Boss"

This is another strange concept. The Mass Inverter will take away the gravity
field of anyone nearly by, causing them to float vulnerably in the air. Making 
them easy pickings.

This gun is good when you are completely surrounded and have no escape. Just 
one shot with this will give you a quick chance to escape. It is also useful
when you have a few strong metal heads around you, as it will render them 

Despite the fact that this gun can be useful, it isn't exactly necessary. If 
you are quick enough with your other gun's than this gun really does take the
back seat. Especially when you need to conserve what little dark bullet you 

Super Nova - 3rd Purple Group
Obtained: Complete "Blow Open Tower Door"

The supernova is a very unique weapon that was made with world domination in
mind. This gun will destroy everything and anything in its sight. It's so 
powerful a mini-cut scene takes place after you fire it. 

Well, if you were to use this gun in a battle then it would destroy everything
so use it against a HUGE crowd at least. Anything less than that would be a 

The ammo consumption it to dear a price to pay, 10 dark bullets per shot simply 
isn't worth it. Especially when you have the peacemaker in your inventory. 

                                  Light/Dark Jak

Jak 3 has seen the introduction of not only Dark Jak again, but also light Jak.
This adds a totally new array of moves and functions which give the game allot 
more depth and enjoyment. This section will explain the uses and functions of
both Light and Dark Jak's abilities. 

                         |           Light Jak          |	              

Obtained: Complete "Find Oracle in Monk Temple"

Command: L2 + Triangle

This ability will restore Jak's health depending on how much light eco is in 
the meter. A very useful ability, not only because it restores your health, 
but because it stops gameplay as well. The only downside is that it 
significantly drains your light eco supply. 

Flash Freeze
Obtained: Complete "Monk Temple Tests"

Command: L2 + Square

A useful ability that can freeze a mob of metal heads, leaving them 
defenseless and vulnerable. It also has to be used about twice to progress 
through the game and consumes a lot of eco. Doesn't get used very often.

Obtained: Complete "Travel Through Catacomb Sub rails"

Command: L2 + Circle

This ability will envelop Jak in a light bubble, protecting him from all 
potential threats. I only used this ability once throughout the game. It drains
too much light eco and it disables the ability to use guns. Use only when 

Obtained: Complete "Rescue Seem at Temple"

Command: L2 + Cross

My absolute favorite ability by far. These cool looking wings allow Jak to 
reach places that were previously unreachable. In order to get maximum flight
you must wait for the wings to be horizontal or just pointing slightly down 
then press X down hard, repeat. Try to get nice big flaps of the wings. No 
matter what you cannot stay airborne forever. This ability also consumes 
little to no light eco. 

                        |           Dark Jak           |	              

Dark Bomb
Obtained: Jak begins with it (?)

Command: X + Square

This attack will cause Jak to leap high into the air, fall back down and punch
the ground with his fist, annihilating everything on screen. A very useful 
attack. Use in a highly clustered area. 

Dark Blast
Obtained: Jak begins with it (?)

Command: Square + X

Another useful attack in which Jak leaps into the air, releasing a huge 
lighting strike to every one on screen. Again use in a highly clustered area. 

Obtained: During "Find Satellite in Dark Volcano" (?)

Command: Press Triangle near invisibility statue

The ability can only be used when near an invisibility statue. In a nutshell, it
will cause Jak to become invisible to everything and everyone, even enemies.
Once you have enough orbs you can but turn this ability on and off at will buy
purchasing it in the secrets menu. 

Dark Strike
Obtained: Complete "Destroy Eco Tanks"

Command: R1

A new Dark Jak attack which causes Jak to shoot an extremely powerful dark ball
in front of him. This will take out any metal head and is sometimes used to 
break through walls. Doesn't consume much dark eco either. 

                                 Inventory Guide

This part of the guide will explain the uses of all the items in your 
inventory. I will also explain how they are obtained. Enjoy!

Desert Cars
This is my personal rating of all the cars in the game. Some may be wrong or
slightly off so don't hunt me down for it. 

Tough Puppy|
Obtained: Complete "Beat Kleiver in Desert Race" 

Speed: **
Handling: *****
Jump: ***
Armor: ***

Notes: No Gun and poor speed

Sand Shark|
Obtained: Before "Destroy Metal Head Beasts"

Speed: **** 
Handling: ****
Jump: **
Weapon: ***
Armor: ***

Notes: Fairly Balanced

Dune Hopper|
Obtained: Complete "Corral Wild Leapers"

Speed: **** 
Handling: ****
Jump: ***** 
Weapon: ****
Armor: ***

Notes: Highest Jump

Gila Stomper|
Obtained: Complete "Destroy Eggs in Metal Heads Nest"

Speed: ** 
Handling: ****
Jump: ***
Weapon: ***
Armor: ****

Notes: Fairly Balanced except for speed

Ram 'Rod (Slam Dozer)|
Obtained: Complete "Break Through Palace Ruins"

Speed: *** 
Handling: **** 
Jump: ***
Weapon: ****
Armor: ****

Notes: Good, solid car 

Heat Seeker|
Obtained: Buy in Secrets Menu for 15 Precursor Orbs

Speed: *****
Handling: **
Jump: ***
Weapon: ***
Armor: **

Notes: Poor car with great speed

Dust Demon|
Obtained: Buy in Secrets Menu for 15 Precursor Orbs

Speed: ***** 
Handling: **
Jump: **
Weapon: ****
Armor: **** 

Notes: High speed but poor handling

Desert Screamer|
Obtained: Buy in Secrets Menu for 20 Precursor Orbs

Speed: *****
Handling: *** 
Jump: ***
Weapon: ***
Armor: ****

Notes: A good car in all areas. 

Morph Guns Mods
See weapon section

Mar's Armor
The only use of Mar's armor is to increase the max life bar of Jak and change
the look of him.

Obtained: Complete "Race for Artifacts"

Legging Armor|
Obtained: Complete "Explore Eco Mine"

Shoulder Armor|
Obtained: Complete "Kill Dark Plants in Forest"

Chest Armor|
Obtained: Complete "Defend Spargus From Attack"

Dark/Light Jak Powers
See light/dark Jak section

War Amulets|
1st War Amulet: 
Obtain: Complete "Earn First War Amulet"

2nd War Amulet
Obtain: Complete "Earn Second War Amulet"

3rd War Amulet
Obtained: Complete "Defend Spargus From Attack"

Purpose: Used to call Wastelanders, also proves citizenship of Spargus city. 

Gate Pass to Spargus|
Obtained: Complete "Earn First War Amulet"

Purpose: Allows free access into and out of Spargus City

Seal of Mar|
Obtained: Complete "Defend Ashelin at Oasis"

Purpose: Open's doors with the seal of mar on them

Jet Board|
Obtained: Complete "Defend Ashelin at Oasis"

Purpose: Allows Jak to glide around at higher speed compared to walking. Jak 
can also perform tricks, a must have for some missions.

Cipher Glyph|
Obtained: Complete "Find Cipher in Eco Grid"

Purpose: Allows access into the War Factory.

Holo Cube|
Obtained: Complete "Race for More Artifacts"

Purpose: One of the artifacts needed to activate the Astro-Viewer in the
Haven city forest.

Beam Generator|
Obtained: Complete "Defend Spargus' Front Gate"

Purpose: One of the artifacts needed to activate the Astro-Viewer in the
Haven city forest.

Obtained: Complete "Take out Marauder Stronghold"

Purpose: One of the artifacts needed to activate the Astro-Viewer in the
Haven city forest.

Quantum Reflector|
Obtained: Complete "Chase Down Metal Head Beasts"

Purpose: One of the artifacts needed to activate the Astro-Viewer in the
Haven city forest.

Time Map|
Obtained: Complete "Rescue Seem at Temple" (could some one confirm this?)

Purpose: One of the artifacts needed to activate the Astro-Viewer in the
Haven city forest.

Dark Eco Crystals|

1st Dark Eco Crystal
Obtained: Complete "Unlock Satellite"

2nd Dark Eco Crystal
Obtained: Complete "Destroy Metal Head Beasts"

3rd Dark Eco Crystal
Obtained: Complete "Rescue Wastelanders"

4th Dark Eco Crystal
Obtained: Complete "Destroy Metal Head Tower"

Purpose: Used to make the Eco Power Sphere (thanks to Shadow) 

Light Eco Crystals|

1st Light Eco Crystal
Obtained: Complete "Beat Monks in Leaper Race

2nd Light Eco Crystal
Obtained: Complete "Beat Turret Challenge"

3rd Light Eco Crystal
Obtained: Complete "Destroy Metal-pedes in Nest"

4th Light Eco Crystal
Obtained: Complete "Defeat Cyber Errol"

Purpose: Used to make the Eco Power Sphere (thanks to Shadow)

Eco Power Sphere|
Obtained: After collecting all dark/light eco crystals 

Purpose: Used to Power up the Planetray Defence System (thanks to Shadow)


Weapons Upgrades|
                                        Orbs Needed
Increased Red Ammo Capacity................4  
Increased Yellow Ammo Capacity............ 4 
Increased Blue Ammo Capacity...............4  
Increased Dark Ammo Capacity...............4  
Blaster Damage Upgrade.....................6  
Scatter Gun Rate-of-Fire Upgrade...........6  
Vulcan Fury Damage Upgrade.................6  
Peace Maker Increased Radius...............6 
Reflexor Increased Deflections.............8 
Concussor Damage Upgrade...................8  
Arc Wielder Robot Shock....................8 
Mass Inverter Duration Upgrade.............8  
Gyro Burster Duration Upgrade..............10
Plasmite RPG Ammo Efficiency...............10 
Needle Laser Ammo Efficiency...............10 
Super Nova Ammo Efficiency.................10 
Ratchet and Clank Gun Courses..............5  

Vehicle Upgrades|

Upgrade Vehicle Toughness..................15 
Unlock the Heat Seeker.....................15 
Unlock the Dust Demon......................15 
Unlock the Desert Screamer.................20
Unlimited Vehicle Turbos...................30 

Crazy Stuff|

Toggle Jak's Goatee........................2  
Big Head Mode..............................3  
Small Head Mode............................3  
Kleiver's Diaper...........................4  
Bad Weather................................5  
Mirror World...............................5  
Fast Movies................................5  
Slow Movies................................5 

Expert Options|

Level Select Act 1.........................5  
Level Select Act 2.........................5  
Level Select Act 3.........................5  
Hero Mode..................................5  

Turbo Jet Board in Desert..................5 
Dark Jak Homing Attacks....................3  
Dark Jak Invisibility at will..............25
Unlimited Ammo.............................50
Unlimited Dark Jak.........................50 
Unlimited Light Jak........................50 

Art Gallery|
Scrap Book.................................2  
Mega Scrap Book............................2  
Jak and Daxter Model Viewer................2  
Jak II Model Viewer........................2  
Jak 3 Model Viewer.........................2  
Scene Player Act 1.........................2  
Scene Player Act 2.........................2  
Scene Player Act 3.........................2  


Firstly I would like to thank Naughty Dog for making another great game. My dad 
for buying this computer and you for reading this guide. I would also like to
thank GameFAQS for posting this guide as well :p. 

Also a special thanks go to:

Shadow - For pointing out the uses of Light/Dark Eco Crystals, the eco power 
sphere and war amulets.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions? Send them to

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

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