PS2 Walkthroughs: Ghosthunter Walkthrough

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Ghosthunter Walkthrough

Ghosthunter (PAL)
Platform: Playstation 2
Version: 1.1
Last Updated: January 7, 2004
Originally Created: December 5, 2003
Author: JoeyHolbrook,

This document is copyrighted.  It is for personal use only, may not be 
reprinted, published, copied, sold or altered, in either part or whole,  for 
any commercial or promotional means, nor without express permission of the 
This FAQ may only reside on

// Table of contents
// 01. Version History
// 02. Introduction
// 03. Controls
// 04. Game Mechanics
// 05. Tips
// 06. Walk-Through
// 07. Secrets

// 01. Version History //

7th January 2004
    - More detail and explanation for parts of the walkthrough

5th December 2003
    - Initial version.

// 02. Introduction //

This FAQ has been written with the spoilers towards the end of the document, so 
it can be read in order and not give away surprises unless you want to skip to 
later and see them.  The walk through gives instructions and solutions for how 
to progress through the game, but does not reveal the story.

Ghosthunter is a horror themed action adventure game for the Sony Playstation 2 
console, published by SCEE and developed by SCEE Studio Cambridge.
It features Lazarus Jones, a Detroit cop who has just moved to the city; Anna 
Steele, Lazarus's partner and a more experienced detective; Astral, the ghostly 
helper that enables Lazarus to see ghosts; and Hawksmoor, a powerful, maligned 
and long-dead knight from the 14th century.

This FAQ will remain under revision, please send any comments or additions to 
the address at the top of the document.
Please note, the author will not reply to questions about the game, that is 
what this document is for!

// Controls //


When Lazarus fires his gun the game changes to hunting mode.  In this mode the 
right stick aims the targetting cursor.  Also, while in hunting mode Lazarus 
moves slower, but can side step.
To return to normal run-around mode press the O button.
He cannot move while crouched in hunting mode.
First person view is the same as hunting mode, accept Lazarus cannot move 

By default the targetting cursor is fixed to the middle of the screen (like in 
SOCOM Navy Seals).  By holding down the L2 button the cursor is freed and can 
be moved around all of the screen.  This advanced aiming mode can be set to 
always-on by a single tap of L2, where a chime will sound indictating the mode 
has changed.  Also advanced aiming mode has a small amount of lock on, where 
the cursor sticks to enemies once it has passed over them (and gone red).

Weapon selection works on a radial dial system.  Hold down L1 and a menu will 
appear.  Use the right analogue stick to choose a weapon then release L1 to 
make the selection.

The camera is controlled by the right analogue stick when in run-around mode.  
It's control axis (both horizontal and vertical movement) can be inverted in 
the options menu if this is more comfortable.


Left analogue stick = Movement
Right analogue stick = Camera / Aiming

X        = Context action (eg. get on ladder)
Square   = Weapon alternate function (eg. torch)
O        = Toggle run-around mode
Triangle = Toggle first person view

L1       = Weapon select
L2       = Toggle aim mode
R1       = Fire
R2       = Throw capture grenade

D-Pad Up    = Stand
D-Pad Down  = Crouch
D-Pad Left  = Lean left (first person view)
D-Pad Right = Lean right (first person view)

Double-Tap left stick (R3) = centre camera

Select = Inventory
Start  = Pause menu.


Left analogue stick = Movement
Right analogue stick = Camera

X        = Context action (eg. activate switch)
Square   = Exit Astral special ability
O        = Return to Lazarus
Triangle = Toggle first person view

L1       = Ability select
R1       = Fly up
R2       = Fly down

// Game Mechanics //

Capture Grenade:
Ghosthunter's unique and most important feature is that of capturing ghosts.  
Lazarus has a special capture grenade, which when thrown at a ghost pulls them 
further into reality and eventually completely into the capture grenade itself.
The more health a ghost has the more resistant to the grenade it will be.  
Initially then, some ghosts will swat back the capture grenade, or escape from 
it very quickly.  So damaging the ghosts first is often the best course of 

The capture grenade can be recalled back to Lazarus at any point, this is 
useful if a ghost flees away into hiding with the grenade!
The capture grenade can also collide with ghosts as it returns back to Lazarus, 
which is occasionally important as some ghosts can only be hit in the back; 
also it allows two ghosts to be caught before the grenade returns.

When a ghost is hit with the capture grenade an icon appears on screen with the 
ghost's health in blue, and resistence in red.  When the blue bar is depleted 
the ghost will be captured.  When the red bar reaches the bottom the ghost will 
become free from the capture grenade.

// Tips //

* Stay in hunting mode for the duration of a battle.  Even though your movement 
is slower, you can stay focused on the enemies and sideways strafing should 
always be fast enough to dodge attacks if they are timed correctly.

* Explore to find bonus pickups such as health and ammo, most of these are not 
far from the beaten track.

* Take a look in the back of Lazarus's car on the way through the haunted 
school to get the shotgun early.

* The glock pistol and shotgun do extra damage when hitting a ghost that has 
the capture grenade inside it, allowing much quicker captures.

* The shotgun does more damage the closer you are to the enemy.

* Use advanced aimed mode for more effective ghost hunting.

* In first person view, use the spectral filter on the binoculars to get a 
better look at hard to see ghosts, especially the Swamp Rednecks.

* Use the environment to help during a battle.  Popping out to shoot from 
wallhug mode, ducking behind objects, sneaking through grass, reeds or water 
all help make you harder to see and less likely to get hit.

* If you get stuck look at Lazarus's case notes in the inventory, they will 
provide clues as to what to do next.

* Be cautious, your actions can give you away - loud footsteps, shooting sounds 
and the torch beam can alert enemies to your presence.

* In a battle with multiple enemies, hit one with the capture grenade and then 
concentrate on the others.  This will distract them, and maybe even cause the 
grenaded ghost to flee.

* When using Astral, useful objects are highlighted in first person.

* The capture grenade can be used to scoop up energy pools of health and ghost 
energy.  This is useful for collecting pools that are far away or unreachable, 
or when busy in a battle!

* If the enemy is dodging all your capture grenade attempts, use the grenade at 
very close range to uppercut it into the ghost!

* Remember you can center the camera by double clicking down the right analogue 
stick.  In hunting mode this function spins the player 180 degrees.

* When using the sniper rifle, if you crouch the cursor is more steady and 
easier to aim.

// Walk-Through //

Haunted School "Old School" Realm

* Checkpoint: Old School Foyer *
After the two introductory cutscenes, go to the basement as instructed - under 
the stairs in the Foyer, left and down several more flights of stairs and then 
enter the store cupboard.

* Checkpoint: Old School Store Cupboard *
Search in this room for a gap in the floor with a ladder, climb down this to 
get to the sewer under the school.  Follow the sewer to a room which leads out 
of the water, and in here clamber down through the hatch into the Lab.
Once in the Lab walk up to the machines a cutscene will play.
A door will open at the side of the Lab, go through this.  Another cutscene 
will play.  Continue forwards, up a tall ladder and cross the next two rooms.  
There is a ghost trapped behind a meshed wall, shoot it several times and the 
ghost will reel backwards and connect the electric circuit.  Return to the Lab.
In the Lab a cutscene will play, and a different door opens, go here.

* Checkpoint: Old School Armoury *
Go through into the training room and pick up the weapon and grenade.  A 
cutscene will play then a revenant ghost will burst in.  Fight and capture it, 
and go through the broken wall.  Capture the next revenant and climb up the 
ladder in the lift shaft.  At the top go through the next door into a rest 

* Checkpoint: Old School Rest Room *
Through the next door the staff room and secretary's room.  Fight and Capture 
the blue spook ghost, shoot out the window in the secretary's room and climb 
through it to the outside.  While outside collect the shotgun weapon from the 
trunk of Lazarus' car.  Next climb up the ladder leading back into the school. 
 In the next class room are two blue spooks.  After capturing them and leaving 
the room a cutscene will play.  Go along the corridor and down some stairs, 
then through the door into a classroom with a blue spook.  The connecting door 
leads to the janitors office, pick up the shotgun ammo on the way through.    
You're now back in the school Foyer, and the main stairs are now cleared.  Walk 
up them to the first floor, through a pair of double doors and into another 
rest room.
Here the Lazarus finds out about Astral.  After Lazarus captures the revenant 
that appears Astral will have a new ability.  Use this ability by switching to 
Astral, fly left out of the rest room, up to the top of the stair well and into 
the lift shaft.  Perform the Revenant ability above the broken lift and it will 
be pushed into position.  Lazarus can now climb the ladder in the lift shaft.

* Checkpoint: Old School Attic *
In attic there are two revenants and a blue spook.  [Hint: if this gets too 
difficult climb up to the slightly raised areas and the revenants will hide 
around a corner, giving a brief respite].  When they are captured the wall 
explodes showing Hawksmoor and Steele.

Boss Fight: Hawksmoor's Knights
There are three crossbow knights on the raised areas of the library, and a 
hammer knight in the center with Lazarus, all must be shot and captured.  
[Hint: Capture the hammer knight by throwing the grenade past it, then strafing 
back so the grenade hits it in the back, this will prevent it's shield blocking 
the grenade.  Or get up close and upper cut the grenade in.  Hide under the 
archways and between the bookshelves to get cover from the crossbow knights].
After the boss fight Lazarus will get new kit from the Lab.  Go through the 
portal into THE SWAMP realm.

The Swamp Realm

* Checkpoint: Swamp Graveyard *
In this section you must keep out of the sight from the howler ghost.  Let the 
howler open the doors and sneak in behind it.  In the STATUE HUB the howler 
will dig up some blue spooks.  Capture them all, then hide from the howler 
again as it opens the final door to the crypt.  Follow the howler in, let it go 
to sleep in the crypt and then capture it.  You will need to capture at least 
one of the howlers as they provide Astral with a Charming ability required 
later in the Swamps.  Pick up the crowbar and other items in the crypt.  Use 
the crowbar on the far door in the STATUE HUB.

* Checkpoint: Swamp Wood Cutter's Hut *
Pick up the rusty key from the hut and go back to the STATUE HUB.  Walk up the 
final door and a revenant will smash it down - so much for that rusty key!  
Capture the revenant and go up the hill, fighting the blue spooks on the way.  
Go past the CHURCH and out of the graveyard, over the bridge to the Mansion for 
a cutscene with Lady DeMonford.  Then make your way back to the CHURCH.  On the 
way Lazarus will get ambushed by Rednecks, and they will open the CHURCH doors, 
giving a new route.

* Checkpoint: Swamp Church *
Climb the ladder down into bowels of the church, into the Mausoleum and jump 
across the flooded room between the tombs.  Fight the blue spooks that attack. 
Carry on through the Mausoleum, through some tunnels and out in the...

* Checkpoint: Swamp Oakville Town *
Run behind the houses and return fire with the snipers in the barn and the 
sniper in the rear window of the first house.  Kill all three and a redneck 
croc will burst out of the fence.  Go through this broken fence and left 
through the second house.  Climb out of the front of the house on the ladder, 
then into the first house.  Scare the howler out of the window, find it's 
patrol route and sneak behind it through the howler-only gates.  If you haven't 
captured a howler yet capture this one to get an ability you need later.
Go in the shed with the redneck snipers and down through the tunnels under a 
house.  Go through the house killing any rednecks you meet, and then climb out 
of the upper windows into the next part of town.

* Checkpoint: Swamp Oakville Houses *
Run between the houses, fight the redneck snipers, climb through the flooded 
barn and fight the redneck croc.  A bunch of redneck snipers will shoot out of 
a ruined house, and then retreat backwards.  Follow them and fight them.  Go 
through the printing press building, and then into the Townhall (pick up the 
shotgun here if you missed it in the school).  Climb all the stairs into the 
belltower, and shoot the bell.  A cutscene will play, and the door on the upper 
balcony will open.  Go through here and continue.

* Checkpoint: Swamp Townhall *
Enter the swamplands and fight the rednecks that are fending you off.  [Hint: 
Hide behind cover and pop out of wallhug to fire, and use the sniper rifle to 
get headshots].  Down the path, beyond several waves of redneck snipers and 
redneck crocs, the path is blocked by fallen rocks, and there is a detonation 
plunger and fuse wire, but no dynamite.  Head back and take the alternate route 
near the up turned car in the pool of water, over the rocky path to the bayou. 
 Fight your way through to a shack in the distance, inside pick up the dynamite 
explosives and items.

* Checkpoint: Swamp Bayou *
Run out of the shack and around the back and sides of the bayou to take a short 
cut back to the rocky path.  Return to the boulders that were blocking the way, 
plant the dynamite and blow it up!  Head over the metal bridge, shoot the 
snipers on the cliff and waterwheel, and go into the door that leads to the 
underground mines.

* Checkpoint: Swamp Mines *
Run through the mines until you reach a cave where the water is blocking the 
way.  Round in the previous cave is an Astral swap point, change to astral and 
fly into the water in other cave.  Fly into a flooded room with wooden walls 
and ladders.  Perform Astral's revenant ability over the damaged floor panel, 
fly in this lower cave and find a mine shaft leading up to the power room.  Go 
solid using Astral's revenant ability and hit the switch on the diesel 
generator, and this will lower the water enough for Lazarus to now be able to 
use crouch through the small tunnel which used to be flooded.  Having switched 
back to Lazarus, crouch through this tunnel and run out into the valley.  
Dispatch the snipers and use the next door to re-enter the mine room.  Shoot 
the hook holding the pump nozzle so it falls into the water, draining the rest 
of the room of water.  Then climb down the ladder, up the next and collect the 
dynamite.  Return back outside and use the dynamite to blow up the rocks to 
create a route forward.
There is a redneck sniper on a guard tower on the waterfall, next to the sniper 
is an explosive barrel, shoot it to blow up the guard tower, and it will fall 
into the water create a bridge to the Compound.

* Checkpoint: Swamp Valley Compound *
Sneak along with the howler and avoid the Redneck Sniper looking out over the 
compound.  Wait for the howler to open the gate and run out behind it.  Go left 
into another mine.  Use the monkey bar to cross the water, the howler will spot 
you and close the door.  Use the Astral swap point, fly directly upwards to a 
control room.  Use Astral's charm ability to attract the howler close to the 
wire fence (this was gained earlier but captured a howler as it slept), and 
then using revenant mode turn on the fan switch nearby.  Let the howler fly out 
of the door, opening it, giving a way out.
Climb over the water fall and into the caverns, climb around the rocks and 
shimmy edges and fight the swamp liquid beast.

* Checkpoint: Swamp Cavern *
Exit the cavern towards the redneck village.  The rednecks will defend their 
village, after they're all defeated the gates will open.  Explore the redneck 
village and find a truck that has it's engine running.  Push the truck down the 
hill and it will reveal a tunnel hatch.  Climb the ladder down this into the 
subterranean tunnel system.

* Checkpoint: Swamp Redneck Village *
Run along this tunnel and climb out, and go into the hut with the three hanging 
pieces of metal.  Mimic the sound [HINT: #1 = left, middle, right.  #2 = left, 
middle, right, right.  #3 = left, middle, right, right, left].   The liquid 
beast will rush out of the tunnel grate, opening it up.  Deal with the beast 
and then climb down the ladder.  Run through the next tunnel and climb out into 
a new area.  Find another tunnel entrance and climb down it, avoid the liquid 
beast until you can wade to higher ground, shoot and capture it.  Walk through 
the water into a small tunnel with a ladder, climb up and walk into the next 
room.  A cutscene will play.

* Checkpoint: Swamp Redneck Prison *
Lazarus awakes with no weapons in a prison cell you past earlier.  Wallhug 
through the gap in the corner, and in the next cave switch to Astral at the 
save point.  Swim through the tunnels and caves and find the room where Lazarus 
was captured, fly through and up a tunnel shaft into the Redneck Boat to meet 
the chief.  After a cutscene Lazarus appear back at DeMontford Mansion at 
nighttime.  Enter the Mansion...

*Checkpoint: Swamp Evil Mansion Entrance *
Down the stairs you will meet a ghost girl who will run away.  Chase her into 
the kitchen room.  She will transform and the teddy monster will attack.  
Capture it and the door outside the kitchen will open.
In the next corridor the lights will go out, and the doors will fold back on 
themselves.  The ghost girl will jump through the walls, and is only vulnerable 
when recovering from a wall jump.  Use the warp-doors rather than the longer 
corridor route to quickly wrong-foot the girl, shoot her to force her to change 
into the Teddy.  Capture the teddy to release the doors back to normal.
In the next big room the ghost girl will run through the wall, and the warping 
doors prevent you from getting to her.  Search and capture the ghost boy who is 
wandering around the room.  Once captured two of the doors will change back, 
allowing you to follow the girl, find and capture her.  When she is captured 
all the doors will go back to normal, letting continue into the dining room.

* Checkpoint: Swamp Evil Mansion Dining *
There is a picture painting which has pieces missing, these can be found in the 
basement and attic.
Head right down a spiral staircase, and then down another into the basement.  
Another ghost girl will jump through a wall.  Go through the door surrounded by 
skulls, and it will lead to secret room where the ghost girl is.  If she has 
already recovered, it will be too late to shoot her and she'll jump through the 
ceiling.  To catch her now, backtrack through the skull door and it will return 
you to the upper rooms.  She'll keep jumping through the floors and walls until 
you catch her whilst recovering.  When she has been captured the skull door 
will change it's destination and lead to a dungeon, in here is one of the 
picture pieces.
Go up towards the attic, deal with the ghost boy and continue to attic proper. 
 Once you've captured the two ghost boys the ghost girl will stop being 
invulnerable and change to the teddy which can be captured.  When the teddy is 
captured the door to the bedroom next door will open.  In here is the other 
picture piece.
Use the two pieces in the picture and it will become a real place, and you can 
walk through into the painting.

* Checkpoint: Swamp Weird Mansion Entrance *
Run through all the rooms, killing the ghost teddies as they attack.  [Hint: 
there is ammo hidden under the Christmas tree in the room with night-light].

* Checkpoint: Swamp Weird Mansion Dining *
The caged ghost girl will tell you a riddle, to put the stars in the sky.  Head 
right down the stairs into the basement, kill the two ghost teddies and pick up 
the kaleidoscope.  Use this on the picture painting where the caged ghost girl 
is and the door to the attics will open, and the girl will give another riddle. 
 She wants the date of her death.
Go up to the first attic room, find the projector and switch through all the 
pictures until you find out the number.  Then shine your regular torch in the 
zoetrope to find the next.  Two teddy's will spawn, one will drop a lens for 
the torch.  Use this lens and shine it on the walls, one of the wall will a 
code written in blood.  With all three number Laz knows the date.  Go back and 
see the ghost girl in the cage and she will run out and attack.  When she is 
captured Astral will now have the spectral ability.  Use this in the first 
attic room to pass through the ceiling (marked by the green slime) into the 
main attic.  Once here use revenant ability to open the door switch.  Lazarus 
can now access the attic and the bedroom beyond it.  Go here and find the 
trapped redneck girl.
Follow the redneck girl out of the room, through the house and out of the 

* Checkpoint: Swamp Mansion Gantries *
There is a cutscene with the redneck girl and Lady Demontford.
Follow the girl across the gantries, until the path gets smashed, where you 
need to climb back onto the barn and slide down the zip line.

Boss Fight: Swamp Phantom
On the next island a big crocodile will attack.  Shoot its belly a few times 
and it will puke up the swamp phantom.  Then stand in front of the wooden 
porches to get the phantom to swipe the buildings and anger the crocodile.  Do 
this three times (all the porches) and a cutscene will play.

* Checkpoint: Swamp Final Fight *
Run with the redneck girl back into the graveyard to the STATUE HUB.
Stand near the statue so the boss will swipe at it, and separate from the 
crocodile.  Now run away from the crocodile and lure it to the phantom, so they 
attack each other.  After they have fought together a few times they will have 
low enough health to be captured.

Haunted School "New School" Realm

With your new weapon climb the scaffolding in the Lab to go back to the SEWER, 
and then to the Foyer.  There are some double doors blocked by debris, which 
can now be blown away by the new grenade launcher weapon.  This gives access to 
the New School

* Checkpoint: New School Exterior *
Run into the new school buildings, run forward and see a cutscene.  The library 
is haunted by poltergeists and the stairs cannot be used.  Go and find the 
science block that is accessible (on the left as you entered the school 
Go in the first room.  All the poltergeist rooms require you to find a way to 
create smoke or water to reveal the poltergeists, which can then be captured.  
In room one, turn on the television in the sink to make it explode, and then 
shoot out the window to make the smoke spread.
In room two, turn on the electric fan.
In room three, shoot the compressed gas cylinder and shoot out the window.
In room four, picture up the chemical beaker, place it on the Bunsen burner in 
the air cupboard and turn on the switch for the air conditioner.
Go to the janitors room and turn on the water mains.
In room five, shoot out the sprinkler system nozzles on the ceiling.
When all the poltergeists are captured Astral will have the Poltergeist 
ability, and can smash down the blockage at the entrance of the other science 

* Checkpoint: New School Science Block *
All the lights are out, so precede with care.  There are death angels and 
revenants blocking the way.  At the end of the block there is an attachment for 
the grenade launcher to pick up.  This will allow the grenade launcher to fire 
smoke grenades.  Go back to the library and use the smoke grenades to capture 
the poltergeist.

* Checkpoint: New School Library *
A cutscene will play introducing the librarian and your task to collect two 
books.  The first book is in the upper library, just further than the stairs.  
Take this back to the librarian for a cutscene, and then place it on the first 
plinth to be warped into the book itself, to Hawksmoor's castle.  Here run 
through the castle to see a cutscene of Richmond and Hawksmoor.
The next book is outside in the car park, reached by going through the door in 
the upper library

* Checkpoint: New School Car Park *
Dodge the possessed diggers and get to the school bus to pick up the history 
book.  Use the smoke grenades in the bus to reveal the poltergeist.  With it 
captured the diggers are no longer possessed.
Give the history book to the librarian, and then take it to the second plinth 
to be warped into the history book.  Walk through the castle, listen the 
librarian's narration, and then walk through the door that opens and see a 
cutscene with Hawksmoor and the knights.
With all the librarian's tasks completed you can go into the theatre for the 
boss fight.

* Checkpoint: New School Theatre *
Boss Fight: Hawksmoor's Matinee Massacre.
Hawksmoor will first summon many death angels.  [Hint:  At the sides of the 
stage there are ladders leading up the lighting rigs.  Here there is extra 
After the death angels have been captured, Hawksmoor will summon some 
poltergeists.  Use the smoke grenades to find and capture them.
There will be a cutscene back at the Lab.
Walk Lazarus through the portal again.

Ship Realm

* Checkpoint: Vehicle Holds *
Get in the tank in the middle of the room and blow up the barrels marked 
flammable to clear a path.  In the next area, collect some ammo from the back 
of a army truck, load it into the back of the tank and climb in.  Shoot the 
door in front.  [Hint: shoot the soldiers with the tank!].
Capture the soldiers and go onwards.  In warehouse, capture the soldiers again. 
Reinforcements will be called, and a gatling gunner will come out of the lift 
compartment.  To capture it you have to shoot his shoulder helper first.
Then go up in the lift.

* Checkpoint: Warehouse *
Shoot the red lever that is high on the wall, this will open the pressure doors 
and release a blue spook, then leave and go to the next room.

* Checkpoint: Cold Storage *
In the next room do the same, find a position where you can see and shoot the 
switch to open the door.
In the next sealed room, change to Astral and use the poltergeist ability to 
clear the debris.  To do this position Astral between the switch (surrounded by 
carcasses) and the broken up shelves - it is those shelves that you're about to 
blast out of the way.  Then shoot the switch and leave the room.
Continue forward to the kitchens.  Deal with the gatling gunner and the solider 
in the following room.

* Checkpoint: Ship Promenade *
There is a short cutscene.
Fight your way along the promenade and up to the top of the ship.  [Hint: the 
room the gatling gunner bursts out of has grenade launcher ammo and health in 
it].  On the roof you'll see a cutscene with the tentacles and the soldiers.  
Fight the solders and walk to the front of the ship, to the bridge.
There is a cutscene in the bridge.

* Checkpoint: Ship Bridge *
Leave the bridge, down the stairs and into the cabins.  Avoid touching or 
getting very close to the attack tentacles.  Walk slowly and crouched when near 
the hearing tentacles.  Time your movement carefully to not get spotted by the 
sight tentacles.
Follow the red fuse to the detonator and blow up the tentacles.  The blast will 
break down a nearby door giving another route, go into this room.  Avoid the 
tentacles through the next few rooms and blow them up, too.

* Checkpoint: Ship Cabins *
Following the corridor around the corner, the room on the left with tentacles 
has a detonator plunger and fuse wire but not any dynamite.  Go first into the 
room around to the right of the corridor and collect a piece of dynamite.  Then 
sneak around the tentacles [Hint: stick to the left hand wall and crouch], 
plant the dynamite, sneak back and detonate it.  The explosion will kill the 
tentacles but also blow a hole in the floor, allowing you to climb down to the 
Ballroom floor.
To get into the ballroom, find the Astral swap point in one of the surrounding 
rooms and fly through the air vents.  Inside, Astral needs to use her 
poltergeist ability to clear the debris from around the door, allowing Lazarus 
to open it from the outside.

* Checkpoint: Ship Ballroom *
Inside the Ballroom there are several groups of tentacles with fuse wires 
beneath them, but no explosives.  Collect the dynamite from the cabins that 
surround the ballroom, and take them back into the ballroom and plant them at 
the base of the tentacles around the room.  The detonator plunger is at the 
side of the staircase on the lower level.  With the tentacles and the exit door 
blown up you can progress into the service stairs, marked crew only.  Go up one 
flight to reach the funnel.

* Checkpoint: Ship Funnel *
Climb across the monkey bars, run to the left and climb down the ladder.  Deal 
with the blue spooks that attack.  Jump over the two gaps left, clamber up, 
clamber back down, then climb down a ladder, walk left, monkey bar across the 
funnel, clamber up onto a ledge and run back over the top of the monkey bars.  
Jump left again a few times and climb down the next ladder.  Detonate the 
explosives at the plunger at the base of the ladder, this will blow up some 
walls and reveal some side cabins.  In the lower side room is an astral swap 
point, use this because the water level is stopping Lazarus making further 
progress.  [Hint: The upper side room has extra energy and health pick ups].  
Fly Astral under the water level and leave the funnel to reach the lower 
service stairs.  Swim around to the left over a gap in the floor and them 
around to the right.  A cutscene will play.  Then swim Astral left and around, 
over then past the large pump machine, and use the poltergeist ability to shut 
the jammed door.  Then fly back up to the top of the pump and use the revenant 
ability to turn it on.  This will lower the water level in the funnel, allowing 
Lazarus to climb down the final ladder.  Run Lazarus into the service stairs, 
go down one level to the bottom and find the exit slide door.

* Checkpoint: Ship Engine Rooms *
Turn the wheel to open the hatch to the engine rooms.  Clamber down onto the 
large pipe, and then clamber off the pipe immediately to the left.  Run off the 
structure onto the walkways around the side of the room and follow them around 
to a pair of big double doors.
In the piston room Lazarus will be ambushed by soldiers.  Captured all the 
soldiers and explore to find the small room at the top of the walkways, in here 
a cutscene will play as Lazarus meets Fortesque again.
Fortesque will be running the gauntlet at the other side of the piston room, 
without his head, and you must distract the tentacles with gun fire so they do 
not detect and eat him as he walks past.  [Hint: Shoot all the tentacles with 
your pistol to attract them].  Fortesque will plant the dynamite at the double 
doors, which you can detonate, and then go into the room with the sleeping ship 
beast.  A cutscene will play.
Go left and climb up the ladder to the engineering rooms.

* Checkpoint: Ship Engineering Areas *
Avoid the tentacles that eat the soldiers, and make your through the rooms and 
find the first trapped mechanic, who is stuck to the wall.  Walk up to him to 
free it.  Run across the top walkways of the furnace rooms again, then climb 
down the sets of ladders and use the Astral swap point.  Fly Astral under the 
water and across the piston room to find the second mechanic.  Then continue 
with Lazarus to where Fortesque was avoiding the tentacles, up the ladder and 
on to the final mechanic.

* Checkpoint: Ship Beast Awakes *
After freeing the final mechanic a cutscene will play and the boss fight will 
Boss fight - Ship Beast
Avoid and shoot the beast until Fortesque arrives in a tank.  The tank will 
fire shells into the beast, and if you shoot these they will explode and the 
beast will release a soul.  Capture the soul as it float up into the air.  
[Hint:  If you cannot see the shells lodged in the beast, look for the target 
cursor turning red, or just pepper the beast with pistol bullets].  Do 
this while avoiding the beast's attacks and after capturing three souls the 
Beast will transform back into Captain Kraken.

Prison Realm

After a quick visit back to the Lab in the school, Lazarus will find himself on 
a prison island.

* Checkpoint: Prison Docks *
Run off the pier onto the docks, turn left and circle back up the ramp to the 
right, and into the building.  Make your way through the building, picking up 
the ammo and health items on the way.  Out the other side, turn left and head 
towards the church.  Fight and capture the prison guards [Hint: the baton 
guards are extremely tough at close range, try to shoot them from afar!], and 
run through the church, picking up the new Lasso weapon on the way.  Run across 
the outcrop and enter the sewer pipe.

* Checkpoint: Prison Sewers *
To get out of the sewers go right out of the pipe, then left at the first 
junction and right at the next.  Stick to the sides of the sewer to move faster 
and shoot the prison guards that possess the revenants.  Up the ramp and out of 
the sewers leads to a lift which takes you down into the filtration plant.

* Checkpoint: Prison Filtration Works *
Work your way across the rooms and around to the Astral swap point.  With 
Astral fly into the room with the very high ceiling and fly upwards to the rail 
tracks which wrap the sides of the area.  Using poltergeist ability smash the 
two vulnerable pairs of rails and activate the three track switches.  [Hint: 
Use Astral first person view to find out which these are].  Then use the new 
possession ability to take control of the ghost miner at the very top of the 
room and start digging at the rocks.  [Hint: You get the possession ability 
after capturing 3 prison guards].  The mine cart will fall 
down all the tracks and become a platform which can be clambered up.  Take back 
control of Lazarus and climb over the mine cart to reach a new area.  Take the 
lift up towards the furnace and steam pipes.

* Checkpoints: Prison Steam Pipes *
Dodge the bursts of steam by timing the movement carefully, doing the same for 
the turning wheels - contact with them will cause damage.
Then climb the ladder into the shower room.  Take out the guards and clamber 
onto the upper walkway and turn off the alarm switch to open the doors below.
Left the area and go into the Medical Centre

* Checkpoint: Prison Medical Center *
Kill the guards in the ward and then go forward into the operating theatre.  
Capture the surgeon and the summoned guards to open the door leading out to the 
courtyard.  Get past the revenant in courtyard and enter the prison reception.

* Checkpoint: Prison Reception *
Go through the small corridor on the right to reach the visitors room, and 
answer all the phones.  Then go back into the foyer and up the stairs into the 
upper room.  Change to Astral, fly down through the hole and into the control 
room with the prison guard.  Use Astral's possession ability to take control on 
the guard, and walk it to the control panel and activate it to open one of the 
gates.  Leave possession mode and fly Astral through opened door, turn left, go 
forward and then up through the gap in the ceiling.  Fly down the next hole 
into the prison armoury.  Fly through into the hall with the pool tables and 
out into the corridor.  Turn right and fly all the way to the end, and up 
through another hole in the ceiling.  Fly along and down again into a cell with 
a trapped revenant.  Possess the revenant and smash down all the walls which 
are cracked & weak to create a path for Lazarus from the visitors room through 
the canteen to the big set of double security doors.  [Hint: Hold down both R1 
& R2 to perform an overhead smash with the revenant].  Pick up the rose that 
was dropped by the apparition in the visitors phone room.  Run Lazarus through 
the reception areas and into the security doors, and hit the switch to close 
one door and open the next.

* Checkpoint: Prison Cell Block *
Run through the cell block into death row, where there are 6 cells, three of 
which are open.  Go into the middle cell on the right and place the rose in the 
vase.  The world will change and the cell will lead into a house.  Up the 
stairs turn right, go into the bedroom, admire yourself in the mirror and then 
pick up the photo on the bed.  You will be taken back to the cell.  Go back to 
the first cell on the left and place the photo in the frame, and again the 
world will change allowing access to a house.   Go up the stairs and to the 
left and talk to the crying girl in a cutscene.  You'll return to death row 
again.  Go back into the cell with the rose vase, and transported to the house 
pick up the teddy bear from the alternate version of the girls room.  Warped 
back to deathrow, go into the photo frame cell, back into the house and give 
the girl the teddy bear.  She will exchange it for a miniature bridge.  Go to 
the final cell and put the bride in the dolls house.

* Checkpoint: Prison Deathrow *
Prison Boss: Electric Guardian
A cutscene will play and you're fighting the electric guardian.  Stay at a 
distance to avoid the electric attacks and do as much damage to the boss as you 
can.  You'll need to do a lot of running around to stay out of danger.  If he 
does get up close to you side step around him so the boss has to move again to 
face you, interrupting his electric attack. If Richmond takes too much damage 
he will die too, so keep him protected where possible.  This is a good time to 
use your more powerful weapons such as shotgun up close, explosive grenade 
launcher etc.  When the guardian has been damaged enough he will de-materialize 
and jump into the wires on the walls as electricity.  As the doors open run 
back through deathrow.  When at the cell block with the revenants shoot out the 
electricity junction boxes to keep the revenant's cells closed.  Capture all 
the revenants and go with Richmond into the security doors.  On the other side 
follow Richmond down through the workshop and into the generator room.  Here 
the electric guardian will reform.  There are three large electric generators 
in the room, these provide the Electric Guardian with power for special attacks 
and recharge his health.  You must shoot the control panels which are on the 
sides of all three generators, otherwise the guardian can keep recharging his 
energy.  Disable the generators, do enough danger to the Electric Guardian, he 
will fall and a cutscene will play.

* Checkpoint: Prison Scrapyard *
Run through the lines of scrap metal until there are two poltergeists blocking 
the way.  Either use your smoke grenades or shoot out the engine of the truck 
to create smoke.  With both captured you can progress.  In the next area is a 
water tower with a poltergeist holding an object out of reach.  Shoot the 
nozzle on the water tower to soak and reveal poltergeist.  Once captured it 
will drop the piston to the ground, pick it up and attach it to the car crusher 
appliance, then activate it.  Go through to the next area.

* Checkpoint: Prison Junk Yard Challenge *
Run forward and Richmond will come to your assistance, allowing you see the 
poltergeists with the binoculars.  In first person view turn on the binoculars' 
filter to see, fight and capture the poltergeist.  The barrier of cars will 
collapse allowing you through.
Scrapyard Boss:
The boss is controlled by poltergeists.  The first is hovering in front of the 
boss, the second is perched on it's shoulder and the third behind its back.  
The first is quite easy to capture.  The second you should run a distance away, 
hit it with the capture grenade and then quickly do damage to capture it.  The 
third is difficult; run through the boss's legs and spin around to quickly hook 
the poltergeist with the capture grenade, before the boss has a chance to turn 
After those three are captured the scrapyard boss will collapse.  Follow 
Richmond out to the light house.
After a cutscene Richmond will take your broken goggles to use with the 
lighthouse beam.  As the beam spins around it reveals the final poltergeist on 
the boss's shoulder.  Hide in the ruined buildings until you have a clear shot 
at grenading the poltergeist.

Military Base Realm

* Checkpoint: Military Base Hub Gates *
The base's decontamination system means that each area must be cleared of 
ghosts before the doors will unseal.  Protect Richmond whilst there are ghosts 
and follow him at other times.
Initially, capture the first two blue spooks to open the first two doors.  
Follow Richmond into the command centre and he will give some information about 
the base.  Follow him out of the room, capture the next blue spook and go into 
the decontamination doors.

* Checkpoint: Military Base Command Sector *
In the circular core, dispatch the death angels so Richmond can hack the 
computer and open the next decontamination doors.  Go through those doors into 
the depot.  Capture all the ghostly original-ghost hunters to set off the depot 
alarm.  Clamber up onto the containers and shimmy along the walkway and climb 
up.  Run along the walkway, climb across the monkey bars and then run along the 
next walkway to reach the switch for the isolation chamber.  Clamber down the 
big drop off the walkway, and capture the revenant that charges out of the 
isolation chamber.  With all the ghosts captured Richmond can open the cargo 
doors, follow him down.

* Checkpoint: Military Base Depot Lift *
Follow Richmond to the ghost experimentation room, capture the scientists that 
transform into spooks and go down the in the corner with Richmond.  Capture the 
revenants in the room you come to, follow Richmond again to the Briefing Room 
for a cutscene.

* Checkpoint: Military Base Briefing Room *
Follow Richmond through the next set of decontamination doors, into the core 
and then down the ramp to level 4 of the base.  From another set of holding 
doors, down a corridor then past Hawksmoor's castle.

* Checkpoint: Military Base Castle *
Continue following Richmond until you reach a lift.  Activate the switch to be 
taken down a level.  Run on at the bottom and a cutscene will play, and then 

* Checkpoint: Military Base Munitions Depot *
Move DigitalRichmond forwards and kill the two blue spooks in the munitions 
depot.  Turn left into the corridor, kill the next two blue spooks and move on 
to the next junction.  Kill the two blue spooks and revenant and then turn 
right, through the doors across the core.  After the next doors the robot will 
fall through weak floors down to the next level.
Turn right and go through the room with the ghost containment pods, killing the 
ghosts as they appear.  Continue in that direction, out into the corridor until 
you come across a small computer room on the right hand side.  Enter this room 
to see a cutscene with Richmond.  After that, leave the room and continue down 
the corridor in the same direction (right out the doorway) and go into the next 
small room on the right hand side, and there will be a Cutscene with Lazarus.
Astral Lazarus:
Fly upwards into the machinery and follow the white pipe into a spherical 
container with four windows, and fly through the open one into a transparent 
pipe.  Fly into the core, go clockwise (left) at the junction, around the 
circle to the vertical pipe and fly up.  Fly up for two levels, then fly 
clockwise a few meters and take the sideways pipe out of the core.  Take the 
next pipe downwards, then left (or clockwise along the pipe arc) further down 
the pipe until you come out into a big empty space.  Turn right here and keep 
flying to hit the checkpoint and see a cutscene.

* Checkpoint: Military Base Core *
Boss Fight: Finale!
After the cutscenes you will face Hawksmoor and all his minions in a final 
battle.  The techno gun has two modes, a rapid fire mode just tapping the 
and a continuous stream by holding it down.  The former is better for on-foot 
enemies like revenants, and the stream is good for holding aim on flying ghosts 
like death angels.
The first wave of enemies are blue spooks and revenants.  Kill them and take 
pot shots at Hawksmoor as he flies around.  Then there are liquid beasts and 
Teddy Monsters.  After that death angels and prison guards.  [Hint: a tactic 
for the tough guards is to run away, turn around and hire rapidly and continue 
backing away until they get close, then run properly again!].  Then fight with 
Hawksmoor until he's defeated!

// Secrets //

Extra Items:

* In the Swamps valley exterior after the first mining caves, immediately after 
blowing up the cliff face with dynamite follow the wall around to the right to 
reach a hidden area with health and ammo pick ups.

* In the Ship after meeting Fortesque in the bridge, after detonating the 
section explosive charge, head back into the cabin rooms to find a hole in the 
wall created by the explosion, which leads to a room with extra health and 

* In the Prison, a few meters on from where you can pick up the Lasso weapon, 
there is a tower at the back of the church.  Look upwards here and use the 
capture grenade to grab the bonus health and ammo energy pools which are hidden 
up by the ceiling.

* In the Prison, in the cell with the revenant which needs to be possessed next 
to the canteen, has some grenade launcher ammo.

* In the Military Base, in the command room where Richmond uses the hologram, 
there are two little side areas, these both have health pick ups.

* In the Military Base, in the depot where the fight with the original hunters 
takes place, up the ramp at the back of the area, hidden behind storage boxes 
are several health and ammo pick ups.


* Old School, in the classroom before the janitors office, there is a slide 
projector with haunted images which can be shone onto the wall

* At the start of Oakville Town, if you walk into the first barn at the back of 
the field after the first three redneck snipers have been killed, there is an 
ambush of three more redneck snipers.

* In the evil version of Demonford mansion in the room with the pillars, before 
capturing the ghost boy, walk through the door with the burning red flame next 
to it.  The flame will then change to another door.  Go through the doors 
denoted by the flame to be taken to the balcony above the room (and an easy way 
to capture the ghost boy).

* In the weird version of Demontford mansion, in the basement where the 
kaelidoscope is dropped by a teddy ghost monster, there is a door surrounded by 
skulls.  Walk through here to see the corpse of Lady Demondford swaying on a 
rocking chair - she was a ghost all along!

* When possessing the revenant ghost in the prison realm, holding down R1 and 
R2 together causes an overhead smash attack.

* Shine the ultra-violet torch lens at the hand drawn pictures in the girl's 
room, in the Prison Deathrow murder puzzles.

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