PS2 Walkthroughs: Grandia Xtreme Walkthrough

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Grandia Xtreme Walkthrough

Walkthrough/FAQ by

 | /*  .    _ | /
 |/ | /\  //_ |/
 |\ |/  \/ \_||\

- GameArts                          xXXXXXXXXXXXx                xXXXXXXXXXx
- Enix                                  XXXXXXXXXXX                  XXXXXXX
                                         XXXXXXXXXXX                XXXXXXX
   %%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%      %%%%%% %%%     %%%X%%%%%%%     %%% %%%%%%%%XXX
 %%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%    %%%%%%% %%%%    %%%X%%%%%%%%%   %%% %%%%%%%%%
%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%   %%%%%%%% %%%%    %%%X%%%%%%%%%%  %%% %%%%%%%%%%
%%%%%               %%%  %%%%%      %%%%   %%% XXXXX%%%%%% %%% XXXXXX%%%%%
%%%%         %%%    %%% %%%%% %%%  %%%%%%  %%% %%%XXXX%%%% %%%X%%%XX  %%%%
%%%  %%%%%%% %%%   %%%% %%%%  %%%  %%%%%%  %%% %%%XXXX%%%%X%%%X%%%X    %%%
%%%  %%%%%%% %%%  %%%%% %%%   %%%  %%%%%%% %%% %%%XXXX%%%%X%%%X%%%      %%
%%%  %%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%  %%%   %%% %%%% %%%%%%% %%%XXXX%%%%X%%%X%%%%%%%%%%%
%%%     %%%% %%%%%%%%   %%%%%%%%% %%%  %%%%%%% %%%XXXX%%%%X%%% %%%%%%%%%%%
%%%     %%%% %%%%%%%%%  %%%%%%%%% %%%   %%%%%% %%% X%%%%%XX%%% %%%%%%%%%%%
%%%     %%%% %%%   %%%  %%%%%%%%% %%%%   %%%%% %%% %%%%%XXX%%% %%%     %%%
%%%%    %%%% %%%   %%%% %%%   %%%  %%%    %%%% %%%%%%%%XXXX%%%X%%%     %%%
 %%%%   %%%% %%%   %%%% %%%   %%%   %%%    %%% %%%%%%XXXXXX%%%X%%%     %%%
 %%%%%  %%%% %%%   %%%% %%%   %%%    %%%    %  %%%%XXXxxXXX%%%X%%%     %%%
  %%%%% %%%%                                 XXXXXXXX   XXXXXXXXXXx   %%%%
   %%%%%%%%%                                XXXXXXXX     xXXXXXXXXXx %%%%
     %%%%%%%                              XXXXXXXX        xXXXXXXXXX%%%%%
       %%%%%xXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxx      XXXXXXXX       xx xXXXXXXX%%%%%
  xXXXXxx  %                         xxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX    XXfXXXXXX%XXXX
xXXXX                               xXXXXXXXx
XXXXXx                            xXXXXXXXx ___ ___  __   ___  _    _   ___
XXXXXXXXx                       xXXXXXXXx      |    |  \ |    | \  / | |
 XXXXXXXXXXXx                 xXXXXXXx         |    |__| |--- |  \/  | |---
   xXXXXXXXXXXXXXxx      xxXXXXXXx             |    |  \ |___ |      | |___

    Game: Grandia Xtreme (English release)
 Players: 1
   Genre: RPG (Dungeon Crawler)
Platform: PlayStation 2 (PS2)
     FAQ: Complete Walkthrough/FAQ
  Format: Plain Text, Courier New (Size: 10), 76 characters per line.
  Author: KingK
  E-mail: kamangren(at)yahoo(dot)com
 Version: 1.3 (2004-02-11)

   TABLE OF CONTENTS   %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%   SEARCH ENGINE

   I. REVISION HISTORY..............................................SEC01
   II. INTRODUCTION.................................................SEC02
   III. GAME TUTORIAL...............................................SEC03
           LET'S GET EXTREME!..................................SUB01
           PREPARING FOR ADVENTURE.............................SUB02
           MAGIC AND SKILLS....................................SUB03
   IV. PLAYABLE CHARACTERS..........................................SEC04
   V. COMBINATION MOVES.............................................SEC05
           DOUBLE COMBOS.......................................SUB13
           TRIPLE COMBOS.......................................SUB14
           QUADRUPLE COMBOS....................................SUB15
   VI. SKILLS.......................................................SEC06
           C-RANK SKILLS.......................................SUB16
           B-RANK SKILLS.......................................SUB17
           A-RANK SKILLS.......................................SUB18
           S-RANK SKILLS.......................................SUB19
   VII. MANA EGGS...................................................SEC07
           MANA EGG LIST.......................................SUB20
           MAGIC LIST..........................................SUB21
   VIII. WALKTHROUGH................................................SEC08
           BOOST LEVEL 1.......................................SUB22
           BOOST LEVEL 2.......................................SUB23
           BOOST LEVEL 3.......................................SUB24
   IX. BESTIARY.....................................................SEC09
           MONSTER LIST........................................SUB25
   X. COMPLETE ITEM LIST............................................SEC10
           RARE ITEMS..........................................SUB29
   XI. SIDEQUESTS...................................................SEC11
           CRASH HEADS.........................................SUB30
           THE SPIRIT SEARCH...................................SUB31
           JUSTON GAMBLE.......................................SUB32
           VORTEX CORRIDOR (BONUS DUNGEON).....................SUB33
           LUCKY MINKS MADNESS.................................SUB34
           LEVEL 200 ZENOTHLEE.................................SUB35
NEW----->  MAIASIS ITEMS.......................................SUB36
   XII. GENERAL FAQ.................................................SEC12
   XIII. CREDITS....................................................SEC13


   I. REVISION HISTORY                                               (SEC01)

- Version 0.1 (2003-07-01): Finished primary version of the FAQ. Four
                            elemental dungeons are complete. A lot more
                            to come...

- Version 0.2 (2003-07-12): Starry Corridor Levels 1-10 and the Illusory
                            Meadow along with Venom Ruins are completed.
                            Added the Limited Book skill book (how the
                            hell did I miss that?! Thanks Karen). Added
                            more monsters/items. Also added the Triple
                            and Quadruple Combination moves thus finishing
                            section V. A lot more info on the Crash Heads
                            also from Karen. Added more info regarding the
                            Spirit equipment thanks to Buster. Small tipos
                            here and there.

- Version 0.3 (2003-07-18): Starry Corridor Levels 11-20 are complete along
                            with the Darkness Ruins. Added the B-Rank
                            skills. Extended the FAQ section. Also check
                            out contributed info about the Devil Chest from
                            the magicalhappyman, it's important!. More
                            monsters in the Bestiary section. Buster makes
                            his comeback in this version with even more
                            info on the Spirit equipment. Small corrections
                            here and there.

- Version 0.4 (2003-08-01): Whew... where to begin? This is a big update.
                            Well first of all, Starry Corridor Levels 21-30
                            are complete along with the Light Ruins. Added
                            Boost Level 2. Most of the sections were
                            revised and rewritten, added the FAQ sub
                            sections for most of the sections. The only
                            section that was left intact is the Mana Egg
                            section, sorry but I have major plans for that
                            one in a future updates. Also added the A-Rank
                            Skill list. Fixed a lot of bugs and errors,
                            added more contributed stuff. You might have
                            noticed the new ASCII art, yeah I've changed
                            the old one--I hope you'll like new one. I also
                            began the Rare Item listing.

                            As a side note: 'Carro' Concert is now known as
                            'Crash Heads' and 'FAQ' section was renamed to
                            'General FAQ'.

- Version 0.5 (2003-09-03): For now I just started the Juston Gamble and
                            corrected some minor tipos. But the next update
                            will be version 1.0. It will include completed
                            walkthrough, rewritten Mana Egg section and
                            anything that I might think of adding. So stay
                            sharp and thank you for waiting.

- Version 1.0 (2003-11-08): Evolution Corridor and Boost Level 3 are finally
                            complete. Finished the Mana Egg section at last.
                            Shortened table of contents for better viewing,
                            made some other layout changes. Added more info
                            to the sidequest section mainly the Lucky Minks
                            part and the Juston Gamble. Fixed some tipos
                            here and there. Now that the walkthrough part is
                            complete I'll have more time to work on those

- Version 1.1 (2003-12-08): Started the Vortex Corridor sidequest. Finished
                            the Lucky Minks sidequest. Added even more
                            contributions. Started Accessories, Restoration
                            and Battle items listing. Removed tables.
                            Started the Level 200 Zenothlee sidequest. Began
                            the S-Rank skill listing.

- Version 1.2 (2004-01-07): Added even MORE contributions. Finished the
                            Crash Heads sidequest and Skills section thanks
                            to Ramiro Ngafoe. Changed the formating of the
                            Bestiary. Added a bunch of descriptions to the
                            lists thanks a number of contributors.

                            Oh and also, Happy New Year!! =D

- Version 1.3 (2004-02-11): Added a lot of info to the Bestiary section and
                            rewrote some things. Big thanks to GreatSkaori
                            he was the one who finally contributed to the
                            Bestiary section. Ramiro Ngafoe informed me of
                            a money making trick, interesting way to get
                            some cash quickly. Check it out in the FAQ
                            section. Also added a lot of items to the
                            Complete Item List.

                            I have also decided to add the Search Engine
                            feature to my FAQ.

                            I have added a new sidequest section called
                            MAIASIS Items. It deals with items that can be
                            sold to a shop to get new items. Check it out!
                            Also note that the Single Moves were moved to
                            section IV.

   II. INTRODUCTION                                                  (SEC02)


This is once again a FAQ by me KingK. This time it's for Grandia Xtreme.

Grandia Xtreme is the next installment in Grandia series since Grandia II.
However Grandia Xtreme is not Grandia III, it is a dungeon crawler with
entirely independant world and story, although the game system is based on
Grandia II it has improved graphics along with gameplay and also magic and
skills became much more realistic and beautiful. Rather than concentrating
on the story developers decided that it's time for players to feel the
taste of battle. And thats what this game is mostly all about--fighting
countless battles, building up your characters and hunting for items.

Surprisingly it was released pretty much at the same time in Japan as
Grandia II, January 2002. However the Western players, along with us,
Europeans had to wait a bit to play this game. It was scheduled to be
released worldwide September 2002. So as always Japan gets all good stuff
before anyone else.

In my opinion the whole game became more dynamic and fun to play. It's
really for Grandia series fans. Yes the story of this game pulls back a
bit compared to its predecessors but other than that Grandia Xtreme excels
in pretty  much every other aspect, even graphically. Although it's not
story-based it is still very enjoyable game. You'll find a lot of things
to do, and yes there _is_ a story in this game! With Enix in the party the
games system got really boosted. Grandia Xtreme has all the classical
Grandia features and adds a lot more to explore!


This FAQ is my property and is protected by copyright and other intellectual
property laws. You have acquired only the right to use this FAQ and you
don't have any other rights, express or implied, in the FAQ other than those
specified in this Disclaimer. You shouldn't remove anything from this FAQ.
You strictly are not allowed to sell or rent it. Don't edit, plagiarize,
transform or translate this FAQ into other languages, convert into .HTML
.DOC or any other format except .TXT. You cannot execute nothing of the
above except and only to the extent that it is expressly permitted by
myself. In no event shall I be liable for any damage consisting of direct,
indirect, special, incidental, consequential or any kind of physical or
mental harm arising from the use of or inability to use my FAQ.

All of the names, items, characters and all other parts of these games are
trademarks of their respectful owners.


To post my FAQs on your website you have to:

1) Respect everything stated in the above Disclaimer.
2) Never charge people for them.
3) Never change or add anything to the FAQs.
4) Update my FAQs by yourself.
5) Send me the name of the site.

If you can't be bothered updating my them from GameFaqs then don't you even
bother contacting me! I don't care who you are and I don't care how big your
site is (it's still not as big as GameFaqs) if you can't agree with the
terms above then get lost! If I find you plagiarized my FAQ then I swear I
will take legal actions against you. I will find your ass. I will sue your
ass. Your ass will burn in hell. Period.

The latest version of this guide can always be found at GameFaqs. Also the
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WARNING: This FAQ has spoilers. Don't read further if you don't want to get
         spoiled. That's your warning. Don't blame me if you get spoiled!

                                 'Guides are just another name for spoilers,
                                  because when someone helps you out on
                                  ANYTHING, that SPOILS the fun of
                                  discovering it yourself.'

                                                           - Dingo Jellybean

   III. GAME TUTORIAL                                                (SEC03)

OK now the Tutorial is for those who are new to the Grandia series or for
those who want to refresh their knowledge and learn all the new things in
Grandia Xtreme. Let's get EXTREME! was done by me and it concentrates on
some new features in Grandia series and things that have changed. The rest
is the in-game tutorial which does a great job explaining the basics of GX.

   LET'S GET EXTREME!                                                (SUB01)

- There will be more than 4 characters in the game at any point given. And
  you'll be able switch between them. Evann, as the main hero, will always
  be in the party. This differs from previous Grandia games because there
  you had 4 characters max.

- Grandia Xtreme has a mapping system, which is very helpful in the game.
  All the monsters and all treasures are marked! Press the [Square] button
  to zoom-in and zoom-out.

- Geo Points are special points of energy for travelling from dungeon to
  town and vise versa. There are 2 kinds of Geo Points: Full Geo Points
  which can be used as many times as you want, and the One-time Geo
  Points which have to be reactivated after each use. They are not Save
  Points! To save see below.

- You can only save your progress in the Armory inside the town and after
  some key points in the story. You _cannot_ save in dungeons. You can
  only use the Geo Points to travel back to town and then save there in
  the Armory. There are no Save Points in Grandia Xtreme.

- There are 3 ways the battle can begin: In normal mode it starts normally
  while the Surprise mode puts enemies before your characters and they'll
  act quicker. To Forestall enemies you'll have to press and hold the X
  button. That way Evann will be ready for action and the battle will
  never be surprised. No matter where the enemy came from the battle
  should be Forestalled or at least normal.

- The Xtreme indicator on the lower-right of the screen shows whether
  there is an very strong enemy nearby. If there is the meter begins to
  flicker. This is useful if you're not using map.

- Now you can _combine_ Mana Eggs to create more powerful ones! For more
  info on Mana Eggs check the Mana Eggs section.

- Skills now grow on their own, after participating in battle. You don't
  need to collect and distribute skill points among the skills to level
  then up. To learn more about skills look up the 'Magic & Skills'
  section of the Tutorial.

- The items in dungeons are now randomly generated. They will be randomized
  should you try to redo the dungeon. Monsters will be revived as well. So
  using the Geo Point to heal or drop some items in town will automatically
  reset-to-defaults the whole dungeon and randomize all the items! Some
  items/chests may not appear at all when you redo the dungeon!

- You can get a bonus experience after combat. There are 4 situations:

  Excellent         : If no one endured damage during combat, magical or
                      physical then each character gets bonus experience.
  Finished by Moves : The character one who killed the last fiend by a
                      Move gets bonus Skill experience.
  Finished by Feat  : When characters kill the last foe by a combo the
                      group gets bonus Skill experience after battle.
  MVP               : The character who did the most damage and was the
                      most useful overall gets bonus experience. (????)

- Each time you enter a dungeon your SP will reset to 0. SP will restore
  once you endure damage or attack/defend.

- You can store items which you don't need in the Item Shop. The amount of
  items you can carry is limited.

- Characters now can perform combos in collision using their Special Moves
  to inflict more damage upon the enemy. To learn more about combos check
  the 'Combination Moves' section.

- Chatting with your friends while you eat has _not_ been deleted. You'll
  be able to do this in the Diner.

- Classical PS RPG in-game soft reset can be used in Grandia Xtreme: hold
  L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and then press START + SELECT.

- There are secret areas. Keep your eyes open! A simple wall may be in fact
  a hidden room with a chest/Mana Egg/enemy!

   PREPARING FOR ADVENTURE                                           (SUB02)

Character Select

Talk to the Armory Manager. Select 'Character & Slot Select' Confirm
members choice: Use directional buttons to select members other than
Evann, then use the circle button to confirm the change. After changing
members, check their slot assignment and rearrange if necessary.

Slot System

Each character is allotted six personal slots in the status area in their
own personal info screens. Personal slots include 'Mana Egg Slots' and
'Skill Book Slots'. Equip the character with as many Mana Eggs and Skill
Books as the slots allow. Each character has varying strengths and
weaknesses for each skill. Slots can only be changed at the Armory, Magic
or Skill Shop, but not during an adventure.

Magic & Skills Equipping

You can use magic once a Mana Egg has been set to a slot. To equip Mana
Eggs, select 'Equip Mana Egg' in the Slot Assignment Screen. Select the
Mana Egg to be equipped. A Skill Book is needed to equip skills. Select
'Equip Skill Book' and the desired book. After Skill Books are equipped,
select 'Equip Skill' and choose the desired skill. Different skill ranks
are set in Skill Books. Even if you have a skill, you cannot use it
without the right book.

Recovering & Saving

Talk to Armory Manager when you return. You can select 'Rest' to recover all
HP, MP, and Disorders. Caution: You can only 'Save' by talking to the Armory
Manager inside the Armory. You cannot save anywhere else!

   MAGIC AND SKILLS                                                  (SUB03)

Mana Egg Junction

The magic and MPs in each Mana Egg varies depending on the type of Egg. You
can create a more powerful Mana Egg by combining two different Mana Eggs
into one. Combined Mana Egg may have an extra effect called 'SF'.


Skills are assigned to personal slots. By equipping skills to Skill Books,
you can create various effects. Skill Books are for managing skills. You
cannot obtain a skill until you equip a Skill Book. Skill Books can be
customized with your skill preferences. Caution: Like other slots, skills
can only be equipped at the Armory, Magic or Skill Shop.

Skill Creation

In a dungeon, if you pick up a Vellum, make sure to take it to the Skill
Shop. It can be made into a skill. Until the skill is created, you won't
know what kind of skill it is. If it turns out you have too many duplicate
skills or skills you don't want, you can trade them at the Skill Shop.

Skill Growth

Skills can be developed by earning skill experience points from winning
battles. Depending on the enemy, the type of experience points you get
varies. Fight as many types of enemies as possible. If there is space in
Skill Books, fill it with the skills you want to have strengthened.

Experience points you get in battles are only good for skills that have been
equipped to the Skill Book.

   BATTLES                                                           (SUB04)

Ultimate Action - Battle

Enemies and allies in battles are shown as icons on the IP Gauge (bottom
right). Read action turns then enter commands. 'Combo' is the basic attack.
'Critical' lowers the enemy's IP and may also 'Cancel' the enemys attack.
Use Defend or Evade for unavoidable attacks to reduce overall damage. This
is the key to staying alive.

SP attack & Magic

SP Attacks consume 'SP', which increases as the battle progresses. It is a
powerful attack. The more you use SP Attacks, the higher your skill level
gets. As you become more powerful, the time an action takes gets shorter,
which makes SP Attacks easier to use. Depending on battle conditions, SP
Attacks can change into very powerful JT Attacks, so use your allies in
battle. Casting magic spells use up MP from Mana Eggs. Remember that Each
Mana Egg has its own MP.

Status Disorder & E-Resist

When getting a Status Disorder (poison, paralysis, etc.) a battle can
change. To prevent it use items, skills, or magic. Elemental Resist is a
resistance against elements such as Fire or Wind, which reduces Magic or SP
Attack damage. Monsters may also have Elemental Resist which makes your
Magic or SP Attack ineffective. Try using anti-element spells or SP Attacks
to defeat these monsters. Be aware of your enemy's weaknesses.

Bonus Points

Consecutive attacks inflict extra damage and increase Combo Bonuses. Those
who do well in battles get more experience points or skill points as a

   IV. PLAYABLE CHARACTERS                                           (SEC04)

At any point given there will be more than 4 characters and you'll be able
to switch the party members in the Armory. This is a new feature for the
Grandia series, before Grandia Xtreme the party was decided for you. Evann
will always stay in the party. You'll get everyone pretty early in the game,
and then a bit later Lutina will join. Don't worry she won't be at level 1.

A few words about the voices. Pretty much every plot character in Grandia
Xtreme has his done by a person and here are a few interesting examples:
Evann the main hero of the game has the voice of Dean Cain the Superman
while Lutina was voiced by singer Lisa Loeb. And here comes the best part,
the everyones favorite bastard Kroitz was voiced by Mark Hamill himself,
yep you've heard me right Luke Skywalker is Kroitz! Ha! Didn't see that

Well I guess it is pointless to ponder on the matter of female weight in
Grandia Xtreme. So instead I have replaced their weight with their
measurements, yeah I know--I'm a creepy perve ~_^. Oi!

NOTICE: Unlike combos to progress in the single moves you only need to meet
        the requirements. For example to learn Evann's Spark Volt you need
        X Slash level 3, so once you get it to level 3 the next time you
        choose combo command you'll learn the Spark Volt, 100% guaranteed.

   EVANN                                                             (SUB05)

Name       : Evann
Voice of   : Dean Cain
Gender     : Male
Age        : 18
Height     : 5' 7''
Weight     : 62 kg.
Occupation : Geo Ranger
Weapon     : Sword
Exp. cap   : 80 million exp.
Origin     : Nortis

The main character of this story, Evann is a cocky kid who still shows
traces of his bad days. He is quick to pick a fight and tends to act
recklessly. When he gets excited in a conversation, he often gets others
excited as well. He hates to work, but after his father death, he has been
trying to start over. He is a 'Geo Ranger' with the ability to teleport a
party in and out of dungeons using the flow of Elemental Spirits. However,
he is inexperienced and unsure of his abilities.

Advantages    : Pure potential, strong warrior by default but can become
                proficient in magic, speed etc. Has strong moves and overall
                good stats.
Disadvantages : You can never remove him from the party. Likes to rant a lot.

Single Moves

- X Slash
  Description: Big double slash. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 4
  Maximum Lvl: ******* (7)
  Requirements: None
  SP needed: 25
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Spark Volt
  Description: Power of Geo Stream. (Bolt) Magic attack.
  Effect Level: 5
  Maximum Lvl: ******* (7)
  Requirements: X Slash Lv 3
  SP needed: 32
  Move range: Around Self

- Thunder Split
  Description: Shockwave from sword. (Bolt).
  Effect Level: 6
  Maximum Lvl: ***** (5)
  Requirements: Spark Volt Lv 3
  SP needed: 45
  Move range: Enemy Line

- Invincible Aura
  Description: Barrier from attacks. Invalidates certain damage.
  Effect Level: None
  Maximum Lvl: ***** (5)
  Requirements: Thunder Split Lv 3
  SP needed: 36
  Move range: Own

- Sky Dragon Slash
  Description: Ultimate sword attack.
  Effect Level: 9
  Maximum Lvl: *** (3)
  Requirements: X Slash Lv 5 & Invincible Aura Lv 3
  SP needed: 72
  Move range: All Enemies

   BRANDOL                                                           (SUB06)

Name       : Brandol
Voice of   : ????
Gender     : Male
Age        : 38
Height     : 6' 2''
Weight     : 95 kg.
Occupation : 2nd Master Sergeant of the Nortis Military
Exp. cap   : 72 million exp.
Weapon     : Broad Sword
Origin     : Nortis

Brandol is an experienced Master Sergeant in the Nortis Army. He can
operate almost any vehicle, from tanks to trucks. Just by looking at him,
it is apparent that he is a well-built soldier who stands out and would
rather be on the front lines. He believes that the ends justify the means,
and will lash out at anyone, even senior officers when dissatisfied. He
looks tough, but those who know him see a lively person who smiles easily.
He is not good with women and often gets turned down.

Advantages    : Physically strong. Has useful moves. 5 Skill Book slots.
Disadvantages : Speed is below average. Poor magic capabilities. Eats a lot.

Single Moves

- Great Divide
  Description: Jump slash. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 5
  Maximum Lvl: ******* (7)
  Requirements: None
  SP needed: 24
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Spinning Slash
  Description: Huge swing of sword.
  Effect Level: 6
  Maximum Lvl: ******* (7)
  Requirements: Great Divide Lv 3
  SP needed: 36
  Move range: Around Self

- Victory Roar
  Description: Courageous was cry. Improves Attack.
  Effect Level: None
  Maximum Lvl: ***** (5)
  Requirements: Spinning Slash Lv 3
  SP needed: 30
  Move range: All Allies

- Cyclone Slash
  Description: Power of cyclone. (Wind).
  Effect Level: 7
  Maximum Lvl: ***** (5)
  Requirements: Spinning Slash Lv 4
  SP needed: 48
  Move range: Around Self

- Eruption Slash
  Description: Land-penetrating slash. (Bomb).
  Effect Level: 10
  Maximum Lvl: *** (3)
  Requirements: Cyclone Slash Lv 3 & Great Divide Lv 5
  SP needed: 44
  Move range: Single Enemy

   CARMYNE                                                           (SUB07)

Name         : Carmyne
Voice of     : ????
Gender       : Female
Age          : 31
Height       : 5' 7''
Measurements : 90/58/89 cm
Occupation   : 1st Master Sergeant of the Nortis Military
Exp. cap     : 68 million exp.
Weapon       : Saber
Origin       : Nortis

A beautiful body wrapped in an army uniform, she is a Master Sergeant in the
Nortis Army. She pays close attention to fashion and accessories. She loves
life and does not care for strict rules, so she does not fit well into the
army lifestyle. She is pretty lazy and likes to have other people doing
things for her. She gets angry if someone does not listen to her, but she
pays good attention to details and takes care of people. Brandol says,
'She's trouble'.

Advantages    : Good speed. Above average magic capabilities.
Disadvantages : Poor moves. Physically rather weak. She thinks she's young.

Single Moves

- Sonic Sable
  Description: Whirlwinds from slash. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 4
  Maximum Lvl: ******* (7)
  Requirements: None
  SP needed: 30
  Move range: Enemy Line

- Smash
  Description: Close-range attack.
  Effect Level: 6
  Maximum Lvl: ******* (7)
  Requirements: Sonic Sable Lv 3
  SP needed: 22
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Shock Wave
  Description: Shockwave from sword.
  Effect Level: 7
  Maximum Lvl: ***** (5)
  Requirements: Smash Lv 3
  SP needed: 46
  Move range: Around Enemy

- Holy Breath
  Description: Will of replenishing. Restores HP for limited period.
  Effect Level: None
  Maximum Lvl: ***** (5)
  Requirements: Shock Wave Lv 3
  SP needed: 32
  Move range: All Allies

- Rosette Slash
  Description: Seductive dance of roses.
  Effect Level: 10
  Maximum Lvl: *** (3)
  Requirements: Sonic Sable Lv 5 & Smash LV 5
  SP needed: 42
  Move range: Single Enemy

   ULK                                                               (SUB08)

Name       : Ulk
Voice of   : ????
Gender     : Male
Age        : 50
Height     : 6' 6''
Weight     : 130 kg.
Occupation : Spirit Warrior of the Hazma
Exp. cap   : 76 million exp.
Weapon     : Axe
Origin     : Hazma

Ulk is one of the demi-humans called 'the people of Hazma' who live at one
with nature. He does not say much but does what needs to be done. He
normally stands with his arms folded without saying a word, but when he is
angry, he can become boisterous. He thought that the Elemental Disorder was
a natural disaster, but when he learned from the Nortis that it was
artificially created, he joined their operation. Although he rarely smiles,
people find that he is a very kind person once they get to know him.

Advantages    : Pretty much the strongest character around. 5 Skill Book slots.
                Has some nice moves.
Disadvantages : Pretty much the slowest character around. very poor magic
                user. Weird habit of standing with his arms folded without
                saying a word.

Single Moves

- Super Penetration
  Description: Destructive driver. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 6
  Maximum Lvl: ******* (7)
  Requirements: None
  SP needed: 26
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Spiral Blow
  Description: Strong spiral of ax. (Wind).
  Effect Level: 7
  Maximum Lvl: ******* (7)
  Requirements: Super Penetration Lv 2
  SP needed: 38
  Move range: Enemy Line

- Yggdrasil Grace
  Description: Healing power of trees. Cures all Status disorders.
  Effect Level: None
  Maximum Lvl: ***** (5)
  Requirements: Spiral Blow Lv 3
  SP needed: 20
  Move range: All Allies

- Hercules Smash
  Description: All-out power move.
  Effect Level: 8
  Maximum Lvl: ***** (5)
  Requirements: Super Penetration Lv 4
  SP needed: 56
  Move range: Around Self

- Spinning Hurler
  Description: Pierce and throw.
  Effect Level: 12
  Maximum Lvl: *** (3)
  Requirements: Spiral Blow Lv 4 & Hercules Smash Lv 3
  SP needed: 46
  Move range: One Enemy

   TITTO                                                             (SUB09)

Name       : Titto
Voice of   : ????
Gender     : Male
Age        : 16
Height     : 5' 3''
Weight     : 53 kg.
Occupation : Combat Thief
Exp. cap   : 64 million exp.
Weapon     : Knife
Origin     : Arcadia

Titto is Arcadian and the youngest member of the party. He appears shy and
restless. He doesn't speak much and looks into people's eyes as if he were
staring into their hearts. When he is alone or with people he knows, he acts
cheerful and energetic, but when he is with unfamiliar people, he rarely
speaks and hides behind Jaid. He often worries about the bad relationship
between Nortis and Arcada.

Advantages    : The only character who can steal items from monsters. Fast
                character. 3-hit long range combo. Good magic. Useful moves.
Disadvantages : Physically weak. The *only* character that can steal items.
                Pacifist, looks as if he is constantly bullied around.

Single Moves

- Aerial Slash
  Description: Aerial assault. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 4
  Maximum Lvl: ******* (7)
  Requirements: None
  SP needed: 20
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Get Item
  Description: Quick hands of thievery. Steals items.
  Effect Level: None
  Maximum Lvl: ******* (7)
  Requirements: None
  SP needed: 20
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Disk Cutter
  Description: Disk blade hurler.
  Effect Level: 5
  Maximum Lvl: ***** (5)
  Requirements: Aerial Slash Lv 4
  SP needed: 44
  Move range: Enemy Line

- Shadow Binder
  Description: Mysterious paralysis. Paralysis.
  Effect Level: 2
  Maximum Lvl: ***** (5)
  Requirements: Disk Cutter Lv 3
  SP needed: 25
  Move range: Enemy Circle

- Illusion Slash
  Description: Attack with alter ego.
  Effect Level: 9
  Maximum Lvl: *** (3)
  Requirements: Aerial Slash Lv 5 & Shadow Binder LV 3
  SP needed: 38
  Move range: Single Enemy

   MYAM                                                              (SUB10)

Name         : Myam
Voice of     : ????
Gender       : Female
Age          : 16
Height       : 5' 5''
Measurements : 82/57/85 cm
Occupation   : Hazma Archer
Exp. cap     : 72 million exp.
Weapon       : Bow
Origin       : Hazma

Myam is one of the people of Hazma, who live in the forest and are famous
for their agility. She is impulsive and gets bored easily. She is confused
by theories and logic, so she prefers not to think about them. If she finds
something interesting, she tends to get very excited. Because of her cute
and starry-eye looks, she appears as if she's always daydreaming. However,
she has a strong desire to help people who are tormented by the elemental

Advantages    : Long range combo. Nice speed. Ok magic.
Disadvantages : Physically weak. Moves get rather useless later in the game.
                Pretends to be stupid. Runs like a dog!

Single Moves

- Spinning Wheel
  Description: Spinning tackle. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 3
  Maximum Lvl: ******* (7)
  Requirements: None
  SP needed: 28
  Move range: Enemy Line

- Recover All
  Description: Encouragement to heal. Restores HP. Effect: Small.
  Maximum Lvl: ******* (7)
  Requirements: None
  SP needed: 35
  Move range: All Allies

- Hail Shower
  Description: Shower of ice arrows. (Blizzard).
  Effect Level: 6
  Maximum Lvl: ***** (5)
  Requirements: Spinning Wheel Lv 3
  SP needed: 46
  Move range: Enemy Circle

- Cheer Up
  Description: Cheer up to speed up. Increases IP.
  Effect Level: None
  Maximum Lvl: ***** (5)
  Requirements: Recover All Lv 5
  SP needed: 24
  Move range: Single Ally

- Super Frosty Attack
  Description: Tackle covered with ice. (Blizzard).
  Effect Level: 9
  Maximum Lvl: *** (3)
  Requirements: Spinning Wheel Lv 4 & Hail Shower Lv 3
  SP needed: 38
  Move range: Single Enemy

   JAID                                                              (SUB11)

Name       : Jaid
Voice of   : ????
Gender     : Male
Age        : 22
Height     : 5' 10''
Weight     : 68 kg.
Occupation : Battle Mage
Exp. cap   : 76 million exp.
Weapon     : Battle Staff
Origin     : Arcadia

Jaid, an Arcadian knight of honor and oath, is handsome and hot-blooded. He
doesn't recognize his own arrogance because it stems from his pride in the
legends and history of Arcada. He looks after Titto, who only trusts him.
However, Jiad feels frustrated, and has a strong distrust for the Nortis.

Advantages    : Pretty much the best magic user. Can go melee if he needs to.
Disadvantages : Scrawny moves. Physical damage and speed can get rather low
                if not attended to. Snobbish geek.

Single Moves

- Blaster Bomb
  Description: Energy blasting wand. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 4
  Maximum Lvl: ******* (7)
  Requirements: None
  SP needed: 25
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Nightmare Ball
  Description: Foam of drowsiness. (Aqua). Magic attack:Sleep
  Effect Level: 1
  Maximum Lvl: ******* (7)
  Requirements: Blaster Bomb Lv 2
  SP needed: 18
  Move range: Fan

- Fist Burst
  Description: Engulfing flame. (Fire) Magic attack.
  Effect Level: 7
  Maximum Lvl: ***** (5)
  Requirements: Nightmare Ball Lv 3
  SP needed: 32
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Titan Fist
  Description: Wrath of divine fist.
  Effect Level: 6
  Maximum Lvl: ***** (5)
  Requirements: Fist Burst Lv 3
  SP needed: 50
  Move range: Enemy Circle

- Jolt Knuckle
  Description: Fist of tremor. Magic attack.
  Effect Level: 8
  Maximum Lvl: *** (3)
  Requirements: Blaster Bomb Lv 4 & Fist Burst Lv 4
  SP needed: 64
  Move range: Around Self

   LUTINA                                                            (SUB12)

Name         : Lutina
Voice of     : Lisa Loeb
Gender       : Female
Age          : 18
Height       : 5' 7''
Measurements : 85/60/86 cm
Occupation   : Elite Commanding Officer of the Arcadia Military
Exp. cap     : 78 million exp. (????)
Weapon       : Dagger
Origin       : Arcadia

Lutina is the commanding officer of an elite Arcadian unit. She excels in
martial arts and is an expert in secret weapons. She is a dangerous woman
and could be classified as a 'lethal weapon'. She has lived her life
fighting the boundary disputs between the various territories under the
shadow of the Elemental Disorder, and cannot understand peaceful life as a
normal person. She believes that she can survive on her own without any help
from anyone. she is rather hard to approach and appears to have no feelings,
except when she flies off the handle at Evann for his bad posture.

Advantages    : Pretty much the fastest character around. Fastest long-range
                critical. Ok magic capabilities. Very useful moves. Has
                shockwave Slash. My favorite character ;).
Disadvantages : Physical damage can get rather low if not attended to. Joins
                your party quite late in the game. Feels affection for Evann
                but doesn't tell him.

Single Moves

- Dragon Rise
  Description: Rapid multiple slashes. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 4
  Maximum Lvl: ******* (7)
  Requirements: None
  SP needed: 24
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Shockwave Slash
  Description: Shockwave jolts area.
  Effect Level: 5
  Maximum Lvl: ******* (7)
  Requirements: None
  SP needed: 30
  Move range: Around Self

- Spider Net
  Description: Net to slow down foes. Stops enemy movement.
  Effect Level: None
  Maximum Lvl: ***** (5)
  Requirements: None
  SP needed: 28
  Move range: Enemy Fan

- Meteor Slash
  Description: Hurls fighting spirit.
  Effect Level: 6
  Maximum Lvl: ***** (5)
  Requirements: Shockwave Slash LV 5
  SP needed: 45
  Move range: Enemy Fan

- Dragon Mirage
  Description: Attack with mirage.
  Effect Level: 10
  Maximum Lvl: *** (3)
  Requirements: Dragon Rise Lv 5 & Meteor Slash Lv 3
  SP needed: 36
  Move range: Single Enemy


Q: Can I miss anyone?

A: No.


Q: Can I kick Evann out of my party?

A: No. Never.


Q: Are there any hidden characters?

A: No.


Q: Will someone leave my party at some point in the game?

A: No.


Q: Lutina? Who are you talking about?

A: Lutina is the last character who will join the party after Boost Level 1.


Q: What is the maximum level a character can have?

A: 250.

   V. COMBINATION MOVES                                              (SEC05)

In Grandia Xtreme characters can perform moves in a collision with other
characters. They can perform double, triple and quadruple combos. Before you
can learn new combination moves you'll first have to learn the required
single moves (maxed out preferably) and characters involved in the combo
must participate in battle. Each character needs to have the required SP for
the combo.

If you just can't seem to learn a certain combo then check your moves, maybe
you don't have the required single character moves or if you have then try
to level them up a bit. However, most of the time it's because one of your
characters doesn't have the SP needed for the combination.

To boost up your chances of learning a combo equip the Foreboding skill, try
to equip every character partaking in the combination with this skill (maxed
out). That way when the combo is available for learning a flashing line will
appear between characters. When that happens select the [Move] command and
choose the correct single move required for the combination.

Watch the effect level; the higher it is the more damage your move will
deal. Moves with no effect level are usually healing, restoring or status

   DOUBLE COMBINATIONS                                               (SUB13)

There is a total of 24 double combination moves. Most of these are single
enemy and have cancel effect, but some are really powerful all-enemies

- Volt Slash
  Description: Electric discharge. (Bolt). Paralysis.
  Effect Level: 15
  Combo Lvl: ** (2)
  Characters: Evann + Brandol
  Required Moves: Sky Dragon Slash + Eruption Slash
  SP needed: 60
  Move range: All Enemies

- Sword Dance
  Description: Rhythmic 6-hit Combo. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 8
  Combo Lvl: ***** (5)
  Characters: Evann + Carmyne
  Required Moves: X-Slash + Smash
  SP needed: 21
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Cross Break
  Description: Critical 2-hit Combo. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 7
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Evann + Jaid
  Required Moves: X-Slash + Blaster Bomb
  SP needed: 15
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Shiva Slash
  Description: Electrocuting lightning. (Bolt). Paralysis. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 18
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Evann + Titto
  Required Moves: Thunder Split + Aerial Slash
  SP needed: 38
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Lighting Split
  Description: thunderous 5-hit Combo. (Bolt). Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 9
  Combo Lvl: *** (3)
  Characters: Evann + Ulk
  Required Moves: Thunder Split + Spiral Blow
  SP needed: 24
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Swallow Smash
  Description: Smashing 7-hit Combo. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 7
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Evann + Myam
  Required Moves: X-Slash + Spinning Wheel
  SP needed: 18
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Double Dragon
  Description: Orchestrated 8-hit Combo. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 12
  Combo Lvl: *** (3)
  Characters: Evann + Lutina
  Required Moves: Thunder Split + Meteor Slash
  SP needed: 28
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Combination Alpha
  Description: Trusting partners' 8-hit. cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 9
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Brandol + Carmyne
  Required Moves: Spinning Slash + Sonic Sable
  SP needed: 24
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Fire Slash
  Description: Fire-spewing 4-hit Combo. (Fire). Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 7
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Brandol + Jaid
  Required Moves: Great Divide + Fist Burst
  SP needed: 20
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Super Slasher
  Description: Swordsmen's 5-hit Combo. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 7
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Brandol + Titto
  Required Moves: Spinning Slash + Aerial Slash
  SP needed: 17
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Double Impact
  Description: Major pummelling 2-hit. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 12
  Combo Lvl: ** (2)
  Characters: Brandol + Ulk
  Required Moves: Eruption Slash + Super Penetration
  SP needed: 32
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Sirine Slash
  Description: Cage of ice. Cancel effect. (Blizzard).
  Effect Level: 18
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Brandol + Myam
  Required Moves: Great Divide + Hail Shower
  SP needed: 36
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Ifrit Slash
  Description: Engulfing flame. (Fire). Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 18
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Carmyne + Jaid
  Required Moves: Smash + Fist Burst
  SP needed: 35
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Rush Thrust
  Description: Rapid fire 6-hit thrusts. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 8
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Carmyne + Ulk
  Required Moves: Smash + Super Penetration
  SP needed: 20
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Ice Prison
  Description: Icebreaker 7-hit Combo. (Blizzard). Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 10
  Combo Lvl: *** (3)
  Characters: Carmyne + Myam
  Required Moves: Shock Wave + Hail Shower
  SP needed: 27
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Sacred Beam
  Description: Penetrating sacred light.
  Effect Level: 12
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Carmyne + Lutina
  Required Moves: Shock Wave + Shockwave Slash
  SP needed: 48
  Move range: All Enemies

- Burst Rondo
  Description: Burning spirit 8-hit Combo. (Fire). Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 10
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Jaid + Titto
  Required Moves: Fist Burst + Shadow Binder
  SP needed: 25
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Flame Tornado
  Description: Scorching inferno. (Fire).
  Effect Level: 12
  Combo Lvl: *** (3)
  Characters: Jaid + Ulk
  Required Moves: Fist Burst + Hercules Smash
  SP needed: 55
  Move range: All Enemies

- Dancing Attack
  Description: Dancing 6-hit Combo. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 8
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Jaid + Lutina
  Required Moves: Titan Fist + Dragon Rise
  SP needed: 24
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Twin Slash
  Description: 2-level 2-hit Combo.
  Effect Level: 8
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Titto + Ulk
  Required Moves: Aerial Slash + Hercules Smash
  SP needed: 22
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Twin Shot
  Description: Double 5-hit Combos. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 10
  Combo Lvl: *** (3)
  Characters: Titto + Myam
  Required Moves: Disk Cutter + Spinning Wheel
  SP needed: 25
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Aero Slash
  Description: Sky-ripping 5-hit Combo. (Wind). Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 8
  Combo Lvl: ***** (5)
  Characters: Titto + Lutina
  Required Moves: Aerial Slash + Dragon Rise
  SP needed: 16
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Droplets of Life
  Description: Healing power of forest. Restore HP. Heals disorders.
  Effect Level: None
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Ulk + Myam
  Required Moves: Yggdrasil Grace + Recover All
  SP needed: 30
  Move range: All Allies

- Freezing Dust
  Description: Chilling effect of ice. (Blizzard).
  Effect Level: 12
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Myam + Lutina
  Required Moves: Hail Shoer + Shockwave Slash
  SP needed: 52
  Move range: All Enemies

   TRIPLE COMBINATIONS                                               (SUB14)

There is a total of 19 triple combination moves, 16 of which involve Evann.
These triple combos should be your prime assault weapon against strong
enemies and Bosses. You'll find combos like Divine Dragon Slash, Photon
Shower and Armageddon very useful, especially later in the game.

- Divine Dragon Slash
  Description: Ultimate Geo power.
  Effect Level: 30
  Combo Lvl: * (1)
  Characters: Evann + Brandol + Carmyne
  Required Moves: Sky Dragon Slash + Eruption Slash + Rosette Slash
  SP needed: 99
  Move range: All Enemies

- Explosion Smash
  Description: Explosive 9-hit Combo. (Bomb). Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 14
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Evann + Brandol + Jaid
  Required Moves: X-Slash + Great Divide + Titan Fist
  SP needed: 25
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Dancing Sword Slash
  Description: Mixture of 7 attacks. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 10
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Evann + Brandol + Titto
  Required Moves: X-Slash + Spinning Slash + Disk Cutter
  SP needed: 19
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Tri-Crush
  Description: Critical 3-hit Combo. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 20
  Combo Lvl: ** (2)
  Characters: Evann + Brandol + Ulk
  Required Moves: Thunder Split + Eruption Slash + Hercules Smash
  SP needed: 32
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Tripler
  Description: Synchronized 9-hit Combo. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 12
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Evann + Brandol + Myam
  Required Moves: Thunder Split + Great Divide + Spinning Wheel
  SP needed: 21
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Triple Blaze Smash
  Description: Burst of flame 3-hit. (Fire). Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 10
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Evann + Carmyne + Jaid
  Required Moves: X-Slash + Sonic Sable + Fist Burst
  SP needed: 20
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Jet Storm
  Description: Bone-breaking 6-hit. (Wind). Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 12
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Evann + Carmyne + Myam
  Required Moves: Thunder Split + Smash + Spinning Wheel
  SP needed: 22
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Fast Dance Whirl
  Description: No-gap 12-hit Combo. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 20
  Combo Lvl: ** (2)
  Characters: Evann + Carmyne + Lutina
  Required Moves: Thunder Split + Rosette Slash + Meteor Slash
  SP needed: 35
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Phoenix Formation
  Description: Sandwiching 8-hit Combo. (Fire). Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 15
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Evann + Jaid + Titto
  Required Moves: X-Slash + Fist Burst + Disk Cutter
  SP needed: 26
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Big Bang Hammer
  Description: Ultimate fire power. (Fire).
  Effect Level: 16
  Combo Lvl: *** (3)
  Characters: Evann + Jiad + Ulk
  Required Moves: Spark Volt + Titan Fist + Hercules Smash
  SP needed: 55
  Move range: All Enemies

- Delta Formation
  Description: Delta-form 9-hit Combo.
  Effect Level: 14
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Evann + Jiad + Lutina
  Required Moves: X-Slash + Blaster Bomb + Meteor Smash
  SP needed: 24
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Purple Lighting
  Description: Bolt-charged 3-hit Combo. (Bolt). Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 20
  Combo Lvl: *** (3)
  Characters: Evann + Titto + Ulk
  Required Moves: Thunder Split + Illusion Slash + Hercules Smash
  SP needed: 30
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Binding Force
  Description: Ultimate restraint. Shock effect.
  Effect Level: None
  Combo Lvl: ** (2)
  Characters: Evann + Titto + Myam
  Required Moves: Thunder Split + Shadow Binder + Super Frosty Attack
  SP needed: 75
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Photon Shower
  Description: Ultimate photon power.
  Effect Level: 16
  Combo Lvl: *** (3)
  Characters: Evann + Titto + Lutina
  Required Moves: Spark Volt + Disk Cutter + Meteor Slash
  SP needed: 50
  Move range: All Enemies

- Southern Cross
  Description: Soul-breaking 6-hit Combo. (Blizzard). Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 15
  Combo Lvl: *** (3)
  Characters: Evann + Ulk + Myam
  Required Moves: X-Slash + Hercules Smash + Hail Shower
  SP needed: 28
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Rapid Fire
  Description: Lightning fast 6-hit Combo. Cancel effect.
  Effect Level: 10
  Combo Lvl: **** (4)
  Characters: Evann + Myam + Lutina
  Required Moves: X-Slash + Spinning Wheel + Meteor Slash
  SP needed: 18
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Armageddon
  Description: Ultimate destruction.
  Effect Level: 24
  Combo Lvl: * (1)
  Characters: Brandol + Jaid + Ulk
  Required Moves: Eruption Slash + Jolt Knuckle + Spinning Hurler
  SP needed: 80
  Move range: All Enemies

- Star Twinkle
  Description: Stars improve all status. Improves all Status.
  Effect Level: None
  Combo Lvl: ** (2)
  Characters: Carmyne + Myam + Lutina
  Required Moves: Holy Breath + Cheer Up + Meteor Slash
  SP needed: 45
  Move range: All Allies

- Requiem Force
  Description: Deteriorates foes' status. All Status down.
  Effect Level: 5
  Combo Lvl: ** (2)
  Characters: Jaid + Titto + Lutina
  Required Moves: Jolt Knuckle + Shadow Binder + Spider Net
  SP needed: 60
  Move range: All Enemies

   QUADRUPLE COMBINATIONS                                            (SUB15)

As far as quadruples go there are only 2 of them and Jaid is the character
that has no four-way tech. I believe that these quadruples have more
disadvantages than advantages really. Although you could try finishing a
Boss or a powerful enemy using one of the quadruples, that way everyone
in your party will get bonus skill experience after battle.

- Quadruple Combo
  Description: Perfect 16-hit Combo.
  Effect Level: 28
  Combo  Lvl: * (1)
  Characters: Evann + Brandol + Carmyne + Ulk
  Required Moves: Sky Dragon Slash + Eruption Slash + Rosette Slash +
                  + Spinning hurler
  SP needed: 35
  Move range: Single Enemy

- Gatling Spike
  Description: Super rapid fire 18-hit.
  Effect Level: 26
  Combo  Lvl: *** (3)
  Characters: Evann + Titto + Myam + Lutina
  Required Moves: Thunder Split + Disk Cutter + Hail Shower + Meteor Slash
  SP needed: 32
  Move range: Single Enemy

Well that concludes the Quadruple Moves and wraps up this section.
Combination moves are not that necessary but if you use them with skill your
battles will be much easier.


Q: Are there any hidden combos/moves?

A: No.


Q: Is there any characters without double combos?

A: No.


Q: Is there any characters without triple combos?

A: No.


Q: Is there any characters without quadruple combos?

A: Yes, Jaid.


Q: Are these combos/moves required to beat the game?

A: No.


Q: I have learned the [move] and [move] and [move] but I still can't seem
   to learn that [triple combo]!

A: Unlike single moves triple, double and quadruple combos do not have a
   100% chance of learning. Equip a couple of maxed out Foreboding skills
   and wait until the IP gauge begins to flash. When that happens use one
   of the required single moves and that's it! You have just learned the
   desired combo!

   VI. SKILLS                                                       (SEC06)

In Grandia Xtreme Skill Books are empty and you'll have to insert skills
to actually use them in combat. There is a wide range of skills to
choose from and there are 4 ranks of them: C, B, A and S ranks. To learn
new skills you'll have to seek out special Vellums in dungeons. When you
find one take it to a Skill Shop to reveal what skill it is. In the same
way you'll have to look for Skill Books in dungeons.

After you have found and equipped the Skill Book and identified the skill
you can equip characters with skills. Choose a character and equip the
skill into the Skill Book. After that skills can be used in combat.

Each monster can give Mental, Physical, Combat or Special experience.
This experience is needed to level-up your skills. Skills will level-up
only if they are equipped by a character. Fight more battles to learn
skill experience. The more stars (levels) the skill has the more effective
it is. Remember: equipping only the Skill Book is not enough, you have to
put skills into the Skill Book.


There are 10 kinds of Vellums that can be found in dungeons. Those are:

Combat Vellum   : 1 C-Rank Combat Skill
Mental Vellum   : 1 C-Rank Mental Skill
Physical Vellum : 1 C-Rank Physical Skill
Secret Vellum   : 1 C-Rank Special Skill
Battle Vellum   : 1 B-Rank Combat Skill
Psyche Vellum   : 1 B-Rank Mental Skill
Corporal Vellum : 1 B-Rank Physical Skill
High Vellum     : 1 A-Rank Combat, Physical or Mental Skill
Coverted Vellum : 1 A-Rank Special Skill
Ultimate Vellum : Any 1 S-Rank Skill

You can't use plain vellums. First you have to create a skill. Creating a
skill costs G. Different types of skills require different amounts of G:

Combat Vellum   : 100G
Mental Vellum   : 100G
Physical Vellum : 100G
Secret Vellum   : 100G
Battle Vellum   : 250G
Psyche Vellum   : 250G
Corporal Vellum : 250G
High Vellum     : 600G
Coverted Vellum : 600G
Ultimate Vellum : 1000G

Skills are divided by rank. Each rank has its own maximum skill level
(those yellow stars). The higher the level the more valueble/efficient the
skill becomes. When you reach the maximum skill level that skill becomes
maxed and cannot be leveled-up anymore. The higher the skill rank the lower
the maximum level. Well you can't have the best S-Rank skills at level 7
now can you?

C-Rank: Max Level ******* (7)
B-Rank: Max Level ***** (5)
A-Rank: Max Level *** (3)
S-Rank: Max Level * (1)

The skill levels are very important actually. In some cases It determines
the possibility of executing that skill or the effective power of the skill.
How? Well if you look at some of the skill descriptions it may say that
chance of executing is 'Level x X%'. Make no mistake, not your character
level, but the level of the skill multiplied by X%. Skill will take effect
only if it has at least 1 level. As with the Skill Books, the further you
are in the game the higher Vellums you find.

NOTICE: Most of the skills (like Iron Guard and Asura Spirit for example) are
        stackable. So it is a good idea to have more than one skill equiped.

Skill Books

There are 7 different Skill Books. Explore the dungeon to find Skill Books.
The further you are in the game the better Skill Books you find.

Each can equip different type and number of skills:

Beginner Book : Equips 1 C-Rank Skill
Novice Book   : Equips 2 C-Rank Skills
Extra Book    : Equips 3 C-Rank Skills
Advanced Book : Equips 1 B-Rank Skill
Expert Book   : Equips 2 B-Rank Skills
Master Book   : Equips 1 A-Rank Skill
Limited Book  : Equips 1 Any-Rank Skill

Selling Skills and Skill Books

You can sell Skills and Skill Books at Skillman's shop. Here is a lowdown on
the value of the different level skills for the item exchange. Alright,
first off the value of the mental, combat, and physical skills are all the
same, while the special skills are worth double. This is a simple table
showing the selling rates:

           x______________ _______________ _______________ ________________x
           |  C - RANK    |  B - RANK     |  A - RANK     |  S - RANK      |
|          | Min Lvl: 10P | Min Lvl: 30G  | Min Lvl: 60G  | Min Lvl: 200G  |
|   MENTAL | Max Lvl: 80P | Max Lvl: 150G | Max Lvl: 240G | Max Lvl: 400G  |
|          | Min Lvl: 10P | Min Lvl: 30G  | Min Lvl: 60G  | Min Lvl: 200G  |
|   COMBAT | Max Lvl: 80P | Max Lvl: 150G | Max Lvl: 240G | Max Lvl: 400G  |
|          | Min Lvl: 10G | Min Lvl: 30G  | Min Lvl: 60G  | Min Lvl: 200G  |
| PHYSICAL | Max Lvl: 80G | Max Lvl: 150G | Max Lvl: 240G | Max Lvl: 400G  |
|          | Min Lvl: 20G | Min Lvl: 60G  | Min Lvl: 120G | Min Lvl: 400G  |
|  SPECIAL | Max Lvl: 160G| Max Lvl: 300G | Max Lvl: 480G | Max Lvl: 800G  |
x                                                                          x

The value of the books are the same as how many 'G' it takes to create a
skill from that level. Ex: Beginner Book is 100 pts and it takes 100G to
make a C-rank skill. Novice Book is 200 pts, it equips 2 C-Rank skills and
it takes 200G to create 2 C-Rank skills and so on:

Beginner Book : 100 pts
Novice Book   : 200 pts
Extra Book    : 300 pts
Advanced Book : 250 pts
Expert Book   : 500 pts
Master Book   : 600 pts
Limited Book  : 1000 pts

When you have accumulated enough Points from selling skills or books you
can buy various items/eggs from the Skillman. He has various items and mana
eggs also he has the Spirit Helm which costs 48000 Points. You can buy any
item as many times as you want as long as you have enough Points.


   C-RANK SKILLS                                                     (SUB16)

C-Rank skills appear a lot during the first part of the game when exploring
the elemental dungeons. And later some of the C-Rank skills will come in
handy, like Iron Guard and Coercion.

_________________ __________________________________________________________
_________________ __________________________________________________________

Combat Skills

 Abandonment      Improves evasion rate (Level x 10%).
 Counterattack    Attacks after evading (Level x 15%).
 Defensive        Decreases IP damage (Level x 10%).
 Diver            More damage to aquatics and floating beings (Level x 10%).
 Exorcist         More damage to undead and Devils (Level x 10%).
 Forrester        More damage to plants, insects and reptiles (Level x 10%).
 Grappler         More damage to humans and minerals (Level x 10%).
 Hunter           More damage to birds, beasts and dragons (Level x 10%).

Physical Skills

 Dash             Improves speed (Level x 3%).
 Iron Guard       No effect from damage less than Level x 10%.
 Intelligence     Improves intelligence (Level x 3%).
 Mentality        Improves mentality (Level x 3%).
 Mighty Guard     Improves defence if defending (Level x 10%).
 Quick Feet       Improves escape success ratio (in %) (Level x 10%).
 Strength         Improves strength (Level x 3%).
 Toughness        Improves vitality (Level x 3%).

Mental Skills

 Block Counter    Resists Counter effects (Level 15%).
 Foreboding       Displays hints for Combo moves (Level x 15%).
 Morale Boost     Extends Status increase (Level x 25%).
 Mystic Chant     More power to Water & Forest (Level x 5%).
 NorthWind Chant  More power to Wind & Blizzard (Level x 5%).
 Observation      Predicts foes' moves (Level x 10%).
 Quakeblast Chant More power to Land & Bomb (Level x 5%).
 ZapFire Chant    More power to Fire & Bolt (Level x 5%).

Special Skills

 Coercion         Captures fleeing monsters (Level x 10%).
 Miracle Balance  Defeted enemy may drop more gold (Level x 2%).
 Speed            Increases agility (Level x 3%).
_________________ __________________________________________________________

   B-RANK SKILLS                                                     (SUB17)

You can find the B-Rank skills mostly in the Starry Corridor and while
exploring dungeons there. In my opinion C-Rank skills are more effective in
the long run. Or you could wait a bit till you can get your hands on those
A and S rank skill later.

_________________ __________________________________________________________
_________________ __________________________________________________________

Combat Skills

 Full-Body Blow   More IP damage for Critical. Level x 1000P.
 Maximize Item    More power to items in battle. Level x 10%.
 Pirates Ring     Enemy may drop more gold. Only if enemy's defeated.
                  Level x2%.
 Skilled Item Use Less time needed for using items. Level x 20%.
 Unassailable     Covers weak spots in attack. Level x 15%.

Physical Skills

 Firm Stance      Continue moving even if hit. Level x 30%.
 Life Up          Increases Max. HP. Level x 8%.
 Prayer           Restores HP by defending. Level x 80P.
 Repel            Deflects damage. Level x 20%.
 SP Up            Increases Max. SP. Level x 10%.

Mental Skills

 Immunity         Resists Illnes Paralysis & Poison. Success rate: 30% 55%
                  70% 85% 100% for each level.
 Life Blessing    Resists sudden death. Success rate: 30% 55% 70% 85% 100%
                  for each level.
 Lustration       Resists Sleep Confusion & Curse. Success rate: 30% 55%
                  70% 85% 100% for each level.
 Meditate         Restores SP by defending. Level x 5P.
 Psycho-Shield    Resist Stop Sap Moves & Magic. Success rate: 30% 55% 70%
                  85% 100% for each level.

Special Skills

 Berserk          Uncontrollable anger strikes. Higher probability as level
 Super Reflex     Defends against damage quickly. Level x 15%.
 Thief Trick      Enemy may drop better items. Only if enemy's defeated.
                  Level x2%.
_________________ __________________________________________________________

   A-RANK SKILLS                                                     (SUB18)

Not to many of A-Rank skills, but they are very usefull especially combat
skills. You can get these skills mostly at the end of Starry Corridor and in
the Light Ruins.

_________________ __________________________________________________________
_________________ __________________________________________________________

Combat Skills

 Asura Spirit     More hits for Combo. Level x 1.
 Triple Attack    More hits for Critical. Level x 1.
 Versatile        More damage to all species. Level x 10%.

Physical Skills

 Decoy            Become enemy target. Level x 25%.
 Full Potential   Improves all parameters. Level x 4%.
 Tactics Eye      Adds IP before battle. Level x 1000P.

Mental Skills

 Magical Esoteric Adds Cancel effect on magic. Level x 1500P. Effective on
                  single-target magic spells.
 Status Guard     Resists Status disorders. Success rate: 50% 75% and 100%
                  for each level.
 Wizardry Chant   Strengthens all magic spells. Adds 10% to each level.

Special Skills

 Fighting Spirit  Speeds up SP restoration. Level x 20%.
 Hercules Power   Adds IP damage to Combo. Level x 500P.
 Hero's Energy    Revives from immobility. Level x 20%.
_________________ __________________________________________________________

   S-RANK SKILLS                                                     (SUB19)

Skills of the S-Rank will start appearing only after you beat the game. Your
best chance of getting them is the Vortex Corridor. These are some of the
best skills.

_________________ __________________________________________________________
_________________ __________________________________________________________

Combat Skills

 Circle Attack    Critical becomes Area attack.
 Line Attack      Critical becomes Line attack.

Physical Skills

 Full Armor       No limitations on armor. Enables equipping of armor that
                  cannot be equipped otherwise.
 Mana Charge      Absorb MP from magic attacks.

Mental Skills

 Guard Breaker    Nulifies equipment.
 Mana Egg Master  Repeated magic uses. Effective only if each mana egg
                  shares the same magic spell.

Special Skills

 Build Up         Increase all status before battle.
 Hero's Spirit    2x experience earned in battle.
 Strong Will      Invalidates cancel effects.
_________________ __________________________________________________________


Q: Can I steal Vellums from monsters?

A: Yes.


Q: Can I steal Skill Books from monsters?

A: No.


Q: Is there a limit to how many Skills I can carry?

A: You can carry no more than 100 skills.


Q: Is there a limit to how many Skill Books I can carry?

A: You can carry no more than 24 Skill Books.


Q: Is there any hidden Vellums or Skill Books?

A: No.


Q: How many Skill Book slots does each character have?

A: Evann   : 3 Slots
   Brandol : 5 Slots
   Carmyne : 4 Slots
   Jaid    : 2 Slots
   Titto   : 4 Slots
   Ulk     : 5 Slots
   Myam    : 2 Slots
   Lutina  : 3 Slots


Q: Can I increase Skill Book slots somehow?

A: No.


Q: When do those Limited Books start appearing?

A: As far as I know they appear after you beat the game. You might find them
   earlier but your chances are very slim. After Boost Level 3 they can be
   found pretty much in any dungeon.


Q: Where can I find skills of a specific rank?

A: C-Rank: You'll get plenty of those in the elemental ruins.
   B-Rank: You can actually get these pretty early in the elemental ruins
           but you'll start using them only at the end of the elemental
           ruins and at the start of the Starry Corridor.
   A-Rank: Skills and Books for this rank will apear more in the late levels
           of the Starry Corridor and in Venom Ruins, Darkness Ruins and
           Light Ruins.
   S-Rank: These skills can only be found and used after you finish the game
           and continue playing. You can get those skills in the Vortex
           Corridor (bonus dungeon).

   VII. MANA EGGS                                                    (SEC07)

First of all, I'd like to thank Meta Tinara for helping me with this section
and letting me use some of the info from his own guide. If you want a
quality in depth guide about Mana Eggs then check out his guide on GameFaqs.

General Situation

In Grandia Xtreme you can collect Mana Eggs, buy them, have more then 1 of
the same type and most importantly now you can combine them to get more
powerful ones! This is one of the most important new features that Grandia
Xtreme has. The Mana Egg system got a lot more flexible. Each Mana Egg has
its own MP and it cannot exceed 999.

Getting Started

To manage your Mana Eggs you'll have to visit the Magician Shop.

Talk to the shop owner and you'll have a number of options. Choose
'Check Junction Recipe', you'll notice a simple 4x5 grid. This is
your starting table with 4 primary elemental eggs Flame, Wind, Aqua &
Stone (you should already have at least one of each). Using (combining)
those eggs will eventually lead you to higher level Mana Eggs.

Mana Eggs are scattered troughout dungeons. Sometimes they can be found
inside trasure chests. Mana Eggs can only be bought from the Skillman, in
the Skillman's shop for special points.

NOTICE: The maximum egg level that you can find in a dungeon is level 4. And
        level 4 eggs can only be found after Boost Level 3, that is after
        you beat the game. Don't let no blind retard fool you, THE MAXIMUM
        EGG LEVEL THAT YOU CAN FIND IS 4! If you want to get eggs above
        level 4 then you'll have to junction them.

Junction System

You take one egg and combine it with another one to get a new egg. Not all
eggs can be combined with each other, Dust and Burst eggs, for example, can
not be combined. Usually the resulting egg is a better with more MP, SF and
so on. But that's not always true.

Most of the Mana Eggs exist as elements, and must be kept to their element
to get the most powerful eggs, that is Chaos, Holy and Ether:

Flare -> Lava -> Bomb    -> Star      -> Volcano -> Cluster
Wind  -> Heat -> Thunder -> Lightning -> Cyclone -> Photon
Aqua  -> Mist -> Frost   -> Icicle    -> Rainbow -> Blizzard
Stone -> Sand -> Leaf    -> Forest    -> Gravity -> Soul

Cluster, Photon and Blizzard then lead to their respective Level 9 Eggs
(excluding Soul).

Cluster  ->  Ether
Photon   ->  Chaos
Blizzard ->  Holy

And the Soul Egg is used to get the Crown Egg, which then can be junctioned
with Calamity, Dragon or Fenrir eggs to get a Level 9 Egg.

There is a total of 42 different Mana Eggs to be combined and your 4x5 grid
will eventually expand to 6x7 grid. Like this:

x___________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ___________ ___________x
|        lv9|         lv8|         lv7|         lv7|        lv8|        lv9|
|  HOLY     |  FENRIR    |  PROTECT   |  ASTRAL    |  DRAGON   |  CHAOS    |
|        lv4|         lv1|         lv1|         lv1|        lv1|        lv0|
|  BOOSTER  |  FLARE     |  WIND      |  AQUA      |  STONE    |  DUST     |
|        lv4|         lv2|         lv2|         lv2|        lv2|        lv3|
|  DECREASE |  LAVA      |  HEAT      |  MIST      |  SAND     |  BURST    |
|        lv4|         lv3|         lv3|         lv3|        lv3|        lv6|
|  DARKNESS |  BOMB      |  THUNDER   |  FROST     |  LEAF     |  RESTORE  |
|        lv7|         lv4|         lv4|         lv4|        lv4|        lv5|
|  VOID     |  STAR      |  LIGHTNING |  ICICLE    |  FOREST   |  FAIRY    |
|        lv8|         lv5|         lv5|         lv5|        lv5|        lv7|
|        lv9|         lv6|         lv6|         lv6|        lv6|        lv8|
|  ETHER    |  CLUSTER   |  PHOTON    |  BLIZZARD  |  SOUL     |  CROWN    |
x                                                                          x

Mana Eggs are divided by levels and usually higher level means better egg:

[ Lvl 0 ] : Dust
[ Lvl 1 ] : Flare, Aqua, Wind, Stone
[ Lvl 2 ] : Lava, Heat, Sand, Mist
[ Lvl 3 ] : Thunder, Frost, Leaf, Bomb, Burst
[ Lvl 4 ] : Forest, Booster, Decreass, Darkness, Star, Lightning, Icicle
[ Lvl 5 ] : Volcano, Cyclone, Rainbow, Gravity, Fairy
[ Lvl 6 ] : Cluster, Photon, Blizzard, Soul, Restore
[ Lvl 7 ] : Life, Astral, Protect, Void
[ Lvl 8 ] : Crown, Calamity, Dragon, Fenrir
[ Lvl 9 ] : Chaos, Ether, Holy

Sometimes when you combine eggs letters may appear with the resulting egg.
Those are Special Forces. SF (Special Force) indicates a magical power-up
element. Also a Mana Egg(s) may have a yellow floating star with it. If it
has then when you use that egg for combinations the chance that resulting
egg will have SF will increase. One magic can have no more than 5 different
Special Forces. There are six varieties of SF:

[ Mp ] : MP consumption decreases.
[ P  ] : Power rises, or Effect Time extends.
[ H  ] : Offensive spell hit count increases.
[ W  ] : Spell area of effect range extends.
[ S  ] : Time to activate spell decreases.
[ Ip ] : Offensive spell IP damage climbs.

The below Mana Egg List has only the junction formulas that the game itself
suggests. Of course, there are a lot more combinations. To check them all
browse through JungleJims Mana Egg guide. Also you should note that when you
combine 2 identical eggs the result will be the same egg with increased MP.
But if you junction different eggs then MP is determined by the 'MP
compatibility factor' (MPC) which was discovered by JungleJim. So to view
all of the combinations and full MPC chart check out his Mana Egg guide on

   MANA EGG LIST                                                     (SUB20)


Dust Egg
Contains power of dust.
Level: 0 Mainly Support
Magic: Refresh, Freeze!, Evap
Junction: Flare Egg + Aqua Egg
          Wind Egg + Stone Egg


Aqua Egg
Contains power of water.
Level: 1 Water
Magic: Heal, Snooze
Junction: Aqua Egg + Aqua Egg

Flare Egg
Contains power of fire.
Level: 1 Fire
Magic: Burn!, Guard Up
Junction: Flare Egg + Flare Egg

Wind Egg
Contains power of wind.
Level: 1 Wind
Magic: Howl, Runner
Junction: Wind Egg + Wind Egg

Stone Egg
Contains power of stone.
Level: 1 Land
Magic: Shake, Diggin'
Junction: Stone Egg + Stone Egg


Lava Egg
Contains power of lava.
Level: 2 Fire & Land
Magic: Burn!, Burnflame, Def-Loss
Junction: Flare Egg + Stone Egg
          Flare Egg + Sand Egg
          Stone Egg + Star Egg

Sand Egg
Contains power of sand.
Level: 2 Water & Land
Magic: Shake, Tremor, Evap
Junction: Stone Egg + Aqua Egg
          Stone Egg + Mist Egg
          Aqua Egg + Forest Egg

Heat Egg
Contains power of heat.
Level: 2 Fire & Wind
Magic: Howl, Howlslash, Burn!
Junction: Wind Egg + Flare Egg
          Wind Egg + Lava Egg
          Flare Egg + Lightning Egg

Mist Egg
Contains power of mist.
Level: 2 Water & Wind
Magic: Alheal, Erebos, Fader
Junction: Aqua Egg + Wind Egg
          Aqua Egg + Heat Egg
          Wind Egg + Icicle Egg


Bomb Egg
Contains power of bomb.
Level: 3 Fire & Bomb
Magic: BOOM!, WOW!, Res-Loss, Burnstrike
Junction: Lava Egg + Flare Egg
          Lava Egg + Stone Egg
          Flare Egg + Leaf Egg
          Volcano Egg + Gravity Egg

Thunder Egg
Contains power of thunder.
Level: 3 Wind & Bolt
Magic: Zap!, Stram, Runner, Wham!
Junction: Heat Egg + Wind Egg
          Heat Egg + Flare Egg
          Wind Egg + Bomb Egg
          Volcano Egg + Cyclone Egg

Frost Egg
Contains power of frost.
Level: 3 Water & Blizzard
Magic: Crackle, Heal, Healer, Freeze!
Junction: Mist Egg + Aqua Egg
          Mist Egg + Wind Egg
          Aqua Egg + Thunder Egg
          Rainbow Egg + Cyclone Egg

Leaf Egg
Contains power of leaves.
Level: 3 Land & Forest
Magic: Poizn, Cure, Diggin', Regenera
Junction: Sand Egg + Stone Egg
          Sand Egg + Aqua Egg
          Stone Egg + Frost Egg
          Rainbow Egg + Gravity Egg

Burst Egg
Contains power of burst.
Level: 3 Mainly Attack
Magic: Burnstrike, Erebos, Howlslash, Tremor
Junction: Lava Egg + Mist Egg
          Heat Egg + Sand Egg
          Bomb Egg + Frost Egg
          Thunder Egg + Leaf Egg


Forest Egg
Contains power of forest.
Level: 4 Water & Forest
Magic: Alheal, Alhealer, Resurrect, Poizn, Craze
Junction: Leaf Egg + Stone Egg
          Leaf Egg + Aqua Egg
          Sand Egg + Lava Egg
          Sand Egg + Leaf Egg
          Sand Egg + Star Egg

Star Egg
Contains power of star.
Level: 4 Land & Bomb
Magic: BOOM!, Meteor Fall, Res-Loss, Refresh, Gravity
Junction: Bomb Egg + Flare Egg
          Bomb Egg + Stone Egg
          Lava Egg + Heat Egg
          Lava Egg + Bomb Egg
          Lava Egg + Lightning Egg

Lightning Egg
Contains power of lightning.
Level: 4 Fire & Bolt
Magic: Zap!, Blade Zap!, Binder, Burnflame, Guard up
Junction: Thunder Egg + Wind Egg
          Thunder Egg + Flare Egg
          Heat Egg + Mist Egg
          Heat Egg + Thunder Egg
          Heat Egg + Icicle Egg

Icicle Egg
Contains power of icicle.
Level: 4 Wind & Blizzard
Magic: Crackle, Diamond Dust, Wake, Shhh!, Fiora
Junction: Frost Egg + Aqua Egg
          Frost Egg + Wind Egg
          Mist Egg + Sand Egg
          Mist Egg + Frost Egg
          Mist Egg + Forest Egg

Booster Egg
Increases abilities.
Level: 4 Mainly Support
Magic: WOW!, Diggin', Guard Up, Speedy, Runner
Junction: Dust Egg + Lava Egg
          Restore Egg + Frost Egg
          Decrease Egg + Darkness Egg

Decrease Egg
Decreases abilities.
Level: 4 Mainly Support
Magic: Stram, Def-Loss, Res-Loss, Cold, Freeze!
Junction: Dust Egg + Mist Egg
          Burst Egg + Thunder Egg
          Booster Egg + Darkness Egg

Darkness Egg
Governs power of darkness.
Level: 4 Mainly Support
Magic: Snooze, Shhh!, Fiora, Binder, Craze
Junction: Dust Egg + Forest Egg
          Burst Egg + Sand Egg
          Booster Egg + Decrease Egg


Volcano Egg
Contains power of volcano.
Level: 5 Mainly Fire
Magic: Burn!, Burnstrike, WOW!, Hellburner, Guard up, Res-Loss
Junction: Star Egg + Lava Egg
          Star Egg + Heat Egg
          Bomb Egg + Thunder Egg
          Bomb Egg + Star Egg
          Bomb Egg + Cyclone Egg

Cyclone Egg
Contains power of cyclone.
Level: 5 Mainly Wind
Magic: Howl, Howlslash, Runner, Howlnado, Wham!, Stram
Junction: Lightning Egg + Heat Egg
          Lightning Egg + Mist Egg
          Thunder Egg + Frost Egg
          Thunder Egg + Lightning Egg
          Thunder Egg + Rainbow Egg

Rainbow Egg
Contains power of rainbow.
Level: 5 Mainly Water
Magic: Heal, Healer, Healer+, Evap, Tartarus Rain, Cold
Junction: Icicle Egg + Mist Egg
          Icicle Egg + Sand Egg
          Frost Egg + Leaf Egg
          Frost Egg + Icicle Egg
          Frost Egg + Gravity Egg

Gravity Egg
Contains power of gravity.
Level: 5 Mainly Land
Magic: Shake, Tremor, Quake, Calm, Halvah, Gravity
Junction: Forest Egg + Sand Egg
          Forest Egg + Lava Egg
          Leaf Egg + Bomb Egg
          Leaf Egg + Forest Egg
          Leaf Egg + Volcano Egg

Fairy Egg
Capricious fairy resides.
Level: 5 Mainly Support
Magic: Healer, Snooze, Craze, Fader, Vanish
Junction: Star Egg + Icicle Egg
          Lightning Egg + Forest Egg
          Volcano Egg + Rainbow Egg
          Cyclone Egg + Gravity Egg


Cluster Egg
Contains power of cluster.
Level: 6 Mainly Bomb
Magic: Meteor Fall, Burnflame, Calm, Meteor Strike, BOOM!, Def-Loss
Junction: Volcano Egg + Lava Egg
          Volcano Egg + Heat Egg
          Volcano Egg + Bomb Egg
          Star Egg + Forest Egg
          Star Egg + Volcano Egg
          Star Egg + Photon Egg

Photon Egg
Contains power of photon.
Level: 6 Mainly Bolt
Magic: Zap!, Zap All, Gad Zap, Burnstrike, Wake, Binder
Junction: Cyclone Egg + Heat Egg
          Cyclone Egg + Mist Egg
          Cyclone Egg + Thunder Egg
          Lightning Egg + Star Egg
          Lightning Egg + Cyclone Egg
          Lightning Egg + Blizzard Egg

Blizzard Egg
Contains power of blizzard.
Level: 6 Mainly Blizzard
Magic: Crackle, Healer, Shhh!, Fiora, Crackle Floe, Crackle Fang
Junction: Rainbow Egg + Mist Egg
          Rainbow Egg + Sand Egg
          Rainbow Egg + Frost Egg
          Icicle Egg + Lightning Egg
          Icicle Egg + Rainbow Egg
          Icicle Egg + Soul Egg

Soul Egg
Contains power of soul.
Level: 6 Mainly Forest
Magic: Alhealer, Reviva, Cure, Purify, Speedy, Craze
Junction: Gravity Egg + Sand Egg
          Gravity Egg + Lava Egg
          Gravity Egg + Leaf Egg
          Forest Egg + Icicle Egg
          Forest Egg + Gravity Egg
          Forest Egg + Cluster Egg

Restore Egg
Restores breath of life.
Level: 6 Mainly Cure
Magic: Alheal, Alhealer, Absorber, Cure, Regenera
Junction: Burst Egg + Booster Egg
          Burst Egg + Decrease Egg
          Burst Egg + Darkness Egg


Astral Egg
Contains power of anti-evil.
Level: 7 Attack & Support
Magic: BOOM!, Zap!, Crackle, Poizn, Magic Wall
Junction: Restore Egg + Star Egg
          Protect Egg + Void Egg

Protect Egg
Contains power of barrier.
Level: 7 Cure & Support
Magic: Healer, Diggin', Guard up, Purify, CrystalWall
Junction: Restore Egg + Icicle Egg
          Astral Egg + Void Egg

Void Egg
Embodies vanishing power.
Level: 7 Attack & Support
Magic: BOOMOR!, Erebos, Wham!, Vanish, Giga Vanish
Junction: Crown Egg + Darkness Egg
          Protect Egg + Astral Egg

Life Egg
Fountains source of life.
Level: 7 Mainly Cure
Magic: Alhealer+, Reviva, Regenera, Evap, Erebos, Tartarus Rain
Junction: Cluster Egg + Blizzard Egg
          Photon Egg + Soul Egg


Calamity Egg
Inflicts damage of havoc.
Level: 8 Mainly Bomb
Magic: BOOM!, BOOMOR!, BA-BOOM!, Inferno, Curse, Gravity
Junction: Life Egg + Cluster Egg
          Dragon Egg + Fenrir Egg

Dragon Egg
Awakens power of a dragon.
Level: 8 Mainly Bolt
Magic: Zap!, Blade Zap, Dragon Zap, Hellburner, WOW!, Resurrect
Junction: Life Egg + Photon Egg
          Calamity Egg + Fenrir Egg

Fenrir Egg
Awakens power of an icewolf.
Level: 8 Mainly Blizzard
Magic: Crackle, Tartarus Rain, Binder, Crackle Floe, Crackle Glacier, Cold
Junction: Life Egg + Blizzard Egg
          Calamity Egg + Dragon Egg

Crown Egg
Administers power of kings.
Level: 8 Attack & Cure
Magic: BOOMOR!, Zap All, Diamond Dust, Healer+, Halvah, Curse
Junction: Life Egg + Soul Egg
          Life Egg + Dragon Egg


Chaos Egg
Throngs power of chaos.
Level: 9 Ultimate Magic
Magic: Zap All, Howlnado, Quake, Astraea Zap, Inferno, Absorber
Junction: Crown Egg + Dragon Egg
          Holy Egg + Ether Egg

Ether Egg
Full of elements' power.
Level: 9 Ultimate Magic
Magic: Alhealer, Resurrect, Snooze, Galactic Bang, Fader, Speedy
Junction: Crown Egg + Calamity Egg
          Chaos Egg + Holy Egg

Holy Egg
Floods sacred power.
Level: 9 Ultimate Magic
Magic: Healer+, Diamond Dust, Regenera, Absolute Zero, Reviva, Halvah
Junction: Crown Egg + Fenrir Egg
          Chaos Egg + Ether Egg

   MAGIC LIST                                                        (SUB21)

_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________
_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________

 Burn!          4   4   One Foe     Flare     Fireball.
 Burnflame      5   12  Foe Circle  Lava      Pillar of flame.
 Burnstrike     7   16  One Foe     Bomb      Flock of phoenixes.
 Inferno        11  35  Foe Fan     Calamity  Summons flame beast.
 Hellburner     13  40  One Foe     Volcano   Everlasting hellfire.
 Guard up       __  8   Ally Circle Flare     Spiritual uplift. Improves
                                    Booster   Immunity.
 WOW!           __  10  Ally Circle Bomb      Fighting spirit.
_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________

_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________
_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________

 BOOM!          8   18  Foe Line    Bomb      Small explosion.
 BOOMOR!        10  26  Around Foe  Void      Small-area bomb.
 BA-BOOM!       13  48  Foe Circle  Calamity  Huge explosion.
 Meteor Fall    12  32  Single Foe  Star      Falling meteorite.
 Meteor Strike  15  56  Single Foe  Cluster   Huge falling meteor.
 Galactic Bang  18  72  Single Foe  Ether     Star explosion.
 Res-Loss       __  9   Foe Circle  Bomb      Discouraging heat.
                                    Star      Deteriorates Immunity.
 Vanish         __  35  Around Ally Fairy     Illusive light. Voids all
                                    Void      effects.
 Giga Vanish    __  25  Single Foe  Void      Divine halo. Voids all Status
_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________

_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________
_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________

 Heal           Sml 6   Single Ally Aqua      Dew of life. Restores HP.
 Healer         Mdm 10  Single Ally Frost     Dew of mercy. Restores HP.
 Healer+        Lrg 16  Single Ally Rainbow   Dew of miracle. Restores HP.
 Alheal         Sml 12  All Allies  Mist      Fountain of life.
                                    Forest    Restores HP.
 Alhealer       Mdm 20  All Allies  Forest    Fountain of mercy. Restores
                                    Restore   HP.
 Alhealer+      Lrg 36  Ally Circle Life      Fountain of miracles.
                                              Restores HP.
 Erebos         __  12  Single Foe  Mist      Creates dark dense fog.
                                    Burst     Sudden death to enemy.
 Tartarus Rain  __  24  Foe Circle  Rainbow   Calls cold black rain. Sudden
                                    Life      death to enemy.
 Snooze         __  5   Foe Circle  Aqua      Produces drowsy foam. Lulls
                                    Darkness  enemies to sleep.
 Evap           __  14  Single Foe  Dust      Drainage of fluid. Reduces
                                    Sand      enemy's HP by half.
_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________

_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________
_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________

 Diamond Dust   9   30  Foe Fan     Icicle    Freezing blizzard.
 Crackle        9   20  Single Foe  Frost     Ice spear.
 Crackle Floe   12  30  Single Foe  Blizzard  Pillar of ice.
 Crackle Fang   13  48  Foe Circle  Blizzard  Falling iceberg.
 Crackle Glacier15  60  Single Foe  Fenrir    Power of glacier.
 Absolute Zero  17  68  Foe Line    Holy      Sub-zero skewers.
 Freeze!        __  8   Foe Circle  Dust      Heavy snowstorm. Deteriorates
                                    Frost     Move.
 Cold           __  18  Foe Circle  Decrease  Blanket of frost.
                                    Rainbow   Deteriorates Action.
 Fiora          __  8   Foe Circle  Darkness  Seal of ice. Effects Sap
                                    Icicle    Moves on enemies.
 CrystalWall    __  8   Self        Protect   Barrier of crystals.
                                              Invalidates certain damage.
_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________

_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________
_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________

 Howl           3   7   Foe Circle  Wind      Blade of wind.
 Howlslash      4   18  Foe Line    Heat      Whirlwind shockwave.
 Howlnado       11  32  All Around  Cyclone   Giant tornado. Confusion
                                    Chaos     effect.
 Wham!          __  4   Single Foe  Thunder   Changes air pressure.
                                    Cyclone   Disperses enemy from
                                    Void      battlefield.
 Shhh!          __  12  Foe Circle  Darkness  Vacuum seal. Seals enemies'
                                    Icicle    magic spells.
 Wake           __  2   Ally Circle Icicle    Whisper of a breeze. Wakes up
                                    Photon    sleeping allies.
 Runner         __  4   Ally Circle Wind      Strong fair wind. Improves
                                    Booster   Move.
 Fader          __  8   Self        Mist      Blends into scene.
                                    Fairy     Transparency avoids attacks.
_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________

_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________
_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________

 Zap!           7   22  Foe Circle  Thunder   Electric discharge. Paralysis
                                    Lightning effect.
 Zap All        9   22  Foe Fan     Photon    High-voltage sparks.
                                    Crown     Paralysis effect.
 Blade Zap      12  32  Single Foe  Lightning Blades of lightning.
                                    Dragon    Paralysis effect.
 Dragon Zap     14  50  Foe Line    Dragon    Dragon thunder. Paralysis
 Gad Zap        15  31  Single Foe  Photon    Powerful thunderstorm.
                                              Paralysis effect.
 Astraea Zap    16  70  Around Self Chaos     Divine electric shock.
                                              Paralysis effect.
 Curse          __  32  Single Foe  Crown     Evil thunder. Imposes Curse
                                    Calamity  on enemy.
 Stram          __  12  Foe Circle  Thunder   Discouraging zap.
                                    Cyclone   Deteriorates attack.
 Binder         __  8   Foe Circle  Darkness  Electricity restraint. Takes
                                    Lightning away enemy's mobility.
 Magic Wall     __  17  Self        Astral    Electricity barrier.
                                              Invalidates magic spells.
_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________

_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________
_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________

 Shake          4   5   Single Foe  Stone     Shifts the ground.
 Tremor         5   10  Around Foe  Sand      Eruption of energy.
 Quake          11  36  Foe Circle  Gravity   Massive tectonic movement.
 Def-Loss       __  7   Foe Circle  Lava      Theft of natural power.
                                    Decrease  Deteriorates Defense.
 Gravity        __  4   Foe Circle  Star      Manipulates gravity. Gathers
                                    Gravity   enemies in one location.
 Refresh        __  3   Single Ally Dust      Sacred healer. Cures Sap
                                    Star      Moves & Sap Magic.
 Cure           __  5   Single Ally Leaf      Natural cleanser. Cures
                                    Soul      Poison & Paralysis.
 Calm           __  6   Single Ally Gravity   Soothing smell of land. Cures
                                    Cluster   Confusion.
 Diggin'        __  5   Ally Circle Stone     Protection of land. Improves
                                    Booster   Defense.
_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________

_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________
_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________

 Poizn          6   10  Single Foe  Leaf      Highly venomous gel. Poison
                                    Forest    effect.
 Absorber       7   32  Foe Circle  Restore   Relaxes atmosphere. Absorbs
                                    Chaos     enemy's HP.
 Craze          __  16  Foe Circle  Forest    Nerve gas. Imposes Confusion.
 Purify         __  12  Single Ally Soul      Leaves' cleansing power.
                                    Protect   Cures Illnes & Curse.
 Halvah         __  32  Single Ally Gravity   Balance of nature. Cures all
                                    Crown     abnormalities.
 Regenera       __  10  Single Ally Leaf      Forest's healing power.
                                    Life      Restores HP for limited
                                    Restore   period.
 Speedy         __  15  Ally Circle Booster   Refreshing breeze. Improves
                                    Soul      mobility.
 Resurrect      __  26  Single Ally Forest    Fountain of will. Revives
                                    Dragon    ally & restores 50% HP.
 Reviva         __  42  Single Ally Soul      Power of World Tree. Revives
                                    Life      ally & restores all HP.
_______________ ___ ___ ___________ _________ ______________________________


Q: Are there any special/hidden Mana Eggs or something?

A: No.


Q: Ha! You didn't list every possible Mana Egg combination! Why?

A: Yes, I didn't. Because: a) it would be a very long list. b) there are
   already other FAQs on GameFaqs that deal with this. Providing only the
   combinations that the game suggests is more than enough for my guide. c)
   most of the combos are useless.


Q: I have this Mana Egg and it has this yellow floating star(s) with it.

A: It means when you use that egg(s) for combinations the chance that
   resulting egg will have SF increase. More stars=more chances of getting

   VIII. WALKTHROUGH                                                 (SEC08)

Our story begins when a new nation, Nortis, had finally finished a
long-standing border conflict with a country known as Arcada.

Far from the savagery of the battles at the Nortis border, a boy named Evann
was born into a family of 'Geo Rangers'. He was known in his neighborhood
for being rash and hating to lose. He went around with hot-blooded friends
doing stupid things, but as they got older, they got jobs and adapted to

After his father's death, Evann decided to follow in his footsteps and
became a Geo Ranger. He turned over a new leaf, and trained everyday to
continue his family trade.

Geo Rangers have the ability to use the power of the force, which flows in
the Geo Stream of the world. It is a job, once valued in places like mines,
where one can instantly transport to another place by making a 'Geo Point'
and 'diving' into it. Geo Points are created at places where the power of
the force is strong.

NOTICE: Use the FORCE Evann! ...sorry couldn't help it! ^_^

The game starts with a man driving some strange-looking motorcycle. Action
shifts to Evann, the main hero of the game. Evann is practicing his fighting
skills when his bud, a mailman named Pike, delivers him his fourth letter
from the ever annoying Nortis Army. Evann doesn't like the army. Then they
chat and Evann complains a bit about a guy named Kroitz. Then Pike leaves.

Evan tries to create a Geo Point but he fails. He then lies down to rest.
He remembers his dead father. Then a woman with some military thugs attacks
Evann and takes him captive.


Geo Points: Base Geo Point

Action shifts into a room. Evann sits there very angry. A woman comes in and
starts bossing Evann around. Her name is Diene. Apparently she is a military
commander. She says that Evann should cool down, check out the town and then
find her.

When you gain control, as always, check the menu and get used to the
controls. Then go outside and examine the village of Locca. Talk to people.
Visit the shops.

Don't go across the bridge to Locca park it's pointless, and don't go to
Starry Park either. In the end you'll want to go to the Command Post and
meet the party.

Inside, you meet Carmyne and Brandol--your party. Diene explains that you
were chosen by the military to assist in the operation against the
Elemental Disorder. She tells that tomorrow a truck will pick you up so
you've got to rest until then. Anyway, Diene leaves and you to get closer
acquainted with Carmyne and Brandol. Evann tells them that he is a ranger.

After that leave the post and proceed to the Armory. Talk to the manager
and choose Rest.

The next day. Go through the back door and meet Carmyne with Brandol.
Brandol says that they are going to the Sandworm's Den. He'll ask if
you're prepared, say yes. Then he starts complaining about this mission,
Evann, and that they made Evann the leader of this party. Evann doesn't
want to and doesn't know how to be one. Everyone boards the truck.

On the road the party discusses the situation. The Elemental Disorder has
caused great havoc, (see the trashed tanks?). Although the Disorder in this
region has been neutralized, four ruins were found with the Disorder. Your
party is here to investigate.



Geo Points: None

When you arrive, go to the H.Q. Control Room and talk to Diene. Well
something is definitely under those Elementally Disordered ruins. And
Colonel himself is leading the investigation. Once you regain control hit
the Land Ruins.


Geo Points: None

Start walking. The path is without forks. When you reach a guard talk
to him. He will tell you that there will be some traps and monsters ahead.
Reach the ladder and climb down into the circle room with a tree in the
middle. Then go through the huge doors and into the Land Ruins 2.

NOTICE: In the first trapped corridor, between the second and third falling
        blocks, on the right wall is a secret door that often leads to a
        Skill Book or a Mana Egg. Very helpful in the early game. The
        Treasure Chest isn't marked on the map. Never.

NOTICE: Before the second trapped corridor, you climb a flight of stairs,
        turn to your right, away from the trapped corridor and go to the
        end. Press 'O' and open a secret passage, revealing a Carro!


Geo Points: None

Use the ladder to go down. As you can see this is a wide open area with
a lot of mushrooms. Cut them all! In Grandia Xtreme mushrooms contain not
only items and foes but also they can heal or poison you. Anyway after
you've got some mushrooms and killed some enemies, go into the center and
use the (!) mark to activate the shining pillar. Using the floating stones
examine all the tunnels and in the end of one push big stone pillar to
create a floating bridge to Land Ruins 3.


Geo Points: None

Start walking. No forks here either. After the floor will collapse use
the other path and activate the shining pillar. Return and jump to the other
side. Keep walking. Step on the trap and the floor will go down, take some
items, kill some monsters. Watch out for those huge boulders! After the
boulder madness walk into the room and the door will close, Huge Minotaur
will crash down and will try to encounter you! Yes, you can actually try
and flee from him for a while but eventually you'll see that there is no
point in that. Anyway prepare for a Boss battle!

NOTICE: Know the place where you can occasionally meet the Minotaur, in that
        small corridor, which is usually haunted by a Sasquatch? At the end
        of that corridor lies yet another secret door which reveals YET
        another Carro.


Boss: Minotaur
      Type: Beast
      Drop item: Secret Vellum
                 Physical Vellum
                 Seed of Magic
      Steal item: Mental Vellum
                  Psyche Vellum
                  Bamboo Armor
                  Bamboo Glove
                  Red High Heels
                  Face Guard
                  Head Gear
                  Purifying Dress
      Special attacks: Tornado Horn
                       Land Crush
                       (Land/around self)

Minions: Gilled Pawns

The Minotaur is not very different from Grandia II. His 4 sidekicks
should be dealt with first. Then it's 4 against 1, unleash your strongest
moves. He is quite slow but keep your eyes open for his Tornado Horn,
cancelling it is a good idea. Your Mana Eggs are not very strong yet so use
them mainly for healing. And be prepared for this fight! It'll be very
annoying if the Minotaur will kick your ass becasue you were unprepared!

After the battle proceed to the shining pillar and activate it. You will be
elevated down, go through the passage and into the door to the Spiritual


Geo Points: None

You meet up with the Colonel. Evann with Kroitz go way back, I guess, and
Evann doesn't like Kroitz very much. But Kroitz is the Colonel so everyone
has to listen to him. He explains that these ruins were invented by ancient
people to control the elements therefore the ruins have the power to stop
the Disorder.

Kroitz tells that your party has to travel to other ruins and stop the
Elemental Disorder in other places.

When you gain control go to the Barracks for your reinforcements.

In the barracks Evann and Brandol starts arguing again. Then Diene comes in
and Evann asks her about Kroitz, she doesn't know anything and tells that
she's just following orders from Colonel. She's screwed. Enter the room to
meet additional members.

OK... now there are 4 new recruits who are determined to stop the Disorder.
The big brute Ulk with the spiritual protection from elements and who likes
blowing things away(!), the little guy Titto who's good in long range combat,
Jaid the magician with combat skills and Myam the girl who uses the bow.
Brandol starts mocking them, Evann doesn't care. Anyway after a lot of
arguments the party decides that the leader should be Evann.

OK gather your party and hit the Inferno Pit.



Geo Points: Full Geo Point

Enjoy the CG movie involving Evann, tanks and the spirit. After that you'll
find yourself  in some kind of cavern. This place is quite empty except for
one Geo Point (this is the first full one, I believe). Use it if you need
something in town. Then climb the ladders up.

Now this is a wide open area and it has 2 main paths. Go left and climb
down the hole and through the tunnel then climb up. You'll be on a small
island take the item and leave. Watch out for the lava rivers. Return to
the start and head right. Watch out for the lava eruptions, each eruption
will spawn an enemy.

Don't mind the fork and just keep heading up the path. When you reach the
ladders climb them. You'll be on the mountain. You can go left and climb
down to collect the items but your main goal is to reach the top of the
mountain. Your path up will be shaped as the letter Z.

When you reach the top head straight up but watch out for the erupting lava,
this time there will be no enemies but it can damage you. Before you proceed
to Volcano - Exterior head all the way right and collect the chest.


Geo Points: None

This place does look like the volcano but with some kind of mechanical
device in the middle. The cave to the left of you is empty (well I mean
mine was empty but who knows...). Go right stay off the edge because the
floor will fall down and you'll collapse one level down. Instead miss one
ladder and use the second. When you find huge rock blocking your path use
the big pipe and go down. Use the ladders up twice and push the rock down
(be careful not to fall). This rock smashed the first rock that blocked your
path. Return to the first rock and you'll find another cavern (mine was
empty). Then use the huge pipe and follow the path down ignoring the ladder.
Use the ladder down when you reach it.

Go to the end of the path and you should probably find a Mana Egg. Then
return and enter the huge pipe. One path is closed to you therefore use the
other. Follow the tunnel into a cave (there should be an item behind the
rock). Follow the other path until you find yourself inside the pipe again.
Exit the pipe. Take the chest and then use the controller it'll open a path
to Flame Ruins - Interior.


Geo Points: Full Geo Point

Use the Geo Point. Then use the elevator to go down to hell. (:E

Once there step on the blue pillar of light to clear a path of flames.
Go left and open a hidden door in the wall. Then head right through the
hall of flames. Then you'll reach infernal pillars here's how to jump:
Jump on the first pillar when it's _below_ you, the following pillar should
be below you to. Continue jumping until you reach the other side. Take the
chest and again into the hallway. Step on another blue light pillar and
head left. Open a hidden room in the wall and take the treasure chest. Take
the item and step on another blue light pillar. Then follow the path into
another hallway. In the next room youll notice a block. Next to the block
there is a switch, activate it and flames will push the block. Pushed block
will activate the mechanism and the door will open. Enter the room and push

another block then activate the switch and flames will once again push the
block near the first one and open the other door. Return to the previous
room and enter the opened door, follow the path until you reach the last
blue light pillar, step on it. Go left and open the secret door (it's in
the wall). Now make your way into the center.

All the flames are gone.

Enter the room with fire blazing from the walls. Push the block on the
right. Then use the path on the left to reach the left block and push it
also. The fire is gone. Use the middle path and kill the guards. Then head
through the right sides path to take the book. Return and head up into the
Flame Ruins - Hall of Flames.


Geo Points: One-time Geo Point

How many Baby Crustaceans have you killed? Well it's pay back time! He he!
Anyway, Mother Crustacean is upon you. Follow the path and encounter the


Boss: Mother Crustacean
      Type: ????
      Drop item: ????
      Steal item: Seed of Power
                  Mental Vellum
      Special attacks: Swallow
                       (Summons Baby Crustaceans)

      Left Claw/Right Claw
      Type: ????
      Drop item: None
      Steal item: Devil Clothes
                  Horn Shield
                  Quartz Pendant
                  Forest Suit
                  Ice Helm
                  Rune Plate
      Special attacks: Side Slash
                       Scissors Beat

Minions: Baby Crustaceans

This Boss is much more harder then the previous one. It's a Boss with 2
claws. Moreover it has 2 sidekicks. Forget about the Baby Crustaceans, if
you kill them the mother will use Breeding and they will reappear. You can
also forget about the claws because it'll be just a waste of you SP.
Concentrate on the main body.

Her 2 most deadly attacks are Hi-Jump and Scissors Beat plus the Scissors
Beat will give your character confusion. Use your most deadly moves on the
body only. You should probably have learned a couple of combos by now so use
them to the fullest.

Fire, of course, is ineffective here so don't use any fire magic. It is a
good idea to leave one character for healing only, using Alheal or Alhealer.

After the fight proceed into the Flame Ruins - Spiritual Atrium


Geo Points: None

When you enter the Atrium Evann is amazed by this place because it's
different from the Land Ruins. When you gain control speak to you friends.
Check the crystal dragon, a beautiful beast! Brandol is examining some
ancient writings which says:

                   ...614 ...until the cycle ends.
                   Even... spiritual power...
                   unable to attain... lost
                   Give birth to Quanlee under Evol...
                   Existence filled with spiritual power...

What could this mean? Anyway, reach the top and take the Flame Slab. Return
to Locca and go to the Command post to meet Diene.

In the Command Post Evann hits Diene about the dragon and the mural found
in the Flame Ruins. She doesn't know anything about but says that their
scientist Specto wants to hear your report. She tells you take your team
and head to Escarre.

So grab your team, they are...

Brandol : near the Diner
Carmyne : inside the Diner
Titto   : Barracks 2nd floor
Jaid    : Barracks 2nd floor room 202
Ulk     : Locca park
Myam    : Locca park (across the river)

...and hit the railway platform. You meet Diene in the station and she says
that scientist Specto will answer all you questions in Escarre. Board the
train and head for Escarre.

   ESCARRE (first visit)

Geo Points: None

When you arrive to Escarre everyone is excited about the city. Jaid with
Titto decide to lurk about the local houses, Brandol and Carmyne went to
the local pub while Ulk and Myam went to enjoy the water.

You can explore the downtown of Escarre although there is nothing to do
there. Eventually you'll have to visit the Music Hall.

In the Music Hall you'll meet Specto the scientist and the 'musicians'.
Talk to Specto and he will answer your questions. When he's done feeding
you his useless information leave the Music Hall and head for the station.
Speak to Diene and choose 'OK, let's go back.' You board the train and
return to Locca.

In the meantime Specto with Kroitz are discussing something about some
Disorder ruins, creatures and the Quaniee project. Anyway it seems that they
are plotting something EVIL!

Back in Locca. The party discusses 'information' given by Specto. Everyone
agrees that Specto didn't tell everything and that Kroitz is involved in all
this. But they are still up on their mission: to once and for all stop the
Elemental Disorder!!!

The next stop is the stormy seas of Tsunami Trough and you'll have to take
Jaid with you.



Geo Points: Full Geo Point

Diene explains that Tsunami Trough is under s heavy storm and the Aqua
Ruins are now under the water. So this won't be a picnic! In order for you
to walk around under the water you'll have to eat the Aeolus Seed which
makes you burp. The party boards 'submarine' and dives under the water.
Inside Evann asks Jaid what's bugging him and Jaid explains that he was once
a knight sworn to a beautiful and noble lady but when the disorder started
she died because of him in the Aqua Ruins. And now Jaid has to honor her
memory by neutralizing the Elemental Disorder.

Watch the CG cutscenes that show the fall of your ship. The chain to which
the 'submarine' is connected brakes and it goes down under like Titanic. The
party is on the ocean floor without the 'submarine'. But you can use the Geo
point to go back.

Another CG movie, meeting with a ship.

Anyway, gather your party and start the dungeon... and get Evann out of that
fish-plant! <:E

So this is a big open area. You may explore it a bit (cut some plants, open
some shells) but eventually you'll want to go all the way left and up the
steps. Keep walking along the edge until you reach the fork. Take the left
path to encounter the Mimic.

Caution! Mimic may seem like an easy kill BUT he can be the end of you. Just
before his death he usually does the Hell Blast move which probably will
kill all your characters. It deals about 1000-1200 HP damage. Be prepared!
And try to cancel it whenever you see it being charged-up.

After that fight proceed into Tsunami Trough - Ocean Cave.


Geo Points: Full Geo Point

Start walking straight ahead. When you reach a fork go right for some item,
if not then go straight and turn right at the next fork for some shells.
Then return to the fork and go up.

In the area with lots of medusas (careful they'll damage you) go left for
more shells and items. Return and go right. You'll reach the edge with lots
of weird lights floating around... and... they're beautiful... umm...
anyway, use the (!) mark to call a big weird transport fish which will carry
you over to the other edge.

Start walking and at the fork go right to take an item. Return and go up to
activate the Geo Point. Go straight up and crack the shell. Then go back and
head all the way left (ignore the first fork). At the second fork go right
for some shell action. Return, go up for... more shells (damn shells). OK,
now return to the ignored fork and go right. Go past the medusas in the next
area and you'll reach yet another fork, right--items, left--Tsunami
Trough - Ocean Temple.


Geo Points: None

Well, it's a wide open area with no forks. Make a circle-run around the
temple to collect the items and fight the monsters. Then enter the temple
to Aqua Ruins - Interior.


Geo Points: None

The right passage is closed so take the left one. The are 4 paths in the
next big room, 3 are closed but 1 is open so use it. You'll reach some kind
of control device, switch to Red and go back to the room with the 4 doors.
This time another door is open to you, use it. You'll reach the elevator
which will take you down.

At this point in the game you'll find you first Sound Bite it's the Sound
Bite 1. More about Sound Bites read in the Sidequests section.

Take the path you have to a room with a huge ball of water. This room has
5 paths and 3 of them are closed. Use the path that leads to the stone
monolith and activate it this will lower the control device which you've
activated earlier. Go back and go through the other opened path. You'll
reach a room with a shining globe, and lots of Dragonfly Toads, kill them
all. This room has 3 doors, 1 is closed, 1 leads to an items and the last
one leads to the lowered control device, go through the last door to reach
the device, switch it to Green.

Proceed into newly opened door into a room with Sound Bite 3. Take the
right path into a room where the view changes and the Automap disappears
there you'll find Sound Bite 2. Go through the path opposite of where you
entered for some items and then go back all the way back to the room with
Sound Bite 3. This time take the left path thorough the water and into a
room with some kind of water pumping device. The water walls disappear from
time to time and that's how you'll have to reach another path. After the
water walls you'll end up in the upper level of the room where you got
Sound Bite 2. Switch the device to Blue and that will open another way to
you. Go through it into the room where you started.

Now all the 5 doors are open, first go through a path that leads to a room
with Sound Bite 3. After that there's only one unexplored area left, go
through it into the elevator room and elevate yourself down to Aqua Ruins
- Energy Conversion Room and prepare for a Boss battle.


Geo Points: One-time Geo Point


Boss: Deava
      Type: ????
      Drop item: ????
      Steal item: Freezrain Bow
                  Fishmonger Knife
                  Combat Vellum
                  Seed of Magic
      Special attacks: Healer
                       (Heal HP)
                       Diamond Dust
                       Shock Bomb
                       (Cures all abnormalities)
                       (MOV +DOWN/circle)
                       Crackle Floe
                       Ocean Wave
                       (Cuts HP by 1/2/one)

      Left Knuckle/Right Knuckle
      Type: ????
      Drop item: ????
      Steal item: Mental Vellum
                  Robe of Admonition
                  Life Gem
                  Ice Shield
                  Healing Fruit
                  Dash Charm
      Special attacks: Aqua Splash
                       (Sap moves/circle)
                       (Sleep effect/circle)

Minions: None

Now this shrimp is actually a 2-part-Boss: the Body and 2 Knuckles. Once you
beat up the first part it'll crack, the second form will emerge and you'll
have to fight the true form of Deava.

His Knuckles use mainly support magic but their Aqua Splash is quite strong
although it damages one character. You can firstly kill waste his Knuckles
it'll sap his Aqua Splash and Crackles. But I suggest you concentrate on his
main body when he opens up. He won't be using all his most damaging moves
like Shock Bomb, Crackle Floe and Ocean Wave up until you defeat his shell.

Water/Ice is practically useless here so use mainly Fire/Bomb and
Lightning/Thunder. Moves and combos will be effective here so use them a
lot. If you must cancel anything then use moves for that, I don't see
anything really punising to cancel although you could try and cancel his
Ocean Wave but don't bother about anything else.


Geo Points: None

You'll find another corpse of Elemental Beast. Also notice another strange
pillar with words:

                   Despite the application of power of...
                   to the planet's 1095 rotation...
                   stability not achieved, plan failed.
                   Quanlee... created under Evol.
                   Quanlee is...
                   able to change all worlds.

'Able to change all worlds' I don't like the sound of that... anyway, take
the slab and leave the Atrium. In elevator room use the one-time Geo Point
to travel back to Locca.

Back in Locca. You meet up with Kroitz and claims that he knows the cause
of the suffering. Diene is all over Kroitz as usual.

And when things were starting to get hot... Evann penetrates the command
post like mad. He starts question Kroitz around but Kroitz plays dumb.
Anyway, this conversation was useless Colonel Kroitz departs leaving your
party ready for action! Yeah!

When you leave the Command Post Myam is standing under the tree. She says
that she has to go along with you to the next mission. So you'll have to
take her along to your next destination: the Gale Ruins.

But before that, visit Escarre and talk to Specto for the latest 'info'.
He's in the Uptown area which is available to you now.



Geo Points: None

When you enter Myam explains that her grandma used to work here as a
teacher so she used to visit this town often. But due to the Elemental
Disorder this place was attacked by a huge Tornado and has become a ghost

When you gain control head down the path and through the tunnel then turn
left into another tunnel. At the fork go left and up for some items, then
return to the fork and turn right. Keep walking down the path then go up
and turn left. Enter the ruined house and push aside the bookshelf for an
item. Then push the wall and it'll collapse making a bridge for you. Cross
it and go a bit up-left and push another wall in the ruined house for
another item. You may go forward and then down, there may be an item but
eventually you'll have to go across the ruined house to your right. No forks
here just keep walking, jump across a couple of times, head down and take
the Sound Bite B1. Head into the tunnel and at the tunnel fork turn left.
Explore this area for items and eggs and then return to the fork and go
straight up, follow the path until you reach Ghost Town - Outskirts.


Geo Points: None

In this area the party finally can see their destination: the Whirlwind
Peak. But how to get there? Evann, as a Geo Ranger, has a superb idea:
Using this machine the party is going to slide down to Whirlwind Peak.

The party finally descends into the Gale Ruins.


Geo Points: Full Geo Point

Well, there's only one door open, go through it. Wow... a wacky tunnel. The
next room will also have only one door so use it. Head through another
tunnel and through a room with 2 mechanisms and into a room with the main
device. The first door to your right should contain some items, check it.
Then head through another door and past the room with blistering fire
coming from those machines. In the next room you'll find a Geo Point, use

After the Geo Point head into the passageway, turn left and you'll reach a
square room with some mechanisms that spit bunch of junk on top of your
head! Ouch! Don't get under it. There are also lots of mushrooms here.
Anyway kill the monsters and smash some shrooms. After that exit the room
through the top-right door. Head through another tunnel into another room.
There should be chest in the upper-right corner of this room. Also head
through the upper door and push the block so it will block the fire coming
through the machine. Return and go through the left exit. Head all the way
until you reach the circular room. Continue right but skip the first turn
for now and enter the second. Head straight up until you reach a shiny
triangle, activate it and the paths will begin spinning.

The rooms looks like something like this:

Sound Bite B2_   |   _Push block
              /\ | /\
              | \|/ |
              | /|\ |
              /  |  \
       Items_/   |   \_Push block

First stop them so that you can go to the upper-left door, go there and
grab the Sound Bite B2. Then return and spin them again to gain access to
the lower-left door, go there and take item there. Return and rotate them
once again and visit the upper-right and lower-right rooms to push the
blocks there. Once that is done return to the room I told you to skip and
go up the stairs to push the last block. The last block will deactivate the
horizontal flames completely, but the vertical flame is still on, to
deactivate it find the shinning triangle in this room and touch it. Take the
Mana Egg and return to the room with the rotating paths.

Once there, rotate the paths so that you can gain access to the last
unvisited path, straight up. Go there and you'll reach Gale Ruins - Exterior
- Lower Level.


Geo Points: None

Just follow the path until you reach the ladder up. Don't mind those
triangular stones. Once elevated, head straight to Gale Ruins - Interior 2
- 1st FL Ent.


Geo Points: None

Push the stone triangle to ride the rail. Once you have arrived check the
hidden room to your right, there may be some items. Then head into the left
path. On the intersection head right to grab some items, then return and
head up. In the next room you'll find a big horizontal flame pillar, go
round it and grab some items on the right side. No matter what path you'll
take you'll end up in a huge are with a floating platform and lots of
monsters. Go through the left path to kill some fiends for Exp. After that
go back and choose the upper path to reach the circularly-floating
platform, ride it.

You may dismount on the middle structure of the big room, don't do that,
instead hop on the other floating platform when the two meet each other
and continue. When you'll see a bunch of monsters impatiently waiting for
your arrival, get off there and hunt them down. Also if you follow the path
to the next room you may find some items. After all is done return to the
floating platform and ride it a bit up then get off to enter the door.
Continue all the way up the steps to find another big platform, push the
triangle to ride it.

On the opposite side of the entrance to the Middle Level there is a hidden
room, enter it and you may find some items.

Following that progress into the Gale Ruins - Exterior - Middle Level.


Geo Points: None

Absolutely nothing to do here. Just go straight into the Gale Ruins -
Interior 2 - 2nd FL Ent.


Geo Points: None

Go up into the room, round the vertical flame and continue up. Enter the
next room and activate the triangle, thus dissolving the vertical flames,
but not completely. Return to the previous room and ride the platform down.

You're in a room you were before, head left and climb down the ladders. And
then climb up onto the middle structure, once blocked by the flame the
platform is now accessible, ride it up. Check this room for some chests or
items, once done continue through the door. Follow the path into the Gale
Ruins - Exterior - Upper Level.


Geo Points: One-time Geo Point

Follow the path and climb up the ladder a couple of times. Congratulations!
You've reached the top! Anyway, once on the top be sure to pick up Sound
Bite B3 under a little purple tree.

After that go down the ramp into the Gale Ruins - Equipment Housing Area.


Geo Points: None

Follow the path, down some stairs and into the Gale Ruins - Great Engine
Room. Prepare for a Boss fight!


Geo Points: None

Head straight up and encounter Bone Mantis.


Boss: Bone Mantis
      Type: ????
      Drop item: ????
      Steal item: Devilbuster Sword
                  Seed of Psyche
                  High Vellum
      Special attacks: Mist Blast
                       (Sap Magic/circle)
                       (Wind/around self)

      Right Arm/Left Arm
      Type: ????
      Drop item: ????
      Steal item: Silver Feather
                  Mental Vellum
                  Secret Vellum
                  Flame Helm
                  Gold Feather
      Special attacks: Wind Slash
                       Crackle Floe
                       (Heal HP/one)
                       (ACT +DOWN/circle)
                       (Sap Moves/circle)

Minions: None

Well this Boss is easy. Apart from his immunity to Lightning he has nothing
to set against your party. Correction: The boss is most likely lightning
resistant, but NOT immune. I suggest you learn the Invincible Aura before
the battle and cast it on Evann it'll cancel almost all of his moves, ha!
Myam is in your party so use her mostly for healing and the Mana Eggs should
be used for healing as well.

It appears that his Right Arm is physical damage resistant while the Left
Arm is magic resistant (I'm not sure about the Left Arm because I've killed
before I checked). So you'd better not bother with his arms. Canceling is
quite pointless in this battle, nothing he does is really punishing, if
you'll be using moves with Cancel ability--great but otherwise don't bother.

In one point during the battle, when you dealt enough damage to his main
body his arms will try to heal him using the Alheal, use should try to
cancel that. But if you can't, no matter, it doesn't heal that much anyway.

Fire magic goes OK here, but try to use more moves on his main body and he
will go down easy. Peace-a-cake!

After the fight continue into the Spiritual Atrium.


Geo Points: None

Enter the Atrium. Talk to everyone if you like and check yet another

                   Despite application of wind...
                   To... period of... 1435,
                   stability not... failed.
                   Under the eye of Evol, Quanlee
                   was given life. He is an ultimate
                   being who will wield the greatest
                   power in the world!

After that grab the last Slab. But wait, something is not right! Everything
starts shaking, take your party and the hell out of there! The Ruins are
falling apart and the party is trapped. Just as they were about to be
squashed by falling rocks, Diene with the rest of your party rushes in and
saves your ass.

On the surface, everyone is happy that their mission is finally 'over'.
People will finally make peace with their lives... or will they?

Kroitz and Specto show up and Evann hands all the Slabs to Specto (just like
that!). Everyone leaves and the party decides to head to Locca for their

At this point you may save your progress. Do it.

   BOOST LEVEL 1                                                     (SUB22)

OK it's time for Boost Level 1. At this point if you check the base Geo
Point in Locca you'll notice that it's empty! All the Geo Points you've
previously opened have been closed. You'll have to revisit the dungeons and
reopen the Gates from there. Here is the list of all the Full Geo Points
that you have opened to this point:

Inferno Pit
Flame Ruins - Interior
Tsunami Trough - Ocean Bed
Tsunami Trough - Ocean Cave
Gale Ruins - Interior 1

Here is a quick synopsis of what happened:

- All 4 elemental dungeons got enhanced. Levels of all the monsters got
  boosted and there will be new enemies to encounter. Also the majority of
  the creatures will get a combination attack involving 2-3 or even 4
  creatures, needles to say that you should try to cancel this. But these
  attacks are not very punishing and a couple of Iron Guards will be enough
  to safeguard yourself against this annoyance.

- You will be able to re-kill all the previous Bosses you fought. They also
  got a bit of a level increase but other that nothing new. Except the
  Land Ruins which I will mention soon. This time you can steal from Bosses
  and that's great, because they have valuable items to steal! Be sure to
  take Titto along with you.

- Each time you redo the dungeon (and kill the Boss, of course) visit the
  Spiritual Atrium and you'll be rewarded with items and Mana Eggs, sweet!
  You may do this as long as your heart desires.

OK, now let's analyze each dungeon:

Land Ruins

This is the dungeon which got changed the most. First of all, new/stronger
enemies will appear. Some (most) of them will have new combination move
which was mentioned above, cancel them. Items will be better, Mana Eggs
you find should all be at level 2. Minotaur's sidekicks will be running
around loose; geez... I thought the disorder was neutralized. When you reach
the area with the floating panels you'll notice another anomaly: Minotaur
himself got tired of waiting for you and hence gathered his new sidekicks
and went on a crusade to finally put and end to your existence :), no
seriously, you will encounter him in this area so just be prepared. He is
no match for you now (probably why he got kicked out of the Boss position
... hehe) but don't let him take you by surprise.

And the most important change of this dungeon is that it now has a new and
_a lot_ stronger Boss, umm... 2 Bosses. Anyway they are:

Boss: Giant Soldiers
      Type: ????
      Drop item: Battle Vellum
      Steal item: Lion Field Garb
                  Diefeen Saber
                  Seed of Running
                  Seed of Swift
                  Seed of Moves
                  Corporal Vellum
                  Combat Vellum
      Special attacks: Mystery Steam
                       (ACT +DOWN/around self)

These guys will get on your nerves, fast! And there's two of them. BEFORE
don't care about their Mystery Steam which lowers ACT but the Lightning is
a total killer. This move damages everyone AND it inflicts paralysis and if
everyone in your party gets paralyzed then well... you're pretty much dead.
Their physical attacks are also strong but shouldn't be a problem because
they can be avoided easily.

Here is an alternative strategy sent in by Anton concerning their paralysis:

'You suggest buying four paralysis charms for the new boss of the Land
Ruins. If you payed attention when you were upgrading your equipment after
the first boost you would have noticed the Purify Bracelet, which if you
read it's help gives you immunity to poison and paralysis. The only two who
can't equip it are Brandol and Ulk. Using it enables a person to keep with
the Sap Moves & Sap Magic Charms (assuming you have a spell already that can
cure Sap Moves on one character). Most people focus on using the most
powerful equipment, but I've always prefered special and status protection
over better stats.'

There are a few things to do to avoid the Lightning. If you're like me and
fight the Giant Soldiers as soon as they are available then your best bet on
paralysis protection are Paralysis Charms that can be bought in Locca. So
buy 4 of them and equip your party with them, OK? Now with that fatal
paralysis out of the way you'll still be facing serious damage from the
move. To nullify the damage simply equip everyone with Iron Guard
(maxed out) and the damage will be 0! The Iron Guard is optional but very

These golems are made of stone so physical attacks, as well as most of your
moves, will be of little harm against them. Magic, on the other hand will
work fine here, but don't be using Land magic you silly, ok? I found that
Lightning (oh the irony!) will be the most punishing here. And also here's
what you should really use: Evann's Spark Volt! Yeah! If you have the Spark
Volt at a reasonable level (~5) it should do more 1500 points of damage
(at least mine did) and that's a lot! Compared to the lousy 150-200 points
of damage from my other moves. The problem is that you'll have to wait for
the giants to come closer to you because the move is around self, but I'm
sure you'll manage! It goes without saying that you should use whatever any
combo move that has lightning element. After a long battle these guys should
go down.

Well that's pretty much wraps up the Land Ruins. Oh yeah, don't forget to
visit the Spiritual Atrium after you kill the Giants, ok?

Flame Ruins

Well the first part is all the same with all the dungeons so I'll just
copy-paste it verbatim: New/stronger enemies will appear. Some (most) of
them will have new combination moves which was mentioned above, cancel them.
Items will be better, Mana Eggs you find should all be at level 2.

Now there's one crony that I should mention, it's the Flame Knight. Be
prepared! You'll encounter him only once and you won't even see him on the
field he will (should) appear just as one of the monsters in a bunch that
you encounter. When activate the last of the shinning pillars inside the
Volcano enemies will emerge and will try to encounter you immediately that's
where you'll meet the Flame Knight.

He has a good amount of HP and his Burning Shot is quite punishing. He
should cast WOW! at the begging of the battle while you dispatch the regular
monsters. Cancel/remove it if you want. Use the water/blizzard magic/moves
here and watch the HP of your characters, if it gets below 500 then heal.
When you nail him to critical he'll try to do the Hell Blast move (which he
shares with the Mimic, BTW). This move _should_ be a nightmare, be it isn't.
Well at least it wasn't to my party, and it hit only Evann so everything was
ok for me there. You, on the other hand, should try to cancel it or even
better, finish the Flame Knight for good, better safe than sorry, ya know?

Well that's it for the Flame Ruins.

Aqua Ruins

Well the first part is all the same with all the dungeons so I'll just
copy-paste it verbatim: New/stronger enemies will appear. Some (most) of
them will have new combination moves which was mentioned above, cancel them.
Items will be better, Mana Eggs you find should all be at level 2.

Anyway, there is a new 'strong' enemy in the Aqua Ruins kind of like
Crimson Tail in the Gale Ruins, Flame Knight in the Flame Ruins and the
Minotaur in the Land Ruins. It is the Naga Queen. You encounter one of those
before you enter the temple.

And she's a joke! Her skills are useless and her HP is low. Nothing to it,
just beat her up.

Nothing else to mention about the Aqua Ruins. Everything else is pretty
much the same.

Gale Ruins

Well the first part is all the same with all the dungeons so I'll just
copy-paste it verbatim: New/stronger enemies will appear. Some (most) of
them will have new combination moves which was mentioned above, cancel them.
Items will be better, Mana Eggs you find should all be at level 2.

Yet again nothing new to mention about the Gale Ruins... Except the fact
that you'll be meeting some olf friends... The Crimson Tale!

Yeah, those Mini Boss guys from Grandia II make their come-back here.
You'll find them in the main engine room with a big turbine. There will be
2 of them but they are pretty easy to beat. They have all the moves from
Grandia II plus a new combination attack. Just make paste out of them.

And that wraps up Boost Level 1.


Your party will be in a truck. Everyone is uneasy, although the Disorder was
neutralized something about Kroitz makes everyone edgy. Anyway, the Evann
and the rest of the party decide to get back to Locca and party! Yeah!


The truck was stopped by a road block. The other way was blocked to!
Something smells fishy here. Suddenly rocks come crashing from the edge of
the mountain creating an impassable barrier, there is now way for your
retreat, you better believe it! it's a trap.

Arcadian woman appears and demands the slabs from the ruins. You gave
everything to Kroitz so you don't have them. She naturally doesn't believe
you and initiates an attack.

Here you'll have to do a series (4) of battles:

1) Arcada Soldier x4

You'll encounter first 4 soldiers without delay. They're easy, it's your
choice to take them one by one or use area magic/moves. However I suggest
being conservative and keep those SP for the final battle against Lutina.

After the battle proceed up the mountain path and you'll encounter another
group of soldiers.

2) Arcada Soldier x3

Pretty much the same fight, these are a bit stronger but there are only 3
of them. Just wipe the floor with them and continue.

Keep walking and soon you'll encounter the third group of soldiers.

3) Arcada Soldier x3

These are even stronger then the previous ones, but your party is still
tougher, right? Kill em quick. Don't forget about healing, you might want
to utilize a Mana Egg or two to heal your party before the final battle.

After the battle heal and prepare yourself for the final showdown with

4) Lutina & Arcada Soldier x4

If you've been conserving those SP then this fight becomes much easier.
They're usually bunched up so what I do is Shadow Bind them with Titto
and then use line/area attacks like Sky Dragon Slash. Eventually the
soldiers will take their last breaths leaving Lutina all alone to fight you.

Apparently Lutina is the strongest of the enemies here so if you're not using
the strategy I gave above then you might want to consider dispatching her
first because she can do some damage.

Canceling her moves is a superb idea. Some of the moves she uses can deal a
lot of damage, like Shockwave Slash which hits everything around her, her
other attacks include Spider Net, Dragon Rise and Howlslash. She also warps
to counter your physical attacks, so those will not work very well here.
Try to use more single enemy moves and preferably with cancel against her.

NOTICE: Oh yeah BTW, I don't think that you can steal anything from
        Lutina and her soldiers so don't try to. And I believe that
        they won't drop any items after battle whatsoever.

After the fight Lutina tells you that everything was a part of the Nortis
Military to revive the ancient power known as the Quanlee and use it as a
tool of war.

The party notices a strange light coming from near Locca.

At the same time, Kroitz and Specto are preparing for war and already
activated the four slabs.

Anyway the party decides to get back to Locca and check things out.

Back in Locca. Speak with the soldiers and they will not let you in.
Head to Starry Park. You'll notice that there are military people and
vehicles all around. Speak with the soldier and he'll tell you to get
lost. Return to the entrance and this time the soldiers decide to let
you in. Get in, save if you want.

Eventually you'll need to go to the Command Post. You can forget about
going shopping or skill creating because everything is closed! Yeah you
heard me right, closed! The only thing that is available to you now is
the item storage, which you should use.

In the Command Post, Lutina and the other have cornered Diene and want
some answers, but she doesn't know anything. Diene doesn't tell you
anything new. Everyone gets pissed and run out leaving Diene and Evann.
Diene suggests going to Escarre Military Base to find out some answers.
So onwards!

   ESCARRE (second visit)

Geo Points: None

At Escarre. Reach the base and speak with the soldier guarding the
entrance, Diene will tell him to let you in and he will.

Inside the base. Nothing really to do here, you may want to speak with
the soldiers, Diene will scold them a bit. When you're ready go to the
barracks and talk to the soldier there. The idiot tells you everything
and now you can return to Locca. Head to the train station.

Whew... Back in Locca, Evann gathers his party and everyone agrees that
bastard Kroitz along with that lizard Specto are the common enemy and
should be dealt with ASAP. Also everyone is back in business, new items
appear in the item shop skillman and magician are operational.

Get evrything ready and head to the roadside, push the stone near the tree
and continue to the Starry Park. Take the 4 Elemental Slab and go down to
the Starry Corridor.

Now this is the time when you should pump up your characters with
experience. Make a run through a couple of dungeons. Gather/combine some
eggs because you will need all the help you can get later on. In my opinion
levels 25-30 with Mana Eggs of level 6-7 should be enough.


Geo Points: Geo Point every 5th Level.

This is a randomly generated dungeon, thus each time you enter it the layout
will be different. At the end of every level there will be a red glowing
orb, examine it and you will transported down 1 level. You cannot go back
up, however once you reach every fifth level there will be a Geo Point
waiting for you.

The purpose of each level is to find the exit to another. So it's up to you
to explore the whole level or just to search for the exit. The only things
that I found worth searching for were level 2 mana eggs AND those Devil

Use the map. If you think that you've missed something on a level then check
with the automap. Press the square button to zoom in/out the map.

Once again the levels are randomly generated, so there is no point in making
a detailed walkthrough. I'll just drop a few hints and a quick overview for
every 5 levels.

But first, here is some info from magicalhappyman about the Devil Chests.
The creature you can encounter in the Starry Corridor.

'The Devil Chest is kind of like a mimic of a Mimic. The only differences
I remember are: it's green instead of blue, it's a lot rarer, it gives 300
mental skill points instead of 600 special, it has less HP, it's slower
and you don't always steal/drop a Revival Gem from it. It can be
encountered anywhere a Mimic can in the same matter, with the exception
of the one in the Aqua Ruins and maybe the one in the Light Ruins.

One important point to note is that the Devil Chest disappears from the
field almost instantaneously after it changes from the normal treasure
chest. So if you want to fight one, you'll have to run at treasure chests
without stopping and make sure you don't enter the defensive stance
(don't press X).

The reason I'm mentioning these is because of the excellent items you can
steal from them, another reason to always have Titto with you. The first
time I encountered one was my first time through the Starry Corridor, level
18 or 19, can't remember. I stole a Duel Ax from it, a weapon for Ulk with
+420 Attack! 420!!! You won't be able to get any weapon even close to that
attack power until the Vortex Corridor.

I only saw one more Devil Chest after that, and it disappeared before I
could fight it, so I don't know any other items you can get from it.
One other person on the Message Boards said he got an Omnipotent Seed from
it, which raises all stats +3. You can start finding them as soon as you
get to the Starry Corridor, so getting equipment that powerful that early
in the game is extremely useful. I'm pretty sure they never appear in any
of the ruins, only in the 3 corridors (Starry, Evolution and Vortex).'

Now wasn't that informative!? Thanks magicalhappyman!


- The enemy's at the first five levels are quite easy to handle. I was
  surprised to find a 2-hit-kill Dodo's flapping about and Sasquatches
  lurking around. There will be a couple of new foes to battle but the are
  nothing to worry about.

- Continue exploring these levels killing monsters. I didn't find that
  many eggs really, most of the time you'll be getting simple recovery

- Monsters here don't give many experience or skill points so it's not
  really worth hunting them all down.

- Once everything is done continue down to the fifth floor and use the Geo
  Point to go back to Locca. After visiting Locca go back to the Starry
  Corridor and continue down.


- Well the looks have changed ^_^. Everything looks cleaner.

- Watch out for those mischievous Mimics, I found lots of those here so I
  suggest you approach treasure chests by pressing X, just in case. Also
  watch out for the black smoke coming from walls, damage = 60 HP.

- Once you reach the tenth level there will be yet another Geo Point. Plus,
  don't forget to pick up the Sound Bite B4 near the Geo Point.

- Now in order to proceed past the tenth level you'll have to complete the
  Illusory Meadow dungeon first. From the Geo Point head left to reach the



Geo Points: None

This is a big labyrinth of grass. Start walking and when you a fork head
right to check for items, then return and go left. Once you reach another
fork go left and check for items then return and head right up the path.
Keep walking up the path then down the path, you should reach a circle
area with a treasure chest in the middle, take it and continue. Past
another circle area and up the path, you'll be ambushed by some
Lycanthropes. Once you reach another fork check the left path then
continue up. When you reach yet another fork go up then return and head
right. Once here search the leftmost area to find the Sound Bite C1. After
that check the left path (I got a Mana Egg here) and then return and head
right. Past the group of Lycanthropes and up the path.

Once at the top take the treasure chest if there is one, then go right.
Check this area for items and then go back and head left. No forks here,
just follow the path until you reach the Illusory Meadow 2.


Geo Points: None

At first there will be no forks here, just keep walking killing everything
on sight. Once you reach one head right to check it out. Return and head
left, but watch out! Plant Alert! Some Sarracenia Mantises will pop up from
below you and will try their best to encounter you. After the fight you'll
be able to enter the big circle area in the middle, but first head right and
down to grab the Sound Bite C2, you also may want to check the other area for
items, just exit this circle area through the other way and go down a bit.

When everything is done go back and approach the blue dome to enter the
Venom Ruins - Red Quartz Park.


Geo Point: Full Geo Point

Once inside you'll witness a scene involving Kroitz getting pissed, Specto
getting over himself a bit and Evann mocking everybody as usual. Once it's
done make a good use of the Geo Point there. Return, use the 4 Elemental
Slab and enter the Venom Ruins - Interior.


Geo Points: None

Ok the thing you must do here is to shoot all the guns to activate the
crystalls in order to open the door to a Boss.

Once inside you may want to check the room to your left. Then return and
head past the beam gun and into the room to the right. Push the green
crystal and return to fire the gun, the crystal then will open the door
for you. Head through it.

Once inside you'll notice another beam gun, this time it's red. Head left
to the room and check it for items then return and head past the gun to the
right. On your way there will be 2 rooms to your left and right. The room to
your right does not have anything while the one to your left has a hidden
room and if you follow it all the way down you can get the Sound Bite C3.

Return to the fork and head up into the room with 3 crystal red, green and
blue. Push the red crystal in the center and return to the room with a gun
to shoot it. Return to the room with the crystals and push the glowing red
crystal onto the red circle. OK now push the blue crystal onto the blue
square and the green crystal onto the green circle.

Now from the room with 3 crystals head up and then at the fork head left.
Go up, at the fork the left path is a dead end while up is the way to go.
Continue going up,  right and down until you reach the pedestal, activate it
thus bringing up the blue gun (there was a hidden path on your way, BTW).
Head all the way back and the first intersection and go up into the room
with the blue gun. Shoot it. Return to the 3 crystal room and push the
glowing blue crystal onto the blue circle.

To activate the green crystal you should pretty much do the same thing. From
the room with 3 crystals head right then at the fork go left, then up
(left path-dead end). Follow the path until you reach the green pedestal,
activate it to bring down the green gun. Return to the green gun room and
shoot it activating the green crystal.

Return to the room with the 3 crystals and activate that thing that rose up
thus opening the door to Venom Ruins - Red Quartz Throne.


Geo Points: None

Walk up the stairs and the try to go back. This will revive Volt Beast. Get
ready for a Boss battle!


Boss: Volt Beast
      Type: ????
      Drop item: ????
      Steal item: Freeze Staff
                  Shaman Knife
      Special attacks: Gust Bazooka
                       Cosmic Dawn
                       (Physical multi-hit/all)
                       Buster Charge
                       Alhealer (Heal HP/All)
                       (Shifts immunity/self)
                       Meteor Fall

      Type: ????
      Drop item: ????
      Steal item: Whale Mustache
                  Silver Feather
      Special attacks: Terra Vortex
                       (Paralysis/around self)
                       (Gather enemies/circle)
                       Zap All
                       Blade Zap
                       (ATK +DOWN/circle)

      Right Claw/Left Claw
      Type: ????
      Drop item: ????
      Steal item: Batlle Vellum
                  Coverted Vellum
                  Hurricane Belt
                  Buster Shield
      Special attacks: Circle Slicer
                       (Cancel/around self)

Minions: None

To tell you the truth I expected a bit more from this guy. He was easy for
me. Maybe because I've leveled up a bit before this dungeon. Anyway if
you're having trouble beating him then go level up and combine some
powerful Mana Eggs because you'll need them.

Ok the first thing that you should notice is his Metamorphosis. When he
is standing he is immune to magic and every skill/move/combo that has an
element with it. I found that while he stands it is best to use simple
combos or moves/combos that are multi-hit but without magic affinities.
Photon Shower worked very well for me here. Keep hitting him until he
performs his Metamorphosis.

Once he does, he'll be crouching and that means that he is immune to
physical attacks, but not moves/combos with elementals and you can use
weapons that have elements added also. Anyway when he does that stop using
physical attacks and bring up your Mana Eggs. Everything will go ok here,
really even Bolt magic. I suggest using Bomb/Bolt multi-hit magic for best
results. Also any combo/move that has added element will do fine here.

Nothing he does needs much canceling really. His Gust Bazooka doesn't do
that much damage though he uses it like there is no tomorrow. The other
move worth mentioning is the Cosmic Dawn which multi-hits everyone. The
other trick he like to pull is casting Gravity onto your party and using
Gust Bazooka or Circle Slicer immediately -- cancel Gravity.

Now to make this battle ridiculously easy, equip every character with at
least one Iron Guard for each (maxed out). You won't believe how easy the
battle becomes. Most of his minor magic attacks will do 0 damage as well
as his Cosmic Dawn. Sweet!

Once the battle is over go to the Spiritual Atrium.


Geo Points: None

Enter the Atrium. Wow, nice beast. Read the writings about Evol and Quanlee
if you want, it says:

                   'After 1,735 orbits, successful
                   synthesis and energy transfer
                   produced a stable, yet imperfect
                   specimen. Under the watchful eye
                   of Evol, Quanlee was given the
                   life possessing traits of both
                   an angel and a devil.'

Grab the Ancient Seal. The seal give you a hint to your next
destination--Escarre. Leave the Venom Ruins the way you came.

Once outside you'll be greeted by Kroitz. He, of course, wants the slab.
So before a battle could occur Evann gives up the slab and runs for the
Geo Point where your party teleports back to Locca.

Back in Locca. Get ready and head to the train station where Lutina will
meet you and say that she wants to come along. Take her (not that way!)
and head to Escarre.

   ESCARRE (third visit)

Geo Points: None

Once at Escarre head to Downtown. Then go to the Base via the crack and
speak with the Soldier guarding the entrance. After some convincing, he
will let you in.

Head right and into the Central Facility. But it's closed. Lutina can open
it. So Evann the goofball stands on guard while Lutina the Green Pepper No1
is picking the lock. Once she's done enter the facility.

Once inside you find a strange map on the wall with pictures of various
elemental dungeons but before you can examine it Kroitz Guards attack.


Boss: Kroitz Guard x3
      Type: ????
      Drop item: None
      Steal item: None
      Special attacks: Sonic Shot
                       (Cancel effect, line)
                       (Land, around self)
                       (Land, one)
                       (Poison effect, one)

Ok, they are a joke. It's 3 to 2 but you'll be ok. Equip your characters
with Iron Guards and you're good to go. Even if you don't use Lutina, Evann
should be strong enough to beat the crap out of these guys. Concentrate on
one of them and then finish the other one.

After the battle investigate the map and you'll find out that you'll have
to go even deeper into the Starry Corridor.

So head back to Locca prepare, and head into the Starry Corridor via the
Geo Point.


- Everything looks even more decent here...

- Enemies here get a bit stronger compared to previous levels. But again,
  nothing you can't handle. One character with a decent healing magic will

- Black smoke will damage you for 80 HP this time. Watch out!

- I'd like to say some things about levels 11-15. First this was the first
  time I ever encountered those Lucky Minks. I'm not sure but I think that
  you can meet them as soon as level 10. Of course they all ran away before
  I could do anything. The other thing about these levels is that they have
  one level with an extra mini-puzzle for you to complete. You'll notice a
  strange door unlike any other. It has 4 orbs blue, green, yellow and red.
  At first the door won't open in order to open it you'll have to search
  this level for appropriate square panel on the floor. Once you find one
  and step on it one of the orbs on the door will begin to shine marking
  that it was activated. You'll have to find 4 panels, blue, green, yellow
  and red, once you activate them all the door will open. Once you enter
  the door there should be 2 chests. Well I got a whooping Recovery
  Medicine and Cure Herb, maybe you'll have a better luck.


- You'll find a couple of new foes. But yet again: nothing to punishing.

- Ok, the next day after magicalhappyman have e-mailed me about the Devil
  Chest I've encountered it myself, FOUR TIMES!!! It was between 15 and 20
  floors of the Starry Corridor. I was quite a bit surprised and amazed. I
  instantly tried to Get Item them and stole a whooping Clover Knife
  ATK +285, Arondyte ATK +320, Sage's Staff MAG +120 and quite good Mistral
  Armor thus confirming magicalhappyman's words about great items this
  monster has. I mean, this is insane! Arondyte +320 ATK. Sweet! As
  magicalhappyman mentioned you won't get _anything_ near that good before
  the bonus dungeon.

- Continue down to the 20th floor and use the Geo Point to restock on
  items and save in Locca. Then return head left and enter the Darkness
  Ruins - Ancient Factory. You'll need to finish this ruin before you can
  go even deeper into the Starry Corridor.



Geo Pints: None

Enter the dungeon and head a bit up killing ant foe in your sight. Then
head left across the bridge and into the green pipe. Go left for dead
end/enemies/maybe items otherwise, head right and climb the ladder you
see. Once atop continue up the path until you reach another ladder--climb
down. You may explore a bit but in the end you'll have to climb the ladder
a bit to the left from where you came.

Once atop, step on the elevator and you'll be elevated down. Head right to
check the small island for items, then go back and head left. Follow the
path all the way, crossing the bridges and jumping across. At the end there
should a ladder, go down.

Go around this structure and look for items, after that get on the pipe and
head straight into Darkness Ruins - Interior.


Geo Points: Full Geo Point

Whew... finally, a Geo Point. Once you're done with it head down the spiral
path. Take note that you won't get any more Geo Points before the Boss

Once you're at the bottom keep going around this spiral structure to the
end to take the Sound Bite D5. Head back and through the passageway into a
room with a huge machine. Well, nothing to do here so head through the
northern door into a room with ancient spinning gears. You know what to
do--run past each so that it won't hit you. They are quite slow so there
should be no problem for you. Keep going until you reach an elevator, the
room up ahead contains enemies/items if you want--check it out, otherwise
use the elevator and go up.

Head up and then left. Press the yellow crystal switch which will lower the
bridge for you. Follow the path until you reach the room with green and red
energy coming up from the device, go around it and up to reach an elevator
which will elevate you down.

Left past the ancient gears is a room with enemies/items. Right is where you
have to go. Enter the room which seems to be ancient gear production
facility. Go up the ramp to reach the upper door. Head through it. The path
to the right is blocked so go left and up through the door and pass the
following room. Keep following the path, if you want you may visit the room
to the right but it is a dead end. So keep going up, at the end turn right
into the room. Pass this room there will be another ancient gear production
facility. Head down the ramp and up to exit this room.

You'll be once again in a room with green and red energy only a level down
this time. Go around it and exit through the northern door. You'll end up
in yet another ancient gear production facility, head up and exit it. Go
right and up into another room. Caution! There should be a new enemy
waiting there for you--Calibus. It looks exactly like the Minotaur but
it's red. It's not a boss or anything just be prepared.

Past this room head up. Visit the room to your left if you wish then
continue up. At the end head left into the room. Go up and exit this room,
head left and up into a gear transporting facility.

Step on the gears once they gather up to your level and you'll be
transported. Evann will jump on his own when the time comes. Once he does
use the ladder to go up. Go to the left and activate the yellow crystal thus
making it easier for you to go back to the Geo Point if you choose to. After
that go back to the ladder and head up and to the right. You'll reach
Darkness Ruins - Loading Area


Geo Points: None

Well it's just as it says--a loading area. It kind of looks like the train
station. Anyway, first of all go and kill all the enemies in this area
which will make your life a lot easier. Done? OK.

There are 3 carriers where you entered. One to the left, to the right and
the middle one. Left and right ones operate normally delivering gears while
the middle one is the one you can ride. However you'll have to regulate the
lights on the field so that your carrier could go straight to the exit
up ahead.

There is a number of small islands scattered around the main field. It's
up to you to explore them, they may have some items but I think that it's
just not worth the effort. You'll have to switch the lights and navigate
the carrier to those islands and there will be enemies once you get off.
Only 2 islands have had items with them in my case so I just had my carrier
take me directly to the exit.

The lights are placed like this:

   | EXIT |
               ______ Regulating lights
     (1)      |
(2)       (3)



                     _____ Carriers
 __   __   __       /
 ||   ||   || _____/
 ||   ||   ||
 ||   ||   ||
 ==   ==   ==

So to reach the exit you'll have to activate lights in the following
order: 1-4-5. Once Evann jumps down head straight into the Darkness
Ruins - Cold Lab.


Geo Points: One-time Geo Point

Head down the stairs and enter the cold lab. Evann finds a dying deserter
under the command of Kroitz. The door shuts and your party is trapped
inside. Kroitz pokes some fun at Evann and the party and then leaves.
Anyway enjoy the cutscene and prepare for a Boss battle!


Boss: Zenothlee
      Type: ????
      Drop item: None
      Steal item: None
      Special attacks: Titan Cannon
                       (Physical/all or Paralysis/one)
                       Crystal Capture

Minions: Crystals
         Type: ????
         Drop item: None
         Steal item: None
         Special attacks: Neo-Delta Burst
                          (Triple combo/one)
                          Crystal Capture
                          Crackle Floe
                          (MOV +DOWN/circle)
                          (ACT +DOWN/circle)

There are a few things you need to know before fighting him. First of all,
this guy is practically immune to Lightning/Bolt so it would quite foolish
using that kind of magic against him. Second of all, you should not bother
hunting down his Crystals because Zenothlee will be quick about reviving
them. Also he has quite high defense against physical attacks so simple
combos might not work well here if you are at rather low levels.

Well with that out of the way I have to say that Zenothlee's biggest
problem is that he expects his Crystals to do all the dirty work. You'll
find him attacking aimlessly and taking his time to do it, while his
Crystals do battle against you. If you kill of his Crystals he'll revive
them the next turn so well... it's not worth the effort. If you waste them
while doing some area move/magic then ok, but otherwise -- forget them.

Zenothlee has only one special attack, unless I've missed something. It's
the Titan Cannon which hits all your characters for 0 damage, if you have
Iron Guard equipped that is. As always, I had 2 Iron Guards per character
and well... nothing he/his Crystals did damaged me more that 0. Although
you see, Titan Cannon is technicaly Zenothlee's attack so if a Crystal is
preparing to cast Crackle Floe and Zenothlee decides to use the Titan
Cannon than he will do so and then the Crystal will immidiately execute
the magic spell. The only attack I found effective against me was Crystal
Capture which had my Evann down for a bit.

There is nothing you should cancel in this battle, however if you're short
on those Iron Guards then you might want to cancel the Titan Cannon.

You should use all the powerful magic you have, except Lightning/Bolt that
is. I found that everything works fine here. Also moves and combos go very
well here also, especially the multi-hit ones. He has a lot of HP but it
should go down in no time.

If you are getting your ass kicked by Zenothlee or if you have no Iron
Guards then well... I really don't know what to tell you. Get some Iron
Guards, combine some powerful Mana Eggs. If you read about the Devil Chests
then you probably have an idea what weapons my characters have had. And even
normal combos were doing a lot of damage to Zenothlee, I had absolutely no
problem with this slow guy. If you just can't pull it off then your best bet
is powerful magic and strong combos.

Once again: Devil Chests are a great way to get your hands on some very
powerful weapons and Armor early in the game.

After the fight head up and then to the left to use the elevator. After
that enter the Spiritual Atrium.


Geo Points: None

No beast here because well... ugh... you've just wasted him. Umm... there
is nothing you can do here. So head into the Darkness Ruins - Evol's


Geo Points: None

You find yourself in Evol's room. Who seems to be a human researching on
Quanlee. Speak to everyone and then grab the 4 Elemental Slab on the floor.
Now head back all the way to the Cold Lab. The door is opened this time and
there should be a one-time Geo Point waiting for you. Use it.

Do everything you need to do in Locca and then you'll have to go to the
Starry Corridor via the Geo Point and the door will be open for you to go
even deeper into the Starry Corridor.


- Again, a few new enemies, bunch of old ones. Sable activity is high on
  these levels, yeah they're not Lucky Minks but you can steal some good
  items from them. Also I should mention Death Dobermans, these dogs have
  some good equipment to steal.

- 2 types of smoke here, the normal which deals 100 damage and the green
  smoke = 10 damage + slow down. Watch out!

- Level 22 and 24 were the levels of that door puzzle. I'm not sure if it's
  fixed but don't be surprised if you find one of these. Once again I
  didn't get any good items from it.


- As expected these last levels of the Starry Corridor will have the
  toughest enemies. Don't take me wrong, I had no problems with them but if
  you have low levels, low level Mana Eggs or scrawny equipment then you'll
  have a hard time here. Enemies are mostly old news to you but they have a
  descent levels thus more HP, ATK and so on. They also tend to spawn in a
  larger number. If you're being beat up here than you'll have even harder
  time later on.

- I've had an unexpected encounter here. I found a Lucky Mink AND I nailed
  one of them before he could escape. Each character got 2 levels. Sweet!

- Guess who you should meat on these levels? The Minotaur! Who else? Yep!
  These guys (yes as in more than one) will wander around like they own
  this place. Damn, they don't know when to give up. How the hell did they
  ended up here!? Anyway, teach them a lesson or two.

- Continue down to the 30th level, use the Geo Point and prepare for the
  last dungeon in the Starry Corridor--Light Ruins.



Geo Points: None

Use the green platform to transport yourself across. Go down the path until
you see another green platform to your right. This one will take you a
treasure chest, use it if you want. Then head up the path then round and
down the path until you reach an intersection. Head right if you want an
item. Otherwise go left.

Keep following all the way down the path until you reach another fork. The
path to the left is just a quicker version of the path to the right, with
some chests. So I suggest you take the right path. Follow it until you
reach a pipe, cross it. The path to the left has item while the right path
is the way to go. So go down the path to the right and use the green
platform to go across, and then use another one. Follow up the path until
you reach another green platform which will transport you to your next path.

Follow this path until you reach a fork. The left path has item while the
right path is the path to the next level. Follow the path, use green
platform and enter Light Ruins - Interior 1.


Geo Points: None

The path to the right only looks like a dead end but it actually isn't. So
head right and press the action button in front of the wall to open it.
Inside there are 2 platforms: to your left and to your right and a pedestal.
Go up the stairs and activate the pedestal to lower the right platform and
elevate up the left platform. This will cause some monsters appear form the
left platform and encounter you. Once you deal with them you can take the
treasure that was lowered with the right platform.

If you don't want to bother with it then just head left and follow the path.
You will reach a room with many small green pillars. The trick is to break
the right one in order to lower the green platform down. It looks like this:

     ______________________ This is the one you need to break.
   / __
  / (  )

These pillars have all the usual: creatures, items, random damage, healing.
So the one you need to break is the one shown in my nice drawing. Or, you
can call me an idiot and just smash them all until you find the right one.
Anyway, breaking the right pillar will reveal a crystal, touch the crystal
and it will lower the green elevator. Use it to go into the next room.

There are 3 pedestals here but only 2 of them can be activated. If you
choose to activate the blue pedestal it will lead to some items. If not
then activate the red one.

In the next room there will be a chest which looks kind of suspicious. If
you open it the scene will change and 2 Armored Slimes will appear to
encounter you. So if you want the treasure you'll have to defeat them first.
Armored Slimes? Nope, there just a pushovers. They have some decent HP but
are slow as hell and not to damaging. Once you're done with them touch the
crystal and everything will be back to normal with the chest opened.

After that head into the next room. This one also has 3 pedestals, the
green is for items and the blue one lets you continue.

In another room with yet another set of pedestals. Activate the red one and
enter a hallway to find a chest. But be careful after some chasing around
you'll find that the chest you were after is actually a Mimic! Oh yeah, on
your way to fight the Mimic there is a hidden room, it's to your left and
it the same as in the beginning of this level.

After that return to the room and activate the green pedestal. It will
eventually lead to another room with a lot of pillars. Break the pillar
that is shown on my drawing:

 __   _______________ This is the one you need to break.
(  ) /

And use the green elevator to go up. Follow the path all the way until you
reach a room where you can enter the Light Ruins - Interior 2. If you want
an item then head all the way up the path, if not then just head straight
into the Light Ruins - Interior 2.


Geo Points: Full Geo Point

Once back continue into the room ahead. Once inside you'll notice that it
has pillars placed in a circular pattern. This is the room where you can get
the Spirit Shield. To get it you'll have to break the pillars in the counter
clock order:

They are placed like this:


  7         5

8             4

  1         3

         ______________________ You enter here.

You start from 1 (not 2) and continue breaking them all 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.
Once you break number 8 a hidden door to your left will open revealing a
room. Enter it, take an item from the right platform. activate the pedestal
and it will lower the left platform. grab the Spirit Shield.

Once you've taken the Spirit Shield go up. When you reach a dead end
head left and into the hallway. At the end of it there will be a room which
is actually a big elevator. Board the elevator.

Once the elevator starts moving enemies will begin dropping down on you.
They consist of a set of Merman Warriors with some cronies and for desert
there will be a couple of Thunder Dragons with some sidekicks. Nothing to
serious. You can actually try to evade them and they will disappear once
the elevator stops but your evading skills must be outstanding.

Once the elevator stops head out and into the hallway, follow it. You'll
reach an edge with only one path to the left, use it. Eventually you'll find
another elevator, board it. Again, a set of battles will commence. Only this
time the final battle will be against some Dragonoids. Once the elevator
stops head out and follow the hallway.

You'll reach a smaller elevator, this one will take you all the way up so
you can use the Geo Point. Use it if you wish. In any case, continue down
another hallway which will lead you into another room with an elevator. This
time it'll take you down. There are some items in the corners of this room,
BTW. Once you're ready use the elevator to go down.

The upper path leads to Ground Chasm 2. However I suggest you first take
the path down and use the elevator to go up into a room. This room has some
items behind an energy field. I got a Mana Egg and a Master Book, nice.
Anyway, once you're ready return and head up to enter the Ground Chasm 2.


Geo Points: None

Follow this narrow path all the way until you reach a ladder. Climb down.
Follow the path until you reach a fork. Head left and climb the ladder if
you want an item, otherwise head right. Keep walking and soon you'll reach
a ladder, climb up.

You'll notice a small island to your right, it may have an item so check
it out if you want. If not, then head left and follow the path.

You'll reach an edge overlooking a wide open area. You'll notice a
transporting device. The area below is infested with monsters, however it
also has a bunch of treasure chests scattered around. Plus extra exp. and
maybe some items won't hurt you. If you want then use either ladder on the
right or left and clear this area from monsters.

If you can't be bothered with it then board the transporter. Be careful
however, those flying small purple things will try to push you, and if
you fall then you'll have to start all over again.

Once you reach a fork the left transporter will take you to items/monster.
Board the right one to continue. Keep riding those transporting panels, past
another wide open area and then follow the path until you find a fork. If
you go right and around you may find an item, otherwise head up and into the
Underground Cavern.


Geo Points: None

Head straight up and enjoy a CG movie. After that you'll find your party's
path is blocked. Try to go back and yet another CG movie will commence,
once it's over you find your party in Light Ruins - Vestige.


Geo Points: None

The goal is to get back up. Head up and at the fork go right and check the
room there. There was a Mana Egg in my case. Then head left.

In the next room head left and at the dead end you'll find Sound Bite D6.
Return and head right. Everything is thrashed so you won't need to activate
anything. Follow the path and check the room at the far end for items then
return and head left. Use the elevator to go up.

Once a top follow the path leading into the cave. Once inside you'll notice
a ladder leading up. Use it to go back up into the Underground Cavern.


Geo Points: None

Once back up watch the CG movie. After that your party meets Diene. You can
speak to everyone and wonder around. There are some Kroitz troops lying
around. Eventually you'll find Specto. The pathetic fool is ranting
something about taking over the world, ya know, his usual stuff.

But before Evann and the party could waste this loony Kroitz shows up.
Kroitz and Evann engage in a heated debate. After some chat about what a
real man should be a battle will finally start. It's the Boss battle, BTW.


Boss: Colonel Kroitz
      Type: ????
      Drop item: None
      Steal item: None
      Special attacks: Meteor Fall
                       (Sap Magic/circle)
                       (Summons Kroitz Guards)

      Type: ????
      Drop item: None
      Steal item: None
      Special attacks: Demon Slash
                       Sonic Wave

Minions: Kroitz Guards
         Type: ????
         Drop item: None
         Steal item: None
         Special attacks: Sonic Shot
                          (Land/around self)

Your biggest advantage in this battle is that Kroitz doesn't have a lot of
HP. And I believe that any magic will work fine here. His Crimson is not
invincible, however it is almost exactly like Lucky Mink--nothing you do
will damage it more than 1-2 points of damage so you can forget about
wasting his blade.

He has some sidekicks with him and they can actually get quite a bit
annoying if you don't have some Iron Guards equiped. They will start
using Sonic Shots like mad thus canceling your moves/magic. However I
suggest you don't bother hunting them down because Kroitz will call more
once you waste them.

Nothing Kroitz does needs much canceling or healing. But his Crimson is
a different story... It has a super powerful attack called Demon Slash
(which looks suspiciously like Evann's Sky Dragon Slash). It will damage
your entire party so you should try to cancel it as soon as you see it. If
you're unsuccessful in doing so then heal immediately. My characters were
all at level 40 during this battle, I had 2 Iron Guards per character and
I still had to heal after this move. Speaking of which, Iron Guards
(as usual) will be very helpful in this battle. It also has a Sonic Wave
move which is a more powerful version of Sonic Shot.

At the beginning of the battle try to use a powerful all area attack which
should waste Kroitz Guars and damage Kroitz. If needed use another one until
it kills his guards for good. After that Kroitz should be busy calling them
back, now is your chance. Attack Kroitz like there's no tomorrow, use
everything--moves, combos, magic whatever and sooner or later he will go

Once the battle is over you'll see scene where Specto finally meets Evol.
Evol shows Specto Quanlee and explains that bringing him a message was
Specto's ultimate purpose. Then he reveals his face showing that Specto
was merely a clone.

After that it's back to Kroitz who just can't let go. Anyway, Evann
realizes that he must find Specto so he leaves Kroitz alive.

One you gain control head into the Light Ruins Laboratory.


Geo Points: None

Once inside the party finally meets Evol. Evann tries to get some answers
from him but he suggest to gaze upon the Quanlee itself. So head right into
Quanlee's Birthplace.


Geo Points: None

When Evann enters he finds that the birthplace is empty. In fact, it has
been empty for the last 50 years. As Evol explains Quanlee has already been
born long ago. The entire Elemental Disorder event was just a side effect.
It was preordained that Quanlee shall become the ruler of this entire world
and as you speak Quanlee is preparing to take over.

Apparently this revelation was to much for poor old Evol because he goes
nuts. At the same time Kroitz shows up. After seeing that Quanlee is
missing he decides to stab the nearest thing, which happens to be Evol.
After killing the poor old ass, Kroitz calms down a bit.

The party and Kroitz leaves this place. On the way up Kroitz keeps raving
about capturing Quanlee no matter what.

When everyone arrives back into the base Evann and Kroitz argue a bit, as
always, and Kroitz leaves to find Quanlee.

And thus your party has only 7 days before the 'Arrival of Quanlee'...

   BOOST LEVEL 2                                                     (SUB23)

OK it's time for Boost Level 2. At this point if you check the base Geo
Point in Locca you'll notice that it's empty! All the Geo Points you've
previously opened have been closed. You'll have to revisit the dungeons and
reopen the Gates from there. Here is the list of all the Full Geo Points
that you have opened to this point:

Inferno Pit
Flame Ruins - Interior
Tsunami Trough - Ocean Bed
Tsunami Trough - Ocean Cave
Gale Ruins - Interior
Starry Corridor - 5th Level
Starry Corridor - 10th Level
Starry Corridor - 15th Level
Starry Corridor - 20th Level
Starry Corridor - 25th Level
Starry Corridor - 30th Level
Venom Ruins - Red Quartz Park
Darkness Ruins - Factory Interior
Light Ruins - Interior 1

Here is a quick synopsis of what happened:

- All 7 dungeons along with Starry Corridor got boosted. Levels of all the
  monsters got boosted again. Some new enemies may appear but not many, most
  of them are old news. The majority of the creatures will get a more
  powerful magic/moves. As always--Iron Guard is your best friend.

- Bosses will get level increase and there will be a couple of new Bosses for
  you to fight.

- After you kill the Boss visit the Spiritual Atrium and you'll be rewarded
  with items and Mana Eggs. Nothing changed here except the fact that you
  cannot visit the Spiritual Atrium in Light Ruins.

OK, now let's analyze each dungeon:

Land Ruins

New/stronger enemies will appear. All of the old ones will get a level boost.
Items should be better, Mana Eggs you find should all be at level 1 or 2.
Overall dungeon difficulty increases: more foes and they will appear in
larger quantities, layout obstacles (like smoke and flame) will do more
damage and so on.

The area where you fought Minotaur will now have 2 of them. Plus you may even
encounter one these pretty much anywhere in Land Ruins. Giant Soldiers are at
a standstill with a level boost.

You can get your hands on one extra Carro this time. He's near a tree.

That's it for Land Ruins. No major chages here.

Flame Ruins

New/stronger enemies will appear. All of the old ones will get a level boost.
Items should be better, Mana Eggs you find should all be at level 1 or 2.
Overall dungeon difficulty increases: more foes and they will appear in
larger quantities, layout obstacles (like smoke and flame) will do more
damage and so on.

Flame Knights will get more aggressive and frequent. After the boost they
will have a couple of new spells. Watch out.

Once you enter the Volcano check the cave to your left and grab a Carro.

Well that's it for the Flame Ruins.

Aqua Ruins

New/stronger enemies will appear. All of the old ones will get a level boost.
Items should be better, Mana Eggs you find should all be at level 1 or 2.
Overall dungeon difficulty increases: more foes and they will appear in
larger quantities, layout obstacles (like smoke and flame) will do more
damage and so on.

As always, nobody cares about the Aqua Ruins and thus it has absolutely
nothing new except the general boost. The Naga Queens will also have a

Everything else is pretty much the same.

Gale Ruins

New/stronger enemies will appear. All of the old ones will get a level boost.
Items should be better, Mana Eggs you find should all be at level 1 or 2.
Overall dungeon difficulty increases: more foes and they will appear in
larger quantities, layout obstacles (like smoke and flame) will do more
damage and so on.

You can find yet another Carro but other than that--nothing new. Except the
general boost, that is.

Starry Corridor

'Nothing new in the Starry Corridor' is what I was about to say. That was
before I encountered Lucky Minks on the 25-30 floors. 5 TIMES! Each and
every character got 15-20 levels in about 15 minutes. How about that!?

In any case, you will have to redo the Starry Corridor if you want to
revisit Venom, Darkness or Light Ruins. Most of the fights in the corridor
will be more than easy. To reduce the annoyance from these super easy
battles try to set the AI to [ Play Fair ] mode. That way your characters
won't be using any long moves or magic. Battles will become much less
annoying and time consuming _if_ your characters are strong enough to fight
only using [ Combo ] and [ Critical ] commands that is.

Venom Ruins

New/stronger enemies will appear. All of the old ones will get a level boost.
Items should be better, Mana Eggs you find should all be at level 1 or 2.
Overall dungeon difficulty increases: more foes and they will appear in
larger quantities, layout obstacles (like smoke and flame) will do more
damage and so on.

Some new plants will emerge like Viridian Plant. Be sure to bring some poison
curing items/magic.

You can get even 2 Carros here. One is in the Illusory Meadow and another
one is inside the Venom Ruins.

That is it.

Darkness Ruins

New/stronger enemies will appear. All of the old ones will get a level boost.
Items should be better, Mana Eggs you find should all be at level 1 or 2.
Overall dungeon difficulty increases: more foes and they will appear in
larger quantities, layout obstacles (like smoke and flame) will do more
damage and so on.

Nothing that new here. Some new foes will appear, check out the Mega Beast
creature in the Loading area, you'd expect a bit more from a 'Mega Beast'
than that. Anyway, the most important change in this dungeon is that now you
can encounter a new Boss. It is where Zenothlee used to be, a three-headed

Boss: Serpent-Center, Left & Right
      Type: ????
      Drop item: ????
      Steal item: Coverted Vellum
                  High Vellum
                  Giant's Ring
      Special attacks: Tri-Bites
                       (Triple head attack/one)
                       Aqua Breath
                       (Heal HP/all)
                       Crackle Floe

Minions: Mega Beasts

Well first of all you can try to evade him, yeah it's hilarious! He sees
you all the time but you are faster. Anyway once you're done messing around
with him go ahead and encounter him.

This guy is somewhat water aligned and therefore water magic will be
ineffective against him. Not that you'll be using damaging water spells but
still. In my case for example Evann did 0 damage because I had Arondyte
equipped which has water element.

He should have some Mega Beasts sidekicks with him--waste them quick, but
not fast.

Feel free to use any combo or magic you have. This guy will eat anything
you throw at him (except water that it). His attacks are not very punishing
although you might want to cancel his triple combo whenever you see it. If
you manage to waste one of his heads then he'll become even more pathetic.

After a short battle this serpent will go down.

Well that is it for the Darkness Ruins.

Light Ruins

New/stronger enemies will appear. All of the old ones will get a level boost.
Items should be better, Mana Eggs you find should all be at level 1 or 2.
Overall dungeon difficulty increases: more foes and they will appear in
larger quantities, layout obstacles (like smoke and flame) will do more
damage and so on.

Don't you even bother going into the room where the Spirit Shield was--it's
empty, unless you didn't get the shield first time.

Once you reach Light Ruins - Interior 2 you may use the smaller elevator
previously opened to quickly go down. However if you choose to use the big
blue elevators then be prepared to encounter a bunch of Armored Slimes on
your way down.

Keep exploring this ruin until you reach the Underground Cavern, once there
you will find stairs going down into the Vestige.

Once you try to leave after visiting one of the last rooms in the Vestige a
Boss will encounter you. I really have a hard time calling these guys a
Boss as they are just combined forces of a bunch of Lycanthropes and a
Thunder Dragon. That 'Dragon Rider' is actually Lycanthrope.

Boss: Dragon Rider (a.k.a. Lycanthrope) atop a Thunder Dragon
      Type: Humanoid & Dragon
      Drop item: ????
      Steal item: Carapace
                  Paladin Armor
      Special attacks: Zap All
                       Rising Charge
                       (ATK +DOWN/one)

Minions: Lycanthropes

This is a joke! Waste those Lycanthropes first as they will get annoying.
After that you may do whatever you want. That 'Dragon Rider' is actually
Lycanthrope in disguise. If you waste him first then Thunder Dragon will
be all alone but if you waste Thunder Dragon first then 'Dragon Rider'
will turn into Lycanthrope. Ha! Bunch of pushovers.

Use everything you have to win this fight.

Well that is it for the Light Ruins. You can't visit the Spiritual Atrium
for items becasue there isn't one.

Well that concludes Boost Level 2. I suggest you revisit all the dungeons
during Boost Level 2 to level up your characters and to get some powerful
Mana Eggs. I had all 3 Level 9 Mana Eggs, try to get at least one of
them -- it will come in handy.


7 days later. Back in locca...

Well your objective should be clear here--reach Escarre. However this time
you won't be able to go there using the train station, nope--you'll have to
use the Area Map. So prepare yourself and hit Escarre.

   ESCARRE (third visit)

Geo Points: Full Geo Point (Only for going back to Locca)

Ok, it beats the hell out of me but for some strange reason this part in the
story is considered the most confusing. So I'll try to be as specific as I

When you arrive you may talk to Diene for some info. But you main objective
here is to find Quanlee. Make no mistake he IS here.

Now if you start running around literally looking for him it won't do you
any good. Instead you'll have to actually find out where he is by speaking
to various people.

I don't really know the exact method here but I don't think it's important.
Tha main idea is that you have to speak to people. Quanlee is projecting his
will through the townsfolk and when you speak to them they will generate his
will. And those are the people that need to be talked to. Start running
around the Escarre talking to various people--most of them will project
Quanlee's thoughts (well maybe except Diene, Specto and the soldiers).

Now here--I'm not sure. Either you have to talk to a specific number of
people or to hear specific words but once you've talked enough the last of
the townsfolk will tell you the following: 'Quanlee is waiting for you.
He's waiting uptown for you and your friends.' This phrase is not fixed to
anybody so practically anyone can say that (once again: except Diene,
Specto and the soldiers).

Once you hear that head to the Uptown.

Once you reach the Uptown Kroitz should be waiting for you there, yeah no
Quanlee for now. If there is no Kroitz then that means you have to speak to
more people and hear the key phrase.

Apparently Kroitz he is a bit ahead of you and is already waiting for
Quanlee. Evann and Kroitz argue a bit and after a while a CG movie will
commence followed by the appearance of Quanlee.

Well... that's a bit less then you expected eh? This kid looks like he
could use fashion guidance and some sunbathing wouldn't hurt either...
maybe then he'd get a decent girlfriend or something... ANYWAY!

Kroitz, of course, is overflowing with joy and attacks immediately--which
gets him stunned and teleported away by Quanlee. After that Quanlee begins
his perfect-world rant. He then spawns a strange shadow and disappears.

Once you regain control the whole town will be consumed by the fog. Now
ALL the town went into rapture over Quanlee and no matter who you talk to
they will say junk.

Quanlee is now at the Central Facility, so head there. Once there Quanlee
is already in the middle of taking over. After all of your characters make
a speech--Kroitz appears, summoned by Quanlee.

Be prepared because all he wants to do is to make paste out of you!


Boss: Battle Kroitz
      Type: ????
      Drop item: None
      Steal item: None
      Special attacks: Dragon Summoner
                       (Turns Demon Sword Crimson to Dragon Sword Crimson)
                       (Summons Kroitz Guards)
                       (Heals HP/one)
                       Meteor Fall
                       (Sap Magic/circle)
                       (Bomb/around foe)

      Demon Sword Crimson/Dragon Sword Crimson
      Type: ????
      Drop item: None
      Steal item: None
      Special attacks: Demon Slash/True Demon Slash
                       Sonic Wave
                       Tartarus Fang

Minions: Kroitz Guards
         Type: ????
         Drop item: None
         Steal item: None
         Special attacks: Sonic Shot
                          (Land/around self)

This battle will be a bit different/harder from the rest of Kroitz battles.
One thing to notice is that this time he is hyper-active and full of Quanlee
power. He's IP and movement speeds are simply insane! He has more attacks
and they are more powerful. His Crimson is now 'Demon Sword Crimson' and
rest assured--he can wreck some havoc. Moreover, the demon sword has this
excellent defense skill which only a few selected creatures have, nothing
you do will damage it for more than 1-2 HP. He is not invincible but with
almost 20000 HP it'll be at least hard to kill it.

Once Kroitz sustains enough damage he will transform his Demon Sword Crimson
into the Dragon Sword Crimson. The enhanced version of Crimson has some
punishing moves like Tartarus Fang and the True Demon Slash. If you see them
being charged up--cancel! Unless you want to be at the receiving end of quite
brutal attacks. Tartarus Fang is a punishing multi hit move and True Demon
Slash is a more powerful version of Demon Slash, which should be obvious.

Apart from the above mentioned small details everything else is pretty much
the same. As always--he will have some Kroitz Guards along with him. If you
waist them he will call them back using the Convene skill. Kroitz is more
like a support for his blade--the actual damage dealer. From time to time
he will cast a spell like BA-BOOM or BOOMOR. Once his HP is low he may try
to heal himself--cancel it.

Your biggest advantage in this battle is well... it's 4 against 1. Unleash
everything you have--he will eat it. I don't think that he is immunite to
anything. As I said before--canceling is a good idea here, Tartarus Fang and
True Demon Slash should be your prime canceling targets. Keep hitting him
hard, watch your HP and pretty soon victory will be yours.

After the battle Quanlee orders Evann to finish Kroitz off. Evann refuses
and teaches him some humanity lessons, which Quanlee fails to understand.
And as seeing how Quanlee has nothing to say back to Evann he summons a
bunch of brainwashed townsfolk to back him up. But Quanlee is forgetting
that he's dealing with a Geo Ranger, Evann simply escapes with Kroitz using
the Geo Point, nifty eh?!

Anyway, back in Locca. Evann saves Kroitz but as always--no gratitude.
After that Evann rally's his party for the final dungeon of the game, the
Evolution Corridor.

Go outside and you'll see a CG movie. After that you'll regain control.

To reach the Evolution Corridor go to Escarre using the Geo Point and
you'll appear in the Central Facility. Climb up the stairs and enter the
last dungeon.


Geo Points: Full Geo Points on Levels 5 and 10

The Evolution Corridor is similar to the Starry Corridor. It has 16
randomly generated floors with Geo Points on the 5 and the 10 floors. Level
13 is free of enemies and Quanlee, the final Boss, is on the 16 level.

This dungeon is randomly generated so once again I won't guide you through
each level, instead I'll make some notes about the dungeon.


- Well the first five levels won't really differ from the Starry Corridors'.
  Enemies here are mostly old news though they may seem to be more powerful.
  Some old features are also present like the black fog and the closed doors
  with puzzles.

- Once you enter a level you can't get back, just as it was in the Starry
  Corridor. When you find the red orb you may go up one level.

- Lucky Minks can also be encountered here though the chances are quite


- Enemies here seem to be tougher but the items you get are also better.

- Quanlee feels the need to mock you. Ignore him.

- Remember that the Devil Chests can be encountered here--don't miss your
  chance to steal some great equipment.

- Take note that the Geo Point at level 10 will be your last one before the
  final Boss battle.


- These last levels of the dungeon will the hardest. Enemies will get a lot
  stronger. But don't waste all your energy on them becasue you'll need it
  for the final battle.

- Level 13 is the place where Quanlee starts mocking you again and thus it
  has no enemies.

- Once again: the will be no Geo Points before the final Boss battle--be

- Oh yeah, you might have noticed the Bahamut creatures. First of all they
  are not as hard as they look. Also I should note that they have only
  potions and nuts for stealing. I have been unable to steal anything else.
  Though some of the potions are rather powerful like Spirit Potion or the
  Miracle Elixir. I suggest you hunt for some.

- Level 16 is where Quanlee dwells.


Final Boss: Quanlee/True Quanlee
            Type: ????
            Drop item: None
            Steal item: None
            Special attacks: Light Undulation
                             (Physical/MOV +DOWN/all)
                             Mystic Wing
                             Judgement Guillotine
                             Apostle Summoner
                             (Summons Force Gear)
                             Hades Gate*
                             (Special effect/circle)

            Right & Left Wings/Right & Left Arms
            Type: ????
            Drop item: None
            Steal item: None
            Special attacks: Land Ripper
                             Diamond Dust
                             Crackle Floe

Minions: Force Gears
         Type: ????
         Drop item: None
         Steal item: None
         Special attacks: Time Evolution
                          (Trust Ties/one)
                          Shock Bomb

First form

First of all--hold your horses; this is just his initial form. Be
conservative and don't go wasting your SP and MP on this form.

Quanlee is not so tough if you come prepared. I won't bother writing a
detailed strategy for his first form just stay cool and start hitting him.
His first form doesn't have many attacks so you should be fine. Don't bother
killing his wings simply go for Quanlee.

Oh, yeah you might have noticed that every now and then a black ball-thing
will appear above Quanlee's head. This ball will start hitting your random
characters, for what seems to be--no reason!! Anyway, it can get annoying to
a certain extent unless you have a couple of Iron Guards. Well I'm sure
that by this time you should have couple, right?

Once you're done with his first form get ready for the real battle!

True form

I tell ya--True Quanlee is no pushover. Remember when I told you to get
your hands on some level 9 Mana Eggs? Well I hope you have them.

The first thing that you should notice is that the true form has minions.
Those are Force Gears. Normally I would suggest forgetting about them and
going straight for Quanlee--however they have a move that should not be
disregarded. The move is called Time Evolution and it has the same effect
as the Bonds of Trust item--they can transfer their turn to Quanlee. At the
start of the battle there should be 4 Force Gears and if each one will
decide to do Time Evolution well... it will make your life a lot harder.
Waste them. He will try to bring them back but it will buy you some time and
1 gear at a time is better than 4.

The pesky black ball-thing will appear once again and will start harassing
your characters. Nothing you can do here really--Iron Guard will help.

There is no super effective True Quanlee strategy. Fight him as you would
fight a tough Boss. He doesn't have that many attacks and the ones he has
only sound intimidating. You might want to cancel some of his moves--your
effort won't go to waste however your characters should be prepared to
withstand an attack or two. He has two arms that can get annoying at times
you can destroy them--but they have quite a lot of HP so it might take a
while. And besides most of the punishing moves come from the body so well...
it's up to your preference.

Start using your most destructive moves without holding back. I especially
like to use 'Area' or 'All Enemies' moves like Photon Shower because it
damages Quanlee, his arms and his Force Gears. In any case, once you're low
on SP switch to Mana Eggs. A couple of characters should hit Quanlee with
level 9 eggs while the others should be prepared to heal entire party. True
Quanlee doesn't seem to have immunity to anything so any magic/move will go
ok here.

Keep it cool and you should come out victorious. Oh and read the notice

* Hades Gate is a move where True Quanlee summons the gates of the
  Underworld. If any of your character is standing on it--then move them
  away immediately!!! At one point after the summoning the gate will unleash
  an intense power of darkness which will damage anyone who stands on the
  effect area. Take note that it may not necessarily be on Quanlee's next
  turn--it may be earlier. Needles to say that the damage is simply
  overwhelming, cancelling is a great idea. Two of my three level 60
  characters that experienced this move were killed instantaneously.


After the battle. Watch the events that follow. Quanlee admits his defeat
and then dies. The day is saved and everyone is happy... or is it???

Anyway after a lot of conversations, a couple of CG movies and credits you
will be asked to save. Do it. You may even want to overwrite your old data,
really it's useless to you know.

After you load this save you'll see a scene where Evann is having a talk
with Brandol about Quanlee and about how he feels that there is more to this
whole thing. Evann has a piece of Quanlee's heart, which resembles a Sound

In any case, you might have guessed that all this is about the bonus dungeon
which can be now accessed. To know more about the Vortex Corridor read the
'Sidequests' section. You can also try gambling at Juston's place--read the
'Sidequests' section for more info about that.

   BOOST LEVEL 3                                                     (SUB24)

OK it's time for Boost Level 3. At this point if you check the base Geo
Point in Locca you'll notice that it's empty! All the Geo Points you've
previously opened have been closed. You'll have to revisit the dungeons and
reopen the Gates from there. Here is the list of all the Full Geo Points
that you have opened to this point:

Inferno Pit
Flame Ruins - Interior
Tsunami Trough - Ocean Bed
Tsunami Trough - Ocean Cave
Gale Ruins - Interior
Starry Corridor - 5th Level
Starry Corridor - 10th Level
Starry Corridor - 15th Level
Starry Corridor - 20th Level
Starry Corridor - 25th Level
Starry Corridor - 30th Level
Venom Ruins - Red Quartz Park
Darkness Ruins - Factory Interior
Light Ruins - Interior 1
Underground Cavern

Here is a quick synopsis of what happened:

- All the dungeons got boosted. Levels of all the monsters got boosted AGAIN.
  No new enemies will appear but most of them got level boosted up to 60+.
  Some of the creatures will get more powerful magic/moves. As always--Iron
  Guard is your best friend.

- Bosses will get level increase but there will be no new Bosses for you to
  fight. Level 200 Zenothlee is not a new Boss, it's just the old Zenothlee
  with level value of 200.

- After you kill the Boss visit the Spiritual Atrium and you'll be rewarded
  with items and Mana Eggs.

OK, now let's analyze each group of dungeons:

Elemental Ruins

Boost Level 3 offers nothing new except the general level boost in all of
the elemental ruins. You can find a couple of new Carros but other than that
nothing new.

Starry Corridor

General level 3 boost. Compared to the boosted dungeons here--the Starry
Corridor itself is walk in the park.

Venom, Darkness and Light Ruins

Most of the time players tend to go straight for the Vortex Corridor
disregarding the Starry dungeons but if you choose to redo them then get
ready to face some chalange.

These dungeons got sort of a 'special' boost. Creatures in the Light Ruins
got level boost up to 70+. Venom Ruins will have creatures at 80+ levels.
Darkness Ruins are occupied by creatures with a whooping 100+ level value.
Monsters got more vicious and may appear in larger quantities. Level 9 Mana
Eggs are necessities rather than luxuries this time. Having a Soul and a
Restore eggs with Alhealer is good idea too. Unless you are about level 70+
with eggs suggested above--don't go Starry dungeons.

Now, I'm not saying that you will be defeated--I'm saying that you will get
your ass kicked so high that you'll kiss the moon! You may be OK in the
Ground Chasm and actually stand a chance against monsters in the Illusory
Meadow but the Ancient Factory is a whole different story. Each and every
foe at the Darkness Ruins will have level 100+. To make things even worse
at the Cold Lab, where the three-headed Serpent was, Level 200 Zenothlee
will be waiting. Sweet.

I suggest going through the Vortex Corridor first to be prepared for the
Darkness Ruins and the level 200 Zenothlee. He is explained in more detail
in the 'Sidequests' section.

   IX. BESTIARY                                                      (SEC09)

This is a list of all fiends that you'll encounter in dungeons. They are
arranged in alphabetical order for your convenience. In Grandia Xtreme
monsters have variable stats. There is a certain range of levels for every
monster of one type. Although the amount of Gold you get does not depend on
level, experience does, as well as HP, Skill Points and everything else.

OK, the Bestiary has changed. And it will keep changing in fact. You might
have noticed that I no longer distinguish Steals from Drops. Why? Because I
have theory which states: Each fiend comes equip with 1 item in battle and
no matter what you do steal it or wait for a drop, the item stays the same.
Why do I think that? Well the biggest point towards this is that whenever
you steal an item the fiend never drops anything else after battle. Also in
a lot of cases the stolen and the dropped items tend to repeat. My theory
defeats the purpose of waiting for a drop.

I'm not saying that it is 100% accurate but seeing as how each creature has
like 20-50 items... well it gets tough hunting them all down. In fact the
lists are getting so big that I really don't know whether or not I will
manage to finish them by myself. :/

Hunting For Items

Each fiend starts battle with a number of Treasure Icons. There can be up to
8 Treasure Icons (there can also be 0). Despite the popular belief Treasure
Icons do not show the probability of a successful steal or drop. They show
the quality of an items should you decide to steal (or wait for a drop).
It's logical since you usually succeed in stealing and if not then you can
always try again.

So here is an approximate graph showing what kind of items you may get with
different number of Teasure Icons (TI):

[ 0-2 ] TI : Usually the lamest items like Medicinal Herbs, Smelling Salts
             or low level Vellums. Not worth your effort.
[ 3-4 ] TI : Better items. There is still a high chance of getting something
             useless but the probability of getting a piece of equipment
[ 5-6 ] TI : Most of the time you'll get a mid to high level accessory,
             weapon or a piece of equipment. Go for it.
[ 7-8 ] TI : There is a more than 95% chance you'll quite a powerful weapon,
             armor, accessory etc. Never miss this chance. If the number of
             TI is 8 then rest assured you'll get something *very* good.

GreatSkaori told me that there was a topic by weirdzzl on the GX Message
Boards about one thing which I considered to be a general knowledge. So I
have decided to put it in:

This trick is useful when you're, for example, hunting the Spirit equipment:
Once tha battle starts use [Defend] command with everyonr except Titto. When
his turn comes up -- steal. After that make all your party members use the
[Escape] command. You will escape the battle but the stolen item will remain
dropped. Then encounter the creature again, steal and then escape. Repeat
this process until you acquire the desired item.

And GreatSkaori adds:

'If you do the same with the Fenni Birds. (ie: enter fight, steal a 3/4 gems
Fenni Bird, escape, take the vellum, enter the fight, steal a 3/4 gems Fenni
Bird etc) you'll get 30 High/Ultimate Vellums in a short time. By selling
all of them, I got 4420 points!!! Nice, isn't it? I find this more efficient
than going for any boss, killing it and hoping that you'll get a Skill Book
from the Spiritual Atrium.'

Creature Types

There are a total of 12 monster types in the game. They are:

- Beasts        - Devils        - Insects       - Reptiles
- Birds         - Aquatics      - Minerals      - Undead
- Dragons       - Humanoids     - Plants        - Floating Beings*

*OK, this is getting ridiculous. You might have noticed that there is no
 Floating Beings in my Bestiary. Why? Simply because I have yet to encounter
 one of this type. You might say: 'There are no Floating Beings in this
 game, remove them!' I would do that but the game itself suggests that there
 are Floating Beings... beats the hell out of me. Maybe it means that any
 fiend that floats in battle is automatically a Floating Being? Anyway...
 umm... help!

Take note of the monster type because weapons and armors may have special
bonuses for some monster type. Weapons may inflict more damage while armors
may protect you from a specific type. For example: When are running around
the Aqua Ruins it is a good idea to equip some gear that deals more
damage/protects you from Aquatics, don't you think?

Some (most) times monsters have skills equipped with them. To view what
skills they have press the R1 button on their stat screen.

   MONSTER LIST                                                      (SUB25)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Angry Spirits       Undead     Mental Vellum     Ghost Hand
                               Battle Vellum     (Cancel/circle)
                               First Aid Kit     Craze
                               Butterfly Knife   (Confusion/circle)
                               Wolf Fang Ax      Gravity
                               Absorber Ring     (Gathers foes/circle)
                               Fire Sword        Tartarus Rain
                               Wintry Dagger     (Sudden Death/one)
                               Enemy Strike      Crackle
                               Matador Cloak     (Blizzard/one)
                               Alumina Stone
                               Angel Tear
                               Flame Helm
                               Blazzing Staff
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Armored Slime       Undead     Wind Bracelet     Blade Zap
                               Aqua Bracelet     (Bolt/one)
                               Magical Arrow     Burst Shot
                               Rune Plate        (Cancel/circle)
                               Combat Armor      Absorber
                               War Hammer        (Drains HP/circle)
                               Seed of Magic
                               Titan's Ring
                               Bonds of Trust
                               Earth Bracelet
                               Aqua Hat
                               Multicut Blade
                               Knowledge Medal
                               Freeze Staff
                               Skull Armor
                               Mikage Katana
                               Devil Cloth
                               Death Mask
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Ancient Warrior     Mineral    Dragon Scales     Hyper Buster
                               Jet-Black Shield  (Stop/one)
                               Phalanx Armor     Heat Spiral
                               Gastraphetes      (Physical/around self)
                               Combat Armor      Triple Cutter
                               Ninja Glove       (Triple combo/one)
                               Paladin Helm
                               Blackfeather Knife
                               Argestis Armor
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Archaeopteryx       Bird       Secret Vellum     Roar
                               High Vellum       (Summons Archaeopteryx)
                               Pixie Dew         Aerial Smash
                               Healing Fruit     (Quadruple combo/one)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Armadillon          Beast      Coverted Vellum   Poison Breath
                               Ultimate Vellum   (Poison/fan)
                               Battle Vellum     Delta Head
                               Absorber Ring     (Triple combo/one)
                               Royal Helm
                               Energy Ring
                               Angel Leotard
                               Dark Orb
                               Miracle Bow
                               Shotgun Arrow
                               Medusa Stone
                               Holy Crown
                               Astral Spear
                               Giant's Ax
                               Barbaro Ax
                               Adamantine Helm
                               Holylight Glove
                               Ninja Knife
                               Brave Dirk
                               Illusion Bandana
                               Mystic Veil
                               Heroe's Cuirass
                               Spirit Headband
                               Solomon Staff
                               Seed of Defense
                               Seed of Magic
                               Seed of Running
                               Seed of Moves
                               Seed of Life
                               Seed of Psyche
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Arlaune             Plant      Battle Vellum     Dancing Eater
                               High Vellum       (Drains HP/one)
                               Venus Knife       Tempest
                               Glinstring Robe   (Cancel/one)
                               Holy Ring         Emerald Beat
                               YinYang Wristband (Double combo/one)
                               Iceniter Barrete  Quake
                               Golden Helm       (Land/circle)
                               Seed of Defense   Tartarus Rain
                               Dragon Scales     (Sudden Death/one)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Brain Bat           Undead     Battle Vellum     Head Beating
                               Mental Vellum     (Triple combo/one)
                               Psyche Vellum     Poizn
                               Combat Vellum     (Poison/one)
                               Physical Vellum   Snooze
                               Bread             (Sleep/circle)
                               Smelling Salts    Hellburner
                               Whirlwind Scroll  (Flame/one)
                               Pebble Scroll     Burn!
                               Medicinal Herb    (Flame/one)
                               Red Fly Agarics   BOOM!
                               Fireball Scroll   (Bomb/line)
                               Poison Antidote
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Baby Crustacean      ________  Physical Vellum   Attack
                               Smelling Salts    (Poison/one)
                               Southern Banana
                               Medicinal Herb
                               Red Fly Agarics
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Bigfoot             Humanoid   Psyche Vellum     Snow Ball
                               Earth Ax          (ACT +DOWN/Cancel/one)
                               Flame Helm        Scrum Charge
                               Flame Shield      (Physical/one)
                               Wolf Fang
                               Bonds of Trust
                               Slashing Sword
                               Beast Necklace
                               Goldbee Dagger
                               Sylph's Robe
                               Dyte Giant Armor
                               Red Shoes
                               Absorber Ring
                               Earth Scimitar
                               Iceberg Sword
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Big Devil           Devil      Secret Vellum     BOOM!
                               High Vellum       (Bomb/line)
                               Battle Vellum     BA-BOOM!
                               Corporal Vellum   (Bomb/circle)
                                                 (Bomb/around self)
                                                 (Voids effects/around self)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Bahamut              ________  Spirit Potion     Zap All
                               Honey Syrup       (Bolt/fan)
                               Indigo Potion     Stram
                               Golden Potion     (ATK +DOWN/circle)
                               Miracle Elixir    WOW!
                               Aureola Libation  (ATK +UP/circle)
                               Squeek-baa Milk   Runner
                               Nut of Light      (MOV +UP/circle)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Crag Snake          Reptile    Battle Vellum     Attack (Poison/one)
                               Mental Vellum
                               Yomi Elixir
                               Medicinal Herb
                               Pebble Scroll
                               Snake Earrings
                               Hand Grenade
                               Whirlwind Scroll
                               Fireball Scroll
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Crimson Tail        Insect     Seed of Magic     Phantom Echo
                               Battle Vellum     (Confusion/fan)
                               Bonds of Trust    Scissors Storm
                               Mikage Katana     (Physical/one)
                               Skull Armor       Twin Attack
                                                 (Double combo/one)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Crimson Claw        Aquatic    Corporal Vellum   Sleep Dance (Sleep/one)
                               Combat Vellum     Call for Help
                               Rainbow Seaweed   (Summons Crimson Claw)
                               Smelling Salts    Escape
                               Vaccine           (Flee)
                               Purifying Herb
                               Combat Vellum
                               Red Shoes
                               Honey Syrup
                               Poison Antidote
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Chameleon           Reptile    Physical Vellum   Shock Bomb (Cancel/one)
                               Combat Vellum     Poizn (Poison/one)
                               Blessing Scroll   Fader (Invisibility/one)
                               Yomi Elixir
                               Poison Antidote
                               Smelling Salts
                               First Aid Kit
                               Insecticide Bomb
                               Flame Stone
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Calibus             Beast      Mental Vellum     Buster Horn
                               Magic Glove       (Cancel/Sap Moves/one)
                               Wind Robe         Burst Crush
                               Flame Shield      (Cancel/Paralysis/circle)
                               Trooper Halberd
                               Seed of Magic
                               Seed of Power
                               Sylph's Robe
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Clay Birds          Mineral    High Vellum       Feather Needle
                               Combat Armor      (Paralysis/fan)
                               Mald Geer         Gravity
                               Seed of Psyche    (Gathers foes/circle)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Dragonfly Toad      Reptile    Battle Vellum     Buzz
                               Physical Vellum   (Summons Dragonfly Toad)
                               Combat Vellum     Decamp
                               Quake Stone       (Flee)
                               Tranquilizing Shot
                               Wound Salve
                               First Aid Kit
                               Recovery Medicine
                               Toad Oil
                               Torte's Reedpipe
                               Medicinal Herb
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Dodo                Bird       Mental Vellum     Roar
                               Physical Vellum   (Summons Dodo)
                               Paralysis Salve   Sky Raid
                               First Aid Kit     (Quadruple combo/one)
                               Wound Salve       Snooze
                               Strawberry        (Sleep/circle)
                               Move Blessing
                               Magic Blessing
                               Quake Stone
                               Time Bomb
                               Flint Stone
                               Southern Banana
                               Yomi Elixir
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Devil Chest         Mineral    Omnipotent Seed   Def-Loss
                               Duel Ax           (DEF +DOWN/circle)
                               Clover Knife      Erebos
                               Arondyte          (Sudden Death/one)
                               Sage's Staff
                               Mistral Armor
                               Saintbeast Armor
                               Soul Clothes
                               Illusion Bandana
                               Adamantine Helm
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Dark Raven          Bird       Combat Vellum     Decamp
                               Mental Vellum     (Flee)
                               Cure Herb
                               Recovery Medicine
                               Aquamarine Ring
                               Ruby Ring
                               Pearl Necklace
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Death Doberman      Beast      Combat Vellum     Retreat
                               Psyche Vellum     (Flee)
                               High Vellum       Howlslah
                               Sword Breaker     (Wind/line)
                               Mage Staff        Crackle
                               BlackQuartz Sword (Blizzard/one)
                               Forbear Necklace
                               Earth Bracelet
                               Rob of Admonition
                               Aqua Hat
                               Crescent Jade
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Dragonoid           Dragon     High Vellum       Fire Ball
                               Enemy Strike      (Cancel/Flame/one)
                               Argestis Armor    Flee
                               Dragon Scales     (Escape)
                                                 (ATK +UP/circle)
                                                 Blade Zap
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Dual Scissors       Insect     Psyche Vellum     Freeze Down
                               Battle Vellum     (Sleep/Cancel/one)
                               Corporal Vellum   Blizzard Rise
                               Dragon Scales     (ACT +DOWN/fan)
                               Shield Ring       Twin Attack
                               Seed of Running   (Double combo/one)
                               Amethyst Shield
                               Blackfeather Knife
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Dino Freezer        Dragon     High Vellum       Blizzard Breath
                               Corporal Vellum   (MOV +DOWN/fan)
                               Earth Bracelet
                               Knowledge Medal
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Dead Eye            Devil      Battle Vellum     Shock Bomb
                               Psyche Vellum     (Cancel/one)
                               High Velllum      Craze
                                                 Meteor Fall
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Demon Shadow        ????       General's Greaves Shadow Needle
                               Sage's Staff      (Physical/one)
                                                 (Sap Magic/circle)
                                                 (Sudden Death/one)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Flare Ogre          Humanoid   Physical Vellum   Slow Body
                               Bamboo Katana     (Cancel/one)
                               Wood Sword
                               Angel Tear
                               Jade Charm
                               Volt Stick
                               Shine Prism
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Frost Frog          Aquatic    Corporal Vellum   Roar
                               Combat Vellum     (Summons Frost Frog)
                               Physical Vellum   Toad Special
                               Mental Vellum     (Triple combo/one)
                               Voltbird Feather  Escape
                               Torte's Reedpipe  (Flee)
                               Wound Salve
                               Paralysis Salve
                               Gale Stone
                               Medicinal Herb
                               First Aid Kit
                               Toad Oil
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Flame Knight        Undead     Battle Vellum     Burning Shot
                               Psyche Vellum     (Flame/line)
                               Anti-Evil Blade   Hell Blast
                               Wind Robe         (Self-Destruct/around self)
                               Gold Feather      WOW!
                                                 (ATK +UP/circle)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Fish Man            Aquatic    Physical Vellum   Snooze
                               Battle Vellum     (Sleep/circle)
                               Ice Quartz        Crackle
                               Flint Stone       (Blizzard/one)
                               Tranquilizing ShotEvap
                                                 (Cuts HP by 1/2/one)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Falcon Devil        Humanoid   Combat Vellum     Sonic Pulse
                               Secret Vellum     (Confusion/Line)
                               Wave Ripper       Howlslash
                               Cure Herb         (Wind/line)
                               Magic Glove       Howlnado
                               Fire Sword        (Wind/around self)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Flame Toad          Aquatic    Mental Vellum     Frog Song
                               Voltfang Stone    (Triple combo/one)
                                                 (Summons Flame Toad)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Fenni Bird          Bird       Coverted Vellum   Roar
                               Mental Vellum     (Summons Fenni Bird)
                               Ultimate Vellum   Sky Smasher
                               High Vellum       (Quadruple combo/one)
                               Spirit Potion
                               Megaheal Medicine
                               Tornado Scroll
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Gilled Pawn         Humanoid   Mental Vellum     Critical Hit (Cancel/one)
                               Combat Vellum     Bomb (Flame/circle)
                               Flint Stone       WOW! (ATK +UP/circle)
                               Wound Salve
                               Paralysis Salve
                               Medicinal Herb
                               Machinegun Arrow
                               Mogay Suit DX
                               Bandit Armor
                               Pebble Scroll
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Gilled Shaman       Humanoid   Psyche Vellum     Sealing Blow (Physical/one)
                               Miner's Candy     Tremor (Land/around self)
                               Gold Feather      BOOM! (Bomb/line)
                               Yomi Elixir       BOOMOR! (Bomb/around self)
                               First Aid Kit
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Gilled Sarge        Humanoid   Secret Vellum     Bomb (Flame/circle)
                               Combat Vellum     Time Bomb (Drops time bomb/
                               Battle Vellum                circle)
                               Estok             Mogay Bomb (Flame/one)
                               Thunder Armor     Critical Hit (Cancel/one)
                               Warrior Mail      Snooze (Sleep/circle)
                               Ice Armor
                               Pixie Feather
                               Miser Turban
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Gilled General      Humanoid   Psyche Vellum     Mogay Bomb (Flame/one)
                               Combat Vellum     Hyper Mogay Bomb (Flame/
                               Bandit Armor                        circle)
                               Bursthaken        Full-Body Blow (Cancel/one)
                               Trooper Halberd   Run Away (Flee)
                               BlackQuartz Mail
                               Miser Turban
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Gargoyle            Mineral    Corporal Vellum   Demon Claw (Triple combo/one)
                               Secret Vellum     Howlslah (Wind/line)
                               Battle Vellum     Stram (ATK +DOWN/circle)
                               Recovery Medicine Zap! (Bolt/circle)
                               Strengh Glove     Blade Zap (Bolt/one)
                               Warrior Helm
                               Angel Tear
                               Man's Iron Clogs
                               Flint Knife
                               Iron Helm
                               Energy Lance
                               Fur Coat
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Giant Hermit Crab   ????       Physical Vellum   Assault Punch
                               Combat Vellum     (Triple combo/one)
                               Medicinal Herb    Confusion Waltz
                               Southern Banana   (Confusion/one)
                               First Aid Kit     Call for Help
                                                 (Summons Giant Hermit Crab)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Giant Caterpillar   Insect     Vaccine           Poison Gas
                               Recovery Medicine (Poison/around self)
                               Time Bomb
                               Flame Stone
                               Blessing Scroll
                               First Aid Kit
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Giant Mantis        Insect     Physical Vellum   Bug Whistle
                               Corporal Vellum   (Summons Giant Mantis)
                               Voltfang Stone
                               Southern Banana
                               Insecticide Burst
                               Pixie Dew
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Hammerhead          Dragon     Combat Vellum     Fire Breath (Flame/special)
                               Physical Vellum   Delta Head (Triple combo/
                               Yomi Elixir                   one)
                               Water Shot
                               Burn Bracelet
                               Chain Sleeve
                               Falcon Clothes
                               Purifying Dress
                               Hammer Ax
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Hellhound           Beast      Mental Vellum     Dog Rush (Triple combo/one)
                               Physical Vellum   WOW! (ATK +UP/circle)
                               Purple Robe       Burnflame (Flame/circle)
                               Great Bow         BOOMOR! (Bomb/around self)
                               Mystic Blade
                               Beast Necklace
                               Thunder Helm
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Hydra               ????       Luna Stone        Chaos Breath
                               Heroe's Cuirass   (????/circle)
                               Golden Katana     Fiora
                               Golden Armor      (Sap Moves/circle)
                               Holy Ring         Cold
                               Damaskas Sword    (ACT +DOWN/circle)
                               Plague Armor      Stram
                               Holylight Glove   (ATK +DOWN/circle)
                               Gudion Bow
                               Glintstring Robe
                               Dragon Scales
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Immune Cell         Aquatic    Corporal Vellum   Spark Press
                               Combat Vellum     (Cancel/Paralysis/one)
                               Physical vellum   Shootingstar Blow
                               Panacea           (Triple combo/one)
                               Cure Powder
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Kite Ray            Aquatic    Mental Vellum     Stun Needle (Paralysis/fan)
                               Physical Vellum   Snooze (Sleep/circle)
                               Battle Vellum     Blade Zap (Bolt/one)
                               Combat Vellum
                               Forebear Necklace
                               Kuko Berry
                               Bamboo Glove
                               Fine Broadblade
                               First Aid Kit
                               Swordfish Armor
                               Phoenix Feather
                               Ritual Stone Ax
                               Purifying Dress
                               Bronze Helm
                               Warrior Helm
                               Silk Clothes
                               Heavy Blade
                               Lullaby Staff
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Killer Moth         Insect     Life Gem          Blast Cutter (Triple combo/
                               Cure Powder                     one)
                                                 Absorber (Drains HP/circle)
                                                 Poizn (Poison/one)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Lantern Demon       Devil      Secret Vellum     Burner (Flame/Cancel
                               Silver Feather            /circle)
                               Chain Mail        Burnflame (Flame/circle)
                               Bonds of Trust    Burnstrike (Flame/one)
                               Bronze Mail       Burn! (Flame/one)
                               Bronze Helm       WOW! (ATK +UP/circle)
                               Swordfish Helm
                               Phoenix Feather
                               Butterfly Knife
                               Silence Orb
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Land Cougar         Beast      Secret Vellum     Panther Strike (Triple
                               Mental Vellum                     combo/one)
                               Physical Vellum   Retreat (Flee)
                               Knuckle Guard     Runner (MOV +UP/circle)
                               Kuko Berry        Howlslash (Wind/line)
                               Wolf Fanf Ax      Howlnado (Wind/around self)
                               Krepp Scythe      Shhh! (Sap Magic/circle)
                               Honor's Glasses
                               Red Shoes
                               Energy Lance
                               Thunder Armor
                               Flint Ax
                               Medicinal Herb
                               Lullaby Staff
                               Bonds of Trust
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Lizard Soldier      Dragon     High Vellum       Acid Venom (Poison/Cancel/
                               Wound Salve                   circle)
                               Rune Bracelet     Bomb (Physical/circle)
                               Recovery Medicine Super Mogay Bomb (Physical/
                               Silver Feather                      circle)
                               First Aid Kit     Craze (Confusion/circle)
                               Wolf Fang
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Lycanthrope         Humanoid   Physical Vellum   Zap! (Bolt/circle)
                               Mental Vellum     Zap All (Bolt/fan)
                               Corporal Vellum   Stram (ATK +DOWN/circle)
                               Psyche Vellum     Shhh! (Sap Magic/circle)
                               Secret Vellum     Diggin' (DEF +UP/circle)
                               Alumina Stone     Guard Up (IMM +UP/circle)
                               Iceberg Sword     WOW! (ATK +UP/circle)
                               BlackQuartz Mail
                               BlackQuartz Helm
                               Dyte Giant Armor
                               Whirlwind Staff
                               Butterfly Knife
                               Mystic Blade
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Lucky Mink          Beast      Apron Dress       Call for Help
                               Lace Ornament     (Summons Lucky Mink)
                               Rabbit Ears       Mink Rush
                               Red Costume       (Triple combo/one)
                               Snowwhite Dress   High Agility
                               Virgin Uniform    (Flee)
                               Cape of Darkness
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Lucifuge            ????       Spirit Staff      Double Death
                               Demon Hammer      (Physical/fan)
                                                 Giga Vanish
                                                 (Voids all effects/One)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Mottled Spider      Insect     Mental Vellum     Sticky Strings
                               Psyche Vellum     (MOV -1/one)
                               Combat Vellum     Triple Bites
                               Physical Vellum   (Triple combo/one)
                               Paralysis Salve
                               Smelling Salts
                               Whirlwind Scroll
                               Medicinal Herb
                               Yomi Elixir
                               Pebble Scroll
                               Flint Stone
                               Hand Grenade
                               Golden Nut
                               Red Fly Agarics
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Merman              Aquatic    Physical Vellum   Evap (Reduce HP by half/one)
                               Mental Vellum     Snooze (Sleep/circle)
                               Combat Vellum     Healer (Restore HP/one)
                               Mermaid Harp      Crackle (Blizzard/one)
                               Wound Salve       Flee (Escape)
                               Quake Stone
                               Torte's Reedpipe
                               Paralysis Salve
                               Recovery Medicine
                               Tranquilizing Shot
                               Voltbird Feather
                               First Aid Kit
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Merman Warrior      Aquatic    Physical Vellum   Shock Bomb (Cancel/one)
                               Mental Vellum     Binder (Stop/one)
                               Corporal Vellum   Stram (ATK +DOWN/circle)
                               Holy Wound Salve  Zap! (Bolt/circle)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Mimic               Mineral    Revival Gem       Hell Blast (Self-Destruct/
                                                             around self)
                                                 Burnstrike (Flame/one)
                                                 Hellburner (Flame/one)
                                                 Meteor Fall (Bomb/one)
                                                 Meteor Strike (Bomb/one)
                                                 Erebos (Sudden Death/one)
                                                 Tartarus Rain (Sudden Death
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Moccasin            Reptile    Combat Vellum     Attack (Paralysis/one)
                               Pixie Dew
                               Cure Herb
                               Voltbird Feather
                               Recovery Medicine
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Mega Beast          Insect     Corporal Vellum   Attack (Poison/one)
                               High Vellum       Dark Quartz (Poison/Stop/
                               Bardiche                       one)
                               Combat Armor
                               Phalanx Armor
                               Paladin Helm
                               Deepblue Slayer
                               Judge Saber
                               Bonds of Trust
                               Brave Scarf
                               Jet-Black Shield
                               Death Mask
                               Dancing Heels
                               Buster Shield
                               Seed of Life
                               Seed of Running
                               Seed of Defense
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Mind Eater          Undead     Battle Vellum     Ogre Claw (Cancel/Paralysis
                               Silence Orb                  /circle)
                               Fishmonger Knife  Curse (Curse/one)
                               Black Quartz Sword
                               Ice Pick
                               Freeze Staff
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Naga Queen          ????       Secret Vellum     Freeze Eye (ACT +DOWN/line)
                               Battle Vellum     Jet Slicer (Physical/around
                               Wolf Fang Ax                  self)
                               Dyte Giant Armor  Shock Bomb (Cancel/one)
                               Heat Haze Bow     Snooze (Sleep/circle)
                               Seed of Power     Crackle Floe (Blizzard/one)
                                                 Crackle Fang (Blizzard/one)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Phoenix             Bird       Physical Vellum   Burst Raid (Quadruple combo
                               Battle Vellum                 /one)
                               Combat Vellum     Roar (Summons Phoenix)
                               Mental Vellum     Decamp (Flee)
                               Corporal Vellum
                               First Aid Kit
                               Pebble Scroll
                               Medicinal Herb
                               Yomi Elixir
                               Fireball Scroll
                               Whirlwind Scroll
                               Honey Syrup
                               Wound Salve
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Plethodon           Aquatic    Physical Vellum   Burnstrike (Flame/one)
                               Battle Vellum     Burnflame (Flame/circle)
                               Psyche Vellum     WOW! (ATK +UP/circle)
                               Blazing Stone     Guard Up (IMM +UP/circle)
                               Alumina Stone
                               Platinum Feather
                               Pixie Dew
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Rainbow Caterpillar Insect     Physical Vellum   Numbing Gas (Cancel/around
                               Psyche Vellum                  self)
                               Combat Vellum
                               Caterpillar Soup
                               First Aid Kit
                               Medicinal Herb
                               Paralysis Salve
                               Yomi Elixir
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Rock Golem          Mineral    Corporal Vellum   Attack (Long Range Physical/
                               Sylph's Robe              one)
                               Yomi Elixir       Rock Hurler (Cancel/circle)
                               First Aid Kit
                               Earth Ax
                               Dyte Giant Armor
                               Ice Shield
                               BlackQuartz Helm
                               Heavy Shield
                               Ice Helm
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Rock Giant          ????       High Vellum       Lava Cannon
                               Luci Care         (Flame/one)
                               Shogun's Bracelet
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Sasquatch           Humanoid   Secret Vellum     Mud Cannon (Cancel/
                               Honor's Glasses               Confusion/
                               Bamboo Armor                  circle)
                               Stone Head        Scrum Charge (Triple combo/
                               Leather Helm                    one)
                               Leather Shoes
                               Primeval Meat
                               Chain Mail
                               Heavy Stone
                               Nurse Cap
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Star Mirage         Aquatic    Secret Vellum     Power Press (Cancel/one)
                               Battle Vellum     Tri-Star (Triple combo/one)
                               Mental Vellum
                               Combat Vellum
                               Psyche Vellum
                               Bamboo Katana
                               First Aid Kit
                               Iron Ring
                               Wound salve
                               Silence Orb
                               Battle Helm
                               Battle Rod
                               Krepp Scythe
                               Leather Bandana
                               Bronze Sword
                               Medicinal Herb
                               Silk Clothes
                               Heavy Helm
                               Heavy Mail
                               Goat Leather
                               Magic Dress
                               Yomi Elixir
                               Vacuum Arrow
                               Pixie Feather
                               Chain Sleeve
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Space Warrior       Mineral    Physical Vellum   Triple Demon Thrust (Cancel
                               Secret Vellum                          /one)
                               Battle Vellum     Aerial Slasher (Confusion/
                               Mental Vellum                     around self)
                               Psyche Vellum
                               Combat Vellum
                               Black Quartz Glove
                               Quartz Pendant
                               Diefeen Saber
                               Goat Leather
                               Silk Clothes
                               Medicinal Herb
                               Leather Cape
                               Silence Orb
                               Flame Armor
                               Falcon Clothes
                               Mystic Blade
                               Oak Staff
                               Iron Helm
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Saladile            Reptile    Mental Vellum     Burn! (Flame/one)
                               Corporal Vellum   Burnstrike (Flame/one)
                               Physical Vellum   Retreat (Flee)
                               Cure Herb
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Sable               Beast      Corporal Vellum   Call for Help (Summons Sable)
                               Psyche Vellum     Rushing Sable (Triple combo
                               Physical Vellum                  /one)
                               Battle Vellum
                               Beef Jerky
                               Holy Wound Salve
                               Rabbit Ears
                               Pixie Dew
                               Seed of Psyche
                               Seed of Defense
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Sarracenia Mantis   Plant      Secret Vellum     Blood Sucker (Illnes/Cancel
                               High Vellum                     /one)
                               Ice Shield        Rose Hurricane (Physical/one)
                               Cape of Darkness  Tremor (Land/around self)
                               Thunder Helm
                               Mikage Katana
                               Angel Tear
                               Butterfly Knife
                               Flint Knife
                               Matador Cloak
                               Blessing Scroll
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Satan Saber         Mineral    Psyche Vellum     Hyper Slash (Cancel/one)
                               Physical Vellum   WOW! (ATK +UP/circle)
                               Mental Vellum
                               Medicinal Herb
                               Recovery Medicine
                               Fire Sword
                               Landrush Sword
                               Anti-Evil Blade
                               Diefeen Saber
                               Slashing Sword
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Skull Snail         Undead     Psyche Vellum     Choke Thrust (Sudden Death/
                               Secret Vellum                   one)
                               Coverted Vellum   Zap All (Bolt/fan)
                                                 Blade Zap (Bolt/one)
                                                 Absorber (Drains HP/one)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Tortogator          Reptile    Physical Vellum   Diggin' (DEF +UP/circle)
                               Combat Vellum     Shake (Land/one)
                               Paralysis Salve   Tremor (Land/around self)
                               Pebble Scroll     Quake (Land/circle)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Thorny Anchor       Mineral    Physical Vellum   Pummel (Triple combo/one)
                               Mental Vellum     Gravity (Gathers foes/circle)
                               Torte's Reedpipe  Snooze (Sleep/circle)
                               First Aid Kit     Def-Loss (DEF +DOWN/circle)
                               Flint Stone       Freeze! (MOV +DOWN/circle)
                               Wound Salve
                               Paralysis Salve
                               Yomi Elixir
                               Hot Spring Nut
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Toader              Reptile    Physical Vellum   Tri-Spear (Triple combo/one)
                               Medicinal Herb    Buzz (Summons Toader)
                               Cure Herb         Decamp (Flee)
                               Voltbird Feather
                               Voltfang Stone
                               Wound Salve
                               Pixie Dew
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Thunder Dragon      Dragon     Argestis Armor    Thunder Burst (Cancel/
                               Flame Bracelet                   Paralysis/
                               Giant Broadsword                 circle)
                               Mage Masher
                               Priest's Hat
                               Mikage Katana
                               Glinstring Robe
                               Seed of Swift
                               Seed of Defense
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Tarantula           Insect     Battle Vellum     Net Breaker (Stop/
                               Secret Vellum                  around foe)
                               Psyche Vellum     Triple Bites (Triple combo/
                               Coverted Vellum                 one)
                               Pixie Dew
                               Thunder Stone
                               Healing Fruit
                               Ifrit Barrel
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Viridian Plant      Plant      Secret Vellum     Poison Blow (Poison/one)
                               Bursthaken        Bubble Sprinkle (Physical/
                               Trooper Halberd                    around
                               Earth Robe                         self)
                               Paladin Leggins
                               Lion Field Garb
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Wind Mantis         Insect     Battle Vellum     Bug Whistle
                               Physical Vellum   (Summons Wind Mantis)
                               Quake Stone
                               Flint Stone
                               First Aid Kit
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Winged Brain        Undead     Physical Vellum   Head Beating
                               Battle Vellum     (Triple combo/one)
                               Icefang Stone     Stram
                               Panacea           (ATK +DOWN/circle)
                               Pixie Dew         Zap!
                               Insecticide Burst (Bolt/circle)
                               Golden Nut        Zap All
                               Earth Robe        (Bolt/fan)
                               Honey Syrup       Howlnado
                                                 (Wind/around self)
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

Yeti                Humanoid   Secret Vellum     Burning Apolo
                               Voltbird Feather  (Cancel/Paralysis/one)
                               Silence Orb
                               Recovery Medicine
                               Ogre Slayer
                               Ogre Helm
___________________ __________ _________________ ___________________________

   X. COMPLETE ITEM LIST                                             (SEC10)

The items will be listed as they appear in the in-game menu. This section
will not include things like Vellums, Skill Books or Sound Bites. To check
those items you should search them in their sections.

NOTICE: Whenever you see ???? that means that I don't know the stats and the
        description. If you have them I would be very grateful if you could
        send them over. Thanks.

   WEAPONS                                                           (SUB26)

A weapon never protects against anything, only adds damage to certain
creature types, element property or stat encrease. Any type of weapon may
have the following bonus features:

Beasts    : More damage to Beasts
Devils    : More damage to Devils
Insects   : More damage to Insects
Reptiles  : More damage to Reptiles
Birds     : More damage to Birds
Aquatics  : More damage to Aquatics
Minerals  : More damage to Minerals
Undead    : More damage to Undead
Dragons   : More damage to Dragons
Humanoids : More damage to Humanoids
Plants    : More damage to Plants
Floating  : More damage to Floating Beings

Death     : Can cause Sudden Death to an enemy
Curse     : Can cause Curse to an enemy
Illnes    : Can cause Illnes to an enemy
Confusion : Can cause Confusion to an enemy
Paralysis : Can cause Paralysis to an enemy
Poison    : Can cause Poison to an enemy
Sap Magic : Can casue Sap Magic to an enemy
Sap Moves : Can cause Sap Moves to an enemy
Sleep     : Can cause Sleep to an enemy
Stop      : Can cause Stop to an enemy

Flame    : Adds Flame to the normal attack
Bomb     : Adds Bomb to the normal attack
Wind     : Adds Wind to the normal attack
Bolt     : Adds Bolt to the normal attack
Water    : Adds Water to the normal attack
Blizzard : Adds Blizzard to the normal attack
Land     : Adds Land to the normal attack
Forest   : Adds Forest to the normal attack

XXX+### : Increases an XXX statistic by ###.

Stat abbreviations:

ATK : Attack
DEF : Defense
MAG : Magic
IMM : Immunity
ACT : Action
MOV : Move

Spell Break X%: Can cast [Spell] chance of breaking is X%.

________: means no bonus feature.

Combo HIT+X: Adds X combo hits to your normal Combo. This does not effect
             your Critical command.


The below symbols in front of an item name will represent the location of
that item. The items with no symbols can only be found in chests, stealing
from fiends or through other ways:

$ : Means that this item will eventually be available in the Locca general
    store. You will need to have enough G (gold) in order to buy this item.
* : Means that this item can be won in Juston mini game after you beat the
    game. See the Juston Gamble sidequest section for more details.
+ : Means that this item can only be bought in a shop after selling
    certain items that have 'May add items at store if sold' within their
    descriptions. See the MAIASIS Items sidequest section for more info.
^ : Means that this item can be exchanged in the Skillman's shop. You will
    need to have enough P (points) for that particular item through selling
    Skills and Skill Books.

____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

 Bamboo Katana       8    Forest    Flimsy Sword.
 Broad Blade         12   ________  Regular wide-blade sword.
$Falx                21   ________  Sickle-shaped blade.
$Heavy Blade         35   ________  Wide-tipped sword.
 Mystic Blade        40   MAG+20    Flowing magic power.
 Swordfish Blade     44   Aquatics  Blade made of fishbone.
$Fine Broadblade     45   ________  By master blacksmith.
 Swallow Blade       46   Birds     In honor of sword skill.
$Shamshir            55   ________  Curved blade.
 Anti-Evil Blade     64   Undead    Undead slayer.
$Talwar              70   ________  Sword with knuckle guard.
^Mikage Katana       82   ________  Slashes through souls.
 Ogre Slayer         90   Humanoids Slashed the toughest ogre.
$Great Shamshir      102  ________  Giant curved sword.
+Ice Blade           120  Blizzard  Ice-powered sword.
+Lightning Blade     120  Bolt      Bolt-powered sword.
+Burn Blade          120  Flame     Flame-powered sword.
 Multicut Blade      132  Minerals  Sarp-edge cuts all.
$Falchion            140  ________  Large curved sword.
$Schiavona           155  ________  Sword with a hand-guard.
$Glasscalibur        170  ________  Sword of magical glass.
+Dragontooth Blade   198  Dragons   Dragon slayer of legend.
+Medusa Blade        200  MAG+100   Protector of magic god. Reduces time
                                    needed to cast magic spells.
$Scramasax           228  ________  Unique blade tip.
 Golden Katana       300  ________  Valuable golden sword.
 Arondyte            320  Water     Fairy-tempered sword. Reduces time for
                                    special moves.
+Hrunting            420  ________  Legendary hero's sword. Restores 3SP
                                    more in battle.
 Durandal            700  ________  Sacred golden hilt sword. Reduces SP
                                    consumption by 10%.
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

 Wood Sword          10   Forest    Sword with wooden blade.
 Long Sword          15   ________  Straight 2-edged sword.
$Bastard Sword       24   ________  Heavy 2-handed sword.
 Stone Sword         30   Land      Rock-bladed broadsword.
$Great Sword         38   ________  Giant broadsword.
$Iron Sword          46   ________  Normal broadsword.
 Slashing Sword      48   Beasts    Equestration-slashing sword.
$Claymore            58   ________  Cross-hilted sword.
 Devilbuster Sword   60   Devils    Demon slayer.
 Fire Sword          66   Flame     Flame-forged sword.
 BlackQuartz Sword   70   IMM+35    Evil-slashing black blade.
$Ceramics Sword      75   ________  Non-corrosive blade.
 Landrush Sword      78   Wind      Broad blade of whirlwind.
+Alumina Sword       90   ________  Unscratchable sword.
 Iceberg Sword       95   Blizzard  Blade at absolute zero.
 Spark Blade         98   Bolt      Lightning summoning sword.
$Viking Sword        108  ________  Tempered broadsword.
$Defender Sword      120  DEF+60    Wide shielding blade.
+Mithril Sword       126  ________  Bright wide blade.
$Giant Broadsword    148  ________  Huge 2-handed sword.
$Silence Sword       162  Sap Magic Sword that seals foes.
+DivineDragon Sword  206  Dragons   Shiny dragon scale sword.
$Jet-Black Sword     218  ________  Deep black blade.
 Shadow Sword        244  Death     Dark force of death.
+Destruct Sword      450  ________  Claymore of the Chosen. Adds power to
                                    special moves.
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

 Rapier              14   ________  Sharp piercing blade.
 Poisoned Needle     20   Poison    Fatal venomous blade.
$Saber               22   ________  Long straight blade.
$Estok               36   ________  Long piercing blade.
$Scimitar            44   ________  Curved-blade sword.
$Pallasch            52   ________  Modified cavalry sword.
 Diefeen Saber       55   Sleep     Tempered by pixies.
$Ceramics Saber      68   ________  Non-corrosive blade.
 Mage Masher         80   Sap Magic Magic sealing power.
+Alumina Saber       85   ________  Unscratchable blade.
 Earth Scimitar      86   Land      Protection of earth.
 Strom Pallasch      88   Wind      Ground-ripping blade.
+Mithril Rapier      118  ________  Bright wide blade.
$Schweizerabel       100  ________  Unique 2-edged tip.
$Reitel Pallasch     140  ________  Elegant knight's sword.
 Cassandra           148  Sap Moves Mysteriously black blade.
$Elfin Saber         155  Paralysis Elfin soul-infused blade.
$Silver Freeze       164  Blizzard  Subzero blade. Freeze! Break 0%.
$Judge Saber         200  ________  Undertaker of justice. Combo HIT +1.
 Gramdrung           262  Minerals  Pierce through any armor.
 Tristram            320  Wind      Ancient knight's blade. Countered less
                                    after moves.
 Luci Care           355  ________  Blade of temptation. Reduces enemy's ATK.
+Light Needle        380  ________  An angel-engraved hilt.
+White Fang          425  Beasts    White wolf fang's blade.
+Holy Rapier         ??   ????      ????
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

 Tomahawk            25   ACT+5     Small throwing ax.
 Battleax            26   ________  Normal iron battle-ax.
$Ritual Stone Ax     36   Forest    Ceremonial rock ax.
$Hammer Ax           40   ________  Smashing heavy weight.
$Bullova             50   ________  Unique ax of the south.
 Energy Lance        60   ACT+15    Fountain of energy.
$Glaive              62   ________  Western long sword.
 Krepp Scythe        68   Birds     Bird-slashing sickle.
 Flint Ax            70   Flame     Shoots sparks when used.
 Dragonfly Slayer    75   Insects   Insect-slashing lance.
$Ceramics Ax         78   ________  Non-corrosive battle-ax.
 Trident             84   Aquatics  Triple-pronged lance.
+Alumina Ax          96   ________  Unscratchable battle-ax.
 Bursthaken          100  ACT+25    Powered by flame blast.
 Wolf Fang Ax        105  Beasts    Battle-ax from the east.
 Trooper Halberd     110  Devils    Lance of mounted soldier.
$Halberd             115  ________  Cavalry's versatile ax.
$Heavy Ax            125  ________  Weight is the best feature.
+Mithril Ax          135  ________  Bright white battle-ax.
 Earth Ax            142  Land      Defeated return to earth.
$Bardiche            155  ________  Long-hafted battle-ax.
 Solid Glaive        160  ACT+40    Light yet solid long sword.
$Mald Geer           186  ________  Convenient for grappling.
+Dragonbone Ax       218  Dragon    Ax made of dragon bone.
$Partizan            244  ________  Wing-bladed lance.
 Astral Spear        300  ACT+60    Stellar stream of energy.
 Angry Ax            320  Sap Moves Ax of intimidating anger.
+Indra Ax            406  Bolt      Battle-ax of thunder god. Adds IP damage
                                    to Critical.
+Valor Big Ax        460  ________  Motivating magic power. Adds power to
                                    special moves.
 Barbaro Ax          500  DEF+100   Legendary fighter's ax.
 Giant's Ax          550  ________  Ax of legendary giant. Disables user's
                                    Combo ability.
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

 Darts               8    ________  Throwing arrow for games.
 Multiple Knife      20   ________  Multi-function knife.
$Bronze Knife        24   ________  Regular bronze knife.
 Magic Knife         25   MAG+50    Mage's favorite.
$Ninja Needle        32   ________  Assassin's deadly needle.
$Poisoned Knife      40   Poison    Assassin's poison knife.
$Cutlass             50   ________  Ancient knife.
 Shaman Knife        50   MAG+100   Shrine maiden's knife.
 Butterfly Knife     55   Insects   Power of insect powder.
 Flint Knife         60   Flame     Shoots sparks when used.
 Boomerang           62   ________  Hunting projectile.
$Throwing Star       68   ________  Assassin's dirk.
 Venus Knife         75   MAG+150   Fountain of magic power.
+Hunting Knife       84   Beasts    Beastss worst nightmare.
$Katar               98   ________  Knife with curved blade.
 Ice Pick            104  Blizzard  Pierces even an iceberg.
+Mithril Knife       115  ________  Bright white knife.
 Fishmonger Kinfe    132  Aquatics  Gourment chef's knife.
$Gladius             135  ________  Modern curved knife.
$Leaf Knife          150  Forest    Leaf-thin blade.
+Kafu Shuriken       160  ACT+40    Wooden shooting star.
$Cross Boomerang     178  ________  Cross-bladed projectile.
$Warp Knife          240  ________  Sharp enough to cut air. Enables user
                                    to Warp.
 Blackfeather Knife  245  Birds     Decorative black feather. Evade +25%.
 Ninja Knife         250  ACT+60    Knife used for espionage.
 Clover Knife        285  ________  Engraved four-leaf clover.
+Demon Shuriken      400  ACT+80    Huge shooting star.
 Brave Dirk          450  ________  Filled with courage. Restores 3SP more
                                    in battle.
+Holy Knife          ??   ????      ????
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

 Bamboo Bow          16   Forest    Strong bamboo arrows.
 Short Bow           25   ________  Ordinary bow.
$Long Bow            36   ________  Normal long bow.
 Water Shot          40   Water     High-pressured water.
$Poisoned Arrow      42   Poison    Fatally venomous arrows.
 Vacuum Arrow        45   ________  Cuts foes with whirlwinds.
$Flying Fish Bow     48   Aquatics  Made of giant fish bone.
 Machinegun Arrow    50   HIT+2     Bow for easy reload.
$Composite Bow       58   ________  Made of many woods.
$Ceramics Bow        76   ________  Non-corrosive bow.
 Magical Arrow       80   MAG+40    Enchances magic power.
+Hunter Bow          92   Beasts    Seal of naturalism.
 Heat Haze Bow       102  Flame     Powered by flame.
 Freezrain Bow       104  Blizzard  Storm of arrows.
$Great Bow           110  ________  Gargantuan crossbow.
+Mithril Bow         128  ________  Bright white bow.
$Arbalest            152  ________  Bow shoots everything.
$Elfin Bow           168  Paralysis Bow made by elves.
$Gastraphetes        186  ________  Traditional crossbow.
$Rapidfire Bowgun    200  ________  Ancient genius' invention. Combo HIT +4.
 Sagekiller Bow      220  Birds     Bow that killed sages.
 Killer Bow          244  Death     Arrow pierces weaknesses.
 Shotgun Arrow       300  ________  Shoots multiple arrows. Combo HIT +6.
+Morgan's Eye        380  Stop      Bow of deceiving gem.
 Clayqwin            398  ________  Very strong and accurate.
 Miracle Bow         580  ________  Incredibly accurate bow.
+Saint Arrow         ??   ????      ????
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

 Wood Stick          4    Forest    A branch of a tree.
$Oak Staff           8    MAG+16    Hardwood staff.
$Mage Staff          12   MAG+24    Increases concentration.
$Wizard Rod          16   MAG+32    Increases magic power.
$Magi Staff          24   MAG+48    Source of charisma.
 Iron Mace           28   ________  Crushing physical attack.
$Battle Rod          42   ________  Rod with thorny tip.
 Lullaby Staff       48   Sleep     Plays relaxing song.
$Volt Stick          55   Bolt/     Protection of lightning.
 Sage's Staff        60   MAG+120   Intelligence enchancement.
 Enemy Strike        68   ________  War club of beast bone.
 Whirlwind Staff     75   Wind      Staff of gale element. Howlslash Break
 Quarry Staff        76   Land      Staff of land element. Tremor Break 0%.
 Blazing Staff       78   Flame     Staff of flame element. Burnflame Break
$Buster Flail        80   ________  Physically strong flail.
+Medusa Staff        90   MAG+180   Gem-engraved staff. Reduces time needed
                                    to cast magic spells.
 Solomon Staff       100  MAG+200   Only for the wise. Reduces MP used by
+Alumina Staff       102  ________  Unscratchable staff.
$Maul                122  ________  Whack with spiritual wood.
+Mithril Mace        135  ________  Bright white mace.
 Freeze Staff        145  Blizzard  Magical blizzard staff. Crackle Break 0%.
$War Hammer          158  ________  Ancient weaponry.
 Guardian Staff      182  ________  Protection of earth. Diggin' Break 0%.
$Morning Star        248  ________  War club with spiked ball.
 Holy Staff Iseria   320  ________  Staff of hero's soul.
+Rax Hammer          480  ________  Iron hammer of tyrant.
 Demon Hammer        900  ________  Mythical demon's hammer. Disables all
                                    commands except for Critical and Tactics.
+Mystic Mace         ??   ????      ????
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

 Broken MagicSword   24   ________  Broken magical blade. May add items at
                                    store if sold.
 Striking Edge       48   ________  Dagger with jagged edge.
$Stiletto            55   ________  Sharp piercing dagger.
 Wintry Dagger       60   Plants    Plant-blighting blade.
$Ceramics Dagger     68   ________  Non-corrosive dagger.
 Goldbee Dagger      72   Insects   Pinpoint accurate knife.
+Alumina Dagger      84   ________  Unscratchable dagger.
 Wave Ripper         92   Wind      Found in tornado.
$Baselard            98   ________  Versatile knife.
 Phurbu              108  Undead    Evil-smiting sacred blade.
+Mithril Dagger      116  ________  Bright white dagger.
$Sword Breaker       120  ________  Busts blades of swords. Reduces enemy's
 Freeze Dagger       126  Blizzard  Found in ice world.
$Jugdplaute          137  ________  Hunting knife.
 Deepblue Slayer     144  Reptiles  Lightning-tempered blade.
$Wakizashi           152  ________  Stealthy dagger.
$Oblivion Dagger     155  Sap Moves Takes away memory.
$Thrust Dagger       172  ________  Thrusts through armor.
+Dragon Claw         194  Dragons   Curved dragon scale.
$Xiphos              214  ________  Leaf-shaped blade.
+Chronos Edge        378  ________  Enables party to warp. Enables user to
+Orihalcon Dagger    420  ________  Ancient empire's legacy.
+Gram                550  Dragons   Mythical hero's dagger. Adds power to
                                    special moves.
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

   GEAR                                                              (SUB27)

An equipment never adds damage to creature types and never adds element
property, it may only add protection against certain creature types,
protection against certain elements, stat encrease or immunity from a status
abnormality. Any type of gear may have the following bonus features:

Beasts    : Reduces damage from Beasts
Devils    : Reduces damage from Devils
Insects   : Reduces damage from Insects
Reptiles  : Reduces damage from Reptiles
Birds     : Reduces damage from Birds
Aquatics  : Reduces damage from Aquatics
Minerals  : Reduces damage from Minerals
Undead    : Reduces damage from Undead
Dragons   : Reduces damage from Dragons
Humanoids : Reduces damage from Humanoids
Plants    : Reduces damage from Plants
Floating  : Reduces damage from Floating Beings

GOOD:Flame    : Bonus protecion from Flame damage.
GOOD:Bomb     : Bonus protecion from Bomb damage
GOOD:Wind     : Bonus protecion from Wind damage
GOOD:Bolt     : Bonus protecion from Bolt damage.
GOOD:Water    : Bonus protecion from Water damage.
GOOD:Blizzard : Bonus protecion from Blizzard damage.
GOOD:Land     : Bonus protecion from Land damage.
GOOD:Forest   : Bonus protecion from Forest damage.

BAD:Flame    : Weak against Flame damage.
BAD:Bomb     : Weak against Bomb damage
BAD:Wind     : Weak against Wind damage
BAD:Bolt     : Weak against Bolt damage.
BAD:Water    : Weak against Water damage.
BAD:Blizzard : Weak against Blizzard damage.
BAD:Land     : Weak against Land damage.
BAD:Forest   : Weak against Forest damage.

Immunity:Death     : Invulnerable to Sudden Death
Immunity:Curse     : Invulnerable to Curse
Immunity:Illnes    : Invulnerable to Illnes
Immunity:Confusion : Invulnerable to Confusion
Immunity:Paralysis : Invulnerable to Paralysis
Immunity:Poison    : Invulnerable to Poison
Immunity:Sap Magic : Invulnerable to Sap Magic
Immunity:Sap Moves : Invulnerable to Sap Moves
Immunity:Sleep     : Invulnerable to Sleep
Immunity:Stop      : Invulnerable to Stop

XXX+### : Increases an XXX statistic by ###.

Stat abbreviations:

ATK : Attack
DEF : Defense
MAG : Magic
IMM : Immunity
ACT : Action
MOV : Move

Spell Break X%: Can cast [Spell] chance of breaking is X%.

________: means no bonus feature.

____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

 Bamboo Armor        13   ________  Woven bamboo armor. BAD:Flame.
$Leather Armor       15   ________  Tanned hide armor.
 Bandit Armor        18   ________  Undeniable urge of greed. Enemy drops
                                    more gold when defeated.
$Chain Mail          20   ________  Flexible woven mental armor.
 Shell Armor         24   Aquatics  Decorated with shells. BAD:Bolt.
 Bronze Mail         25   ________  Regular bronze armor. BAD:Flame.
$Iron Cuirass        27   ________  Ordinary iron armor.
 Swordfish Armor     30   Reptiles  Made of fishbone. BAD:Bolt.
$Plate Mail          35   ________  Armor of plated metal.
 BlackQuart Mail     40   IMM+5     Crystalized rock armor. Immunity:
$Ceramics Armor      42   ________  Non-corrosive armor.
 Heavy Mail          45   MOV-10    Very heavy metal armor. Stops
 Ice Armor           45   ________  Protection of blizzard. GOOD:Blizzard.
 Thunder Armor       45   ________  Thunder-charged armor. GOOD:Bolt. BAD:
 Flame Armor         45   ________  Flame-engulfed red armor. GOOD:Flame.
+Alumina Armor       48   ________  Unscratchable armor.
 Dyte Giant Armor    50   ________  Giant armor of brave hero. Immunity:
 Rune Plate          52   IMM+10    Armor of ancient cypher. Immunity:Sap
                                    Moves. IP damage decreased by 10%.
$Warrior Mail        55   ________  Full protection armor.
 Skull Armor         58   ________  Engraved with a skull.
+Mithril Mail        60   IMM+10    Bright white armor.
$Aura Armor          64   ________  Creates energy field. Adds power to
                                    special moves.
 Argestis Armor      65   ________  Coated by sacred winds. GOOD:Wind. BAD:
 Combat Armor        68   ________  Flexible and durable. IP damage
                                    decreased by 15%.
$Jet-Black Armor     70   ________  Deep black armor.
 Carapace            74   ________  Monster turtle's shell. GOOD:Bomb. BAD:
+AquaDragon Armor    75   Dragons   Dragon scale.
 Paladin Armor       85   ________  Sacred armor of chivalry. Extends Status
$Dark Armor          88   ________  Wearer sees light of day. Restores 1SP
                                    more by defending.
 Mistral Armor       95   _______   Tempered by wind of valley. GOOD:
$Phalanx Armor       100  MOV-15    Able to resist legions of foes.
^Golden Armor        112  IMM+20    Luxuriously gold-plated.
+Orihalcon Armor     132  ________  Forged of ancient metal.
 Dark Cuirass        135  ________  Holds unknown dark force. Seals magic
                                    spells in battle.
 Hero's Cuirass      136  ________  Path to great achievement. Restores HP
                                    for limited period.
 Holy Sword Armor    140  ________  Master swordsman's armor. Adds power to
                                    special moves.
 Saintbeast Armor    152  Beasts    Made of sacred beast's wing.
+Platinum Cuirass    ??   ????      ????
 Aureola Armor       ??   ????      ????
 Moonstone Armor     ??   ????      ????
 Plague Armor        ??   ????      ????
 Magicalloy Armor    ??   ????      ????
 Demon Armor         ??   ????      ????
 Daedalus Mail       ??   ????      ????
 Stone Armor         ??   ????      ????
 Michaels Cuirass    ??   ????      ????
 Justice Armor       ??   ????      ????
 Ogre Armor          ??   ????      ????
 Cactus Armor        ??   ????      ????
 Earth Cuirass       ??   ????      ????
 Hero Cast           ??   ????      ????
 Valkyrie Armor      ??   ????      ????
 Spirit Armor        ??   ????      ????
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

 T-Shirt             4    MOV+4     Comfortable fit.
 One-piece Dress     4    IMM+4     Popular cute dress.
 Soft Leather        5    ________  Light flexible leather.
 Clothes             6    ________  Quilted cloth robe.
 Leather Jacket      7    ________  Tanned hide jacket.
 Adventure Clothes   8    ________  Multi-pocketed clothes.
 Soldier Clothes     10   ________  Official military uniform.
$Cuir Bouilli        12   ________  Oil-coated tanned hide.
 Medic Dress         14   ________  Cute off-white dress. Immunity:Poison.
 White Wolf Fur      16   ________  Warm wolf fur. GOOD:Blizzard.
 Flare Dress         17   ________  Burning red dress. GOOD:Flame. BAD:
$Doublet             18   ________  Tight-fitted battle jacket.
 Purifying Dress     22   ________  Purified ceremonial dress. Immunity:
                                    Poison, Confusion.
 Fighting Suit       24   ATK+10    Flows with fighting spirits.
$Sister's Clothes    25   ________  Divinely blessed clothing. Immunity:
 Falcon Clothes      28   Birds     Design based on a falcon.
 Battle Suit         29   ________  Cover-all battle suit.
 Apron Dress         30   ________  Cotton dress with apron. Restores HP
                                    for limited period.
+Rigid Leather       32   ________  Tanned hide light armor.
 Illusion Clothes    36   ________  Illusory and hard to grasp. Evade +5%.
 Fur Coat            36   ________  Warm thick fur coat. GOOD:Blizzard.
+Quilted Silk        36   IMM+6     Mountain tribe's skirt.
$Magician Robe       38   IMM+4     High-magician's long robe.
$Pixie's Robe        44   IMM+10    Transparent pixie's robe. Immunity:
 Sylph's Robe        46   ________  Made of pixie's feathers. GOOD:Wind.
 Mogay Suit DX       48   ________  Special-ordered by rabbits. Enemy drops
                                    more items when defeated.
 Purple Robe         48   IMM+8     Calming deep purple hue. Immunity:
$Knight Coat         50   ________  Master knight's coat.
 Forest Suit         54   Plants    Blessed by woodlands. GOOD:Forest. BAD:
 Earth Robe          55   IMM+12    Earth-powered robe. GOOD:Land, Forest.
                                    BAD:Wind, Bolt.
 Wind Robe           55   IMM+12    Wind-powered robe. GOOD:Wind, Bolt.
                                    BAD:Land, Forest.
 Flame Robe          55   IMM+12    Flame-powered robe. GOOD:Flame, Bomb.
                                    BAD:Water, Blizzard.
+Silverthread Robe   56   IMM+20    Woven magical fabric.
 Robe of Admonition  60   IMM+40    Robe seals user's magic. Always Sap Magic
                                    in battle.
 Lion Field Garb     62   ATK+10    Garb of proud beast king.
$Magi Robe           62   IMM+16    Bane of evil mages.
$Sun Robe            66   ________  Blessed by power of the sun. IP damage
                                    decreased by 10%.
+Dragon Vest         68   Dragons   Vest made of dragon scale.
 Sacred Robe         75   IMM+20    Robe of the purest soul. Immunity:Poison,
                                    Paralysis, Illness.
$Sage Robe           76   IMM+20    Pure-hearted sage's robe. Immunity:Sap
 Devil Cloth         80   ________  Garb of mischievous devil. Longer Sap
                                    Move, Stop & Sap Magic.
 Snowwhite Dress     82   ________  Sparkling white dress. Invalidates enemy
                                    magic attacks in battle.
$Black Costume       83   ________  Lord of darkness' garb. Evade +10%.
 Red Costume         92   ________  Emblazoned with team logo. Adds IP +2500
                                    before battle.
 Glintstring Robe    96   IMM+32    Robe of shimmering fabric.
 Crusade Cloak       105  Devils    Holy cloak with red cross.
+Spell Clothes       116  IMM+24    Conjured by magic scrolls. Immunity:Stop,
                                    Sap Moves, Sap Magic.
 Soul Clothes        118  ATK+50    Haunted by soul of warrior. Disables
 Angel Leotard       122  ________  Winged elastic leggings. Restores HP for
                                    limited period.
 Kingwarrior Robe    176  ATK+25    Robe of world ruler.
 Virgin Uniform      ??   ????      ????
^Battle Bikini       ??   ????      ????
 Virgo Uniform       ??   ????      ????
 White Swimsuit      ??   ????      ????
 Shinewing Robe      ??   ????      ????
 Lucifer Robe        ??   ????      ????
 Black Angel Robe    ??   ????      ????
 Saint Robe          ??   ????      ????
 Divine Robe         ??   ????      ????
 Black Robe          ??   ????      ????
 White Robe          ??   ????      ????
 Angel Clothes       ??   ????      ????
 Holy Clothes        ??   ????      ????
 Aqua Robe           ??   ????      ????
 Priests Robe        ??   ????      ????
 Cotton Armor        ??   ????      ????
 Dark Robe           ??   ????      ????
 Armoring Clothes    ??   ????      ????
 Red Ninja Outfit    ??   ????      ????
 Shoguns Coat        ??   ????      ????
 Rubber Suit         ??   ????      ????
 Silhouette Clothes  ??   ????      ????
 Mans Uniform        ??   ????      ????
 Mogay Clothes       ??   ????      ????
 Antinsect Clothes   ??   ????      ????
 Training Clothes    ??   ????      ????
 Princess Dress      ??   ????      ????
 Serenes Clothes     ??   ????      ????
 Luminary Dress      ??   ????      ????
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

 Wooden Shield       3    ________  Carved out of hard wood.
$Leather Shield      5    ________  Shield of tanned hide.
 Bamboo Glove        6    ________  Made of woven bamboo. BAD:Flame.
$Buckler             9    ________  Small light regular shield.
$Knuckle Glove       13   ATK+5     Made to protect knuckles.
 Bronze Shield       14   ________  Bronze-made battle shield. BAD:Flame.
+Goat Buckler        16   ________  Made of goat leather.
 Burn Bracelet       16   ________  Shaped like burning flame. GOOD:Flame.
                                    BAD:Blizzard. Burn! Break 10%.
$Iron Shield         19   ________  Regular iron shield.
 BlackQuart Glove    21   IMM+2     BlackQuartz absorbs evil.
$Round Shield        22   ________  Small round shield.
 Heavy Shield        25   MOV-5     No wind could blow it away.
 Ice Shield          25   ________  Protects against blizzard. GOOD:
                                    Blizzard. BAD:Bolt.
 Flame Shield        25   ________  Protects against flame. GOOD:Flame.
+Alumina Shield      26   ________  Unscratchable shield.
$Gauntlet            30   ATK+10    Intensifies arm strength.
 Horn Shield         34   ATK+10    Round with horn of a beast.
+Mithril Shield      35   IMM+5     Bright white shield.
$Knight Shield       38   ________  Shield only for knights.
$Jet-Black Shield    42   ________  Deep black shield.
 Amethyst Shield     42   ________  Converts blizzard to energy. GOOD:
                                    Blizzard. BAD:Flame.
+WhiteDragon Shield  45   Dragons   Engraved with white dragon.
 Buster Shield       46   ATK+15    Small but durable shield.
 Ninja Glove         50   ________  Name tagged of Koga. Howlslash Break
$Paladin Shield      52   ________  Face has holy knight's seal. Shorter Sap
                                    Move, Stop & Sap Magic.
$Mirror Shield       56   ________  Magically reflects attacks. Reflects
                                    damage in some cases.
 Curve Shield        60   ________  Rectangular curved surface.
+Lightning Glove     60   MOV+20    Lightning-powered gloves. GOOD:Wind,
                                    Bolt. Blade Zap Break 30%.
 Golden Glove        68   IMM+10    Shiny golden gloves.
 Sorrow Shield       70   ________  Induces feelings of sorrow. Prolongs SP
+Orihalcon Shield    80   ________  Legendary rock shield.
 Spirit Shield       160  ________  Blessed by Elementals. Auto-defend in
                                    some cases.
 Brave Shield        ??   ????      ????
 Meteorite Glove     ??   ????      ????
 Magicalloy Shield   ??   ????      ????
 Holy Whiteshield    ??   ????      ????
 Masters Shield      ??   ????      ????
 Feather Shield      ??   ????      ????
 RedHot Shield       ??   ????      ????
 Iris Shield         ??   ????      ????
 Elder Buckler       ??   ????      ????
 Saint Shield        ??   ????      ????
 Doomed Shield       ??   ????      ????
 Perseus Shield      ??   ????      ????
 Thunder Shield      ??   ????      ????
 Ogre Shield         ??   ????      ????
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

 Leather Wristband   1    ________  Light and soft wristbands.
 Bracelet            2    ________  Normally used for fashion.
$Leather Glove       4    ________  Nice-fitting leather glove.
$Chain Sleeve        7    ________  Sleeves of woven chains.
 Strength Glove      10   ________  Overflowing with strength. WOW! Break
$Iron Ring           11   ________  Heavy but durable ring.
$Purify Bracelet     15   ________  Purifies the body. Immunity:Poison,
                                    Paralysis. Cure Break 25%.
$Magic Glove         20   MAG+5     Gloves with magic power.
$Rune Bracelet       28   MAG+5     Bracelet of ancient cypher.
 Earth Bracelet      30   ________  Has engraving of earth. GOOD:Land,
                                    Forest. BAD:Wind, Bolt.
 Aqua Bracelet       30   ________  Has engraving of water. GOOD:Water,
                                    Blizzard. BAD:Flame, Bomb.
 Wind Bracelet       30   ________  Has engraving of wind. GOOD:Wind,
                                    Bolt. BAD:Land, Forest.
 Flame Bracelet      30   ________  Has engraving of flame. GOOD:Flame,
                                    Bomb. BAD:Water, Blizzard.
 Static Hand         30   ________  Numbs hands when equipped. Zap! Break
$Power Wristband     36   ATK+10    Generates immense power.
$Spiritual Glove     44   MAG+10    Woven from Elemental power. Immunity:
$Shield Bracelet     54   ________  High defense despite looks.

+Silk Glove          18   ________  High quality silk gloves.
+Hunter Glove        24   Beasts    Goat hide and beast fangs.
+Mithril Bracelet    32   IMM+5     Bright white bracelet.
+Sacred Bracelet     40   IMM+10    Made of wood centuries old. Immunity:
                                    Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, Confusion.
 YinYang Wristband   64   Undead    Yin-yang symbol adorns it.
+Medusa Glove        70   ________  Item with demon eyes. Reduces time
                                    needed to cast magic spells.
 Holylight Glove     92   ________  Emit relaxing holy light. Alhealer
                                    Break 30%.
+Platinum Bracelet   ??   ????      ????
 Chaosblood Glove    ??   ????      ????
 Indra Glove         ??   ????      ????
 Mist Gauntlet       ??   ????      ????
 Caeser Knuckle      ??   ????      ????
 Rage Knuckle        ??   ????      ????
 God Hand            ??   ????      ????
 Enosichton Glove    ??   ????      ????
 Glintstring Glove   ??   ????      ????
 Soften Glove        ??   ????      ????
 Medic Glove         ??   ????      ????
 Goddess Bracelet    ??   ????      ????
 Shoguns Bracelet    ??   ????      ????
 Miracle Bracelet    ??   ????      ????
 Bracelet of Trust   ??   ????      ????
 Training Bracelet   ??   ????      ????
 Dragonorb Bracelet  ??   ????      ????
 Moonstone Bracelet  ??   ????      ????
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

 Head Gear           2    ________  Leather hat.
$Leather Helm        5    ________  Made of light tan hide.
$Face Guard          10   ________  Protects most of face.
 Stone Head          12   MOV-5     Makes owner a bit stubborn. GOOD:Land.
                                    BAD:Wind. Stops Knock-backs.
 Bronze Helm         15   ________  Bronze battle helmet. BAD:Flame.
$Battle Helm         17   ________  Battle helmet with spikes.
 Swordfish Helm      18   Reptiles  Helmet made from fishbone. BAD:Bolt.
$Iron Helm           21   ________  Regular iron helmet.
 Warrior Helm        24   ________  Warrior's pride. Immunity: Sap Moves.
 BlackQuart Helm     25   IMM+5     Thrives on evil power.
$Full Face Helm      28   ________  Covers the entire face.
 Heavy Helm          30   MOV-5     So heavy your neck spasms. IP damage
                                    decreased by 10%.
 Ice Helm            30   ________  Tough against blizzard. GOOD:Blizzard.
 Flame Helm          30   ________  Tough against flame. GOOD:Flame. BAD:
 Thunder Helm        30   ________  Tough against lightning. GOOD:Bolt.
 Ogre Helm           30   Humanoids Even stops ogre's attacks.
+Alumina Helm        32   ________  Unscratchable helmet.
$Serlitt             36   ________  Protects the entire head.
+Mithril Helm        40   IMM+5     Bright white helmet.
$Charisma Helm       42   ACT+8     Helmet improves charisma.
$Jet-Black Helm      46   ________  Deep black helmet.
+DarkDragon Helm     50   Dragons   Engraved with dark dragon.
$Paladin Helm        56   ________  Has seal of holy knight. Shorter
                                    Paralysis, Sleep & Confuse.
 Death Mask          60   ________  Strikingly realistic mask. Longer
                                    Paralysis, Sleep & Confuse.
$Shadow Helm         62   ________  Forged alumina and and darkness. Adds
                                    power to all special effect magic.
 Divine Helm         65   Devils    Symbol of loyalty to gods.
 Crystal Helm        68   ________  Surface cool to the touch. IP damage
                                    decreased by 15%.
 Golden Helm         76   IMM+10    Shiny golden helmet.
+Orihalcon Helm      92   ________  Made from legendary metal.
 Royal Helm          105  ________  Elegant Shiny crown. Immunity:Poison,
                                    Sleep, Paralysis, Confusion, Sap Moves,
                                    Sap Magic.
 Adamantine Helm     115  ________  Extremely heavy gold helmet.
^Spirit Helm         160  ACT+60    Blessed by Elementals. IP damage
                                    decreased by 50%.
 Moonstone Helm      ??   ????      ????
+Platinum Helm       ??   ????      ????
 Hades Helm          ??   ????      ????
 Magicalloy Helm     ??   ????      ????
 StarDragon Helm     ??   ????      ????
 Helm of War God     ??   ????      ????
 Blacyclone Helm     ??   ????      ????
 Beetle Helm         ??   ????      ????
 Sols Helm           ??   ????      ????
 Butterfly Mask      ??   ????      ????
 Stone Mask          ??   ????      ????
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________
 HATS                DEF  BONUS     DESCRIPTION
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

 Miser Turban        0    ________  Makes petty stuff important. Enemy drops
                                    more gold when defeated.
$Bandana             4    ________  Regular bandana.
$Feather Hat         7    ________  Decorated with feathers.
 Nurse Cap           8    ________  Smells like peroxide. Immunity:Sleep.
 Leather Bandana     9    ________  Made out of thick leather.
$Sister's Hat        11   ________  Proof of sacred profession.
$Iron Bandana        15   ________  Bandana with iron plate.
+Survival Cap        20   Beasts    Versatile outdoor hat.
+Soft Ribbon         22   IMM+4     Ribbon made of silk.
$Conical Hat         24   MAG+5     Hat usually worn by witches.
 Lace Ornament       25   ________  Pure white lace. Speeds up Regenera.
$Pixie Hat           28   IMM+5     Rare hat from pixie's land. Immunity:
^Man's Headband      30   ACT+5     Headband made only for men. Shorter
                                    Paralysis Sleep & Confuse.
$Barbarian Bandana   32   ________  Bandana used by barbarians.
 Priests Hat         35   IMM+6     Holy symbol blessed by gods. Immunity:
                                    Sleep, Confusion.
+Silver Ribbon       35   IMM+10    Made of silver fabric.
 Aqua Hat            36   IMM+6     Decorated with water relief. GOOD:Water,
                                    Blizzard. BAD:Flame, Bomb.
 Rabbit Ear          40   ________  Charm fo good luck. Enemy drops better
                                    items when defeated.
$Magi Hood           40   IMM+8     Hood for experienced Ranger.
$Phoenix Hat         44   ________  Made of phoenix feathers. IP damage
                                    decreased by 10%.
 Brave Scarf         45   ACT+10    Deep red fashionable scarf.
$Knowledge Hat       48   MAG+10    Hat of bountiful knowledge.
 Whale Mustache      53   Aquatics  Fashionable fake mustache.
$Black Hood          54   ACT+10    Hood makes owner invisible.
 Guard Bandana       70   ________  Protects against shocks. Voids damage
                                    less than 50P.
 Iceniter Barrette   75   ________  Decorated with ice rock. GOOD:Blizard.
+Medusa Bandana      80   ________  Demon's eye stimulates mind.
                                    Counter-attacked less after magic.
 Spirit Headband     86   ACT+12    User surges with willpower.
 Illusion Bandana    95   ________  Often opens path to vortex. Decreases
                                    enemy's Warp ability by 25%.
 Holy Crown          104  ________  Treasure with holy power. Immunity:
                                    Sleep, Stop, Confusion, Curse.
 Moonlight Tiara     ??   ????      ????
 Greatness Crown     ??   ????      ????
 Mystic Ring         ??   ????      ????
 Kitty Headband      ??   ????      ????
 Star Hat            ??   ????      ????
 Bay Crown           ??   ????      ????
 Mystic Hood         ??   ????      ????
 Black Beret         ??   ????      ????
 Solomon Hat         ??   ????      ????
 Sergeant Cap        ??   ????      ????
 Glintstring Hood    ??   ????      ????
 Fire Hat            ??   ????      ????
 Wind Hat            ??   ????      ????
 Earth Hat           ??   ????      ????
 Night Cap           ??   ????      ????
 Shell Hat           ??   ????      ????
 White Strawhat      ??   ????      ????
 Climbing Hat        ??   ????      ????
 Wargod Bandana      ??   ????      ????
 Fighter Bandana     ??   ????      ????
 Mercury Bandana     ??   ????      ????
 Snow Headband       ??   ????      ????
 Angel Circle        ??   ????      ????
 Holybell Tiara      ??   ????      ????
 Athenas Tiara       ??   ????      ????
 Starlight Tiara     ??   ????      ????
 Loving Ribbon       ??   ????      ????
 Goggle              ??   ????      ????
 Fervent Mask        ??   ????      ????
____________________ ____ _________ ________________________________________

____________________ ____ ____ _________ ___________________________________
____________________ ____ ____ _________ ___________________________________

$Leather Leggings    5    0    ________  Tanned hide leg protector.
$Legguard            8    0    ________  Legging with iron insert.
+Goat Greaves        12   0    ________  Made from goat leather.
$Greaves             15   0    ________  Shin protector.
$Warrior Leggings    18   0    ________  Used by warriors for duels.
+Alumina Greaves     20   0    ________  Unscratchable greaves.
+Mithril Legguard    25   0    IMM+5     Bright white leg guards.
$Mega Greaves        28   0    ________  Twice as large as normal.
$Shadow Leggings     28   28   ________  Designed for espionage. Evade +15%.
$Anklet              30  -10   ________  Ornate and protects ankles.
+FireDragon Boots    30   0    Dragons   Legendary and dragon-scaled.
$Paladin Leggings    32   0    ________  Only for righteous knights.
                                         Shortens Status decrease.
 Atlas Greaves       36   0    ________  Protects from most attacks.
$Golden Greaves      44   0    IMM+10    Made of blindingly shiny gold.
+Orihalcon Greaves   46   0    ________  Alchemy made non-corrosive.
 Lightning Greaves   50   0    ________  High quick-attack ability. Reduces
                                         time needed for special moves.
 Magicalloy Greaves  62   0    ________  Composed of magic alloy.
+Platinum Greaves    ??   ?    ????????  ????
 Ordeal Shackles     ??   ?    ????????  ????
 Moonstone Greaves   ??   ?    ????????  ????
 Demon Greaves       ??   ?    ????????  ????
 Generals Greaves    ??   ?    ????????  ????
____________________ ____ ____ _________ ___________________________________

____________________ ____ ____ _________ ___________________________________
____________________ ____ ____ _________ ___________________________________

 Rabbit Shoes        0    0    ________  Lovely designed shoes. 1P more SPD
                                         when Leveled Up.
 Red Shoes           0    0    ACT+10    Adorned with deep red roses.
+Glass Slippers      0    0    ACT+20    Very attractive shoes.
+Mystic Woodshoes    0    0    ________  Carved ancient magic wood.
                                         Decreases enemy's Warp ability by
+Elven Boots         0    5    ________  Make transparent in battle. Casts
                                         Fader after battle starts.
$Shoes               0    6    ________  Good comfortable padding.
 Boots               1    2    ________  Regular boots.
 Soldier Boots       1    4    ________  Nortis Army issued boots.
 Giants Shoes        2    0    ________  Durable under pressure.
$Leather Shoes       2    2    ________  Thick for added protection.
 Climbing Boots      2    4    ________  Also good water repellent.
 Red High Heels      4    4    ________  Sexy woman's high heels.
$Dash Shoes          4    12   ________  Shoes for added quickness.
 Web                 5   -5    ________  Allways fears of drowning. GOOD:
 Crampons            5    5    ________  Allow walking in heavy snow. GOOD:
$Wing Boots          6    18   ________  Decorative magic feathers.
$Safety Shoes        8    4    ________  Very safe durable boots. IP damage
                                         decreased by 5%.
+Hunter Boots        8    8    ________  Light boots for hunting.
$Speed Boots         8    24   ________  Light boots with wing seal.
 Man's Iron Clogs    10  -10   ATK+10    Iron will to fight. Shortens Status
 Warp Shoes          10   0    ________  Warp through dimensions. Enables
                                         user to warp.
$Magic Hi-Heels      10   10   ________  Have power of white magic.
$Battle Boots        12   12   ________  Best suited for close-range.
$Sonic Shoes         12   36   ________  Speed generates shockwaves. GOOD:
$Army Boots          16   16   ________  Durable made for survival.
$Mach Boots          16   48   ________  feet move at high speeds.
+Wyvern Shoes        20   10   Dragons   Have seal of wyvern ruler.
 Lion Boots          24   24   Beasts    Boots for king of beasts.
 Goddess Hi-Heels    25   0    ________  Heels blessed by goddess. GOOD:
                                         Flame, Wind, Water, Land, Bomb,
                                         Bolt, Blizzard, Forest.
 Dancing Heels       25   25   ________  Cursed user dances to death. Always
                                         confused in battle.
 Master Boots        30   30   ________  Boots for master swordsman.
 Explode Shoes       ??   ??   ????????  ????
 Demon Shoes         ??   ??   ????????  ????
 Ninja Sandals       ??   ??   ????????  ????
 Spikes              ??   ??   ????????  ????
 Machine Shoes       ??   ??   ????????  ????
 Rubber Boots        ??   ??   ????????  ????
 Health Sandals      ??   ??   ????????  ????
 Royal Boots         ??   ??   ????????  ????
 Wolf Boots          ??   ??   ????????  ????
 Heavy Boots         ??   ??   ????????  ????
 Rainbow Hi-Heels    ??   ??   ????????  ????
 Queen Heels         ??   ??   ????????  ????
 Spirit Shoes        ??   ??   ????????  ????
____________________ ____ ____ _________ ___________________________________

   ITEMS                                                             (SUB28)

Items have various effects. Accessories have a variety of effects like stat
increase or elemental protection. Restoration items heal HP, MP or cure
status disorders. Battle items, on the other hand, concentrate on dealing
damage or inflicting abnormal status effects upon the enemy.

An accessories may have the following bonus features:

Beasts    : Reduces damage from Beasts
Devils    : Reduces damage from Devils
Insects   : Reduces damage from Insects
Reptiles  : Reduces damage from Reptiles
Birds     : Reduces damage from Birds
Aquatics  : Reduces damage from Aquatics
Minerals  : Reduces damage from Minerals
Undead    : Reduces damage from Undead
Dragons   : Reduces damage from Dragons
Humanoids : Reduces damage from Humanoids
Plants    : Reduces damage from Plants
Floating  : Reduces damage from Floating Beings

GOOD:Flame    : Bonus protecion from Flame damage.
GOOD:Bomb     : Bonus protecion from Bomb damage
GOOD:Wind     : Bonus protecion from Wind damage
GOOD:Bolt     : Bonus protecion from Bolt damage.
GOOD:Water    : Bonus protecion from Water damage.
GOOD:Blizzard : Bonus protecion from Blizzard damage.
GOOD:Land     : Bonus protecion from Land damage.
GOOD:Forest   : Bonus protecion from Forest damage.

Immunity:Death     : Invulnerable to Sudden Death
Immunity:Curse     : Invulnerable to Curse
Immunity:Illnes    : Invulnerable to Illnes
Immunity:Confusion : Invulnerable to Confusion
Immunity:Paralysis : Invulnerable to Paralysis
Immunity:Poison    : Invulnerable to Poison
Immunity:Sap Magic : Invulnerable to Sap Magic
Immunity:Sap Moves : Invulnerable to Sap Moves
Immunity:Sleep     : Invulnerable to Sleep
Immunity:Stop      : Invulnerable to Stop

XXX+### : Increases an XXX statistic by ###.

Stat abbreviations:

ATK : Attack
DEF : Defense
MAG : Magic
IMM : Immunity
ACT : Action
MOV : Move

Spell Break X%: Can cast [Spell] chance of breaking is X%.

________: means no bonus feature.

______________________ __________ __________________________________________
______________________ __________ __________________________________________

 Anti-Evil Charm       ?????????  ????
 Energy Charm          _________  Shimmers mysteriously. Reduces SP
                                  consumtion by 25%.
 Mana Charm            _________  Holds power of golden moon. Reduces MP
                                  consumtion by 25%.
$Divine Talisman       _________  Made from everlasting tree. Reduces SP
                                  consumption by 15%.
$Blast Charm           _________  Defense against bombs. GOOD:Bomb.
$Lightning Charm       _________  Defense against bolt. GOOD:Bolt.
$Blizzard Charm        _________  Defense against cold. GOOD:Blizzard.
$Forest Charm          _________  Defense against forest power. GOOD:Forest.
$Flame Charm           _________  Defense against fire. GOOD:Flame.
$Wind Charm            _________  Defense against wind. GOOD:Wind.
$Aqua Charm            _________  Defense against water. GOOD:Water.
$Earth Charm           _________  Defense against earth. GOOD:Land.
$Poison Charm          _________  Defense against poison. Immunity:Poison.
$Sleep Charm           _________  Defense against drowsiness. Immunity:
$Paralysis Charm       _________  Defense against paralysis. Immunity:
$Stop Charm            _________  Defense against stiffness. Immunity:Stop.
$Confusion Charm       _________  Defense against confusion. Immunity:
$Sap Magic Charm       _________  Defense against Sap Magic. Immunity:Sap
$Sap Move Charm        _________  Defense against Sap Moves. Immunity:Sap
$Plague Charm          _________  Defense against illness. Immunity:Illness.
 Dash Charm             MOV+40    Gives superhuman speed.
 Crescent Jade          DEF+10    Crystal ball for curses. Immunity:Sleep,
                                  Confusion & Curse.
 Talisman               DEF+10    Blessed gem repels evil. Immunity:Poison,
                                  Paralysis & Illness.
 Snake Earrings         DEF+5     Serpent-shaped earrings. Immunity:Poison.
                                  May add items at store if sold.
 Titan's Ring           ATK+40    Holder has power of titans.
$Hercules Ring          ATK+10    Wield rock-crushing power.
 Jade Charm             ATK+5     Ring with magical jade.
 Giant's Ring           DEF+40    Gives stamina of a giant.
 Shield Ring            DEF+20    Huge ring for shielding.
$Magic Ring             MAG+20    Relic of ancient magician.
 Diamonds Ring          DEF+1     Beautiful clear ring. May be sold for
                                  sizeable sum of gold.
 Emerald Ring           DEF+1     Embedded with green gem. May be sold for
                                  sizeable sum of gold.
 Ruby Ring              DEF+1     Ring with burning red gem. May be sold for
                                  sizeable sum of gold.
 Sapphire Ring          DEF+1     Ring with sky blue gem. May be sold for
                                  sizeable sum of gold.
 Aquamarine Ring        DEF+1     Ring with ocean blue gem. May be sold for
                                  sizeable sum of gold.
^Pearl Necklace         DEF+1     Rainbow-colored pearls. May be sold for
                                  sizeable sum of gold.
 Beast Necklace         ATK+15    Gives immunity of a beast. Reduces damage
                                  from Beasts.
$Magic Necklace         IMM+20    Necklace that repels evil.
 Forbear Necklace       DEF+15    IP damage decreased by 25%.
+Revival Gem           _________  Pure soul revives the dead. Revives only
                                  once. Breaks after its effect.
 Medusa Stone           MAG+40    Contains power of Medusa. May add items at
                                  store if sold.
 Luna Stone            ?????????  ????
 Magic Stone           ?????????  ????
 Dark Orb               IMM+40    Contains power of darkness.
 Quartz Pendant         ACT+10    Pendant makes one lighter.
 Orihalcon              ACT+1     Made in lost civilization. May add items
                                  at store if sold.
 Mithril                IMM+1     Bright white metal. May add items at store
                                  if sold.
 Alumina Stone          DEF+1     Unscratchable metal. May add items at
                                  store if sold.
 Heavy Stone            DEF+5     Big rock polished for 50 years. Stops
                        MOV-5     Knock-backs.
 Shoulder Pad           DEF+5     Basic padding absorbs shock.
 Knowledge Medal        MAG+25    Given to the true wise man.
 Honor's Glasses        MAG+10    Lenses thick as bottle bottom.
^Officer Badge          ACT+5s    Proof of ranking.
 Brave Badge            ACT+2     Signifies courage.
 Dragon Scales          DEF+1     Scales of a dragon. May add items at store
                                  if sold.
 Wolf Fang              ATK+1     Gnashes and tears flesh well. May add
                                  items at store if sold.
 Goat Leather           DEF+1     Tanned in rocky mountains. May add items
                                  at store if sold.
 Matador Cloak          MOV+20    Red cape that repels power. Evade +25%.
 Mystic Veil           _________  Miraculous purifying aura. Immunity:Poison,
                                  Sleep, Paralysis, Stop, Confusion, Sap
                                  Moves, Sap Magic, Illness, Curse, Sudden
 Chick Apron           _________  Apron with rooster patch. Immunity:Poison,
                                  Sleep, Paralysis.
 Cape of Darkness       IMM+10    Black fabric repels evil. Reduces damage
                                  from Devils.
$Leather Cape           DEF+10    Light cape of tanned hide.
+Elven Cape             DEF+5     Magic power hides user. Evade +5%. Fader
                                  Break 25%.
 Graviton Cape         ?????????  ????
^Bonds of Trust         ACT+2     Show bond between friends. Trust Ties
                                  Break 0%.
 Phoenix Feather        MOV+5     Feather of a phoenix. Reduces damage from
 Pixie Feather          IMM+5     Beautifully transparent.
 Black Belt            ?????????  ????
 Hurrican Belt          ACT+40    Gives air-stirring speed.
^Sonic Belt             ACT+80    Enables sonic speed moves.
 Silk Clothes           DEF+1     Soft comfortable fabric. May add items at
                                  store if sold.
 Aureola Amulet        _________  Protection from all by god. GOOD:Flame,
                                  Wind, Water, Land, Bomb, Bolt, Blizzard,
 Mars Talisman          DEF+25    War god protects holder. Immunity: Stop,
                                  Sap Moves & Sap Magic. Refresh Break 25%.
 Rabbit Tail           _________  Lovely white accessory. Defend against
                                  level drain.
 Sacredtree Branch      IMM+1     Branch of a sacred tree. May add items at
                                  store if sold.
 Swordfish Bone        ?????????  ????
 Justice Ring           DEF+5     Devine wrath will hit foes. Gad Zap Break
 Rage Ring              ATK+20    Unleashes pent-up rage. Restores 3P more
                                  SP by defending.
 Reflect Ring          _________  Nullifies evil attacks. Reflects damage in
                                  some cases.
$Mirage Earrring        MOV+10    Cloaks user in mirage. Evade +15%.
$Rune Ring              DEF+5     Ring of ancient cypher. IP damage
                                  decreased by 15%.
 Energy Ring            ACT+20    Holds magic defense power. Restores 5P
                                  more SP by defending.
 Absorber Ring          DEF+5     Absorbs the energy of foes. Absorber Break
$Ifrit Ring             DEF+5     Calls pillars of flames. Burnflame Break
$Defence Ring           DEF+5     Magic increases defense. Diggin' Break
+Angel Ring             MAG+10    Blessing protects holder.
+Destroy Ring           DEF+5     Unleashes destruction. BOOMOR! Break 25%.
+Freezrain Ring         DEF+5     Holds magic freezing power. Diamond Dust
                                  Break 25%.
+Heal Ring              DEF+5     Healing power of prayer. Heal Break 25%.
+MegaHeal Ring          DEF+5     Exceptional healing power. Alhealer Break
 Holy Ring             ?????????  ????
 Spirit Ring            ATK+50    Magic ring of Elementals. GOOD:Flame,
                        DEF+50    Wind, Water, Land, Bomb, Bolt, Blizzard,
                        MAG+50    Forest. Immunity:Poison, Sleep, Paralysis,
                        IMM+50    Stop, Confusion, Sap Moves, Sap Magic,
                        ACT+50    Illness, Curse, Sudden Death.
______________________ __________ __________________________________________

______________________ ___________  ________________________________________
______________________ ___________  ________________________________________

$Wound Salve           Single Ally  Heals wounds. Restores HP:400.
$Recovery Medicine     Single Ally  Restores vitality. Restores HP:1200.
 Holy Wound Salve      Single Ally  Divine ointment. Restores HP:1500.
$Megaheal Medicine     Single Ally  Great healing power. Restores HP:2600.
 Scarlet Potion        Single Ally  Red fluid. Restores HP:3600. May add
                                    items at store if sold.
 Squeek-baa Milk       All Allies   Fresh-squeezed milk. Restores HP:2500.
                                    May add items at store if sold.
 Dragon Blood          Ally Circle  Full of dragon power. Restores HP:3600
                                    Adds Defense. May add items at store if
 Aureola Libation      Ally Circle  Shiny sacred water. Restores HP:5000 Add
                                    all Status.
 Spirit Potion         Ally Circle  Divine healing. Restores HP:9999.
 Mystic Potion         ???????????  ????
 Miracle Drink         Single Ally  Stamina drink. Restores MP:200. Affects
                                    all equipped eggs.
 Life Potion           Single ally  Stabalizes life. Restores HP:5000.
 Potion of Aure        ???????????  ????
$Dumpling              All Allies   Addictive flavor. Restores HP:400.
 Strawberry            Single Ally  Well-ripened berry. Restores HP:250. May
                                    add items at store if sold.
 Southern Banana       Single Ally  Sweet ripened fruit. Restores HP:877.
                                    May add items at store if sold.
 Healing Fruit         Single Ally  Nutritious fruit. Restores HP:2000.
$Numbing Needle        Single Ally  Hits numbing spot. Cures Stop.
 Chocolate             Single Ally  Relaxing sweet. Restores HP:100. May add
                                    items at store if sold.
+Chocolate Cake        Single Ally  Bittersweet cake. Restores HP:1800.
+Chocolate Banana      All Allies   Sweet treat. Restores HP:800.
$Caterpillar Soup      Single Ally  Special ethnic food. Restores HP:100
                                    Adds Defense.
 Rainbow Seaweed       Single Ally  Colorful seaweed. Restores HP:300. May
                                    add items at store if sold.
 First Aid Kit         All Allies   Medicinal supplies. Restores HP:600.
$Cure Powder           All Allies   Relaxing powder. Restores HP:2000.
+Iced Strawberry       Single Ally  Syrupy shaved ice. Restores HP:1250.
+Salmon Riceball       Single Ally  Light snack. Restores HP:2200.
$Vaccine               Single Ally  Versatile shot. Cures Illness.
$Smelling Salts        Single Ally  Strong odor. Cures Confusion.
$Paralysis Salve       Single Ally  Stimulates nerves. Cures Paralysis.
^Panacea               Single Ally  Complete cure-all. Cures all Status
$Yomi Elixir           Single Ally  Stimulates will. Revives ally & restores
                                    50% HP.
 Miracle Elixir        Single Ally  Miraculous revival. Revives ally &
                                    restores 50% HP. Adds IP.
 Hero's Elixir         Single Ally  Ancient hero's power. Revives ally &
                                    restores 50% HP. Adds all Status.
 Pixie Dew             Single Ally  Pixie's medicine. Revives ally &
                                    restores HP full. May add items at store
                                    if sold.
 Golden Potion         Single Ally  Shiny liquid. Restores SP:100. May add
                                    items at store if sold.
 Honey Syrup           Single Ally  Sweet sweet honey. Restores MP:5.
                                    Affects all equipped eggs.
 Indigo Potion         Single Ally  Magical indigo leaf. Restores MP:100.
                                    Affects all equipped eggs.
$Tortes Reedpipe      Ally Circle  Refreshing smell. Awakens sleeping ally.
$Poison Antidote       Single Ally  Neutralizes poison. Cures poison.
 Purifying Herb        Single Ally  Purifies body. Cures Poison & Paralysis.
 Weed                  Single Ally  Unwanted plant. Restores HP:1.
$Medicinal Herb        Single Ally  Ground herb. Restores HP:200.
$Cure Herb             All Allies   Relaxing scent. Restores HP:1000.
$Exorcism Scroll       Single Ally  Purifies evil. Cures Curse.
$Magic Blessing        Single Ally  Enables magic. Dispels Sap Magic.
$Move Blessing         Single Ally  Enables moves. Dsipels Sap Moves.
 Blessing Scroll       Single Ally  Anti-Sapping spells. Dispels Sap Moves
                                    & Sap Magic.
 White Truffle         Single Ally  Delicacy. Restores HP:46.
 Classy Mushroom       Single Ally  Fragrant delicacy. Restores HP:59.
 Black Truffle         Single Ally  Special delicacy. Restores HP:96.
 Dainty Mushroom       ???????????  ????
 Golden Nut            Single Ally  Large crunchy nut. Restores HP:72.
 Hot Spring Nut        Single Ally  Boiled Nut. Restores HP:750 Adds Defense
                                    May add items at store if sold.
 Nut of Light          Single Ally  Glossy magic nut. Restores MP:999
                                    Affects all equipped eggs.
 Smoked Salmon         Single Ally  Preserved fish. Restores SP:25. May add
                                    items at store if sold.
 Beef Jerky            Single Ally  Preservative food. Restores HP:600.
 Primeval Meat         Single Ally  Spare ribs. Restores HP:1600 Adds
                                    Offense. May add items at store if sold.
+Dragon Steak          Single Ally  Power of dragons. Restores HP:6000.
 Bread                 Single Ally  Flat bread. Restores HP:150. May add
                                    items at store if sold.
 Raisin Milk Bread     Single Ally  Raisin filled bread. Restores HP:4200.
+Jam Bread             Single Ally  Jam-filled bread. Restores HP:900.
$Fresh Sandwich        Single Ally  Improves immunity. Restores HP:250 Cures
                                    Poison & Paralysis.
+Berry Cake            Single Ally  Berry-filled cake. Restores HP:3000.
 Life Gem              All Allies   Gem of lively ray. Restores HP:1600 May
                                    add items at store if sold.
+Fairy Candy           Ally Circle  Fairy-shaped candy. Restores HP:3000.
 Sulpha Herb           ???????????  ????
^Bamboo Seed           Single Ally  Magicians treat. Restores MP:25. Affects
                                    all equiped eggs.
+Pancake               Single Ally  Satisfying flavor. Restores MP:50.
                                    Affects all equipped eggs.
 Mix Juice             Single Ally  Rejuvenating juice. Restores SP:50.
 Emperor Muscat        Single Ally  Special grape. Restores MP:10. Affects
                                    all equipped eggs.
______________________ ___________  ________________________________________

______________________ ___________  ________________________________________
______________________ ___________  ________________________________________

+Mogay Bomb            Foe Circle   Rabbit-shaped bomb. Attack:450. Causes
                                    major damage to IP.
 Mogay Fireworks       Foe Circle   Big impactful fireworks. Attack:240.
                                    (Fire). May add items at store if sold.
+Super Mogay Bomb      Foe Circle   High-powered bomb. Attack:1100. Causes
                                    major damage to IP.
+Hyper Mogay Bomb      Foe Circle   Creates huge explosion. Attack:1200.
                                    Cancel effect.
 Danger Mogay Bomb     Foe Circle   Refined explosive. Attack:1800. Cancel
 Ultra Mogay Bomb      Single Foe   Ultimate bomb. Attack:2400. Cancel
 Grenade               Around Foe   Hand-thrown bomb. Attack:1400. (Bomb).
                                    May add items at store if sold.
$Hand Grenade          Foe Circle   Military supply. Attack:200.
$Hand Grenade R        Foe Circle   Well-mixed gunpowder. Attack:550.
$Hyper Hand Grenade    Foe Circle   Triple-powered. Attack:1200.
 Time Bomb             All Circle   Bomb with timer. Attack:600. Time Bomb.
 Time Bomb R           All Circle   Modified time bomb. Attack:800. Time
 Hyper Time Bomb       All Circle   Large time bomb. Attack:1500. Time Bomb.
 Timeshock Ball        All Circle   Emits paralyzing fog. Attack:1000. Time
                                    Bomb. Paralysis effect.
 Fuel Air Explosive    Foe Circle   Dangerous bomb. Attack:2000. (Bomb).
 Makibishi             Foe Circle   Ninja-made trap. Attack:650. Decreases
 Dynamite              Foe Circle   Handmade nitro. Attack:600. May add
                                    items at store if sold.
 Ifrit Barrel          Foe Line     Fan-shaped explosion. Attack:600.
 Holy Ashes            Foe Circle   Ashes of sacred charm. Attack:500.
                                    Strong vs. undead.
 Insecticide Burst     Foe Circle   Bursts above enemies. Attack:500.
                                    (Fire). Strong vs. insects.
 Tranquiliing Shot     Foe Circle   Drowsiness bomb. Attack:120. Sleep
 Earth Explosion       ???????????  ????
$Fireball Scroll       Single Foe   Firestorm magic. Magic Attack:260.
 Hell Fire Scroll      Foe Fan      Fire demon scroll. Magic Attack:2000.
                                    (Fire). May add items at store if sold.
$Whirlwind Scroll      Foe Circle   Windstorm magic. Magic Attack:160.
 Tornado Scroll        Around Foe   Wind pixie scroll. Magic Attack:1550.
                                    (Wind). Confusion effect.
$Pebble Scroll         Single Foe   Sandstorm magic. Magic Attack:260.
 Meteor Scroll         Single Foe   Drawing of a comet. Magic Attack:3000.
 Blizzard Scroll       ???????????  ????
 Powerless Nut         Foe Circle   Demoralizing nut. Attack Down
 Weakness Nut          Foe Circle   Decreases morale. Defense Down
 Lethargy Nut          Foe Cricle   Draws drowsiness. Immunity Down
 Exhaustion Nut        Foe Circle   Draws exhaustion. Action Down
 Slowpoke Nut          Foe Circle   Slows if stepped on. Move Down
$Kuko Berry            Foe Circle   Intoxicating nut. Confusion Duration:30.
$Power Drink           Ally Circle  Fountain of energy. Attack Up
$Guard Drink           Ally Circle  Body becomes solid. Defense Up
$Resist Drink          Ally Circle  Added stamina. Immunity Up Duration:30.
$Aggressive Drink      Ally Circle  Berserker drug. Action Up Duratin: 30.
$Speed Drink           Ally Circle  For speed seekers. Move Up Duration:30.
 Toad Oil              Ally Circle  Easy application. Defense Up
+Viper Extract         Ally Circle  Viper venom extract. Action Up
 Fly Agarics           Single Foe   Fatally venomous. Attack:300. (Forest).
                                    Poison effect.
 Red Fly Agarics       Single Foe   Poisonous toadstool. Attack:100.
                                    (Forest). Poison effect.
 Bomb Mushroom         Foe Circle   Volcanic mushroom. Attack:240. May add
                                    items at store if sold.
 Muscle Mushroom       Ally Circle  Bodybuilders' dream. Attack Up
 Defence Mushroom      Ally Circle  Protective spore. Defense Up
 Resist Mushroom       Ally Circle  Improves morale. Immunity Up
 Speed Mushroom        Ally Circle  For ultimate agility. Action Up
 Runner Truffle        Ally Circle  Rare delicacy. Move Up Duration:40.
 Voltbird Feather      Foe Circle   Bolt-calling feather. Magic Attack:350.
                                    (Bolt). Paralysis. Strong vs. birds.
 Platinum Feather      Ally Circle  Refined platinum. IP +600. May add items
                                    at store if sold.
 Silver Feather        Single Ally  Silver replica. IP +600. May add items
                                    at store if sold.
 Gold Feather          Single Ally  Gold-plated feather. IP +999. May add
                                    items at store if sold.
+Prism Feather         Ally Circle  Rainbow feather. IP +999.
 Miner's Candy         Ally Circle  Bittersweet candy. Attack Up
 Mermaid Harp          Foe Circle   Finely-tuned harp. Sleep Duration:30.
 Voltfang Stone        Foe Circle   Electrocuting rock. Magic Attack:500.
                                    (Bolt). May add items at store if sold.
 Lightning Stone       Foe Fan      Electrifying rock. Magic Attack:1200.
                                    (Bolt). Paralysis effect.
 Thunder Stone         Single Foe   Thunderous gem. Magic Attack:1600.
                                    (Bolt). Paralysis effect.
 Thor Stone            ???????????  ????
 Flint Stone           Single Foe   Magical flint stone. Magic Attack:350.
 Flame Stone           Foe Circle   Flame-energy rock. Magic Attack:350.
 Blazing Stone         Single Foe   Infernal fire gem. Magic Attack:720.
                                    (Fire). May add items at store if sold.
 Ice Quart             Single Foe   Light blue gem. Magic Attack:450.
                                    (Blizzard). May add items at store if
 Icefang Stone         Single Foe   Found in glaciers. Magic Attack:720.
                                    (Blizzard). May add items at store if
 Freeze Gem            Single Foe   Coffin-shaped gem. Magic Attack:1400.
                                    (Blizzard). May add items at store if
 Gale Stone            Foe Line     Wind-blowing rock. Magic Attack:350.
 Quake Stone           Around Foe   Contains quake power. Magic Attack:350.
 Angel Tear            Single Ally  Angel's teardrop gem. Resurrection
                                    Duration:40. May add items at store if
 Shine Prism           Own Single   Prismatic object. Barrier effect:1000.
 Gorgon Eye            Single Foe   Eye of a witch. Stop Duration:30.
 Silence Orb           Foe Circle   Rock with rest note. Sap Magic
______________________ ___________  ________________________________________

______________________ ___________  ________________________________________
______________________ ___________  ________________________________________

 Seed of Life          Single Ally  Damage resistance. Max. HP +25.
 Seed of Moves         Single Ally  Hints of skills. SP +10.
 Seed of Power         Single Ally  High in protein. STR +3.
 Seed of Defense       Single Ally  High in vitamins. VIT +3.
 Seed of Magic         Single Ally  Scholars' treat. INT +3.
 Seed of Psyche        Single Ally  Rids one of fear. MEN +3.
 Seed of Swift         Single Ally  Inspires loss of weight. AGL +3.
 Seed of Running       Single Ally  Breeds stronger legs. SPD +3.
 Omnipotent Seed       ???????????  ????
______________________ ___________ _________________________________________

   RARE ITEMS                                                        (SUB29)

Some of these items you get in the course of the game, the rest of them can
be won in the Crash Heads mini game. After the concert talk to the people
from the audience and someone might give one of the rare items to you. Keep
doing the concert to collect them all.

NOTICE: Rare items do nothing. They only take up space in your inventory and
        nothing else. I don't want *any* e-mails about this. Period.

______________________ _____________________________________________________
______________________ _____________________________________________________

 4 Elemental Slab      Mysterious ancient artifact. Made of slabs of all
                       four Elementals. Starry Gate's Key.
 Arcada Bread          Homemade soft bread. Staple food of Arcada. Tasty
                       bread with chewy texture and joyful flavor.
 Ancient Seal          Mysterious message plate. A plate found in Venom
                       Ruins. Has an image similar to one found in
                       Escarre's army facility.
 Aqua Slab             Mysterious ancient artifact. Slab found in Aqua
                       Ruins. Thought to be the fuse to control Element of
 Book of Ancient Gears Books of ancient knowledge. Analyses of Ancient
                       Gears. 54 volumes. Taller than normal person when
                       stocked up.
 Cogwheel Toy          Toy of Ancient Gear. Special toy bought with
                       savings. Very detailed for a toy.
 Defective Sound       Imperfect Sound Bite. An article left by Quanlee.
                       Makes sorrowful noise unlike other sound bites.
 Delicious Fish        Fish caught near Escarre. Fish given by a boy. So
                       delicious it tastes out of this world.
 Driving Manual        Driving instructions. Army driver's manual booklet.
                       Unpopular among soldiers for its thickness and
 Discount Ticket       ????
 Emotion Bracelet      Handmade bracelet. Traditional craft of Arcada.
                       Craftsmanship is superb in this handmade accessory.
 Flame Slab            Mysterious ancient artifact. Slab found in Flame
                       Ruins. Thought to be the fuse to control Element of
 Fullmoon Mushroom     Beautiful toadstool. Cap only opens under full moon.
                       Paralyzes if consumed though it looks tasty.
 Hazma Nut             Hazman forest's fruit. Hazman forest's rare fruit.
                       Unimaginably flaroably.
 Humhum Herb           Mink's favorite grass. Very sweet white leaf. Its
                       bitter taste spreads as it is chewed.
 Lovely Vesture        Popular clothes for women. Cutting-edge designer
                       clothes. Lots of exposed skin. Requires confidence
                       to wear it.
 Land Slab             Mysterious ancient artifact. Slab found in Land
                       Ruins. Thought to be the fuse to control Element of
 Locket                Necklace holding a photo. Photo of lover is held
                       within. Thier love lasts forever despite the long
 Old Pipe              Pipe for relaxation. Men's item made of Baobab.
                       Strong smell makes it offensive to smoke in public.
 Poff Nut              Mossy nut. Carro's favorite food. Not edible for
                       humans though meat of nut seems tasty.
 Redwing Charm         Charm with red feather. Courageous hero's symbol.
                       The owner will be forever respected for bravery.
 Rich Perfume          Expensive fragrance. Must-have for classy woman.
                       Extremely expensive although works very well.
 Shiny Rock            Brilliant rock. Rare lucent rock of Arcada.
                       Immediately attracts all. Changes color by its
 Wind Slab             Mysterious ancient artifact. Slab found in Gale
                       Ruins. Thought to be the fuse to control Element of
______________________ _____________________________________________________

   XI. SIDEQUESTS                                                    (SEC11)

   CRASH HEADS                                                       (SUB30)

When you first visit Escarre go to the music hall and there will be 3
unlucky musicians ('Crash Heads') who just can't make any music without your
help. To help them compile some music you'll have to search for the Sound
Bites scattered across the dungeons. When you find a Sound Bite bring it
back and give it to them. When you bring all the Sound Bites required to
learn a specific song that song appears in your menu. When that happens
you'll be able to play this song for the public. Later in the game these
guys move to Locca Park.

Songs & Sound Bites

You find your first Sound Bite in Aqua Ruins, I'm pretty sure that you can't
miss it. After that Sound Bites 2, 3, B1, B2 and B3 are gained when you
continue exploring elemental dungeons they are really hard to miss. Look
below on how to get the rest of them.

There are a total of 5 songs. The first four you get normaly and the last
one is hidden, you can get it after you beat the last boss. The Sound Bites
for the hidden song are in the bonus dungeon.

Here is the list of Songs and the appropriate Sound Bites:

_________________ __________________ _______________________________________
_________________ __________________ _______________________________________

Seagul Restaurant Sound Bite 1       Aqua Ruins - Interior
                  Sound Bite 2       Aqua Ruins - Interior
                  Sound Bite 3       Aqua Ruins - Interior
Grana Saber       Sound Bite B1      Whirlwind Peak - Ghost Town
                  Sound Bite B2      Gale Ruins - Interior 1
                  Sound Bite B3      Gale Ruins - Exterior - Upper Level
                  Sound Bite B4      Starry Corridor 10th Level
Live!Live!Live!   Sound Bite C1      Illusory Meadow 1
                  Sound Bite C2      Illusory Meadow 2
                  Sound Bite C3      Venom Ruins - Interior (hidden room)
                  Sound Bite C4      Land Ruins 1 (Boost Level 1)
                  Sound Bite C5      Land Ruins 2 (Boost Level 1)
Grandia's Theme   Sound Bite D1      Land Ruins 3 (Boost Level 1)
                  Sound Bite D2      Inferno Pit (Boost Level 1)
                  Sound Bite D3      Volcano - Exterior (Boost Level 1)
                  Sound Bite D4      Flame Ruins - Interior (Boost Level 1)
                  Sound Bite D5      Darkness Ruins - Factory Interior
                  Sound Bite D6      Light Ruins - Vestige
Jolly Life!       Sound Bite E1      Vortex Corridor 20th Level
                  Sound Bite E2      Vortex Corridor 30th Level
                  Sound Bite E3      Vortex Corridor 40th Level
                  Sound Bite E4      Vortex Corridor 50th Level
                  Sound Bite E5      Vortex Corridor 60th Level
                  Sound Bite E6      Vortex Corridor 70th Level
                  Sound Bite E7      Vortex Corridor 80th Level
                  Sound Bite E8      Vortex Corridor 90th Level
_________________ __________________ _______________________________________


What is Carro? It is a fluffy creature who likes to eat Poff Nuts. ^_^

Carros in Grandia are like Moogles in FF. They appear in various Grandia
games with multi-purpose applications. Carros in Grandia II for example,
were used to light your way through a dungeon, and appeared in some mini
games. Carros make their comeback this time in Grandia Xtreme and you'll
need to search the dungeons for them in order to make them dance in the

There are a grand total of 25 Carros, no more no less. Each dungeon has 5
Carros in total. However, you should note that not all dungeons have them.
The only dungeons that are inhabited by Carros are: Land Ruins, Flame Ruins,
Aqua Ruins, Gale Ruins and Venom Ruins. Dungeons that do not have them are:
Light Ruins, Darkness Ruins and all the Corridors.

Another very important thing (discovered by the Moon Cloud) that you should
note is that when you visit the dungeon for Carros it only allows one Carro
at a time to be found. There's only one Carro in a dungeon at any time
given. So, for example, in order for you to collect all 5 Flame Carros
you'll have to visit the Flame Ruins at least 5 times. That's the reason why
most gamers find it confusing to search for Carros. You can't get all the
Carros in one go through a ruin.

A Carro found in one ruin will look, act, and sound different then one from
another ruin. The colors of the Carros vary depending on were you got them
from. For instance a Carro found in the Aqua Ruins will be blue while the
one found in Flame Ruins will be red. The wild Carros that you will
encounter are about as big as Evann's foot, possibly a little bigger, not
to mention they blend into the scenery very well so hunting them down will
be quite a task.

You will need to hunt them down for the concert. The more Carros you have
and the better you make them dance -- the better your chances of getting a
rare items after the concert are.

Here's a list of Carros and their locations:
________________ ____________________________ ______________________________
CARRO            RUIN                         LOCATION
________________ ____________________________ ______________________________

Land Carro 1     ___________________________  _____________________________

Land Carro 2     Land Ruins 1                 Go down the ladders and search
                                              under the tall tree.
Land Carro 3     Land Ruins 1                 In the right end of the second
                                              trapped corridor, press O to
                                              open the secret door.
Land Carro 4     Land Ruins 3                 Left end of the corridor
                                              usuaully haunted by a
Land Carro 5     Land Ruins 3                 Inside the room where the
                                              Minotaur (Boss) was.
Flame Carro 1    Inferno Pit                  Mauntain peak near the Volcano
Flame Carro 2    Inferno Pit                  He's running around just right
                                              from the entrance to the
Flame Carro 3    Volcano - Exterior           Head left into the cave near
                                              the entrance.
Flame Carro 4    Flame Ruins - Interior       In one of the secret rooms.
                                              Get there after you put down
                                              the flames.
Flame Carro 5    Flame Ruins - Interior       It's in the room with two
                                              sliding blocks, ramp, and two
Water Carro 1    Tsunami Trough - Ocean Bed   Near the chest with lots of
                                              fishes all over it.
Water Carro 2    Tsunami Trough - Ocean Cave  Area before the big transport
                                              fish that takes you further
                                              into the ruins.
Water Carro 3    Tsunami Trough - Ocean TempleAfter going down the winding
                                              entrance ramp, make right and
                                              search behind you.
Water Carro 4    Aqua Ruins - Interior        Blue access room via room with
                                              6 hexagons & red sphere in
                                              center with buzz enemies.
Water Carro 5    Aqua Ruins - Interior        Secret door under left
                                              staircase near the entrance.
Wind Carro 1     Whirlwind Peak - Ghost Town  From the entrance walk down
                                              the ramp and you'll see it.
Wind Carro 2     Gale Ruins - Interior        Inside a room with lots of
Wind Carro 3     Gale Ruins - Interior 2      Secret room at end of transit
                                              of 1st large platform.
Wind Carro 4     Gale Ruins - Interior 2      1st room off second small
                                              floating platform
Wind Carro 5     Gale Ruins - Exterior        On the mountain peak near the
                                              one-time Geo Point right
                                              before boss.
Venomous Carro 1 Illusory Meadow 1            Head to the right area from
                                              the entrance.
Venomous Carro 2 Illusory Meadow 1            The other way of 2 way split
                                              right before the entrance to
                                              Illusory Meadow 2.
Venomous Carro 3 Illusory meadow 2            Pass left entrance to Venom
                                              Ruins & keep on going down
                                              onto Mickey Mouse, use map to
                                              look for the two ring eared
                                              devil that all kids love.
Venomous Carro 4 Venom Ruins - Interior       Inside one of the rooms.
Venomous Carro 5 Venom Ruins - Interior       Inside the secret room in blue
                                              gun wing.
________________ ____________________________ ______________________________


You can place up to 5 Carros on the 3x3 grid. 1 Carro occupies 1 slot on the
grid like this:
 ___ ___ ___
| C | C | C |       For example, this grid is occupied by 5 Carros.
|___|___|___| <---- No more can be placed here.
| C |   | C |
|   |   |   |

If you collect all 5 Carros of a particular color (type) and place then on
the grid a pattern will appear. This pattern will be indicated by lightened
blocks. If you place your 5 Carros on the pattern and then play the song
your chances of getting an item will rise.

Here's the patterns for each Carro type:

 Land pattern   Flame pattern  Water pattern  Wind pattern   Venom pattern
  ___ ___ ___    ___ ___ ___    ___ ___ ___    ___ ___ ___    ___ ___ ___
 | C | C | C |  | C |   | C |  | C |   | C |  |   | C |   |  |   | C |   |
 |___|___|___|  |___|___|___|  |___|___|___|  |___|___|___|  |___|___|___|
 |   | C |   |  | C |   | C |  |   | C |   |  | C | C | C |  | C |   | C |
 |___|___|___|  |___|___|___|  |___|___|___|  |___|___|___|  |___|___|___|
 |   | C |   |  |   | C |   |  | C |   | C |  |   | C |   |  | C |   | C |
 |___|___|___|  |___|___|___|  |___|___|___|  |___|___|___|  |___|___|___|

Placing Carros of different colors on any pattern will have no added effect.

First you choose the song you want to play. Then you chose how many Carros
you want to put on display. You make Carros dance according to music and
make people happy. As mentioned above the better Carros dance the better
your chances of getting an item from the audience after the concert are.

Listen to the tune and watch the musical notes appear on the phonograph,
when they do press the buttons to make Carros dance. Sometimes a triangle
button will appear, press the triangle button when it does. Keep pressing
the buttons along with the music.

Here are some thoughts of Karen concerning this sidequest:

'You know when the yellow notes come up? Instead of pushing the same button
for every note, switch. Press the square, the X and the O at different
notes. One note you press X, the other you press O. But of course you press
triangle when it comes up.'

And here's what Whispering Hope (Moon Cloud) has to say about it:

'When playing the song, get more yellow 'sound bites' thingy than the blue
notes, cause they give you more chances of receiving items, cause when I
did that, more people started liking it.'

NOTICE: A funny thing to notice: while you play the song you may notice
        that occasionally one of your audience may be a Lucky Mink.

Prize list

For your performance you can get rare items. They are: Driving Manual,
Delicious Fish, Redwing Charm, Emotion Bracelet, Lovely Vesture, Locket,
Fullmoon Mushroom, Shiny Rock, Humhum Herb, Poff Nut, Discount Ticket, Old
Pipe, Book of Ancient Gears, Rich Perfume, Hazma Nut, Arcada Bread

These rare items do nothing but take up space in your inventory. you will
never get anything else.


Q: What is the difference between these songs?

A: Well the tune, of course. And it appears that items you get form the
   audience differ from one song to another.


Q: Can I buy/sell/use in battle a Sound Bite?

A: No.


Q: Can I miss a Sound Bite?

A: No.


Q: I looked in that place and there was no Sound Bite!

A: Some of them will only be available after a certain Boost Level.


Q: Can I buy/sell/use in battle a Carro?

A: No.


Q: Can I miss a Carro?

A: No. Well, you can but it won't disappear.


Q: Do Carros have any other applications?

A: No, they are only needed for the Crash Heads sidequest.


Q: I looked in that place and there was no Carro!

A: It should be there. But if it isn't then you'll probably need to wait
   until the Boost happens. Also remember that Carros are very small--you'll
   have to search harder and that some of them are located in secret rooms
   which are hard to spot.


Q: I saw a red Carro, but that #$@^* encountered me!

A: No, you dumbass, that was a Lucky Mink!


Q: Where can I use those rare items I get from this mini-game?

A: Nothing. They simply occupy space in your inventory. You can't use them
   for anything. Really, you can't.


Q: Why can't I find a Caro in a dungeon?

A: You can only collect one Carro per visit in a dungeon.

   THE SPIRIT SEARCH                                                 (SUB31)

Well the spirit stuff is a set of really good equipment. Anyway, there is a
complete set of spirit equipment to be found. You should note that you can't
start using the Spirit equipment right away. First you'll have to get the
S-Rank Skill Full Armor. Equip this skill and then you'll be able to equip
those items. Except the Spirit Blade, Evann can use it any time.

Big thanks to Buster for the greater part of the info on the Spirit

Spirit Blade: Evann's best weapon. It can be found on levels 75-80 in the
              Bonus Dungeon (Vortex Corridor). Encounter the King's Knight
              then steal the blade from it. You will grab a WHOLE LOT of
              Curse Blades before you snag the grand prize. Also it appears
              that if Titto is about the same level as the King Knight then
              it becomes much easier to steal the blade.
Spirit Armor: The Spirit Armor is found much like the Spirit Sword. It is
              found on levels 75-80 of the Bonus Dungeon (same place the
              King's Knight can be found). Those Steel Soldiers with WAY
              too many life points for their own good...yeah, they have
              the great armor! Sure as day you'll find MAAANY Plague
              Armors before you can get the Spirit Armor, but it WILL
Spirit Shield: This item is in the Light Ruins - Interior 2. In the dungeon
               you will find a room with a ring of pillars. There will be a
               pillar directly in front of you, but you will have to go to
               the one just to the left of it and break it...then continue
               to break the other pillars in a counter-clockwise order. As
               far as I can tell there is only one Spirit Shield. You can
               get it later if you missed it the first time through the
               Light Ruins but you can only take it once.
Spirit Helm: The Spirit Helm is in Locca at Skillmans shop. You can buy it
             for 48000 points, and that's a lot. You'll have to sell tons
             of Skills/Skill Books to get this item.
Spirit Ring: You can get this item in the Platinum level of Juston's Game
             after beating Quanlee (final Boss). It will take a nice chunk
             of your money to claim this one!! *hint*...if you play the
             game a lot without success...just reset the game from before
             you started and play your money again...its easier than
             throwing it all away and earning it back with blood and
Spirit Shoes: Same as above. Win it at the Juston's Platinum Game.
Spirit Staff: Jaid's weapon. Very late levels of the Vortex Corridor. Steal
              it from a Lucifuge monster.
Spiritual Glove: Buy it from the Locca general store.
Spirit Headband: A random item. Can be stolen from Armadillon.
Spirit Potion: Win it at the Juston's Platinum Game. Or you could try
               stealing it from Bahamut.


Q: What is the easiest Spirit equipment to get?

A: Spirit Shield, or the Spirit Helm.


Q: How soon can I get any of the Spirit equipment?

A: The Spirit Helm is the earliest piece you can get. Followed by the Spirit


Q: Can I miss any of the Spirit equipment?

A: No, you can't. Even if you're at the end of the game and without a single
   Spirit item -- you can still go and hunt them all down.


Q: Can I buy anything else beside the Spirit Helm?

A: No.


Q: I can't equip my Spirit equipment! Help!

A: You need the S-Rank Full Armor skill maxed out in order to equip the
   Spirit equipment. The Spirit Sword can be equipped by Evann even without
   that skill.

   JUSTON GAMBLE                                                     (SUB32)

The Justun Gamble is only available _after you beat the game_ if you talk to
Juston before that he will just rant some gibberish. After you beat the
Quanlee you'll be asked to save your game -- do so. After that you'll be
back in Locca. And now -- you may visit Juston to do some gambling. Most of
this info came from Buster so thanks to him. If anything more comes up I'll
add it.


First off there are four levels to play at. The higher level you play the
better stuff you are able to get! Okay here are the levels and their
respective costs:

Copper Course   : 200G   (extra ball: 400G)
Silver Course   : 1000G  (extra ball: 2000G)
Gold Course     : 5000G  (extra ball: 10000G)
Platinum Course : 50000G (extra ball: 100000G)

You should take note that Evann has to be Lvl 40 or higher to play the Gold
Course and Lvl 50 or higher for the Platinum Course. It's hard to tell what
are the requirements for the Copper Course and Silver Course because usually
players beat the game with levels 40 and above. Of course if you know the
requirements then you know what to do -- e-mail me.


Okay, everything is luck in this game! You pick between six different
color balls (each ball has a special mark that coincides with six different
possible prizes). The gamble takes place in what looks like a gumball
machine. The balls get bounced around and at the end one ball drops
out of the machine. If the color of the ball matches the one you picked at
the start, you win a prize. The prizes are removed one by one as the balls
are being bounced around until there are only two prizes left. Then at the
end one of the prizes will randomly be picked as your prize. Everything is
random here, and since there are 6 different colored balls and 6 different
prizes to be had, getting one specific item can become rather difficult.

The gumball machine can be bashed using the left Analog Stick.

You can add up to 14 extra balls of your color though (each at double the
initial price... ex: extra balls in the copper course would take 400G each)
to better your odds of winning. I do believe the game is somewhat foxed to
your disadvantage!

The odds of winning SOMETHING are 1/6, whilst the odds of winning a
SPECIFIC item are 1/12. By placing additional balls you, of course, increase
your chances.

Well my experiences have proven to not go NEARLY that well!! That is the
lowdown on the Justin game. There are a LOT of prizes for each level but you
should only stay with the gold and platinum games. The Platinum has the
spirit stuff and some good armor, shoes, weapons, etc...while the gold has
the Devil Shoes which are supposed to be really fast and the Zero Weapons.
Zero weapons have 0 attack power, but they give you more experience per

Prize List

Copper Course        Silver Course        Gold Course        Platinum Course
-------------        -------------        -----------        ---------------
Rabbit Shoes         ????                 Bay Crown          Daedalus Mail
Rubber Boots                              Hero Cast
Trnquilizing Shot                         Shinewing Robe
Climbing Hat
Soften Glove
Energy Ring
Ring Dagger
Runner Truffle
Thief's Sword
Burning Bow
Magic Knife
Rage Knuckle
Miner's Candy
Wood Sword
Bamboo Katana
Bamboo Armor
Bamboo Arrow
Angry Ax
Virgo Uniform
Master's Blade
Master's Shield
Mogay Fireworks
Cactus Armor
Rainbow Seaweed
Red Fly Agarics
Stone Head
White Strawhat
Prayer Staff
Wintry Dagger
Silence Orb
Moral Knife
Purifying Herb
Toad Oil
Golden Nut
Geo Blade
Poisoned Needle
Wood Stick
Honey Syrup
Silver Feather
Beef Jerky
Small Sword
Loving Ribbon
Sulpha Herb
Woodsman Ax
Heavy Shield
Demon Greaves
Dyte Giant Armor
Master Bow
Mana Charm
Leaf Knife
Lace Ornament
Gold Feather
Exhaustion Nut
Energy Charm
Black Belt
Melrose Saber
Paladin Sword
Powerless Nut
Silvermoon Blade

   VORTEX CORRIDOR (BONUS DUNGEON)                                   (SUB33)

First things first, the bonus dungeon is only available after you beat the
game. Check the base Geo Point in Locca and you'll notice that it has a new
option of going to the Underground Cavern. Go there. You'll end up in the
Light Ruins in an area that was previously unreachable. From there make your
way to Quanlee's Birthplace and enter the Vortex Corridor.

The Vortex Corridor is a randomly generated 100 level dungeon. Yes, there
are 100 levels in total. You explore each level and then elevate down just
like you did in the Starry Corridor. However, the Geo points here are a bit

Every 5th level you'll come across a Geo Point with a number of options:

[Entrance] : Makes an entrance to this level of Vortex Corridor which can be
             used from the base Geo Point in Locca.
[Exit]     : Instantly teleports you back to Locca without the ability of
             going back to the same level.
[Item]     : Generates a completely random item.
[Recover]  : Heals your entire party.

After you use one of the options the Geo Point disappears and will only
appear if you visit this level again.

So in order for you to save your game in Locca and have a Geo Gate into the
dungeon you'll have do the following: Choose the desired level from where
you want to continue when you load. Make an [Entrance] at that level. Then
go down at least five more levels until you reach another Geo Point. Make an
[Exit] here which will teleport you back to Locca where you can save your
game. Save your game. The next time you load your game you will be able to
go back where you made that [Entrance]. Yes, you'll have redo those five
levels again but it is the easiest way.

I do not recommend choosing the [Recover] option I think that it's a waste
of a Geo Point. I usually explore the dungeon and heal with items that I
find. When I reach a Geo Point that I don't really need I choose [Item] and
then continue down.

Yes, the music in the bonus dungeon is from previous Grandia installments.

You should take note that this dungeon does NOT have any final boss at the
end. Instead it has the second ending. When you reach the 100th floor you'll
see that ending but you won't be able to save or go back so I suggest making
[Entrance] at 90th level.

If the second ending does not give good reason for completing 100 levels
then you might want to think twice about going down. But the main reason why
players usually explore the Vortex Corridor is for the great items and
experience you can get. Oh and Vortex Corridor does NOT have a Level 200

As mentioned above this is a randomly generated dungeon so as always a
throughout guide is unnecessary. Instead let's review every 20 levels.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that you can find a lot of nice Man Eggs


- The first levels are very similar to the Starry Corridor. Mid level
  enemies, damaging smoke and door puzzles will be a common feature during
  these levels.

- Don't be surprised when you find some mushrooms down levels 10+. You may
  ignore them because they can hold enemies but remember that they can also
  heal your party.

- In the late portion of these levels enemies tend to get a bit more serious.
  Some of the tougher foes you'll meet are: Sarracenia Mantis, Skull Snail,
  Minotaur and Hammerhead. But nothing out of the ordinary.

- You have a slim chance of encountering a Lucky Mink here. Don't go on a
  wild hunt here. Instead wait until later when there'll be more of them.

- From the very first levels of the Vortex Corridor you will be encountering
  2 of the most important and useful creatures in Grandia Xtreme.
  Armadillons and Fenni birds. Armadillons look like Hammerheads but are
  green and Fenni Birds are similar to Phoenixes. The reason I mention them
  (and the reason everyone is talking about them) is that they have simply
  astonishing items/equipment/accessories and skills to steal. Especially
  Armadillons. Fenni Birds usually drop high level A-S Rank skills which are
  also very useful.

  Look up Armadillon in my Bestiary, you'll be amazed how many different
  items these guys have. From weapons to recovery items. You name it they
  have it! Do not miss your chance to boost your party's equipment.

- Sound Bite E1 can be found on the 20th level. It's near the Geo Point.


- Yes--this is it. Levels 35-40 will be your Lucky Mink hunting area. For
  more info about Lucky Minks read the 'Sidequests' section.

- Some of the tougher foes you'll meet are: Armored Slime, Mega Beast and
  Dual Scissors.

- Mushrooms will be replaced by some kind of jars which are also breakable.
  And watch out for the strange substance on the floor--it can damage you.

- Sound Bite E2 can be found on the 30th level. It's near the Geo Point.

- Sound Bite E3 can be found on the 40th level. It's near the Geo Point.







   LUCKY MINKS MADNESS                                               (SUB34)

Why should I!?

Why? Because you can get ridiculously large ammounts of experience! That's

Lucky Minks start appearing as soon as you enter the Starry Corridor, but
they are very rare there so usually it is best to wait until you have an
access to the Vortex Corridor. Lucky Minks give you huge experience rewards,
if you prepare correctly you can get millions of experience--yes millions!

Once you beat Quanlee and head down to the Vortex Corridor you can get ready
for the hunt. Lucky Minks usually appear between levels 30 and 50; they look
exactly like sables but are red. Once you spot one--encounter it, but first
read bellow on how to get ready.


Skills: Equip your 4 characters with at least 2-3 Coercion skills to keep
the Lucky Minks from running away, if not enough equip more. Equip a couple
of Iron Guards for each character to keep them from doing 1-2 damage to your
party -- thus insuring that you'll get 1.2 bonus experience. Hero's Spirit
is another slill that should be equipped for that 2x experience that it

Equipping speed boosting skills is optional but useful because Lucky Minks
are very fast.

If you have Asura Spirits--equip them. They will be very useful. If you
have more then one then distribute them amongst party members.

Gear: equip all of the party with the Hero Cast body armor that gives +1
bonus to all stats when you level up, then equip the Bay Crown head armor
for a +1 bonus for agility and Zero Weapons for bonus experience points.
The equipment mentioned above can be obtained from the Juston Gamble mini
game. The Hero Cast and the Bay Crown are useful but optional however the
Zero Weapons are a must. Zero Weapons have 0 ATK but that's ok since you
can't damage Lucky Mink for more than 1-2 HP. But the main reason for
equipping those weapons is that they boost experience gained after battle.

Lucky Minks burn rubber like there's no tomorrow! They are fast in every
single way. Their speed is super high, they run around the field like mad
and are always trying to escape the combat (thus the Coercion skills).
Return the favor by equipping speed boosting skills/accessories and
equipment with Warp capabilities.

Mana Eggs: Well your Mana Eggs should be quite powerful by this time but be
sure to have a couple of multi-hitting magic spells like Zap All or Diamond
Dust. Actually--any multi hitting magic will do fine. It doesn't have to be
powerful, Crackle for example will do just fine.

Moves: Any multi-hitting move wil do just fine here, I used Photon Shower
and it worked pretty great for me.


Put all your teammates on the tactic [Play Fair]. It makes your teammates
attack only with [Combo] & [Critical]. This is the automated battle where
you can leave your PS2 while you do other things. When you return if there
are still lots of Lucky Minks then switch to [Manual] and unleash a couple
of spells/moves to clear the screen a bit then switch back to tactic
[Play Fair].

If you want to do everything yourself then first start using the [Defend]
command. This gives the Lucky Minks a chance to Call for Help. Then wait
and watch as the Lucky Minks start multiplying. Once you are satisfied with
their number unlish your magic. After that there should be only few minks
left. You can let them start multiplying all over again or finish them off.

Each lucky mink will give you about 50000 experience. You can get a lot
more, depending on how many experience amplifiers you equiped and how many
Lucky Minks you killed.

There are a lot of levels in Grandia Xtreme and Lucky minks will be your
best bet to reach the top. You can develop your own tactics on how to
effectively and quickly kill Lucky Minks and earn more experience.

Well -- good hunting!

   LEVEL 200 ZENOTHLEE                                               (SUB35)

You can face off the Level 200 Level Zenothlee only after you beat the game.
He is to be found in the Darkness Ruins in the Cold Lab. That's where you
first encountered him, right? Right!


I wish I could say that levels are not important here -- but they actually
are. I took him on when my party was about level 100. To get those levels I
recommend first going through the Vortex Corridor. And not just for levels,
you can get very powerful equipment needed for the upcoming battle against
Zenothlee. Can you beat him with lower levels? Yes, but it will be a lot
easier to do so with higher levels.

Skills: Iron Guard! Equip as many of those as you can. I will assume that
you have at least 2 for each character. With these skills equipped Zenothlee
was doing 0 damage for me with his Titan Cannon. And believe me, you want
no more than 0 damage from that attack. Crystals, alone, are enough for you.

Apart from Iron Guards you can equip any skills you like though I suggest
equipping Life Up and SP Up (B-Rank) skills. More HP an SP will only benefit

Gear: Well gear is not that important here. Get used to the fact that you'll
be doing 0-1 damage with normal attacks. If you have the Spirit Blade you
will do more. I didn't have one but still was able to slay Zenothlee.

Oh and this time Zenothlee is very fast. It would be a good idea to equip
something that boosts your speed.

Mana Eggs: This is the most important thing in this battle. A multi-hitting
magic won't do much damage to him. However, a strong one-hit spells will do
some damage. I used Inferno and Absolute Zero and they both worked pretty
fine. Don't use Bolt magic--he's immune to it.

Moves: I didn't really use my moves much here. Any hard hitting triple or
quadruple combo should do fine here.


Just start fighting him as you would a normal Boss. Don't rush things
because you won't be able to kill him fast. Be prepared for a long and
tiring fight. Assign at least one character for healing. Other 2 should
constantly batter Zenothlee using powerful magic ot moves. Killing off his
Crystals is, of course, a useless effort.

Don't be surprised when you find that your normal attacks will do a zilch
damage to him. He has a ridiculously high defense value. Nothing you can
do about this unless you have something like the Spirit Blade.

If he kills one of your cahracters then you should revive him immediately.
Because Zenothlee will be quick about killing off the rest of your party.
He also tends to target the more weaker characters.

Try to keep the fight steady--heal your characters as soon as they get hurt,
use the critical feature whenever possible and so on. As I said before this
will be a long fight.

Once you nail him down to a critical condition he may get a bit more
aggressive. He will use his special moves more frequently and his Crystals
will cast magic like mad. That's a sign that you're winning. Keep up the
steady fight and you'll beat him down to submission.

Here' what Shiletimis has to say about all this:

'This is my favorite way to level up (and it can be faster than Lucky Minks)
First, if you have equipment that can raise your defense to 900-1000 you
should be fine for regular attacks (1-2 damage) Secondly, having an attack
of 1000+ will let you do 500-1000 damage a hit. But instead of regular
attacks, use the characters last and most powerfull attack (or even their
first to cancel) when they have WOW! on them, about 6000-8000 damage each
time. I beat Zanothlee with just Evan at level 110 or 125 just by doing
this, have Full Armor to equip the best stuff to get defense of 1000, even
without it just use fighting spirit (the one that invalidates damage, don't
remember what it's called) With Heros Spirit and without damage you can get
up to 1.8 million damage by a 2x multiplier. If the Crystals are beaten by
Evans Sky Dragon Slash then make sure he can't use his meteor strike unless
you have Plague Armour on because it will get rid of your Shield (Fighting
Spirit or whatever its called).'

Here's what Eric suggests:

'When facing the Level 200 Zenothlee, you probably sometimes encountered his
'Crystal Capture' move. Well when having the Spirit Ring equipped, 'Crystal
Capture' could still be used against you but if you have the A-Rank skill
'Status Guard' it will not affect you! (handy for one on one encounters)'

Miscellaneous info

- Zenothlee's Crystals are indestructible. Once you destroy one of them it
  will restore itself almost instantaneously. It sucks -- I know!
- Zenothlee AND his Crystals are all level 200.
- Zenothlee has more than 100.000 HP.
- Each Crystal has more than 20.000 HP.
- Bolt/Lightning is ineffective here.
- Zenothlee is very fast this time.
- Titan Cannon comes in 2 different variants. There's the normal one which
  hits everyone on the battlefield. And there's the intensified-bolt one
  which is a multi-hit attack against one character with Paralysis effect.

   MAIASIS ITEMS                                                     (SUB36)

I'm sure you've noticed that some of the items have 'May add items at store
if sold' within their descriptions. This means that once you sell that item
new items will appear in the Locca general store. Sometimes (most of the
times) more than 1 item must be sold before a specific bonus item will appear
in the shop. Sometimes you may be required to sell up to 3 MAIASIS items
before to  the desired one.

NOTICE: Even though it says 'May' the bonus item(s) will appear as soon as
        the requirements are met.

NOTICE: Even though Honey Syrup and Emperor Muscat do not have 'May add
        items at store' in their descriptions they are still considered as

__________________________________________________ _________________________
SELL ITEM(S)                                       GET ITEM(S)
__________________________________________________ _________________________

Emperor Muscat 	missing
Holy Ring		missing
Luna Stone		missing
Potion of Azure	missing
Swordfish Bone	missing

Hell Fire Scroll + ????                            ????
Wolf Fang + ????                                   ????
Golden Potion + ????                               ????

Pixie Dew + Honey Syrup                            Fairy Candy
Chocolate + Bread + Hot Spring Nut                 Chocolate Cake
Chocolate + Southern Banana                        Chocolate Banana
Dragon Blood + Primeval Meat                       Dragon Steak
Smoked Salmon + Rainbow Seaweed                    Salmon Riceball
Squeek-baa milk + Bread                            Berry Cake
Strawberry + Bread                                 Jam Bread
Strawberry + Ice Quartz                            Iced Strawberry
Silk Clothes                                       Quilted Silk
                                                   Silk Glove
                                                   Soft Ribbon
Snake Earrings                                     Viper Extract
Mogay Fireworks + Bomb Mushroom (????)             Mogay Bomb (????)
Goat Leather                                       Rigid Leather
                                                   Goat Buckler
                                                   Survival Cap
                                                   Goat Greaves
Mogay Fireworks + Dynamite                         Super Mogay Bomb
Medusa Stone                                       Lightning Glove
Medusa Stone + Sacredtree Branch                   Elven Boots
Medusa Stone + Wolf Fang                           Medusa Staff
Medusa Stone + Mithril                             Medusa Blade
                                                   Light Needle
                                                   Indra Ax
                                                   Morgan's Eye
                                                   Chronos Edge
Medusa Stone + Silk Clothes                        Spell Clothes
                                                   Medusa Glove
                                                   Medusa Bandana
Medusa Stone + Mogay Fireworks                     Hyper Mogay Bomb
Medusa Stone + Life Gem + Alumina Stone            Revival Gem
Platinum Feather + Gold Feather + Silver Feather   Prism Feather
Alumina Stone                                      Alumina Sword
                                                   Alumina Saber
                                                   Alumina Staff
                                                   Alumina Ax
                                                   Alumina Dagger
                                                   Alumina Armor
                                                   Alumina Shield
                                                   Alumina Helm
                                                   Alumina Greaves
Alumina Stone + Sacredtree Branch                  Kafu Shuriken
Alumina Stone + Angel Tear                         Angel Ring
Alumina Stone + Life Gem                           MegaHeal Ring
Alumina Stone + Scarlet Potion                     Heal Ring
Alumina Stone + Dragon Scales                      Dragontooth Blade
                                                   DivineDragon Sword
                                                   Dragonbone Ax
                                                   Dragon Claw
                                                   AquaDragon Armor
                                                   WhiteDragon Shield
                                                   DarkDragon Helm
                                                   FireDragon Boots
Dragon Scales + Goat Leather                       Dragon Vest
                                                   Wyvern Shoes
Mithril                                            Mithril Sword
                                                   Mithril Rapier
                                                   Mithril Mace
                                                   Mithril Knife
                                                   Mithril Ax
                                                   Mithril Bow
                                                   Mithril Dagger
                                                   Mithril Mail
                                                   Mithril Shield
                                                   Mithril Bracelet
                                                   Mithril Helm
                                                   Mithril Legguard
                                                   Glass Slippers
Mithril + Icefang Stone                            Ice Blade
Mithril + Voltfang Stone                           Lightning Blade
Mithril + Blazing Stone                            Burn Blade
Mithril + Grenade                                  Destroy Ring
Mithril + Freeze Gem                               Freezrain Ring
Mithril + Silk Clothes                             Silverthread Robe
                                                   Silver Ribbon
Mithril + Holy Ring                                Holy Rapier
                                                   Mystic Mace
                                                   Holy Knife
                                                   Saint Arrow
                                                   Platinum Cuirass
                                                   Platinum Bracelet
                                                   Platinum Helm
                                                   Platinum Greaves
Orihalcon                                          Orihalcon Dagger
                                                   Orihalcon Armor
                                                   Orihalcon Shield
                                                   Orihalcon Helm
                                                   Orihalcon Greaves
                                                   White Fang
                                                   Rax Hammer
                                                   Demon Shuriken
                                                   Valor Big Ax
Orihalcon + Broken MagicSword                      Gram
Sacredtree Branch                                  Sacred Bracelet
                                                   Mystic Woodshoes
Sacredtree Branch + Goat Leather                   Elven Cape
___________________________________ ________________________________________

   XII. GENERAL FAQ                                                  (SEC12)

Well there can be no FAQ without the FAQ, right? ^_^ I gather these
questions from different sources. A lot of these come from the message
board, some questions I think up myself and then there are those very few
that are actually asked by the reader. If you ask a good question then I'll
probably add it to this section.

This is the general FAQ, for in depth questions refer to an appropriate

Q: Should I buy this game or other Grandia instalments?

A: This is one of those really frequently asked questions. It is your
   choice really. But there are some cases where you should or should not
   buy it, IMO.

   You _should_ buy it if:

   - You played and liked Grandia II.
   - You played and liked both Grandia I and Grandia II.
   - You want a quality dungeon crawler without to complicating storyline.
   - You're a die-hard Grandia fan.
   - You're a die-hard RPG fan and will play every RPG you can get.
   - You don't know where to spend your overflowing money. ^_^

   You _should not_ buy it if:

   - You don't like Grandia series.
   - You played but did not like Grandia II.
   - You only liked Grandia I while Grandia II disappointed you.
   - You only played Grandia I. (get Grandia II first!)
   - You want a thrilling story with outstanding plot.
   - You don't like RPGs.


Q: What is this Limited Edition of Grandia Xtreme I keep hearing about?

A: There was a special Limited Edition of Grandia Xtreme which came out only
   in Japan of course! It was scheduled to be released with the first
   shipment of Japanese Grandia Xtreme. The best chance for anyone other
   than Japanese to get this edition was to import it. The Limited Edition
   contained special Grandia Xtreme clock and a 'Geo Gate' diorama, with a
   design of Evann. In addition, there was special Grandia miniature tote
   bag. The price was 9800 yen (~$78).


Q: Is Grandia Xtreme related to Grandia I or II?

A: No. This is not sequel nor prequel to anything, the game has it's own
   independent story.


Q: Is there a PC, GC, X-Box, Dreamcast or whatever release of the game?

A: No. As far as I know Grandia Xtreme is only for the PS2.


Q: Is there any web sites for Grandia that I could lurk about?

A: is the
   official Grandia Xtreme web site and as such it has only the most basic
   info. If you want some really good and in depth info on Grandia series
   then you should definitely check out this one:

   If you want some pics then check this:


Q: What is Grandia: Parallel Trippers?

A: It's an RPG for Game Boy Color. The game's story is based on the original
   Grandia. In Grandia: Parallel Trippers, three school students named
   Yuuhi, Mizuki and Shirou are somehow carried over to the world of
   Grandia. In this world, they meet Liete, who tells them that to return to
   their own world, they will require the help of Justin, Feena and Sue
   (all from Grandia I), as well as Sweats. However, as the story
   progresses, they find themselves as the only ones who can save the world.
   There is a new 'synthesis card battle' system now. It will involve
   collecting cards and trading them with other players.

   Grandia: Parallel Trippers was scheduled for a December 22nd in Japan,
   and was on a 32MB cartridge. The game was 4500 yen (~$40).

   Is there an English version? You ask? Of course not, my naive friend!
   The English version of this game simply does not exist. Where do you
   think you live... in a Wonderland or something!?


Q: What is Grandia: Digital Museum?

A: It's a ESP/GAME ARTS released game for the fans who brought Grandia...
   although I think around 40000 copies were sold. It was intended to be
   released on the Mega CD and took around 5 years untill it was finally
   released on Saturn. It's basically a CD which shows stuff from the
   original game, like production art, game info, enemy data, music tracks,
   character avatars and save files of the important events (for this
   option you will need the original CD to view). You'll have to explore
   dungeons which are NOT in the original game, so its really a new game in
   its own right. But there is lots of menus and stuff in Japanese so it's
   hard navigating.

   You start of with Justin, Feena and Sue (who are around lvl 25 and with
   most of their magics and attacks intact) but these enemies (which are
   also in the original game) are really HARD! Find stuff to unlock the
   above mentioned goodies and view them in some theatre (not in the
   original game btw).


Q: Why do I have 0 SP!?

A: You're probably in town now, right? Well you don't need your SP in town!
   Your SP will start increasing once you start battling monsters (attacking
   and defending). Don't try to restore your SP in town using items!


Q: What?! I can't save where I want!!?

A: No, sorry you can't... The only place where you can save is in the
   Armory and after some key points in the game. This is Grandia Xtreme
   after all. And believe me, it's not as complicated as in BoFV:DQ.


Q: I looked, but [insert your location here] had no [insert your item here]!

A: They are placed randomly everytime you enter the dungeon and may not
   appear at all. When I tell you to 'go and grab that chest' it means that
   there _might_ be a chest. Items get randomly generated and every now and
   then you might stumble upon an empty room. These rooms are obviously were
   created to contain treasure chests/items but with the item-randomizer
   operational they get emptied.


Q: Where can I get [insert your item here]?

A: Ok, I'm going to say this once more and I'm not going to say this again!
   Everything is random! Got it? Random! Treasure chests, items, Mana
   Eggs--everything is randomly generated once you enter the dungeon. Of
   course everything is based on a level of logic and common sense; you
   won't be stealing Spirit Blade from Mottled Spider no matter how hard
   you try, you can't get a level 9 Mana Eggs from the first dungeon no
   matter how hard you look for it! Really, there are very few
   exceptions/items that I can point you towards, like the Spirit
   equipment or rare items.

   If you want some middle class weapon/armor/whatever you'll have to
   search in the appropriate dungeon. Steal from some monsters, open some
   chests. If you still can't find the desired item then go to a
   different dungeon that of a similar difficulty. It's also true for the
   skills: the better the skill you want the harder the dungeon should
   be. Also after you beat the game you could try the Juston's Game. Some of
   the items can be stolen from monsters, look up the Bestiary section for
   more info.


Q: Where is the best place to lvl up?

A: Lucky Minks are your best bet. Look in the Sidequest section for more


Q: What is a Boost Level?

A: There are 3 Boost Levels in this game. Level 1 is after the Gale Ruins,
   level 2 is after the Light Ruins and Bosst Level 3 is when you finish the
   Evolution Corridor. Simply put everything gets boosted after each:
   monster levels, better items, new monsters and so on. For more info on
   Boosts see the walkthrough.


Q: I can't steal from Bosses!?

A: You can't steal from Bosses first time you meet them (except for
   Minotaur, I think) but you can steal from the bosses on your re-run
   through the dungeons after the boost.


Q: I'm broke! I need some quick cash! Help!

A: Here's a money making strat contributed by Ramiro Ngafoe:

Use Geo Point to Light Ruins - Interior 2, break pillars in Spirit Shield
access room. Guaranteed 3 items every time, especially rings. Use radar to
verify 3, don't waste time breaking all pillars, unless of course you
happen to get the ultimate item in the game (Medicinal Herb) and feel you
need to let out some steam. :] Go back to Light Ruins - Interior 1 and
reenter Light Ruins - Interior 2 to repeat process. Remove unnecessary
items/useless rings until inventory full. Go back to Locca and sell all the
rings to the shop. One trip of varied rings equals to approximatelly
300,000 - 500,000G and it takes about 20-30 minutes to max out the
inventory with just rings.

Ring selling prices here:

Diamonds Ring   : 64,000G
Emerald Ring    : 32,000G
Ruby Ring       : 16,000G
Sapphire Ring   : 8,000G
Aquamarine Ring : 4,000G
Pearl Necklace  : 2,000G


Q: How come I can't equip my characters with Skills or Mana Eggs?

A: You need to go to the Skillman's shop or to the Mana Egg shop or speak
   with the Manager in the barracks. They will have the desired option.


Q: What does the break X% in some items descriptions mean?

A: It means that if you use the magic that item has the item itself might
   break with X% chance.


Q: Why does the IP gauge flash sometimes?

A: Because this is when you can learn new combination moves. Look in the
   combo moves section for more info.


Q: When you equip a weapon does the appearance of it change in battle?

A: No, it doesn't. However if your weapon has an element added to it then
   you'll be able to see that element. For example: When you equip Titto
   with Flint Knife, which has Flame element, he will throw knives which
   look like fire balls. Or if you equip Myam with Freezrain Bow her bow
   will sparkle. But the design of the weapon will never change.


Q: What is the maximum number of treasure icons?

A: 8.


Q: Where can I get everyone's ultimate weapons?

A: Darkness Ruins. Beat Level 200 Zenothlee and keep visiting the Spiritual
   Atrium. One of the 3 items is always Mana Egg/Skill Book but you have a
   chance that the remaining 2 will turn out to be ultimate weapons.

   NOTICE: Except Evann. His ultimate weapon is the Spirit Blade which has
           to be stolen.


Q: How many endings does this game have?

A: 2. You recieve the first one after you beat Quanlee at the bottom of the
   Evolution Corridor. The second ending can be obtained by finishing the
   Vortex Corridor optional dungeon. Note: you don't have to beat a boss in
   the Vortex to see the second ending.


Q: Is Juston Justins Father? Or is he Justin himself?!

A: No and hell no! You must be kidding me, right? Juston looks a bit like
   Justin from Grandia I and probably the developers wanted to make some
   kind of reference but that's as far as this matter goes. GX and GI are 2
   different games with independant storylines.

   Unless Justin found a trans-dimensional device which he utilized to
   teleport himself into the GX world. There, he got old and stared a
   gambling business. Right? ...I don't think so.


Q: How long is this game?

A: As long as you want it to be. But if you choose to do absolutely
   _everything_ then it might take up to 100 hours or even more. Trust me...


Q: How can I get Diene into my party!? Or maybe Kroitz?

A: No, you can't get them into your party.


Q: I can't find anything in your guide, I'm lost.

A: Well, now you can use the new Search Engine. Press Ctrl+F and type the
   keyword. All the keywords can be found in the table of contents at the
   beginning of the FAQ.


Q: What is the Golden Rule of GameFaqs?

A: 'Provide credit where it is due.'


Q: I don't like your guide! What should I do!?

A: Touch your nose with your left hand, and then touch your ass with your
   right leg. Make a back flip three times and a somersault five times.
   Punch your dog and drink a glass of milk. And if that does not help then
   man... you're in trouble. Or you could write a better guide!
   (see also: bad joke)

   XIII. CREDITS                                                     (SEC13)

Well--it's been fun. I'd like to thank the people who made this FAQ what it
is today: Karen, Buster, Meta Tinara and everyone who gave me suggestions,
corrections and contributions. Thank you all--without you this guide would
have been a lot smaller.

General Thanks

- Enix (SquareEnix) and GameArts, for making it possible for me to play this
  grand game.
- FAQ-writers on GameFaqs, console-makers and game developers for inspiring
  me to write guides and for making my life worth living, without them I
  would not be what I am today!
- Of course Jeff 'CJayC' Veasey (, for posting my FAQs and
  for his inhuman devotion to GameFaqs, the greatest FAQ site ever! Ever!
  He makes internet a place worth visiting.
- My friend (and gamer comrade) Maegnar, for at least trying to play
  through Grandia Xtreme for the second time for me although he did not
  give a damn about it :). I eventually took over, but still.

Special Thanks

- for a lot of
  info on characters and the story. Check it out!
- for being a great Grandia site.
- for female characters measurements.
- Karen, for a _lot_ of info on the Crash Heads sidequest, Carro locations
  and the Limited Book. And your e-mail is so silly! heh heh -_^!
- Buster for _a lot_ of info on the Spirit equipment, Juston Gamble and a lot
  of miscellaneous info throughout the guide.
- Meta Tinara for a lot of items and big help with my Mana Egg section. He
  even let me use his own guide, thanks man!
  Recognition Page:
- nightowl88317 and everyone else at the GameFaqs message board for some
  Juston Gamble prize items and for being great dudes to talk to.
- magicalhappyman for extensive info about the Devil Chest enemy.
- WizKid8844 for a Flame Carro 2 location.
- Krazedaliens for some info on Carros and a bunch of Carro locationes from
  the elemental ruins.
- Shakey_Jake33 and for the info I used when answering the
  Grandia: Parallel Trippers question.
- digitalK for Grandia: Digital Museum info. I used it when answering the
  FAQ question.
- Thor Satter for telling me that Clayqwin, Soul Clothes and Illusion
  Bandana can be stolen from a Devil Chest. And for other random items.
- Whispering Hope for 2 Land Carros info on the Crash Heads and for hints
  on various secret areas that I missed.
- bob (Shiletimis) for the last Crash Heads song and for descriptions of
  a whole bunch of items and skills.
- Ramiro Ngafoe for contributing all the rest of the Carros and their
  locations and some of the S-Rank skill descriptions thus enabling me to
  finally wrap up the Crash Heads sidequest and the Skills section. And
  for finally confirming that 250 is the maximum level of a character. AND
  for sending in that money making strat which is quite helpful.
- Eric for the experience caps and for tons of items descriptions and many
  rare items. Thanks!
- Anton for corrections and strategy tips on various things.
- GreatSkaori for his great help with the Bestiary section. He contributed a
  lot of info on monsters, their stats, items and moves. Not to mention
  other miscellaneous tips and suggestions he added. Thanks!
- Joyce! ^_^
- You, for reading my hard work.
- And myself, for creating this FAQ. (:E


           Deprive us of our individuality,

                           our selfishness, and our beliefs,

         and you destroy our humanity!

                              - END OF FAQ -

                           (C) 2003-2004 KingK

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