PS2 Walkthroughs: Unlimited Saga Walkthrough

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Unlimited Saga Walkthrough

Version 1.2

Copyright - 2003 Square Enix

Sony Playstation 2 (US version)
Made by Kamui


1.	Updates
2.	Introduction
3.	Game options and controls
4.	How to play?
5.     Characters walkthrough
6.	The seven wonders
7.	Adventure list
8.     Glossary
9.	Skills, arts and materials
10.	Extra / Special info
11.    Legal information / Thanks / Contact info

1   -  -  UPDATES

    First Version - September 28, 2003
    Version 0.6 - October 9, 2003
    Version 0.7 - October 14, 2003 - The first "complete" version 0.6
sucks. There were phrases without words, stupid grammar mistakes, the
FAQ lacking crucial details. Almost everything was improved on this
version. Sorry for the bad FAQ, but I think that the rush of releasing
got the best of me. But not fear, this version you can actually read
and, with some patience, even like it.
    Version 0.8 - October 17, 2003 - New adventures are added, as new
skills and arts are also included. Many, many mistakes corrected.
Laura's section is almost complete as well.
    Version 0.9 - October 22, 2003 - Laura's section is finished and
Mythe section it's almost done. New arts and adventures added as well.
    Version 0.95 - November 7, 2003 - Mythe and Armic sections are
completed. The adventure list is now completed; the material list and
arts list are almost completed as well. There is also a new section
"glossary" in the FAQ.
    Version 1.0 - November 25, 2003 - All characters completed!!! All
right!!!. New entry on the glossary section and new arts, magic and
also corrected some stuff, some of them by Saga fans that send E-
mails, thanks. Enjoy the FAQ!!!!
    Version 1.05 - January 5, 2004 - Some minor stuff added, just
corrections and such. New entry in the glossary section.
    Version 1.1 - January 30, 2004 - New corrections and updates.
    Version 1.2 - June 13, 2004 - Redone the magic section. New
entries on the glossary section. Some corrections, as always.


    Unlimited SaGa is the latest game of the SaGa series created by
Squaresoft (now Square Enix) and the first one to the Playstation 2
system. The story of the SaGa begins of the way back to the Gameboy
(Final Fantasy legends), then goes to the SNES era (Romancing SaGa)
and the PS (SaGa frontier).
    Not as popular as the Final Fantasy series, the SaGa games
established himself as a complex game aimed for a hardcore RPG
audience. The series always offered interesting non-linear storylines,
random status development and almost infinite possibilities for the
characters, making that the same game can be played endless times and
not ever will be like the other.
    Unlimited SaGa has met severe criticism by the press and casual
players, most of it because it's unimpressive graphics and an uber-
complex game mechanics. But the hardcore players thanks Square Enix by
creating a game that dare to be different from the others.

    The Seven Wonders, a mysterious legacy left from an ancient
civilization. The last remains of a time called the Golden Age, when
wonderful deeds were done and created the base of the world that you
know today. Seven persons, seven different destinies are about to join
together to unravel the mysteries of the ancient civilization, but
they are capable to restore the peace and bring a new Golden Age?
    Are you ready to discover the hidden truth about the legendary
Seven Wonders?

3   -  -  GAME OPTIONS

    IMPORTANT INFO - The game requires a memory card to boot up every
single time and also a Dual Shock 2 controller. If you don't have a
memory card, the game will not boot. The first time you play Unlimited
SaGa, it will create a file called system data (154 KB). I know that
you probably already have a memory card and a Dual Shock 2, but better
safe than sorry.

    After the CG intro, some game modes will appear:

    NEW GAME - Starts a new game. Select between 7 unique characters.
    LOAD GAME - Continue your previously saved game, after you
choose to continue, a load screen appears. The game requires 104 KB of
the memory card to save.
    CONTINUE - In this game, you can save in dungeons, but when you
load back, this save is deleted. The save will be stored on the system
data and do not requires further Kb of the memory card.
    FFX-2 PREVIEW - A preview movie of Final Fantasy X-2 (not
available in the JAP version).
    OPTIONS - Customize your game.

    C) Controls

      X button - Selects a topic. Attacks (on battles)
      O button - Hold (on battles), open main status menu (field)
      Triangle - Cancel a selection
      Square - Check the map and number of turns (field)
      L1/R1 - Cycles between the characters
      L2/R2 - Cycles between the arts (skill and arts screen)
      Analog stick - Moves the character
      Directional buttons - Select field options and cycles the event
      Press analog stick (L3 and R3) - Rest (in the field)
      L1 + R1 + Select + Start - Return to the main game screen.

4   -  -  HOW TO PLAY

    Probably the most important section of the FAQ, is explaining how
to play the game. Unlimited SaGa has no game tutorial, and the
instruction manual teaches the basic of the basic, so most of this
section is based on mostly empiric findings and from real gameplay, so
as everything based on empiric observation only, it is bound to have
some mistakes. Please consult others sources in case of doubt.

    A ) Choosing your character

    Each character has his role in the history of the game, and 7
characters with at least 25 hours on each character, it's hard to know
what person to choose, especially if you are short on time.
    So I create a table with the difficulty level to beat the game and
the level of each character story-wise to understanding of Unlimited
Saga as a whole.

    RUBY - Difficulty - Medium
           Story - High

    She has a very cool storyline and the difficulty is not that hard
to play. Nice ending as well.

    VENTUS - Difficulty - Easy
             Story - Medium

    If you want to see almost everything that Unlimited has to offer,
look no further that Ventus storyline.

    LAURA - Difficulty - Hard
            Story - Medium

    Interesting story, but perhaps the most difficult adventure in the
game. Only for the experts.

    MYTHE - Difficulty - Medium
            Story - High

    One of the most interesting adventures, and a quite long journey.

    ARMIC - Difficulty - High
            Story - Low

    Probably the most unfulfilling quest in this game, it's quite hard
to beat and the story didn't offer anything new or rewarding. The most
"different" quest in the game.

    JUDY - Difficulty - Easy
           Story - Medium

    The most short and easy quest in this game. You can reach the last
boss with only 4 hours of gameplay. Good for the first venture in the
Unlimited saga.

    KURT - Difficulty - Medium
           Story - Medium

    Interesting storyline as well, and the quest is somewhat short.
But it's a fun ride, there are tough bosses on his game also.

    B ) Towns

    In Unlimited SaGa, there are several towns in the game. Every town
has at least an inn, and a carrier guild. There are others things as
Blacksmiths, magic shops, dungeons and story-related places. I will
explain every one of these options below.

    INN - The busiest place in the game.

        SHOP - In the inn you can buy or sell equipment on the shop.
You can get your equipment by paying Kr (the currency of the game) or
trading with other equipment's. Some places only accepts trading as
the payment method.
        INFORMATION - Get information and gossip. Some of the
characters story will only advance by getting specific information in
the inns.
        ADVENTURES - Explore the world in the adventures section. The
core of the game relies on the adventure section; so the inn will be
the place that you will spend most of the time.
        EQUIPMENT - Check and change your equipment and items.
        ADVENTURE LOG - Save your game.
        EXIT - Exit the inn.

     CARRIER GUILD - The place to carriers get his works. Only
accessible in Ventus storyline. For the other characters, this place
have no use at all.

     BLACKSMITH - You can create or improve your weapon at the
blacksmiths. Each blacksmith works with a selected set of equipment
and every blacksmith are specialized on something. More on the
equipment section further below.

     MAGIC SHOP - In this place sells equipment just like the normal
shop, but the weapons sold in the magic shops came with magical
properties. More on the equipment section.

     DUNGEONS - There are some dungeons that can be accessed anytime
you want, and you can play it several times. The dungeons don't have a
specific objective or a maximum number of turns, unlike the
adventures. So go there if you want some battle experience and
treasures. There is no character development in these dungeons.

     STORY-RELATED PLACES - In some towns, there are places only
accessible by a few characters to advance their storylines. For the
other characters, these places have no use at all.

     OBS: There is only one town that doesn't have any inn or carrier
guild but it's just a story-related place. This place is the Galeos
Castle, which only appears in Laura's game. The Galeos castle is
located near Escata.

     C ) Going to adventures

     Just like in every other RPG, you will recruit characters to
participate in your quest. Each quest has 8 characters to recruit,
some of them are exclusive to his quest and some of the characters
that you can recruit are others main characters as well. So you will
see Ruby fighting with Mythe, Laura with Armic, Kurt with Ventus and
so on. But you can only take 7 characters to an adventure.
     In the inns, you can choose to participate in several adventures.
This adventures are really helpful to increase HP, new equipment and
learning new arts, because if you stick to the story related events on
each character you won't develop your characters that much. Each town
has it's particular set of adventures, related to events that are
taking place. Many story related events happens on a place that just
like a normal adventure; when this happens the adventure will be not
accessible, so don't worry if you don't see a specific adventure in
your quest.
     Every adventure can be successfully finished only one time and
the quantity of the adventures is finite, so if you clear all the
normal adventures there is no way to further improve your characters
(Ventus quest is an exception). If you don't clear it, the adventure
will be still there to be finished. But if you don't clear the
adventure you won't have any skill development.
     So my advice is to only begin to make non stories related
adventures when you have at least 5 characters in your group. If you
do many adventures with a few characters, when you get the other
characters there won't be many adventures to develop the status of the
remaining characters.

     D ) Exploring the world

     On the course of the game, you will explore the world and visit
another towns to advance the storyline or to accomplish one particular
adventure. You will begin the game on the city, and if you check the
world map there will be no other place to go, so you have to pick an
adventure that take you out of that city and that leads to another

     - The world map

     Exiting a town access the world map. Then will appear a world
map, you can only see the towns that you already visited in your
quest. The world map also has the property that you can visit any town
without passing in the field.

     - Choosing your characters

     Each main character can recruit 8 extra characters for the entire
journey, but only 7 characters (including the main character) can
participate on the adventures.
	Before each adventure you will have to select what characters
will join you on the adventures.

     - The game screen

     If you haven't got on a particular city before, you must first
cross the way to that city, so you will enter the "field" mode. When I
refer to the field, it is the exploration mode that isn't the world
      The game screen of the field has a lot of information scattered
around, and it's not that friendly to understand, how it can help you
or even how it works, in the first place. In the regular field screen
there is your "team", the roads, a picture with a short description of
the location (in the upper left corner of the screen) that you are in
the moment and the field options. The field options includes:

      SKILL - Check/Uses your skills in the field and see the event
      ITEMS - Check/arrange/quick-fix and discard non-equipped items.
      EQUIPMENT - Check/Trade equipment
      STATUS - See current status (HP/LP) and stats. For a better-
detailed menu, press X on this screen (or press O on the field)
      QUIT - Quit the game, and save your progress. On the next game
you can use continue to start from that point, but this save will be

     - Moving your characters

     The game field is like a board game, and you control a "pin" into
this field. You won't have freedom of movement; you can go to the
places that game tells you. Many times the places to go are marked
with (????). That shows you that it's a non-explored place. Sometimes
there are several paths to go, but rest assured that every road has
only one exit to the desired destination and you can't go to the other
exits, so there isn't a way to get lost.

     The (????) will be marked in different colors:

     Blue - Low probability to encounter a monster
     Yellow - High probability to encounter a monster
     Red - Monster nest

     In all fields, there are dead ends, so you have to turn back. If
you can't find the exit, most likely you forgot to check a place, so
backtrack a little to find the place marked by a (????), and go there.
There are also places that are only available if you have a
correspondent skill (more later on).

     - Turns

      Every action that you perform on the field, including walking,
resting or performing any skill counts as turns. Battles also count
turns but much slower than a normal turn (a battle with 5 turns
consumes 2 field turns). Several adventures requires that you finish
the quest in less than a predetermined numbers of turns, if not you
will leave the adventure. But keep in mind that you can try this
adventure again, and all field covered in the previous try will be
showed, but not the events needed to the conclusion of the quest nor
the fixed treasures.

     E ) The events

- Events

      Of course, a travel in a RPG isn't a vacation tour. So in these
game several things can happen while travelling, can be as good as
find a treasure chest or bad like facing an enemy. The game will
inform you of the events, by a picture and the name of the event. So
there is a list of things that can happen:
      TREASURE CHEST - Treasure chests are scattered by the world,
there content can be equipment, materials and money (this is the only
way to get money if you're not a carrier), but you have to open it
first. There are 3 kinds of treasures: The chest (that may have traps
and are locked), the bag (that may have only traps), and the skeleton
(that doesn't have any traps). The game will inform the type of the
treasure as well the level of the chest. The higher is the level of
the chest, better will be the contents. Level 99 is the highest.
      ENEMY ENCOUNTER - You will encounter an enemy. A picture of the
monster(s) will appear. The enemy may attack you or not. If they
attack you, the battle will begin. If they not attack, you can attack
him for a preemptive strike or you can escape for another location.
      A TRAP - In the field, there are several traps placed along the
way. If you activate the trap, a person of the group will be chosen to
try to escape of the trap, if they are successful, it will escape
unharmed, but if not, they will receive damage. Traps also has a
level; the higher the level of the trap, it will be harder to defuse
or dodge it.
      OBSTACLES, RIVERS, STAIRS, DOORS ETC. - You can find these things
on the adventures. Also have a level description.
      SWITCHES, LEVERS, ETC. - You can also find these things on the
      TETRA FORCE - Tetra forces are like saving points that always
appears in the last dungeons of every main character quest. Also, they
fill your HP and LP points. But beware, once you save inside the last
dungeons you can't go out to the world map, so it's advised to create
another file when you want to use a Tetra force.

- The event list

     One of the most confusing things in the game, it's to know how to
use the event list. When you choose SKILL on the field options, a
screen will appear with HP, LP, etc. but in the upper part of the
screen there are a list of pictures, each one represent an event. So
if you want open a treasure chest that you see in the field, select
SKILL, then select the treasure chest (with the directional button,
not the analog one) and select action. But if the chest is locked?
Below the "action" will appear the skill list. If you have the
locksmith skill, select Skill, then select the treasure chest and
select the locksmith that is below the action. Do that to any other
events (doors, stairs, monsters, traps) in this game as well.
     If a skill can be used on the event, they will be on white color
but the others skills that cannot be used will have the gray mark.

- Kind of traps

      There are several kinds of traps on the field: some are in
treasures chest to forbid the opening of the chest, some in the road
to scare off clueless travelers. Use the defuse skill to defuse the

      Chests - Needle (low damage), poison (medium damage), explosive
(high damage, destroy chest contents), mimic (monster in the chest).
      Field - Falling tree (low damage), boulder (medium damage),
pitfall (high damage), icicle (high damage) and drop ceiling (high

     F ) Game parameters and skills/arts

     This game has several parameters:

     LP - It's like the HP on the others games, when you lost all LP
the character will leave the battle. But if the main character get 0
LP, the game is over. The LP is fixed for every character and it can't
be changed. In every completed adventure, the LP is replenished. You
and your enemy can lose more than 1 LP for each hit taken.
     HP - It's works a meter for the resistance of a character
/monster. In theory, when the HP is reduced to 0 you will lose one LP,
and the following hits with 0 HP will also take 1 LP. This doesn't
happen, though, because there are others factors like strength of the
attacked and the armor and endurance of the defender involved in this.
An attack performed by a character reduces his HP as well. The only
way to replenish the HP is to rest in the field or leave a character
out of the battle turn. The enemy has also a fixed LP, so no matter
how much HP damage you inflict, if you not destroy its LP, the enemy
will not be defeated.
     HP RECOVER - The rate that a character recovers his HP in the
field. The valor varies to A (best recover rate) to E (worst); there
are skills that improve the recover rate.
     ENDURANCE - Also works likes the HP, but when the endurance is
low, the probability to lose LP (even if your HP is high) increases.
But if you endurance is high, even if your HP is 0, you can avoid
losing a LP. Every weapon attack performed by a character reduces his
endurance as well. So if the battle drags too long the probability of
you receiving great LP damage increases drastically. There some
attacks that inflict endurance loss. At the end of every battle, the
endurance is replenished.
     STRENGTH, MAGIC, SKILL, SPIRIT - Works as the same like others
RPG's. This group is called Ability parameters (Endurance is also a
ability parameter).
     WOOD, METAL, FIRE, EARTH, WATER - Improve magic use. This group
is called Elemental parameters.
     DURABILITY - It's the value that indicated its durability of an
equipment. When the durability is 0, the equipment lost its use.

     SKILLS - An ability that can help in most things in the game,
that ranges of battle skills, to improve your fighting methods, to
negotiate better deals in the shop. There are many skills in this
game, and so you will have to customize the characters with your
     ARTS - It's the different attacks that a weapon or a melee can
perform. A particular weapon has different attack categories and each
category has it's particular set of arts. You will learn new arts only
in battle.

G ) The reel system

     Probability is a factor very common in the RPG, but in Unlimited
SaGa the probability is made in a very peculiar way: the reel system.
     The reel system can be translated as a wheel of fortune. And the
player has to press the button to stop the reel and the icon that
stopped will be the result.
     There are 2 kinds of reels: The events reel and the battle reel.
The difference is in the results icons on the both reels.

     EVENT REEL - Green orb - Success
                  Red X - Failure but you don't are penalized
                  Dynamite - Failure and you are penalized
     BATTLE REEL (arts) - Green orb - Level 1 art
                          Blue orb - Level 2 art
                          Pink orb - Level 3 art
                          Orange orb - Level 4 art
                 (gun) - Red hit - Random shot
                         Green hit - Shot
                         Yellow hit - Shot
                         White hit - Shot
                 (magic) - Wood
     The event reel is related to success of failure of using a skill
in an event or escaping a trap. The green orb represents a success,
that you used the skill successfully or escaped the trap. The red X
shows failures, but like a little failure, if is a skill, you will not
use it but you won't activate the negative effects (like activating
traps in treasure chests when you try to unlock it), if is a trap you
only take damage but only a parcel of the total. The dynamite shows a
total failure, if is a skill, you will not use it and will activate
the negative effects, if is a trap you will take full damage.
     The battle reel (arts) is related of using different arts in
battle. In the beginning of the game you will only have one art, then
the reel will only green. As you will learn new arts, others orbs with
different colors will appear on the reel. The battle reel (gun) is
related the success rate of the shot, red hit (worst) means miss or
very little damage and white (best) is a critical hit of sorts. The
battle reel (magic) is related to the use of magic, if you use water
magic and hit the water icon on the reel, the damage will be greater,
but if you hit the fire icon, the damage will be reduced. The reel of
magic and gun, all icons are available from the start.
     If using a reel it's a nightmare for persons with low eye-hand
coordination, fortunately there 2 things that worth mentioning: here
is no time restriction on using a reel, and the reel sequence repeats
endlessly, so take your time and let it roll many times until you get
the feeling of the reel.
     Some skills works improving the probability of success on a reel,
which means as higher is the level of the skill, more green orbs will
appear. When it's an event reel, the chance of success with the reel
its proportional to the level of the event (chest, trap etc.) and your
skill level related to the event.
     When you begin to learn arts but your weapon skill level its low,
the orbs of the battle reel will be much separated from each other,
and there is only one orb by color, so hitting a high level orb is a
matter of plain luck. But as your weapon skill grows, the high level
orbs will be placed together, and there will be 2 orbs of the same
color, so hitting the desired orb will become much easier, and in no
time you will begin to hit the art that you want.
     As the event reel, there will be always a "hot spot" to press the
button. This hot spot can be several green orbs placed together (high
level skill) or a single green orb surrounded by red X (low level
skill). If you are defusing a high level chest, with a low level skill
try looking for the hot spot, especially when you are unlocking chests
with explosive content, if you don't unlock it at least the chest
won't explode.
     OBS: It seems that with some characters, there is a lag in the
time that press the button, and the reel to stop. This can cause
annoying outcomes, especially if you are good with the reel. But this
effect only happens with the event reel, like unlocking or evading
traps, in the battle reel this won't happen. In any case this lag not
always happens, so look for the hot spots for a better probability of

     H ) The battle

     - The battle screen

     When you trigger a battle (intentionally or not), a battle screen
will appear. Once you enter the battle, the rules are simple: You and
your enemy will exchange blows and the one last standing is the
winner. No items to use, or running away from the battle.
     The first thing is to select 5 commands and the enemy that you
will perform the action. A command can be attacking the enemy, or
using magic. The 5 commands can be that the same character attacks 5
times in a row or each one attacks once, or one character attacks 3
times and 2 others one time, so you have total freedom of choose your
strategy of fighting.

     - Choosing a character

     The battle screen will appear. There will be a circle with every
character and his HP/LP. And a white circle shows the number of
remaining command that can be made.

     - Choosing an action

     After choosing a character, a screen will appear to choose an
action related to that character. It shows every weapon and accessory
equipped by that character, and also the melee and a familiar (if you
have any familiar in the skill panel, more later on). Below the
weapon, there will be the categories of that weapon/ accessory/ melee/
familiar. Only black categories can be chosen, the gray ones cannot be
chosen. If a weapon has only grayed out categories, this weapon has 0
durability and can't be used.
     Also you can check the HP and endurance required to execute a
action, pressing square or O buttons on the categories.
     Press X to choose the desired action and the enemy. Repeat that 5
times and the battle will begin for real.

     - The combo system

     When you choose the 5 actions, the battle will begin. The reel
will spin and you have 2 options: GO or HOLD. If you choose GO
(pressing X) the character will perform the action of the icon that
you previously. If you choose to HOLD (pressing O), the character will
try to combo with the next person, and the next person will be in the
control of the main reel. If your 2 characters choose to HOLD as well,
you will try to do a triple combo, and so on. You can do a maximum of
a five-hit combo.
     When you successfully do a combo, the name of the combo will
appear and the combo rate also will show up. The combo rate is related
to the extra damage inflicted by a combo, if a combo rate was 130%
that means the combo will deal damage 30% higher than done the hits by
itself. A combo with more than 130% has a high probability of LP
damage on the enemy.
     The advantage of the combo is that it will increase the damage
inflicted in the enemy, with the last person of the combo makes the
makes the great part of the damage. If the last person selects HOLD,
you will only use the basic attack of the weapon category.

     - The enemy reaction

     Of course, the enemy will attack (and combo) like you do. The
enemy doesn't have any restriction of numbers of turns. They can
attack only twice (weak enemies) or even 7 times (bosses). And its
order is unpredictable as well, but if you notice that the enemy group
is attacking fast on the first turns, probably they will stop and open
a window to combo.
     Combos do not always happened like you wanted to, because the
enemy can break the combo. If the enemy breaks your combo, 2 bad
things will happen, the first one is that the last blow it's the most
powerful of the combo, and that you can't do high level arts if you
have the combo breaked. There is an example of a combo breaked:

     You choose 4 HOLD, 1 GO:
           Hold     Hold      Hold    Hold     GO
     Attack - Attack - Attack - Attack - Attack

     The enemy chooses 2 GO, 1 HOLD
                    GO        GO      Hold
              Attack - Attack - Attack

     Here's what happens in the game:

     You will have your combo breaked in the second character. There
will be a 3-hit combo in total. The 2 ally characters will begin the
combo, and your enemy will end it. The third ally character will also
have its combo breaked. Two-hit combo with the ally beginning the
combo, and the enemy end it. In the last turn, the enemy will begin
the combo and the 2 ally characters will end it.
       That is just a possibility, but in the real game you won't know
what your enemy is planning. Since the last person of the combo
inflicts greater damage, trying to combo without much thought can make
things worst, because if the enemy just breaks your combo again and
again they will, in the end, inflicts massive damage on you. But
always doing GO won't help you either. In difficult battles, since
doing combo increases the possibility of draining LP of the enemy
(your main objective) you have to take your chances and combo.
     So you have to find a way to combo the enemy, without giving the
enemy chance to retaliate. It's a guessing game, but it's that makes
the battles in this game so fun, but frustrating at the same time.

     - Team formation

      The basic formation is always the same with 3 characters in the
front row, and 2 on the back row. The front row has a greater chance
of being damaged by an enemy. If you choose fewer characters, you will
fill first the front row then the back row.
      This can change with some locations, which can have variables
kinds of formations. Also, there is a battle in tight spots that
requires a maximum of 3 different characters. There are few situations
in the game that requires one-to-one battle.

     - Battle tips

      Knowing the battle rules, there are some tips to help you out:

      1 - If you want to score a greater damage without being much
damaged in the process, leave the high HP/LP on the front row and
leave the main character and the character with the most powerful
skill for last. So make HOLD on the first 2 characters, this forces
the enemy to break your combo and attack. You will receive greater
damage, but if your characters are strong, even you lose some LP it
compensates the trouble since the others 3 characters can combo
without have much fear of has it combo break and being damaged in the
process. If the initial HOLD trick does not work, you can play it
safe, doing GO on the remaining 3 characters or risk a higher combo,
it's up to you. The enemy AI is smart though, so they will change his
strategy constantly.
      2 - When you have more than 5 characters in your team, swap the
front row once in a while, specially in boss battles. Leaving the same
characters over and over, will deplete his endurance and they will die
      3 - Use skills that reduce any parameters of the enemy. They
can't be strong by itself, but in the long run it can save your life.
Arts like brute force (punch), deadly palm (punch), aim (spear) and
nutcracker (staff) destroy the defenses of the enemy. Use them on
bosses and tough enemies.

     - Taking out a character

      When you have a character with blackout, sleep, or petrify status
or even dead, they will remain in the battlefield until you take him
out. To do take that character out you must choose the "rescue" option
below in the melee attacks. This option always appears, but if you
aren't with a character that can be taken out, this option will be
      As the stunned character is in the battlefield, his turn will be
spend like a regular character. When you choose a character to rescue
another, his turn as well will be lost (rescue counts as a action) but
if think about it, you will replace for a good character and also you
won't lose the stunned character turn.
      But not always a character can successfully rescue another, this
depends of the build of a character, if he is tall and strong, the
odds of a little girl carry him out of the battlefield are slim, so
put a strong character when you try to rescue another character.

     - Game over

      The game will end if the main character gets 0 LP or all
characters in the battlefield get 0 LP or are unable to make any

     I ) Equipment, materials, skills and items

- Equipment

      Each characters has several equipment that he can...well, equip.
There are 2 weapons slots, 2 accessories, one head, one armor and one
legging. The weapon that you can equip includes daggers, swords, axes,
staffs, spears, bows and shields. You can equip 2 attack weapons or 1
attack and one shield (yes, you can equip 2 shields, and yes, you're
dumb if you actually do that...^_^)

- Materials

      Materials are items that only have utility in a blacksmith. They
can be use to improve the durability of an equipment or to make new
weapons. They materials can be find on the adventures or bought in
stores. There are several types of materials, which can be further
divided on 5 groups: Fire, Water, Metal, Wood and Earth.

- Skills

      There are several skills in this game but 2 of them are of the
most importance: Defuse and locksmith. These are truly essential
skills that at least one person has to have all times. Others required
skills are swimming and obstacle crossing. I like also the iron body
skill, which reduces damage and LP loss probability.

     J ) Character, equipment and arts development

- Character development

      In Unlimited SaGa they taken off the random character stats
gained in every battle and created a different system. The character
development can be only done on the end of every cleared adventure.
The character HP will grow only for the characters that participated
on battle in an adventure. You can gain one new skill and a status
boost. Both are handled in the same way: The skills panel. You can
check your skill panel only in the field.

- Skill panel

      The skill panel looks like this:
               ___  ___
              /   \/   \
            /   \/   \/   \
              /   \/   \

      After the end of the adventure, the game will choose randomly 4
skills for each character, so you pick a skill and place it in the
skill panel. The harder is the adventure that you accomplished; the
level of the skills will be higher as well. But even if you make the
most difficult adventure, if you skills are low, you will grow, but a
little bit, so if you have only levels 2 or 3 in your panel skill, the
odds are that you will receive a level 4, not a level 5.
     The panel has 7 slots for skills, and when the 7 slots are full
you will have to overwrite a skill, even if you won't to part with any
skill you have. Each skill has 5 levels, as higher the level; the
effects of the skill also will be higher. If the skill deals with the
reel system, like unlock/defuse, when higher the level of the skill,
the higher is the chance of success (more green orbs). Each skill has
a category (symbol) and a definition of its use. There are different
skills that are from the same category.
      OBS - Negative status (like phobia, seal weapon and pacifist) can
be only being replaced with other negative status. The gauntlet skill,
that is also a negative skill, cannot be replaced at all. Magic
tablets don't count as one of the 4 skills that you receive, and you
can place the magic tablet on every character.

     - Boosting status

     For boosting status there is 2 conditions that you have to
notice. The first one is the skill that you are placing in the skill
panel and the slot that you are putting in.
     The skill chosen will improve part of your status by the
characteristics of the skill, just like Melee and weapons skills
improves more STR, END and SKL than ELM and MAG and Familiars have the
tendency to improve more MAG and ELM than STR. Keep in mind that the
ELM skills like familiar do not improve all ELM, since a water
familiar will improve water, fire familiar improves fire and so on.
The others skills like negotiating, key and health have a more
balanced status growth.
     The slot works like this. Every slot in the panel is related with
a particular status parameter, so every skill putted on an empty slot
will improve a parameter, following that rule:
               ___  ___

      Each slot affects the adjacent slot as well, so when you put a
skill on the STR for example, the END and SKL will grow as well but in
a smaller proportion. It's the reason why the middle slot improves all
     So the key for a powerful character lies in the combination of
this 2 factors. You can put any skill in any slot that you like, but
you won't have the best combinations, since if you add a powerful
weapon skill (like Axe) in the first slot, you will improve more your
STR than if you put in the last slot. Do not worry if you have the
same combination of skills/slot on several characters but the growth
is different. This depends on the characters, some characters are
bound to have a strong STR and mage characters are bound to have a
strong MAG. The limit for the all parameters is 80 points.
      To see the change of the status when placing a new skill, press
the square button, making this you can evaluate the changes that
placing a skill give to a character.
      There is also the panel bonus, which is a bonus that you receive
if certain conditions are made:
      JOINT - It's the bonus that you receive by placing the skills
with the same category in an adjacent slot, but not the center slot.
      LINE - It's the bonus that you receive by placing the skills with
the same category in a line using the center slot.
      TRIANGLE - It's the bonus that you receive by placing the skills
in a triangular shape, once again not using the center slot.

                JOINT            LINE            TRIANGLE
               ___  ___         ___  ___         ___  ___
              /JNT\/JNT\       /LIN\/   \       /TRI\/   \
             _\___/\_  /__    _\___/\___/__    _\___/\___/__
            /   \/   \/   \  /   \/LIN\/   \  /   \/   \/TRI\
            \___/\___/\___/  \___/\___/\___/  \___/\___/\___/
              /   \/   \       /   \/LIN\       /TRI\/   \
              \___/\___/       \___/\___/       \___/\___/

      There is also an additional bonus that you receive if the skills
that form the panel bonus are the same level. It is called same level
bonus (duh!).
     So to have a good character, leave the fighting skills to the
upper part of the screen, a good health skill on the middle slot and
the lower part leave with skill like familiars, negotiating or key

     - Weapon development

      Every weapon and equipment has 4 slots for development. When you
buy or find equipment, it's common that it comes with only one slot
with something. As you use the weapons or being hit with armor
equipped, it can release new weapon category or ability at the end of
every battle. But this development is made at random, so you can gain
several things in just one battle or gain nothing for several battles.
      Weapon category releases a new set of arts, and ability can give
you protections against several status and such. If equipment has
already filled the 4 slots so it can't grow anymore. But equipment
with 0 durability can learn new category, but it has to be equipped on
a character.
      OBS: Guns haven't any category, or any arts. Just the normal

     - Arts development

      Arts development it's a tricky subject, so probably it's the most
controversial section of this FAQ. You learn new arts as you will use
a particular weapon category, but it's learning ratio (or learning at
all) is a total mystery.
      A person can learn  different arts per category, and in just one
round 2 persons can learn an art, or even one person can learn 2 arts
at once (it happens to me, once). There is no 'way' of learning arts,
which means that you can learn a powerful art in the beginning of the
game and don't learn the weaker arts forever.
      But, as the game says, practice makes perfect, and so use the
desired category over and over, and eventually you will learn arts,

     - Tips for arts development

      Just remember to take that info with a bit of salt, that I cannot
prove this factors:

so just keeping using it and he/she/it will eventually learn these
arts. Exception goes to the Hairdryer and Humming bird categories.
he will learn some arts of that weapon, but that don't mean that he
will learn every single arts for every category with ease.
character is strong, the probability to adapt to a heavy weapon like
swords, spears and axes is greater; like small, weak characters are
bounded to be good with daggers, bows and staffs. Of course, there are
particular character that appears in several quests (like Ruby), the
chance that she has of learning an art that she already learn before
in a previous game is huge.
that's true, but Armic and Judy that has serious problems at learning
different weapon arts.
      FIGHTING STRONG FOES increases the probability to learn new arts.
This is very important. Fighting a really strong foe (like the Giant
in the Knight's Mausoleum or the Elder Dragons) can unlock more arts
than 20 hours of normal quest.
it's probably the most controversial point, but I believe that's true.
categories has trouble in releasing arts; just like saying that spear
it's probably the worst weapon to learn anything. Particularly, I tend
to keep distance from spears, even if my most powerful weapon its,
guess what, a spear.

- Magic learning and using it

      A) Learning magic

     Magic in this game don't use the same rules as weapon arts. There
is 2 ways to learn magic: Learning magic from magic tablets or using a
familiar skill.

     -  Magic tablet

     Magic users like Judy requires magic tablets to learn new spells.
Magic tablets can be found on adventures just like other items, but
they can't be equipped. They work like a normal skill that you have to
put in your skill panel. But that isn't enough, you must have your
character begin the study of the magic tablet if they want to learn
something, so select the main status screen (use the O button on the
field), select magic tablet and select what magic tablet you want to
     After selecting a magic tablet, on every single battle you can
learn a little of the new spell, just like the weapons development,
but also this happens at random. You can check out the learning rate
of the magic by seeing how full is the learning bar. You can also
accelerate the study by using the desired spell once for battle.
     Each magic tablet has 3 different magic to learn, and as soon as
you complete the study, the magic will remain with you forever, even
if you don't learn the others spells on the magic tablet, but if you
stop the learning of the magic before the magic is fully studied, they
won't be available. Fortunately, some characters begin the game with
some magic on his sleeve, so avoiding wasting much time (learning
magic from a magic table can be a very slow process).
     To use magic from a magic tablet, beside have equipped the
magical tablet, you also must have a weapon/accessory that has the
elemental compatibility of the magic that you want to learn. So if you
want to use the purify magic (a water-elemental magic), you have to
learn the purify magic from a magic tablet and also have a
weapon/accessory with "water arts". Magic, like weapon arts, drains
durability from the equipment that has the elemental arts. You cannot
use any learned magic without any weapon/accessory.
     The best way to use magic in this game it's to use familiars.
Familiars appears just like normal skills when you clear an adventure,
and has a fixed, ready to use set of spells. To use a familiar, place
a familiar skill in your skill panel. Using a familiar doesn't
requires that you learn the desired magic (since each familiar has its
own set of spells to use), not even it has an equipment requirement.
So just equip the familiar and begin to use it. The bad side of using
familiars is, beside taking space of the skill panel, it's the fact
that familiars gives you only low-level spells. If you want stronger
spells, you will have to learn them from magic tablets.

     K ) Random things

     - Carriers

      Ventus storyline will enable you to play as a carrier, that's
basically a deliver guy. This works as a part-time job, which you can
do between your adventures. Doing carriers is positive because: You
can go to places that you can't go normally on your adventures, that
you can get money (others characters relies only on treasure chests to
get money) and your development will be quicker.
      To make carriers, go to the carrier guild (every city has one)
and select a job. The owner of the guild will tell you what object
that you will carrier, the city that you have to deliver, the
difficulty of the carrier and the reward. Sometimes will be a carrier
that is impossible to do because the difficulty is high and your
carrier rank is low. As you are do carriers, you carrier rank will
grow and you will be enabled do make more difficult jobs, and with
better rewards.
      A carrier is just like a normal adventure but you have to pass
all roads to the city of the deliver. An example is that you are
getting a carrier in Torle to Loch Vaan; you have to pass in
Iskandaria and Escata before reaching Loch Vaan. But each stop in each
city worth like a full adventure. So in this example you will develop
your skills and increase your HP 3 times. SO if you run out of
adventures you can rely on making carrier to develop your status.
Ventus story also requires that you visit a carrier guild once in a

     - Blacksmith

      When you use your weapons, its durability will diminish and
eventually reach 0. On this time this weapon will lose it's use, but
not the category or the arts learned so far. But the blacksmith can
make that weapon work again; just go to a blacksmith and it can repair
      The blacksmith requires 2 things: A base item and an additional
item. The base item is the item that you will work into. So if you
want to repair a copper sword, you will put the copper sword as base
item. The additional item works as the extra material make to improve
the base item, like improving the durability or transforming the base
item type into another one. It can be a material or other weapon as
      You can also make other things in a blacksmith. The first one is
create a new weapon, with a material or other weapon. With a new
material, just put the material as the base item. The weapon will be
created based on the type of the material that you put on the base
item. You can see the preview of the weapon created before doing the
real thing. One good use of this it's that you can make powerful
equipment of weaker things. A good example is an accessory with only 1
of defense, but it's made of dragon scale. So go to a weapon
blacksmith, choose sword and put the armlet as the base item, and you
can produce a mighty Dragonscale sword with 77 of attack (one of the
most powerful weapons in the game). There is no restriction or penalty
to change a bow to an axe, for example. The only thing that matters is
the type of the material. But there are some restrictions: some types
can't be used as base or additional item, like armors, leggings or
helmets; and some kinds of materials can't be used as a base item,
like angelite can't be used to build weapons, just accessories.
     OBS: Since in blacksmiths don't produce armors, helmets or
leggings, the best way is to buy them in the inn's shops, or finding
then on your adventures.

     - Clear game data

      When you beat a game with one character, the game will save on
the system data the information that you finished the game with that
character, so you can play several quests at once, without having to
play one character at the time.
      To start with a new character, select NEW GAME from the main menu
and choose the desired next character.
      The game only "ends" when you beat with all 7 characters.


    A ) RUBY

    Ruby is a carefree girl, which only objective on his mind is
making a buck. One day, when his sister Sapphire, which is a respected
fortuneteller and runs a fortunetelling store in Loch Vaan, reads the
future to a man (Lord Burgundy) she only sees death, and she gets
affected by the death visions that she saw. Now the store without his
sister, it's the perfect cue to Ruby gets it hands on fortune telling
herself, even if she don't have what it takes for the job. So, with
the help of Hiro, she goes to make her own fame as fortune telling,
even if she has to trick some people in the way.


    So Ruby begins to make some readings of the future of the
customers. She advises a guy that is in love with a girl, even if she
hates this kind of subject. She also receives a girl with bad luck
(Michelle) that wants to get rid of her curse, but Ruby says that she
doesn't do rituals of purification. The girl leaves and Ruby calls it
for a day.
    On the next morning, an old lady wants to know the whereabouts of
his cat. Ruby says that the cat will return soon. Hiro asks that if it
OK to trick an old lady like that. Ruby says to not worry, that she
made a genuine reading.
    Ruby saw a vision of water and underground, and she figures that
it is a well. Ruby and Hiro goes to the bottom of the dry well to find
the old lady's cat.

    In this short dungeon, just find the rusty key, and use on the
locked door, but a monster will appear.

    BOSS - Skull Crawler (1 LP)


    A middle-aged man comes for a reading of if she knows where is an
old dagger. She says that the dagger is in the caves of the undead.
And here goes Ruby to place an old dagger in the cave.
    Travel east, then north until you find a well. Leave old dagger in
the north of the cave.
    There the middle-aged will see Ruby placing the dagger, but
monsters will appear. He helps you.

    BOSS - Skull Crawler (1 LP)


    Iskandar figures out Ruby trick, and gives the dagger back.
Sapphire says that Iskandar and her are going to a trip, Ruby begs to
be with them, but Hiro can't go with them...

    In the forest Hiro joins them because he gets afraid to leave
Sapphire behind. They trip to Zomar.


    Leave Zomar and cross the road to Wanda. There you can choose what
to do, from now on. There are several adventures to go, that you can
do before the main quest. But follow the story for now.


    Leave Wanda and cross the road to Escata.


    Even with Ruby getting bored of the journey, they leave Escata and
cross the road to Iskandaria. When you camp, there is a conversation
between Ruby and Sapphire. Ruby asks what was that man fortune that
makes Sapphire acting weird ever since. She says that the man is
looking for the mysteries of the seven wonders. She says that death
surrounds the conquest of the seven wonders, and she thinks that she
is one of the people that will die. So she is travelling to have her
own fortune read, and Iskandar knows a place that there is a great
fortuneteller. She also says that Ruby has powers that surpass
Sapphire's. Ruby has a hard time to believe in that.
    Eventually you will reach Iskandaria.


    This is the final part of the trip. They finally leave Iskandaria
and go to the city of Torle.
    Reaching there, Iskandar says that Torle is the birthplace of the
great wizard Leith Torles, and his family also has extraordinary
powers. Go to the house of Leith Torles, and you will welcome by an
old lady. Sapphire tells her about that she is too afraid of making
more predictions. She will say that she isn't the one that is afraid,
looking to Ruby. Ruby acts tough as ever, and they leave the house.
    Some time later, return to the house. Iskandar says that the only
way to know if the visions will come true it's to confront the fear
itself: The seven wonders. Iskandar will give you the location of 6
quests for the seven wonders. The last one, he says, it's inaccessible
for now.


    Now you have the freedom to go any quest you want to: If there is
a town you hasn't went before, just select the seven wonder quest
relative to that town, that you will transported to there. There are
some events that only happen with Ruby's quest but the seven wonders
dungeons are the same for everyone, so go to the seven wonders section
of the FAQ to directions. To select another seven wonders quest, go to
Torle, in the house of Leith Torles.

    UNDERCITY PHAROS (Iskandaria)

    A guy will hit Ruby in the way to Undercity Pharos. After that a
girl will enter the dungeon also. So Mythe will request to join you in
the trip to Pharos, he says, until he finds "her"...
    Just before the last room you will find a triangle-shaped thing
called the tetra force. He will let you save permanently, refill you
HP/LP AND develop your skill. A gift from heaven, really. Now you will
face Pharos's boss.

     BOSS - Samurai master (7 LP)
            6 Dragonid (4 LP)

     After that the energy is restored in Pharos.
     Ruby carries the Tetra force outside of Pharos. The girl you met
at the entrance introduces herself as Jeanne Maure, a temple knight.
She thanks Ruby's group for not letting Galeos reach for the secrets
of the seven wonders. Ruby is really surprised to see a Temple Knight
so young; she even gives the Tetra force to Maure. Iskandar says that
he was a bad idea to let the knights have the Tetra force. Ruby has an
argument with him, and says that he is only an impostor of the
Iskandar, the hero that build Iskandaria. He only says that the Tetra
force is needed to reach the last seven wonder and Ruby realizes her


     On the entrance of the Starship, you will see a vampire
(Kalandorn) and an Anubito (Dagul Bos), arguing to what their points
in being there. After that 2 men's (called Yun and Clyde) keeps
struggling by who will discover the wonders first and get more
powerful than Leith Torles. Ruby sees it, and gets annoyed by
realizing that their quest turns out to be like the Wacky races.
Fortunately, a girl called Grace joins the party to get a closer look
on the wonders.
     After Ruby's team completes the Starship Anchor, Ruby says that
this time she will keep the Tetra force that she found on the temple.
Jeanne Maure keeps watching Ruby's activities.

     DEITIES TABLE (Solophero)

     BOSS: Giant Bird (7 LP)

     After clearing the quest, Ruby will retrieve another Tetra force,
but this time Jeanne asks that she can keep this one. Ruby says that
it's OK but the next one is theirs. Jeanne leaves, but Ruby notice
that her is becoming a little bit obsessed with the Tetra force.

     Now that you have cleared this quest, you can see the Regina
Leone festival. Go to the Iskandar plaza, sit down and watch a
wonderful CG!!!
     Ruby will take care of a fortune-telling tent, but there isn't
much people wanting a reading. When finally a Chapa comes near
(Armic), the firework begins, and he soon disappears. There is some
dancing going on, and so Ruby invites Mythe to dance, he resists a
little but they start to dance. But then, Mythe leaves her in the
middle of dance. Ruby gets sad, but then the memorial fire ritual
begins, and Ruby looks dazzled to the fire mural.

     Back on Torle, when you will choose the fourth seven wonders
quest, the old lady appears again. Sapphire asks her why she isn't
afraid at all of make more predictions, even if she were right after
all, she will die by her own predictions. She lady says that Sapphire
trusts her powers so much, that when she actually dies, she will be
happy after all. The old lady, turns to Ruby and says that the person
is really afraid is Ruby. She also says that no matter what she does,
she will never be as strong as her sister Sapphire. Ruby denies for a
while, but then she starts to cry and say that she doesn't want to be
alone, and for that she must be just like her sister and runs off the
house. Sapphire goes after her. Iskandar says that the old lady was
pretty cruel, but she says that the persons must hear the truth once
in a while. Iskandar reveals also that he saved the old lady, many
years ago, but she says that she doesn't remembers it. Hmmm...

     FLYING ISLAND (Vaftom)

     In the way, you will meet a very, very fat guy named Roy. He says
that he will follow you as long as there is food available.

     BOSS: Elder Dragon (8 LP)

     As you are about to leave, Jeanne steal the Tetra force that you
found. Ruby says that it's wasn't they agreed. Jeanne replies
furiously that it's better having her guard it that possible leave to
fiends or the Anubito and runs off. Ruby says that Jeanne really
changed, for the worst.

     NAKLE LINES (Wanda)

     In the beginning of the quest, you will join the most unusual
character in this game: Anzan, the petran. He is a rock with eyes,
that is just silly.

     BOSS: Tegar (8 LP)

     Just in case, Ruby hides the Tetra force and leaves quickly.
Jeanne appears but Ruby has already left. Jeanne looks furious.

    TWO MOONS TEMPLE (Kimbali)

    On the entrance of the Two Moons temple, an arrogant priest
obsessed with strategies and balance of the nature will approach
Ruby's team to try to preserve the seven wonders legacy.

    BOSS: Demons (8 LP)
          3 Demons (3 LP)

    On the outside, Jeanne tries to take the Tetra force by force.
Jeanne says that who will oppose her is "the instrument of evil", and
attack Ruby with a strong power. Ruby passes out.

    On the next scene, you will see 2 persons: A girl and a powerful-
looking men. He is called Iskandar, and the girl is called Alyce
Ambrosia. He tells the girl that he have to seal Pharos. Ruby says
that she is Ruby and not Alyce.
    Next scene, there are 2 other persons: a mage and a young man, the
wealthy man calls the mage Leith Torles and says that he has to defeat
Draco Archaeos. Leith Torles calls the man Iskandar as well. Ruby
realizes that is a dream, but it fells so real.
    The last scene shows a girl just like Ruby and an old man. The old
man says to the girl that she must really do it. The girl says to
Iskandar (yes, he is also Iskandar) that she unlocked the secrets of
the arcane magic and get the most powerful magic on the world, and
says if in "another world" Iskandar is invincible, here is just an old
man. Ruby notice her semblance with the girl...and feel uneasy.
    But she sees the face of Hiro and wakes up.

    Go to the Leith Torle home, and the old lady says if they look for
the answer that she is looking for. Sapphire says that her powers are
that only a prediction, not a special power or as definitive as she
thought. Ruby says that she must not worry for the future too much,
and she will live for the present, not by the future. Iskandar then
asks to both girls to make a predicament of the travel to the Hanged
Garden. Sapphire says that she had the same vision, the end of the
world, but Ruby says that she also saw the end, but the beginning of a
new one.

     Now it's the time for you to make the adventures that remains and
equip with the strongest equipment. Also improve your weapons in the
blacksmith. There is no turning back when you get in the hanged


     Ruby asks if with only 2 Tetra forces they can reach the Hanging
Garden. Iskandar says, "Remember that I am Iskandar, even if have one
Tetra force, reaching there will be very easy". Ruby gets annoyed with
Iskandar preposterous attitude, and thinks about all the troubles to
get every single Tetra forces. But anyway, you are already here, so
it's no use complaining.
     Once again, look for the seven wonders section to detail to how
to cross this seven wonder, but in this quest with Ruby, the season is
fixed on spring and there is no season puzzle to do. Now that is good
     When you reach the end of the garden, Jeanne will be there as
well. She will say that she is the savior of the world and will try to
defeat you.

     BOSS : Jeanne Maure (23 LP)
            4 Jeanne guards (8 LP)

     She isn't that strong but she will use the powers of the tetra
force to turn on a huge monster. It's time to face the last boss.

     BOSS : Chaos (20 LP)

     Each character will talk a little bit. When you defeat this form,
this will release a "mask" (hidden power) for 2 times. But when your
release a new mask, his HP will be zero, so the LP will be drained
from every powerful hit. These 3 forms aren't that powerful; just
change constantly the front row to minimize the LP damage received.

           Chaos (26 or 16 LP)
           Chaos (12 LP)

     Now the final form will appear, he has some very nasty attacks
like Overkill that inflicts 800~1000 of damage and he also full
health, so it will take a while to begin to reduce his LP. The advice
that I give you is to protect Ruby and don't fight with 5 characters
at the same time, because most of it's attacks get everyone. DO NOT
TRY TO COMBO IN THIS FORM. I know that it's superhard, but YOU CAN

          Chaos (20 LP)

     After you defeat Chaos, you be released from the other dimension
and the Hanged Garden disappear as well. You will wake up in the ruins
of the hanged garden, and Hiro asks Ruby if the next objective is to
destroy the others 6 wonders as well. Ruby says that the future don't
rely on the wonders, but in the heart of people. Hiro says he hopes
that the persons have big hearts to compensate Ruby's. Ruby gets
furious and chases him but they both end up in the floor, in a quite
romantic scene...

                     THE END...

    B ) VENTUS

    Ventus is a cheerful guy that is making a living being a carrier
(Carriers is the job to deliver things in far away lands). He has a
weakness for cute girls (even though he doesn't make much success with
them). Briza, his brother, was a fairly know carrier that was killed
on one of his travels, and now Ventus searches for this brother
murderer and also being a good carrier in his travels.


    Ventus arrives at the carrier's guild, and tries to get some info
about Briza last job. He also gets his first job as a carrier: a
letter to Longshank, and the last place that his brother went: The
Fugar mansion in Longshank to deliver the Dragonheart, a bottle of
    As Ventus gets on the end of the road, he finds a palace. On the
terrace, Ventus interfere in a discussion with a girl and a man over a
bottle of wine. Trying to "protect" the girl, he challenges a man
called Kalandorn Alovi, but he is quickly defeated. Kalandorn says
that he will spare his life for his "family", and the girl leaves
without apologizing.
    Go back and you will see a copy of Briza order, he realizes that
Kalandorn was his brother killer.


    Zomar, tropical village. You will see a flashback scene, with the
girl in the terrace. Ventus arrives and get on her nerves. When Ventus
is preparing to go to Longshank, Tiffon says that she wanted to go
with him. Just make the way to Longshank, that is beyond the forest.
    In Longshank go to the carrier's guild and deliver the letter.
They will talk about Briza. Ventus gets impressed with how people
remembered his brother.
    After that, go to the Fugar mansion. After mentioning the
Dragonheart, Fugar will come and talk you. He will say that
Dragonheart is a very rare vintage wine, and Briza was supposed to
deliver the dragonheart to him, but he doesn't say much more than
that. Tiffon says it's up to Ventus to form Team Lafarle (his brother
carrier team) once again. Ventus suspects about Tiffon motivations,
but they go forward anyway.


    Go to the carrier guild, and pick any job that goes to Longshank.
This way you will find Francis, a knight working for Galeos, that is
looking for a carrier that stole the package that he was supposed to
deliver. Ventus proposes to help to find the carrier (you can go
directly to Longshank if you want but you won't get Francis). In the
end of the road you will find the thief, and so, Francis will join you
in your quest.
     When you arrive in Longshank, you will find a bulking man hanging
around (Vearst). Go to the carrier guild, and the dispatcher says that
he has a work to Iskandaria but he will give the job only if you have
a bodyguard. Tiffon convinces Vearst (but he is really a chicken wuss)
to pretend that he is a bodyguard. So you get the job. Next stop,
    In the middle of the trip, just before you reach Escata, the
package is stolen. Tiffon says that it was work form Dagul Bos
minions, so they go to Dagul Bos castle reclaim the item. Ventus
mentions that Dagul Bos was the Anubito that destroyed Escata. They
sneak into the castle.
    The castle is full of Dagul Bos minions and monsters. Go west and
get to the basement. In the castle basement, Ventus has the idea of
releasing the prisoners to cause confusion on the castle defenses.
There you will find an Anubito named Musol that will help you.
    Go back by the same place you went before and go up the stairs.
You will find the package AND the Dragonheart, but you will face tough
monsters on the way back and you will drop both in the floor below. Go
downstairs and look out southeast for the place that the package is.
There you will find Kalandorn.
    He will let you escape with only one of the items. Ventus runs
with the package. He justifies saying that, for carriers, the package
is more important than personal matters.


    I recommend doing some adventures before starting this quest and
buy some stronger weapons and armors as well. It's also a good time to
recruit the final optional characters. You can get Ruby by getting a
carrier job in Loch Vaan, outside of the carrier guild, Ruby will join
you. Thomas it's the other optional character. You can find him in the
first time that you go to the Valley of the Swords. Thomas it's Judy's
father, but he has amnesia since he fall of a cliff in the Valley of
the Swords.

    In Longshank, the carrier guild has another job for you. Deliver a
box to a temple knight called Jeanne in Vaftom. You will reach Vaftom
by boat. By the time you arrive, it's the middle of the Regina Leone
festival. An anubito guy will mess with you but a guy (actually is
Kurt, but Ventus doesn't know him) will come to your rescue.
     When you arrive at the knight mausoleum, you will find that the
temple knights are taking care of the Dragonheart. Ventus realizes
that has more than one Dragonheart in the world, and thinks that
Kalandorn will look for it also. Jeanne gets the box, and since it's
written Maximilian Burgundy in the remittent, she trusts the content
of the box. When she opens it, a swarm of monsters appears. It's up to
you to defend the Dragonheart.

     The knight's mausoleum is a gigantic dungeon, which goes round
and round forever. You will begin in a place called the core. Mark
this place, as you will have to return here later. Go south, and
follow all the way into a floor called the Hades corridor. When you
get there, don't climb a ladder up or down, instead look for a room
with a gem.
     In this place, Kalandorn says for a man to steal it, Tiffon says
that is the ensanguined league. The boss attacks.

     BOSS - Undead (9 LP)

     This boss has the deadly Phantom Shark attack and the Seal of the

     After that return to the core (the start point) and you will see
Kalandorn escaping. Ventus asks Tiffon what is the ensanguined league.
It seems that they were once humans that sell its obligance for
     In the last scene, the memorial fire ritual begins symbolizing
the departing of the soul of dead persons and the end of the Regina
Leone festival, that they set fire on dry grass in a mountain. The
fire makes a dragon symbol. Ventus, thinking in his dead brother, says
that Kalandorn will pay.


     Sometime later the Mausoleum incident, Tiffon says that, in
Nivacolina, there is a tower build by the great wizard Leith Torles
that has something unnatural in it. Ventus says that Torles was the
first person to defeat a dragon. They decide to check it out if the
tower has something with the dragonheart.
     You can go to Nivacolina by the main map if you been there
before. If you don't, take a job to there (in Wanda, Loch Vaan or
Kimbali always has jobs that goes to Nivacolina).
     In Nivacolina, gather information and you will find a mercenary
that has been in the tower before, his name is Mordeus and his only
wish is to die in battlefield.
     Entering the tower you will notice that a Dragonheart just like
the you find in the Knights mausoleum is in there, Ventus will say
that the Dragonheart is actually crystallized hearts of dragons, made
by Leith Torles himself. But there is a catch, though; the Dragonheart
has a seal in it so you must go up in the tower to break the seal.
     The second floor has a magic circle that you will transport to
continuation of the stairs. The third floor requires defeating the
assassins (3 LP) to unlock secret passages. Backtrack a little to find
out the places. You must kill 3 bunches of assassins to unlock all
places in this floor. The fourth floor has several magic circles but
only 2 of them advances to the next floor, one of them is to the west
and the other is the center of the floor. The fifth floor is a
circular floor (just like the first) and the sixth floor is the seal
floor. Ventus says that breaking the seal might not be the best idea,
since Kalandorn will get it more easily, but Tiffon says it's too late
to turn back. Ventus agrees and keep forward.
     In this room there are 5 bridges leading to 5 different seals.
Each one has a guardian beast protecting it, so you must defeat the
guardian beast to break the seal, some of them ridiculous strong
others just average. But you won't have to face all the guardians to
advance in the story, just 3 of them. Since has tough bosses in here
is a good place to master new arts. But if you are weak and has low LP
just face the giant bird (red), the giant beast (White) and Elder
dragon (Yellow seal), but beware, the elder dragon is one of the
ridiculous strong kind.

     RED SEAL - Giant birds (6 LP)
     BLUE SEAL - Ajatar (12 LP)
     BLACK SEAL - Aquans (9 LP)
     WHITE SEAL - Giant beast (6 LP)
     YELLOW SEAL - Elder Dragon (9 LP)

     After breaking the seal you will be transported into the
Dragonheart room, so get the Dragonheart, but strange humans will
capture you...


     You will be thrown in the ensanguined league prison. You must
break free and recover the Dragonheart. If the available options won't
work (Make a commotion or fake an illness), there is a vent that leads
to the corridors of the prison. After that, go to the prison lookout
and escape to the second floor from there. You will get on the second
floor, if you have some spare time in this floor has good treasures,
but you eventually will have to climb up to the third floor. After
that, you will see the ensanguined league talk some gibberish like the
blue lazulia and the scarlet rosaria and free the Dragonheart from
their current state. Ventus only looks concerned when they put the
Dragonheart in a bottle of wine.
     Ventus then break into the room, gets the Dragonheart back and
gives to Tiffon. But in their escape route, Kalandorn corners them,
and the last resort is the terrace. When Ventus is ready to jump,
Tiffon gives the Dragonheart to Kalandorn. She says that she is scared
of him, and Ventus (finally) realizes that Tiffon is Elle, Briza
girlfriend. Ventus accuses Tiffon to betray his brother. Kalandorn
says that Briza were controlled by him and ordered Briza to kill
Tiffon, but instead he killed himself. Kalandorn also says that he
needs the Dragonheart powers to defeat Phantom and the Round Table, a
group that commands the dark forces and he also are controlled by
them. Ventus gets confused and angry and faces Kalandorn.
     But before the battle insures, a voice saying to Kalandorn that
he underestimate the round table powers, gives the final verdict,
taking his life. But before disappearing, Kalandorn says to Ventus
look for the Dragon's Haven. Ventus is even more confused, who is the
round table? Unfortunately, Tiffon is no longer with them.


     Looking for answers, Ventus goes to the Storm Crevice in Kimbali,
home of the Dragon's Haven.
     Go to the right, and you will notice the stone monument, read it,
and keep going. Do not go down into the hole just yet, later you will
thanks that tip. You will reach the fang stone. Look into the storm
and a monster will come out.

     BOSS: Magiwinger (9 LP)

     After that you will get into a dungeon of sorts, but isn't very
huge, but is crowded with monsters all the way. Just keep going, until
you find a hole to descend.
     Now you will see a thing called the "arbiter's eye", there are
closed and opened eyes on the floor. When you step into a open eye,
you will face an Elder dragon (~10 LP), EVERY SINGLE TIME you step
into a open eye, so only cross in the places that has closed eyes on
it, even if means to retreat a little. It's very hard to cross without
facing at least one dragon, but if you get this far it won't be a
dragon that will stand in your way, right? Just take it easy and cross
     In the last section, Ventus will notice that there is the final
rest place for the dragons. The Lord of the dragons will lend Ventus
the last Dragonheart but, in exchange, he must seal the others
Dragonhearts when it's all over for the sake of their ancestor, Draco
     When he is leaving, Tiffon comes and talks how she entered Ventus
group by Kalandorn wish, but Ventus believes in her. And his only goal
now is to defeat the round table.


     Ventus knows that the Undercity Pharos in Iskandaria is the
hideout of the round table. But when they get there all ways are
blocked. Ventus doesn't have any other option but to go back for now.
     In the Iskandaria inn looking for information, Ventus meets a
singular person: a woman with silver hair, that speaks an almost
impossible to understand language. She asks Ventus if he already went
to Tal'fa Palacaleo. Ventus realizes that she is talking about the
Undercity, but he manages to tell her that there is no way inside
because of a giant door. The silver girl says that she will command it
to open. Ventus joins her in her quest.
     Notice: You don't have to get the silver girl in your active
party when you go to Pharos.
     The Undercity pharos is one of the seven wonders and the
walkthrough of this place is in the specific section of the FAQ. Go
there for details, because this is one of the most difficult dungeons
of the game.
     When you get in the second floor after powering up the undercity,
a circular corridor will be there. So go to the chamber of the round
table, and face the Round table.

     BOSS: 8 (one at the time) knight of the round table (6 LP)
           Phantom (8 LP)

     OBS - You will face the first 8 knights with only 3 characters at

     This is one of the most difficult battles ever; just use
everything that you got.
     When you finally think that it's over, Kalandorn will appear and
say that the last battle is in the Two Moons Temple.


     Needless to say that if is there anything left to do, do it now.
Equip you characters with the best armor and weapons and go to the
     Like Pharos this is also a seven wonders quest, so the
walkthrough for the dungeon isn't here.
     There is also a Tetra force there but use it at your own risk.
     In the last chamber, Kalandorn will face you one last time. Do
not have mercy!!!

     BOSS: Kalandorn (10 LP)

     After that he will get serious...but don't be afraid...yet.

           Kalandorn (10 LP)

     Now that he is defeated, he uses the powers of the Dragonheart
and the 2 moons force to create a new being. But your health will be
restored, even LP.

           Chaos (20 LP)

     Each character will talk a little bit. When you defeat this form,
this will release a "mask" (hidden power) for 2 times. But when your
release a new mask, his HP will be zero, so the LP will be drained
from every powerful hit. These 3 forms aren't that powerful; just
change constantly the front row to minimize the LP damage received.

           Chaos (26 or 16 LP)
           Chaos (12 LP)

     Now the final form will appear, he has some very nasty attacks
like Overkill that inflicts 800~1000 of damage and full health. The
advice that I give you is to protect Ventus and don't fight with 5
characters at the same time, because most of it's attacks get
everyone. I know that it's superhard, but YOU CAN WIN.

          Chaos (20 LP)

     Chaos is finally defeated, and Ventus finally get it's revenge.

     Some time later, Tiffon is working on a carrier guild when a
carrier appears. It's Ventus, ready for a new job. On his jacket, the
name "Team Dragonheart" is written. Tiffon thinks about how things
turned out in the end, and thinks about Briza. Ventus goes to his new

                            THE END

    C ) LAURA

    Laura is an ex-pirate that abandons her buccaneer's life for
living with a teacher named Pablo. Being a pirate for so long took a
reflection on Laura's personality, so she is restrict, talks only when
necessary and she is quite good with weapons. In one of his trips,
Pablo dies and Laura goes to his funeral. In his funeral, the fate of
two persons will come together...


    In Nivacolina, on his husband funeral, Laura protects a kid that
is being chased by monsters. He reveals himself as Henri, prince of
the ancient Escata kingdom, that it's now destroyed. He is also the
only remaining person of the royal lineage of Escata. Laura asks Henri
what were those monsters and what he will do now, but he simply don't
know what to do. He says, however, that he went to Vaftom when he was
a child and his mother was born there as well. So Laura decided to
join Henri to Vaftom without asking anything. The first stop in his
travels is Wanda.
    In Silver Hills, near Wanda, a group of monsters ambush Laura and

    BOSS : Pursuer (2 LP)
           4 Guchie (1 LP)


    In Wanda, ask for information at the inn and find Judy. It seems
that Judy are looking for her mother and Henri asks if Judy can join
them. Laura gets angry since now there is 2 kids to her take care of.
Next place to go it's the port town of Longshank.
    Leave Wanda and in the end of the way to Zomar, a group of
monsters are waiting for Henri arrival.

    BOSS : Pursuer (2 LP)
           4 Insects (1 LP)

    Judy says that is cool that he is a prince, but Henri doesn't
think so. He thinks if he weren't royalty, his parents would still be


    In Zomar, they make a quick stop. Next, Longshank and from there
it's only one boat to Vaftom.
    Also there are monsters looking for Henri, but you can handle them
more easily now.

    BOSS : Pursuer (2 LP)
           3 insects (1 LP)


    In Longshank, ask about some information at the inn and you will
learn about an inventor named Mythe, but he disappeared a while ago.
There is a woman named Michelle, that she is looking for Mythe. She
says that she has a very bad luck. Henri quickly tries to help her but
Laura says no this time, they start to argue but the girl leaves. Oh
well, till next time.
    The get on the boat, there they find Michelle again (now that is
bad luck...^_^). She complains about her bad luck and her destiny, but
Laura says that the destiny is the people that make it. On this
moment, a passenger screams "Ghosts!!". Laura says if she wants to
help to come now.
    Explore the ship (there is some good treasures as well) and on
deck of the ship, there are some monsters that are looking for Henri
as well.

    BOSS : Pursuer (2 LP)
           Birds (1 LP)
           3 White Windsor (3 LP)

    On the final of the trip, Laura will say that the Regina Leone
festival has already begun.


    As you reach Vaftom, go to Iskandar square. In this wonderful CG,
Ventus (always him) stumbles in Henri, Henri gets scared but Laura
tells him it's all right. But the festivities amazes Henri and Laura
has a hard time looking out for him. In the Memorial fire ritual,
Henri realizes that now he is without his parents, but there is
someone suffering as well, that it's Laura. Henri says that this was
the first and last time that Laura was crying.
    On the next day, go to the Iskandar plaza again, you will go to
the Escata royal mausoleum. Henri will tell Laura the reason that some
Escata's mausoleum are located all around the world, especially in
Vaftom. It's seems that a king named Foulant, was the first to start
this tradition in respect to Iskandar.
    Henri will say that the Blade of Escata it's the only relic left
for him by his parents. In the mausoleum, there is a secret passage
opened by the blade of Escata. There are inscriptions that the blade
was a gift given by Iskandar to the king Fouland, the first ruler of
Escata, and the material of the blade contains the 5 elements. Laura
says that it's up to Henri find the reason that his kingdom was
attacked and the mystery of the Blade of Escata.
    On the outside, Lord Basil Galeos, old friend of the Escata royal
family, finds Laura's team. He convinces Henri to go with him to
Galeos castle, and he leaves Laura behind.
    Laura is drinking in the inn and asks to Pablo what she will do
now, but Henri appears and says that he want to go to Escata with her.
Laura accepts and a Galeos bodyguard (Francis) goes with him as well.
    On the middle of the trip to Escata, Laura sees Francis writing a
letter to Galeos and then, she realizes that Francis is a spy to
Galeos, so she makes quite a commotion. He says that Galeos has to be
informed because Henri it's the last royal blood of Escata. Laura also
realizes that she never does that to anyone and that she more
emotionally involved with Henri than she expected.


    In Escata, go visit the ruins of the Escata palace. The objective
it's to reach the Library located in the first floor. If you have the
obstacle crossing skill, this will be easy. It's room to the east of
the entrance. If you haven't this skill, take the right stairs, go to
the north and get the descending stairs. On the first floor, and go to
the southeast and reach the library. There will have 5 books telling
the truth of the blade of Escata.
    The first book says that the King Foulant gives the Ring of
Jupiter to the Lileans. He also says that elemental gears have to be
reunited to the Blade of Escata. In the second book, Foulant says that
the Crown of Ares goes to the Galeos House. The third book, Foulant
says that the chest of Behemoth goes to the Petrans; he also says that
the gears have the power of the 5 spirits. The fourth book, he says
that the Gloves of Venus goes to the Anubito, he also that the blade
and the 5 elements combined can make the supreme power. The last book
says that Foulant gives the boots of Vayu to the Chapas and he says
that only his descendants have the power to overcome the Seven
    At the outside, Laura realizes that the destruction of Escata and
the search for Henri was only to get the Blade of Escata. Henri says
that Dagul Bos want the blade, but he became afraid to involve Laura.
But they go after the 5 elemental gears.


    Now, you have the possibility to choose the adventure to get all
elemental gears. There are 4 adventures and the last gear (the crown
of Ares), you can get anytime you want going to the Galeos Castle
(it's in the world map). Each gear that you collect improves the
attack of the Blade of Escata by 7 points, and you don't have to equip
the elemental gears in Henri to get this effect.

    THE EARTH ELEMENTAL GEAR - A petran named Anzan will follow Henri
in his quest to retrieve the chest of Behemoth. It's the same
adventure of Iskandaria "Cave of murals", but the boss is different
this time.

    BOSS : Kummi (4 LP)

    THE WOOD ELEMENTAL GEAR - A lillean named Platyphyllus will follow
Henri in his quest to find the ring of Jupiter. The ring of Jupiter is
on the middle of the Jade Forest maze.
    When you are in the Jade Forest maze, go south and you will
eventually find the Ring of Jupiter. But you will have to fight a

    BOSS : Jumbo Moch (7 LP)

    THE WATER ELEMENTAL GEAR - A chapa named Armic will follow Henri
in his quest to find the Boots of Vayu. The boots of Vayu are in the
end of the Regal Lion's Hideout. Look for the adventure section in
Loch Vaan to directions. But there is no boss in there, so grab the
Dragonscale knife before getting the boots.

    THE METAL ELEMENTAL GEAR - An anubito named Musol Yanil will
follow Henri in his quest to find the Gloves of Venus. The Venus
gloves are in Mines. Look for the adventure section in Vaftom "Danger
in the mines" for directions. Also the boss is the same:

    BOSS : Jestor Y (4 LP)

    But unfortunately, the gloves aren't there. Musol says that only
an anubito can take the gloves from its place, so Dagul Bos must have
taken them.

    After clearing all elemental gears adventures, Henri have to
invade Dagul Bos castle to retrieve the Venus gloves. But he is afraid
to take the blade and the elemental gears in Dagul Bos palace. So
Francis gives the idea to leave all elemental equipment with Galeos
and go to the Bos palace, Henri likes the idea but Laura don't, but
she don't say anything.
     Now go to the Galeos castle. In there, Basil will keep the
Elemental gears, and he will be praying for the prince success. Laura
says if he really wanted to help, then he would join them on the raid
in Dagul's castle. Henri says that he wouldn't do that, and that his
only role it's to take care of the elemental gears as long as they are
at Dagul Bos.


     This section can be found in the adventure section in Escata "The
castle of Dagul Bos". Don't forget to equip all the characters that
have an elemental gear in the previous adventures. If not, they will
be left without any equipment.
     In Dagul Bos castle, you will face Dagul Bos and his minions. He
will say that he will face all enemies alone and he wants a one-to-one
fight with the prince, and will see if the prince is a good match for

     BOSS : Dagul Bos (27 LP)

     When Dagul Bos is finally defeated, he says that was a matter of
time that Escata were destroyed, and say that that city was rotten
from the inside, a clear reference that Escata´s fall were forced by
the corruption of the Escata´s rulers.
     Henri gets his revenge and the Glove of Venus as well, but he
felt uneasy with Dagul Bos last words. Were Henri parents traitors of
the people of Escata? Laura says that he must hurry to Basil's castle.


     This section can cause serious problems if you are weak, so take
your time and improve your characters before going into this quest.
     Go to Galeos Castle, and Basil will say to Henri that you played
your role, bringing all the elemental gears to him. Laura says that
she suspected as much and that Dagul Bos was only a decoy to cover the
truth. She says that Francis also betrayed her as well, but he says
that he doesn't knew a thing about it. You go after him, but some
monsters are in the way:

     BOSS : 4 minotons (4 LP)

     On the inside of the castle, another powerful monster appears:

     BOSS : Ajatar (9 LP)

     After that you will face Basil and his dragon, but he is a tough
cookie to beat.

     BOSS : Basil Galeos (14 LP)

     Basil will run away to a seven wonder ruins: the Nakle lines.


     OK, this is it. The last dungeon, of course, if you forget to do
something, do it before you enter here.
     On the entrance of the Nakle lines, Henri asks Laura why she is
helping him for so long, she says that Pablo brought the 2 of them
together and both lost dear persons, so they are connected somehow.
Everyone goes after Galeos.

     The Nakle lines is just like the seven wonders adventure, so go
to this section for information.

     On the end of it, Galeos will tell you that the Blade of Escata
true meaning it's to bring Chaos to the world once again, and no one
will stop him.

     BOSS: Basil Galeos (14 LP)

     After that Basil will use his body and the blade power to form a
new being.

            BOSS : Chaos (20 LP)

     Each character will talk a little bit. When you defeat this form,
this will release a "mask" (hidden power) for 2 times. But when your
release a new mask, his HP will be zero, so the LP will be drained
from every powerful hit. These 3 forms aren't that powerful; just
change constantly the front row to minimize the LP damage received.

           Chaos (26 or 16 LP)
           Chaos (12 LP)

     Now the final form will appear, he has some very nasty attacks
like Overkill that inflicts 800~1000 of damage and he also full
health, so it will take a while to begin to reduce his LP. The advice
that I give you is to protect Laura and don't fight with 5 characters
at the same time, because most of it's attacks get everyone. DO NOT
TRY TO COMBO IN THIS FORM. I know that it's superhard, but YOU CAN

           Chaos (20 LP)

     After that Henri becomes the new king of Escata, but Laura bids
Henri farewell, because she has something to do. Henri gets sad but he
knows that their separation was inevitable.
     Laura comes back to Nivacolina and reopens the school of Pablo,
and she will spend his life in teaching kids, just like his late

                         THE END

     D ) MYTHE

     Mythe is a regular guy, which likes girls and liquor and has a
good job as the inventor of Longshank. A really good life, but somehow
he is bored with it. But one day, when he goes to a party on the
mansion of the wealthiest man is his town; his life gets a drastic


     In the Fugar's mansion, Mythe and his mentor are waiting to know
what old relic Fugar bought this time. It seems that it is photography
of a mysterious and beautiful girl, but she don't looks like a regular
girl. Her skin and hair color are not what they used to see. The crowd
is dazzled, and the Mythe's mentor says that he never seen a picture
so vivid. Mythe became fascinated, almost hypnotized, with the girl's
picture. He asks Fugar who sell it to him. He says that a carrier
named Tiffon that sold it.
     Mythe says he must know where this picture came from, so he
starts to look out for Tiffon.
     Ask information in the bar, and a girl will tell you that lives a
great fortuneteller named Sapphire in Loch Vaan that can help him.
Mythe doesn't believe this kind of things (after all he is a science
man) but he doesn't have anything to lose and so he goes his journey
to Loch Vaan. But to go there he must stop first in Wanda.


     Just a quick stop in Wanda, but he leaves to Loch Vaan.


     Getting there, he goes to the fortuneteller shop. There a girl
receives him, Mythe asks about Tiffon's whereabouts, so the girl has a
vision that mixes water and underground, and she says that she is
behind a door in the dry well, in Loch Vaan. Mythe don't believe in
the girl but he goes there anyway. In the dry well, there is no one
there and he came back furious. There he will be received by Sapphire
(the vision was made by Ruby, Sapphire sister) and say to Ruby don't
do that again. There she has the same vision as her sister, but she
interpretation is different, she says that Tiffon is in a town
surrounded by water. She says that she will come to you to repair the
mistakes that Ruby committed.
     Leave the town, and go to Gadeira. There ask information in the
inn. You will find Tiffon there. She confirms that she was the one
that sold the picture to Fugar, but she don't reveal where she gets it
and runs. Sapphire says that she is hiding something.


     This place has a really tough boss, so improve your characters
before venturing in this quest.

     You will enter the haunted manor in the outskirts of the town,
which Tiffon has been there already.
     Go to the northwest of the first floor, there Mythe will say that
this place was ransacked. Leave and go to the second floor and go
northwest again. He will say the same thing, go to the first floor
again then go north. You will notice that the room has a stair that
leads underground. Go there, and you will find Tiffon but an undead
monster will face you.

     BOSS: Undead (6 LP)

     Mythe realizes that Tiffon stole things and she says that she
stole the photo from a girl named Grace in Nivacolina. Tiffon goes
with him with the promise that Mythe won't tell anyone about her


     The first stop to Nivacolina it's Wanda, but to there it's a
short road to there.


     There you will find Grace, Mythe introduces himself to her and
says that a man named Fugar appeared with a photo of a girl and
Sapphire asks if she was the original owner of the photo. She says
that the photo was a gift from the Baike Gold Lion, an old woman named
Pharr. Pharr does regulars excavations in old ruins and lives in
Iskandaria. Mythe, pretty obsessed by the photo legacy and thinking
that the girl can be alive, he has no other option as to go to there
and meet this Pharr lady.


     The first stop to Iskandaria its Escata, but to there it's a
short road to there.


     Finally, he arrives in Iskandaria. There Pharr greets him, and
she says that the photo was found in Undercity Pharos, the ruins that
actually is one of the seven wonders. Mythe ask where is this
undercity, and she says "below our feet", so he asks her if she can
show him where she find the picture. Pharr, impressed by Mythe's will
and realizing his true intentions, go to there with him.


     Pharr only remembers part of the way, so follow Pharr path and
reach the second part of the Undercity. There, follow the undercity
pharos guide in the Seven wonders section, but you don't have to enter
the rooms with the monster-protected switches (because he doesn't know
what to do with them) in the second floor. When you get to the second
floor again, continue to the stairs to the first floor. There, enter
the first room next to that stairs that you came. Pharr says that that
was the place that she found the photo, but there is nothing left
there to gather some clues from the girl.
     Mythe says that isn't possible that the girl from the picture can
be alive until now and he leaves Pharos and the others with a clear
disappointment in his eyes. He finally returns to Longshank.


     Mythe can't think of anything or even concentrate on his work, a
mix of lovesickness and disappointment. A customer (Laura) goes into
the Mythe's shop to appraise an item, but he even isn't listening to
her. After much struggle, Mythe tells her that the item isn't a weapon
(it looks like an axe). Then someone screams that the Fugar Mansion is
on fire, Mythe says that he deserves it, but Laura says that he can't
laugh on other peoples misfortune. But then, Mythe starts to run to
Fugar's mansion and take Laura's item with him. Laura chases him into
the mansion.

    Mythe says that he cannot let the photo burn in the fire. The
house is crumbling apart and burning debris is falling, even that
Mythe went there without thinking twice. So go to the Fugar's room on
the second floor (use the axe to break the door) and retrieve the
picture. Laura says that the photo must mean a lot to him, since he
risked his life to get it.
    After that, Laura say that she saw a girl just like the mysterious
girl in the photo getting a boat to Vaftom. And with a speed of a
lightning, Mythe and the others go to Vaftom.

    Go to the Iskandar Plaza to see the Regina Leone Festival. He sees
someone with a silver hair, and he looks for her. As him searches the
festival, Ruby (Sapphire sister) take him on to dancing. After some
dancing, he decides to look again, but he won't fine her. But he is
happy to know that she is actually a living person. Mythe cannot hide
his happiness.


    In the entrance of the Iskandar plaza, a girl (Marie) starts to
scream that someone invaded the Iskandar mausoleum. She says that he
girl has silver hair...Mythe runs inside, and Marie goes with him.
    Go to the Hall of Hades, and there you will find the girl. Mythe
can't believe that he finally found her and starts to talk non stop
about the picture and how he is in love with her, but the girl doesn't
seems to understand what he is talking about. He calms down and he
says that he works with relics to uncover the secrets of the past, but
then the girl replies that he is a childish fool by not to realize
that relics are to be left alone, and she says that she demands to see
Iskandar with a serious face. Mythe is pretty confused: the girl that
he sought and longed for such a long time isn't at very least
interested in him or his story, and she even pity him.
     But even so he will help her, just to be at her side. They go to
the inn, and the Silver-hair girl only says that she wants to talk to
Iskandar; Mythe says that, because Iskandar was such an important
hero, many people are named after Iskandar. Just in the inn, 2 persons
replies that he is Iskandar, but the Silver girl keeps talking that
she have to find Iskandar. Mythe is so confused, but he can't
abandoned her, not now. He takes her back to Longshank.


     In his work, a girl named Melissa says that she has a relic, a
gauntlet that brings bad luck to her. Mythe investigate the gauntlet
and says that a relic that works just like the gauntlet is the magic
tablet. Marie says that her grandfather works with magic tablets, but
just one problem, he is in Sadovos. Mythe, thinking that the Silver
Girl says to him on the Iskandar mausoleum and trying to put his head
on his place, says that he will help Melissa and so, everyone will go
to Sadovos. The first stop it's in Solophero.


     You will cross the vale of the sword to reach Serin.


     Cross the Jade forest to Sadovos. In there, go to the magic
emporium, there the grandfather of Marie will see the gauntlet of
Michelle, but he finds too risky to remove the gauntlet, because that
can bring Michelle death. Mythe removes the gauntlet, and Michelle is
very happy. On the outside, Silver Girl says that her mother told her
that Iskandar is in Iskandar Mausoleum.


     Go to the Hall of Hades again, there you will find a boss that
you will have to defeat.

     BOSS: Giants (12 LP)

     After that, enter the locked room, there you will find a switch,
press it and then you will unlock the Iskandar Mausoleum.
     There is only an empty coffin there, but Silver Girl keeps
calling for Iskandar. When Mythe is about to leave, Iskandar appears.
Mythe don't believe - he actually appeared from nowhere. She says that
mother has sent her to find him.
     Iskandar says that she is exactly like Rivelvalla and asks what
is her name, and she says Faedaljen. He says that it's her task to
destroy the Knights of the Round Table, the dark rulers of this world.
She says that Iskandar's word is her mother word.
     Mythe doesn't understand anything, and asks Iskandar to tell him
the full story. He says that Silver Girl is an Arcanian, people
created by the gods. The seven wonders are the relics of her
ancestors. But the power of the wonders almost destroyed the world,
and the gods prevented that by vanishing them. He says that they were
born on the gods palace, so they are more like monsters and not
     He continues that Leith Torles, a thousand years ago, first
introduced him to an Arcanian. That Arcanian was Faedaljen mother,
Rivelvalla. He became so impressed with her beauty, that he takes many
pictures of her. He says that all Arcanians were much alike each
other, and they have a human appearance.
     Mythe still don't understand a thing that Iskandar are trying to
tell him but he says that Mythe must lead and protect Faedaljen on his
     She says that they must go to Tal´fa Palacaleo (that it's
Undercity Pharos).


     Just like before, this is the final quest so if you forget to do
something, do it before you enter here. Improve your weapons to the
limit that you will need them (and, of course, your skills as a player
and some luck).

     Mythe says that he won't question anything of her past or her
mission, his only wish is to be with her. Faedaljen thanks him.

     Follow the route again to the Undercity Pharos, but this time you
have to complete all the requirements to finish the quest, until you
reach the Round table chambers.

     They round table will receive you, but they only wish it's to
suck your life out. The silver girl says that she will exterminate the
members of the round table, but they say that the girl is only a
puppet to Iskandar. The final battle has begun.

             BOSS: 8 (one at the time) knight of the round table (6 LP)
           Phantom (8 LP)

           OBS - You will face the 6 knights with only 3 characters at

     This is one of the most difficult battles ever; just use
everything that you got. Don't let Phantom take your entire LP, save
at least half MAX LP for each character.
     When you finally think that it's over, Phantom will refuse to
die, so he will summon the most powerful monster ever known: Chaos.

            BOSS : Chaos (20 LP)

     Each character will talk a little bit. When you defeat this form,
this will release a "mask" (hidden power) for 2 times. But when your
release a new mask, his HP will be zero, so the LP will be drained
from every powerful hit. These 3 forms aren't that powerful; just
change constantly the front row to minimize the LP damage received.

           Chaos (26 or 16 LP)
           Chaos (12 LP)

     Now the final form will appear, he has some very nasty attacks
like Overkill that inflicts 800~1000 of damage and he also has full
health, so it will take a while to begin to reduce his LP. The advice
that I give you is to protect Mythe and don't fight with 5 characters
at the same time, because most of it's attacks get everyone. DO NOT
TRY TO COMBO IN THIS FORM. I know that it's superhard, but YOU CAN

           Chaos (20 LP)

     The final battle is over, the Knights of the Round Table are
defeated, but Faedaljen says that she and Mythe can't stay together.
Mythe realizes that as well, and she disappears.
     Mythe became depressed once again, bored with the work at
Longshank. But one day, he realizes, as he did before, that he must
follow his heart and dreams to achieve true happiness. So he began to
build a special machine, a machine created without the knowledge of
the relics left for the Arcanians, a flying machine.
     And so he left again to find the girl of his dreams, the
beautiful and mysterious Faedaljen.

                          THE END

     E ) ARMIC

     The Chapa village, located in the west section of the world,
suffers from time to time from drought that almost causes the Chapa's
to starve. Many years ago, Iskandar saved the town by making a
rainmaking ritual. He also taught the Chapa's how to make this ritual
when the need arises. Now, when drought endanger the village once
again, the elder chief summons 4 chapas to retrieve the items
necessary to perform the ritual. Armic it's one of summoned chapa,
even if he isn't the brightest of the bunch, he has a good spirit and
he will try to help his village.


     Armic begins with a huge list of material to get and also a stone
tablet with additional item to get. Armic it's somewhat clueless to
what to do, since he doesn't know anyone that can translate the stone
tablet. Go to the inn and ask for information and Norff, a wizard
apprentice, says that he will help if Armic come to the Healer Hills
to gather some herbs.

     Collect 7 herbs in the Healer Hills and this quest will end.

     Norff takes Armic to Loch Vaan, to meet his master. In the
Crimson spellshop, Yun (Norff's master) will says that the stone table
that Iskandar left has indications of 4 special items and the place to
get the items, but personally he thinks that 5 items in total.
     Leave the spell shop and check the list (it's the O button) that
the village chief gave to you. The list consists in 20 materials: 10
common materials (cotton, snake skin, cedar, tortoise shell, copper,
carnelian, topaz, opal, ravenite and lazuli) that you need 6 of them,
and 10 rare materials (glossed silk, hydra skin, ash, dragon scale,
meteorite, obsidian, diamond, meteoritic iron, faerie silver and
Damascus) that you need only one of them. When you have the quantity
needed, the color of the list will be white. When you exceed the
necessary items, the color of the list will turn to green.
     Go to the inn and ask some information. There will be a carrier
named Norge that will help you; he say that he knows where is a bow
made of Ash. You need Ash so go with him. Come back to magic shop and
Yun will ask what special item that you want to translate first. You
can choose anyone that you like, but choose METAL to begin with (this
it's the easiest quest). Yun will say that he needs some time to

     Now you have to find 10 items of the list. You can buy the items
in the inn's shop or trade them with the other chapas. You can even
unequip items that you have to add to the final score and also you can
exceed the needed items.
     The rules to trade with the chapa are: They must have more than
he needs (green) and you can trade with any item that you have, but
the other chapa must be needed also. So you can't give a chapa an item
that he doesn't need.

     When you gather the 10 items, Yun translate the first special
item, the Venus Mirror in Vaftom and he asks what item that you want
to translate next. Choose WOOD and go to the adventure.

     Now that, you opened Vaftom in your world map you can go to the
Regina Leone Festival, go to the Iskandar Plaza in Vaftom and enjoy
the CG.

     Armic is enjoying the Festival, and go to a quick stop into
Ruby's fortune telling tent, but when the fireworks begin, he goes
elsewhere. But since he is quite small, he cannot see everything. The
same situation happens with Judy. As they try to jump to see anything,
Judy created a frog with magic and jumps over the crowd. Armic sees
the Memorial Fires also, and he leaves.


     An outland knight named Edel will help you to exterminate the
monsters in the mines. This adventure is the same as the Vaftom
"Danger in the mines" so look there for guidance.
     After defeating the boss, you will find the Venus mirror.

     Now you must find another 10 items (total: 20 items) to Yun
translate the next special item, the Jupiter Anvil, that it's on the
Jade Forest. Choose WATER as the next destination.


     An old lady called Pharr is looking for the Lilleans tribe and
she will help you to find the special item. The Jupiter anvil is on
the middle of the Jade Forest maze.
     When you are in the Jade Forest maze, go south and you will
eventually find the Jupiter anvil. But you will have to fight a boss

     BOSS : Jumbo Moch (7 LP)

     Now you have 2 special items, Armic says that he wants to go
home, but he knows that he has still work to do.
     Go to Zomar, and ask for information there, you will find Vearst,
a huge guy that it's afraid of everything. He will teach the location
of another rare item: the obsidian boots. Go with him.
     Now you must complete the minimum quantity of 12 items, all the
common ones and 2 rare ones for Yun decode the next special item (it
doesn't matter the total numbers of the items). He says that water was
a difficult one to translate, and he thinks that the water isn't a
item after all, so he will leave that for last, but he find out the
whereabouts of another special item: the Ares flag in the Kimbali
magma cave. Ask EARTH as the next item to be translated.


     There you will find a lady named Rebecca looking for the Leith
Torle's magic tablet. She will join you in your quest. This adventure
it's the same as the Kimbali's "Dragon of fiery mountains", so go
there for directions.

     After defeating this hard boss, you will find the Ares flag. OK,
only one more items to go.
     Now go to the Kimbali and ask information there. You will find
Henri, a prince that lost his parents. He says that the regal lion's
hideout has another rare item: the dragon scale. Go there, if you
haven't gone there before.

     Now to Yun translate the next place, you have to complete ALL
items. Buy, trade, sell, create...just give your best to complete all
items. This will take a while but eventually you will have all items.
     Yun will say that the behemoth chest is in the flying island, a
seven wonders site. You have come this far, so there is no reason to
turn back.


     Now it's the final quest, as you are wondering, here comes my
advice to clear ALL quests before venturing here. Also, there is a
particular thing that vital to clear Armic's quest, so you must pay

     VERY IMPORTANT: Before entering the flying island, MAKE SURE THAT

     Pass the flying island just like you use to do. Before entering
the elevator cage MAKE SURE that Norff is with WOOD and EARTH ARTS
equipment and Rebecca are with the METAL ARTS equipment.
     On the underground level, Armic find the last item. Now Yun
appears and says to give the items to him. He talks about the chapa is
the final element to the element-making art. It seems that Iskandar
rainmaking ritual can do way more than just rain, it can create any
element that he want to, and the water in the stone tablet is mention
the chapa tribe itself, not an item. Yun gets mad with the possibility
to gain this power and attack Armic's team.

     BOSS: Yun Crimsonrain (14 LP)

     At first glance, Yun is invincible. He has a magical barrier that
prevents all kinds of damage, so you have to break this barrier before
beginning to inflicting any damage.
     So you have to follow closely this method, on the first turn use
any magic of the FIRE elemental, a piece of Yun's barrier will break.
Then use a magic of the METAL elemental on the second turn, WOOD on
the third turn and EARTH on the fourth turn. That way, Yun will be
without his magical barrier and you will able to inflict damage on
him. Try to not combo Yun when he is with the barrier.
     Yun doesn't accept defeat by the hands of the brainless chapas,
though. He uses his last power to invoke the mightiest creature of the
universe: Chaos.

     BOSS : Chaos (20 LP)

     Each character will talk a little bit. When you defeat this form,
this will release a "mask" (hidden power) for 2 times. But when your
release a new mask, his HP will be zero, so the LP will be drained
from every powerful hit. These 3 forms aren't that powerful; just
change constantly the front row to minimize the LP damage received.

           Chaos (26 or 16 LP)
           Chaos (12 LP)

     Now the final form will appear, he has some very nasty attacks
like Overkill that inflicts 800~1000 of damage and he also has full
health, so it will take a while to begin to reduce his LP. The advice
that I give you is to protect Mythe and don't fight with 5 characters
at the same time, because most of it's attacks get everyone. DO NOT
TRY TO COMBO IN THIS FORM. I know that it's superhard, but YOU CAN

           Chaos (20 LP)

     Yun gets out of the domination of Chaos; he is very sorry for
what he done with Armic and says that he only wish is to be as
powerful as Leith Torles. Armic forgives him and go back to his
     There he is greet by his wife Chiera (???) and his 2 kids: Orale
and Venikkis (??????). The elder chief make the rainmaking ritual and
everything is at peace in chapa village once again.

                               THE END

     F ) JUDY

     Judy is an ordinary 13 years old girl, which came from a family
of magicians. She is also a magician herself, but only a beginner in
that. His family is composed by Rebecca, a full-fledged witch that is
her mother; his father, Thomas, that don't have any magic power and
because of that has it's share of disagreements with Josef, Rebecca's
father, that is a powerful magician. Judy has also 2 brothers: one is
Roy, an incredible fat kid, and his older sister Marie, beautiful and
chased by every man in the village.
     His family runs a magical store in Sadovos, and when Marie asks
Judy to take care of the store for a while, the troubles begins.


     An old man, Clyde, come to see Josef. He enters, and in this time
Rebecca also enters. When Rebecca hears that Clyde is here, she senses
danger and runs to help his father, but it was too late. Clyde trapped
Josef in the mirror and demands to know where is Leith Torles magic
tablet. Josef warns Clyde as he uses magic inside the store, his own
magic countermeasure will work. Judy is transported to the outside of
the store.
     When she returns, his grandpa tells that the magic works sending
the people with magic powers far away. The most powerful the person,
the farthest that he will be thrown away. That why Judy were the first
person to arrive. Josef tell Judy to find the others members of the
family with the help of the magic circle.

     On the entrance of the Jade forest, Judy finds Kurt, an
adventurer that will help her get through the forest. But in there
they finds carriers that threatens them of crossing the Jade forest.
On the outside of the forest, they find a powerful beast.

     BOSS: Dragons (4 LP)

     The dragon transforms in a bat. Judy thinks that is Clyde's
familiar, not the "warning of the carriers". They reach the town of

     2 - SAVE URSULA

     In the inn, they find Thomas. Thomas was being taken care by a
woman named Theresa. She was the owner of the town inn, until his
husband died. Now the son of the wealthiest man in town wants to marry
Ursula, Theresa's daughter. Theresa says that Armand is a womanizer
and that actually doesn't like Ursula.
     On the outside, there are rumors that Armand kidnapped Ursula,
and they must be hiding in Armand´s hideout in the Monster lair.
Thomas decides to go and save Ursula and Judy go with them.
     You can finish this adventure quite easily going southeast of the
start point, but is advised to go to the northeast and grab some
chests and fight some monsters.
     When you find Armand, he asks a friend to take care of Judy, and
then he summons a beast that goes out of control. Judy must fight him.

     BOSS: Aquans (3 LP)

     They manage to get Ursula back but it seems that she was somewhat
enjoying it. Armand's father tells him to go with Judy and the others
to grow as a real man.

     The crystal says that that one of the family member is further
northwest. To the town of Solophero, but before the treacherous Vale
of Swords.
     Meanwhile, Clyde is in Torle. He says as he was the one with the
stronger magic power, he was thrown away farther. He says to his
familiar to stop Judy and any means, and he will look for Rebecca, he
says that she is the key to it...


     They go into the Valley of swords, but in middle of crossing a
bridge, monsters attack your group. Thomas decides that he will stay
behind to fight the monsters and manages to get the others to cross
safely. But as soon that Judy cross the bridge, the bridge crumbles
apart, separating Thomas from his daughter.
     Now Judy isn't with his father but she keeps going forward
because she knows that he is alright. On the end of the Valley, she
finds another monster.

     BOSS: Pinhut titus (7 LP)


     They gate to Solophero, but is already night. A person in the
village says that bandits are attacking. You are surrounded by dozens
of bandits.
     Now you must take care of the bandits, go fighting one by one (it
might take a couple of turns), but eventually they will flee. When the
bandits retreat, Judy sees a familiar figure. She goes after him.

     OBS: The trick to this part is to fight the bandits relentlessly
without wasting too many turns, resting or going to the center of the


     Judy and the other go to the coliseum ruins. There they find that
Roy has fallen on a middle of a gang of bandits. When the get to fight
the leader of the bandits, a person commanded by Clyde arrives and
tells to kill them. As no one tries to do that, he goes to the attack

     BOSS: Darkmage (8 LP)

     He mentions that Clyde is looking for the forbidden spell, and
drops a mysterious magic tablet. Judy keeps him. Now she says that the
next destination is even further northeast. Roy says that if the catch
a boat on the city of Gadeira they will arrive faster in his
destination. Everyone agrees to go there.


     They leave to Gadeira, where they suppose to get a boat to
Longshank. When they reach Gadeira, the people there are exited with
the festival of Regina Leone in Vaftom. They get on the ship.

     7 - SHIPS AHOY

     On the ship, they are warned that the ship in under attack by
monsters. There they find Nuage, a carrier that wants to be Judy's
bodyguard. On the ship deck, they find a huge crab. The monster
attacks them.

     BOSS: Titan Crab (6 LP)

     After the fight, Judy realizes that the crab was actually Clyde's
familiar. She says to stop chasing them. When they realize the ship
lost it's original course and they see Avalon, an Isle that few
actually see. Nuage explain that this is the isle of Elve, with Vaftom
as the major town. Where Lord Dixon made the first Iskandar Mausoleum.
     Since they get so far, Judy manages to get on the Regina Leone
festival. There she meets with a Chapa (Armic) and they enjoy the
party. Later on the memorial fire ritual, Judy notice that everyone
became focused in pay his final respects to the death ones.
     Now that the festival is over, it's time to look out for his
family once again.


     They get a boat to Longshank. Clyde is now to Iskandaria. He
knows Judy whereabouts but he still doesn't found Rebecca.
     When Judy arrives in Longshank, she hopes that she can find her
family soon. When they get to the inn, they became surprised to find
that Marie is in the inn. They became very surprised that she is so
well there, but Judy knows that is not entirely the truth. Judy shows
the magic tablet that she finds with the blackmage. Marie says that
she find a similar piece in a place nearby. They go there to find the
remaining pieces and try to know what is the forbidden spell that the
black mage and Clyde are looking for.


     Here Judy goes to the Garden of death to find the remaining
pieces. Try to find as many as you can in the turns limit. When you
find enough piece (6 or so) Judy says that is useless to remain
looking for the magic tablet and she have to find his mother as soon
as she can.
     The crystal says that even further northeast. They leave
Longshank and go to Zomar.


     Judy travels to Zomar to find his mother. Meanwhile, Clyde is in
Escata, and says that Rebecca is there; he says that he will get her
and the forbidden spell by any means possible.


     Judy travels to Wanda to find his mom.


     Judy travels to Escata to find his mom. When she arrives there,
she sees the destruction of Escata and hears rumors that a powerful
witch is fighting the remaining monsters of the siege of Escata at the
Amulet tower. Judy knows that is Rebecca and that she must help her as
soon as possible.


     Judy climbs up the Amulet tower and on the fifth floor, she saw
Rebecca injured, fighting an elder dragon all by herself. Judy jumps
to the battle without thinking.

     BOSS: Elder dragon (12 LP)

     Once again, the monster was Clyde's familiar. They tell Rebecca
the entire story so far, and Rebecca says that they must now help his
grandfather. They return to Sadovos to find his gramps.
     Clyde says that he underestimate Judy's family. He will use his
"last resort", because his is running out of time.
     They get to Sadovos, but unfortunately Clyde's familiar was in
front of them. He managed to smash the mirror that your grandfather
was trapped into; when they get there Thomas says that Clyde entered
the mirror before his familiar smashed the glass. He says that the
only way to save his grandfather was to get into the deities table, a
place that was connected with the mirror dimension.
     Everyone go to there, to find Josef and face Clyde for the last

     14 - SAVE GRANDPA!

     Just like before, this is the final quest so if you forget to do
something, do it before you enter here. Improve your weapons to the
limit that you will need them (and, of course, your skills as a player
and some luck).
     When you get into the Deities table, Judy notices a piece of
paper. There is written a magical spell with the location of his
grandpa. Judy says that are 4 pieces missing.
     On each floor (Mirror of sins, mirror of dreams, mirror of time
and the final section) lies a piece of paper with a part of the spell.
When you see a reflection of the mirror that isn't a monster, it is
the paper. When you find all 4 pieces, you will find Josef.
     Judy is so happy to find his grandpa, but they find Clyde also,
but he is much younger. He says that he sold his body to the vampires,
and he wants to know the truth of the forbidden spell. Since Josef
don't tell him, he faces you.

     BOSS: Clyde Blackstorm (15 LP)

     Defeated, he summons a powerful monster: CHAOS

            BOSS : Chaos (20 LP)

     Each character will talk a little bit. When you defeat this form,
this will release a "mask" (hidden power) for 2 times. But when your
release a new mask, his HP will be zero, so the LP will be drained
from every powerful hit. These 3 forms aren't that powerful; just
change constantly the front row to minimize the LP damage received.

           Chaos (26 or 16 LP)
           Chaos (12 LP)

     Now the final form will appear, he has some very nasty attacks
like Overkill that inflicts 800~1000 of damage and he also has full
health, so it will take a while to begin to reduce his LP. The advice
that I give you is to protect Judy and don't fight with 5 characters
at the same time, because most of it's attacks get everyone. DO NOT
TRY TO COMBO IN THIS FORM. I know that it's superhard, but YOU CAN

           Chaos (20 LP)

     Now that Clyde is defeated, Clyde ask is there is really a
magical tablet with the forbidden spell. Josef says that every magical
tablet has the power to draw the forbidden spell. He says that even
Leith Torles knew that but he also knew that magicians would use
spells for the good of the people. Clyde is disappointed but he says
that now he has the eternity to think about the mistakes that he is
done. He leaves to the world of darkness.

     On Sadovos, everything is back to normal with Judy's family. The
only thing that really changed is the way Josef treats Thomas. Judy
says that she grow up (a little bit) in this quest. Congratulations,
you managed to save your family all by yourself.

                              THE END

     G ) KURT

     Kurt is a strong-minded guy that is son of the Lord Burgundy,
leader of the knighthood. He works as an outland knight and came in
contact with a mysterious relic, a cursed gauntlet.
     Back in his travels around the world, he is thrown in a strange
place and has to fight with a mysterious monster. He thinks that it's
the curse of the gauntlet.

     BOSS: Scorpion (2 LP)

     After that, he goes to Gadeira, to his home to meet with his
parents after 3 years out in the frontiers. There he talks with Lord
Maximillian Burgundy, his father. His father wants that he quits from
the outland knights and take over his place as a temple knight. Kurt
says that he won't accept the offer and that he is no longer even a
knight. He talks about his travels at the frontier and that his wish
is to go there and help those people. Maximillian says that he is a
fool to think so. He says that if Kurt is no longer a knight, that he
is no longer his son as well. Kurt leaves the house.
     On the outside, Kurt meets with his brother Leon. Leon says that
he turned out to be a Temple knight and he is training in Vaftom. Kurt
explain the situation, and Leon wishes good luck to him.
     In the inn, he hears rumors about the fee that the Guardian
knights are taking from the carriers.


     In the outskirts of the town, he finds a carrier named Ventus.
Ventus is being forced to pay a fee to cross the way to Solophero. As
he refuses to do it so, he has to go to the other way for the
mountains. Kurt says that he will help him, but as he goes to the end
of the mountain path, he has to face yet another monster in the
"another dimension".

     BOSS: Zorus (3 LP)

     Even so, they go to Solophero. Kurt notice that Ventus didn't
realized that he have fought with a creature. Also, he isn't even hurt
from its battle. It seems that when he is fighting in the "another
dimension", time actually stops.
     (NOTE: The next encounter with the monsters in the "another
dimension" is based on game time, like, it takes 20 minutes on real
game time to the "another world" calls for you again. The game will
not end if you lose to a monster in the "another world" but there is
some events in Kurt's quest that requires to defeat a specific monster
in this condition)


     They go to Serin. In the middle of the road, Kurt has to face
even another monsters.

     BOSS: Greedy (4 LP)

     They managed to get to Serin.

     3 - BIG OL' RASCALS

     On Serin, they hear that the Temple knights will attack an anti-
knighthood group based on the monster cave. A girl begs to Kurt to
help the group.
     On the entrance, Kurt talks with an arrogant Temple knight. He
say that he let loose monsters in the cave, because the knighthood
won't stain his hands. Kurt thinks that the knighthood became a bunch
of cowards.
     Just when he is getting ready to help, he is thrown in the other

     BOSS: Chaos Crab (4 LP)

     You can finish this adventure quite easily going southeast of the
start point to the Armand's Hideout, but is advised to go to the
northeast and grab some chests and fight some monsters.
     When you get to the Armand's hideout, Armand says that the
monsters killed all his friends. Armand agrees to go with Kurt's

     4 - JADE FOREST

     Next step is to go to Sadovos, but there is still the Jade forest
to cross. In the entrance of the forest a lilllean named Plyaphillum
are waiting for Kurt, but more precisely, he can feel the evil of the
Gauntlet getting near. He says that he wants to find the answer
together with Kurt. Then Kurt felt again the evil of the gauntlet and
are called to the "another dimension".

     BOSS: Blue Windsor (5 LP)

     Then, Kurt notice that the foes of the gauntlet are getting
stronger, as the gauntlet itself. (NOTE: you can see in the skill
panel that Kurt's gauntlet are changing levels when you defeat the
gauntlet monsters). Kurt became more puzzled with the true purpose of
the gauntlet.

     When they get into Sadovos, they went to the magic emporium.
There, they find a specialist in magic tablets named Josef. He will
say that the gauntlet is a mixture of light and darkness, as any magic
tablet. He says that he will join you.

     As Kurt travels in search of clues, he have to face another foe.

     BOSS: Mad Buc (6 LP)

     After this fight, Platypyllium notice that you were in another
world. Kurt now knows that he was really transported for another
world. But why?

     In Gadeira, Leon says that the gauntlet that his brother are
equipped gives him outstanding power. He wants the gauntlet for

     Now there is several others towns to go in the world map, so Kurt
goes to Longshank. There, he listen to rumors that says that the
wealthiest men in town brought a mercenary squad together to rid of
the monsters in the surrounding area. The leader of the squad is


     Kurt came to help Mordeus to exterminate the monsters. On the
entrance, the Temple knights came in and take over the expedition by
order of Jeanne Maure, but Mordeus says that he will complete the
mission anyway. They went to separate way with the temple knights, but
suddently, Kurt has to go to the "another dimension".

     BOSS: Agares (12 LP)

     Kurt says that they are using Jeanne Maure to take over the
knighthood. But what they are planning?
     Go to Loch Vaan, and enter the crimson spellshop. The owner say
that a great wizard like Leith Torles would help to unravel the
mystery of the ancient relics. He say to take his pupil on his quest.
And so, Norff join your group

     Back on Vaftom, Jeanne Maure says to Leon that they must be more
involved with the world outside; Leon asks if she know Kurt. She says
that Kurt was a strong knight.


     Kurt goes to Kimbali to visit an old friend and also an outland
knight just like he was named Edel. Edel says that he is getting
better (he was injured sometime ago), but the outland knights are
     He says that the Temple knights are taking over the protection of
the town, because they are building a temple in Kimbali as well. He
will escort Kurt to the temple. On the outside, a villager says that
Edel defended the town countless times, but they hear a temple knight
saying that the outland knights are useless now and he also insults
Kurt and Edel.
     On the house, Edel says that he is feeling that the town will be
attacked because the temple knight only worries with the temple
itself, and they leaves the town without proper protection. Kurt say
that he won't let this happen.
     Now Edel explain how they will get rid of the monsters. Kurt must
fight every monster in the block until he says that isn't more
monsters left in there, and go to the next block. After every block is
guarded, they will go to the main gate.
     And so, Kurt, Edel and the others manages to protect Kimbali from
the monster invasion.

     On Vaftom, Leon is talking with his father. Maximillian asks
about Jeanne, Leon says that she is solving a couple of things on
Kimbali. Maximillian says that Kurt is the one to blame. Leon thinks
to himself that he is the one that is really dangerous...

     Now Kurt has to face the fears inside the Gauntlet to go forward.
He has to defeat the next boss.

     BOSS: Abaddon (12 LP)

     When you defeat this monster, a voice in his head says that the
answer to his questions is in the Starship anchor.

     When Jeanne came back from his expedition, she says that is her
destiny to conquer the Seven Wonders, because that is the true
Iskandar spirit. Leon thinks that "here she goes again with this
Iskandar crap...", but he politely says that the knighthood must return
for it's basics. Jeanne became surprised to know that Leon feels the
same way about the temple knights. Leon says that it's time that the
younger templairs take over.


     Kurt goes to Vaftom to the Regina Leone festival, there he sees
Ventus trying to make a deliver but he stumbles in an Anubito and he
gets angry. As Kurt tries to apart the fight, he is punched on the
face. He give him a punch, but he notice that the gauntlet gives him
overhuman strength. He has to end the fight with the Anubito.

     BOSS: Anubito (7 LP)

     Next, he visit Iskandar Shrine. But a messenger named Hiro
delivers a message. The message says that Lord Burgundy will be killed
in the middle of the festival, when he gets on Dixon's mausoleum. Hiro
says that he don't know who gives him this message. Kurt grabs Hiro
and go inside the shrine. But he isn't expecting that he must face his
last challenge in the Gauntlet's world.

     BOSS: Domliat (9 LP)

     In the Heaven's corridor, Kurt notice that the guardians aren't
there, and that is a bad sign. They goes as far as the Dixon's
mausoleum. Then, he sees Lord Burgundy surrounded by assassins, but he
manages to save him. Maximillian thanks Kurt and he must fight the

     BOSS: 3 Assassins (3 LP)

     On the end, Kurt says that meanwhile the villagers of Vaftom are
crying for their dead loved ones, he was killing the assassins of his


     Just like before, this is the final quest so if you forget to do
something, do it before you enter here. Improve your weapons to the
limit that you will need them (and, of course, your skills as a player
and some luck).
     Leon says that he find proofs that the Starship anchor holds the
power of the gods. Jeanne, full of pride, says that is the true
meaning of the Iskandar ideals and goes for there.
     Kurt also goes to there, and on the way to the final room, he
finds Jeanne, beaten up and totally lost. Kurt says that even the
pride and joy of the knighthood lost his way. He goes forward until he
finds Leon.
     Leon says that they surely are late. Kurt asks why send Jeanne
Maure to make this fiasco, and he answers that she want to do it on
her own. Leon also says that it's time to he take over the knighthood,
to have a power to match the round table.
     Kurt says that if he was the one that ordered his father
assassins, but Leon says that he was the one that send the message.
Kurt replies that if he knew, then why you didn't help his father. He
says that he wants to take over the knighthood, then the world. Kurt
says that the temples twisted his head, and it's time to for the big
brother save his little brother.

     BOSS: Leon Burgundy (20 LP)

     When he is defeated, Leon says that he is being taken over.

             BOSS : Chaos (20 LP)

     Each character will talk a little bit. When you defeat this form,
this will release a "mask" (hidden power) for 2 times. But when your
release a new mask, his HP will be zero, so the LP will be drained
from every powerful hit. These 3 forms aren't that powerful; just
change constantly the front row to minimize the LP damage received.

           Chaos (26 or 16 LP)
           Chaos (12 LP)

     Now the final form will appear, he has some very nasty attacks
like Overkill that inflicts 800~1000 of damage and he also has full
health, so it will take a while to begin to reduce his LP. The advice
that I give you is to protect Kurt and don't fight with 5 characters
at the same time, because most of it's attacks get everyone. DO NOT
TRY TO COMBO IN THIS FORM. I know that it's superhard, but YOU CAN

           Chaos (20 LP)

      After defeating Chaos, Kurt, Jeanne and Leon are travelling the
world to find some relics. They climb a huge mountain and start
searching a cave.
      Kurt says to be careful with suspicious-looking things, but as
he puts an exquisite helmet on his head, his starts to scream and it
seems that the helmet is cursed as well. Probably he has to stick with
the helmet for a while. Now, this isn't funny, Kurt...^_^

                         TO BE CONTINUED?




      Here you will find the walkthrough for the Seven Wonders, one of
the most difficult series of dungeons in this game. There are 2
possible ways to enter the Seven Wonders, the first one is to go on an
adventure to explore the ruins of the Seven Wonders. And the other one
is that a character story related to the seven wonders.


      Two main buildings composes the Undercity Pharos dungeon, one is
accessible from the Iskandaria map, and other is a massive 3-floor
building only available if you select the Undercity adventure.
      The first building haven't anything of interest, so go southeast
until you find a giant door, enter the door for the second building.
In this second building you will notice 2 things: there is a barrier
preventing access in sections of the floor and the fact that there is
a elevator that can take you to the second and first floor, but isn't
working right now. You will begin in the third floor.
      The first thing as you enter the giant door is go west until you
find a descending stairs, don't worry if you get stuck in a barrier,
just isn't necessary to cross it now...just find the stairs.
      In the second floor, enter a circular room and press the switch,
but it will activate the alarm and 2 monsters will attack you.

      BOSS: 2 Insects (1 LP)

      After defeating them, make sure that you press the switch again,
and find another descending stairs to the north. In this first floor,
go north then east then south, until you find another ascending
stairs. If you see a switch on your way, DON'T press it yet. Go up in
the stairs. Also check the circular room on the second floor to
activate another switch; once again the monsters will come after you.

      BOSS: 2 Insects (1 LP)

      Now, you will see a huge thing going up. It's the elevator. Now
that you get the elevator working again, you need only to power them.
Now go back to the first floor. There is 2 power switches, one located
in the north of the floor, other located west. Activate both of them;
it will give a message like "Alpha section complete". If you find a
switch called "barrier" before you activate both power switches, don't
press it now, do it after both power switches are turned on. After
turning on the power and the barrier switch, go back to the third
floor, backtracking from the way that you came earlier.
      Now on the third floor, the areas locked with the barrier will
be opened. Also in this floor, there are 2 power switches. One on the
south of the floor and other in the southeast of the floor, once again
don't worry about the barrier switch. After pressing both power
switches, a message will say that "all power restored" will appear;
now find the elevator (it's in the middle of the floor), and press the
middle switch (second floor). In this floor, there are 2 different
rooms. One is the Round Table chamber, which is for the Ventus and
Mythe storyline and the power generator room, for the other
characters. Defeat the bosses and this quest is over. Congratulations,
you cleared the hardest seven wonders adventure.


      The starship anchor begins in a forest, enter the starship and
push the stone door to go inside. This door leads to a room called the
chamber of the planets. There is a monster inside it, go there and
defeat him. After that activate the switch, and the roof will shine,
revealing a constellation. Go northeast, and enter the anchor. There
is a line, just like the roof of the chamber of the planets. Cross the
room over the line, and the end a symbol showing the end of this
section will appear.
      You will reach in the other section of the Starship. Go to the
south side of this section, and then look out for another chamber of
the planets with a monster as well. A picture in the roof also will
appear. Enter the constellation room again; the picture will be the
shape of a "W". Go first in the left and right edge and then, go to
the north. So face the Starship anchor guardian to end another seven
wonders adventure.


      There is a short way in the forest until you get inside the
table. Inside the deities table, you objective is step in all mirror
of sins, when you complete the mirror of sins the magic circle that
will transport you for the other section of the deities table will
appear. If you won't find a magic circle, just search a "????", that
it will eventually appear. You will have to repeat the procedure in
the mirror of dreams section, and the mirror of time section. In the
mirror of time you will face the guardian of the Deities table.
      Sometimes in the deities table, some broken shards of the mirror
will come after you, use the reel to repel them, if unsuccessful, some
monsters will attack you.


      The flying island dungeon isn't that complicated. The objective
here is push 3 handles located in different areas of the island to
access the elevator.
      The island have 5 different sections: The port, the southwest
gate, the southeast gate, the northwest gate and the northeast gate.
There is 3 towers in the island, and on each tower there is the
handles. The towers are located in the southwest, southeast and
northeast gates. And the elevator is located in the northwest gate.
      Go to the east from the port until you see all 3 towers. Then go
to the southwest gate, and go forward. There are some places only
accessible via obstacle crossing and swimming skills, but there are
only treasures in this secret ways, but not the handles. In the way,
there is a handle with an Ivy to push, push it and go to the southeast
gate. Find the handle in the southeast and the northeast gates as
well. Then the elevator will arrive.
     The elevator cage is in the northwest gate, near the entrance.
Enter the elevator and you will find the guardian of the flying


      The Nakle lines is a huge dungeon, but if you know what to do in
each place, this will be an easy quest.
      You will start in the middle of a room and there are 5 ways to
get inside to the lines. In each line the objective is, like the
deities table, open the entire place to form a picture, and on each
line has a particular riddle to solve. When you form a picture, you
will get an orb.
      Swirl line (southeast) - Just step in all places, the catch of
the swirl line its to go to the desired place you will have to put the
analog directional in the opposite way that you want to go. After the
swirl line is complete, come back to the center of the swirl.
      Sword line (southwest) - The sword line has 2 invisible walls,
and 2 switches. Right on the beginning, press one of the switches and
it will unlock the opposite invisible wall, so go there, complete the
map, press the switch on the end of the road, return from where you
came, activate the other switch and go to the other side, activate the
switch again and come back to the beginning of the room, because when
you press both switches, the door will unlock and you can complete the
sword line.
      Giant line (north) - The giant line it's the most difficult
thing to figure out. Open normally all the places, but there is a room
that when you step it will appear a ?. In this place, also has a
circular empty room, so you have to point the analog directional to
the room (south), you will cross the invisible wall and enter this
room as well. Press the switch, and go north, there is also a room
with an invisible wall just like the previous. Go over the wall and
complete the picture.
      Bird line (northwest) - The bird line is just the sword line,
just press the switch, go to the opposite room and complete the map.
Once both sides are opened, the middle invisible wall will disappear.
      Butterfly line (northeast)- Just go on every path, and there is
a magic circle in the end of the way. On the end, a monster will
      On the end of every line, you will get the correspondent orb
(like giant orb, bird orb), and you will be transported to a place,
called the laboratory, so go over the room, and find a place that
reacts with the orb, in there use the orb and enter the room. There
will be a magical circle. Enter and it will leave you in the start
      When you put all 5 orbs, a middle room will appear. Be careful,
the most powerful guardian of the seven wonders will appear.


      This is the most easily to cross Seven wonder, it's just a
straightforward dungeon without any serious difficulty. You will begin
in the first floor and you will have to find the way to the uppermost
level. There is some magic fields scattered around transporting you,
but it confuses more than help. So stick to normal walking (it's a
short dungeon anyway).
      In the uppermost level you will find 2 elder dragons, in
opposite sides of the floor, but fighting with them it's completely
optional, but the training and the fact that each one guards a Lv. 99
chest can change your mind.
      In the northeast of the uppermost level you will find a special
room: if you're with Ventus, it will appear 2 magic circles, pick the
one from the right to challenge Kalandorn, the others characters will
fight the guardians of the 2 moons temple, after defeating the
guardians, you will have to back on the entrance to complete this


      The Hanged Garden, just like the Two Moons temple, it's a
straightforward dungeon. But the only difference is that the Hanged
Garden is a very huge dungeon.

      You start at Hortus Primus at spring, as you will go to the
dungeon you will notice that sometimes vines appears, then you will
have to use the reel to dodge the vines. If you fail, you will take a
small damage and the statues that are the guardians of the hanged
garden will change the season of the year.
      As you get on the middle of each Hortus, there is a place called
the "high place": you can only pass this point if you are in a
specific season of the year. There is another guardian in viewpoint,
that you can change the seasons. Just select a wing that he likes and
voilá, the season is changed. Most of the time, the required season to
cross is winter, so choose the awkward wing to him and he will change
the season to winter for you cross. There are times that he will not
like the wing that you choose so go to a wine and lose on purpose for
you achieve the desired season.
      After the Hortus Primus, you will go to Hortus Medius, Hortus
Secundus, Hortus Tertius, Hortus Medius again and then the Hortus
Quartius. In Hortus Quartius you will face the guardian of the last
Seven Wonder.
      Just like Avalon, there is some swimming and obstacles points,
but not all take for treasures, but for shortcuts. Anyway, the path is
always the same but you can avoid some rooms using these skills.


     A ) TORLE

     ICE SLAB SEA (Local - Ice Slab Sea, Objective - Retrieve the
Eternal Ice, Turns - 200, Skills - Obstacle Crossing).

     The people in Torle requires you to get the Eternal Ice, a block
of ice that never melts. So you have to cross the Ice Slab sea, and
get there. The difficulty in this adventure lies on the rising of the
tide, which requires you successfully hit the reel; otherwise you will
retreat to the nearest block. At the end of this quest, have several
parts that you need to get the reel thing done. After that just get
the Eternal Ice and the adventure is over. There is no boss to fight
on this quest.


     LEITH TORLES TOWER (Local - Leith Torles tower, Objective -
Unlock the seal of the treasure, Turns - 400)

     In the first floor, check the seal that Leith Torles placed on
the chest.
      The second floor has a magic circle that you will transport to
next set of stairs. The third floor requires that you defeat the
assassins (3 LP) to unlock some secret passages. Backtrack a little to
find out the places. You must kill 3 groups of assassins to unlock all
places in this floor. The fourth floor has several magic circles but
only 2 of them advances to the way to the next floor, one of them is
to the west of the starting point and the other is the center of the
floor. The fifth floor is a circular floor (just like the first) and
the sixth floor is the seal floor.
     In this room there is 5 bridges leading to 5 different seals.
Each seal has a guardian beast protecting it, so you must defeat the
guardian beast to break the seal, some of them ridiculously strong
others just average. But you won't have to face all the guardians to
advance in the story, just 3 of them. Since has tough bosses in here
is a good place to master new arts. But if you are weak and has low LP
just face the Red guardian, the white guardian and last guardian
(Yellow seal), but beware, the elder dragon is one of the ridiculously
strong kind.

     RED SEAL - Giant birds (6 LP)
     BLUE SEAL - Ajatar (12 LP)
     BLACK SEAL - Aquans (9 LP)
     WHITE SEAL - Giant beast (6 LP)
     YELLOW SEAL - Elder Dragon (9 LP)

     After that you must go down and unlock the chest to clear the

     C ) KIMBALI

     1 - DRAGON OF FIERY MOUNTAINS (Local - Magma cave, Objective -
Defeat the dragon, Turns - 200, Skill - Obstacle crossing)

     In this quest, you need to follow a trail inside the magma cave
to find the elder dragon, so go east until you reach the bridge. You
must pass through the lava to go on (you will lose HP but not much).
As you cross the bridge, it will crumble and you cannot go back. Go to
south until you find another bridge. There is also a locked door there
with high-level chests. Then go west, drop a stone on the lava but not
cross it, and continue to go west to the next floor.
     On the second floor, explore the floor to find great items in
locked doors, and when you arrive in a place that you can go any
longer, go north until you find a huge rock that you have to drop in
the magma.
     The dropped rock will create a passage. Go to the passage until
you find a lava island and the boss.

     BOSS: Elder dragon (10 LP)

     After defeating the dragon, grab the chests and leave the island
to complete this adventure.

     2 - DRAGON'S HAVEN (Local - Dragon's haven, Objective - Invade
the dragon's haven, Turns - 80, Skill - Obstacle crossing)

     This is a short quest so don't waste much turns resting.
     Go to the right, and you will notice the stone monument, read it,
and keep going. Do not go down into the hole just yet, later you will
thanks that tip. You will reach the fang stone. Look into the storm
and a monster will come out.

     BOSS: Magiwinger (9 LP)

     After that you will get into a dungeon of sorts, but isn't very
huge, but is crowded with monsters all the way. Just keep going, until
you find a hole to descend.
     Now you will see a thing called the "arbiter's eye", there is
closed and opened eyes. When you step into a open eye, you will face
an Elder dragon (~10 LP) EVERY SINGLE TIME you step into a open eye,
so only cross in the places that has closed eyes on it, even if means
to retreat a little. It's very hard to cross without facing at least
one dragon, but if you get this far it won't be a dragon that will
stand in your way, right? Just take it easy and cross it.
     On the last steps into the Haven, a dragon says that he won't let
anyone profane the resting place of its king, and attacks you.

     BOSS : Elder Dragon (10 LP)
            2 wyverns (3 LP)

     When you defeat them, the dragon uses his last strength to send
you back to the surface.

     D ) ESCATA

     1 - TITAN'S FLUTE (Local - Amulet tower, Objective - Eliminate
the monsters, Turns - 350)

     This tower it's like Leith Torles Tower with 6 floors at total.
     Go to the top floor going by the tower stairs, because isn't much
things of value there. You will notice in the third floor that is a
statue of a monster but leave the statue for now and continue to climb
the tower.
     When you are in the top tower, go to the central room. There do
an action in the room to reveal 2 levers, place the right lever in the
upper position, and descend the tower.
     In the third floor you will know that the song was keeping the
monster sealed. You will have to face the boss (there is another
option to retreat but if you do that, you can't finish the adventure)

     BOSS: Giants (12 LP)

     When you defeat it, come back to the top floor again. Press the
left lever (you will break it, but it's OK) and then exit the tower.
If you want explore the other rooms that you left behind. You will
notice a door without keyhole, but this is the way if you choose to
chicken out of the boss. Leave the tower and this adventure is

     2 - MONSTERS OF THE RUINED CASTLE (Local - Escata palace,
Objective - Find vicious monsters in the castle, Turns - 100, Skills -
Obstacle crossing)

     There are strong monsters here, so find them and kill them all.
As the Escata palace is totally destroyed, obstacle crossing is a
must-have skill to pass by the debris. The monsters are always on the
second floor but the location is randomized.

     BOSS: 3 Demon birds (4 LP)

     3 - ESCATA PALACE (Local - Escata palace, Objective - Find the
ministry starch, Turns - 100, Skill - Obstacle crossing)

     In this short quest, go north and go enter the room. See the
books, and go to the second floor. In the second floor, go to the 2
royal chambers, and search the room. You will find a high level chest.
The chest it's magically locked. Open it and the adventure will end.

     4 - WARMTH OF THE THRONE (Local - Escata palace, Objective - Find
the throne room, Turns - 100, Skill - Obstacle crossing)

     This also is a short quest; you can up the stairs and go
northwest. The throne room will be there; so light the lamp and a boss
will appear.

     BOSS: Undead (5 LP)

     5 - THE CASTLE OF DAGUL BOS (Local - Dagul Bos Castle, Objective
- Find Dagul Bos, Turns - 100)

     This adventure will only appear if you finish the "Escata palace"
adventure. First go north and find the secret passage to the palace.
There is a short way and you will go down, then you reach the second
floor. On this floor go south until you find a stairs, climb the
stairs and go straight ahead. You will find Dagul Bos minions and they
will say that Dagul Bos isn't in the castle.

     BOSS : 3 Minotons (3 LP)

     E ) WANDA

     1 - LUMINA STONE (Local - Shadow Desert, Objective - Retrieve the
Lumina stones, Turns - 81).

     In this adventure, you will participate of a race. The objective
is to get many of Lumina stones scattered on the ground before the
others and return to the entrance. After 10 Lumina stones at least, go
to the entrance. The maximum number of Lumina Stone is 18. If you
can't get to the entrance, you won't get anything and the adventure is

     2 - NIGHT DESERT (Local - Shadow desert, objective - retrieve
merchant goods, Turns - 180)

     In this adventure, you will be asked to retrieve 3 merchant
crates. You will be given some retreating feathers. If you see a
shadow, use the retreating feather, because you will have a really
hard time to defeat the monster. There are also retreating feathers on
the ground. Be sure to pick it. After retrieving all 3 boxes, the
adventure is over.


     1 - LUCKY GLYPHS (local - Cave of murals, Objective - Find the
Glyphs, Turns - 100, Skills - Swimming)

     This adventure requires that you find several paintings on the
wall. Each mural touched turns out to be a monster. Fight them and
release the glyphs. Once all murals are checked, grab the glyph and
the adventure is over. This is a great place to collect treasure,
also, so don't miss this quest.

     2 - THE CAVE OF MURALS (Local - Cave of murals, Objective - find
a unusual mural, Turns - 200, Skills - Swimming)

     This is a long quest, and a hard one, but there is many treasure
that worth the trouble. Go near the river and the wall there has a
painting, check the picture there, you will find a monster. When you
defeat him, a crevice will appear taking you to the other side of the
river. Continue the course to the north and check all the paintings,
so a new crevice will appear. After that, go southeast. If you have
the swimming skill use it to a nice shortcut. There is a room with a
hole, enter it and you will reach the last part. Continue a little
bit, enter a new crevice and you will find a dragon painting. This is
the unusual painting. Check it and face the boss.

     BOSS : Ajatar (12 LP)

     3 - DESERT MIRAGE (Local - Desert, Objective - Find the oasis,
Turns - 120)

     Go southeast until you find the desert maze. Read the paper and
start to walk around. Sometimes there will be a sand storm that will
hinder your movement. When the weather is good, you will see a mirage
oasis, if you see the oasis go southwest, then east and then northwest
(which is the waltz steps mentioned on the paper. Doing that will end
the adventure. If a sand storm begins when you are approaching the
oasis, you will have to wait until the storm clears and look out for
the mirage once again. It might take a while, but eventually you will
make it.

     4 - CROSS THE DESERT (Local - Desert, Objective - Cross the
desert, Turns - 120)

     This is much like the desert mirage adventure. Go southeast until
you find the desert maze. Start to move into the southeast all the way
in the desert maze. Sometimes there will be a sand storm that will
hinder your movement. If you find yourself into the sandstorm, try to
get out of it. Once the storm ends, go to the southeast again. After a
few turns with a good weather, you will reach the south side of the
desert and the end of the adventure.

     G ) LOCH VAAN

     1 - MAYOR'S NIGHTMARE (Local - Mountain hideout, objective - find
the ghost, turns - 45)

     It seems that a ghost is keeping the mayor awake at night, so he
asks you to find the ghost. This is a short quest, so don't waste many
     You will eventually get into the house, explore the wardrobe and
will open a secret room, there a ghost of a master of the sword will
come to haunt you.

     BOSS : Regal Lion (8 LP)

     He is strong and if you are weak at the time of the adventure,
the chances are that you won't be able to defeat him.
     After that, the mayor will talk about the story of Regal Lion.
Regal was a notorious thief and he has 3 partners, but the partners,
blinded by ambition, killed Regal to get their treasures. He says that
no one discovered the treasures hidden by Regal before his death, and
the mayor says to go to the Regal´s lion hideout and gives you the
mystic orb.

     2 - REGAL LION'S TREASURES (Local - Regal Lion's hideout,
objective - Retrieve the hidden treasure, turns - 100)

     In this quest you will find one of the best weapons in the game,
so don't miss this quest. This hideout is full of places to put the
orb, but many of them are fake ones, placing an orb there will trigger
a battle. Also, the orb will heat in time. But the mystic orb also
shows the location of the correct spot, when you reach a place near
the correct spot the orb will vibrate.
     Go north of the start point and when the orb vibrates, find a
dead end with a place named gold lion. Put the mystic orb there. Next
find a river near the Gold Lion spot, and cool the orb, then the orb
will turn blue. So go southwest, and find the place named Vernal lion,
to place the orb. If the orb turns green before you find the spot, you
will have to find the river again. After placing the blue orb, go
northeast until you find a magma stream. Place the orb and it will
turn red, be careful, though, the red orb attracts monsters with a
irritating sound. So quickly go south of the magma stream and find the
last spot named regal lion. This will open the secret grotto.
     So: GREEN - Gold Lion
         BLUE - Vernal Lion
         RED - Regal lion
     Go north, and find the grotto and a hole. Enter the hole and you
will find the storage, but a guardian of the treasures will face you.

     BOSS : Humans? (4 LP)

     After that, pillage the treasures, and leave to the grotto, but
before you go make sure that you pick the dragon scale dagger.

     3 - SCARED KNIGHT (Local - Cave of the undead, Objective -
retrieve the knight's sword, Turns - 120)

     The cave of undead is full of monsters, and going to the east you
will find a swarm of skeletons. Defeat them and go north. Once again,
you will find another group of skeletons but in this time, they are
with the lost sword.

     BOSS : 7 Skeletons (1 LP)

     4 - SPARKLING WATERFALL (Local - Cave of the undead, Objective -
retrieve the knight's sword, Turns - 60)

    A dancer asked to take her inside in the cave of the undead to
find their lover. It's the same map as the scared knight, so go to the
east, then north, then west. There you will find a waterfall, but also
a swarm of undead in there.

    BOSS: Undead (4 LP)
          6 Undead (1 LP)

    After the lovers will reunite once heaven.

    5 - BOTTOM OF THE DRY WELL (Local - Dry well, Objective - Find the
remains of the wizard, Turns - 40, Skills - Locksmith)

    In this short quest, go to the locked door, unlock it with the
locksmith skill and investigate the remains of the wizard. Finds the
wizard's diary and read it. Go to the dried water source, and use the
cave guide or the water familiar skill and find the undine's choker.
Leave the well to finish this adventure.

    H ) ZOMAR

    1 - ABANDONED CASTLE (Local - Abandoned castle, Objective - Dispel
the castle's curse, Turns - 150, Battle participants - 5 and 3)

    This quest has a very limited number of turns, so don't waste too
much time healing or wandering around.
    Go north of the entrance. After hearing the ghost voice, get on
the room to the right, and read the diary. It is a guard diary about
mysterious disappearances from soldiers, the first one was a guard
named Judah, and a wizard. Go to the sublevel. Take the chests and
investigate the remaining of the man. It's the soldier Judah. Take the
first floor key. Also grab the obsidian boots. If you want, you can
face him, investigating the body one more time.

    BOSS: Skeleton (1 LP)

    Return to the first floor. Go to the base of the stairs. Rear the
voice once again. Go to the Kitchen. Read the recipe, the combination
to the third floor is 2475. Go to the second floor. Check the statue
from the right and then press the number 2. Go to the left, check the
statue and press the 4 buttons. Go to the right, and repeat until
finish the code. Go to the third floor.
    On the third floor, go to the north. Hear the voice one more time,
take the king photo. Go to the room to the right and take the Jack
photo. Go south and get the Queen photo. Back to the throne room and
put the Queen photo and sit on the throne. They will take you to the
second floor, so take the Joker picture. Put the King picture on the
frame, and the door will unlock. Go back to the third floor.
    Put the Joker picture on the frame and sit on the throne, they
will take you to the basement. Go south, and enter the hidden room. Is
the grave of the queen? It seems that the King wanted to resurrect his
late wife. Go to the right to the altar, there the king will try to
use YOU to the rite of sacrifice to resurrect the queen. The king
ghost will summon a wyvern to kill you.

     BOSS: Wyvern (5 LP)

     After you defeat the Wyvern, the curse is broken. Go to the main
gate and exit to clear this adventure.

     I ) CHAPA

     1 - HEALER HILLS (Local: Healer Hills, Objective - Find healing
herbs, Turns - 100)

     Just find healing herbs scattered on the ground until you get
several herbs.

     2 - MONSTER EXTERMINATION (Local: Healer Hills, Objective - Kill
vegeplasts, Turns - 100)

     The chapa's villagers ask to kill the vegeplasts that are
destroying the field. Just searches the greener fields that the bosses
are there.

     BOSS: 3 Vegeplast (3 LP)

     3 - INSECT EXTERMINATION (Local: Healer Hills, Objective -
Capture insects, Turns - 100)

     The Chapa's villagers ask to capture the insects that are
destroying the field. There are 4 spots with insects in the healer
hills, to capture them you will have to successfully hit the reel.


     1 - CEMETERY (Local - Cemetery, Objective - Deliver the
groundskeeper key, turns - 80)

     At the very beginning a voice will say that you can explore the
graves for items, but only 3 times for each grave. In the very
beginning of the quest an old man will be waiting to you get the key
for him. You can check the graves, and the reel will appear, if you
are successful, an item will appear, if you fail undead monsters will
come after you. Not all graves have some items, and sometimes monsters
will ambush you as well.
     At the north end of the cemetery, buried under one grave, will be
the groundkeepers key, and so return the key to him. But the keeper is
in fact a necromancer.

     BOSS : Necromancer (7 LP)
            4 Skeletons (2 LP)

     After you defeat the necromancer and get some treasures, and
leave the cemetery to clear this adventure.
     You can end this adventure by leaving the cemetery without facing
the necromancer but you won't get the treasures.

     2 - VANISHED MOGUL (Local - Dark caves, Objective - Find the lost
mogul, turns - 420)

     This is a very easy quest. The fact is that a very rich man are
missing into a huge cave and it's not came back yet. His wife is
furious with that and requests your assistance. The butler will give
you an unlit pickaxe, and will tell you how to use it to cross the
cave. In the cave there are several sturdy walls. When you get there,
they will say that a light is coming out of the wall. If you check the
light, a reel will appear and if you are successful, the pickaxe will
remain with a light, and check the light again, and so a reel will
appear again to break the wall.
     When you break the sturdy wall, you will reach treasures, but the
real objective lies not on the sturdy wall of the first floors but on
the B3. Cross the way until you reach the B3. There will be a sturdy
wall on the beginning of the floor; there will be a picture of a young
couple. Take that and leave this room.
     Going east on the B3 you will find yet another sturdy wall, go
there and a stairs that take you to the B2. In there you will find the
mogul, he will say that his wife wants to sell his collections of rare
items, and he wants to keep it. So you will have the choice of letting
him go or deliver him to his evil wife. Just say no to the wife, and
she will see the picture of the young couple, then you will clear this

     3 - FUGAR'S MANSION (Local - Fugar's mansion, Objective - find
the hidden jewel, Turns - 67)

     It seems that the butler of the Fugar's mansion does not know
where he put Fugar's wife jewel. So you have the explore Fugar's
mansion and find the jewel. So the butler gives you an axe to open the
locked drawers.
     Beyond the locked door, there will be a room with 6 drawers.
Inside one of them it's the jewel, so try to open the drawer with the
axe (it will activate an event reel).
     Isn't that much to do in this adventure. I advise you to not pick
this adventure at all since it will not give you HP (since you don't
fight any monsters) and the skills given will be very low.

     4 - GARDEN OF DEATH (Local - Garden of death, Objective - find a
lost letter, Turns - 290, Skills - Swimming and obstacle crossing)

     A man will ask you to retrieve a letter that he lost in this
garden. In the very beginning, you will see a vegeplast. Check it and
you will find that the vegeplasts that are in possession of the
     This garden is divided in 2 sections: the west side (that you
start) and the east side. The first place is go to the east side of
the garden. You can go to a northern path, and also you can go just
east if you have the obstacle crossing skill. When you reach the east
side, check for the dead ends, the vegeplasts will be there, but they
will escape with the letter. Do that for 3 times and leave the east
     In the west section, try to go southeast. Possibly you will find
some poison plants that will make you retreat. Just find another way.
Eventually you will hear a sound of a wall crumbling, go there and in
the end of this road, the vegeplasts will be surrounded. And so they
will leave the letter and run away. You can read the letter or not
before delivering to the man who ask you. I don't know if there is a
penalty to reading it, but since in the letter it's a silly story of
romance "Oh, I love you" so just deliver it without looking.

     K ) GADEIRA

     1 - THE 3 KEYS (Local - Deserted house, Objective - Defeat the
house monster, Turns - 400)

     Go north and check the locked door, if you have the locksmith
skill unlock the door, and enter the room, and see that there is a
missing eye in the painting on the wall (now, that is just like
Biohazard, isn't it?). If you haven't the locksmith skill look the
west of the first floor to get some rusty keys, it work just like the
locksmith skill, but you can only do it one time.
     On the east section of the first floor there is a giant beast
that looks like a tiger. Be careful, this beast has several LP and can
deal severe damage. Defeating him can be a good thing though, he gives
the silver key, that works like the locksmith Lv. 4 and you can use it
forever without the fear of breaking. Also you can put something in
the place of the locksmith skill on the skill panel. If you don't want
the trouble to defeat the tiger, there is a copper key in the house,
but isn't as good as the silver key.
     On the second floor you will find the eye for the picture. Put
the eye, and a passage to the underground will appear.
     In this basement, there are several high level chests there; also
in the north end of the basement lays the boss of this adventure.

     BOSS : Necromancer (7 LP)
            2 Ghouls (1 LP)

     2 - SEVENFOLD TAIL (Local - The seven waterfalls, Objective -
Cross the seven waterfalls, Turns - 200)

     They say that it's dangerous to cross the seven waterfalls on the
"non tourists season" because the strong winds. OK, this is the "non
visitors season" and you will cross it, right?
     Just follow the path, and sometimes a gust of wind will try to
carry you back. The reel will decide if you fail or not, if you were
successful, you will endure the wind and go forward, if you fail, you
will retreat and also attract monsters nearby. On the end of the
waterfalls, the wind will get stronger and so, the reel will became
harder to hit and every step that you take forward (not always,
though) will bring a reel. Endure all that to get on the end of the
road and finish this adventure.

     3 - SEVEN WATERFALLS (Local - The seven waterfalls, Objective -
Check the seven waterfalls, Turns - 60)

     In this short adventure, the objective is seeing all seven
waterfalls. Just make the action in all waterfalls and you will
complete the quest. There isn't even a boss to make this adventure
more worthwhile.

     4 - LEGENDARY LEVIATHAN (Local - Phantom lake, Objective - catch
the legendary Leviathan, Turns - 200)

     The first thing it's to follow the ridge way and check the Squall
falls (it's the second one), and a hidden path will appear. So go to
there and when reach the lake go southeast until you find a monster
fishing there. He will teach you how to get the Leviathan. So go to a
fishing spot with water fowl there (it's a purple bird) and press
"action" in the lake until a shadow of a giant fish. Check the shadow
and the fish will face you.

     BOSS : Aquans (9 LP)

     5 - PIRATES INVITATION (Local - Solitary Isle, Objective - Find
the ship wreckage, Turns - 400)

     In the beginning a girl claiming that she is the great pirate
daughter requires your assistance to find a wrecked ship. So go up the
stairs and go northeast until you find a downward stairs. Go to the
tears and in the end of it you can grab some seashells. Catch at least
4 of them. When a tidal wave appears (it appears on every 4 turns), it
brings new seashells to get (great if the tide grabs the seashells
before you).
     So go up the stairs and go southeast, until you find a small
hollow. There is a place with 3 spots to put the seashells. The order
to put the seashells is: Right, Upper and Left. Before that the
adjacent room will open and going west you will find the ship
wreckage, but before that you will face a giant beast

     BOSS: Giant beast (5 LP)

     After that the girl will command the enemies to retreat and say
to you that she will sail the seas just like his father.


     1 - VALE OF THE SWORDS (Local - Vale of the swords, Objective -
Cross the vale of the swords, Skills - Obstacle crossing)

     This adventure is essential if you want to reach Serin and

     First reach the broken bridge, when you try to cross it, a battle
will begin in the bridge. This fight will cause the bridge to collapse
and split your team in 2: one group will stay in the main floor and
the other will get below you. The first team has to find a way to
rescue your friends, and the second team has to climb up.
     Now, with the first team, go to the left and find the rope. Then
with the second group, go south until you find the rope. Unfortunately
the rope will break, and you have to find another way.
     In this part, the game will constantly change between the 2
groups. So with the first group, you have to go to the right then
north until near the end of the valley. Then you will find a wine,
grab it and return to the left until you stop. Your group will wait
the second team there.
     Meanwhile, the second group will head left until they find a
place to climb up. In the next floor, you will head northeast, and
then when you reach near the summit, you will head west. The 2 groups
will be rejoined once again. Then go east to the exit of the valley.
Whew, that was tough, isn't it?

     2 - COLISEUM RUINS (Local - Coliseum, Objective - Defeat the
gladiators ghosts, Turns - 120)

     In the very beginning, you will find a door without keyhole,
which can't be open right now. So explore this floor, and you will
find several barrels. Each one of them has a vegeplast, if you
investigate further 2 things can happened: You can be bitten and have
to fight with the vegeplast or the vegeplast will reveal a switch,
which is required to open the central door.
     There are 8 barrels, 4 with the switch, once you have pressed all
the switches, the door will open. Beyond the door is the coliseum
arena and the ghosts of the dead gladiators will challenge you.

     BOSS: 3 Minoton (3 LP)

     After that, keep following the road until you reach a place that
you be informed that you can't proceed further. So the adventure ends.

     M ) SERIN

     1 - MONSTER LAIR (Local - Monster lair, Objective - Grab
treasures, Turns - 80)

     This is a straightforward dungeon but full of monsters, each dead
end has a high level chest in it. On the eastern end of the dungeon
the boss will appear.

     BOSS: 3 orc (3 LP)

     After that you can open 3 high level chests. After that just go
back to the entrance to finish this adventure.

     2 - SUNKEN CITY (Local - Sunken city, Objective - Find the
memento of the city, turns - 300)

     The sunken city adventure is one of the longest quests in this
game. The people of Serin ask you to find a memento that symbolizes
Roanne, the sunken city. You will walk on the roof of Roanne, and
sometimes there is a window opened, that makes you enter the house
and, if you are lucky, there are treasures inside. You will soon
realize that strange shadows are coming for you, when 5 shadows are
reunited, the shadows will reveal himself as deadly fishes. To dodge
them, enter in a window.
     Eventually, you will get into the music hall, but there is a
monster also.

     BOSS: Giant beasts (8 LP)

     After defeating the boss, you will find an old piano, inside this
piano, lays a melody disk. Then you will hear about why this disk
represent so much for the villagers of the late Roanne. Grab the disk
and the quest is over.

     3 - JADE FOREST (Local - Jade forest, Objective - Cross the jade

     The jade forest is the only way to get to Sadovos. The beginning
of the forest it's not that hard. In the end of the road, you will see
a sign to avoid the forest eye. And what you do? Of course, go to the
forest. There it's just like a maze, but if you go south (but change
constantly your direction like, go south, then southwest, then
southeast) you eventually will get out of the forest eye.
     So go to the southwest end of the forest and you will reach

     N ) SADOVOS

     1 - JADE FOREST (Local - Jade forest, Objective - Cross the jade

     Exactly just like the Serin adventure. The only difference is
that you have to go the opposite way.

     O ) VAFTOM

     1 - TRIBAL CHIEF'S TRIAL (Local - Ocean road, Objective - Pass
trial, Turns - 100, Skills - Swimming)

     This place has some high level chests but is only accessible via
swimming. Be sure to have this skill.
     For passing the trial, you have to find 2 orbs of trial and touch
it, but beware, the person that touch the orb will become weak. Also,
you will fight the guardian of the orbs.

     BOSS: 3 Black Blowshark (3 LP)

     After finding the 2 orbs of trial, head north and take a piece to
the Whalebone to pass the trial and clear the adventure.

     2 - KNIGHT'S MAUSOLEUM (local - Knights mausoleum, Objective -
Defeat the guardian and take the treasure, Turns - 140)

     This quest has a very limited number of turns, so go fast and not
waste much turns opening chests or healing.
     Head south and take the stairs, there go to the east, then
another pair of stairs, until you reach a place called the Hades
corridors. There you will know that there is something huge there,
then investigate every chamber of rebirth (the big rooms) until you
find the boss. Be careful, though, this boss is HARD.

     BOSS: Giants (12 LP)

     After you defeat them come back to the stairs, from where you
came. Then go to the southwest, and find another set of stairs. There
you will find the corridor of heaven. Also there is a boss here, so
investigate every chamber of rebirth.

     BOSS: Wildlings (2 LP)

     You will notice that 2 rooms appeared. Go to that room in the
chamber of heaven. He will say that it's Lord Dixon mausoleum. Leave
this floor and go to the corridor of Hades.
     There enter the unlocked room and it will say that it's Iskandar
mausoleum. There, you will finish this adventure.

     NOTE - As you may notice, the Giant boss is very strong and this
was the place that I've learn most of the arts in this game, so it's
advised to replay this quest (which means, not clearing it) until you
are with a full set of powerful arts.

     3 - DANGERS IN THE MINES (Local - Mines, Objective - Find the
bomb ore, Turns - 300)

     You have to find 2 bomb ores that are in power of 2 working
beasts. There is one on the surface and other on the floor below. The
bomb in the surface it is located in the northeast of the floor. There
will be a sleeping monster there, dig 3 times, when the monster seems
like he will wake up, stop digging. Then continue the dig, but this
time let the monster wake. You will get the bomb ore this time
     The second one is located in the west of the mines. There will be
a foot of the working beast playing with the bomb ore, grab it by
force and receive a little damage. Then go to the first floor and find
a blocked wall on south of the first working monster. There put the 2
bomb ores and clear the way. Go forward until you find the reason why
the working beasts are scared.

     BOSS: Jestor Y (5 LP)

8  - -  GLOSSARY

     This section was made to help the players to understand the world
of Unlimited SaGa and his historical backgrounds. This game has an
incredible historical culture, but you can only understand it fully if
you played the game with several characters.

     ANUBITO - A beast-like creatures gifted with intelligence and the
ability to communicate with humans, but even so, they don't cooperate
that much with humans. Other interesting fact about the anubitos it's
that they don't have any type of leader in his social structure. The
humans sees the anubito with suspicious and some of them, even hate.
The hate from the humans towards the anubitos grew stronger when an
anubito called Dagul Bos, invaded Escata, destroyed the palace and
killed the king and the queen.

     ARCANIANS - A race created by the gods with a human-like
appearance. But their beautiful silver hair and dark skin impressed
everyone. His technological advances created wonderful things,
including the seven wonders sites. But that advance and knowledge
cost, in the end, their own existence, when the world was almost on
brink of destruction because of their actions. The gods confined them
from existence to save the world, and they remained forgotten for a
thousand years. Only one arcanian remains in the present, Faedaljen.

     BLADE OF ESCATA - The blade of Escata is the heirloom of the
Escata royal family. The blade legacy was passed for 23 generations
and began when Iskandar gave the blade to King Fouland, Escata's first
ruler. The blade is made from Altemana, a rare material that embodies
the power of the 5 elements, and his power increases when there are
some gears made of Altemana nearby. Its power is beyond human
comprehension and his existence it's associated to Chaos as well.

     CHAOS - An inhabitant from the space. His mighty power scared
even the gods, when the arcanians find about his existence. He was
banished a thousand of years ago by the gods, but he is still alive in
the Lazulia moon, waiting for a chance to come back to the world.

     CHAPA - The Chapas are a squirrel-like race, which lives in the
Chapa village, near Longshank. They are friendly with humans (as they
are with everyone else, in fact) and they are pretty easy going with
everything. The only problems that affects the Chapas are the lack of
abundant water, since they considers drought levels of water that is
enough to humans. The Chapas also thinks highly of Iskandar, since he
once he saved the Chapa village from drought.

     GOLDEN AGE - Most people associates the golden age with the
arcanian's seven wonders ruins, but the golden age was also a period
of great prosperity and also great deeds made by humans. Legends say
that when the seven wonders are active again, this will bring a new
golden age era.

     GREAT DEEDS - Wonderful things were done in the golden age, and
some of them are still remembered even today like the creation of the
seven wonders, the containment of Pharos in Tal´fa Palacaleo by Alyce
Ambrosia, the defeat of the dragon's king Dracos Archaeos by Leith
Torles, the construction of Escata kingdom and Iskandaria and the
discovery of the most powerful magic tablet and the ultimate forbidden
spell. In all this events, Iskandar was present.

     ISKANDAR - It's impossible to talk about the history of the world
without mentioning Iskandar. Iskandar it's praised by the hero of the
world, not only by the humans but also for the chapa tribe. He is a
being created by the gods (or even a god himself) that appears over
the times when the world is about to change. But he is not the same
person each time; he appears with different faces and personality.
That why the legends about Iskandar's life and death are so distant
between each other. He was already called a conqueror, a powerless old
man, a beggar and even a cruel tyrant, but every kid knows its deeds
and his importance for the world.

     KNIGHTHOOD - The military power of the world, commanded by the
Burgundy family. The knights, with his leader Lord Maximillian
Burgundy, protect the cities, the temples and the trade roads. They
have also a huge rank all over the world, sustained in part by taxes
pay by the carriers and other not so honest ways. Of the divisions of
the knighthood, the Temple Knights have the highest respect of the
population, which supports the knighthood, mainly because of the
Escata incident. Among the knighthood ranks also there is inner
rivalry of the Temple Knights and the Outland Knights.

     KNIGHS OF THE ROUND TABLE - Not much are known about the knight
of the round table, but they are the dark rulers of the world and also
are immortal beings. They live on the deep ends of the Undercity
Pharos, and are even suspected that Phantom, the leader of the round
table, might be Pharos himself. They manipulate the dark beings, the
ensanguined league and also use the shadows to command the world.
Iskandar and the arcanians want to wipe them out from existence.

     LAZULIA AND ROSALIA - They are the 2 moons that are closer to the
world. Lazulia has a blue color and Rosalia has a red color. The
Arcanians build a temple dedicated to Lazulia and Rosalia, the Two
Moons Temple, in Kimbali. The Two Moons Temple it is one of the seven
wonders. It seems that Chaos still lives in the Lazulia Moon.

     LEITH TORLES - Leith Torles was the most powerful magician and
alchemist that existed in the face of the world. He was the human that
subjugated the dragon king and he also made experiments with several
materials. His deeds includes the creation of the Dragonheart, a
powerful material made of crystallized hearts of dragons. His tower,
built in Nivacolina, resists until today and his descendants still
lives in Torle.

     LESSER TRIBES - Other tribes of the world includes the lilleans,
the petrans and the vampires. They are called lesser tribes because of
his small population (or, in the case of the vampires, because isn't a
clear number of the population).

     OUTLAND KNIGHTS - The ranks of the knights that protects the
frontiers towns and the trade routes. The knights that joins the
outland knights have a free will, the desire to help people out and
also know more about the world where they live. The temple knight has
a long term rivalry with them.

     REGINA LEONE FESTIVAL - A festival that happens every year in
Vaftom. Its original purpose was to celebrate Vaftom-Escata
cooperation, but nowadays anyone remembers that, so it's just a
traditional grand festival with a ritual. After the festival, the
ritual of the memorial fire begins. It's a ritual that persons put
fire on dry wood in the Elve Mountains, creating pictures of Dragons
and other animals. This symbolizes the passage of the soul of the dead
to heaven, and a way to honor the memory of the dead persons.

     RELICS - After the Arcanians were gone, beside the seven wonders
they left as well some artifacts with technology totally unknown to
the humans. They were called relics, and with the discover of those
relics caused a revolution to the world. Drifters, appraisers and
inventors jobs are based only on the discover of those relics on the
seven wonders sites. The appraisers and the inventors, based on the
relics investigation, build some of the technology that exists in the
world. But not every relic that was found created a direct well fare
to mankind, there is some cursed relics as well; it's main purpose is
unknown but they created several problems to the persons that finds or
uses them.

     TEMPLE KNIGHTS - The temple knights are the group of the knights
that protects the temples. They have the most political influence of
the knights, since they have the support of the population and of the
fact that they are based on the larger cities. Being with that kind of
power, they also have to deal with corruption and actions with low
ethics (like charging fees from carriers or killing groups against the
temple knights). They are trying to expand his area of influence to
the frontiers towns by constructing temples.

     THE ENSANGUINED LEAGUE - There are humans that, in quest for
power and immortality, made a blood pact with the knights of the round
table. They sell his body and get an eternal life, but they also lost
their humanity. This "humans" became know as the ensanguined league.
They are loyal servants of the knights of the round table and make the
dirty work to them, as the knights keep themselves in the shadows.

     THE SEVEN WONDERS - The arcanians created 7 monuments in
different parts of the world. This magnificent work of engineering,
that was a mix of high-level machinery and a stunning beauty, became
known as "the seven wonders". The arcanian technology, knowledge and
culture are imbedded on every one of the seven sites. The purposes of
the seven wonders are unknown, but it's safe to affirm that they
conducted technology experiments and celestial researches on there.
This fascination for the seven wonders draw hordes of adventurers to
the sites for look for something of value or to unravel the mysteries
of the ancient ruins. Now it's a place with pretty much anything of
value left and it's also crowded with monsters, but most of their
beauty and mystery remains until today.

     UNCHARTED AREAS - It was Iskandar that began to chart the current
world map, based on his travels, but there yet is some uncharted areas
on the world. There are persons that are trying to discover the new
frontiers of the world. West of Torle, north of Serin, and south of
Iskandaria are the largest places without a clear knowledge of the
topography and vegetation, and it's very unlikely that someone lives
in there today.


     A ) Skills list

     Here you will find the skills divided by category and a quick
description of its use.

     MELEE - Punch, kick, throw (attacks, higher levels means higher
chance to hit powerful arts in the reel).
     DAGGER \
     SWORD   \
     BOW      \(attacks, higher levels means higher chance to hit
     AXE      / powerful arts in the reel)
     STAFF   /
     SPEAR  /
     GUN - Higher levels means more orbs with successful attacks.
     SHIELD - Improves ability with shields.
     HEALTH - Iron body (lessen physical damage), Fortitude (lessen
arts damage), Toughness (improve recover rate to physical status
ailments), Recover (improves recover rate to mental status ailments),
Natural (improves immunity to physical status ailments), Iron will
(improves immunity to mental status ailments).
     MARTIAL ARTS - Master technician (lowers HP/endurance required
for an art), Master magician (lowers HP/endurance required for magic)
     WEAPON ARTS - Master fighter (increase effects of melee skills),
Weapon meister (increase effects of weapons skills).
     MAP - Road guide (show better maps at roads), Cave guide (show
better maps at caves), Architect (show better maps at buildings),
Obstacle crossing (make you go over rocks and debris), Swimming
(required to cross rivers), Adaptability (increase more HP when
     MAGIC - Magic tablet (required to learn magic), Magic blender
(customize magic in the magic tablet).
     KEY - Locksmith (unlock treasures chests and doors), Defuse
(defuse traps), Aura (higher chances of success in a event), Sharpeye
(detect hidden traps in chests), Eavesdrop (show monsters in the map).
     NEGOTIATE - Maharaja (higher price to show off), Diplomacy
(better the trade rates at your favor), Inconspicuous (lowers chance
of enemy encounter), Monger (lowers the price until he cries), Fashion
(show rare items).
     TOOLS - Quick-fix (increases equipment durability without a
blacksmith), Weapon smith (increases chance of improving
durability/type of a weapon), Accessory smith (increases chance of
improving durability/type of an accessory), Artiste (increase chance
of unlock weapons categories).
     VISION - Fortunetelling (predicts the content of treasures
chests), Arcane tongue (increase learning rate of a magic tablet).
     FAMILIAR - Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, Metal, Atlas (earth),
Astraios (sky), Aiagon (ocean): learns magic without a magic tablet.
     PHOBIA - Lowers attacks when facing the selected enemy.
     PACIFIST - Reduces LP when attacking the selected enemy.
     SEAL WEAPON - Impossible to use the selected weapon.
     GAUNTLET - A cursed gauntlet, that brings misfortune to the user.

     B ) Arts list

     This are the arts that I find so far in the game, as you can see
the list isn't complete, but in time (hopefully) the list will grow to
a complete list. Remember that some categories shares some skills, so
if a skill isn't of that particular category, it will be marked as

   1 - PUNCH

   PUNCH                        HUMMING BIRD
   - Punchout
   - Raksha (BLK)
   - Bear swipe                 - Gattling jab
   - Brute force (-END)         - [Brute force] (-END)
   - Deadly fist (-END)         - Bodhisattva

   2 - KICK

   - Kick rush
   - Triangle kick
   - Flash flood
   - Sinker (-STR)
   - Thunder kick
   - Flying knee

   3 - THROW

   THROW                        HAIRDRYER
   - Kawazu throw (STN)         - [Kawazu throw] (STN)
   - Hammerfall (STN)           - Cyclone (STN)
   - Call back (STN)            - Windwhistle (STN)

   4 - DAGGER

   QUICK THRUST              KNIFE THROW            TRICK SHOT
   - Sonic thrust            - Trickster            - [Trickster]
   - Lightning thrust (PRL)  -                      - Cut in
   - Blitz                   - Juggler              - Double trickster
   STUNNER                   SPEEDY BLEEDY          DICE
   - [Lightning thrust](PRL) -  [Sonic thrust]      -
   - Slashout (PRL)          -  [Cut in]            - Mince
   - Bloody Mary (BLK)       -  Cross cut           - Puree

   5 - SWORD

   TWIN BLADE                REAR BLADE              SLASH
   - Double mist             - [Double mist]         - Slice
   - Heaven and earth (STN)  - Roundabout (STN)      - Gust (-SKL)
   - Triple edge             - Bopeep (BPP)          - Dragontail
   CROSS SLASH               STARDUST                SMASH
   - X-terminator            - Noggin knocker        -[Noggin knocker]
   - Grand cross             -[Heaven and earth](STN)- Bear slash
   - Doppelgangers           - [Dragontail]          - Vandalize

   6 - AXE

   WOODCHOPPER              TOMAHAWK                   TIME LAPSE
   - Bamboo split           - Juggler's nightmare   - Back slash
   -                        - Skydive               -
   - Phoenix blow           - Skyscraper            - Reverse delta
   HYPER HAMMER             BASH
   - Slew motion            - Heartbreaker (-MGC)
   - Night crossing         - [Night crossing]
   - Fuji view              - Splinter pierce

   7 - STAFF

   SLAM                     ROUNDHOUSE            DOUBLE HIT
   - Drag down (-STR)       - Repound             - Triple hit (-END)
   - Cruncher  (-END)       - [Drag down] (-STR)  - Rock splitter
   - Aqua Luna (-SPR)       - Time and tide (BLK) - Total agony (-END)
   BONE CRUSHER             COMA DOSE             EARTH DRAGON
   - [Drag down] (-STR)     - [Cruncher]  (-END)  -
   - Skullsplitter          - Bell ringer         -
   - Pulverizer             - Nutcracker (NUT)    - Grand slam (STN)

   8 - SPEAR

   FLASH PIERCE              JAVELIN                 GRASSHOPPER
   - Bolt skewer             - [Bolt skewer]         -
   -                         - Puncture              - Reaper (STN)
   - Arm of light            - Twin Dragons          - Poker's wild
   AIM                       DOUBLE STAB             CHARGE
   -                         -                       - [Puncture]
   - Divine lancer (-SKL)    - [Twin Dragons]        - Cobra smash
   - Acupuncture (-SKL)      - DHS                   - Lance buster

   9 - BOW

     -                         - Shadow skidder (PRL)  -
   - Mach 5                  - Ink shot (DRK)        - Arrow rain
   -                         - Shadow arrow (BLK)    - Parashots
   DOUBLE SHOT               SNIPER SHOT             POWER SHOT
   - Triple shots            - Sidewinder            - Sticker
   - [Shadow arrow] (BLK)    - Sparrow shot          - Exorcist
   - Thousand needles        - Phoenix arrow         - Zapper (BLK)

   BLK - Blackout, STN - Stun, PRL - Paralysis, DRK - Darkness, NUT -
Nutcracker effect, BPP - Bopeep effect, -STR: Lowers strength, -END:
lowers endurance, -MGC: lowers magic, -SLK: lowers skill, -SPR: lowers

      C ) Magic and forbidden arts list


      FIRE - Fire veil, Detect aura, Fire arrows, Power surge, Holy
      WATER - Water veil, Detect undead, Purify, Rain bringer, Water
shield, Bubble blow, Ice needles.
      EARTH - Earth veil, Detect animals, Build-up, Boulder, Sleep,
Anti-fear, Animal charmer.
      WOOD - Wood veil, Detect vegeplasts, Overgrowth, Life boost,
Missile guard, Recycle, Meditation, Thunderbringer.
      METAL - Metal veil, Detect gold, Magic Lock, Shock, Armor


      None yet.

      D ) Material List

      FIRE - Bone, Dragonheart, Fang, Feather, Fur, Scale, Coel.
Scale, Dragon scale, Skin, Croc skin, Hydra skin, Snake skin, Tortoise
      WATER - Cotton, Silk, Glossed silk, Velvet.
      EARTH - Damascus, Diamond, Ironstone, Lazuli, Marcasite,
Meteorite, Meteoritic iron, Mullock, Opal, Quartz, Ravenite,
Serpentine, Topaz.
      WOOD - Ash, Carnelian, Cedar, Copse, Oak, Reed.
      METAL - Angelite, Copper, Corundum, Demonite, Iron, Lead,
Obsidian, Silver, Fairy silver, Steel.
      RARE - Altemana.


      A ) Game Information (Japan)

       NAME : Unlimited SaGa
       PUBLISHER : Square Enix
       DEVELOPER : Squaresoft
       RELEASE DATE : 12/19/2002
       PRICE : 6800 yen

     B ) FFX-2 Preview movie

       Unlimited SaGa (US version) comes with a preview movie from the
anticipated sequel of Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2. The movie
shows the opening movie of FFX-2 with some scenes of the game, then
another section with story related scenes, with songs played by Komi
       The curious thing that I notice of the video, it's that songs
are still in Japanese just like the voice acting of Yuna and the other
characters in the video. Perhaps the English voice acting wasn't ready
at the point of releasing Unlimited SaGa. About the decision that
Square Enix will leave the original songs or the voice acting,
probably it won't but at least you will know what Yuna's voice looks
like. Also, when I heard about the preview of the FFX-2, I wondered if
that was the 'another story' video that came with FFX: International
(JAP version). Unfortunately it's not, but there are reports that the
Euro version of Unlimited SaGa will come with this video. Lucky guys.

     UPDATE - The FFX-2 opening song for the US release was changed,
for the worst.

     C ) What's missing on the FAQ.

     The arts and magic list are not complete. Not so sure about the
forbidden arts and hairdryer/hummingbird works properly. Some things
aren't as good as they should, but the core (the 7 characters
walkthrough) is completed. If you have a little patience, this will
evolve to a good FAQ (at least, I think so...^_^), there is also great
FAQ's of Unlimited SaGa in, so check there for info not
covered in this FAQ.
     If you have any suggestion of new sections or a way to improve
the game tutorial, send me an E-mail.

     D ) Last thoughts

     I really liked Unlimited SaGa. OK, perhaps it was the 4 of the
more frustrating hours of my life when I first picked up. My friend
and me were clueless to what to do, since the game doesn't help one
single bit and I was this close to stop playing. But the true fun
began when I actually learn how that game worked, so every time that
Akitoshi Kawazu (the game director) slap in my face and laughed of my
disgrace in this game, I came back even more determined. I cannot
admit that anyone or any bad review let me away from this game, so
here we are now. 170 hours later, I managed to beat the game with all
characters. The FAQ is complete, thanks to you, readers.
     But I start to wonder: making this FAQ to help people out stuck
in the game it's a good thing, but perhaps also I am taking away the
joy of discover, which it's the game strongest point.
     Anyway, enjoy this fine game.

     D ) Next project / Released FAQs.

      - Next projects:

        Serei Hata Rayblade (PS) - 30% completed
        Black/Matrix Cross (PS) - 20% completed
        Generation of Chaos (PS2) - 10% completed
        Black/Matrix 2, Shaman King - Spirit of Shaman, Samurai Deeper
Kyo, Psychometrer Eiji, Cyberorg, Racing Lagoon, Digital Holmes, Maken
Shao, Project Minerva Professional, Makai Tensei, Guardian Angel, Beat
Mania 6+core mix.

        Mail me if you have any interest on these titles

      - Others released FAQ's

        Akumajou Dracula - Castlevania Chronicle FAQ (PS)
        Biohazard Complete Disk FAQ (PS)
        Card Captor Sakura - Clow Card Magic FAQ / Walkthrough (PS)
        Houshinengi FAQ / Walkthrough (PS)
        Kaikan Phrase Datenshi Kourin FAQ / Walkthrough (PS)
        Tales of Destiny (demo) FAQ / Walkthrough (PS)
        Tales of Destiny 2 Title FAQ (PS)
        PUMP IT UP: the season evolution FAQ (ARCADE)
        PUMP IT UP: extra FAQ (ARCADE)


        A) Legal Information

        This document is (C) 2003,2004 Leonardo Lugarinho. All rights
reserved. Unlimited SaGa is (C) 2003 Square Enix. All rights reserved.
Others trademarks is related to their respective owners.
        This document can be freely distributed on this original, non-
edited form and for non-profit uses ONLY. If you wish to put this
document on your homepage, send an E-mail first.

        B) Thanks

        Many thanks to:
        My mother, she is my friend and constant companion in
videogames. Also, she played all Ruby's and Armic's quest by herself.
This FAQ is dedicated to her.
        My family
        My friends
        Derek Farley - He was the one to tell me there isn't a Tetra
force in Undercity Pharos when you face the Round table. Thanks, man.
        Philippe Hagedorn - He was the one to tell me that defeating
the elder dragon on the Leith Torles Tower wasn't enough to advance.
Many thanks.
        Charles Ritchea - He told me about the gameboy SaGa games (the
real first ones, not the romancing SaGa), even send a list of every
single SaGa game and spin-offs released. Many thanks.
        Robert Gilreath - Corrected Chaos second form LP, game over
requirements and the numbers of the round table members.
        Bryan Costello - Send some information about magic tablets.
Many thanks.
        Square Enix
        The Unlimited SaGa Homepage ( - They have
interesting info there (some of the Iskandar facts was taken from the
site), and even great wallpapers.
        Akitoshi Kawasu - For doing great games, not reading badly
written reviews or mistaken commentaries for his games. Just make more
SaGa games.

        C) Contact info

        Questions, comments and suggestions...fell free to send a mail to
( with Unlimited as subject.

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