PS2 Walkthroughs: Fatal Frame Walkthrough

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Fatal Frame Walkthrough


by Chozo Abigaba

Copyright February 2003

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NOTE:  This Walkthrough was written for the PLAYSTATION 2 version of this game.
 There are some differences in the more recent X-Box version; the Finder looks
different and there are different Bonuses to unlock, for one thing.  I don't
know if the story or game play is any different, so I can't vouch for the
accuracy of this file if you are playing on the X-Box.

**I wrote this walkthrough for several reasons.  First, I think this is an
engrossing and terrifying game that deserves a proud place among the other
games of its genre.  Without relying on goriness or the 'gross-out', Fatal
Frame delivers plenty of scares and is just as unnerving to play as Silent Hill
or Resident Evil.  The storyline is intriguing and draws you inexoribly along
as the game progresses.  The music and sounds are eerie and perfectly suited to
intensifying the frightening atmosphere.  One of my favorite things about this
game is the Japanese style and setting; the old mansion is a welcome relief
from the 'facility' locale that so many other survival-horror games force you
to manage.  Cute little Miku, the intrepid and brave girl who explores the
mansion, is another perk (!).  The biggest flaws in this game are the terrible
voice-acting (an endemic flaw found in most games) and, unfortunately, the
uninspired and repetitive puzzles.  Despite these drawbacks, Fatal Frame is
still a solid, well-made game that is interesting and fun!
  The second reason I wrote this walkthrough is to provide thorough and
complete information about the game for the novice and veteran alike.  The
Walkthrough portion takes you through the game room by room, and includes
information on finding all the items and capturing all the ghosts in the game. 
I've also included some sections detailing the mechanics of the game and
offering some survival strategies.  At the end of this file there is a section
describing all the Special Features that become available to those who have
finished the game but still have an appetite for more; Fatal Frame has a lot of
extras that make replaying the game worthwhile.  Finally, there's the Ghost
List, a built-in menu that you can unlock by defeating the game.
  The REAL reason, of course, that I wrote this was because I wanted to and it
was fun, so why not?
  There's no information here about the controls, since there are 8 different
controller settings and you may not use the same configuration as I do. 
There's no section about the characters, story, etc, either; you will learn all
about them as you play the game and, in my opinion, is the basically the whole
point of playing.  In the Walkthrough, I won't describe in detail what you see
in the cutscenes or paraphrase the dialogue; I feel it's best to let the game
speak for itself.
  Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions, comments, corrections,
validations, accolades or diatribes.

  I.  The Camera
 II.  Ghosts
III.  General Tips and Strategy
 IV.  Walkthrough
  V.  Special Features
 VI.  Ghost List


The Mystical Camera is your main tool and sole weapon in Fatal Frame.  You will
use it to take pictures of ghosts and to reveal hidden clues.  To take
pictures, you must be in Finder mode.  You switch back and forth from Finder
mode by pressing O.  When the Finder is active, you will change to a 1st-person
point of view through the aiming window of your camera.  There are several
icons and meters around the edge of the Finder window; here is a list of what
it all means:
-FILAMENT: The filament is at the top center of the window.  It is sensitive to
ghosts and will glow when one is nearby.  A BLUE glow signals the proximity of
a Hidden Ghost or Clue.  An AMBER glow warns you of a moving ghost; either a
Vanishing Ghost or an Attacking Ghost.  The filament glows brighter when you
are facing in the direction of the ghost; this will allow you track an
attacking ghost even when it is hidden behind a wall or screen.
-STAMINA: The blue column on the right is your stamina.  When a ghost hits you
with its attack, you will lose stamina; the amount that you lose depends of the
type of ghost that hit you and what sort of attack it hit you with.  Most
ghosts can deplete from 1/4 to 1/2 of your stamina with a successful attack; so
always try to keep your distance!
-BONUS FUNCTIONS: In the lower right corner, next to the Stamina meter, you
will see a little window for displaying the current Bonus Function (if any)
that you have active. The number right next to the Bonus Function icon shows
how many Spirit Stones you have left.  (If you have 10 or more Spirit Stones,
the indicator will just say '9'.)
-MYSTIC POWER: At the bottom center of the window is the Mystic Power meter. 
When you aim the camera at an attacking ghost, you will begin to charge up
Mystic Power as long as the ghost remains in sight; if the ghost moves out of
view, the power will slowly drain away.  The indicator will turn blue as power
is accumulated; when the maximum power is reached the indicator will turn red,
showing that you can now take a Zero Shot.  The more Mystic Power you have when
you take a picture, the more damage you will inflict on the ghost.  At first,
your camera will be able to charge up to 6 units of Mystic Power.  If you
upgrade your camera's Basic Functions, you can boost this to 12 units of charge
and greatly increase the rate at which it accumulates.
-FILM COUNTER: At the lower left corner is a counter showing how many frames of
film you have left in your camera.
-SPIRIT POINT COUNTER: Whenever you take a picture of an attacking ghost, you
will earn Spirit Points.  The ghost's energy will be absorbed and displayed
next to this symbol, which is right above the Film Counter at the lower left
corner of the screen.
-CAPTURE CIRCLE: The main feature of the Finder is the Capture Circle, which is
the big circle in the center of the window.  This circle glows when you are
aiming at a ghost; a blue glow indicates a normal shot can be taken, while an
amber glow indicates the ghost you are battling is attacking you or is
otherwise especially vulnerable.  If you wait and take your shot when the
circle is glowing amber you will deal extra damage and earn bonus points.  The
targeting cross in the middle of the Capture Circle will automatically lock on
to anything within the Circle's radius.  You can increase the size of the
Capture Circle by spending Spirit Points to upgrade your camera.
-GHOST STAMINA: When in battle with a ghost, its stamina will be displayed as
an amber meter in the upper left corner.  Some strong ghosts have stamina
greater than the meter can display.  When you shoot a ghost, the amount of
damage you inflict will be briefly displayed here; this amount depends on how
much Mystic Power you have and how well you have aimed.

-BASIC FUNCTIONS: Each of the Basic parameters of your camera can be improved
(from Level 1 up to Level 4) by spending Spirit Points.  Here's how many points
you'll have to spend for each level of increase:

LEVEL:      1     2     3     4

RANGE:      0  4000 12000 24000
SPEED:      0  2000  6000 12000
MAX POWER:  0  6000 18000 36000

-BONUS FUNCTIONS: There are five Bonus Functions that you can unlock by
spending Spirit Points.  They are:

PRESSURE (16000): Pushes the ghost away from you.
SLOW (16000): The ghost can only move in slow-motion.
SEE (12000): The ghost will not turn invisible.
PARALYZE (18000): Completely immobilizes the ghost.
SEARCH (14000): Your finder will track the ghost automatically.

Bonus Functions are used with the L1 trigger and require 1 Spirit Stone per
use.  Only one Bonus Function can be active at a time.  You can begin
purchasing these as soon as Miku has beaten her first ghost; but as I've stated
elsewhere in this file, you're better off maxing out the Basic Functions before
you start purchasing the Bonus Functions.

-SHUTTERBUG MOMENTS: If you want to earn an 'S' rank for your photo, you'll
have to score over 7000 Spirit Points in ONE SHOT.  How is this possible?  By
earning bonus points with a "Shutterbug Moment".  When you shoot an Attacking
Ghost, you'll see the Points earned displayed in the lower-right corner.  Your
score is based on the damage you inflict, which in turn is based on how much
charge you've accumulated and how accurately you've aimed at the ghost.  Here
is a list of the different types of "Shutterbug Moments" and what you must do
to earn them:
 - ZERO SHOT: You get a Zero Shot if you hit the ghost when you're Mystic Power
is charged up all the way and you shoot when the Capture Circle turns amber. 
If you don't wait for an amber circle, you won't get the bonus.
 - SPECIAL SHOT: The killing blow.  You'll only get this bonus in conjunction
with another one, such as the Zero Shot or Core Shot; in other words, if you
hit the ghost will full charge or perfect aim when it's stamina is low, you get
a big bonus for overkill.
 - CORE SHOT: A core shot is very well-aimed.  You'll see a small targeting
circle tracking an enemy ghost when you have it in your sights.  If you can
line up the inner crosshair of the Capture Circle perfectly with this tracking
recticle, you can earn the Core Shot.  This is hard to do with a fast-moving
ghost, but if you have the Slow or Paralyze function you can really do some
serious damage this way.
 - CLOSE SHOT: If the ghost is very very close to you when you shoot it, you
will get a bonus.  This kind of shot is very difficult to earn.
 - DOUBLE SHOT/TRIPLE SHOT: There are rare encounters when you must battle
multiple ghosts at once (such as the People Killed).  If you get two or three
ghosts in one picture you can earn a bonus.
 - FIND SHOT: Take your shot after you've hit with the Search Function to get
this bonus.
 - SLOW SHOT: Take your shot after you've hit with the Slow Function to get
this bonus.
 - BIND SHOT: Take your shot after you've hit with the Paralyze Function to get
this bonus.
  Most of these bonuses can stack together.  For instance, you can get a Slow,
Zero, Core, Special shot all at once and the bonuses will combine; this is the
secret to earning that 'S' rank.  If you can combine 3 or 4 bonuses in one
accurate shot, you'll get a huge score!  It takes some practice; using the
Bonus Functions will help you aim at those fast-moving ghosts as well as add to
the bonus so don't hesitate to use them if you're going for a high score.

-SPECIAL FUNCTIONS: These upgrades to the Camera won't become available until
you have met certain requirements.  Like Bonus Functions, they must be
purchased with Spirit Points and can only be equipped one at a time.  Unlike
Bonus Functions, they don't require Spirit Stones.  These are upgrades are very
expensive and extremely powerful; you'll enjoy replaying the game and using
these functions to give those ghosts a merciless pounding.
 - SENSE (44000): Enables a radar that allows the Camera to discern the
direction of a ghost.  Four little arrows will appear around the targeting
circle and will flash to show you which direction to aim in; this works even if
the ghost is behind an obstruction.  This becomes available after you have
beaten all 20 Battle Mode missions.
 - TRACK (???): Your camera will automatically move to track ghosts that are in
view; basically, this function allows the camera to aim for you.  This function
is very hard to unlock.  To obtain it, you must score an 'S' rank photo (7000+
points) on every single Battle Mode scenario.
 - ZOOM (80000): You can zoom in or out using the L2 and R2 buttons.  Your
field of view gets much wider when you zoom out, but your Capture Circle
remains the same size; the effect is to greatly increase your range for
tracking ghosts.  Since zooming out also makes things seem further away, it
makes aiming at nearby ghosts a lot easier.  You'll quickly develop a habit of
automatically zooming out every time you switch to the finder if you have this
Function equipped.  It becomes available after you have completed the game for
the first time.
 - NONE (74000): This allows you to take shots with your camera without using
any film.  By the time you've earned this upgrade, however, you'll probably
have plenty of spare film so you won't have much use for this.  It becomes
available after you've beaten the game in Nightmare Mode.
 - ZERO (96000): Without doubt, this is the most powerful upgrade you can make
to your camera.  When equipped, YOUR MYSTIC POWER METER WILL ALWAYS BE FULLY
CHARGED!  Sweet!  Assuming that by the time you get this Function you'll have
raised your Max Value all the way up to level four, you will be defeating
ghosts so quickly and easily that you'll begin feeling sorry for them (if you
didn't already).  Even the Family Master and Headless Priests will pose no
threat when you have this equipped.  You can only purchase this after you have
collected 100% of the ghosts in the game.  (That's 108 different ghosts!  See
the Ghost List section at the end of this file.)


  As you make your way through Himuro Mansion, you will encounter a lot of
ghosts; some dangerous, some benign.  I will alert you of a ghost encounter
with this symbol: '!!', followed by the ghost's TYPE and NAME.  There are three
basic types of ghosts:

!!-Hidden ghosts
  These ghosts cannot move or harm you, but they are often well-hidden.  Some
doors in the Mansion are held shut by the will of a Hidden Ghost, and you are
required to find and capture the ghost to progress through the game; capturing
the other hidden ghosts is optional.  When one of these ghosts is near, your
filament may glow blue; sometimes, though, the ghost is so well hidden that it
won't cause your filament to react.  Whether your filament glows or not, you
can discern the presence of a hidden ghost by listening carefully for the sound
of STATIC.  When you hear this sound, position yourself in the place where the
sound seems the loudest and switch to Finder Mode.  The ghost may be above you
or below you, or concealed by some obstruction; it is usually only barely
visible as a faint, translucent shimmer.  When you've aimed the camera
correctly, the capture circle will turn blue.  Snap the shutter to capture the
ghost.  Each hidden ghost has a unique entry in your Ghost Collection.  Always
try to capture this kind of ghost because they are often worth a lot of Spirit
Points, especially from the Second Night onwards.

!!-Vanishing ghosts
  Vanishing ghosts can be the most difficult to capture; this is because they
show themselves for a very short time, and if you don't capture them before
they disappear you will NEVER get another chance.  Ever.  If you can capture
these, Spirit Points are your valuable reward.  These ghosts always appear in
reaction to your movement--when you open a door or approach a certain location,
or when you pick up a certain object.  Some of these ghosts move, some don't;
none of them can actually attack you or hurt you.  In fact, they often appear
to show you some clue about what to do next.  The amount of Spirit Points you
receive is variable, and depends on how quickly and how well you have aimed;
the maximum points you can earn is different for each particular encounter. 
Try to capture as many of these as you can; some of them are extremely hard to
photograph, so don't worry if you miss a few.  Here are some tips for
collecting this kind of ghost:  First, when a vanishing ghost appears, your
filament will glow amber, you will feel Miku's heartbeat speed up, and there
will (usually) be some sort of dramatic music.  Quickly turn to face the ghost
(if it doesn't appear right in front of you) and tap O to switch to the Finder;
sometimes your character will automatically aim in right direction.  When your
capture circle turns BLUE, take a picture.  Some ghosts remain visible for a
longer time (but no more than a few seconds) and are easier to capture; some
will flash by in an instant, and require a very fast and precise reaction -- if
you're determined to capture every ghost in Fatal Frame, be prepared to quit
and restore your game several times to get some of these.   Be careful of
snapping a picture too early; even if it seems you have the ghost well in your
sights, you won't actually capture it unless the capture circle is glowing
BLUE.  Each ghost encounter counts as a unique entry in your Ghost List; if the
ghost's NAME appears when you take the picture, you'll know you have succeeded.

!!-Attacking ghosts
  These ghosts are the main obstacles you will encounter.  A ghost battle can
be one of two kinds:  fixed or random.  The fixed ghost battles allow you to
progress through the game; when this kind of battle starts, the doors to the
room your are in will all be sealed until you have defeated the ghost - if you
don't win, you can't advance.  Random ghost battles occur when you spend too
much time idling around; these battles are optional, and if you don't want to
fight the ghost you can run away.  If you decide to run, you can expect the
ghost to chase you for a room or two, but it won't follow you much farther than
that before it disappears.  The kind of ghost that appears in a random
encounter depends on what night it is; tougher ones appear on later nights. 
I'll give strategies for defeating each kind of ghost as we go along.


--The first thing you should do when you start playing Fatal Frame is press
Start to access the Options menu and set the Controller setting to TYPE B. 
With TYPE A, the Default or Objective type, you move Miku by pressing the stick
in the desired direction relative to the display.  To move toward the
foreground of the screen, press down on the stick; to move toward the
background on the screen, press up on the stick, and so on.  This is similar to
the way control is governed in a game like Mario 64.  In Fatal Frame, however,
this is a disadvantage.  You have no control over the perspective in this game,
so you must constantly adjust your movement depending on the changing camera
angles.  And while she is supple, Miku is not even a fraction as agile as
Mario.  In Type B or Subjective mode, pressing up on the stick makes Miku walk
forward in the direction she is facing.  Angling to the left or right makes
Miku turn toward her left or her right, and pressing straight down on the stick
makes Miku about-face.  Any veteran of games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill
will be quite used to this configuration.  In Fatal Frame, this type of control
will save you from veering off whenever the camera angle changes.

--Do not spend ANY Spirit Points on the camera's Bonus Functions until you have
maxed out all the Basic Functions.  Why?  Improvements in the Basic Functions
work all the time in every battle; Bonus Functions only work one at a time, and
since there are not many Spirit Stones to be found in the game you won't be
able to make very much use of them anyway.  Even worse, the Bonus Functions
will fail (wasting the Spirit Stone) if the ghost disappears or dodges, and the
stronger ghosts (against which the Bonuses would be the most useful) can
sometimes simply resist the effect.  When your camera gains ranks in the Basic
Functions though, you will enjoy a noticeable increase its effectiveness; when
all the ranks are maxed out, you will be dealing heavy damage to the strongest
ghosts with ease, even with the weakest films!

--Keep moving!  This applies not only when you're battling ghosts, but when you
are exploring the mansion as well.  When you are exploring, random ghosts can
appear and attack you if you spend too much time in one area.  This can happen
to you in any room, even in rooms with a Save Point!  If you keep up a quick
pace through the rooms, however, you will encounter only a few random ghosts. 
These ghosts can appear quite suddenly right on top of you -- some of the
game's most terrifying moments.  You want to avoid them in order to save your
health and film for the main encounters (and to spare your sleep from
nightmares).  If you are feeling confident with your photography, you can seek
out these encounters to earn extra Spirit Points, but even an easy ghost can
cause a lot of damage if it surprises you in a confining area.  There is no
'safe' room anywhere in Himuro Mansion, I'm afraid.  If you ever have to set
the controller down for a moment, be sure to press Start and pause the game if
you don't want to come back and find poor Miku's been taken by the ghosts!

--In order to battle ghosts effectively, you must pay attention to their
patterns of attack.  Each ghost moves and attacks you different ways, and in
the end you will only be able to survive if you can adapt your tactics to the
situation.  The space that you are battling in is critically important, too; a
ghost that is a cinch to fight in a big open space can be deadly if you have
fight it in a small room.  I will describe the patterns of the ghosts in the
walkthrough as they are encountered.  Be warned!  Some of the toughest ghosts
use attacks that are totally unfair!  These dirty tricks include teleporting,
blinding or paralyzing you, sending Wisps after you, becoming invisible or
invulnerable, etc.  Also, healing items in Fatal Frame are not abundant; you
can't even replenish your health at a Save Point!  You must know the attack
patterns of the ghosts so you can take evasive action before you get hurt.


(This walkthrough will take you through the game room by room.  You can check
your position in the game by pressing Select to bring up the Map.  Each room on
the Map screen is conveniently labeled, and I will use the same names in the
text.  In Fatal Frame, you will advance through the game in 5 episodes: Intro,
1st Night, 2nd Night, 3rd Night, and Final Night.  Each episode takes place in
Himuro Mansion, but you will find as you play through the game that things will
change from one night to the next; some doors that you couldn't open before
will be unlocked, open doors that you've passed through may become sealed, new
items will appear for you to collect, etc.  For the most part, your path
through the game is pretty linear.  There are a few optional tasks from time to
time, though, and I will point these out as we go along.)


**The introduction is the only time in Fatal Frame in which you will play as
Mafuyu.  During this portion of the game, everything you see will be grainy and
monochrome; don't worry, your perception will become much clearer for the main
part of the game.

When the game begins, you take control of Mafuyu right after he enters Himuro
Mansion. There's an area with dirt floors and ruined lattices in the S, and a
few stairs leading up to a platform in the N.  Before going up the stairs, go
left and find your first ghost...
!!-Hidden Ghost: Child Behind (500)
  No, it's not some kid's butt.  Approach the wooden lattice in the SW corner,
and aim through the holes in the lattice to take a picture of the ghost on the
other side.
Now you can proceed into the room and look around.  The floor looks unsound,
but don't worry - in Fatal Frame you can never be hurt by anything except the
undead, lucky you! If you check the E wall you will find a strange mask, but
you can't pick it up until later on.  Check the spark in the NE corner to find
TYPE-14 FILM and TUTORIAL 1.  Also note the Save Point in the NW corner.  The
door to the next room is in the W wall.

It's a hallway with lots of dangling ropes hanging from the ceiling.  You enter
this hallway at the S end, so head north.  Don't worry about the ropes, they
won't impede you.  As you head down the hall, you'll meet your first Vanishing
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Rope Hallway Man (~175)
  When you are about halfway down the hall, this ghost will appear at the north
end.  He's not too fast and he appears right in front of you, so you should be
able to capture him easily as he walks by the mirror.
You'll find a mirror at the north end of the hall, and two doors.  The W door
is locked, so take the E one.

There's a fire pit in the middle of the room, and lots of furniture and
antiques along the walls.  You won't find any items in this room, but there are
a couple of ghosts...
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Man Looking Down (~250)
  This ghost will appear just as you finish walking past the fire pit, so be
wary.  The camera will shift to a point of view from high in the rafters and
you will see the ghost up there on a wooden beam looking down on you from
behind.  Simply press O to switch to the Finder and you will aim automatically!
 The ghost lingers for a moment or two, so this one should be easy.
Now head through the open doorway in the W wall into the little room with the
bookshelves.  Your filament will glow blue...
!!-Hidden Ghost: Angry Man (500)
  In the little library at the bottom of the broken staircase, aim your camera
up and behind the bookshelves to capture this ghost.
Now you can head up the stairs to the balcony.  When you get up there you will
see a sparkle on the floor.  Pick it up to begin a cutscene. ... In the scene,
Mafuyu picks up a notebook, but no new notes will appear in your File menu
except TUTORIAL 3.  When the scene ends you will begin your first battle!
!!-Attacking Ghost: Bound Man
  Bound Man is a very easy ghost to defeat because of his low stamina and slow
movement.  Just switch to finder and keep the ghost in your sights as he drifts
toward you.  You should be able to get maximum charge before he reaches you. 
If you want to get extra points, hold the charge and wait for him to lunge
toward you before taking your shot (the Capture Circle will turn amber).  You
will cause big damage and the ghost will be stunned and flung backwards (this
is called a Zero Shot); just stay put and shoot him once more to finish him
off.  If you didn't knock him backward, stop aiming and run to the other side
of the balcony before trying again.  Two good shots will end it.
If you continue along the balcony, you will see a ghost appear on the lower
floor.  Don't bother trying to capture it, you won't be able to; it just
appears to show you where to go next (No, really, you CANNOT capture this
ghost.  There is no entry for it in the Ghost List).  Go back downstairs and
you'll notice that the door to the Rope Hallway is open...  Go through the door.

Just head down the hallway toward the Entrance.  Before you can make it all the
way down the hall, there will be a cutscene. ... Congratulations, you've made
it to the end of the Intro!


RANDOM GHOST: Bound Man, Broken Neck

**From this point on, you will be controlling Miku as she searches the mansion
for her brother Mafuyu.  You take control of her in the Entrance, just like you
did with Mafuyu.  Your goal for this night is to discover the fates of the
novelist Junsei Takamine and his two companions, Editor Ogata and Assistant
Tomoe.  It was the disappearance of this party that brought your brother Mafuyu
to Himuro in the first place.  Along the way, you will find clues about your
missing brother and about the history of Himuro Mansion.

Head up the stairs to explore the room.  In the NE corner, where Mafuyu found
the Type-14 Film in the Intro, you will find a HERBAL MEDICINE.  That's the
only thing you can pick up here, so head for the door to the Rope Hallway.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Man at Partition (~300)
  As you open the door to the Rope Hallway, a ghost will appear behind the
screens near the Save Point.  Since you don't have a camera, you can't capture
him.  You can only collect this ghost on your second (or more) time through the
game, when you will have your camera right from the start.
After the ghost disappears it will leave behind a Wisp.  Approach it to hear
the ghost's message; after the Wisp vanishes you can pick up OGATA'S NOTES 4. 
Continue now into the Rope Hallway.

As you approach the mirror at the end of the hall, you will see a cutscene. ...
When that is over, you will receive the CAMERA and several files:  MAFUYU'S
NOTES 1, OGATA'S NOTES 1, 2, 3, and 5, and the news clip "STAR MYSTERY NOVELIST
MISSING".  As soon as you regain control of Miku, a ghost will appear.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Man on a Beam (~200)
  The instant that the cutscene is over and you've collected the items, turn
around to face back down the hall, draw your camera out and aim up to find this
ghost.  He is lying on one of the rafters in the ceiling, looking down at you.
Now continue on through the E door into the next room.

As you enter, you'll see a shining HERBAL MEDICINE next to the Lion Mask along
the wall.  Search the tall dresser right next to it to find TAKEMINE'S NOTES 1
and "QUAKE BREAKS HOLY MIRRORS".  Be careful as you pass the edge of the
firepit, for you will encounter a vanishing ghost just like Mafuyu did.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Bro's Shadow (~400)
  What?!  This time, the ghost IS Mafuyu!  As soon as you pass the fireplace
switch to the finder and aim up and to the left to capture Mafuyu as he's
climbing the stairs to balcony.  Aim quickly!!
When that's over, keep searching along the line of drawers to find TYPE-14
FILM.  You can find another box of TYPE-14 FILM shining in the little library
room in the SE corner.  Next, head up the stairs and check the door in the N
wall, by the screens.  Hm, it is locked with a brass padlock, so let's find a
key.  Before you go back downstairs, continue along the balcony to the top of
the broken staircase.  Ignore the shining thing for now and walk up to the edge
to find a vanishing ghost...
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Hallway Man (~200)
  As you approach the edge of the broken stairs, a ghost will appear in the
little library room below you.  To capture him, quickly bring up the camera and
aim straight down.  (Sometimes this ghost doesn't appear.  If this happens,
leave the room and then come right back and try it again.  Also, he won't show
up unless you've tried to open the locked door on the balcony.)
Now you can pick up the HERBAL MEDICINE.  You will see yet another vanishing
ghost as you head back down the stairs; this is a tough one to capture...
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Man at Screen (~1250)
  This ghost appears when you are about halfway down the stairs.  He is right
next to you (on Miku's right), walking in the opposite direction from you; this
ghost walks right into the wall.  You must immediately, upon the first
slightest twinge of the filament, aim and swivel (using the Sq button to
accelerate) around to the right and down to see the ghost.  Even worse, you
must aim between the obstructing posts of the banister on the stairs!  This
ghost only lingers for a couple of heartbeats, so you must be very fast and a
little lucky!  Whew!
Go down and check the screen that you saw the ghost walk into.  There will be a
cutscene ... and you will receive TUTORIAL 2.  The blue filament tells you that
there's new something to take a picture of, so take out the camera and take a
shot of the screen to see the door hidden behind it.  If you now check the
screen a second time you will see a second cutscene ... and the door is
revealed.  Go through.

**Before you continue, you should quickly run back to the Entrance and SAVE THE
GAME; there's a battle coming up soon.

This hallway is decorated with hanging votive lamps.  Just inside the door
you'll see a Wisp; check it and you will hear a message from Editor Ogata.  His
ghost haunts this area of the mansion, so we'll be seeing a lot more of him. 
Apparently he knows something about the key we are looking for (remember?). 
Continue down the hall; you can check the hanging lamps if you like but they
don't conceal any items.  All the way at the other end of the hall you will
find some locked doors and a shining HERBAL MEDICINE.  Grab it, head back to
the angle in the hallway and open the door to the next room.

I'm not sure why this room is called a Library, since there aren't any books in
here.  At first, your view of the room is obstructed by a line of screens. 
Enter and check the dresser that you will see in front of you to find "DEAD
BODY FOUND ON MOUNTAIN".  Hmm, could there be something strange going on in
this mansion????  Hmmm...  As soon as you round the end of the screens and
enter the main part of the room, a ghost will appear.
!!-Vanishing ghost: Wandering Man (~300)
  It's Editor Ogata again.  He appears right in front of you as you walk into
the room, and he slowly walks toward the closet in the NE corner.  This is an
easy one, just switch to the Finder and shoot!
Continue into the room and head toward the scary voice that you will hear
coming from the closet.  That's right, head TOWARD it...  You'll see some
TYPE-37 FILM shining underneath the window.  Once you've got that, go ahead and
open the closet.  Get ready to draw your camera, there will be a very quick
Vanishing Ghost appearance immediately after a short cutscene. ...
!!-Vanishing ghost: Dead Man's Body (~1000)
  This ghost is, by far, one of the most difficult to capture,  It's Editor
Ogata, lying dead in the closet.  He appears for just a split second after the
cutscene ends. You must raise your camera the very instant you regain control
of Miku while aiming just a little down and to the right.  As soon as you see
the finder appear, take your shot!  If you are fast and lucky, you will get the
ghost.  Much more likely, you will have a perfectly clear picture of the
ghost.. but it won't count and it won't be worth any points.  That's right,
it's unfair!  You mustn't wait to check your aim when you draw the camera and
shoot, you must trust it.  You might want to wait until your second time
through the game to give this one a serious try.
Now pick up the TAPE RECORDER and you'll see another cutscene. ... Along with
it you've found WHITE TAPE 1.  All the White Tapes were made by Editor Ogata. 
Select the tape from the Item menu if you want to listen to some very poor
voice acting.  While you collected these items, a new door has opened behind
you.  Go through the door to the next room.

There's a lot of kimonos hanging on racks in this room.  The first thing to do
here is to try and capture another ghost!  This is another difficult one...
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Man at Window (~500)
  To trigger this appearance of Ogata, turn left from the door and run past the
kimonos.  The ghost will appear in the main part of the room.  To capture him,
you'll have to do something about the big kimono that is blocking your view. 
When the ghost appears, keep running another step or two, keeping as close to
the kimonos as possible.  Quickly turn and face into the gap between the two
kimonos, then draw your camera and aim through the gap to snap Ogata before he
Now you can start picking up the items.  Just to the right of the door you
entered is an HERBAL MEDICINE.  Approach the two kimonos in the SW corner to
find a hidden ghost.
!!Hidden Ghost: Woman in Kimono (1500)
  She is hidden behind the kimonos, so you must get right up against the narrow
gap and aim through it to get a correct view of this ghost.
As you approach the window on the other side of the room, you will see a
cutscene. ... The Editor has finally noticed you, which is not good.  As soon
as the scene is over you will enter a battle.
!!Attacking Ghost: Editor's
  You will fight this ghost several times.  The first time is the easiest;
Ogata has very very low stamina in this battle.  Just aim and let your camera
charge.  Ogata will hesitantly stumble toward you; hold your fire until the
circle turns amber and you can defeat the Editor in one shot.
When the battle ends, the camera will react and you will now be able to spend
Spirit Points to make upgrades; you'll also get TUTORIAL 4.  You should
immediately begin upgrading your Basic Functions as much as possible.  If
you've collected all the easier ghosts and made some Special or Zero Shots
during the battles, you should have around 7000 or 8000 Points at this time. 
When you finished making upgrades, you can finally pick up the shining WHITE
TAPE 2 by the window.  When you now turn to leave the room, your filament will
glow as you pass the little mirror stand.  It's a small, locked dresser with a
recess shaped like a hand mirror.  Use your camera to obtain the ORNAMENTAL
LION MASK photo.  This mask shown in the picture was in the Fireplace Room, so
now we must go back there and check the place shown in the photo to get the
missing mirror.  Return to the Library.

Head for the door that leads back to the Lamp Hallway -- then take a deep
breath.  As you open the door, Editor Ogata re-appears right behind you!!  It
seems he's not finished yet!
!!Attacking Ghost: Editor's
  This battle is a little bit harder than the first one, because the ghost has
taken you by surprise and you must fight him in a smaller area.  He has a
little bit more stamina than he did before, too.  When the ghost appears, you
have two choices.  Your first option is to instantly switch to the Finder, use
the Triangle button to spin around, and take a pic of him as he lunges at your
back.  If you're quick, you'll probably get a Core shot and stun the Editor. 
If you fail, tap X and you might be able to escape and run into the Hallway. 
The other option is to just run into the hallway and get some distance between
you and the Editor before aiming.  Run out to the left and you'll have more
room.  This ghost is slow, so you should have no trouble getting away.  As you
run down the hall the ghost (like all ghosts) will move through solid obstacles
to pursue you.  When you are several good paces ahead, turn and aim to charge
your shot.  Like the other ghosts you've fought, try and wait for the amber
circle.  If you fail to knock the ghost back after your shot, you should still
run past or away from him to get more distance before taking another.  Two good
shots will do the job.

After defeating the Editor you will most likely be here.  Continue to the
Fireplace Room.

Walk over to the Lion mask and examine it to obtain the RED HANDMIRROR.  Before
you return to the Library to use this item, quickly run back to the Entrance
and SAVE THE GAME.  You will soon have a decisive battle with the Editor. 
After saving the game, come back and enter the Lamp Hallway again.

This hallway is probably not your favorite place right now.  On this trip
through the hallway there are TWO more vanishing ghosts that you can try to
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Man in Closet (~250)
  As you round the angle of the hallway, the Editor will appear for a moment at
the far end of the hall; well, most of him will anyway.  This one is easy; he's
stationary and he appears right directly ahead of you, so all you have to do is
raise the camera and shoot!
(You can go down the hall and check out the closet where the ghost just
appeared to see a scary cutscene if you want; you won't get any items though.) 
To trigger the next ghost, open the door to the Library.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Standing Man (~800)
  He's right in front of you!!  The Editor is persistent.  It's a startling
appearance, but if you calmly aim and shoot as soon as the door is opened,
you'll capture him.  Don't delay, because he disappears quickly.
Whew!  Now you can enter the Library.  Nothing happens in here, so continue
into the Kimono Room.

A convenience of Fatal Frame is that "key" puzzles like this one solve
themselves automatically.  Just step over to the mirror stand and examine it,
and you will be prompted to use the Red Handmirror.  Get ready to draw your
camera, there will be a very fast ghost appearance AND battle immediately after
the cutscene. ... The drawer unlocks and you receive the EDITOR'S PHOTO and
BRASS KEY (for the locked door in the Fireplace Room, remember?).
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Man Behind (~1500)
  IMMEDIATELY after pressing X to clear away the last message after the
cutscene, switch to finder while pressing Triangle to spin around, and
immediately hit the shutter to capture the Editor as he looms up right behind
you!  He vanishes very very fast; don't waste any time when you are bringing up
the camera.  You won't have to aim, other than tapping Triangle to spin; he'll
be dead in your sights.  You can get this ghost only if you act quickly!
You now must battle the Editor one final time.
!!-Attacking ghost: Editor's [BOSS BATTLE]
  This time Ogata has a lot more stamina, so this is a much harder battle.  You
will have to make several good shots; between each shot, you must run to a
better position before quickly turning and aiming again for another attack. 
(This is typical of ghost battling in general...)  Don't hesitate to abandon
your shot if the Editor gets too close, or if you lose track of him.  The
greatest danger to you occurs when the Editor teleports, which he will do from
time to time.  When a ghost teleports, it will completely vanish from your
finder and your filament will usually go dark.  Also, each ghost usually makes
a characteristc sound when it teleports that you must be alert for.  The ghost
usually appears right behind you (or right in front of you, if it teleports
while you are running).  If you are aiming, you should either stop aiming and
run, or tap Triangle and try to save yourself with a quick shot.  If you are
running, STOP and quickly prepare to run in the opposite direction.  Until you
feel confident, it is best to run rather than risk taking damage.  Keep up this
strategy, always moving between shots to keep your distance.
When the battle is over, you will receive a SPIRIT STONE.  Whew!  You're
through with that guy for a while!  Now you can run back to the Fireplace Room;
this time, the Editor won't bother you.

You will see Mafuyu run upstairs in a short cutscene as you enter this room.
...  I know you are anxious to save after defeating the Editor.  Don't worry,
just go upstairs and use the Brass Key on the door.  There is a Save Point just
a few paces away.  When the door opens, go through and enter the Tatami Room. 
Don't explore this room just yet, first make an immediate right turn and open
the door in the E wall to enter the Anteroom.

SAVE THE GAME here, then look around for some items.  The shining item next to
the dolls is the RED TAPE 1.   In the NE corner you will find another item,
HIRASAKA'S NOTES 1.  The Red Notebooks and Tapes signal that we have entered
the part of the mansion haunted by Mr. Takemine's assistant, Tomoe Hirasaka. 
We will have many encounters with her soon.  Keep searching and you will find
TYPE-14 FILM in the small drawer in the NE corner.  The little door in the N
wall is locked for now, so after you've collected the items here go back out
the W door into the Tatami Room.

In case you don't already know, 'tatami' is the Japanese word for the little
woven mats that are used to pad the floor in this room.  You can explore and
find some items lying around.  Check the urn in the corner to find a MUNAKATA
RESEARCH SCRAP.  In the opposite corner of the room there is HERBAL MEDICINE
lying on the ground.  Enter the little alcove in the W wall; as you walk in the
perspective will change and if you look carefully you will see something
shining on the ground in the distance near one of the legs of the low table. 
Go back and search that spot to find a hidden STONE MIRROR.  Before you try the
doors in the alcove, return to the main room and open the double doors in the N
wall to access the Observatory.

This is the smallest "room" in the game; it's not even a room, just a balcony. 
From here, you can look down and see the Cherry Atrium; we'll be going there
soon.  You may see the ghostly silhouette of a person in one of the windows
(it's just for atmosphere).  All there is to do here is grab the HERBAL
MEDICINE in the corner.  You can encounter a random ghost here if you linger
too long; just grab the item and return to the Tatami Room.

Enter the alcove.  Of the two doors here, one has been boarded over, so let's
go through the other door.  It leads to the Walkway.

The Walkway consists of some narrow hallways and a staircase.  You will
encounter ghosts here, so prepare yourself.  The first thing you will see is a
big closet behind you.  Open it and take the TYPE-37 FILM.  As you proceed down
the hall you will meet a ghost.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Woman at Mirror (~300)
  This is your first chance to photograph Mr. Takamine's assistant, Tomoe
Hirasaka.  She appears a short distance in front of you just as soon as you
start to walk down the hall; she will stand and look into the big mirror for a
second or two.  They don't get any easier than this!
After Tomoe vanishes, she will leave behind a Wisp.  Listen to Tomoe's message,
then pick up HIRASAKA'S NOTES 2 lying there in front of the mirror.  Next, go
down the branch of the hallway across from the mirror, and at the end you will
find HERBAL MEDICINE.  There's a door here that you can't open, so now the only
way to go is back to the mirror and then down the stairs.  You will battle a
new ghost when you get to the bottom of the stairs, so you might want to duck
back to the Anteroom and SAVE THE GAME.  At the bottom of the stairs a cutscene
plays. ... Now it's time for a battle!
!!Attacking Ghost: Man with Long Arms
  This ghost isn't too hard if you use the right tactic.  Before you start
fighting, press Start to check the map.  The lower level of the Walkway is a
big loop.  This means you can fight the ghost here without getting trapped. 
When the fight begins Long Arms will be close.  Turn and run all the way to the
corner at the other end of the hall; Long Arms will chase you slowly.  When you
get to the corner, turn and aim back down the hall to charge up on Long Arms as
he follows you down the corridor.  He will speed up as he gets closer, reaching
for you with his ... long arms! (What else?) If you want to wait for a Zero
Shot, be careful of the ghost's movement; his head will bob from side to side
as he attacks you.  After taking your shot, run down the hall to the next
corner to turn around and charge up for another shot.  Keep this up until the
ghost is defeated; Long Arms will take 3 good shots before vanishing.
Now you can explore the lower level.  There's not much here.  If you check the
E leg of the Walkway you will notice a big crevice in the wall.  The vantage
point you enjoy at this spot is probably the best place in the game to get a
great look at Miku... isn't she cute??  She looks a little worried.  Check the
crevice to find a news article, "TAKEN BY GHOSTS?".   If you look again at the
map you will see there are 3 exits from here.   The south door leads the Grand
Hall, where you can find some items and have a ghost battle; going to this room
is optional.  The door in the W leg of the hall is locked for now.  If you just
want to proceed with the game, to through the north door to the Burial Room.

GRAND HALL [Optional]
This room is divided into five smaller rooms by a series of partitions.  Open
up the 3 double doors separating the rooms and make your way to far end,
checking the sides of the rooms for items as you go along.  Right off the bat
you'll find HIRASAKA'S NOTES 3 near the S wall.  The next section is empty.  In
the S of the center section there is TYPE-14 FILM.  The remaining items are in
the last section; enter it by walking through the gap in the torn paper wall. 
Here you'll find a MUNAKATA RESEARCH SCRAP in the S and SACRED WATER in the N. 
The door here, which leads back to the Rope Hallway, is held closed by a knot
made from hair... eww.  You can't open this door, so head back to the
Walkway... But you won't escape from the room without battling a ghost!
Attacking Ghost: Floating Woman
  This ghost's biggest threat is its speed.  It floats, of course, and swoops
from side to side as it circles around you.  Because of the many walls in this
room, the ghost will often become hidden as it flies around.  Fortunately, the
ghost has low stamina, so if you are aggressive you can end the battle quickly.
 Floating Woman will appear without warning as you are crossing the room to
leave.  She's right in front of you, so turn and run back to the torn wall. 
Aim back into the room from here and charge your camera during the moments the
ghost is visible as it swoops back and forth across the doorways.  When you are
fully charged, don't wait for it to get close, just shoot! Be careful to time
your shot when the ghost is visible.  If you get off two fully charged shots
before the ghost reaches you, you can win.  If you don't, the ghost will
eventually swoop straight at you, so be ready to hit X and try to escape the
damage if you get caught.  But do your best to end the battle fast so you don't
get hurt.
Now you can return to the Walkway; go all the way around and take the door in
the N.

You'll enter into a short hallway formed by long wall that juts into the room. 
The blue glow from the filament is a reaction to a clue that is waiting for you
in the main part of the room.  Ignore the glow for now and go right to check
the end of hall for TYPE-37 FILM.  Now turn and go around the wall to see the
rest of the area.  As you enter, a ghost will appear.
Vanishing Ghost: Wandering Woman (~300)
  It's Tomoe again; she is walking across the room to the door on the other
side.  She appears right in front of you, and since her motion is directly away
from you aiming is easy.
Now it's item grabbing time!  In the SW corner is a table littered with broken
candles.  Search there for the STRANGLING RITUAL scroll.  The RED numbers on
this scroll are the combination needed to enter the locked room in the Walkway.
 Before we go back there and unlock it, search along big memorial shelf to find
more items: HIRASAKA'S NOTES 4 and a SPIRIT STONE.  As you near the door in the
E wall, the filament will react.  There are many doors in Himuro Mansion that
are sealed shut by a Hidden Ghost somewhere; this is such a door.  To open it,
you must capture the ghost that's holding it shut.  If you take a picture of
the door, you will get a clue about where to find this ghost: STOREHOUSE?  The
place shown in the photo is unfamiliar.  Let's search for it.  You should now
exit this room through the door in the N wall, which leads to the Rubble Room.

Hooray, it's a Save Point!  You can check for items before you SAVE THE GAME if
you want; you won't find any ghosts here now.  In the corner in the N, near the
door, is the FIVE STONES DOCUMENT.  Nearby, along the W wall, is TAKAMINE'S
NOTES 2.  Finally, check near the save point for some HERBAL MEDICINE.  After
colleting items and saving, go back through the Burial Room into the Walkway.

The locked door is in the W leg of the hall.  There are several doors like this
one in Fatal Frame that require you to enter a 4-digit combination.  The dial
of buttons represent the numbers 0 - 9, COUNTER-CLOCKWISE, with 0 AT THE TOP. 
(The dial is explained by the Editor in OSAKA'S NOTES 5).  The inscription
mentions the date of the Strangling Ritual, so check the RED NUMBERS on the
Strangling Ritual scroll to learn the code:  1312.  Get ready to use the
camera, because a ghost will appear as soon as you step through the door.

!!-Vanishing Ghost: Girl Pointing (~300)
  You've seen this helpful girl a few times before.  She appears for a moment
right in front of you as soon as you take your first step into the room, so
quickly aim the camera and shoot!  Another easy one!
So this is the room shown in the photo you took of the sealed door.  The Hidden
Ghost is in here somewhere.  To find it, head toward the back of the room.  You
will see a ladder, and your filament will go crazy.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Seductress (500)
  She doesn't seem very seductive any more.  This ghost is in the little alcove
behind the ladder.  It is partially obscured by a big chest, but you should
have no trouble finding it.
Since this is a Storehouse, you can find a lot of items here.  Be sure to pick
them up quickly because a random ghost can ambush you in this room if you stay
too long.  First, climb the ladder and you'll find a SPIRIT STONE shining in
the corner.  Search the dresser against the back wall to find a MUNAKATA
RESEARCH DOCUMENT.  Finally, before you climb back down the ladder, search the
floor behind the short dresser near the edge of the platform and you'll find
some hidden TYPE-74 FILM lying on the ground. Next, check the three boxes
stacked together at the base of the ladder to find another SPIRIT STONE.  Keep
searching along the same wall and you'll find a shining HERBAL MEDICINE and an
article "GIRL, THOUGHT TAKEN BY GHOSTS, FOUND".  Finally, search the box to the
right of the suit of armor in the corner to find TYPE-37 FILM.  That's
everything, so now head back to the Burial Room.

Now that the ghost's seal is broken, you can open the E door and enter the
Cherry Atrium.

This is the area that we saw earlier, from the Observatory.  You'll notice a
trail of blood on the ground as you enter.  Follow it around the first corner
and a ghost will appear
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Woman on Porch (~450)
  Tomoe will appear right ahead of you as soon as you round the the first
corner.  You must take the picture quickly, because she is walking away from
you and will quickly disappear behind the next corner.  Other than that, this
one isn't very hard.
After Tomoe vanishes she will leave behind a Wisp.  After you listen to it, you
can explore this room.  There are TWO sealed doors in the S, and your filament
will react as you move around the walkway.  Photograph the door in the S wall
and you will see a picture of a WATERWHEEL IN PHOTO.  Next, snap the door in
the SE and you'll see a JAPANESE DOLL SHELF.  Now our next task is find these
two areas shown in the photos and capture the hidden ghosts there to unlock
these doors.  Don't forget to grab TAKAMINE'S NOTES 3 shining on the ground
near the spot where you saw the Wisp of Tomoe.  Now you can head out into the
open area.  There will be a ghost appearance here, so be careful...
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Woman in Atrium (~300)
  It's Tomoe again.  This time, she will appear as you pass by the corner of
the big shrine in the NW corner.  She is heading for the door in the N wall,
and since she appears right in front of you it shouldn't be tough for you to
capture her.
Now let's check out the area around the building in the NW corner.  This is the
Moon Shrine, and you won't be able to get inside until later on.  If you
approach the W corner of the shrine, you can find a Hidden Ghost.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Woman in Pain (750)
  She is near the W corner of the Moon Shrine.  Look for a blue glow from your
filament, then switch to the Finder.  You'll have to aim downward to capture
this ghost.
That's it for ghosts in this area (for now...).  You can find some more items
though.  The spark on the steps of the Moon Shrine is the RED TAPE 2.  If you
check behind the W pillar of the gate at the bottom of these same steps, you
will find a hidden STONE MIRROR.  Finally, check the SW corner of the atrium
for a SPIRIT STONE.  Ok, that's everything here so exit this room by the N door
to enter the Abyss.

This is another outdoor room on the edge of a swamp.  As you enter, you will
see a cutscene. ... When that's over, you can begin to explore.  Here's the
waterwheel that we've been looking for.  First, pick up the RED TAPE 3 shining
on the ground right in front of it; you'll see another cutscene. ...  Next, you
can take a picture of a Hidden Ghost.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Woman Pulled In (500)
  If you are facing the waterwheel, this ghost will be on the left side.  Walk
around until you get a blue filament, then draw your camera to take the shot.
Capturing this ghost will break the seal on the S door of the Cherry Atrium. 
Before you go back there, head toward the N edge of the area to find a shining
STONE MIRROR on the ground.  You'll notice a blue filament as you approach this
spot; the reaction is caused by the unlit garden lantern nearby, so draw your
camera and take a picture of LIT GARDEN LANTERN.  You don't have any way to
light it yet; we'll come back later. Before heading back to the Cherry Atrium,
check the little nook in the SW corner to find some TYPE-37 FILM.

Before you open the unsealed door in the S, you might want to run back to the
Rubble Room and SAVE THE GAME.  You'll be fighting a ghost in the next room. 
When you're ready, open the door in the S wall and get ready for a ghost

!!-Vanishing Ghost: Woman Turning (~500)
  It's Tomoe yet again!  Her ghost will appear in the room as soon as you open
the door.  If you draw your camera right away, before you enter, you won't be
able to see the ghost; you must run a couple of strides into the room before
you try to take the picture.  This ghost lingers a little longer than most, so
even with the extra steps she should not be hard to capture.
After you photograph Tomoe, she will leave behind a Wisp.  Enter the room and
speak to it.  Once you have done this, you will be able to find the Hidden
Ghost that is sealing the final door in the Cherry Atrium.  It is hiding behind
the dolls in the SW corner.  You will have to do battle after you capture the
Hidden Ghost, so you should first check around the room for items.  Check the
boxes at the left end of the shelf on the W wall to find a SPIRIT STONE.  The
shining item in the SW corner is HIRASAKA'S NOTES 5.  Finally, check the
sparkle on the left end of the shelf on the W wall to find another SPIRIT
STONE.  Now you're ready to capture the Hidden Ghost.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Child Onlooker (500)
  To find this ghost, stand at the center of the big shelf covered with dolls. 
Draw your camera and look toward the SE corner to find this ghost peering at
you over the end of the shelf.
There will be a cutscene ... and now a child's ghost has come to battle you!
Attacking Ghost: Crawling Girl
  This girl crawls slowly toward you, so you must aim downwards to shoot it. 
Like most ghosts, it appears very close to you, so you should immediately flee
to the opposite side of the room, then turn and draw your camera.  The main
difficulty in battling this ghost is that it likes to remain completely
invisible for extended periods.  Furthermore, it has a deceptively long reach. 
Do not let this ghost get close to you, because you might not get a chance to
shoot it before it grabs you.  As soon as you get a good charge, take the shot
at your first chance; then run to the farthest corner of the room from the girl
while she is stunned.  If she stops crawling and begins to sit up, she's about
to use a paralyzing attack, so try to interrupt it with a Core Shot when the
circle turns amber.  She will probably teleport behind you once or twice as
well, so listen for the telltale chiming sound.  Remember, she can crawl over
the big hole in the floor but you must run AROUND it.  If you can keep her at
bay, you should survive unharmed; she will take 3 or 4 good shots to take down.
Once you have defeated Crawling Girl, you can return to the Cherry Atrium.  You
might want to SAVE THE GAME in the Rubble Room before you go any farther.

Before you can cross to the E door of the Atrium, you must confront another
ghost.  A very tough vanishing ghost will flash by right before the battle.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Woman who Jumps (~1500)
  This is a very hard capture.  Her appearance is triggered as you move E along
the walkway.  As you move along the railing, the perspective will suddenly
shift from a point behind you to a point out in the yard.  The ghost will then
plummet from the roof directly above you into the yard below, and is only
visible for a split second as it speeds downward.  In order to make this
capture, you must be facing out into the yard when the ghost appears; as you
move down the walkway, hug the railing and angle Miku outwards so she is facing
as much to the left as possible.  Then, the INSTANT that the perspective
changes, switch to the Finder and hit the shutter.  If you were lucky, you
faced in the right direction.  Hopefully, you've been able to upgrade the Range
of your camera a couple of times; this will make aiming much easier.  You can
go to the Rubble Room and SAVE THE GAME just before you trigger this ghost if
you want to keep trying.
Next, the battle.
!!-Attacking Ghost: Broken Neck
  This is the same spirit as the Woman who Fell (it's not Tomoe, though.)  The
ghost is quite near when the battle starts.  It floats in the air and moves
slowly toward you, then suddenly attacks and rushes toward you with great
speed.  The challenge of Broken Neck is due to its broken neck; it's so badly
broken that its head dangles back and hangs between the ghost's shoulder
blades...  Gruesome!  When the ghost is 'facing' you, you can't see the head
and you can't hurt it.  Fortunately, it has to turn and show its face before it
can attack.  Just stay put and aim, then wait for it to rush you.  It will
raise its arms out just before it rushes in, and your circle will glow amber. 
If you hit, you'll knock the ghost back; just keep aiming and repeating the
process.  If you missed, you may stun it but it won't be knocked back; you
should therefore run six or seven paces away, then turn and aim again.  Two or
three good hits will do the trick.
Whew!  There will be much harder battles in this room later on, believe it or
not.  Now you can go and open the door in the E and enter the Stairway.

This is another set of narrow halls and stairs like the Walkway.  There's a big
mirror here, too.  The similarity doesn't end there, because you'll also have
to battle Long Arms in this place later on (but not tonight).  Before that,
some Vanishing Ghosts will appear.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Man Turning (~300)
  As soon as you open the door, draw your camera and take a picture of Mr.
Takamine himself.  He's just ahead of you, in front of the mirror.  Simple!
After that, go in and talk to the Wisp that's left behind.  You will receive
the LIGHTER (for the lantern in the Abyss) and TAKAMINE'S NOTES 4.  Head N
along the hallway and another ghost will appear.  (Don't worry about exploring
the upper floor just yet.)
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Woman at Corner (~300)
  Tomoe appears again to show you the way.  She's just ahead, where the hallway
bends to the left.  She's slow-moving, but you should still draw your camera as
soon as the filament starts to glow in order to capture her before she
disappears around the corner.
In the place where Tomoe appeared you'll find HIRASAKA'S NOTES 6.  Continue on
toward the door in the N end of the hall, then go through into the Fish Tank

Your first battle with Tomoe is about to occur, and it couldn't happen in a
worse place.  There is only a narrow path of planks and ledges to walk on here.
 You can't fall off the edge, so don't worry about that; the real challenge
will be moving around in this room while trying to battle a ghost.  There's no
use putting it off, so enter the room and cross the first plank to find HERBAL
MEDICINE.  As you cross the next plank, Miku's heart will begin to race and you
will see a cutscene. ...
!!-Attacking Ghost: Assistant's
  Tomoe floats slowly around, occasionally groping toward you.  She doesn't
have much stamina, and since this terrain makes the battle tricky you want to
end it quickly.  When the battle starts, stay put and draw your camera.  You
should be able to get a good charged shot as she drifts slowly toward you. 
After shooting, turn and run back to the 1st plank and aim again.  Take
advantage of the few seconds when Tomoe is stunned after taking damage to
reposition yourself.  If she wanders off into the walls, be patient and keep
your distance.  Eventually she will emerge and you can begin charging.  Just
make sure you're not next to the wall that she went into!  Try to get in two
good shots quickly and you can end the battle unscathed.
After the battle you will get the RED TAPE 4.  Now you can go all the way to
the N door of the room, where you will find HIRASAKA'S NOTES 7.  Before
continuing to the next area, let's return to the Abyss and use the Lighter to
obtain an item we'll be needing soon.  As you make your way back to the S door,
there is a Hidden Ghost that you can capture.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Monk into Dark (1000)
  There is no clue from the filament until you switch to the Finder, so in
order to discern this ghost you must listen for the sound of STATIC.  The ghost
is hiding near the ceiling.  The best place to stand is on the 2nd ledge from
the N wall; you will hear static when you are walking on this ledge.  Stand
next to the E wall, then draw your camera and aim up into the room to find the
Now go through the Stairway and Cherry Atrium back to the Abyss.

Remember the unlit lantern that is here near the N edge of the yard?  Examine
the lantern and use the Lighter.  After the lantern is lit, a hidden
compartment will open and you will receive the BLACK CARVING.  This is the key
to a puzzle lock that you will have to solve in just a bit.  Once you have this
item, return to the Cherry Atrium.

A Vanishing Ghost will appear as you make your way back through this area.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Woman Hanging (~300)
  This ghost appears at the end of a noose that's tied to a limb of the cherry
tree in the NE corner of the Atrium.  You'll find out more about this spirit
later on.  It will appear as you begin to pass by on your way from the N door. 
Just draw your camera when the ghost appears and Miku will aim automatically,
making this an easy capture.
You can talk to the Wisp that remains, but you won't receive any items.  At
this point, you can return to the Rubble Room and save.  There's a valuable
Vanishing Ghost that you can now capture there as well.  Go through the Burial
Room and enter the Rubble Room.

SAVE THE GAME, then head toward the locked double doors in the N to find a
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Blinded Woman (~1600)
  As you approach the N door, this macabre ghost will appear right in front of
you for a split second.  Be prepared to draw and shoot as you head toward the
north; the Blinded Woman's appearance is startling and you mustn't panic.  Just
quickly switch to the Finder and shoot; she's right in front of you!  (You will
become painfully familiar with this ghost later on.)
We're now ready to open the north door of the Fish Tank Room and go on to the
next area.  You will pass through the Burial Room and the Cherry Atrium without
incident, but a ghost will appear when you enter the Stairway.

You will encounter another Vanishing & Attacking Ghost combo in this room.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Female Head (~500)
  As you enter, the severed head of a woman will appear and roll UP the
staircase.  It's a small, moving target, so you must draw your camera and aim
quickly.  Fortunately, it persists for a few seconds.  If you've been able to
upgrade the Range of your Finder, you will have a much easier time!
The Female Head immediately reappears as an Attacking Ghost as soon as it has
rolled up the steps.  This ghost counts as a separate entry in your Ghost List
from the Vanishing Female Head.
!!-Attacking Ghost: Female Head
  This battle should be a piece of cake.  The Head will float around you and
rush right at you; fortunately, it appears far away, giving you time to charge
up before it reaches you.  It remains visible almost all the time, so just
concentrate on timing your shot when it gets close and the circle turns amber. 
If you damage the Head with a Special Zero Shot in this way, it will be almost
finished; just one more weak shot will end the battle in no time.
Now is a good time to head upstairs and collect the items from the top floor. 
If you go all the way to the boarded-up door at the N end of the hall you'll
find a MUNAKATA RESEARCH DOCUMENT.  There's another scrap by the door at the S
end of the hall, "MISSING GIRL'S NEW HOME FOUND".  That's all to find up here,
just some light reading. Now you can go back downstairs and return to the Fish
Tank Room.

To pass the N door, you must enter a 4-digit combination similar to the earlier
door in the Walkway.  The dial is always the same: Counter-clockwise with 0 at
the top.  This time the inscription mentions the 'chosen maiden'.  Check the
Strangling Ritual document, and this time take the last 4 RED LETTERS as the
code:  3669.  After unlocking the door, open it and enter the Backyard.

This is a large outdoor area that is crawling with ghosts.  Fortunately, there
is a Save Point here too.  First, make your way along the fenced-in path to
reach the open yard.  Make a beeline for the Save Point inside the little shed
in the SE corner and SAVE THE GAME.  There is a SPIRIT STONE shining on the
ground nearby.  Now head N into the yard; you will see a well just ahead of
you.  At this point, the ghosts begin to appear.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Man in Backyard (~250)
  It's Mr. Takamine.  He's slowly walking down the path ahead of you.  About
the same time, the lid of the well will pop up and a girl's voice will plead
with you.  You must ignore these distractions, calmly draw your camera, and
take the shot.
A Wisp will be left behind, but DO NOT APPROACH IT.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Girl Pleading (~750)
  After capturing Mr. Takamine, don't take a single step.  Turn around (face
S), draw your camera, and look up.  You'll see a barred window high up on the
wall.  Keep this location well in mind, then leave Finder mode and slowly walk
toward the Wisp.  As you pass the well, you will hear chimes and your filament
will glow amber.  As fast as you can, turn and aim at the window and take a
picture of the girl.  This is a tough ghost, but fortunately you just saved the
game if you want to try again.
Grab the shining item on the lid of the well; it's the BLUE TAPE 1.  (Blue
tapes are from Mr. Takamine... he's getting closer all the time.)  After you
talk to the Wisp, turn and face the well.  There is a Hidden Ghost that you can
now capture.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Girl Turning (750)
  From the place where Mr. Takamine's Wisp was left behind, turn to the SE and
face the unobstructed part of the wall between the well and the trees.  You'll
the ghost plainly.
Once you've captured it, you can find a STONE MIRROR lying on the ground in the
spot where the ghost was hiding.  Before you continue N along the path, you may
want to go back and SAVE THE GAME.  Your final battle with Tomoe is about to
take place.
!!-Attacking Ghost: Assistant's [BOSS BATTLE]
  Tomoe attacks with the same patterns she used in the Fish Tank Room.  She has
a lot more stamina this time, but the advantage of battling her in an open area
will more than make up for it.  Tomoe is slow, but will only be visible about
half the time, so be careful to take your shots just after she's reappeared. 
You should be able to win by running 5 or 6 paces, turning and taking a fully
charged shot, then running away another 5 or 6 paces, turning, etc.  When Tomoe
doubles over, she's about to launch her rushing attack, so take your shot
quickly and run to a better position.  Like most serious ghosts, Tomoe can
teleport.  You should be able to recognize the characteristic sound a
teleporting ghost makes by now; when she uses this technique get ready to run! 
She has a lot of stamina, but be patient and let your shots charge up as much
as possible; you will spend about 6 or 7 good shots to defeat her!
When the battle's over, once again go back and SAVE THE GAME before continuing
N to the end of the path.  There you will find TAKAMINE'S NOTES 5 shining on
top of a grave stone.  Take it, then open the concealed door in the N wall.

This area is basically a long staircase through the woods leading to a Shrine. 
You will see a cutscene as you enter. ... Now you can head up the stairs,
capturing a couple of ghosts on the way.  As you walk up, a bird might dive
bomb you!  While this is startling, it won't hurt you.  At about the halfway
point, the perspective will switch to a side view from among the trees.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Warped Man (1250)
  When the perspective switches, the camera will be facing directly at this
ghost, which is between the trees on the E side of the path.  To capture it,
listen for the static and walk toward the E edge of the stairs, then draw your
camera and aim between the trees to find the ghost.
As you proceed further up the stairs, a Vanishing Ghost will appear.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Standing Man (~200)
  The perspective will change once again as you proceed up the path, moving
from among the trees to a point behind you.  This is when Mr. Takamine will
appear.  He's at the top of the steps, partially hidden behind the right pillar
of the Shinto gate.  You should be able to draw and take a shot of him without
much trouble.
A Wisp will remain after he vanishes.  Talk to it, then head up to the doorway
of the Shrine.  On either side of the door you will find a STONE MIRROR and
TYPE-37 FILM.  Once you have these items, check the door to the Shrine.  It is
locked with a puzzle lock.  There are several doors like this in Himuro Mansion
(you may have noticed a couple of them earlier.)  To open it, you must match up
the sliding tiles with their corresponding symbols on the edge of the diagram;
you can only slide tiles along the WHITE pathways, and you only have a limited
number of moves (displayed in the lower right corner).  When you've matched up
the four sliding tiles, the Black Carving that you obtained from the lantern
will fill the remaining hole and the door will open.  There's no penalty for
getting it wrong, you can try as many times as you like.  I will give the
solution by indicating which positions to select, numbered CLOCKWISE WITH 1 AT
THE TOP.  Solution: 4 2 3 5.  When the door is unlocked, enter the Narukami
Shrine.  Your confrontation with Mr. Takamine will occur in this place.

Enter the little shrine and check the spark on the altar.  It's the BLUE TAPE
2.  Once you've picked up the item, a Vanishing Ghost will appear.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Crucified Man (~400)
  Mr. Takamine has met a terrible end, it seems.  To find him, draw your camera
as soon as you've picked up the Tape, then tap Triangle to spin around and aim
UP.  The ghost is hanging from the ceiling.  You must draw and aim quickly to
capture him.
After the ghost vanishes, you will see a cutscene. ... The Novelist's Ghost has
come to fight you!
!!-Attacking Ghost: Novelist's [BOSS BATTLE]
  You do not want to fight the Novelist in this tiny shrine.  You should
immediately run outside into the Forest Path to get some room, and to make it
harder for the ghost to hide from you.  This is a tough battle.  Junsei has a
lot of stamina and a variety of attacking techniques.  Furthermore, he flickers
in and out of sight fairly quickly, so it is tricky to time your shots
correctly.  The only advantage you can exploit is the fact that he is
relatively slow.  You should be able to run a good distance away before turning
and aiming to charge up a shot.  His attacks come slowly as well, so try and
save up a full charge; as soon as you're charged, don't wait for him to
approach.  Just let him have it!  If you see him begin to use a special attack,
go ahead and shoot him immediately to cancel or delay his attack.  If he bends
over and clutches his head, he's about to use a paralyzing attack; if he raises
his hands over his head, he's about to teleport and drop right on top of you. 
Be ready to evade his grapple by pressing X.  You'll have to hit him with 7 or
8 good shots to win.

At the end of the battle with Takamine, you will be here.  The last photo you
took in the battle was of the SHINTO GATE.  Could something be hidden there? 
Go to the gate and check the base on the east side, where you saw the Standing
Man earlier.  Search that spot and you'll find the HEADLESS BUDDHA.  That's
nice, someone broke its head off and splattered it with gore.  You'll also find
the FIVE BUDDHAS DOCUMENT.  As you head back into the Shrine you'll find
TAKAMINE'S NOTES 6.  Head into the Shrine.

Approach the altar and you'll see a line of Buddha statues.  Place the Headless
Buddha you just found on the shelf and a grid of holes will open; your filament
will also light up.  Take a picture of the holes and you will see the statues
have been placed in the holes.  You must take the 5 statues and arrange them to
match the picture.  Each statue is marred in one of five places; each one goes
in a certain hole:
Left Arm -> Upper Left
Left Leg -> Lower Left
Head -> Top Center
Right Leg -> Lower Right
Right Arm -> Upper Right
When all the statues are in the right place, the altar will open and you will
receive a piece of the HOLY MIRROR.  Apparently, this Mirror is the key to
breaking the curse on the Mansion.  As soon as you get the piece, however,
Kyrie appears in a cutscene. ... There's no way you can fight her and win; Miku
gets her first rope marks.  On that happy note, the 1st Night comes to an end.


RANDOM GHOSTS: Bound Man & Broken Neck

**You've seen some hints during the 1st Night about Folklorist Mr. Munakata,
whose family moved into the Mansion several generations ago and then
mysteriously disappeared, along with several local children.  Your goal during
the 2nd Night is to seek out these spirits and learn whatever you can from them
to help you find Mafuyu.  (Note:  If you've been a diligent ghost-hunter, you
should have earned enough Spirit Points by now to upgrade most of your Basic
Functions to at least Level 3.  This advantage will be crucial to surviving the
upcoming battles.)

After a cutscene ... you will begin the Night in this room.  You just got a
piece of the Mirror -- and now you've already lost it!  Getting it back won't
be easy.  If you check the map, you'll find that all the rooms you've explored
are still marked, but the doors are missing!  The rooms of the Mansion are the
same, but the pathways among them have changed; the doors will be added to the
map once again as you discover which are open and which are locked.  There are
new items to be found everywhere, so you must be careful and double-check all
the areas that you've been to before.  Let's get started then.  If you check
the SE corner where you saw the ghost children running through a secret door,
you'll get a blue glow from your filament.  Take a picture of the wall; the
photo shows a DEMON TAG SCROLL.  You need to find this scroll to open the
secret door.  On the little shelf in the same corner there is a box of TYPE-14
FILM.  In the middle of the room, check the cushion lying on the ground to find
MAFUYU'S NOTES 2.  In the center of the W shelf is a doll display with a locked
drawer.  We'll need to find a way to open this as well.  At the N end of the
shelf is a shining SPIRIT STONE.  Hm, could this place be haunted?  Now check
the shelf on the other side of the room; you'll find YAE'S PAPERS 1 in the
little boxes at the N end, and HERBAL MEDICINE at the other end.  You've got
everything?  Then head out the N door into the Cherry Atrium to battle a new

There will be a Vanishing Ghost appearance the instant you open the door from
the Doll Room.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Child on Porch (~1000)
  As soon as you open the door from the Doll Room, draw your camera and aim
through the lattice right in front of you.  A child will run by your field of
view from left to right; you must have a quick reflexes with the shutter to
capture this ghost.
After this ghost runs by, head out into the Atrium.  The blood trail that was
here before is gone now.  As you head along the walkway, you will see a
cutscene ... and you'll be attacked by the Blinded Woman!
!!-Attacking Ghost: Blinded
  Ok, get ready to hate this ghost, because you are going to battle her several
times during the 2nd Night.  Since she is blind, she can only move slowly and
aimlessly, groping ahead with out-stretched arms; she does have keen hearing,
however.  If you move around, this ghost will hear your footsteps and rush
toward you to attack; this is a very fast and damaging attack that she can
start from any distance away.  Your best strategy whenever you must battle this
ghost is:  DO NOT MOVE.  Just stay put and keep aiming until you get maximum
charge, then wait.  When the Mystic Power meter turns RED and the Capture
Circle turns AMBER, take a ZERO SHOT.  This is important; if you don't take a
Zero Shot, Blinded will know where you are and immediately rush you, so if you
miss the shot quickly dodge out of her way!  Blinded has one other trick that
you must watch out for:  she likes to teleport.  If you ever see the ghost
vanish and you hear the (hopefully) familiar chime, tap the Triangle button as
fast as you can to spin around because I guarantee the ghost is standing right
behind you!  It's ok, just stay calm and wait for your shot.  Two strong shots
will beat her... this time.
That was a tough battle; hopefully you didn't get hurt too badly because you'll
have to battle this ghost many more times (and often in a much smaller space,
ug!).  Now you can enter the Atrium and have a look around.  If you head toward
the door to Abyss, you can find a Vanishing Ghost.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Hanged Woman (~750)
  This is the spirit of Yae, the Folklorist's Wife whose Diary you found
earlier back in the Doll Room.  She will appear as you head N toward the Abyss,
just as you are passing by the left side of the stone monument.  She doesn't
stay long, but since she is stationary you should just quickly draw and shoot
as soon as the Filament starts to glow.
After Yae disappears, she will leave behind a Wisp.  Listen to its message,
then look around for a couple of items.  In the middle of the path that leads
to the Shrine is a box of TYPE-37 FILM.  Search in the NW corner near the
Shrine to find a Spirit Stone.  That's all; you should now head through the SW
door to the Burial Room.

As soon as you enter, check the memorial shelf nearby to find the BLIND DEMON
RITUAL.  There's more red numbers on this scroll that you'll use later on to
unlock some doors. Further in, you'll see that some candles have been arranged
on the little table in the corner.  More loose ends!  You'll have to come back
here later when you have a way to light them.  (Why didn't Miku keep the
Lighter??)  The S door, leading to the Walkway, is now locked, but at the
dead-end just past the door you can find more TYPE-37 FILM.  Now go through the
N door to the Rubble Room.

Now is your chance to SAVE THE GAME.  Once you've done that, head to the door
in the N.  Your filament will glow blue, so take out the camera and take a
picture of the door.  It has another one of those puzzle locks; the missing
tile is shown in the picture of the STONE ON THE WELL.  If you recall, the well
was in the Backyard, so we'll head there next.  Before you leave, you can grab
some more TYPE-37 FILM in the SW corner.  Make your way through the Burial Room
and the Cherry Atrium and take the SE door to the Stairway.

There are many ghosts in this area.  The first one will appear as soon as you
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Kid Running Away (~750)
  This is a very tough shot to get!  The kid will appear a short distance N of
the big mirror and run at top speed up the hallway.  You must run too; dash
into the room as soon as the door opens and angle to the left.  Head for the
hallway that leads north, and just as you get close to the post at the bottom
of the stairs quickly draw and shoot.  You have to run, draw, aim and shoot
very quickly to get this ghost; if you are successful you'll have taken a shot
from a point that allows you see most of the way down the hall to capture the
child just before he reaches the corner.
When you follow the ghost you just saw up the hallway, you will have a battle
with Long Arms.  If you need a STONE MIRROR, you can find one shining at the
edge of the broken floor to the left of the stairs.  Ready?  Now head N along
the hallway to see a cutscene ... and begin the battle!
!!-Attacking Ghost: Man with Long Arms
  In this encounter, Long Arms has about twice as much stamina as he had the
first time you fought him.  Your main difficulty, however, will be due to the
fact that you must conduct the battle in a much smaller area than before.  At
first, use the same tactic you did in the Walkway:  back down the hallway, then
turn and charge up a shot. You probably won't be able to defeat Long Arms
before he can make his way into the entrance; when this happens, use the brief
moment when Long Arms is stunned from a strong shot to run past him and
continue the battle as you make your way N.  Three or four good shots will
finish the battle.
Now go and check out the door at the N end of the hall.  There is TYPE-14 FILM
here.  Your filament will glow; take a picture of the door and you will see
FOOT OF STAIRCASE?  There's a Hidden Ghost there, so go back to the bottom of
the staircase at the S end of the hall to find it.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Vengeance in Wall (750)
  Stand at the foot of the stairs and aim up into the ruined area underneath
the upper risers to find this ghost; look above the spot where you found the
Stone Mirror.  It's a big floating face.
Now the N door should be unsealed.  Before going to the Fish Tank Room, head
upstairs to find another Hidden Ghost.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Monk out of Dark (1250)
  To find this ghost, go up the stairs and make your way north along the
balcony.  As you approach the end of the railing, you will hear static.  Move
right up to the rail, and aim your camera at the window that's high on the wall
above the landing.
There are no items up here, and both of the doors are locked, so go back down
and take the N door to the Fish Tank Room.

The child that you've been following will appear again as you enter this room.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Kid Running Away (~750)
  This kid is fast, so you must once again draw and aim very quickly to capture
him.  He'll appear as soon as you've taken your first step into the room, and
he'll run across the first plank that's right in front of you.  His movement is
somewhat oblique, so you might have to aim slightly to the left as you draw the
Now make your way to the N end of the room; you'll find TYPE-37 FILM and HERBAL
MEDICINE on the way.  You must enter another 4-digit code to unlock the door to
the Backyard.  This time the inscription asks for the date of the Blind Demon
Ritual, which is revealed in the scroll that you found in the Burial Room: 
2611.  Unlock the door and enter the Backyard.

In order to obtain the Blue Carving from the well in this area, you will have
to battle a ghost.  First, you should head straight for the Save Point and SAVE
THE GAME. The battle will begin when you approach the well, after a cutscene.
!!-Attacking Ghost: Girl in Well
  This poor girl will attack in a pattern very similar to Tomoe, and you should
use similar tactics against her.  She will float slowly around, occasionally
making sudden darts to the side, until she ultimately rushes forward to attack.
 You can protect yourself from this attack by taking your shot when the circle
turns amber.  She will teleport from time to time as well, so immediately run
if she disappears and you lose track of her.  If you keep a safe distance and
make three or four strong shots, you will win the battle.
When you have defeated the girl, go to up the well and search it to find the
BLUE CARVING.  You can also to take a picture to receive a photo of the GIRL
PULLED INTO WELL.  After you SAVE THE GAME, you are ready to head back and use
the Blue Carving on the puzzle lock in the Rubble Room.  Before you go back,
though, you can take an optional trip back to Narukami Shrine to collect a
Hidden Ghost; you are almost certain to encounter a Random Ghost if you do.  To
take this option, exit the Backyard through the door in the N and follow the
Forest Path to Narukami Shrine.  When you're ready to move on, go back through
the Fish Tank Room and return to the Stairway.

!!-Hidden Ghost: Tormented Ones (2500)
  You had to risk battle with Broken Neck to find your way to this room, but
the high score is worth it.  You'll see this ghost if you aim at the big mirror
to the left of the altar.  Don't stand too close, or you won't be able to fit
the entire image in your Finder window.

As you pass through on your way back to the Rubble Room, you will have your
next confrontation with Blinded.
!!-Attacking Ghost: Blinded
  She will appear as you are approaching the big mirror from the north; she'll
be a behind you, coming down the stairs.  In this battle, she has slightly more
stamina.  You must stick to the same tactic as before.  Hold your ground and
aim, keep a ready finger on the Shutter button, and take your shot when the
Capture Circle turns amber.  As always with this ghost, you can only avoid
being rushed if your shot is strong enough to knock Blinded back (a Zero Shot).
 If you only score a normal shot, quickly dash out of the way because she will
charge as soon as the stunning effect lapses.  Don't run more than a stride or
two, because she will hear you and charge again!  It will probably take three
shots to do the job.
Whew!  Unfortunately, you've not seen the last of her by a long shot.  You
should be able to make it the rest of the way back through the Cherry Atrium
and Burial Room to the Rubble Room without meeting any more ghosts.

Here you can SAVE THE GAME, then head for the N door.  Now you can use the Blue
Carving to complete the puzzle lock on this door.  The sequence of moves is
more complicated this time: 2 5 4 3 1.  When you've unlocked the door, open it
and enter the Corridor.

It's been a while since you have seen a new area.  This is just a long hallway
with lattices on the walls.  As you approach the bend in the hallway, there
will be a ghost appearance.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Bro's Shadow (~750)
  As you approach the bend in the hallway, you will see Mafuyu appear ahead of
you.  You must draw your camera very quickly to capture him before he
disappears around the corner.  If you stay on the left side as you go north
down the hall, you will be able to see farther down the hall and this shot will
be easier.
It seems that you are getting closer to your brother!  At the end of the hall
you will find MAFUYU'S NOTES 3.  You'll also find another pair of doors with a
puzzle lock.  Again?!  Well, just take a picture of the door and you'll see a
STONE BURIAL MOUND?  This grave is located in the Abyss, although you couldn't
get to it during the 1st Night.  This is where you must go next to find the
carving that's missing from the door.  Go back through the Rubble Room, Burial
Room, and Cherry Atrium to the Abyss.

When you were here on the 1st Night, the piers leading out into the swamp were
broken. Now they seem to be in good shape.  Before you head out to find the
stone monument, check the alcove in the SW corner to find a Hidden ghost.  Be
careful because you can sometimes encounter a random Bound Man in this area;
fortunately, Bound Man is the easiest ghost to defeat.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Burned Man (1250)
  This sufferer is easy to spot if you enter the SW alcove.  Just aim at the
wall at the back of the alcove to find it.
Now head N out along the pier.  At the first little island, you will find
SACRED WATER.  Continue to the end of the pier and you'll find the Stone
Monument.  Search it and you will obtain the PURPLE CARVING.  Also, if you
search the ground behind the monument, you can find a STONE MIRROR hidden
behind the grave.  As you make your way back to the Corridor to use the Purple
Carving, there will be two ghost appearances.

As you head south across the Atrium, be ready to take some quick shots of
Vanishing ghosts.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Observatory Man (~500)
  This ghost will appear just as you are passing the corner of the Shrine.  As
his name states, he appears above you on the 2nd floor balcony, in the
Observatory.  When you draw the camera, aim up and a little to the left to find
him.  This ghost isn't too hard.
There's another ghost coming, and this one is a little bit harder.  It will
appear as you approach the steps to the porch.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Girl under Porch (~2000)
  This girl will appear just as you reach the first step up to the porch.  She
will emerge from underneath the deck right next to you, on the right side. 
Quickly draw the camera as soon as the perspective changes, then aim down and
to the right to capture this ghost before she disappears.  You must be able to
aim precisely, because this ghost doesn't stay for very long.
Continue on to the Rubble Room, where you can SAVE THE GAME, then return to the
Corridor to open the next puzzle lock.

Check the door at the N end to use the Purple Carving on the lock, which is the
most complicated one yet.  Here is the pattern of tiles to select if you can't
figure it out: 4 2 3 5 4 1 2.  When you've unlocked the door, open it and enter
the Demon Mouth.

 This room is a huge gaping pit with a ledge all the way around the top and
ladders leading down to the floor of the pit.  You will see a cutscene when you
enter ... and then you can run around to the ladders and climb down to the
bottom.  There are some sinister-looking pillars and a huge set of doors down
here.  When you check the doors, a Vanishing ghost will appear.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Man before Door (~500)
  When you examine the doors, this ghost will appear.  It is the Folklorist,
Ryozo Munakata.  He is facing the small recess in the wall next to the door, so
you'll have to turn to the right to aim at this ghost.  Be sure to aim quickly,
because the ghost lasts a very short time.
A Wisp is left behind.  Talk to it, then take a picture of the place where the
man was standing.  There's a niche in the wall next to the door, and in your
photo an image of the Blinding Mask will appear.  It looks like some kind of
gruesome torture device.  You'll have to find this mask to open the door and
follow Mafuyu.  Check near the fallen brazier on the left side of the door to
find a MUNAKATA RESEARCH DOCUMENT.  As you make your way back to the ladder,
Blinded attacks you once again.
!!-Attacking Ghost: Blinded
  She's back!  Once again, use the tactic that I have described in earlier
battles with this ghost.  Do not move or Blinded will rush you; just aim
patiently and wait for the circle to turn amber so you can take a Zero Shot. 
Be prepared to dodge a few steps to either side if you fail to knock the ghost
back.  Blinded has slightly more stamina than before in this battle, but you
should still be able to finish it in 3 shots.
The last photo that you take of Blinded during the battle will show an image of
the ROW OF CANDLESTICKS that are on the table in the corner of the Burial Room,
and you will receive the MATCHES.  Now that you have these, let's to back to
the Burial Room and light the candles.  Climb and go through the Corridor and
Rubble Room to the Burial Room.  Don't forget to SAVE THE GAME on your way,
because Blinded will attack AGAIN after you've lit the candles.

A Vanishing ghost will appear as soon as you open the door from the Rubble Room.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Girl Pointing (~300)
  It's been a while since you've met a Vanishing Ghost that's easy to capture. 
It's the helpful little girl again, and she'll be standing straight ahead of
you as you open the door, gesturing toward the candles.  Just draw and shoot.
Now you can go examine the candles.  There are six of them, three white ones
and three red ones.  The white ones are lit now, but if you take a photo of
them you'll see that the red ones are lit instead.  Your job is to make the
candles match the photo.  Use the Matches to light them, but there's a trick: 
whenever you light a candle, the candles that are on either side of it will go
out (if they are lit) or light up (if they're not).  If you light them in the
correct order, you can extinguish the white ones and light the red ones at the
same time.  If you get stuck, the solution is (numbering the candles from left
to right):  4 2 5 4.  When you have done this, all the candles will light and
the drawer behind them will unlock.  You will get the SCROLL.  Before you can
take this back to the Doll Room and hang it on the wall, Blinded will attack!
!!-Attacking Ghost: Blinded
  This ghost just won't leave you alone!  This small room is not an ideal
battleground, but that won't matter much since your main tactic will be the
same as before:  don't move!  When Blinded appears she will be sneaking up
behind you; draw and press Triangle to spin around and begin charging your
shot.  Because you are in the corner, it may be difficult to keep the ghost in
your sights.  Use the filament to keep track of her position if she disappears
behind a wall and be ready to hit the shutter if the Capture Circle turns
amber.  Remember, Blinded CANNOT find you if you don't make a sound, so don't
try to run to a better vantage point or you'll just get tackled.  Her stamina
is not any higher than before; three shots should do it (although it's possible
to win with only two).
Go back to the Rubble Room now and SAVE THE GAME if you like.  Then return to
the Cherry Atrium and take the S door to the Doll Room.

Before you can place the Scroll on the wall, you must confront Crawling Girl
!!-Attacking Ghost: Crawling Girl
  You fought this girl in this room during the 1st Night.  She's exactly the
same this time; in fact, she'll probably be much easier now since you have a
much stronger Camera than you did before (and because you've had a lot of
practice fighting ghosts since then, too).  A further advantage comes from the
fact that the floor isn't broken now (that's odd, isn't it?), so you don't have
worry about maneuvering around some big hole in the middle of the room.  You
can probably end this battle quickly with two strong shots.
After defeating the ghost, take a picture of the shimmer that is left behind
and you will get a photo of GIRL PULLED THRU DOOR.  Now you can use the Scroll
on the wall to reveal a secret door that will lead to the Kimono Room.   If you
are an avid collector, you might want to go back to the Rubble Room and save
first, because as soon as you pass through the secret door an extremely
difficult Vanishing ghost will appear.

!!-Vanishing Ghost: Kid Hiding (~1500)
  Ok, they don't get any more difficult than this.  The ghost will appear as
you take your first steps into the room.  He will run across your field of view
from right to left, behind the row of kimonos.  To capture him, you must
quickly aim and time the shutter with perfect accuracy as he flashes by in the
narrow gaps between the kimonos. You will have the most time to aim and prepare
if you point at the left-most gap.  The timing is critical, because he appears
in the gap for only a split second; capturing this ghost will almost certainly
require several tries.  None of the other Vanishing Ghosts that remain in the
game will be as hard as this one.
Now you can check out the room.  In the NE corner there is a shining SPIRIT
STONE.  If you examine the mirror stand you will find YAE'S PAPERS 2.  Continue
through the sliding door in the E wall to the Library.

There are a couple of new items here.  If you open the closet where you found
the Tape Recorder, you will find TYPE-74 FILM.  Then check the dresser in the
SW corner to find a SPIRIT STONE.  Now head toward the door to the Lamp
Hallway.  You'll hear a child running down the hall as you approach the door.

The lamps hanging in this hall might start swinging mysteriously as you walk
by; there is a strong spirit nearby.  If you check the dead end to the north,
you will find TYPE-37 FILM.  After grabbing the film, take the S door to the
Fireplace Room.

In this room, you will finally confront the child that stole your Mirror Piece.
 There will be cutscene as you enter. ... The grandfather clock in the corner
will open, and the Boy Hiding will come running out to attack you!
!!-Attacking Ghost: Boy Hiding [BOSS BATTLE]
  This ghost is fast and aggressive, so expect a tough battle.  He will run and
teleport in a bewildering way, but if you're aware of his patterns you can
avoid getting ambushed.  His most common tactic is to run after you and try to
grab you.  He is fast, so if you can get away and turn for a shot you might not
have time to build up much charge before he gets too close or teleports away. 
He will crouch down before jumping up for a strong attack; if you see this,
snap immediately to get score extra damage and avoid the attack.  The most
difficult thing about fighting this ghost is that it teleports very frequently,
so you are often forced to abandon your aim and run to a better position.  He
doesn't always teleport behind you; sometimes he will teleport up into the
rafters and you will have to aim UP to find him.  He won't stay there long, and
when he teleports back again he'll be running straight for you so keep moving
and don't waste time panning around with the Finder searching for him.  Run
until you know where he is, then aim and try to do as much damage as possible. 
The Boy Hiding has average stamina, but you won't be able to fully charge every
shot; you'll probably need 4 or 5 decent hits to win.
At last you have finally recovered the MIRROR PIECE!  Now your immediate task
is to search for the Blinding Mask.  Begin by exploring the room for clues.  If
you take a picture of the clock you will get a photo of BOY PULLED INTO CLOCK
and you can pick up the CHILD'S WRITING.  Enter the little library room next to
the clock and you'll discover that the broken staircase is now intact!  Climb
up the stairs and check the dresser at the top to find FOLKLORIST'S DIARY 3. 
Now head over to the door that leads to the Tatami Room.  It's sealed by a
Hidden ghost.  Take a picture, and you'll see something ON THE BEAM... it's the
Rope Hallway.  There are no other items here, so go back downstairs and go
through the NW door.

There's a Hidden Ghost here that is sealing the door to the Tatami Room.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Vengeance (750)
  When you reach the midpoint of the hallway, your filament will begin to glow.
 Stop and draw your camera, then aim up to find this ghost hiding near the
Before you go back to the Tatami Room, continue through the S door and check
out the Entrance.

You can SAVE THE GAME here, then go over to the E wall.  There used to be a
mask hanging here on the wall, remember?  It's gone now, but you can get the
FURIOUS-LOOKING MASK photo if you take a picture of the spot where it hung. 
Now there are two masks to search for.  If you go down the steps to the area by
the front door you can find some HERBAL MEDICINE.  Now it's time to return to
the Tatami Room, but you can make an optional trip to the Grand Hall first to
find some ghosts and items.

GRAND HALL [Optional]
You can return to this room through the door at the N end of the Rope Hallway. 
You will see a cutscene as you enter and all the partitions will open. ...
!!-Ghost Battle: Longhair Woman
  The ghost will appear at the far end of the room when the battle begins. 
Unfortunately, this advantage will quickly disappear because Longhair is a very
fast ghost.  She will swoop around you in a spiral, circling you as she closes
in.  Keeping your aim on this ghost will be difficult, because she moves very
quickly and will often disappear behind the many partitions.  Even worse, she
will often teleport.  Sometimes she uses this move just to confuse your aim a
little, but sometimes she will appear directly above you!  If she teleports and
your filament goes out, RUN!  She's about to grab you!  Your best strategy is
to keep as much distance between yourself and the ghost as possible, but don't
get too close to the walls so you can command the widest possible view.  Begin
aiming and charging your shot; use the Square button to accelerate your aim. 
When you've charged up, don't wait for her to get close.
Just take your shot at the first clear opportunity.  While the ghost is
stunned, run to a better position and take aim once again.  Be ready to abandon
your shot and run if the ghost gets too close or begins coming at you from
behind.  You'll need three or four good shots to win the battle.
After the battle you can look around for some items.  Check the alcoves between
the partitions and you'll find TYPE-14 FILM and HERBAL MEDICINE.  You can also
find a Hidden ghost.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Evil Woman (1750)
  This ghost is well hidden.  To find her, search the southern alcove between
the first two partitions on the west side of the room.  Your filament will
begin to glow when you get close.  Aim your camera up and into the corner.
That's everything here, so go back through the Rope Hallway to the Fireplace.

As you climb the stairs to the balcony, you will hear someone playing on a
koto.  Head across the balcony and you will see the silhouette of musician in
the paper window; but the shadow will vanish as you get closer.  There must be
something important hidden nearby...  To find out, go through the door to the
Tatami Room.

There will be several ghost appearances in this little room.  The first one
occurs the moment you open the door.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Man in Study (~1000)
  It's Mr. Munakata.  He will be moving away from you toward the little alcove
that's ahead of you and to the left.  To capture him, begin running forward as
the door opens so you can take a step into the room before you raise the
camera.  Aim quickly to the left and take the shot.
The ghost will leave behind a Wisp.  As you walk toward it, it will move away
from you and into a small room that was blocked off during the 1st Night.  Talk
to the Wisp and look around; there is a safe in here.  Take a picture of the
safe and you'll see KEY IN THE PHOTO.  So you need to find a key, but the
picture didn't give you any hint about where to look.  Before we head out in
search of the key, look around for items.  Search the bookshelf next to the
safe for FOLKLORIST'S DIARY 2.  In the window of the safe room there is TYPE-14
FILM.  Out in the main part of the room, you can find a STONE MIRROR in the urn
in the corner, and MAFUYU'S NOTE 5 on the corner of the low table.  Your next
destination will be through the door across from the safe room to the Walkway. 
Before you go, you can step through the SE door to the Anteroom and SAVE THE
GAME; you won't find any new items though.  When you're ready, go to the

First, open the closet to your left to find some TYPE-37 FILM, then begin
walking down the hallway.  As you pass by the mirror, you will have another
battle with Blinded!
!!-Attacking Ghost: Blinded
  This is your FIFTH battle with this ghost (but who's counting?).  She'll come
at you from the S branch of the hallway.  You should be developing some skill
with dispatching this ghost by now.  Remember, don't move, charge up your shot,
and wait for the Capture Circle to turn amber.  While Blinded has a little more
stamina than before in this battle, it should be quite easy if you stick to
your tactics.
Once you've beaten the ghost, head toward the end of the S branch of the hall
and you'll find the door here is sealed by a ghost.  Take a picture of the door
and you'll see LIGHT THRU CREVICE.  Do you remember this place?  It's
downstairs, so head back to the mirror and take a left to go down the stairs. 
The crevice shown in the photo is in the E leg of the hall.  Go there to find
the hidden ghost that's sealing the door upstairs. There is a STONE MIRROR in
the crevice as well.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Girl Hiding (750)
  Find the crevice in the E leg of the Walkway and draw your camera.  Aim at
the back of the crevice and you'll see the ghost lurking.
The there are locked doors in the N and S halls of the Walkway leading to the
Burial Room and the Grand Hall respectively.  You can unlock these doors as you
pass by them if you like.  Now that you've captured the Girl Hiding, you can go
upstairs and open the S door, which will allow you to access a new area. 
Before you go there, run around to the W leg of the hallway to find the door to
the Storeroom.  You'll have to enter another 4-digit combination to open it. 
The inscription asks for the age of the maiden in the Blind Demon Ritual, so
check that document to find the code:  7925.  Use the dial to enter the code
and unlock the door.

First check the area by the suit of armor in the corner.  You'll see a SPIRIT
STONE shining there; one of the boxes will rattle its lid at you, but try not
to panic.  Check the drawers to the left of the armor for TYPE-14 FILM.  Look
in NW corner for a SPIRIT STONE.  There's nothing upstairs except for the sound
of a ghost sobbing. Now you're ready to go back to the Walkway.

Go upstairs and take the south branch of the hallway.  Open the unsealed door
at the end and enter the Koto Room.

This mansion is just full of hidden rooms!  Let's go in and look around.  There
will be a cutscene as you approach the photographs. ... After that, check the
table to find YAE'S PAPERS 3.  Now go to the NE corner and you'll find...the
BRONZE KEY!  The gramophone will play a recording when you pick up the key. 
There's another door here, but you won't be able to unlock it yet.  You'll find
the koto here too, but you can't play with it.  Now return to the Tatami Room
via the Walkway.

You have a good chance of encountering a Random Ghost here (Broken Neck).  You
should be able to handle an easy ghost like this one on your own; aim and
shoot, then run away while the ghost is stunned and take aim once again.  If
the ghost rushes you, wait for it to get close and take a Special Shot.  You
don't have to fight it if you don't want to though; just run away (back to the
Tatami Room, for instance).  After pursuing you through a couple of rooms, it
will give up.  I recommend that you just fight it, however.

Go into the room with the safe and use the Bronze Key to open it.  You'll see a
cutscene. ... Then you'll find a MUNAKATA RESEARCH DOCUMENT describing the Mask
of Reflection.  It seems you'll need to find this mask now as well...  Get
ready to draw your camera because there will be a ghost appearance as soon as
you've read the Document.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Man before Study (~400)
  Mr. Munakata will appear in the alcove to your right, walking slowly past the
doorway to the study.  As soon as you've cleared away the last message after
the cutscene, push to the right on your controller so that you can turn and
capture him before he disappears.  He won't be visible for long, but if you
start turning right away you should be able to capture him in time.
Before you leave the room, get ready to try for another shot of the Folklorist.
 He will appear as soon as you step out into the alcove.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Observatory Man (~400)
  This is a difficult capture, and counts as a separate entry in your Ghost
List.  Mr. Munakata will appear as soon as you've stepped into the alcove.  He
will be walking slowly away from you and heading for the double door that leads
to the Observatory.  He's only visible for a very short time, so you must be
switch to the Finder the INSTANT that you step through the doorway out of the
study.  If you take more than ONE STEP into the alcove, the ghost will
disappear, so don't try to approach it.
It seems that the Folklorist is trying to lead you somewhere.  Follow him and
go through the N door to the Observatory.

When you enter, you will see a cutscene. ... It looks an item has appeared by
the tree in the Cherry Atrium, so let's go down there and get it!  But what is
the best way to get there?  I'll show you.  First, return to the Tatami Room,
then exit through the SE door to the Anteroom.

This is a good time to SAVE THE GAME.  After that, go do the little door in the
N and you'll be able to unlock it.  Go through the door and you'll be in the
Stairway.  Now all you have to do is go downstairs and exit through the SW door
to return to the Cherry Atrium.

You will have a tough ghost battle in this room as soon as you try to pick up
the item here, so make sure you have full health.  Go down the steps and
approach the tree in the corner.  You'll see something shining on the ground...
it's a Photo Album.  Examine the spot and you will see a cutscene. ... You
won't be able to get the Photo Album without dealing with Yae first!
!!-Attacking Ghost: Woman Hanging [BOSS BATTLE]
  This is the spirit of Yae, the Folklorist's wife.  She is not only fast, but
she has a lot of stamina to boot.  You will want to keep a safe distance when
you battle this ghost; fortunately, the Cherry Atrium provides you with plenty
of room to run around.  Try to get as far away as you can (but don't go back up
the porch), then take aim.  This ghost floats fairly high in the air as it
chases after you, so you must always aim more or less UP to get a shot.  It has
a quick attack so waiting for the Capture Circle to turn amber can be risky. 
It's best to just go ahead and take your shot as soon as you have a full
charge.  Then, while Yae is stunned, run away!  Get as far away as you can
before aiming again.  Since she is pretty strong, you will need five or six
good shots to win.
When you take your last shot of Yae, you will see a ROW OF JAPANESE DOLLS. 
This is a hint to return to the Doll Room.  First, go back to the Photo Album
you saw and pick it up.  You will receive YAE'S DEATH NOTE and three photos: 
that's been helping you out from time to time is actually Kirie?  Your next
destination is the Doll Room, so use the S door from the Cherry Atrium to get

First thing to do here is take a picture of the Doll Shelf that's on the W
wall.  In your photo, you'll see that a doll covering her eyes has appeared. 
Turn around and check the display of dolls that's on the other side of the
room.  There are 5 dolls here, but you can only take one.  You know it's not
the doll in the center, because she isn't covering her eyes.  To interpret the
clue, "Who is in front of the back?", you must use this center doll as a
reference.  "The back" is the doll that is behind the center doll, so you must
take the one "in front" of that one; that is, pick the doll on the back right
corner.  You will receive the KAGOME DOLL.  Now go over to the W shelf and use
the Doll to complete the display.  A drawer will open and you'll finally get
the ANGRY MASK.  All right!  Now let's go back to the Entrance and hang this
Mask back up on the wall.  The quickest way to get there is through these
rooms: Cherry Atrium, Burial Room, Walkway, Grand Hall, Rope Hallway.

In the next part of the game, you will be collecting masks.  These masks are
actually keys that you will need to open some secret doors.  Unlike most key
items in Fatal Frame, you will be able to use each Mask in more than one place.
 SAVE THE GAME, then go to the E wall and hang the Angry Mask back on the wall.
 This will unlock a secret door, allowing you to go through and enter the
Hidden Pass.

That's right, there's an entire wing of the Mansion left that you've never
explored!  This tiny hallway is full of secret doors that you can only pass if
you use the right Mask.  The first thing you should do upon entering the
passage is turn around and check the door you just came through, and you'll be
able to take the Angry Mask back off the wall and carry it with you.  Now you
can go down the hall.  At the first corner, look for some TYPE-37 FILM shining
on the ground.  Get ready to capture a Vanishing ghost as you continue down the
hallway to the east.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Hall Wanderer (~400)
  It seems you are still on Mr. Munakata's trail.  He will appear in front of
the door in the E branch of the hallway.  He's stationary and will stay for a
second or two; this one is easy!
Before you follow the ghost, go down the N branch of the hall.  There is a seal
on the door to your right.  Take a picture of the door and you will see MASK ON
THE PILLAR.  It looks like there's a mask hanging here, too, but you can't seem
to take it or open the door.  Leave it for now and go all the way to the N end
of the hall.  The door here leads back to the Lamp Hallway.  Don't go through
it, just take down the JOYFUL MASK.  Return to the S end of the hallway to find
a Hidden Ghost.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Talking Ghosts (2000)
  This ghost is very well hidden.  You'll have to aim very carefully to find
it.  Listen for the sound of static as you walk in the intersection of the N
and E hallways; your filament won't react much until you start aiming.  The
ghost is above the rafters, near the ceiling in the corner at the W end (right
above the spot where you found the Type-37 Film).  To see this ghost, stand in
the intersection and aim up and to the W.  You'll have to use the L stick to
move around as you are aiming to get a clear shot (when the Capture Circle
turns blue).
Ok, now you can to back down the E branch.  There is SACRED WATER shining at
the very end of the passage.  When you've got that, check the door with the Sad
Mask and go through to the Mask Room.

You will have another battle with Blinded in this cramped room, but if you
stick with your usual tactic you won't find the tight quarters to make any
difference.  After entering, turn and take the SAD MASK with you.  To the left
is a box of TYPE-74 FILM shining on the ground.  Get it, then go to the right
and talk to the Wisp of Mr. Munakata.  The Blinding Mask is nearby!  As you
continue around the platform, you'll see another secret door, but the Mask is
missing.  It's hanging on the pillar in the center of the platform.  Climb the
steps up to the platform and you'll see a spark; it's a MUNAKATA RESEARCH
DOCUMENT.  Now go to the W side of the pillar to find the mask, but as you move
to take it you will see a cutscene ... and Blinded will attack.
!!-Attacking Ghost: Blinded
  It's a good thing you don't have to move when you fight this ghost, because
there's very little room.  As before, stay put and aim until you get a Zero
Shot.  If Blinded becomes hidden behind a wall, use your filament to keep track
of her position and be patient; eventually she will stumble back into view and
you can resume charging.  If you miss your shot or try to move, her rushing
attack is sure to hit you since you can't run very far, so stay still and time
your shot carefully.  You'll probably need four shots, but if you've boosted
the Maximum Charge of your Camera you can win with only three.
There is still one more encounter with Blinded to look forward to, but you'll
be safe from her for a while.  Take the HAPPY MASK from the pillar and hang it
on the secret door in the N wall, then go through and enter the Square Garden.

This is a garden area surrounded by a covered walkway; if you look at the map
you'll see it's not perfectly square.  Leave the Happy Mask hanging on the
door, and explore the walkway before you go down into the garden.  Just inside
the door you'll a sparkle at your feet.  It's MAFUYU'S NOTES 4.  Go W and N
along the walkway and you'll find HERBAL MEDICINE in the NE corner.  There are
two doors nearby; one of them leads back to the Lamp Hallway, and you should
unlock it now but don't go through.  The double doors are shut with another
puzzle lock.  Take a picture of the doors and you'll see that the missing
carving is on SOME STONE MONUMENT?  This Monument is right there in the Garden,
so continue around the Walkway and go down the steps.  Walk over to the
Monument and check it to find the GOLD CARVING.  If you look behind the
Monument, you'll see a SPIRIT STONE shining on the ground.  When you've got the
items, go back to the N door and use the Gold Carving to solve the puzzle, just
like you've done before.  The solution is: 2 4 1 3 2 4.  Before you go through
the door, be sure to SAVE THE GAME, because you'll confront the powerful spirit
of the Folklorist in the next room.

This is a big room with an altar at the N end and huge Buddha statues along the
walls.  If you check the SE corner you'll find a box of TYPE-14 FILM.  There's
a table in front of the altar; shining there is the MASK OF REFLECTION.  It's
lying there right in the open; can it be that easy?  Of course not!  As soon as
you get the Mask you'll be attacked by Mr. Munakata.
!!-Ghost Battle: Folklorist's [BOSS BATTLE]
  This is a very strong ghost.  He will teleport frequently, often spoiling
your shot and forcing you to run.  You're in a pretty big room, so use this to
your advantage and try to get as far away as you can.  Be careful not to get
caught behind the pillars, because if you make a wrong turn and get stuck the
ghost is sure to grab you!  Munakata likes to turn invisible just before his
lunging attack, so take your shot before he gets too close, then run away while
he's stunned.  Be ready to immediately run if you see the ghost teleport,
because he's probably less than a second away from grabbing you.  A good tactic
is to run into the farthest corner and lure the ghost in that direction.  Aim
and take your shot as he closes in, then run to the diagonally opposite corner
while he's stunned to get as far away as you can.  If you can keep him in the
center of the room, you'll have a place to go if he teleports behind you.  Your
best chance to get a Core Shot is before he uses his howling attack; Munakata
will crouch down low for a moment before unleashing a howl that can damage you
even at a distance.  If you see him crouch, shoot!  Since you were able to save
the game in the previous room, don't waste your healing items if you get hurt
repeatedly; instead, exit the game and try again.  After five or six strong
hits you will win.
The nifty thing about the Mask of Reflection is that it can be used to open all
of the secret doors!  This means that you can take all the other Masks and hang
them on the pillar, then use the Mask of Reflection to keep using the doors. 
By the way, there is a door in the W wall of this room that leads to the
Stairway.  It's locked, though, and you can't open it.  Return to the Square

SAVE THE GAME as you soon as you enter this room.  As you climb back up onto
the walkway and head for the Mask Room, a ghost will attack you.
!!-Ghost Battle: Wandering Man
  This is your first meeting with this type of ghost, which has the appearance
of a rotting corpse.  He will float quickly around you, trying to flank you and
dash in for the attack.  The attack pattern will remind you strongly of Broken
Neck, but this ghost is faster, and will occasionally teleport as well.  The
ghost will appear as you enter the S part of the walkway; when he does, just
ignore him and keep running to the next corner before you turn and aim.  Don't
wait for the Zero Shot; shoot as soon as you get full charge.  If you get your
shots quick, you can avoid getting hurt because this ghost doesn't have much
stamina.  Two full shots will defeat him.
The spirits are becoming more and more aggressive; you are getting close to
obtaining the Blinding Mask.  Take the chance to SAVE THE GAME again, then go
to the S door.  The Happy Mask is still here, so go through the door.

After you enter, take the HAPPY MASK with you.  Now you have five masks!  Mount
the platform and check each of the four sides of the pillar to hang four of the
masks.  Miku will automatically hang the right mask on the right hook, and you
don't have to worry about doing it in any particular order.  When all are in
place, the locked door that you found in the Hidden Pass will open.  Go to the
S door, and use the Mask of Reflection; it will hang on the wall and turn into
the Sad Mask, thus unlocking the door!  Go through to the Hidden Pass.

After you've passed through the door, you don't need the Mask of Reflection
anymore, so just leave it hanging there; go to the N branch of the passage and
through the door on the right that you just unlocked to enter the Blinding Room.

Such a spectacularly ornate room, and it's somehow perfectly preserved...  This
chamber is where the Blinding Ritual once took place.  Climb up to the little
shrine and you will get the BLINDING MASK.  Don't worry, you've fended off the
Mask's guardians for now so you won't be attacked.  In the SW corner there is a
SPIRIT STONE. Ok, now that you have the Blinding Mask, you must take it to the
Demon Mouth and use it to open the big doors there.  Let's get going!  First,
return to the Hidden Pass.

As you enter this hallway, you'll get one last chance to capture Mr. Munakata.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Man in Hall (~600)
  He will appear in the intersection of the E and N passages, moving from left
to right.  Fortunately, he moves very slowly so you should have ample time to
aim and take your shot.
A Wisp will be left behind.  After talking to it, hurry back to the Entrance. 
When you obtained the Blinding Mask, all the other masks returned from the Mask
Room to their respective doors, so you won't have any trouble getting through.

SAVE THE GAME and make your way back to the Demon Mouth.  It's quite likely
that you will run into a Random Ghost along the way, so be prepared for a quick
battle (or to run!).  Your path will go through these areas: Rope Hallway,
Grand Hall, Walkway, Burial Room, Rubble Room (be sure to SAVE THE GAME!),
Corridor, and finally Demon Mouth.

You will have a final encounter with the Folklorist and with Blinded in this
room before you can open the doors at the bottom of the pit.  Mr. Munakata will
appear as soon as you set foot in the room, after a cutscene. ...
!!-Attacking Ghost: Folklorist's [BOSS BATTLE]
  If you thought this was a tough battle before, you're in for an even bigger
challenge this time because you're limited to the narrow ledge around the rim
of the pit.  You will have a very hard time getting any shots if Munakata
disappears into the wall, so if this happens run around toward the other side
and try to lure him into the center of the room.  If he teleports, veer away as
quickly as you can!  Keep moving until you've got both some distance and line
of sight, then charge as much as you can and take a shot.  Don't wait for him
to come to you, and instead take your shots from a distance.  There's no neat
trick for beating this ghost; you must rely on the skills you've developed by
fighting the weaker ghosts and use every opening you get take shots.  It will
probably take six good ones to finally beat him.
You're not safe yet!  Climb down the ladders and approach the niche in the
wall.  After another cutscene ... you will have your final battle with Blinded.
!!-Attacking Ghost: Blinded [BOSS BATTLE]
  This time, Blinded has a LOT more stamina.  Keep calm and patiently begin
taking shots at this ghost in the usual way:  without moving!  If you get
spotted, try your best to dodge out of the way, then stop and try again.  Don't
run too far or she will hear you and make another attack.  You'll need six or
seven strong shots this time, it's a long battle.
After all that struggle, you can finally place the Blinded Mask in the niche. 
The doors will open in a cutscene ... as you pass through to the Banned Path.

This collapsed tunnel seems to lead deeper under the Mansion.  The body of Mr.
Munakata is here, and from him you will obtain your second MIRROR PIECE.  There
will be a cutscene ... and Kirie will appear!  Just wait for her grab you;
there is no way to escape...  And with that, you have survived to the end of
the 2nd Night!


RANDOM GHOST: Broken Neck, Wandering Man, Wandering Monk, People Killed, Bound

**During the 3rd Night, you will encounter the spirits of the people from
Himuro Mansion who died long ago during the "Calamity", when the Holy Mirror
was broken.  These ghost battles will be your toughest yet; now is the time to
use the stronger films that you've gathered.  If you have been a diligent ghost
hunter, you should have earned enough points by now to have maxed out all the
Basic Functions of your camera; now you can begin to purchase Bonus Functions
with your Spirit Points if you like.  Fortunately, this Night is much shorter
than the previous one; there are only a couple of Vanishing Ghost appearances
to watch out for.  There are several Hidden Ghosts, however, and on this night
each one of them is worth 3000 points!  The most dangerous thing about the 3rd
Night is the chance of encountering the Wandering Monk in a random battle.  The
Wandering Monk is a very strong ghost, and you are always better off running
away than trying to stay and fight.  If you stick to the main tasks you can
minimize these encounters, but you'll miss out on a lot of Hidden Ghosts; the
choice is yours.

After a cutscene, ... you'll begin in the Demon Mouth.  First, go through the
big doors and return to the Banned Path, which you didn't get the chance to
explore at the end of 2nd Night.

This is a crumbling tunnel that leads deep into the earth.  The roof is held up
with wooden beams.  As you pass the first bend, your filament will react to a
Hidden Ghost.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Munakata (3000)
  Here is the place where Munakata met his end.  He's on the left side of the
path where it makes its first bend, and you'll have to aim down a little bit to
find it.
As you continue to the end of the path you'll find HERBAL MEDICINE and a SPIRIT
STONE. The end of the path is blocked by a cave-in.  Approach it and you'll see
a cutscene. ... Mafuyu is just on the other side of the rubble!  After the
scene, pick up a scroll about THE CALAMITY.  There are more combination lock
codes on this scroll.  You can't get past this landslide, so turn around and
head back to the Demon Mouth to begin a battle.
!!-Attacking Ghost(s): People Killed
  That's right, GhostS.  This is your first battle against multiple ghosts; in
fact, there are THREE of them!  How can you hope to survive?  Fortunately, each
of the three ghosts is a fairly weak and easy ghost.  Each one will lurch
toward you very slowly, and then eventually make a feeble lunging attack --
very much like Bound Man.  If you wait at the end of the path you can pick them
off one by one as they come toward you.  If you run past them and then aim, you
can use this "opportunity" to score a Double or Triple Shot by shooting more
than one ghost at a time; you can earn a lot of Spirit Points this way.  Since
they are slow and don't stray too far from each other, you should really have
little trouble here.  Each ghost will fall after two shots.
As you approach the doors you will see a cutscene, ... and then you can pick up
THE MOON SHRINE document.  Apparently you can bypass the cave-in if you can
somehow get into the Moon Shrine and descend into the Moon Well.  Sounds
scary...  Well, continue back to the Demon Mouth.

There are no new items here, so just climb out and go to the Corridor.

A ghost will attack as you run down the Corridor.
!!-Attacking Ghost: Floating Face
  It looks a little bit like a face, but you won't be able to tell very easily
because most of the time this ghost is invisible, discernable only as a faint
shimmer.  The ghost will slowly float in pursuit of you, and will try to rush
you if you give it enough time.  It's basically the same as fighting a Broken
Neck, except the Floating Face is a little bit slower and a lot more invisible.
 Move back and take aim, using the Filament to guide you.  Look carefully for
it's shimmering outline; when it IS visible, it often resembles little more
than a faint puff of smoke.  You should be able to charge up as it approaches,
then take your shot before it gets too close.  Watch the Capture Circle to make
sure you've got the ghost targeted properly, and wait for it to glow before you
shoot.  When the ghost is stunned, run past it to the other end of the hall,
turn and aim, etc.  This ghost has a very weak attack, if you calmly take your
shots and keep your distance, you'll be fine.  Three shots should do it.
When you've beaten Floating Face, continue through the S door to the Rubble

I'm sure you'll be glad to SAVE THE GAME.  You'll notice there's a seal on the
door leading the Burial Room now.  Take a picture of the door and you'll see
the RUBBISH HEAP IN PHOTO.  The photo is showing you the pile of rubble in the
NE part of the room.  Go over to this area and aim your camera into the rubble
to find the Hidden Ghost.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Crushed Woman (1000)
  You can find this ghost if you aim your camera at the pile of rubbish in the
NW part of the room.  Walk around the pile until you see a blue filament, then
start aiming from that spot.  It won't appear until you re-enter the room after
taking a shot of the sealed door.
That removes the seal from the S door, so now you can go to the Burial Room.

Let's see, the Moon Shrine was in the Cherry Atrium, so let's go there first. 
As you head for the E door, a Vanishing ghost will appear.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Man in Atrium (~1000)
  This man is actually the Himuro Family Master!  An easy capture, he will
appear ahead of you and walk slowly towards the door.  Just aim and shoot!
Before you follow the ghost, check the end of the hall in the S for HERBAL
MEDICINE.  Then go on to the Cherry Atrium.

Enter the Atrium and head over to the Moon Shrine.  The doors are sealed with a
puzzle lock just like always, but now you can take a picture of the doors and
you'll see a HUGE ALTAR?  It's the altar in the Buddha Room, so you'll have to
go there and get the carving that will complete the puzzle.  Before you return
to the porch, go over to the cherry tree and you can find a Hidden Ghost.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Yae (3000)
  Aim up into the branches of the cherry tree to find this image of Yae.  It
lingers here at the place where she took her own life.
Now go back to the porch and head for the E door; a Vanishing Ghost will appear
as you approach the door.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Turning Mask Man (~1500)
  The Himuro Family Master appears once again as you head along the porch
toward the E door.  He will be standing right in front of the door and will
slowly turn to face you.  You have a good second or two to take your shot; it's
not hard at all.  Believe it or not, that's the last Vanishing Ghost you'll see
during this night!
Before you go to the Buddha Room, you might want to quickly run back to the
Rubble Room and SAVE THE GAME.  There is a tough battle coming up!  When you're
ready, take the E door to the Stairway.

No new items here, just go through the door to the Buddha Room.

You will hear some mysterious chanting voices in here...  Go over to the altar
and grab the item there.  It's 4 pieces of CEREMONIAL ROPE and the DOCUMENT ON
BINDING.  You must place the 4 ropes on the 4 Buddha statues to open the altar,
and the document tells you in what order to do it in:  right arm, left arm,
right leg, left leg.  Going by the map, the correct order is NW, NE, SW, SE. 
As you place each rope, a ligature mark will appear around the statue's neck. 
When all 4 ropes are in place the altar will open and you can now get the TEAL
CARVING.  There will be a cutscene ... in which the Himuro Master enters.  You
can't leave without beating this ghost!
!!-Attacking Ghost: Family Master [BOSS BATTLE]
  This is a very tough battle.  The Master is the only ghost that will attack
you with a weapon; a katana.  He will glide steadily toward you, blinking in
and out and teleporting from side to side, making aiming difficult.  Before he
attacks he will draw back his sword; don't wait for the circle to turn amber! 
If he's going to attack, instantly take a shot to stun him for brief second
while you run away!  When he swings that sword, he takes a big step forward and
reaches as far as he can, so if you don't run promptly you'll be hit!  Your
plan should be similar to the way you fought the Folklorist in this same room
on the previous night.  Flee to a far corner, then turn and aim.  Charge up as
much as you can before he gets too close, then take your shot.  While he is
stunned, run straight through him and make a beeline for the opposite corner,
then turn and repeat.  The Master has a variety of special attacks for you as
well.  Sometimes he will use his sword in a two- or three-swing combo, so when
you're running from him make sure he's finished attacking before you stop and
draw your camera.  Also, you may notice that the Master is accompanied by
several decapitated heads that float around behind him; if the Master starts
laughing, it means that he's send the heads out to chase you and grab you so he
can get in a good blow with his sword.  Try to get a Core Shot when he stops to
laugh; if you succeed you can spoil the attack.  At any rate, you'll have to be
a skilled dodger to succeed in this battle.  This ghost has very high stamina,
and you'll use six or seven fully charged shots before the battle is over.
That was a strong ghost!  You're not through with him yet, however.  Now that
you have the Teal Carving, you can to back to the Cherry Atrium via the
Stairway.  Before you unlock the Moon Shrine, however, you can go to the
Anteroom (use the SW door on the 2nd floor of the Stairway) to SAVE THE GAME. 
You won't find any new items in the Anteroom.

Go to the Moon Shrine and check the door to activate the puzzle lock.  It's
just like the other puzzle locks that you have seen, but the pattern is more
complicated.  The order of tiles to select is:  5 3 2 1 4 5 3.  When the door
is unlocked, go through into the Moon Shrine.

There's a big ornate cabinet in the middle of the room that's covering the
entrance to the Moon Well.  If you examine the cabinet, you can open it to find
the MYSTERY OF THE CABINET document.  You have to find the ghosts of the 5 men
who pulled the ropes in the Strangling Ritual to move the cabinet:  the Himuro
Family Master and his 4 priest assistants.  When you've taken the document, the
4 sides of the cabinet will begin to shimmer.  If you take a picture of each
side of the Cabinet, you will see the location of a Stone Monument (a.k.a. a
GRAVE).  These are the graves of the 4 priests.  The S shows a HUGE STONE
MONUMENT (in the Square Garden).  The W side shows STONE MONUMENT IN PHOTO (in
the Cherry Atrium).  The N side shows a STONE BURIAL MOUND (in the Abyss). 
Finally, the E side shows GRAVESTONE IN PHOTO (in the Backyard).  Now you have
to visit each of these graves and battle a tough ghost!  The first priest
awaits you in the Cherry Atrium, so leave the Moon Shrine and return there. 
You can run quickly back to the Rubble Room and SAVE THE GAME before you
approach the grave, if you want to.

To battle the 1st Priest, approach the grave in the center of the Atrium.
!!-Attacking Ghost: Headless Priest I
  All 4 Priests will attack in the same basic pattern; each one also has
different special moves that you have to watch out for as well.  Anytime you
are fighting a Priest, the ghost's head will sometimes disappear.  When this
happens, the ghost moves much slower and can't use most of its special attacks,
but it's also completely invulnerable, so keep your distance and wait for the
head to come back before you resume your attack.  They will appear right on the
grave and begin gliding toward you, attempting to grab you.  This is the
Priest's strongest attack and you must avoid it at all costs!  This particular
Priest likes to use MAGIC against you.  That's right.  The Priest will stop and
make some gestures, then fling out a Wisp that will home in on you and circle
around you.  If the Wisp touches you, you'll get hurt, but it's not nearly as
damaging as being grabbed.  If Wisp is on your tail, you will have to run for a
while before it will dissipate, and if you don't keep moving at top speed it
will probably nail you.  Whenever the Priest begins gesturing, get ready to
shoot!  You'll have a tiny second when the Circle turns amber to get a Core
Shot and spoil the Wisp.  Your main goal, however is not to waste time running
around avoiding Wisps, but to quickly get shots on this ghost and end the
battle as fast as you can.  Get as much charge as you can and keep hitting him
and running away, hit and run.  You'll win after six or seven shots.
When the ghost is defeated, check the S side of the Stone Monument to find the
PRIEST'S WRITINGS 1.  Before you take on the next Priest, run back to the
Rubble Room and SAVE THE GAME.  Then return here to the Cherry Atrium and take
the N door to the Abyss.

First, check the side of the waterwheel nearest the door and you'll find a
Hidden Ghost.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Hirasaka (3000)
  Tomoe is still here at the waterwheel where she died.  To find her, aim at
the left side of the wheel where it comes up out of the water.
Then proceed to the end of the piers to initiate battle with the next priest.
!!-Attacking Ghost: Headless Priest II
  This Priest will be headless for most of the battle; during this time, he can
only drift slowly toward you.  You can easily avoid him, but you can't hurt
him, so you must patiently wait for his head to return so you can get a chance
to damage him.  You might have to wait quite a while; when the ghost first
appears (headless), you might have to wait for him to chase you all the way
back to the waterwheel before his head appears.  When it finally happens, the
Priest will suddenly become very dangerous.  He will keep moving toward you,
only now he will swoop from side to side as he does so.  Use the Sq button to
accelerate your camera, and pay attention to the rhythm of his movements; if
you can match the rhythm, you can keep him in your sights and charge up for a
nice Zero Shot as he closes in.  If you lose track of him, run away because
when he grabs you it can drop your stamina from 'untouched' to 'almost dead'. 
If you can match the side-to-side motion of this ghost the battle won't be too
hard.  Four or five shots will do the trick.
Afterwards, check the Stone Monument for the PRIEST'S WRITINGS 2.  There's only
two priests left!  Return to the Cherry Atrium, take the E exit to the
Stairway, then take the E door to the Buddha Room.  Enter the Square Garden
through the S door of the Buddha Room to challenge the next Priest.

Go down to the Garden area and SAVE THE GAME before you approach the Stone
Monument.  The Priest will appear to battle you as walk up to the grave.
!!-Attacking Ghost: Headless Priest III
  This Priest has a special attack in which he drops into the ground and
teleports behind you, then emerges from below to clutch at your ankles.  You'll
have an easier time dodging this attack if you immediately run back up onto the
walkway and conduct the battle from there.  Aim at the Priest and keep backing
away as he slowly drifts toward you.  When his head appears, he'll begin an
attack; he'll either use the teleporting ambush or he will throw a Wisp at you.
 If you see him begin to sink into the ground, take a shot to stun him and
start running; don't wait for a Zero Shot.  If you see him start to gesture
like he's winding up to pitch you a baseball, he's about to make a Wisp; you
CAN interrupt this attack with a Zero shot.  This is one tough ghost, but
hopefully you have the skills to match.  You'll need six or seven good shots to
When the battle is over, you can pick up the PRIEST'S WRITING 4.  Ok, there's
only one Priest left!  SAVE THE GAME once again; your next destination is the
Backyard.  Before you to back through the N door to the Buddha Room, you have
the option of collecting some Hidden Ghosts.  You should only try this if
you're feeling brave however, because you'll be harassed by Random Ghosts.  If
you want to collect the ghosts, go through the west door to the Lamp Hallway.

There are no items here, just go through the door into the library.

LIBRARY [Optional]
There are also no items here, but there is a hidden ghost.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Ogata (3000)
  Open the closet where you found the tape recorder, and aim your camera
inside.  You'll find Editor Ogata's ghost still lingers here where he sought
his final refuge from Kirie.
Got him?  Now go back to the Lamp Hallway and go through the secret door in the
south branch that leads to the Hidden Pass.  Head down the passage and go
through the first door you see to enter the Blinding Room.

!!-Hidden Ghost: Blinded Demon (3000)
   This ghost is hiding in the paper lantern that's in the middle of the room. 
To capture it, stand close to the lantern and aim down with your camera.
There is also a box of TYPE-74 FILM here. Now go back to the Hidden Pass and go
down the east branch of the hallway and enter the Mask Room.

MASK ROOM [Optional]
The only thing that's here is SACRED WATER (behind the pillar) and probably a
random Broken Neck.  After you've grabbed this item, retrace your steps back to
the Square Garden, and SAVE THE GAME!!

When you're ready to go after the last priest, go north through the Buddha room
and the stairway, to the Fish Tank Room, where you'll be attacked by a ghost.

!!-Attacking Ghost: Long Hair Woman
  You've defeated this ghost before, but since this time you are in the Fish
Tank Room the battle is more difficult.  You will have a slight advantage that
you didn't have during your previous encounter in the Corridor; since this room
is somewhat wider than the Corridor, Long Hair won't vanish behind the walls
quite as much as she swoops toward you.  Get as much charge as possible, and
take your shots before letting the ghost get close to you.  You'll have to do
some clever maneuvering to get a safe vantage point from which to take aim; if
Long Hair tries to flank you or moves behind the walls, run away and wait for
her to reappear.  Fortunately, she dosn't have extremely high stamina, and you
can end the battle after about three or four good shots.
After you've beaten the ghost, you'll notice there's some TYPE-37 FILM here. 
Grab it and go towards the north door.  You'll have to enter a 4-digit
combination to unlock it.  Check the Calamity scroll to find the code: 1347. 
When you've unlocked the door, go through to the Backyard.

Before you approach the monument at the north end, SAVE THE GAME!!!  Then head
over to the monument to battle the Final Priest.  As you pass by the well,
you'll see a cutscene ... and the ghost will appear.
!!-Attacking Ghost: Headless Priest IV
  This Priest has two attacks.  He will, like the other Priests, occasionally
throw a Wisp at you; there's a very small chance for you to get a Zero Shot
when he winds up to throw.  Much more dangerous is his leaping attack, in which
he Priest will jump into the air and dive toward you with arms outspread and
try to grab you.  You can get a Zero Shot pretty easily when he performs this
attack as he closes in, but the attack can come without warning, so you should
always try to keep your eye on this ghost so you don't get landed on.  If you
can't see where he is, keep moving!  If you stand still, he could easily pounce
on you.  Just be aware of the ghost's movements and you should be able to
defeat him without too much trouble.  Expect to use five or six good shots.
Yes!  You've beaten all four priests!  If you check the edge of the path you'll
be able to get the PRIEST'S WRITINGS 3.  Now before you go on, you can take an
optional trip to Narukami Shrine to get a hidden ghost.  After you've visited
the Shrine (if you choose), it's time to go back to the Moon Shrine.  Return
through the Fish Tank Room, Stairway, and Cherry Atrium to the Moon Shrine.

If you haven't picked it up already, there's a STONE MIRROR on the shrine's
porch.  There's also some TYPE-90 FILM.  Enter the shrine to find Mr. Takamine.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Takamine (3000)
  The novelist still haunts the spot where Kyrie found him.  Aim up at the
ceiling to capture this ghost.
Now you can return to the Backyard and save the game.

Ok, now that the four priests are gone, check each side of the cabinet and
you'll see there are 4 switches.  Did you notice that as you defeated each
priest, you saw a symbol appear in the final picture?  You must press the
corresponding symbol on each side of the cabinet.  Numbering the symbols 1-4,
here's the solution: W-4, N-3, E-2, S-1.  When you've pressed all 4 switches, a
panel will rise out of the front of the cabinet.  Now what?!  You have to bring
the Master's Seal here to finish opening the entrance to the Moon Well.  Take a
picture of the panel and you'll see a stream of blood appear in the picture. 
To find the Family Master, you must follow the trail of blood, which will lead
you to the Grand Hall.  Go back to the Cherry Atrium, Burial Room (you can SAVE
THE GAME in the Rubble Room before you continue), and Walkway, then take the S
door to return to the Grand Hall.

You'll have a rematch with the Himuro Family Master when you enter this room.
!!-Attacking Ghost: Family Master [BOSS BATTLE]
  He will attack you in much that same way that he did before; gliding slowly
toward you, occasionally flickering to one side or the other, until he
ultimately takes a big swipe at you with his katana.  There are a couple of big
differences in this battle, though.  First, it will be harder to keep a bead on
this ghost because of all the partitions that he can hide behind.  You'll have
to be able use the Right control stick while in Finder mode to change your
position if you want to build up a good charge.  Second, the Master has a new
and dangerous attack.  He will begin by crouching down and drawing back his
sword, then he will suddenly rush toward you and try to slice you up.  His rush
is VERY fast, and he can start it from any distance away; therefore, much like
the Headless Priest IV, you must do your best to keep this ghost in your sights
so doesn't take you by surprise.  When the battle begins, he'll be on the other
side of the room from you, so take as many shots as you can while he closes in!
 This is a hard battle, and you should try to end it as quickly as possible! 
It will take seven or eight good shots to win.
When the battle is finally over, you will get the MASTER'S SEAL.  Now you can
enter the Moon Well, but before you to back to the Moon Shrine you can find a
Hidden Ghost in this room.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Family Master (3000)
  To find this final image of the Family Master, go to the W end of the hall
and aim up at the little altar that's high on the wall.
Ok, now go back to the Moon Shrine.

Insert the Master's Seal into the panel and the cabinet will recede, revealing
a ladder that leads down into the Moon Well.  Hm, Miku doesn't look too
thrilled about this...  Let's go down the ladder and see what's at the bottom.

This horrible room houses the remains of the original Rope Maiden.  Check the
corpse and you'll find a third MIRROR PIECE, and an empty place where a Hairpin
used to rest. As soon as you pick up the Mirror, Kirie will come for you! 
There will be a cutscene ... and Miku will be saved at the last minute by the
young Kirie as you flee the Well. The 3rd Night will end after your dramatic


**You've come a long way; only the final confrontation with Kirie remains.  The
Final Night begins in the Koto Room.

Your first goal is to find the Hairpin that was missing from the shrine in the
Moon Well.  If you check the table with the photographs, you'll find the KOTO
MUSIC.  Go and play this song on the koto and the door to the Attic will open. 
Go up the stairs and through the door!

This is a narrow catwalk suspended over the 2nd floor.  The first thing you'll
see is hole in the floor.  Look through the hole to begin a quick ghost battle.
!!-Attacking Ghost: Floating Head
  You fought this ghost earlier in the Stairway, way back on the 1st night. 
Floating Head is very easy to defeat; it will appear some distance away and
begin floating toward you.  Take aim and let your camera charge and then hit
the shutter when the head gets close; you can win this battle with one shot.
Continue to the point where the catwalk makes a short jog to the N and you'll
see a shining HERBAL MEDICINE.  There's also a Hidden ghost here.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Long Hair Woman (3000)
  Just W of the place where you found the Herbal Medicine, you'll see there's a
piece of woven mat lying on top of the beams overhead.  The ghost is above this
mat, so you'll have to stand off to the side and aim above the mat to find the
ghost.  It's a little easier to find if you stand to the E of mat (where the
catwalk bends to the N).
Just before you reach the door at the end, you'll see another peephole.  Look
though and you'll see a cutscene ... of Kirie in the Anteroom.  After the
cutscene is over, head through the door.  You'll be in a very short passage
with another door at the E end.  Go through and you'll be in the Buddha Room.

You're back in the Buddha Room, but this time you're high in the rafters.  Miku
won't run here, but she won't fall off either.  There's a place to SAVE THE
GAME, and some items.  At the end of the first rafter you'll see TYPE-37 FILM
shining.  As you head across the next beam, you can find a hidden ghost.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Truth Binder (5000)
  To find this ghost, stand on the beam above the altar and aim your camera
down.  The ghost is right on the altar.
You'll also notice some items down on the 1st floor; you'll have a chance to
grab these items shortly.  If you need a STONE MIRROR, you can find one on the
other side of the post behind the Save Camera.  When you're ready, to through
the E door to the Dungeon.

This room is a small prison!  Go through the cage door and pick up the items
you see here; you will find KIRIE'S DIARY 1, 2, 3, and 6 if you check the
bookshelves.  You'll also find the HAIRPIN; you'll see a cutscene when you pick
this up.  Ok, get ready, because Kirie will appear when you exit the cell.
!!-Vanishing Ghost: Girl in White (~1500)
  This ghost will appear right in front of the N door when you exit the cell. 
She won't move, so if you just draw and shoot you can capture her with no
Head for the door and Kirie will emerge from the big mirror behind you.  Don't
try to fight her yet, just run!  Go through the N door and you'll be in the

Kirie is still chasing you!  Don't panic, just run down the stairs and return
through the S door to the Cherry Atrium.

As you run along the platform, your filament will go dark and your vision will
return to normal.  Whew!  Kirie won't bother you anymore until you go back to
the Moon Well.  Before you go there, you can make some optional side trips to
collect some extra files and ghosts.  When you're ready, return to the Moon
Shrine and climb back to the bottom of the Moon Well.

BUDDHA ROOM [Optional]
Come back to the 1st floor of this room via the Stairway and you can find 3
files in the N end of the room: PRIEST'S NOTES 1, 2 and 3.

ANTEROOM [Optional]
You can find some files here if you check the dolls on the dresser (where you
saw Kirie standing during the cutscene in the Attic).  You will find KIRIE'S
DIARY 4 and 5.

ABYSS [Optional]
There are two Hidden Ghosts here.  To find them, head out onto the pier.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Kirie's Love (4000)
  Go to the island between the two piers and move around the left edge until
you see a blue glow from the filament.  Draw and aim out into the swamp to find
this ghost.
Continue out to the Stone Monument to find another ghost.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Burdened Man (4000)
  Stand behind the Stone Monument and find a spot where your filament glows. 
Aim out into the swamp and you'll find this ghost floating in the distance.

There are some new items down here for you to grab: SACRED WATER and TYPE-74
FILM.  Grab these items, then check the Shrine to replace the Hairpin and the
door in the W will unlock.  Now is the time to SWITCH TO YOUR STRONGEST FILM
and SAVE THE GAME.  This will be your last chance to save before the end.  When
you're ready, go through the door in to the Hell Pass.

You'll see a cutscene as you approach this pass, which is a narrow ledge
leading through an enormous natural cavern.  After the cutscene, you'll be
!!-Attacking Ghosts: Long Hair Woman and Wandering Man
  Both ghosts will attack you at the same time.  Fortunately, the will appear
at the far end of the room, so you should stay put and take shots as they
approach.  Try to take out the Wandering Man first because he is faster.  Don't
wait for them to get close; just take your shot as soon as you get full charge
and you should be able to defeat both ghosts before they can reach you.  Each
one will take two or three full shots.
As you continue along the path you can find HERBAL MEDICINE and TYPE-37 FILM. 
There's also a Hidden Ghost here.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Man at Bottom (4000)
  When you're about halfway down the path, hug the left side and you'll hear
static and maybe get a faint glow on your filament.  Draw your camera and aim
down into the darkness, then use the Right Stick to move back and forth until
the Capture Circle glows.
Go through the next door to the Rope Altar.

You'll see a cutscene as soon as you enter. ... This is the room where the
Strangling Ritual was performed.  You'll be attacked by a ghost as soon as the
cutscene ends.
!!-Attacking Ghost: Shrine Maiden
  This incarnation of a Shrine Maiden isn't very hard.  This ghost won't move
toward you like other ghosts; the only way it can move is by teleporting.  It
will try to appear behind you and reach up at you through the ground.  When you
here the teleport sound, run forward a couple of steps, then turn and aim at
the ground to shoot the Maiden before she teleports again.  This is an easy
battle, which you will win after three good shots.
After the battle, you can find a STONE MIRROR shining here.  There's also a
Hidden Ghost.
!!-Hidden Ghost: Six Vengeance (4000)
  This ghost is near the ceiling directly above the altar.  You'll have to get
as close to the altar as you can before drawing your camera and aiming upwards.
Ok, to continue through the next door to the Baptismal Path.

This is a curved hallway supported by tilting wooden beams.  As soon as you
enter, you'll see some TYPE-37 FILM shining to the right of the door.  Grab it,
then run over and check behind the outcropping on the left side of the door to
find a hidden SACRED WATER.  Then go down the hall to begin a ghost battle.
!!-Attacking Ghost: Shrine Maiden
  This battle with the Maiden is harder than the first one.  She'll appear
behind you just after you pass the halfway point down the hall.  This ghost
crawls on the ground directly toward you, and she is FAST!  You'll have to turn
and aim quickly to capture it before she grabs you; then, while she's stunned,
run just a step or two and aim again.  As soon as the stunning wears off she'll
start bearing down on you again!  Don't forget to use strong film for this
battle; also, using a Bonus Function like Paralyze or Slow will greatly improve
your chances by giving you time to build up full charge.  Try to end this
battle quick, with three or four shots.
After you've beaten the Maiden, go through the next door to have your final
confrontation with Kirie.

This is a large cavern; at the end of the path is the massive Hell Gate... and
it's open!  To begin the battle with Kirie, approach the spire in front of the
gate and check the side that's facing the gate; you'll see a place where the
Holy Mirror used to rest.  After a cutscene ... Kirie will appear!
!!-Attacking Ghost: Kirie [BOSS BATTLE]
  Despite her fearsome power, this battle is really not too hard.  Kirie moves
very slowly; and while she can teleport she won't do this very often.  Do not
let Kirie get close to you under any circumstances, because one touch is
completely fatal, even if you have full stamina!  If you have a Stone Mirror,
you can survive ONE contact, but that's your only chance.  Get as far away as
you can before you begin to take aim.  While battling Kirie, you'll be shaken
by occasional tremors that will throw off your aim; don't panic, just wait for
the tremor to pass and then reacquire your target.  You can only hurt Kirie if
you have FULL CHARGE; when your Power meter is full the circle will turn amber
and you can take your shot!  Shoot immediately, then start charging again;
Kirie will usually vanish for a moment after you hit her but she'll reappear in
the same spot if you wait just a moment.  She has a lot of stamina, and you'll
need seven or eight shots to win.
After the battle, there will be a cutscene ... and your camera will open and
you'll find that the final Mirror Piece was inside.  When the scene ends,
you'll be face to face with Kirie near the base of the path!!  Be careful,
because you can still get killed here!  Quickly turn and run back to the Hell
Gate.  DON'T START RUNNING BEFORE YOU TURN AROUND or you'll run right smack
into Kirie (and die, if you don't have a Stone Mirror).  On the left side of
the spire you'll see the MIRROR PIECE shining on the ground.  Quickly grab it,
then check the side of the spire facing the door to replace the Mirror and
cleanse Kirie of the Malice...  Congratulations, you've beaten the game! 
Hooray!  Now you can sit back and watch the final cutscene ... !

NOTE:  If you defeat the game in Nightmare Difficulty, you will see a different
ending!  So what are waiting for?  Pick that controller back up and try the
Battle Mode!  And you think you're Camera is strong now, just wait until you
try some of the Special Functions!  You can find out all about this kind of
thing in the next section.



**If you load the Clear Data after you've beaten the game, you'll see a new set
of menus that allow you to access various Special Features.  There's still a
lot of game left!  I will describe the various features and give the
requirements you have to meet to unlock them.

You can select options for replaying the game.
 - CHAPTER: You can choose to either Continue a current game, or you can start
playing at the beginning of any chapter: Intro, 1st Night, 2nd Night, 3rd
Night, or Final Night.  Unlock it by defeating the game in Nightmare Difficulty.
 - DIFFICULTY: Normal is the default setting.  After you have completed Battle
Mode you can choose Nightmare difficulty.  In this setting, ghosts will have
pretty much the same stamina, but their attacks will do at least twice as much
damage.  This means one attack from a ghost like Blinded will kill you (unless
you have a Stone Mirror).  Also, the Filament on your camera will not be able
to track ghosts that are behind a wall or other obstruction, which makes
battles a lot harder.  If the ghost's stamina meter appears in the upper left
you know you're aiming in its general direction.  When you win the game with
Nightmare setting, you will see a different ending!!
 - COSTUME: There are four costumes to choose from:  Normal, Special1,
Special2, and Special3.  The Normal costume is the default white blouse and red
scarf.  Special1 costume features a dark brown cardigan and cute little gloves
(they look like driving gloves).  The Special2 costume has a deep blue blouse
with a fancy design on the back and white stockings (with garters!); Miku even
has blue hair!  The Special3 costume has a dark cardigan and patterned scarf,
leather skirt, black stockings; also Miku wears pale lipstick and has a darker
complexion.  But apart from being cute, when Miku wears a Special costume she
will run just a little bit faster!!  Costume1 becomes available after you
defeat the game for the first time.  To unlock Costumes 2 & 3, you must also
beat the game in Nightmare mode.
 - GAME START: After choosing your settings, select this option to start
 - EXIT: Um, exit the menu.

Battle Mode consists of 20 different ghost encounters.  Some of these have
multiple ghosts, and most of them are much harder than any ghost battle you
have in Story Mode.
 - COSTUME: You can choose different costumes; look at the previous section.
 - CAMERA SETTING: The usual Camera Menu that you use in Story Mode.  Here you
can choose what bonus and special function you want to equip, and purchase
upgrades for your camera.  These are the settings you will use in the battles;
during the battle, you won't be able to change them.  You can change your
loaded film here too, but each battle has it's own predetermined type and
amount of film that you must use.
 - PHOTOGRAPH: Look at a Photo Album of the shots you've taken in Battle Mode.
 - SAVE: Save your progress.
 - MISSION SELECT: There are 20 different 'missions'.  At first, you can only
choose from among the first 5.  When you've beaten all of these, you'll be able
to scroll over and select from missions 6 - 10.  Beat these to unlock 11 - 15,
and so on.  These battles have slightly different rules than the battles you
have in Story Mode.  The main differences are:

 -You can't use any healing items, not even a Stone Mirror.
 -You get ONE Spirit Stone to use.  That's all.
 -The type and amount of film loaded depends on the battle; these shots don't
consume or add to the film in your inventory.
 -You cannot change your enabled Bonus or Special functions during the battle.

 After each battle you will get a rank equal to the highest scoring single shot
taken. You'll also get a Spirit Point bonus based on your time and performance,
but these factors don't affect your rank in any way.  You get to keep all
Spirit Points even if you die or quit in the middle of the battle (but you
won't get the bonuses, of course).  The 20 different missions are as follows:


1       Editor's          Doll Room     14    10
2       Broken Neck       Entrance      14    10
3       Floating Woman    Forest Path   14    10
4       Assistant's       Tatami Room   14    10
5       Novelist's        Backyard      14    10
6       Longhair Woman    Corridor      14    10
7       Wandering Monk    Abyss         14    10
8       Blinded           Grand Hall    14    10
9       Broken Neck &     Entrance      14    10
10      Folklorist's      Backyard      14    10

11      Headless Priest   Cherry Atrium 14    10
12      Longhair Woman &  Entrance      14    10
        Crawling Girl
13      Blinded           Abyss         14    10
14      Crawling Girl &   Backyard      14    10
        Girl in Well
15      Family Master     Fish Tank Rm  14    10

16      Headless Priest & Grand Hall    37    20
        Headless Priest
17      Assistant's &     Kimono Room   37    20
18      Woman Hanging &   Backyard      37    15
19      Family Master     Buddha Room   37    10
20      Kirie             Rope Altar    74    50

-Some of these battles, especially 15 and 16, are very very hard.  My best
advice for you is to repeat the easier battles until you get 80000 Spirit
Points and purchase the Zoom function for your Camera as soon as possible. 
Whenever you aim, zoom out (using the R2 button).  This will have the effect of
expanding your field of view, making it much easier to aim at the ghosts and
much easier to capture multiple ghosts in one shot.  This function will make a
big difference and is well worth the time taken earning the needed points; if
you repeat the easiest battles so you can end them quickly and earn big
bonuses, you'll earn enough in no time!

You can play back all the different music tracks from the game!  You can choose
this after beating the game once.

The Ghost List becomes available after you've beaten the game.  You can look at
it anytime during Story Mode or Battle Mode by selecting it from the Menu.  All
of the different ghosts that you have captured will be listed here, along with
a stock picture (not one of your own pictures) and a caption telling you who
the ghost is/was. There are 108 entries in the list, and your Success Rate is
displayed as both a ratio and as a percentage.  The Ghosts are listed in the
order that you can capture them during the game, with Attacking Ghosts first,
then Vanishing Ghosts, Hidden Ghosts, and finally Seal Ghosts (Hidden Ghosts
that seal some door somewhere).  I've shown where to capture all 108 in the
Walkthrough.  If you can get a 100% Success Rate, you will unlock the extremely
powerful Zero Function on your Camera.

You can look at your Ranking any time after you've beaten the game; just go to
the Menu anytime during Story Mode or Battle Mode and it will be there for you
to select.  The Ranking shows you the top 10 scoring single shots that you've
made anytime in the game (in Story Mode OR Battle Mode).  Fatal Frame does not
explicitly tell you what the grading system is, but from capturing many many
ghosts I've come up with the following (estimated) table:

SCORE           GRADE

7000-9999       S
6000-6999       A+
5000-5999       A
4000-4999       A-
2500-3999       B
1000-2499       C
1-999           D

Special Camera Functions become available as you achieve various goals in Fatal
Frame. These are described in the Camera section at the beginning of this file.


There are a total of 108 ghosts.


  1. Bound Man 1
  2. Bound Man 2
  3. Female Head
  4. Man w/Long Arms
  5. Broken Neck
  6. Editor's
  7. Assistant's
  8. Novelist's
  9. Floating Woman
 10. Wandering Man
 11. Crawling Girl
 12. Boy Hiding
 13. Girl in Well
 14. Long Hair Woman
 15. Wandering Monk
 16. Blinded
 17. Woman Hanging
 18. Folklorist's
 19. Floating Face
 20. People Killed 1
 21. People Killed 2
 22. People Killed 3
 23. Shrine Maiden
 24. Headless Priest 1
 25. Headless Priest 2
 26. Headless Priest 3
 27. Headless Priest 4
 28. Familiy Master
 29. Kirie


 30. Rope Hallway Man
 31. Man Looking Down
 32. Man at Partition
 33. Man on a Beam
 34. Bro's Shadow 1
 35. Hallway Man
 36. Man at Screen
 37. Wandering Man
 38. Dead Man's Body
 39. Man at Window
 40. Man in Closet
 41. Standing Man
 42. Man Behind
 43. Woman at Mirror
 44. Wandering Woman
 45. Girl Pointing 1
 46. Woman on Porch
 47. Woman in Atrium
 48. Woman Turning
 49. Woman who Jumps
 50. Man Turning
 51. Woman at Corner
 52. Woman Hanging
 53. Blinded Woman
 54. Female Head
 55. Man in Backyard
 56. Girl Pleading
 57. Standing Man
 58. Crucified Man
 59. Child on Porch
 60. Kid Running Away 1
 61. Kid Running Away 2
 62. Bro's Shadow 2
 63. Hanged Woman
 64. Observatory Man 1
 65. Girl under Porch
 66. Man before Door
 67. Girl Pointing 2
 68. Kid Hiding
 69. Man in Study
 70. Man before Study
 71. Observatory Man 2
 72. Hall Wanderer
 73. Man in Hall
 74. Man in Atrium
 75. Turning Mask Man
 76. Girl in White


 77. Child Behind
 78. Angry Man
 79. Woman in Kimono
 80. Woman in Pain
 81. Monk into Dark
 82. Girl Turning
 83. Warped Man
 84. Monk out of Dark
 85. Tormented Ones
 86. Burned Man
 87. Evil Woman
 88. Talking Ghosts
 89. Long Hair Woman
 90. Man at Bottom
 91. Six Vengeance
 92. Ogata
 93. Hirasaka
 94. Takamine
 95. Blind Demon
 96. Yae
 97. Munakata
 98. Family Master
 99. Kirie's Love
100. Truth Binder
101. Burdened Man


102. Seductress
103. Woman Pulled In
104. Child Onlooker
105. Vengeance in Wall
106. Vengeance
107. Girl Hiding
108. Crushed Woman


**That's it.  If I receive any corrections, etc, I may include them in an
update; the main purpose of this file is to provide all the essential
information needed to complete the game; I've left out conjectural plot
analysis and painstaking details.  I hope you may have found some part of this
file to be helpful or interesting, and if not then I hope you find something
that works better for you.  If nothing avails you, just wait until 2004, when a
Fatal Frame movie is due to be released (if the previews are accurate...)

Print this Fatal Frame guide

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