PS2 Walkthroughs: Defender Walkthrough

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Defender Walkthrough

Game by Midway
FAQ done by
Mike W.

1.) Title (STRT)
                D   D E     F     E     N N   N D   D E     R  R
                D   D EEEEE FFFFF EEEEE N  N  N D   D EEEEE RRR
                D   D E     F     E     N   N N D   D E     R R
                DDDD  EEEEE F     EEEEE N     N DDDD  EEEEE R  R

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::Saving The Human Race:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


2.) Copyright (BRNG)

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.

3.) Contents (LCTE)

This FAQ uses the easy find code. To use, highlight the code next to the
section that's your destination. Hit ctrl+F, type in the code, and you're off!
To return, simply click "Up" In the find box, highlight the nearest code, type
in that same code, and GO!

1.) Title (STRT)
2.) Copyright (BRNG)
3.) Contents (LCTE)
4.) History (OLDN)
5.) Ships (SHPS)
6.) Creatures (ALVE)
7.) Weapons (OUCH)
8.) Walkthrough (WLKT)
9.) Interactive (INER)
10.) Want to Make a FAQ? (CNTE)
11.) FAQs (QSTN)
12.) Notice Board (NTCE)
13.) Last Words (BYBY)

4.) History (OLDN)

Defender (the modernized one)
Players: 1-2
For: PS2, Xbox.

Okay children, let's go back in time...

The arcade Defender was one of the first games ever made. It was very famous,
because of it's increadibly high technology level. It was one of the first to
have color, had 5 buttons (which made the game extremely hard), and it had 
the wrap around screen.

To sum up history...

1952: Tic-Tac-Toe (First electronic game)
1958: Tennis For Two
1962: Space War (First game designed for a computer)
1967: Chase (technically the first console game)
1971: Computer Space (based on spacewar)
1972: Pong (not the first game ever)
1972: First console released, The Odessey
Defender fits somewhere after this.

The basic storyline is some stupid aliens (also known as Manti) have taken over
the humans. Earth is gone, and so are many other planets (actually, mostly
moons). Humans have organized an orginization to rebel (duh). You are the lead
fighter, Kyoto. Go kick some arse!

5.) Ships (SHPS)

Here are the ships used in Defender 2.

Note: Speed means how fast the ship can go. Armor means how much of a beating
it can take. Agility means how well a ship can maneuver. Strength means how
powerful a ship's weapondry is.


Speed    |---                 |
Armor    |--                  |
Agility  |------------        |
Strength |---------           |

Good for the beginning, especially in missions where you rescue colonists.


Speed    |--                  |
Armor    |----                |
Agility  |----                |
Strength |------------        |

Good at the beginning for destroying stuff.


Speed    |----                |
Armor    |--                  |
Agility  |------------        |
Strength |--------            |

Good for missions that require you to get colonists.


Speed    |----                |
Armor    |---                 |
Agility  |------------        |
Strength |----                |

Good for anything, really.


Speed    |--                  |
Armor    |------------------  |
Agility  |-----               |
Strength |------------------  |

Good for missions with lotta fight and little travel.


Speed    |------------        |
Armor    |---                 |
Agility  |------------------- |
Strength |----                |

Good for colonist missions.

6.) Creatures (ALVE) 

Here are the creatures you'll find in the game.


Colonists- They don't do anything. Just rescue them for tanks, missle crawlers,
and repair vehicles.

Tanks- A little unit with a whopping punch. Get them at Tank Factories for 3

Missle Crawlers- Little units that fire guided missles at enemies. Get them at
missle crawler factories for 2 colonists.

Repair Vehicles- Repairs anythink friendly that has taken damage. Get them at
repair factories for 2 colonists.

Turret- A little, stationary unit that fires little blasts at enemies. You need
a battery to power them up.

Dropships- THese are big, slow ships. They either are transports for important
people or they give you colonists.

Transports- The same, basically, as a dropship, except it's on the ground.

Dropzone- A place where you exchange colonists for health boosts. Keep this up
at all times.

Teleports- Teleport colonists to you.

Carrier- carries up to 4 vehicles. For some reason, all vehicles are attracted
to this thingy. It has a blue light on a pole.


Landers- A weak little force that is basically everywhere. They eat your
colonists and become more powerful, so watch out.

Yellowjacket- A bug that's the same, basically, as the lander, but a lot more
powerful. These don't eat colonists.

Little Landers- These are actually called landers, but they're totally
different than regular landers. They hover around you and shoot at you
relentlessly. The shots are weak, but it's kinda hard to kill someone you can
barely see. Great.

Stingrays- Tough armor, high power. Think that's bad? They grab your tanks, fly
off with them, and drop them at high altitudes!

Infectors- Basically the same thing as a missle crawler. These are carried in
by landers.

Gamma landers- Doesn't look like much, but up close the thingy's tough, fast,
and powerful.

Beta Landers- Same as Gamma, but more powerful. One difference, though. When
five get together, they fire this beam thingy at you that's really powerful!

Widows- The worst creature in the game. These guys travel slow, but have
incredible defense and kick ass when it comes to attack power.

Reaper- Big, powerful thingys that are pretty powerful. Thank God they're rare.

Podworms- A bunch of landers floating in a line, really. They fire beams at
you and split up when fired upon.

Shock towers- Powerful, stationary weapons that can't be easily destroyed.

Turrets- These are the same as shock towers, but the shots have tracking.

Brain Bug- A boss. These guys aren't really powerful, it's the manti around
them that kick ass. The manti just swarm you. Oh God.

Dreadnaught- A lot more powerful, these things are pure hell to kill,
especially with their little manti buddies.

Manti Queen- Impossible to kill, just stay away from her. She's only in one
Earth Level.

Lander Forge- Creates landers.

7.) Weapons (OUCH)

Here are the weapon stats.

It will be set up like this...


Slot: (either 1-4 or 5)
Available on: (any ship that can have this weapon)
Upgraded to: (only if it can me upgradedany upgrade that can be done is posted 
Upgraded from: (only if it is an upgrade, any weapon it is upgraded from)



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Defender
Upgraded to: Laser Harpoon



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Defender
Upgraded to: Volley Missle



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Defender
Upgraded to: Razor Gun



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Defender, Guardian
Upgraded to: Plasma Bomb, Detonator, Firehammer



Slot: 5
Available on: Defender, Guardian, Judgment
Upgraded to: Smart Bomb, Pulse Mine
Upgraded From: Hyperspace



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Defender, Defiance
Upgraded to: Laser Lance
Upgraded from: Pulse Cannon



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Defender, Nemesis, Retribution
Upgraded to: Buzzsaw Missle
Upgraded from: Fast Lock Missle



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Defender
Upgraded from: Railgun



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Defender, Guardian, Judgment
Upgraded from: Firebolt, Lobber Grenade
Upgraded to: Detonator



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Defender, Guardian, Nemesis, Defiance, Judgment, Retribution
Upgraded from: Lobber Grenade, Hive Gun, Tag Missles, Plasma Bomb



Slot: 5
Available on: Defender, Defiance
Upgraded from: Energy Shield, Plasma Bomb



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Guardian
Upgraded to: Buzzsaw Missle



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Guardian, Retribution
Upgraded from: Autoseek Missle, Volley Missle



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Guardian, Judgment
Upgraded to: Chain Bazooka, Ratchet Cannon
Upgraded from: Scatter Gun



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Guardian, Retribution
Upgraded from: Swingfire Missle



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Guardian, Retribution
Upgraded to: Plasma Bomb, Detonator



Slot: 5
Available on: Guardian, Retribution
Upgraded to: Energy Shield, Pulse Mine



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Nemesis
Upgraded to: Ratchet Cannon



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Nemesis, Judgment
Upgraded from: Ratchet Gun, Swingfire Missle



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Nemesis
Upgraded to: Super Trident



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Nemesis
Upgraded from: Trident Missile



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Nemesis, Judgment
Upgraded to: Detonator



Slot: 5
Available on: Nemesis
Upgraded from: Smart Bomb



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Defiance, Judgment
Upgraded from: Laser Harpoon, Pulse Array



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Defiance
Upgraded to: Salvo Rockets



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Defiance
Upgraded from: Rocket Array



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Defiance



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Defiance
Upgraded to: Detonator



Slot: 5
Available on: Defiance, Judgment, Retribution
Upgraded from: Energy Shield, Hyperspace
Upgraded to: Smart Bomb



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Judgment, Retribution
Upgraded to: Laser Lance



Slot: 1-4
Available on: Judgment
Upgraded to: Swingfire Missle


I may have repeated some, contact me at if I did.

8.) Walkthrough (WLKT)

Here is the Walkthrough...


1st training mission

Okay, get debriefed, fly through the rings, kill the manti. Wow, that was hard.

2nd training mission

This is easy, too. Destroy the buildings, get the power-ups, and get the
colonists. The only problem is, well, some manti found the camp. Go have some
fun before going through the stargate.



Yes! Memory is launched! Now we don't have... What the... MANTI? Aww crap!
Well, stay alive for the first part. Kill for the fun of it, but don't get
yourself killed. After a while, a dropship will need your aid. Escort it to the
stargate. Many manti will want it down, make sure they don't get their wish.
After that, Col. Adams will need an escort. This is easy, since he'll just fire
at any manti attacking you. Once you get to the stargate, the mission is over!


Lake Thanatos

Okay, you have to get all of the colonists. Use a fast ship to get them. Manti
will be all over the place looking for a victim to mutate, so watch out. After
the colonists are clear, you defend yourself for a while, waiting for the guy
in the dropship to show up. He complains about manti attacking him (no matter
what, he's obviously blind), then he runs for no reason, even if the base is
clear. Well, just fight any manti on the premisis. He should come back. When
he does, he will get the colonists. He goes back, but memory has to redirect
the stargate to get you in. When the stargate's redirected, go in.

Lleras Dunes

Okay, you should have the Nemesis. Use that to fly around and get colonists.
Believe it or not, that's it. There are two things that will annoy the hell out
of you during this mission:

1.) Manti's constantly trying to mutate colonists.

2.) Col. Adam's stupid ass voice telling you to pick up colonists.

Play it cool, and you should be OK.


Oduvai Gorge

Okay, you start out at the base. Kill the two manti hovering around. After
that, then go and pick up some missle crawlers, and bring them to base. That
should be all the defense you need for the base. After you bring about 5-6
missle crawlers to the base, go and get the colonists. Waves of manti will try
to mutate the colonists, so watch out. After the colonists are rescued, defend
Muto's ship for a while. He shouldn't be there too long. Once he's gone, you
have to hold your own for a while. After a while, a podworm will come out of
an egg. Keep shooting at it's head. It will split a few times, but once it's
down to two little thingys following the head, a few more blows should finish
it off. Hold your own for a while, and then fly through the stargate.


Aeneas River

Alright, your mission is to make sure the bridge lives on and that the
transports cross the bridge alive. Now, many forces will be striking you like
hell. I personally advise carrying around a tank to help you out. Remember, 
there are little health supplies scattered around, make good use of those. You
will be introduced to infectors and sting rays this mission, so keep your ass
out of trouble. Remember to drop off the tank you're carrying after you're

Argus Caverns

Okay, you start out at base. Some stupid manti stole a power supply. Kill the
manti, and get the power supply. Take it to a turret and power it up. Find
other power supplies within the base area (they're towards the right), and
power up more turrets. After that, leave the base, and take a right at the
first opening you see. There should be a missle crawler. Take that back to base
for defense. Now, leave the base, and look on the walls. Somewhere, there
should be a boulder with green gas coming out of it. Find it, destroy the
boulder, and you should find a lander forge. Destroy that, and go get 
colonists. I swear, there is this one colonists that's hard a hell to find...
Find all of the colonists, and win.


Legba Basin

Okay, take some colonists and drop them off at the tank factory. Drop as many
off as possible, get as many tanks as possible. Drop the tanks off at the
entrance. Help the tanks devour the widows. Tanks are powerful, but remember,
so are widows. After a while, some dropship will crash, giving you about 5
free colonists. Get more tanks. Also, remember, the teleporter is teleporting
colonists, so check that often. Once the widows are down, the mission is over.

Straits of Imuslund

This is one of the hardest missions.To start out, get about two missle 
crawlers, to hold off the flying manti. Then, spend the rest on tanks. There
are about 3-4 widows in this mission, and they're dangerous. The teleporters
will constantly keep teleporting colonists. Get them to the tank factory, 
immediately. You will run into Kamikazees for the first time, so realize their
power. Now, once Col. Adams says all of the widows are gone, then concentrate
on getting missle crawlers, to take out any flying manti. Once all of the manti
are gone, the mission is won.


Orbit of Europa

Oh, crap. Col. Adams and his ship are being intercepted by manti. This is one
of the hardest missions in the whole game. On your side, you have a couple
turrets and a defender ship. The other side has 500 manti. Damn. Alright, just
protect the ship until the techs can restore the gun. Uhh... Okay... The gun
just blew up... Great, now everything's gone (except the turrets, but they
aren't much help)! After this, just protect the ship until the mission is over.
Where's Muto when you need him?

Mount Biafra

okay, this is a long mission. Before you look for the Patriot, look for the
abandoned base. Once at the base, power up all of the turrets. Then, go find
Col. Adams and the Patriot. A swarm of manti will come when you find the
Patriot. Save Col. Adams in the tank and grab two colonists. Return to the
base. Try to put Col. Adams near a turret or something, for extra protection.
Then, go and fetch the rest of the colonists. After that, you have to battle
endless manti for ten minutes because stupid Memory can't get you
reinforcements. After a while, a repair vehicle and a couple colonists will
find their way out of the Patriot. Grap the repair vehicle along with two
colonists. Drop off the colonists and put the repair vehicle by Col. Adams.
Fight for a few more minutes and reinforcements should arrive. Mission won.


Sirtis Major

This mission is pure hell. Okay, you start out at the landing pad. Use the most
powerful weapon you have on all of those ditz manti on the ground. Once the
ground units are on the ground, they will help you clear the ground units. To
make matters worse, a whole arsenol of flying manti are on their way. These
manti come in a swarm, you will probably lose a life here. After the manti are
cleared out, then go to the base. Some guys will drop off two repair vehicles
and two tanks. Move the tanks up front to take on the upcoming widows. Take the
repair crawlers and put them near the thingy that has the yellow light coming 
out of it. Now, some ship should've crashed, giving you six more colonists and 
five more manti. Get the colonists there, and give them to the tank factory.
Put the tanks you get from there where you put the two tanks before. During
the time you were getting the colonists out there, some guy gave you more
colonists. Give them to the tank factory. You should now have plenty of tanks
(remember the other squad you had to clear the landing pad out for!). By the
time the widows come, the other squadron should come and help destroy the
widows. After that, the dreaded dreadnaught should appear. This thingy will be
extremely hard to kill, since it's accompanied by about 100 other flying manti.
I advise staying behind the other manti, and hitting the dreadnaught from the
back. After the dreadnaught's dead, you have won.

Bromios Desert

This is another toughy. Start out by killing the widows on the outsides of the
base. After you kill the widows, there really is no point in worrying about the
generators, unless you really need credits. Now, many waves of manti will be
looking to destroy the base. Don't let them. Now, see those missle crawlers
at the places where the barriers were? Take those and put them near the base.
THis is for extra fortification. The one thing I don't get is the reason for a
tank factory, but that's it. Now, once you have taken down three waves of
enemies, go out and kill the brain bug. There are five betas, so watch out.
After the brain bug is dead, you win.

Khimat Ridge

Okay, you start out in the middle of base. Fly to the right to make sure the
transports get through safely. One transport will break down. Get the colonists
from that transport, since widows are converging there. Once all of the
colonists are safe, we need to figure out how to spread them out. Get about six
tanks for the widows, and all of the rest of the colonists should be spent for
missle crawlers. Put the missle crawlers around the dropzone. Now, go behind
base, and you will find a powerplant. This is resource haven. There is a
teleporter, a carrier, a repair vehicle, and a bunch of health boxes. Put the
repair vehicle near the dropzone. Use the carrier to transport tanks.
Frequently check up on the teleporter for any colonists. Use the health packs
only in dire situations. Oh, and a little side note, you must kill all of the
widows to win. For some reason, all of the widows were sitting there doing
nothing, leaving me to battle manti for 30 minutes. After you get the widows
killed, get the lander forge. Watch out by the lander forge, it has tons of
defenses. Once the forge is down, you win.

Asteroid Belt

Alchera Fields

Okay, this is easy. Landers will come in, but they are just to distract you
from the Kamikazees. From far away, a locking attack should wipe out a
Kamikazee. And, just because they're distractions, the landers can still do
some damage. YOu might not need it, but there is a ship, and that ship has
some supplies. Towards the end, the Kamikazees just get pissed off and about 6
come at you. Finish the Kamikazees and the mission is sucessful.


Mare Frigoris

Okay, this is hard. Start out by taking out all enemy ground units. Betas come
with the packs of ground units, so watch out. Then, tow the tanks to the base
area, for extra defense. It takes a while for the convoys to make it to the
base area, so have some patience. Swarms of manti will try to attack the convoy
and the tanks around it, so make sure that doesn't happen. WHen the convoy
FINALLY makes it to the base, huge swarms of manti will attack the dropship and
the transports. You have to live through 2-3 swarms, so you're in the long
haul. If you make it out alive, the mission is won.

Carpathian Mountains

Alright, you can make this a lot harder than it is. Take the eight colonists.
With these you'll form missle crawlers. Go out and destroy a forge. Then, some
ship should be coming in with more colonists. Make more missle crawlers out of
those. Make sure that all of these missle crawlers are around the dropzone.
After the colonists are done, go out and destroy the rest of the forges. After
that, the mission is won.


Rhone Valley

This level isn't too hard, if you play it right. Use some colonists to get a
couple repair vehicles. Use the rest for tanks. Now, a swarm of manti should
hit you hard. Keep it cool and use your forces. Dropships will come in and give
you missle crawlers and colonists, use those to your advantage. Widows will be
approaching on the left, take them out too. Once this is all done and over
with, you're supposed to hit the stargate. But, suddenly, Col. Adams wants you
to see some stupid manti. No big deal. Well, it becomes a HUGE deal when you
see it. You see the queen. She is impossible to kill. You might want to run
right away so the other manti don't bother you. Make it through the stargate
and the mission is clear.

Argentine Pampas

Okay, this is a little long. First, grab some colonists. Trade them for a
couple repair vehicles, 4 to be exact. Put two by the dropzone and two by the
drill. Then, get some tanks to destroy the widows. After that, get some missle
crawlers for the drill. That should suit you nicely, along with the 10,000
turrets you have. All of that weapondry isn't enough, though. You have to be
on your toes for this mission. A lot of colonists might get mutated if you 
slack off. Now, a huge wave should hit. Keep switching between the dropzone
and the drill, just to make sure you're not getting swarmed. You must rescue
all colonists. Once you do, it'll take a while for the dropships to get to the
dropzone, but when they do, the mission is won.



This is the final mission. Memory is gonna commit a suicidal attack to wipe out
the manti. Power up all of the generators (it only says 4, power up all 6 for
speed). Make sure at least 4 generators survive. After about 10 minutes after
you powered Memory up, she will be ready. Before then, make sure she lives. On
this mission, you will encounter all of the flying manti. After the mission is
won, you see an ending movie, and you win the game. Congradulations, you are
truly the Defender. :-)
9.) Interactive (INER)

Alright, this is the interactive section. What does that mean? It means
you can show off the most ships available, the most powerful ship you have,
the most weapons you have available, ect. You will get all credit, but if 
someone sends in a better record than yours, then yours will be replaced with 
the better record. To destroy his record, just comply with the 
guidelines and beat your opponent. (F.E. You put the Defiance. Someone 
E-mails me that he has The Guardian. You have to get a more powerful ship than
him, or you lose the spot. You may E-mail me to ask if the record is better or 
My E-mail address is And, title the E-mail 
Burnout 2 Record, so I know what it is. Oh, and don't say you did 
something when you really didn't. That's just weak and cheap.
If you have the same record as somebody else, they got there first and,
not to be rude, I won't post yours. Sorry!

Also, I am an active partaker in this, so I might be the one to beat
your records.

Most Money- 

Most Powerful ship-

Most Nimble ship- 

Most Weapons Available- 

Highest level score- 

Most colonists saved in one level- 

Most Tanks made in one level-

Most Missle Crawlers made in one level- 

Most Repair Vehicles made in one level- 

10.) Want to make a FAQ? (CNTE)

This section is purely for people who want to make more out of Gamefaqs
by contributing. This may not be the same for all sites, mainly for

First, go to notepad, under accessories in the start menu. This is 
given to Microsoft users, so if you don't have it, you can always
download one. Once you have Notepad up and running, make your FAQ.
I suggest some ASCII art (art with the text) to brighten up your FAQ.
Once you've typed it, save it.

If you're registered to Gamefaqs, all you need to do is login. To 
register yourself, at the upper left hand corner, there should 
be a login box. Click sign me up. Then, give them your info, and you
should be in!

Once registered, click contribute at the top of the page. A page titled
Contributor Central should come up. Scroll down and click submit a 
file. Then, type in the game, and the system it's for. A list of games
should come up. Click the one you want, and then another page should
come up. Type in the title of the FAQ, the version, ect. Uploading the
file is confusing, though. What you have to do is go into your files,
Double click the title you saved your FAQ under, and click load. Give
CJayC (the runner of this site) any additional side notes, then upload
the file. It's in!

Problems that might occur...

1.) YOu may have a problem logging in.

2.) The way you typed it (format) may not be so good.

To see if your FAQ got accepted, go to Contributor central, and click
contribution status. If it's rejected, add some more info and try 

11.) FAQs (QSTN)

1.) Q. Could you please tell me wether or not all levels (planets) will be 
playable after the game has been completed? (Kai666)

A. Pretty much. The training missions will be unavailable though. From what I
remember, it's like playing the game over again.

2.) Q. I would also like to know what happens if you skip a level, and move 
onto the next, without completing the 'skipped' level? (Kai666)

A. The game assumes the skipped level is completed, and you will not be able to
complete it until you beat the game.

Send more questions to

12.) Notice Board (NTCE)

This is updated every FAQ update.

Notice 1: My E-mail address is

Notice 2: I could use some more records for the interactive section.

Notice 3: The big update has occured. Sorry for the wait.
13.) Last Words (BYBY)

Sites with permission to use this FAQ...*

*Will always have the latest issue of my FAQ.

I would like to thank...

Midway- Making this awesome game

Kai666- Questions 1&2 in the FAQs section

If you have anything to tell me, then feel free to do so. My 
email address is Oh, and don't send my anything 
stupid, please. And, it'd be nice if you let me know you're 
contributing to this faq (title it Heroes or something).

don't E-mail me...

If you plan to send me a virus or spam.
If you want to send me something stupid.
If you want to send me an E-mail doing nothing with the game.
If you plan to E-mail me about something already clearly mentioned in
the guide.
If you plan to be rude.
If YoU PlAn To TyPe LiKe ThIs.
1f y0u plan t0 use 1337 typ!ng.

This is a bad letter...

HeY M0R0N! WhErE 1s ThE WaLkThR0UgH? 1 NeEd T0 UsE Y0Ur T01lEt. HeRe'S A V1RuS.
HaVe FuN!

Write Me about...

Mistakes I have made.
Additions to the guide.
If you have any questions.
Be polite in the E-mail, please.
If you need permission to use this on your site.

Here is a good letter...

Excuse me, I need help on beating Promethius. I can't seem to be able to
beat that planet! Can you add my question to the guide? Thanks!

Version history

0.50- Started and finished the current layout. Much more information in the
next update.

1.00- Update here. Updated the Intro, added weapons, and added a little here
and there.

1.05- Added FAQ Questions 1&2.

1.10- Added Cheatcc to site list.

If you have problems reading this, use a monowidth font.

If the numbers, letters, and punctuation marks line up, you're OK.

~`!@#$%^&*)(_+|\][}{'" ;:/?.>,<

(The space there is a purposely made space, don't worry)

_ _      __   __ .  . __
 |  |_| |__  |__ |\ ||  \
 |  | | |__  |__ | \||__/


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