PS2 Walkthroughs: The Hulk Walkthrough

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The Hulk Walkthrough

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                             _______ _______ _______ 
                           /|_     _|   |   |    ___|
                          |/_/|   | |       |    ___|
                             ||___| |___|___|_______|

                ___    ___    ___    ___    ___        ___  ___ 
              /| __| /|   | /|   | /|   | /| __|     /|   |/   |
             | |  |||_|   || | --|| |_|_|| |  ||    | |  _  _| |
             | |       --|||/| | || |   ||/| __|    |/| _|_   /
             |/|_|_ __    ||/|__ ||_| __|| |  ||___ | |    __ \ 
             | |   | /| | || | |__    | || |    _| ||/|_|   |  |
             |/|___|| |___|| |__________||/|__|____|| |___|\___|
             |/___/ |/___/ |/____/___/_/ |/_______/ |/___/ /__/

Type: Walkthrough/FAQ
System: PlayStation 2
Compiled By: The Appointed (Christopher C. Meeker)
Publisher: Vivendi Universal
Developer: Radical Entertainment
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1
ESRB Rating: T 
Start Date :July 11, 2003
End Date: TBA
Contact Information:
Ver: 1.4

A. Table of Contents
B. Itroduction
C. Revision History
D. Legal Information
E. Character Bios
F. Controls
G. Moves
H. Power-Ups
I. Walkthrough/FAQ

   01. Inner Torment
   02. Desperate Measures
   03. Betrayal
   04. Beneath The City
   05. End Of The Line
   06. A Different Breed
   07. Infiltration
   08. Facilities
   09. Substructure
   10. Savior
   11. Chemical Effect
   12. Spear Point
   13. Containment Failure
   14. Guardian
   15. Unfinished Business
   16. Without Ethics
   17. Resolve
   18. One And All
   19. Reckoning
   20. Mind Games
   21. Deliverance

J. Challenge Mode
K. Challenge Mode Unlocking Table
L. Codes
M. Credits


This is my first attempt at writing a FAQ so try and go easy on me especially
for the lame ascii art for the PS2 controller. I am sure that there will 
probably be a lot of typos and possibly some technical errors throughout this
walkthrough/FAQ. If you find any errors or inconsistencies please email me at: I will try to answer as many of your emails as possible as 
long as I don't get too many of them. If you enjoy this Walkthrough/FAQ and 
find it useful all I ask is that you take the time to rate it on Gamefaqs.
Game On!

The Appointed (Christopher)


Version 1.0 [10.9K] [July 11, 2003]
First draft of THE HULK Walkthrough/FAQ For the Sony PlayStation 2. Composed
section headers, codes and legal information. Started walkthrough/FAQ.

Version 1.1 [50.1K] [July 30, 2003]
Continued working on THE HULK Walkthrough/FAQ for the Sony PlayStation 2.
Finished the following sections; Inner Torment, Desperate Measures, Betrayal,
Beneath The City, End Of The Line, A Different Breed, Infiltration,
Facilities, Substructure, Savior and Chemical Effect. Also put the codes into
a table format and added 'Moves' header.

Version 1.2 [52.7K] [August 1, 2003]
Continued working on THE HULK Walkthrough/FAQ for the Sony PlayStation 2.
Finished the following sections; Spear Point, Containment Failure,
Guardian, Unfinished Business and Without Ethics. Added Moves and
Power-Ups sections. Added Character Bios header. Made general corrections.

Version 1.3 [57.5K] [August 5, 2003]
Finished rough draft of THE HULK Walkthrough/FAQ for the Sony PlayStation 2.
Finished the following sections; Resolve, One and All, Reckoning,
Reckoning 2, Mind Games and Deliverance. Began working on character bios.

Version 1.4 [64.0K] [August 6, 2003]
Finished character bios and converted Walkthrough/FAQ to standard text format.
Made general changes to Walkthrough/FAQ section including spelling and layout.
Added challenge mode and challenge mode unlocking table.


Copyright (c) 2003 The Appointed (Christopher C. Meeker). All rights reserved.
All materials presented in this walkthrough/FAQ are copyrighted and owned by
The Appointed (Christopher C. Meeker), hereafter known as 'the author', or
other individuals or entities as designated. Any republication,
retransmission, reproduction, downloading, storing or distribution of all or
part of any materials found in this walkthrough/FAQ is expressly prohibited,
without the prior written permission of the author, except for noncommercial,
personal and informational purposes. Each copy of this walkthrough/FAQ must
contain all copyright and other proprietary notices.

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not be considered as advice, recommendation, or an offer to perform services.

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not guarantee its accuracy or completeness or suitability. IN NO EVENT SHALL
RELATING TO THIS MATERIAL. The author takes no responsibility and makes no
warranty express or implied for the content or information contained on
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any products or services offered.


Bruce Banner
Dr. Bruce Banner is the main character in the game The Hulk. Bruce is a very
gifted scientist who was never good at coping with his emotions. This includes
his early childhood as well as his troubled relationship with his lab partner
Dr. Betty Ross. During a failed lab experiment Bruce was exposed to extremely
high levels of gamma radiation. Now whenever he is agitated he becomes a giant
green behemoth with superhuman strength. Banner is trying desperately to find
a cure for this new state as well as trying to deal with the many enemies who
would have him destroyed for thier own particular reasons.

Betty Ross
Dr.Betty Ross is the daughter of the famed general "Thunderbolt" Ross. At one
time Betty and Bruce were very close but thier relationship was doomed to 
failure because of Bruces inability to express his emotions. However, Betty and
Bruce still care deeply for each other. What's worse is that Bruce's enemies
know they can get to him through Betty.

The Hulk
The Hulk is the giant green behemoth that Bruce transforms into when he becomes
angry or agitated. The Hulk possesses super-human strength and a very nasty
temper. Betty Ross seems to be the only person that is able to calm The Hulk
down enough for him to change back into Bruce Banner.

Professor Crawford
Crawford was at one time the teacher of Bruce Banner and is a brilliant
scientist. Now, however, Crawford is confined to a wheelchair and has become
bitter because of it. Now Crawford is consumed by his desire to regain his
health and to walk again. The professor has descovered that by using controlled
amounts of gamma radiation he can turn himself into a beast he calls "Ravage".

Ravage is the beast that Professor Crawford changes into when exposed to the
power of gamma radiation. Ravage's abilities and strength are similar to The
Hulks in many ways. Ravage is a gamma mutant with enhanced cell structure and
a great deal of physical mass.

General. Ryker
Ryker is a crooked military general who is out to capture The Hulk so he can
study him and understand the power of gamma radiation. Ryker intends to use
this knowledge for his own personal, secret purposes. Ryker is in charge of
vast military resources and will use them to thier fullest potential without

The Leader
The Leader is a mutant who feels compelled to control everyone around him. The
Leader desires to create a super race of gamma enhanced individuals. The Leader
is the one who controls both the Alpha Guard and the Gamma Guard and in his
pre-mutated state was the brother of Madman. The Leader will stop at nothing to
realize his selfish and power-hungry schemes.

Half-Life is an energy draining parasitic mutant that slowly drains the
life-force of whoever he touches.The Hulk is slower than Half-Life and is
unable to touch him even if he were able to catch him. Therefore The Hulk has
find an alternate means of defeating him.

Before he became Madman, Phil Sterns was a graduate student of Bruce Banner.
Phil once admired Bruce but eventually his admiration turned into jealousy.
As soon as Phil found out that Bruce was The Hulk he exposed himself to gamma
radiation and became Madman who is now intent with the destruction of The Hulk.

Flux is also known as Private First Class Benny Tibbits. Flux was given
Hulk-like abilities through secret military research. Flux thinks Bruce is
a traitor to the united states and must be destroyed. General Ryker is Flux's
superior officer and is undyingly faithful to his command.


                  Free Look      | |        Target (T)
                      |        __|/\  __       |
                  ____|___          \/     ____|___
                 / L1, L2 \    __/\  __   / R1, R2 \
                /__________\     | \/    /__________\
               |            |    | |    |        ____|__________Gamma (G)
               |    _       |____|_|____|      /_\   |
              /    | |                       _________\_________Punch (P)
             /   __| |__                    |       _   \
   Movement_|___|__   __|  ______   _____  [ ]     (_)___|______Action (A)
            |      | |    |select| |start|               |
            |      |_|     ------   --|--         _______|______Jump/Crouch (J)
            |                  ______ |          ><      |
           /        ___       |analog||        ___        \
          /        /   \       ------ |       /   \        \
         |        |     |   __________|___   |     |        |
         |        |     |  /          |   \  |     |        |
        /          \___/  /   Pause___|    \  \___/          \
       /           __|___/                  \___|__           \
      /           /  |                          |  \           \
     |           /   |_____Movement             |   \           |
     |          /                               |    \          |
     |         /                     Change_____|     \         |
     |        /                      Target            \        |
      \      /                                          \      /
       \____/                                            \____/



(P) = Punch
(G) = Gamma
(A) = Action
(J) = Jump
 f  = Forward
 b  = Back
 u  = Up
 d  = Down
 !  = Can be charged


Left Hook                (P)!
Right Hook               (P), (P)!
Backhand                 (P), (P), (P)!
Gut Punch                (P), (P), pause, (P)
Right Jab                (P), (P), pause, (P), (P)
Overhead Smash           (P), (P), pause, (P), (P), (P)
Shockwave Slam           (P)+(G)
Sonic Clap               (G)!
Two-Handed Upper         (P), (G)
Punt Kick                (P), (P), (G)
Hammer Fist              (P), (P), (G), (P)
Rising Upper              b, (G) (while targeting)
Dash                      f, f
Dashing Punch             f, f, (P) or, f, (P) (while targeting)


Gamma Crusher            (P)! (while jumping)
Gamma Stomp              (G)! (while jumping)


(These moves can only be done after opponent is picked up (A))


Toss                    (A)
Multi-Strike Throw      (P)
Gamma Slam              (G)
Jumping Throw           (A) (while jumping)


Toss                    (A)
Gamma Slam              (G)
Slam                    (P)
Slam Twice              (P)! (hold (P) for second slam)


Knee Strike             (A)


(These moves can only be done when the Hulk's rage meter is fully charged.)

Note: The Hulk's rage meter will be completely drained after executing these

Super Sonic Clap        (G)+(A)
Super Overhead Smash    (P)+(G)


Pick up Item            (A)
Throw Item              (A)
Downward Swing          (P)
Upward Swing            (P), (P)
Baseball Swing          (P), (P), (G)
Battering Ram            f, (P) (while targeting)
Overhead Smash          (G)


Pick up Object          (A)
Throw Object            (A)
Smash                   (P)
Swing                   (G)


(P)  = Punch
(G)  = Gamma
(A)  = Grab
(J)  = Crouch
 f   = Forward
 b   = Back
 u   = Up
 d   = Down
 !   = Can be charged


Punch                   (P)
Knee Strike / Grab      (A) (when spotted)
Chokehold               (A) (when stealth)
Right Hook              (P), (P)
Uppercut                (P), (P), (P)
Crouch                  (J)
Dive-roll                f, f+(J)


Climb Crate              f  (when next to crate)
Grab Crate              (A)
Push Crate               f  (after grabbing crate)
Pull Crate               b  (after grabbing crate)
Release Crate           (A) (after grabbing crate)


GREEN ORB (health)
Collecting green orbs will help to replenish Bruce's or the Hulk's health.
They can be found after defeating an enemy or sometimes just lying out in
the open. They are also found hidden behind various objects.

BLUE ORB (continue)
Collecting blue orbs will add one continue to the player's current supply.
They can usually be found hidden behind various objects, by smashing
certain objects or by moving boxes.

RED ORB (rage)
Collecting red orbs help to replenish the Hulk's rage meter. Red orbs are
found only on 'Hulk' levels and can be aquired by defeating enemies and
sometimes by smashing certain objects.


This level is more or less a training level. Just follow the instructions at
the bottom of the screen. Use this level to practice moves and to learn how
to use rage attacks and charge attacks. After you get through the onscreen
directions a helicopter will drop a tank in. Punch it's missiles back at it
three times and when it has taken enough damage it will explode and the
level will end. A cut scene plays and you are taken to the next level.
Nothing too difficult here.

This level is a training level like the last one only you play as Bruce Banner
and not the Hulk. This is a stealth mission and requires you to move about
unnoticed as well as involving some box pushing and minor puzzle solving

First go forward up the stair at the left and go through doorway. Walk towards
the window. You will be told by Crawford that you can't turn into the Hulk or
the mission will be over. Once you have made it to the window crouch down by
hitting the X button. Sneak past the window and just before you turn the
corner stop crouching.

Once the guards have moved out of sight go up the stairs around the corner.
Now there will be another cut scene. After the cut scene operate the
elevator at the top of the stairs by pressing the 'Gamma'(triangle) button
at the green light. Take the elevator up and then get off. You will come to
another window like the one before so do the same crouching thing to sneak
past the guards. Turn the corner and go to the end of the hall where there
is a locked door. At the left of the door is a computer console where you
will try to 'break' the computers code to unlock the door.

At the computer console you will see two sets of numbers. The numbers at the
top is the actual code that you need to unlock the door. The bottom numbers
are the same as the top ones except all mixed up. You have to match the
bottom numbers to the top numbers. Only two numbers can be moved at a time
and those numbers just switch places. Look at the first number on the top
and find the same number on the bottom set. There is a selector on the
bottom that covers two numbers at the same time. Place the selector so that
the number that matches the first number on the top row is on the right of
the selector and press the Jump/Crouch (X) button. The number will then move
over to the left side of the selector. Move the selector over one number
and press the Jump/Crouch (X) button again. The number will move to the left
position again. Do this until each number matches the sequence of the
numbers on the top row. You have about twenty seconds to do this but if you
don't get it the first time don't worry you'll get another chance to try
to crack the code.

Go through the door you just unlocked. You will see some green arrows
flashing behind a stack of boxes. Go over to them and crouch behind them
while the guards walk by and leave the room. After the second guard has
left go around the crates and pass the glass room to get to a vent. There's
a stack of boxes against the that you'll have to pull back to see the vent
in the wall.

To move the crates press the Gamma (triangle) button and walk backwards. Move
the boxes out enough so you can walk around them. Don't take too long moving
them or a guard will return and find you there. At the right of the vent
across from some shelves is a universal input console. These are used to
enter special codes that unlock certain things in the game like the ability
to play as the gray Hulk. as you approach the vent a cut scene will start to
play and you will crawl through the vent. Once inside the next room you will
see a window on the left and an elevator straight ahead.

Go to the elevator that has two switches on each side and activate them.
After you've done that activate the green button and get in the elevator.
After you exit the elevator a cut scene plays explaining about the gamma
orb. Next to the geodesic looking device is a computer console use the it
to match up the numbers and unlock the door to the lab on the right. Enter
the lab through the door you just unlocked. When Bruce enters the room a
cut scene begins to play.

The game starts to really pick up at this point. As the Hulk you are after
Ravage. Follow all the green arrows, they'll tell you where to go. You'll
come to an opening that you are too big to fit through but that's ok,
you're the Hulk right? Just smash it until you are able to fit through.
Smash everything you can until you get to the edge of the building. From
there just jump off to continue on. There will be plenty of adversaries in
the form of military personnel but unless you need the health just pick them
up and throw them over the side of the building to dispatch them quickly.

Go down the first building and smash through the next one until you get to
the edge. Leap over and into the next building and hammer on the soldiers
there, jump out the other side and across to the next roof. Once on the other
side a helicopter shows up and drops more soldiers to try and stop you. Smash
through all the windows and leap down. Turn the corner knocking out as many
soldiers as you want. The soldiers here just keep on coming so keep moving
forward as you smash them. Jump again through the broken sign and down into
a wood room. Keep going straight to the other side and out through the

After you land smash the glass next to you and go through. Run over to the
broken part of the wall and leap down again. Smash the glass and go through
the apartment to the other side. Leap down again into a parking lot. This is
a great place to take out your frustrations. Grab the cars and just start
smashing everything. When you've had enough go through the hole in the wall
on the left and leap down to the next parking lot. This parking lot is the
same as the one you were just at so jump through the hole in the wall once
again to get to street level. The Hulk will run past a Mountain Dew truck
and jump down into the sewer.

When you enter the sewer Ravage will be there laughing. Go after him and he
will run away. Keep chasing him until flood door closes and blocks your way.
Smash through the flood door to get to Ravage. He'll run away again and three
hulk dogs will come in to attack you. Once you defeat the hulk dogs soldiers
will start to stream in. Don't try to fight them as there are too many and
they'll just keep coming at you anyway. Just smash through to the next flood
door which is marked green arrows on the ground. Once you smash through that
flood door another flood door will close.

Smash your way through the next flood door and you will get to a larger room
with a door at the other end. Before you get to the next door more soldiers
will start coming in along with three more hulk dogs. Defeat the dogs before
smashing the door. Once you get through the door you will be treated to
another cut scene of Ravage on the run. After the cut scene you will get to
a bunch of soldiers that use force shields against The Hulk. You can't smash
through these so you will have to wait until one of the soldiers lowers his
shield. When he does, grab him and throw him against the rest of the troops.
You can also move up the tunnel a bit and pick up some boxes to throw at

Once you enter the room at the end of the tunnel you'll see a bunch of RPG
wielding soldiers come in along the top ledge. Run across the room to the
door at the right and smash through to evade the RPG's. When you get through
the door you will see Ravage turning the corner. Smash through the next door
go around the corner and smash through yet another door. Go down a long
passage until you come to another door, you will be fired upon here so try
not to take too much damage. Grab the boxes and toss them at the
soldiers position. The barrels will explode taking out all the baddies.

After you get through the door go around the corner and through a big door.
When you get into the room there will be a bunch of soldiers there with a
hulk dog. You can fight them if you want or you can go to the left and jump
down a big hole in the floor. When you go down the hole you will find
yourself in a large room. In this room you have to fight all the bad guys
until there are no more left. After you have defeated the first set of
soldiers a second set comes along and blows a hole in the wall. Use this
hole as an exit. Go into the next room through the hole in the wall and take
out the soldiers with the RPG's. After they are defeated go through the big
door and beat all the enemies there. There are four soldiers with RPG's, the
rest have automatic weapons. After you have beaten all the enemies head for
the broken section of wall at the far end of the room.

Go straight then towards the left where a hulk dog will break through a
steel door on top of the building. defeat the dog and then go inside were
there will be some more hulk dogs. Beat those and smash your way through
the steel doors at the right of the building. Go down the tracks and
through a door at the end  where there are even more hulk dogs. Go down
through the building and then through another set of steel doors. When
you get to the last room there are train cars blocking the tunnel and a few
more hulk dogs to contend with. Go to the left and jump down to a lower

Here comes your first boss battle. In this battle you will be facing off
against Half-Life. Half-Life has the annoying ability to drain the Hulk's
energy whenever he touches the Hulk. The best way to defeat this boss is to
first damage the electrical generators. When you do this electricity begins
to shoot out from them. Now pick up objects and begin to beat Half-Life
senseless. Try to get him lined up so you can knock him back into the
generators. The generators tend to take off a significant amount of
Half-Life's health. Just keep hammering him with objects and victory will
soon be yours. After you beat Half-Life a a cut scene plays telling you that
the orb is on Alcatraz and if the Hulk shows up the hostages will be killed.
The Hulk then throws Half-Life into the ocean thus ending the level.

Ok, get ready for another Bruce Banner stealth mission. At the start of the
level go forward and to the left towards the back of the truck Hide there
until all the guards have passed by, there are three of them. Make sure they
aren't looking your way and then go out towards the flashing green arrows
making sure to avoid the spotlights. Now push the small crate that's next to
the fence up against the larger ones. Don't get caught in the spotlights.

Once the smaller box has been pushed up against the larger ones jump up
onto the smaller one and then up to the larger boxes. Next jump over to the
gray roof to the right. There's a fence post up against the wall so you'll
have to jump on the roof a little bit back from the wall. Once on the roof
work your way over to the other side and jump down. There are hulk dogs
here so use caution. Make sure you crouch the whole time or you'll wake
the dogs. Stay close to the wall and go around the corner. Avoid the
spotlights as well. When you come to a stack of boxes climb up onto the
small box and then on to the larger boxes and from there up to the gray
roof next to you.

Once you've done that you will be treated to a cut scene that shows you
where to go next with the green arrows. Jump down off the roof and go to
the right. Go behind the truck and then on to the two boxes in front of you
to get a blue 'continue' orb. Keep crouched down until the guard goes
around the corner. Go over to the lever and activate it. The search light
will go out and a guard will walk to the lever. There are two green 'health'
orbs by some boxes, hide there until the guard walks by you. After the
guard goes by sneak up behind him and use a choke hold on him to
incapacitate him.

Go back around the corner to where you first jumped down into the area and
go to the far end. Turn right and keep away from searchlight. Next pull the
smaller box over to where the big ones are, push it up against them and
climb over the fence. If you want go to the far end and get the blue
'continue' orb from behind the boxes while you are waiting for the guard to
turn the corner and go down the alleyway. When the guard has headed in the
opposite direction go down to where there is a concrete block to hide
behind on the right.

From the concrete blocks go to the far right. Go around the watchtower until
you get to a small fenced-in area with a generator and a lever. There are
boxes that will need to be moved in order to get over the fence so first
drag the big boxes over first and then the small one. Place the boxes
against the fence and use them to climb over. Once you're over activate the
lever. This powers down the generators and opens the fences. Now go back
around the other side of the building sneaking past the guards and the
searchlights. After you make it around the corner go into the fenced-in
area and get the blue 'continue' orb and the green 'health' orb.

When you flip the switch you will see the door with the blue dot open. Go
through the door and up the stairs. You'll pass a universal input console
on the right. If you want you can stop and put in any codes that you like.
Go into the next room where there is a computer consle. Be careful of the
guards that are there. Work your way around the right side of the room
using the boxes as cover until you reach the computer console. Enter the
code the same way as you did in the earlier Bruce Banner level to shut off
the gamma detector that goes off when the Hulk is around. Once you get the
correct code a cutscene begins to play taking you to the next level.

At the beginning of this level a large machine gun appears in the center of
the room and begins firing at you. While you are being fired upon the room
fills with soldiers. Go for the gun first and then the soldiers. Once you
have defeated all the soldiers go down the hall and around the corner. When
you come to a small door smash through it. Go to the right and smash through
the doorway continuing on to the last room. In the last room there is a
generator and some hulk dogs. Kill the hulk dogs and destroy the generator
to disable the force field that is back at the junction you just came from.
Go back the way you came and past where the force field was before you
destroyed the generator.

Smash your way through all the doorways in the hall until you get to a room
that is partially destroyed with computers in it. Go down through the
destroyed area into a room with some hulk dogs and picnic tables. Kill the
dogs and go to the doorway where a soldier with an RPG appears. Defeat him and
go on to the room with the tiles to where there is another hulk dog. Kill the
hulk dog and the other baddies in the meat locker and smash through the door
to go into another group of hallways. Off to the right will be another one of
those force field doors. Go to the left along the hallway until you get to a
generator room like the one before. Destroy the generator and head back the
way you came. Go through where the force field was until you get to a room
with two large machine guns in it. Smash the two machine guns and an area
will be opened up just behind them. Jump down through the area and go through
the doorway.

Go down the hallway until you get to a room where a cut scene plays. This is
your introduction to gamma guards. When the cutscene ends and the game begins
lead the gamma guards out into the hallway that you were just in and fight
them there. There are two large guns that will make things difficult for you
so defeat the soldiers and then take the guns out as quickly as possible.
After you have destroyed the guns and defeated the gamma guards a bunch of
regular guards start comming in. Smash the pillars on each side of the
room in order to destroy the balconies killing the guards. After the guards
have been defeated two more gamma guards enter the room. Beat them and then
smash the concrete square on the floor to go to the next level.

This level starts you off in a hulk dog kennel so be prepared to go at it
right away. Once you beat the dogs go down the hall, through the large
doorway into the next room. You'll hear an alarm sound and you will be
attacked by more hulk dogs. There is a door straight ahead and one to the
right. The one straight ahead is blocked by another force field so you'll
have to go to the right and destroy the generator again. Return to the
doorway with the alarm sounding.

When going back there will be some more gamma guards. Defeat them all and go
down the hallway getting as many green 'health' orbs as you can. Go down the
hallway until you come to another large room containing three generators.
each generator is guarded by four gamma guards and a machine gun. The
machine guns and the guards appear when you get close to the generators
so take them out one by one. When all the generators have been destroyed the
force field powers down and you can now go down the hallway to a room with
a drop-off at the left. Defeat the gamma guards and then jump down to the
lower level. Bust through the metal door and go down the hallway to meet up
with Madman.

In this boss fight you have to defeat Madman. To do that you have to
demolish all four of the consoles that surround the chamber that Betty Ross
is being kept in. Then just pound on Madman until you beat him. First smash
the consoles while keep Madman away. Hit the consoles about three times and
then Madman about three times. Keep doing this untill all four consoles
have been destroyed. Once the consoles are destroyed Madman calls for
backup and things get a little tougher. All the time you are beating on the
soldiers more will enter. Leave one machine gun soldier alive while you are
smacking Madman around. Just keep hitting him until you beat him and Betty
is free. There will be a cut scene and the next level will start.

Once the cut scene is over you find yourself in a military base dressed as a
soldier. Go left down the tunnel and be sure not to alert any guards or
scientists. If you get too close to them they will recognize you. When you
get to a large door activate the green button to open it. There are a few
guards in the next room. Dispatch them as you see fit. Go left down the
tunnel to another door. Keep going along the tunnel stopping only to let the
guards pass by. Go over to the far side of the room and up the ramp to a
circular platform. Activate the control panel and the platform will carry
you up to a higher level.

Now do an about face and head down the ramp. In front of you next to a
computer panel is a universal input console for entering codes to unlock
special items. Leave the room being careful to not get too close to any
guards. When you pass through the door you will be able to go either to
the right or to the left. During this you will get a message telling you
that you need to aquire two different chemicals in order to create a cure.
Go to the left, which would be Bruce's right, to find the first chemical.
Now go down the tunnel past the group of lab technicians and through a small
doorway that is being guarded. Simply run in and he won't even try to stop

Upon entering this room you will see some scientists doing experiments. Go to
the right and follow the green arrows. You will need to figure out the code
on the computer in order to compile the chemical. Just do the same thing you
do for door locks. After you get the code go to your left to get the
chemical. Go out of that room and go down to the far end of the hall to the
next room. Evade the guards and scientists until you get to the other lab
that has a small door like the one you just went through. At the right is a
smaller room with a blue 'continue' orb and a green 'health' orb in it. Grab
them if you need them. Now go into the lab and go to the left side of the
room and do the same thing here that you did to get the first chemical.

Once you get the second chemical leave the room and go down the hallway. You
need to get back to the circular platform where you began. Go right at the
hallway that leads back there, through the room and up the ramp to the
elevator. Activate the panel and the elevator takes you up. As you reach the
upper level you begin to feel the efects of the drugs. Go down the tunnel
until you see the guards coming toward you. When the guards start coming
toward you go back. Four of the guards will go down the tunnel and enter the
large room. After they have entered run between the last two and continue on
down the tunnel. Take the stairs down, past the soldier guarding the door
and into the lab. As you enter General Ryker will say that there is an
intruder on the base.

Go to the right of the room to where the green arrows are and activate the
switch. You'll have to do this twice, once for each of the chemicals. After
you do this you will need to find another number sequence code to mix the
two together. After you do, go out using the door to the left of where you
came in. Go down the hall with all the green 'health' orbs and into the
large room with the computer panels in the center. Go to where the green
arrows are flashing and activate the computer. Find the computer code again
to get the formula that is needed. Take it from the computer next to you
and go to the elevator. Head down the hallway, take the stairs down and hide
behind the blue canister that is there. After a guard passes by sneak out
behind him and continue down the tunnel. If he sees you just keep running
without stopping. Go into the large room at the end of the tunnel and then
up the stair. Get to the circular elevator that brought you to this level
to begin with. After you reach the elevator a cut scene starts to play and
the level ends.

After the cut scene defeat the the guards in the room you are in and go down
the hallway. You'll come to a group of soldiers with force field sheilds,
smash them and keep going. The next hall is a dead-end but there is a room
off to the side that soldiers exit from. Smash through the doorway to get to
a bigger room and then smash through the doorway on the opposite side to get
to another corridor. Go down the tunnel and smash through the large metal
door. Inside you will find a group of soldiers and large square on the
floor. Step on the square and it will lift you up the slope.

While you are going up, robots drop down and begin to attack you. After you
have beaten a few of the robots you will reach the top. Now you will find
yourself in a large room where you will have to fight two more robots and
some regular soldiers. After you beat the soldiers go through the door and
down the tunnel to the left. Go down the tunnel and take a right around the
corner. There are some soldiers here with force feild sheilds so you will
have to use the pipes that are attatched to the wall to beat them.

Now smash through the doorway into the next room. There will be some more
robots here for the Hulk to fight. Once they are defeated go through the
small door on the opposite side of the room, through a small hallway and into
a large room. There are a lot of robots in here to fight so be prepared.
After they have been beaten go through the small door to the left of where
you came in. Smash through until you come to another tunnel. Go past the
soldiers with the force feild sheilds and go left at the end. Keep going up
the corridor and make a right, smashing through the door that leads to a
large room with two robots.

Beat these robots and there will be another square platform elevator like
the one before. Get on and go up. This time around the robots drop down two
then three then four at a time. When you reach the top four more robots will
appear along with some regular soldiers. Beat them and then go through the
hallway to the left.

After you go through the large door there will be an explosion in the next
room that will kill all the soldiers in there. Four robots will appear for
the Hulk to deal with. Throw the blue canisters at them to help bring them
down faster. After you beat them five more will appear. Beat them and six
more will attack you. Just keep using the canisters as weapons and you
should be fine. Also use your rage attacks when possible. When they are all
beaten the Hulk will go over to the doorway.

This level can be aproached in one of two ways. The first and easiest way is
to just run. Run and don't look back. Run past the tanks and around the
corners until you get to a blue door like the one you smashed through to get
here. Go through the door and you will meet up with Flux. The other way is to
stand and figh. There will be quite a few tanks firing at you as well as
robots to contend with. since there are so many opponents on this level it is
probably just best to complete the level by running through it.

In this battle with Flux you will need to destroy three consoles. When each
of the consoles are destroyed a shield around the generator goes down. When
this happens pick up Flux and toss him onto the generator. That knocks off
quite a bit of Flux's HP.

When you throw Flux into the generator doors along the side of the room open
up revealing more consoles. These consoles need to be destroyed to take the
shield down that is back up again. At this point Flux jumps to the second
floor and throws grenades at you. Just run away until Flux jumps back down to
the first floor. Keep doing this until Flux has no more HP left. Flux will
regain his health and you have to do it all over again but after the second
time the level ends and you begin the next level at Alcatraz.

At the beginning of this level you will enter a courtyard and a gamma guard
will come out. While you fight the gamma guard stay in the courtyard as more
gamma guards come out to fight you. When you have defeated the last one go
inside the building where there will be some regular soldiers and a force
field. Smash the control box on the wall to power down the force field an
then go down the hall. At the end of the hall there will be a hole in the
wall. Go through and you will see more gamma guards smashing through the
walls and jumping down.

Fight whoever you want here and then smash through the fence and jump down
to the platform. Now smash through to the door and go down the hall until
you come to a room with a force field in it. There are a lot of hulk dogs in
here that you have to fight while at the same time trying to knock out the
control panel that is located above the force field. Once the force field
has been taken down go through the doorway and down the hallway until you
get to another force field. Smash the panel to take down the force field and
you will then enter another room with even more hulk dogs as well as two
control panels at either side of the room. Beat all the dogs and destroy the
control panels to power down the force field behind the door.

Go down the hallway where you will meet two gamma guards. Beat them and then
go through the door that leads to another hallway where there are some more
gamma guards. Get past them and go around the corner where there is a wall.
Smash through the wall and jump to the lower level where there are more
gamma guards. Break through the fence and you will get to a place where a
helicopter comes up from. Grab the stuff that's scattered around the opening
and throw it at the helicopter. Once the helicopter is destroyed two more
will appear. If you need to destroy the towers to get the green 'health'

Once helicopter number three has been taken out you can jump down into the
opening the helicopters came out of. Be ready because you will be confronted
by a large number enemies coming at you. Head for the door to get out of the
room. There will be a drop-off at the right where you will find some control
boxes on the wall. These need to be destroyed in order to bring down the
force fields. Take the force fields out one at a time. Take out the gamma
guard that is here as soon as possible and go through into the next room.
Once you enter the room it will begin to fill with enemies. Defeat them all
and then leave the room via the large door.

Head down the tunnel taking out all the baddies that show up. Follow the
tunnels smashing through all the doors until you come to a room with
containment modules that the gamma guards are stored in. The guards will
break out of the containment modules and attack you. There are four rooms
like this one filled with more and more gamma guards as you go. You have to
defeat all the gamma guards so if there are any unbroken modules then break
them and take out any guards that were in them. Eventually you will come to a
large contraption that's shooting a beam straight up from it's center. At
each corner of the machine is a protrusion with a blue light on it.

You need to punch the protrusions in order to deactivate the force field
that's in the hall. Each time you deactivate one of them the light turns
from blue to red. After you have deactivated all the switches and turned off
the force field go down the hall following the green arrows. Go left and
then smash the through the small door. Don't go right through the doorway
that is already smashed. When you enter the room there will be four hulk dogs
and a few gamma guards. Head down the hallway and deal with as many enemies
as you care to. If you get tired of fighting them just run down the
corridor until you reach the end.

At the end of the corridor there is a soldier that you chase after. In a
moment there is an explosion and you go flying to the ground down below. Go
to where the green arrows are pointing to a rock and smash the rock. Go
quickly because soon there will be hulk dogs all over the place. Don't try
fighting the dogs just jump and run to the top fast. Smash the rock and jump
up on it. Go over to the right jumping up onto the ledges keeping away from
the dogs. Just keep jumping until you get to another rock on the left. You
need to smash this rock and continue jumping up to the ledge. Destroy the
rocket launcher and go into the tunnel that opens up at your right. Just
run past the gamma guards here to where there is a bomb set to detonate. As
you enter the bomb will explode.

This is another Banner stealth level. First crawl through the small opening
that is in the rocks and remain crouched down as you go. There are some
sleeping hulk dogs just around the corner. Keep as far away from them as
possible while you are sneaking past them and over to the other side.
Go into the opening in the damaged wall and keep going to the opening
between the the two blue canisters.

Go down the hallway and go right around the corner where you will come to
another pile of rocks. Crawl through the hole and stay on the right of the
tunnel hiding behind the rock. Stay there until the roof caves in and takes
out the rwo guards that are standing there. Go through the next room and
then down another hallway. Wait until there is an explosion, which is right
after more debris from the roof comes down. Now go into the next room where
there will be two guards fighting with a hulk dog. Crouch behind  the blue
canister until they move away from the door. While the hulk dog is fighting
with the second guard go through the doorway and up the hall.

Go through another room an through a hallway where a ew more explosions will
go off. The next room that you come to will some sleeping hulk dogs that you
need to sneak past. As you enter the room be sure you are crouching and go
to your right, past the blue canister and then to the far side of the room.
Stay along the wall of the room and past the hulk dogs and also the module
with a gamma guard in it. Go up the hallway and then through the rocks to a
large machine that you encountered before as the Hulk.

Activate the four switches where the red lighrs are to reactivate the force
field. After the field is back up go down the hallway following the green
arrows to where there is a hole in the wall. When you get to the end of the
hall you will notice that the dogs are awake now. Crawl through the hole
when the dogs move away from it and run as fast as you can to the sky car
entrance that the flashing green arrows are pointing to.

When you exit the skycar go up the ledge and down the tunnel to a large
room where The Leader and Ravage is waiting for you. The leader will take off
and leave Ravage behind to deal with you. Ravage is one of the bosses who
regains all his health after you beat him so have patience with this one as it
can get frustrating. To beat Ravage simply use the sonic clap on him and when
he is recovering from that beat him senseless.

Once you beat Ravage the first time he brings in some gamma guards to help
out. When the gamma guards get there try and keep Ravage between you and
them. They will try shooting at you but will end up hitting him more in the
process. Don't try to fight the guards just let them go. Work on Ravage for
the time being but still try to avoid the guards' shots. When Ravage starts
smashing the ground, let him. The roof will cave in and you can use the
pieces to throw at him or beat him with. After a bit more gamma gurds will
come in with guns. When you hear them firing at you start to run around.
Ravage will chase you and get hit in the process again. Fight him when you
get a chance and eventually you will beat him. After you beat him you will
be treated to a cut scene taking you to the next level.

This is another Banner stealth mission. After you teleport you will be in a
large room that has a big door across from you. On both sides of the door is
a power device with electricity running through it. Turn off both of the
devices to open the door. Go down the tunnel until you can see two gamma
guards running at you. Turn around and run back the way you came, back out of
the tunnel to where you came in. Crouch behind one of the power devices just
outside the door and wait for the guards to run out of the tunnel. When the
coast is clear run back into the tunnel and keep going until you get to the
end of it where a large door opens up.

In the next area you will have to face both Madman and Half-Life at the same
time. Avoid Half-Life as much as you can by doing a lot of jumping and
concentrate on attacking Madman. Use jumping attacks against Madman and also
tack on some sonic claps. When Madman has about half of his health left he'll
run to the elevator to try and escape. As he does this four green 'health'
orbs appear for you to collect. Take them if you need them.

To beat Half-Life you need to him with something so Jump and super-charge
punch the ground to get as much debris to fall as you can. Pick up the
debris and start smacking Half-Life with it. Go stand on the bridge and wait
for Half-Life to attack you there. Every time he approaches whack him with
the pieces of debris. Keep doing this until you have defeated him. Take the
green 'health' orb if you need it and go through the door and up the tunnel.

You'll have to fight a few gamma guards until you get to an open room that
has three doors in it. There is a blue door straight ahead, a green door on
the right and a yellow door on the left. If there are any gamma guards here
simply stand on the platform at the center of the room and throw them over
the edge. The blue door is the door you are trying to get through but in
order to do that you first have to destroy all the power devices to get the
door open. Destroy the power devices in this room and then go back to the
beginning of the level where the teleporter is and smash those too.

A few more gamma guards will show up but just pick them up and throw them
off the platform. Go back down the tunnel to where the three doors are and
bust through the yellow door and go down the yellow tunnel. At the end of
the tunnel there are four power devices to destroy as well as a bunch of
gamma guards that come in from the elevators. Take out the guards and then
go back to the large room through the blue door which is now open.

After the cut scene the game starts you out as Bruce Banner once again.
There will be four computer consoles that you'll need to activate in this
area. Do the two that are closest to you first then the two that are further
away. When you try to run over to a console The Leader will teleport himself
next to you. Use the dive roll to get outside of his range ASAP. He'll
create energy beams but as long as you are moving quickly they won't get to
you. Once you activate the last console the shield around the gamma orb will
collapse and you can then take the gamma orb. As soon as you do you change
back into the Hulk and are now ready to take on The Leader.

The best way to beat The Leader is to hide behind the elevator that is
located to your left. Hide behind the corner of it and The Leader will float
over to you. Dash out when he gets close enough to you and smack him a few
times. He'll then teleport back to the other side of the room and float over
to you again. Dash out again when he is in range and give him a few more
whacks. Just keep using this tactic to defeat him. At some point The Leader
will duplicate himself into about five other 'Leaders'. Just stay in your
hiding spot and wit for them to bunch up and come to you. Once again, dash
out and start pounding. You can usually take out about two or three of them
at a time using this method.

Once you beat The Leader the first time he will regain all his health and
you will have to fight him once again. This time however gamma guards will
be entering the area from the elevator. You can do the same thing you did
with The Leader the first time but you'll have to be quicker with the guards
and take them out sooner.

Now that you have defeated The Leader things have gotten out of control. You
need to get out as soon as possible before the whole place comes crashing
down on you. Go back to the teleporter that you used to get to this level
with. Bust through the door and go down the tunnel. There will be some gamma
guards ahead of you but the will take off running as well, paying no attention
to you as long as you exit the tunnel first. If the guards escape first then
they will turn and attack you. Just go straight across the platform, through
the door and down another tunnel. Run until you see a cloud of dust that
indicates the floor is collapsing. You need to jump over as the collapsing
floor falls away.

Now go through the doorway to the teleporter. When you reach it you will find
Madman waiting for you. Use jump attacks as they seem to work fairly well as
well as picking up objects and bashing him with them. Try and avoid Madman as
much as possible when he is using his fire attack. When he comes at you
that's the time to beat on him. After you finish off Madman The Hulk goes
into the teleporter which ends the game. Now just sit back, relax, and enjoy
the ending CG movie.

J. Challenge Mode

There are five different challenge mode games available to you after beating
certain levels of The Hulk. They are: Endurance Mode 1; Endurance Mode 2;
Time Attack Mode 1; Time Attack Mode 2 and Hulk Smash! Mode.

Endurance Mode 1
There is no time limit in endurance mode 1 you just fight as long as you can
facing wave after wave of baddies. A single point is scored for each kill you
get. If you use combos to take an opponent out you will be awarded one point
for each hit landed. The points are added up after the enemy has been taken
out. Every wave of endurance mode 1 brings more and different kinds of enemies.
Objects in the environment in this mode may also change.

Endurance Mode 2
Endurance mode 2 is like endurance mode 1 except you play in the mystery hangar
of Alcatraz and the enemies are much tougher and include; Gamma Guards, Alpha
Soldiers, Hulk Dogs, Alpha Missiles and Alpha Shielders. Autoguns also pop up
when you reach level 5.

Time Attack Mode 1
In time attack mode one you have to survive wave after wave of bad dudes for
four minutes. The point system is the same as Endurance mode 1 and some of the
enemies you will face include; Soldiers, Shock Troopers, Rifle Soldiers and

Time Attack Mode 2
This mode is the same as time attack mode 1 and the scoring system is the same
as the other modes. Some of the enemies you will fight are; Shock Troopers,
Rifle Soldiers, Missile Soldiers, Hulk Dogs, Robots and Shockshielders. The
robots show up at level 6.

Hulk Smash! Mode
This mode is a lot like the time attack modes in that you have four minutes to
complete it. The difference is that there are more objects for The Hulk to
smash and you are awarded points for each item destroyed. You are also awarded
points for the enemies that you defeat. Some of the enemies in this mode are;
Shock Troopers, Rifle Soldiers, Missile Soldiers, Hulk Dogs and Shockshielders.


| Endurance Mode 1   | Lvl 6: A Different Breed | Half-Life  |
| Endurance Mode 2   | Lvl 18: One And All      | Ravage     |
| Time Attack Mode 1 | Lvl 10: Savior           | Madman     |
| Time Attack Mode 2 | Lvl 21: Deliverance      | Madman     |
| Hulk Smash! Mode   | Lvl 14: Guardian         | Flux       |


To use the cheats below, choose 'Code Input' at the options screen and then
enter the codes. After the codes have been entered go to the 'Special
Features' screen and enable the code you wish to use.

|     SPECIAL FEATURE     |   CODE     |          DESCRIPTION              |
| Invulnerability         |  GMMSKIN   | Hulk/Bruce will be invincible.    |
| Regeneration            |  FLSHWND   | Hulk will regenerate faster.      |
| Rage meter full         |  ANGMNGT   | Hulk's rage meter remains full.   |
| Unlimited continues     |  GRNCHTR   | Player has unlimited continues.   |
| Double HP for Hulk      |  HLTHDSE   | Hulk's hit points are doubled.    |
| Double HP for enemies   |  BRNGITN   | Enemies' hit points are doubled.  |
| Enemy HP at half        |  MMMYHLP   | Enemies' hit points are halved.   |
| One hit kills           |  FSTOFRY   | Enemies are killed with one hit.  |
| Puzzles solved          |  BRCESTN   | Puzzles are solved immediately.   |
| Reset high score        |  NMBTHIH   | High score will be reset.         |
| Unlock all levels       |  TRUBLVR   | Unlocks every level.              |

To use the cheats below, find a computer terminal during game play and then
enter the codes.

|    SPECIAL FEATURE      |   CODE     |           DESCRIPTION             |
| Hulk transformed movie  |  SANFRAN   | Unlocks 'Hulk Transformed' movie  |
| art                     |            | art.                              |
| Hulk Vs Hulk Dogs Movie |  PITBULL   | Unlocks 'Hulk Vs Hulk Dogs' movie |
| Art                     |            | art.                              |
| Desert Battle Movie Art |  FIFTEEN   | Unlocks 'Desert Battle' movie art.|
| Hulk Movie FX Movie Art |  NANOMED   | Unlocks 'Hulk Movie FX' movie art.|
| Play As The Gray Hulk   |  JANITOR   | Lets you play as the Gray Hulk.   |


Thanks goes to...

Everyone who helped contribute to this Walkthrough/FAQ.

Everyone who took the time to read this Walkthrough/FAQ.

Everyone who took the time to rate this Walkthrough/FAQ.

Radical Entertainment for developing a great game.

Vivendi Universal for publishing said great game.

Stan Lee for creating such a great comic book character.

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