PS2 Walkthroughs: Hunter the Reckoning: Wayward Walkthrough

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Hunter the Reckoning: Wayward Walkthrough

Hunter: The Reckoning - Wayward
By: Alex "Joker" Hall
Started on - 10/16/03
Completed on - 10/18/03
E-Mail at

- The first Hunter: The Reckoning game for the PS2, and one hell of a
  chapter in the series I might add. I started my Hunting days on the
  X-Box of course with my all-time fav Creed: Martyr. So naturally that
  is what I am in this game, least to start off with, plus they've got
  one sexy babe character to play as as the Martyr. The game itself is
  more or less like Gauntlet: Dark Legacy for the PS2, with exception
  that Hunter is a 2-player only game. I have no earthly idea why the
  makers of such a great game turned this one into a 2-player only game,
  when they should of made it 4-players like the original X-Box version.
  Oh well......least wise Redeemer will be 4-players to continue the
  zombie butchering on X-Box. Until then I'll fully enjoy playing this
  game with my Avenger Creed buddy Levi Thomason. Looks like the Judge
  and the Defender will be sitting this romp out.....

- Lets begin things with the good ol copyright notice. This walkthrough
  was made for GameFAQs, and GameFAQs only. If you wish to post this
  walkthrough on your site then please e-mail me asking for my
  permission. I've always let people use my walkthrough happily on their
  site everytime they asked, so lets avoid needless headaches and
  arguements and just spend a few extra minutes e-mailing me for

- Also I want to point out this since I don't want to go through another
  Midnight Club 2 incident:
  I had it with all those white boys that thought they were black or a
  thug or something e-mailing me with half assed complaints about how
  Midnight Club 2 wasn't updated on some other site. This is a dedicated
  GameFAQs walkthrough, and it's not my problem if you don't want to go
  to GameFAQs just to get the updated version.


- This guide gives you the basics of what you need to know on how to
  beat it, but it does not tell you all of the secrets, and is missing
  just a little bit of extra info on collecting costumes and music.
  You shouldn't have really any problems beating the game with the help
  of this guide since I did make sure to have all the info needed for
  defeating the game, but if you're searching for extra OPTIONAL mission
  modes, then you might not find info for just a select few. If anyone
  would be so kind to e-mail these OPTIONAL missions and how to get and
  defeat them I would be very appreciative. Also if you could help me
  out with a few pieces that are missing such as the Stage Name for the
  stage that you fight the Werewolf on, I would be very happy. Other
  than that if you're looking to beat the game straight out then you
  came to the right place. It's gonna take just a tiny bit of time to
  get this guide at Version FINAL, but it shouldn't be that long I hope.

  I've added a useful tip that will get you tons of extra continues.
  Look for the tip in the Stages Section under the Outer Graveyard part.

- Onto the Hunt......

Table of Contents

1) The Story
2) Controls
3) Techniques
4) Weapons
5) Edges
6) The Hunters
7) The Enemies
8) The Bosses
9) Stages
10) Cheats
11) Credits

1) The Story

- Two years earlier, 4 Hunters returned to the small town of Ashcroft
  after a rave helped to awaken the hordes of the undead. The rave was
  to celebrate the execution of Nathaniel Arkady, a convicted murderer.
  The 4 Hunters that were present at Arkady's execution and imbued the
  same day of his execution, were summoned back to put to rest the
  evil that was underlying in Ashcroft. After a grueling night of
  fighting, they found out that warden of the Ashcroft Prison was behind
  the whole ordeal and set out to finish him off. His reasons for doing
  this to Ashcroft was to resurrect his dead family. The 4 Hunters
  succeeded in defeating and banishing the warden to nether realm from
  which all the creatures came from. The 4 Hunters figured that Ashcroft
  could once again return to some semblance of normalcy, but their hopes
  were shattered. Two years after the initial incident at Ashcroft, two
  Hunters that were trying to put peace back into the town much like the
  4 before them weren't making much leanway. They sent out an e-mail to
  all four of the original Hunters that put a stop to the evil once
  before in Ashcroft that their original attempt to bring about peace in
  Ashcroft had failed and that they were needed once again to come back
  to Ashcroft. The four of them met up and made their way to Ashcroft
  once again to put a stop to whatever was behind this new nightmare...

2) Controls

- All good Hunters need to know the basics of here's the
  lowdown of what you need to know to get by in this god forsaken town.

L1 - Activate Edge
L2 - Jump
Left Analog - Movement
R1 - Melee Attack
R2 - Ranged/Special Attack
Right Analog - Aim (Use this stand still while aiming in any direction
                    to shoot at enemies, or to shoot at enemies from
                    behind while moving forward. Also by moving forward
                    and holding the direction for your Hunter to look
                    left and right, you'll go into a strafe movement.)
D-Pad - Camera
Square - Reload
Triangle - Edge Select
Circle - Gun Select (Cycles through your extra guns that you have picked
                     up along the way. Press X to ready the gun you want
                     to use. The gun that you are currently using will
                     be displayed in the upper left corner as a picture
                     of it.)
X - Activate
Start - Pause Screen
Select - N/A
R3 - N/A
L3 - N/A

- There's a practice in the beginning that will help you to better learn
  your controls as well. Take note and learn quickly, because once you
  start out into Ashcroft, you won't have the pleasure of free time to 
  learn your controls again.

3) Techniques

- Time to get into the real deal. You know that you can't just get by
  with one hit to each enemy, that'd just be too easy. So you've gotta
  have some combos and other such techniques to back you up in this
  fight. Here's where to learn them in no time.

- Combo -

- By pressing the R1 Button repeatedly you can do a combo unique to your
  Hunter. Rarely will you ever kill an enemy in hit with your Melee
  attacks, so keep on slashing away until you know damn sure that they
  are dead for keeps this time around. It's bad enough that they died
  once and are up and moving again! Combo chains are much longer in this
  game than they were in the orignal Hunter game.

- Combo 2 (Escape Combo) -

- After tapping the R1 button two times in your combo, begin tapping the
  L2 button to begin a Hunter's second combo, also known as the Escape
  Combo. This sends a Hunter into a series of blows that will lunge them
  forward a distance while attacking, hence Escape. This too is unique
  to the Hunter that you choose.

- 360 Attack -

- Tap and hold the R1 button and you'll see your Hunter go into a stance
  and keep it for as long as you hold the R1 button. When you're
  surrounded by a group of enemies from all sides use this attack to
  either knock them all back, or kill them. The power behind this move
  is better than normal combo attacks. Despite the fact that it is a
  power move, only use it when you're surrounded. This move does leave
  you open to attack from more resourceful or quicker opponents.

- Jump Attack -

- Tap the L2 button and hold your direction that you want to jump in, or
  just jump in place and hit the R1 button during your jump to do a jump
  attack. This move actually does combo just a little bit, and is a nice
  way to go into a group of opponents, or to counter any attacking
  enemies that are at a small distance away from you.

- Jump Attack 2 -

- Tap the L2 button just as the same from Jump Attack, except hit L2
  again to do a new attack from the air. Depending on your Hunter you
  can do tiny combos with this one. Consider this one to be a one hit
  kind of thing to zombies, as it is a power move from the air.

- Keeping Full Ammo -

- Unlike in the original Hunter game, you have limited ammo for your
  default weapon. The other guns you pick up are no exception and follow
  the same limited ammo as in the previous game. To keep your ammo
  stockpile at full, whenever you use your guns make sure to reload them
  before you switch out to your Melee weapon, or picking up ammo boxes
  or guns for extra ammo. Basically reload like crazy is what I'm saying
  to you. By keeping your guns with full clips you can always make sure
  that there's the room for the maximum ammo to hold for each weapon. We
  all know that when a boss shows up, or something just as strong, 
  you'll need all the ammo you can carry. You can find ammo boxes and
  guns by destroying things in each stage, or by killing enemies.

- Regaining Health -

- There are a few ways to getting your health back in the game. Number
  one is by killing enemies. Every now and then an enemy will drop red
  or the all new purple orbs. By running over these orbs you will refill
  your meter back a ways. Depending on the enemy you defeat is how much
  health you get back from the orb dropped. Rots (zombies) drop orbs
  that will get back a small amount, but Gargoyles will drop orbs that
  refill a much larger amount than the Rots. The second way is by using
  a health glyph. These refill huge amounts of missing health. The only
  downside to this is that glyphs have limited use. After a so many
  times of being used, they will stay dark and not glow anymore
  signifying that they're totally out. The last way is by finding Health
  Packs. These items can found by destroying various things in all
  stages. Use to be you only destroy things just for the fun of it, but
  now you can find health packs by destroying things.

- Regaining Energy -

- To regain lost energy from using your Edges, you can kill enemies and
  pick up blue or purple orbs, or by using an Energy Glyph. The orbs
  vary in potency from the enemy you kill, much like the red orbs.
  Energy Glyphs look like an E on the ground. Use those to refill your
  Energy Meter significantly.

- Gaining Exp. -

- Simply put, to gain exprience and make your Hunter's stats better, or
  to gain new Edges to use, kill KILL KKKKIIIIILLLLLL!!!!!!!! The better
  the enemy you kill the better the exp. Also, it is debated, but it
  does make sense....using your melee weapon gives you a more, but small
  amount more than by killing with a gun. Just because there's a huge
  group of enemies gunning for you doesn't mean you should run away! You
  need to see this as an opportunity to gather up a massive amount of
  exp. The more enemies you kill, the better off you'll be in the long

4) Weapons

- Here's a layout of all the weapons you can find in the game and their

- Shotgun -

- Clip: 2

- This gun is best suited to driving away strong opponents, or blasting
  away groups of Rots. The closer you get to an enemy with this gun the
  better the damage. Don't think that this is gun of choice from a
  distance. Due to it's rather limited clip size, you better be able to
  run and gun with this weapon. This is an excellent strategy if you're
  the Martyr.

- Pump Action Shotgun -

- Clip: 8

- Now you're getting somewhere. This is the upgraded version of the
  Shotgun. A better clip size and better power behind it makes this one
  an instant crowd clearer. You can now get some distance from enemies
  and still unleash great damage on them, but once again the closer you
  are with this gun the better the damage. Just get by the little pump
  that the Hunter must do between shots and it's your weapon of choice.
  Again an excellent run and gun weapon.

- Automatic Shotgun -

- Clip: 8

- The best of the shotguns, and the final upgrade to the Shotgun. This
  is definitely a weapon of choice for all Hunters. No pumping, a decent
  clip size, and awesome power make this a force to be reckoned with.
  Distance wise you can clear out crowds from a rather safe distance,
  but just like the previous two, the closer you are the more damage
  you'll dispense.

- Sub Machine Gun -

- Clip: 32

- Great at tearing up crowds in a hurry, or taking down a boss's life,
  but ammo just seems to disappear quickly with this weapon. No matter
  though if you're a great shot with it, then you'll get rid of all
  opponents in no time at all. You can keep a great distance from
  enemies and take them out.

- Assault Rifle -

- Clip: 30

- Upgraded version of the Sub Machine Gun, this little baby gets the
  job done faster in all categories of the Sub MG. This means more kills
  with less ammo used. A true weapon to snipe off an enemy with.

- Bullpup Rifle -

- Clip: 30

- The pinnacle of the Sub Machine Gun upgrades, don't leave home without
  it. This weapon is the one to use against bosses, so don't waste it
  on regular enemies unless you see extra ammo just lying around.

- High Power Rifle -

- Clip: 16

- This sniper rifle of sorts is as it's name says.....high powered. It
  packs just a little more punch than the Pump Action Shotgun, and with
  a better clip magazine. The Auto Shotgun is more powerful than this
  gun though, so you'll have to go with clip size with less power when
  you get that gun. I suggest taking this gun into boss battles.

- Grenade Launcher -

- Clip: 4

- A devestating weapon no matter who you fire it at in the game. Take
  careful aim when firing it though, as the grenades only blow up on
  direct contact with an enemy.

- Rocket Launcher -

- Clip: 1

- The big powerhouse of them, this is a true crowd clearer right here.
  It's a very hard weapon to find throughout the game, so save your
  shots for when you need them. Finding ammo for this thing is gonna be
  one hell of a chore.

- Flare Gun -

- Clip: 1

- This weapon is basically resemblant of the Rocket Launcher from the
  first Hunter game. Running and gunning is the key to using this weapon
  or just shoot from a far distance. You will reload like crazy with
  this weapon so get used to it. If you can put up with the constant
  reloading, then you've got yourself a lethal weapon.

- Chain Saw -

- Runs on Gas Meter

- The ever graceful and useful chainsaw from the first game. This weapon
  is what you use to bring a boss's health down quickly, if you can get
  in close enough to them that is. Not a crowd clearer, and must used
  in the same manner you fight as Melee style.

- Flame Thrower -

- Runs on Gas Meter

- This little baby packs some punch and turns your enemies to crispy
  critters. The downside to this weapon is it's lack of distance. You
  must be within a close proximity of your enemy to use it. A fair
  weapon at crowd clearing and a nice weapon to use in a boss fight.

- Chain Gun -

- Clip: 500

- You wanted a badass gun, well here it is. I'll let your own eyes be
  the real judgement on this SOB.

5) Edges

- Here's where you can learn about the Edges used in the game. Edges are
  techs you gain to give yourself new powers. Each Hunter starts off
  with one Edge given to them. Edges also level up as the game moves on.
  Each Edge can move up 3 levels. Their level is indicated by the dots
  underenath their picture in the upper left corner of the screen.

- Cleave -

- Your weapon is set ablaze for duration of time. The better the level,
  the longer and more powerful your weapon will be. As long as your
  weapon is on fire, the Edge's effects will be in place. A great way
  to defeat enemies and bosses with minimal effort.

- Smite -

- A 360 damaging wave is sent from your intial postion. This move is
  the crowd clearer of Edges. Get it's level up higher and higher to
  make that much more lethal and wider ranged.

- Ward -

- This Edge is basically a shield of sorts that damage any enemy that
  tries to get close to you. The higher the level the better it can
  defend against stronger opponents and deal out damage.

- Impact -

- Same effects as Cleave, except this is for your ranged weapons. This
  doesn't wear off in time, rather it wears off after a certain amount
  of shots have been fired. A very nice Edge to have if you want to
  deal massive damage from a distance.

- Word of Power -

- A basic all offensive move. The blast range gets wider and farther
  each time you level up. A perfect crowd clearer in any situation.

- Burden -

- This move freezes all enemies in the blast radius for a short period
  of time. The better the level of this Edge, the longer enemies will
  stay frozen. This doesn't work on bosses or powerful enemies.

- Rejuvenate -

- Quite possible one of the best moves in the game, this is the healing
  move of the Edges. By far the most useful Edge in the game, because
  this move has always come through for groups of Hunters in the pinch.
  At levels 2 and 3 this move not only heals the user, but nearby allies
  as well.

*** Tip from ShadowAngemon and Magmarashi on this most helpful edge ***

*** Level 1 Rejuvinate can heal your ally, but you have to be right
    beside them, and possibly face-to-face for it to work. I haven't
    been able to do much testing with this since I only have one
    controller. Me and my friend Magmarashi found this out. ***

- Rally -

- Gives you and all nearby Hunters a reduction in damage taken for a
  period of time. This is a great move to have for boss fights and if
  you've got too much pressure on yourself from enemies.

- Demand -

- This move increases basically all stats of the user for a period of
  time. You increase your speed, strength, and in my opinion stamina to
  take hits better.

- Retribution -

- This Edge deals back damage to whoever hits the user of it. I've used
  this move alot in the last game, and I use it when needed in this one
  too. It's greatest uses are during boss fights. You don't get hit with
  the full force of the boss's attack, the amount that would be given
  to you is given back to the boss. So not only does deal some form of
  offense, but you have slight defensive measures as well.

- Blaze -

- This move attacks enemies within the blast radius damaging them and
  stunning them as well. A very nice move indeed when used properly.
  It's best that you get this move leveled up at least once before you
  get trigger happy with it.

- Blast -

- This could be just like Word of Power in a sense. It's another Edge
  that attacks enemies within the line of fire. So just like with
  Word of Power, aim and let loose.

- Pinpoint -

- Whatever enemy that's caught within the arc thrown from the Hunter,
  they will become pinpointed or marked. All enemies that are effected
  by this move will take more damage from attacks than normal. Basically
  this is a move that lowers enemy defenses for a time. This works on
  bosses as well.

- Enrage -

- Use this to boost your strength and accuracy for a period time. This
  also effects nearby Hunters as well. This move is something that you
  want to save your energy for for boss fights. It's a very useful move
  and gets better as you level it up.

- Spiral -

- Damages all enemies caught in the radius blast. This move is unlike
  other radius blast type moves, as it takes off a percentage of the
  enemy's life. Basically you could say that this is a Demi attack from
  the Final Fantasy series.

6) The Hunters

- Here's where you can learn about the Hunters that must save the town
  of Ashcroft once again.

- Kassandra Cheyung -

- Creed: Martyr
- Melee: Twin Kamas
- Ranged: Dual Berettas
          Clip: 20

-   Accuracy: ***
    Strength: **
  Conviction: ***
       Speed: *****
     Stamina: **

- Starting Edge: Demand
- Gained Edges: Retribution, Burden, Blaze

- A Martyr's life is a hard journey full of pain, suffering, and loss.
  The lucky ones die young. Kassandra Cheyung has been a Martyr for
  several years and it's finally starting to show.

  Kassandra is the speedster of the Hunters. And though she is not as
  powerful physically as the other Hunters, her ability to quickly deal
  damage and dodge away makes her a powerful Hunter nonetheless.

-Spencer "Deuce" Wyatt -

- Creed: Avenger
- Melee: Axe
- Ranged: Lever Shotgun
          Clip: 8

-   Accuracy: **
    Strength: *****
  Conviction: **
       Speed: **
     Stamina: ***

- Starting Edge: Cleave
- Gained Edges: Ward, Smite, Impact

- "Deuce" Wyatt was the natural choice by the Messengers to wear the
  mantle of Avenger. Traveling the highways of North America, Deuce is
  the quintisessential wandering hero; wandering from town to town
  routing out evil.

  Deuce is the damage dealer of the Hunters. Though armed with a rifle
  for ranged combat, his melee-damage potential and primarily offensive
  Edge selection make Deuce a living engine of destruction.

- Samantha Alexander -

- Creed: Defender
- Melee: Japanese One-Sided Blade Sword
- Ranged: Revolver Magnum
          Clip: 6

-   Accuracy: ***
    Strength: ***
  Conviction: ***
       Speed: ***
     Stamina: **

- Starting Edge: Rejuvenation
- Gained Edges: Demand, Ward, Blast

- Ex-cop Samantha Alexander was a born "Defender" though she didn't
  fully realize until her imbuing. Now that she's a Hunter, she has
  found that she must take "serve and protect" to a whole new level.

  Samantha is a very well rounded character. She mixes good melee skills
  with good ranged skills with speed to boot. With access to the
  Rejuvenation Edge, Samantha proves invaluable in solo and group

- Father Estaban Cortez -

- Creed: Judge
- Melee: Double Bladed Long Sword
- Ranged: Bolt Action Crossbow
          Clip: 12

-   Accuracy: ***
    Strength: ***
  Conviction: *****
       Speed: ***
     Stamina: *

- Starting Edge: Word of Power
- Gained Edges: Burden, Rejuevenation, Rally

- Father Estaban Cortez worked faithfully as the Ashcroft Penitentiary
  resident Chaplain. And up until the day of his imbuing, quietly served
  as a counselor and administrator to the needs of his fellow man.

  Estaban is the magical powerhouse of the Hunters. Armed with varying
  Edges ranging from healing to damaging to paralyzing, Estaban brings
  to bear magical power enough to deal with any situation.

- Joshua Matthews -

- Creed: Wayward
- Melee: Crowbar
- Ranged: Auto-Pistol
          Clip: 24

-   Accuracy: ***
    Strength: ****
  Conviction: ***
       Speed: ****
     Stamina: ***

- Starting Edge: Cleave
- Gained Edges: Pinpoint, Enrage, Spiral

- Joshua "God_45" Matthews is a scary man. Like most "Wayward", Josh has
  lost a bit of his humanity in the hunt. But with this loss comes "the
  ability to set ones emotions aside and do what needs to be done."

  Armed with a "Wrecking Wrecker" Joshua's melee attacks are of good
  speed and do fair amount of damage. He is a decent shot and sports an
  Auto-Pistol with a quick rate of fire, but a low damage potential.

7) The Enemies

- Here's where you can learn about the varying enemies that appear
  throughout the game. I will give you the information that the game
  gives for them along with my personal opinion on dealing with each
  and everyone of them.

- Rots -

- These creatures seem to be the foot soldiers of the enemy. They
  require massive amounts of damage to destroy, and have no vital areas
  to target. I have removed a rot's head and it kept fighting.

- Ok.....Rots are the number one enemy you'll fight throughout the game.
  Is like a never ending supply of these things. Rots come in all shapes
  and sizes, and they vary in appearance as well. Now they don't require
  that much effort to kill. You just need to stick and move with them
  when they start to surround you. You can melee them with no problem at
  all and save your ammo.

- Skitters -

- These spider-like creatures are nothing more than living bombs. They
  are extremely fast and volatile. Their explosive nature can be used
  against the enemy rather easily, as they tend to explode after minimal

- The Skitters of this game have lost that deadly damage that they once
  had in the first game. They're still dangerous though. I have swat
  away at them with my melee weapon and killed them off just as easily
  as shooting them, though it does take a bit of practice to get the
  timing down right on hitting them. Also whenever you killed them in
  the first game, their blood that splattered all over hurt everybody
  as well. In this game they lost that little annoying attribute, so no
  worries if you kill them up close. Unless you are a veteran Hunter
  that did play the X-Box version (I didn't play the Gamecube version so
  I don't know if they tweaked the game slightly at all, besides....the
  X-Box is where it all started!) then I suggest that those that are
  newbs to the Hunter scene that started with this game should use
  ranged weapons to deal with SKitters.

- Gargoyles -

- These living statues are highly resistant to weapons fire. Their
  attacks can be quite devestating.

- You wanted to see a powerhouse normal creature? Well here's your
  chance. These guys can take bullets like they're nothing, so you must
  use your melee attacks against them if you want to make any leanway
  against them. They'll take a little over a full combo to destroy so
  just keep at it, and watch out for all their attacks. They haven't
  really missed a step since crossing over to the PS2.

- Specters -


- These things are back with a vengance. Use to be their shots would
  take away your life or your energy meter. Now though they only
  concentrate on taking down your life. They said to hell with your
  energy, you can't use it if you're dead. They got a teeny tiny boost
  in speed than in the last game, but they are severely weaker than
  what they were in the last game. If you must then use your ranged
  attacks on him, but it's much simpler to take them out with your melee

- Rats -

- These tainted creatures are weak but can produce a devestating gas

- What was a big annoyance in the first game is back to still being an
  annoyance. Their gas attack is now got better strength and longer
  range than in the X-Box version, but thankfully they are weaker than
  in the X-Box version. I use the Martyr all the time, and with her
  superior speed over these creatures, they don't really hold a candle
  to me and miss alot with their gas attack leaving them wide open for
  a melee beat down. If you're playing as a character with slower speed
  though, you might want to use your ranged attacks or get smart against
  them and fake them out somehow to get in close to melee attack them.
  The rats stick mainly to their gas attack and rarely use their melee

- Rot Dogs -

- Beware this creature's speed. They tend to travel in packs,
  overwhemling their prey by sheer numbers. The dogs are extremely
  tenacious and deadly.

- Not even my Martyr's speed can contend with the speed of the Rot Dogs,
  but it's better than being Deuce against these things. You can kill
  these things off with either melee or ranged attacks, it's your choice
  depending on how the situation with them looks. They will often come
  in close to you, so melee them then. From time to time they'll try to
  keep their distance and wait for you to let your guard down. At this
  moment in time use your ranged attacks. It's all a matter of judgement
  and a clear head to fighting these things.

- Rots Type 2 -

- These Rots are a more serious threat than the basic shamblers. These
  are stronger and remember more about their bodies' life, enough to use
  weapons including guns.

- The Type Two's consists of these Rots that I named to easily identify
  with, and plus my friends and fellow Hunters found it easier to call
  them this as well. The Type Twos are the Raver Girl Rots (You see them
  in Midtown) The Cop Rots (They carry Pistols, Shotguns, and Flame-
  Throwers) and the Prisoner Rots (You fight them in the Prison Levels).
  These Rots are much stronger and will kill you off in no time if you
  allow yourself to get surrounded by them. The Cop Rots are the most
  annoying since all they want to do is shoot at you all day long. The
  Raver Girl Rots have been downgraded from the X-Box version(thank god)
  to a point in that they don't take as long to kill, but they are now
  stronger attackers than the X-Box version. All in all you better be
  prepared and seriously leveled up for the later levels of the game
  where these guys show up, because they won't play around with you.

- Totems -

- These are cabalistic summoning tools. Magical booby traps and sentry
  devices. If you set them off, then whoever set them knows you're

- These things are new to the Hunter games. These are responsible for
  bringing more enemies for you to fight, an unlimited supply. They look
  like a bull's head with ribs and spine stuck into the ground standing
  up. The thing doesn't move so no worries about chasing it down. Just
  watch out for all the enemies that it summons to fight you. Speed is
  the key to taking these things out so that they don't summon a god
  awful amount.

- Cultists -


- They're back and better than they were in the first game. That's not
  a good thing if you're smiling about it! Use to be when they were
  unarmed they were basically prime targets because they melee attacked
  like retards, but in this game they've went Martial Arts School and
  got their black belts to go with their black leather bondage outfits.
  They now fight like the vampires from Underworld, Neo from the Matrix,
  Jet Li from The I getting through to you? They still carry
  Machine Guns like from the first game, and their accuracy has got way
  better than the previous game as well. You could say the Vampires are
  the only ones that got better in every way, shape, form, and fashion
  over the previous game unlike the other creatures that only got better
  in certain areas and worse in others. The Cultists will be worse
  nightmare come true everytime you see them. Use any means necessary
  to defeat them, as they have no glaring weaknesses or strategies that
  you could do to them that'll work for a long time. I really don't
  understand why they're called Cultists when they look, act, fight,
  even sound like the Vampires of the previous game. I guess that's why
  the Judge's Crossbow doesn't kill them in one hit in this game, they
  are normal human women. Still they'll be the vamps from the first game
  in my heart always.

- Mechanical Monsters -


- These are the big and slow, but powerful, mechanical monsters that
  are in Le Roi's Body Shop. If you have a speedy character, then there
  is nothing to worry about, but if you're a slow character then you
  might have a few problems. The best way to defeat them is to run up
  behind them and start melee attacking them until they are dead. With
  their slow speed it'll take them quite the time to turn to you, in
  which case you can just run behind them again to finish them off. Just
  avoid their flamethrowers and buzzsaw blades when you're at a distance
  in front of it and you're all set to beat them.

- Hangman Ghosts -


- If you fought them in the first game then you know what to expect.
  These are the only enemies that I've seen basically unchanged from the
  first game. They're pratically the same in strength, speed, everything
  you could think of that they were in the first. They just got a
  sleeker look than before. Avoid their Dust Wave attack like the plague
  as it still tears your life up if they hit you with it just right.

- Bats -


- RANGED ATTACKS ONLY!!!!!!!!!! These things are like rats with wings.
  If they have any melee attacks then they rarely use them. They stick
  mainly to their ranged attacks of spitting poison at you that makes
  you cough just like the Rats gas attack. They are extremely weak like
  the Rats so dodge and shoot them. These things travel in packs so you
  will be doing alot of dodging.

- Boojums -

- These quick, annoying creatures are easy to kill, but still can
  inflict large amounts of damage if allowed to get close.

- The Boojums look like leeches when you see them. They are extremely
  easy to kill and dodge when they attack. They only have melee attacks
  so no worries. You can pick them off with your ranged weapons or use
  your melee attacks to finish them off when they get close. Either way
  I don't see them as much of a threat. I mean yeah that got some power
  behind their attacks, but their attacks are easy to dodge if you're
  paying attention.

8) The Bosses

- Now it's time to learn about the big boys of this game that you will
  have to go up against. This also shows minibosses that you will have
  to face if you want to.

- War Ghoul -

- Found: Theater District

- If you played the first game then this thing should look familiar to
  you. It's basically the first boss you fight in the X-Box game, except
  it's smaller and lacks a few moves. The main move it lacks is it's
  ability to drop out Skitters. It never once dropped them out on me.
  This thing is considered a miniboss in that it's not as strong as you
  would think. I defeated it going through the Theater District on my
  first try without dying. Either that means it's due to the fact that
  I played the first and am a veteran Hunter, or it was dumb luck. In
  either case I knew what to watch out for. This guy is somewhat fast.
  It's speed is close to the Defender's I'd say, maybe a little more.
  By running in circles with it chasing you, it's speed becomes somewhat
  reduced in that it really only runs full out going in straight lines.
  If you get close enough to it, it'll start to swing widly at you with
  it's long arms. It does have a great reach so watch out for that. The
  next thing you need to look out for is its Ground Pound. It'll make a
  growling noise everytime it's about to it and raise it's arms in the
  air before slamming them down and causing a 360 wave to shoot out from
  around it. You can jump the wave without getting any damage if you're
  not out of it's range. You can kill it by using either melee or ranged
  depending on how skilled you are, and how you can trick it. If you
  played the first boss from the X-Box version, then you should know a
  few tricks to fighting this thing and you are approved to use melee
  attacks. If you're a newbie to the Hunter scene, then listen to me
  when I say you better stick to shooting it. You don't want to waste
  continues on this thing if you don't have to. It's stamina is ok, but
  can be easily taken down in no time so don't worry so much about that
  huge life bar of its. Whatever method you use to taking this thing
  down, it shouldn't take very long unless you're trying to be cautious
  around it.

- Mourner -

- Found: Church

- This thing isn't that tough. You can Melee attack it as much as you
  want to conserve ammo and it'll be gone in no time. It doesn't have
  a strong melee attacking style, and relies heavily on it's ranged
  attacks. It'll only use the ranged attacks when you're at a distance
  from it. The ranged attack makes you cough for awhile like the Rats
  gas attack. Just melee it until it's dead. The only time you have to
  worry about these things is later on in the game when they actually
  have some skill. They have the same moves, but they're stronger later
  in the game. At this point don't worry about it.

- Werewolf -

- Found: Inner Graveyard

- The werewolf is back from the X-Box version as well, but this one
  lacks that one-hit flying skull kill. Veteran Hunters from the X-Box
  know what I'm talking about. This werewolf isn't Nathaniel Arkady so
  I guess that's why he lacks that move. In anycase it's still a pain to
  fight, and you will lose a continue or two on this mother. He's
  extremely fast, faster than the Martyr, and powerful. The guy will try
  often enough to use his melee attacks rather than his energy attacks,
  which is a good thing. You will have to switch back and forth between
  melee attacking and ranged attacking. The reason why is that while he
  is running around at break neck speed, you should be firing away at
  him, at least attempting to hit him. When he comes in close is when
  you should start dodging and attacking him with your melee weapon.
  You want to conserve your ammo for when he is running around, because
  he does it alot. He has a 360 energy wave that he uses from time to
  time that deals out tremendous damage if you're caught by it full
  blast. The range is small though, smaller compared to the werewolf you
  fight in the X-Box version I can tell you that. When he melee attacks
  he does a full swiping combo with his arms. He has a great reach so
  watch out for that. Hit and run is a good strategy here with your guns
  but it will take a longer time to kill him if you don't use your melee
  attacks. You can't take him on with just melee attacks and think that
  you won't lose a continue or two, Veteran or newb. The best course of
  action is what I said and that is to switch back and forth between
  melee and ranged. He's got some great stamina so be prepared for a
  good fight with him. He shouldn't take forever to kill, but he will
  take longer to kill than any other boss character you've faced thus

- Mechanical Creature -

- Found: Le Roi's Body Shop - Outer

- Ok....this guy extremely easy to kill. During this stage you'll run
  into smaller versions of this miniboss that do everything that the
  miniboss does. The only exception to this smaller versions and the
  miniboss is that the miniboss has a longer reach and stronger attacks
  than the smaller versions. It's flamethrower attack is devestating to
  say the least due to the great reach it has. The buzzsaw blades that
  it shoots out at you will only be used if you're too far for it to
  hit you with it's flamethrower. If you're close enough to it, it'll
  start trying to melee attack you, which is what you want it to do.
  Its melee attacks are extremely slow and easy to dodge. If you've
  noticed with the smaller versions of him that you can take them out
  real easy with melee attacks, he's no different. He's too damn slow
  to be of any threat at close range, so melee attacking is what you
  want to do here. Now this thing is a bit smart. It got itself into a
  corner and just let loose with it's flamethrower attack. If you get
  just out of it's range and start using your ranged attacks, you'll
  also tear him up in no time without him firing his buzzsaw blades at
  you. All in all no matter what you do, consider this to be the easiest
  boss character in the game. You can get lots of practice for him by
  trying out methods of attack on the smaller versions that show up in
  the stage just before him.

- The Machine -

- Found: Le Roi's Body Shop - Inner

- At first glance you'll say that this boss is easy because it's
  stationary, but you'd be so wrong. Just because it can't move doesn't
  mean it's not dangerous. It's strength is beyond ridiculous. It will
  kill you in just under two or three attacks. First off you will have
  to play a ranged game against it, getting in close to melee attack it
  is suicide. If you have any explosive weapons such as the Rocket
  Launcher, then use it on this boss. Also Pinpoint works wonders here
  as well. When you do fight it, it summons those mechs to help it out.
  With an infinite supply of those mechanical monsters this makes things
  harder than they need to be. Take out as many of them as you can and
  then focus on the Machine while it's respawning the Totems. If you
  hurry you can damage the Machine heavily before the mechs have a
  chance to go after you again. Also one very important thing to watch
  out for is that when you do get the Machine's life down significantly,
  it will start to use a giant electric wave that spans 360 from it's
  location. You can jump it, but it's sometimes hard to time just right
  since the wave is pretty fast. The main thing to watch out for is the
  Mechs though. Getting those guys out of the way to hit the Machine
  is all you really have to worry about. With those Mechs out of the
  way, killing the Machine becomes essentially easier.

- The Witch -

- Found: Death Row

- A woman dressed in all black that floats in the air with a long ass
  double sided scythe........not exactly a good thing if you're on her
  bad side. This babe's got more than looks keeping her in charge, she's
  got powers that are just as lethal as your level Edges. Let me start
  first with her melee attacks. While in the air her melee attacks are
  little less powerful and her combo is shorter, but when she lands
  watch out. Her power and combo get better when she has both feet on
  the ground. Her speed depends on what she's doing. In the air she's
  somewhat slow, but when she's on the ground she's pretty quick. The
  Martyr's speed is still better than hers on the ground, but not by
  much. Moving on to her magic powers, she has quite the selection of
  powers to blast away at you with. First off she has this attack that
  comes out in a wave just in front of her. It resembles the Pinpoint
  wave, and is decently powerful. (I think that it is Pinpoint because
  when I died and came back she tried to use it on me til it hit, and
  then my life just kept shooting down. I'm not a hundred percent sure
  on that, but it's a good theory.) She also has two types of blast
  attacks. One she just fires crazily in front of her, and the other is
  kinda like a lock on thing. The second one she uses when her life is
  getting low and it is powerful. It hits you and stays on you for a
  few moments still connected to her hand by electric bolts. The best
  thing to do against her is to use your ranged weapons, preferably any
  kind of machine gun you have. Since she has Vampires for back-up and
  they drop lots of machine gun ammo, this is the weapon of choice
  against her. Melee attacking may seem like a good idea, but it's much
  much much easier if you just put your gun to your and kill yourself
  faster than what her melee attacks will do to you if you get close.
  This is a running and gunning fight, and no other strategy I found
  can work properly other than that. Her stamina is high so keep firing
  like there's no tommorow, because knowing her if she has her way about
  it, there won't be for you.

- Rogue Hunter Devin -

- Found: The Hospital Roof

- Devin's a sniper, so you need to be careful of that while you're
  trying to flush him out of hiding. Once he's flushed out the fight
  becomes simple. He has no real skills to talk of when he's fighting
  you face to face. He uses a very powerful magnum gun and a sword to
  fight you. He didn't use any powers on me, so if he does with you then
  e-mail me giving me the info on his powers if he has any. Devin's
  extremely offensive and tries to keep it close quarters when he's been
  flushed out. He will take your life down in barely any hits at all.
  He lacks defensive skills and can't take a hit that well. Instead of
  trying to stay with half ranged half melee, instead use a 10% melee
  and 90% ranged on him strategy. With the right gun you can take his
  life down in a hurry. It's actually a relaxing breather of a boss
  fight after all the ones you've been through and all the stuff that
  he put you through before you fought him. You may lose a continue or
  two on him, but it's no biggie. With great skills you can finish him
  off without dying.

*** A correction from B.F. ( about this particular boss
    left in original e-mail format ***

*** ok, im gonna make this short due to the face i dunno if this name
    works or not dude.  but i found out that Devin does have an Edge
    ability.  he puts up some kind of weird sheild that prevents any 
    damage from ranged weapons (or so it seemed) because a friend and i
    unloaded like 8 clips of the shotgun into him and he didnt go down.
    but when i attacked him with my crowbar, he died after a few good
    hits to the face ***

- Nephrack -

- Found: Tower Battlements

- This bastard is ultra powerful.......well what'd you expect? It is the
  final boss. It's only weakness is that it's stationary. So you
  basically know where to look for it all the time. Now lets get down
  to it's powers.....IT'S GOT LOTS!!!! First off it can summon an
  infinite supply of whatever creature it wants. It starts off summoning
  Boojums, then with just a little bit of life gone it starts summoning
  Bats, and finally with just maybe 1/4 it's life gone it starts to
  summon Mourners. That's just the beginning, it has a huge blast attack
  that fires in a very big straight line that eats away your life. It
  has a huge wave attack that stuns you and is unjumpable. So basically
  you're screwed in so many ways if you try to play strategy with this
  slimy bastard. Now here's the only strategy that will work against it,
  FULL OUT OFFENSIVE PRESSURE!!!!!! This is what you've been saving
  those continues for! Who cares if you lose them now! This is the final
  boss, kill it by going ape shit! DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE STUPID LITTLE

*** Here's a tip from in original e-mail format... ***

*** Yes, the final boss uses Retribution, but I have found that if you
    use the Defender, her jump kick does not activate retribution. Using
    this tactic, I have killed it without using a single continue. ***

9) Stages

- Time to learn what it takes to beat this game and bring about peace to
  Ashcroft again.....

- Let me start off with a few notes that you must know.....

- First off when you are choosing a stage to goto you will be asked to
  take with you only one weapon that you've found in stages. Also when
  you take it with you, you only bring enough ammo for about 2 - 3
  reloads. You'll have to find ammo for your weapon in the stage you're
  in if they have it around. This is a downside to this game.

- Secondly, Rescuing each stage there are a certain
  number of innocents that you can find to help you get more continues.
  Now just because you found one innocent in a certain spot on that
  stage, doesn't mean that they will be there again when you play it
  again. When you have to backtrack to stages again, innocents may move
  around to new locations, or just not be there at all. You may end up
  rescuing 4 innocents the first time, and 2 the next time. It's not
  set in stone how many will be there. Just search the entire stage like
  you did the first time and always think that you may find an innocent
  around the corner.

- Thirdly, you don't have to do OPTIONAL missions if you don't want to
  do them. They're there for fun and for the Hunter with the skills to
  pull them off. By completed them you can get alot of extra EXP and
  extra weapons, but you don't have to do them to complete the game.
  Missions that you must complete to beat the game do not have OPTIONAL
  off to the side of them.

- Gathering all the secrets to one stage may not be able to happen the
  first time you go through it. You may have to go through the game a
  few stages ahead for the rest of the secrets to show up on a stage
  back in the beginning. It's a bit of a hassle, but if you're taking on
  the OPTIONAL missions and searching for secrets, then it must be done.
  Finding secrets is basically doing the OPTIONAL missions.

- Okay....that should just about do it for the basics of tackling the
  stages, so onto the stages.....

- Ashcroft Hotel -

- This is basically a tutorial that you must go through. Do what the
  game tells you to do and you'll finish this stage.

- Theater District -

- Missions:

  Retrieve Video Tape from the Newspaper Machine
  Retrieve Video Tape from the Trashcan
  Retrieve Video Tape from the Mailbox
  Find a way past the bus
  Find pieces of silver
  Defeat the War Ghoul - OPTIONAL
  Find the Music Easter Egg - OPTIONAL
  Find the alternate costume - OPTIONAL
  Find a piece of the Grenade Launcher - OPTIONAL

- Secrets to be found: 3

- The Retrieve Missions:

  Finding the Video Tapes is a very simple thing to do. As you make your
  way through the streets of the theater district, you'll see Newspaper
  Machines, Trashcans, and Mailboxes on the sidewalks. Just attack them
  until they break open and give you their contents. Very simple. Go
  through the stage breaking things until you have all three.

- Getting past the bus:

  You'll notice when you're getting to the end of the level that there's
  a fork in the road leading both left and right. The right path leads
  towards the bus, and the left path leads towards the War Ghoul. You
  have to go the left path first. When you see the War Ghoul, you'll
  notice that behind him there's a weapon all the way at the far wall.
  It's the Flare Gun. You need this to destroy the bus. Just run past
  the War Ghoul if you're not going to do this mission and grab the
  Flare Gun to move on. Once you have and you're at the bus, get some
  space between it and fire at it. You don't want to blow yourself up
  along with it.

- Finding pieces of silver:

  This is a mission that appears on this stage later in the game. After
  you've rescued Emma and got the go ahead to fight the Werewolf boss,
  Emma will instruct you to first get some silver so she can make your
  weapon better against it. This is one of the places where you will
  have to find some silver. Break open Mailboxes, Newspaper Machines,
  Trashcans, and the Mannequins that are in the windows of some shops to
  find pieces of silver. Also I did find a piece of silver lying in the
  corner of the small alleyway where you find a Machine Gun in the
  dumpster and an innocent in the corner on earlier missions. When
  you've found all the pieces of silver for that area, a message will
  pop up saying that there's probably no more silver in that area. Leave
  this stage and move on to another to get more silver or if you've got
  the right amount from this stage go back to Emma's workshop.

- Fighting the War Ghoul:

  I've given you the strategy to fight against it in the boss section
  and all you'll need to know about it. To find it, when you are about
  to finish the stage off, you'll see a fork in the road that leads both
  left and right. Take the left path and at the end of it in the dead
  end square, you'll see a creature that looks like nothing you've
  fought yet. This is the War Ghoul. Use the strategy given in the boss
  section to take it out. Usually your skills will improve after you've
  defeated it.

- Finding the Music Easter Egg:

  I seriously never noticed when I found the Easter Egg, but it was
  during the time when I was looking for the Video Tapes and breaking
  everything open. That's how you usually find all the music Easter Eggs
  in this game, so even after you've found the tapes, keep breaking
  everything you can until you see a message saying that you've found
  it. The Music Easter Egg gives you a new song to listen to when you're
  being over run by enemies, and it's a random thing that you'll listen
  to it.

- Finding the Alternate Costume:

  The alternate costume is inside a trashcan or something breakable in
  the square where you found the War Ghoul. This mission becomes
  available only after you've defeated the War Ghoul. It should be on
  the left side of the square. This costume is the original Hunter
  outfit for the Martyr.

- Finding the Grenade Launcher part:

  During the time when you have to return here for the pieces of silver,
  you'll see the OPTIONAL mission for this appear in the mission list.
  This is the only time you can find this thing, and not before. Again
  you must make your way to the fork in the road and take the left path.
  You should see a blue glyph on the ground in front of a trashcan or
  something breakable. Activate the glyph and then break the trashcan to
  get your Grenade Launcher part.

- Outer Graveyard -

- Missions:

  Recover 2 Data CDs hidden in the Tombstones
  Find the pieces of silver
  Release 6 spirits back to the Shroud - OPTIONAL
  Find the Music Easter Egg - OPTIONAL
  Find the Alternate Costume - OPTIONAL

- Secrets to be found: 2

*** Here's a very helpful tip from L. Rieke that will help you out to
    get those much needed extra continues. It's in its original e-mail
    format and I haven't altered it in anyway. ***

*** Here's a little hint for increasing "continues":  Just go back to
    the outer cemetary and release the 4 innocents. There's no need to
    kill anything. Even if you're in a 2 player game, go in with just
    the "speed-ball", Martyr and rush right through. In  less than 2
    minutes you can pick up 2 contiunes each time through. In fact,
    there were a couple times I got 3 continues, but I think that might
    have been the times when I, meaning Martyr, caused no damage to
    anything, and received none. Do this early on in the game, because
    later you will not be able to return to the cemetary. Pick up 80 or
    90 continues, even though you won't need that many to complete the
    game. ***

- Recovering the Data CDs:

  Alright if you notice carefully there are three different types of
  tombstones that you run into. Only one of them can be destroyed. The
  one that can be destroyed is the thinner one of the three. It almost
  looks like a sundial. Search out these tombstones throughout the
  stage until you've found both CDs. I found one CD in the bunch of
  tombstones that you first encounter just as you start, and the second
  CD in the group of tombstones just right before the exit from the
  graveyard, and entrance to the churchway and exit out of the stage.
  So basically you can split this stage up into 4 parts. The first being
  the area the you start off in. This is where the first one is located.
  The second area is the walkway with the church on your right side
  leading you to the next group of tombstones. The third area is the
  second group of tombstones, which far more than the first group. The
  fourth area is the church itself and the walkway that has the exit out
  of the stage. Search for the CDs in areas 1 and 3.


  The first is located near the broken bridge in area 1 and the 2nd is
  located on the right side of the church just at the beginning of the
  small graveyard.

- Finding the 6 Spirits:

  The 6 spirits aren't really spirits, they're skeletons. The skeletons
  are scattered all over the place. Back tracking to find them all maybe
  something that you have to do. I found (if I remember correctly) 2
  skeletons in Area 1 (see the Recovering CDs description for Areas),
  3 skeletons in Area 3, and 1 skeleton in Area 4. Search those areas
  throughly for them. In Area 1 the first skeleton is along the far wall
  that's connected to the entrance to Area 2. From this skeleton go to
  the opposite side and the other skeleton should be there. In Area 3,
  from the exit of Area 2 go straight until you see a Specter show up
  to shoot at you. The area that he showed up is where the skeleton is.
  If you stay on the brick path at first in Area 3, where it turns off
  to the left, go right into the grass and try to find a tree. The
  skeleton will be under it. I can't quite remember at this moment where
  the 5th is. The final one in Area 4 is on the right side of the
  church. Go past the gravestones and search the back area until you see
  the skeleton. Use the X Button to lay the skeletons to rest.

- Finding the Music Easter Egg:

  Like before, you must break the sundial tombstones to find it. I found
  the Music Easter Egg on my second trip through this stage. It was in
  a sundial tombstone in Area 3, just around the exit area of Area 3
  where you move on into Area 4 (See Recovering CDs description for

- Finding the Alternate Costume:

  The Alternate Costume is in Area 4 (See Recovering CDs description for
  Areas) on the right side of the church. You have to get this after you
  have gone through this stage one time. You'll notice as you move on
  through this area that there's a small alcove in the side of the
  church with an innocent huddled in the left corner. A gargoyle should
  drop down in the middle of the alcove, and a small box spinning in the
  right corner should be seen. The box is the costume so just defeat the
  gargoyle, rescue the innocent, and then pick up your extra costume for
  the Judge. This is his alternate costume from the X-Box version.

- The Church -

- Missions:

  Cleanse the church of evil - OPTIONAL
  Defeat the Mourner - OPTIONAL

- Secrets to find: 

- Cleansing the Church:

  To cleanse the church all you have to do is defeat all the enemies in
  it. To do this first defeat all the visible enemies that are roaming
  around the church at the moment. Once you've done this goto the organ
  and press X on it. You'll play a little bit and more enemies will
  appear. Defeat this final bunch and you'll complete the mission.

- Defeating the Mourner:

  To get the Mourner to come out, first do what you did for the Cleasing
  the Church mission. Then play the organ and defeat the group of Rots
  that appear. Once they're gone play the organ one more time to get the
  Mourner to appear. For more information on the Mourner goto the Boss

- Ashcroft Station -

- Missions:

  Find the Data CD
  Run away from the Train
  Find the Music Easter Egg - OPTIONAL
  Find the Alternate Costume - OPTIONAL

- Secrets to find: 2

- Finding the Data CD:

  When you go down the staairs from the first part of the stage, goto
  the right side of the stairs and up to the corner just between the
  left side of the train and the right side of the stairs. You should
  see a mailbox or newspaper machine that you must break in order to
  get the CD.

- Running away from the train:

  All you have to do is get on the tracks and run down them opposite of
  the train. There will be plenty of Rots and a few Skitters that will
  try to get in your way, but you can stay and fight them as they come,
  or dodge past them in order to get ahead of the train. Either way you
  just have to keep running down the tracks until you're taken inside a
  small room that you will meet Emma in.

- Finding the Music Easter Egg:

  In the area with the train, goto the far side of the loading area
  where you will see trashcans and benches. Break these things until you
  find the CD. You can only find the CD on your second trip through this

- Finding the Alternate Costume:

  Just run away from the train and get into the small room you meet Emma
  in the first time you went through this stage. The costume will be in
  the corner of the room. This is for the Defender. (Thanks goes out to
  Matsuyama for the info on who's costume this was)

- Ashcroft Catacombs -

- Missions:

  Release 5 spirts back to the Shroud
  Finding the Alternate Costume - OPTIONAL

- Secrets to find:

- Strength Glyph Location:

  Go inside the room with the coffin in the middle of it. From there
  go through the hole in the wall and follow that path until you come
  across it. You can't miss it.

- Releasing the 5 Spirits:

  The 5 spirits are scattered throughout the entire stage. You'll have
  to go through all the stage including the hallway with the strength
  glyph to find all 5.

- Finding the Alternate Costume:

  The Judge's 2nd costume is in the coffin room of the Catacombs after
  you complete the other objectives there. Actually, the completed
  objectives had been removed from the list when I went back and found
  the costume.

  (Thanks for the info on this one ShadowAngemon.)

- Downtown -

- Missions:

  Escort Emma to her workshop
  Find pieces of silver
  Find the Alternate Costume - OPTIONAL

- Secrets to find:

- Escorting Emma:

  This is a simple mission, all you have to do is make sure that Emma
  stays alive from the beginning of the stage, to the end of it. She has
  an adequetely powerful revolver that uses for ranged attacks, and her
  toolbox for melee attacks. She can handle herself alone for only so
  much time, and against so many opponents. You'll have to do the
  majority of the work, but not too much. Just make sure you handle the
  more tougher opponents and leave Emma to fighting mainly Rots and a
  few Rot Dogs.

- Finding the silver:

  You have to do this on the second time through the stage when it
  appears after you've escorted Emma safely. The silver is scattered
  throuhout the stage. You can find it by breaking various objects all
  over the place. Mannequins, mailboxes, etc. whatever's breakable is
  open to holding silver. Even after you've recieved the message saying
  that there's probably no more in the area, you can still find a few
  stray pieces.

- Finding the Alternate Costume:

  I found the costume by breaking a mannequin in one of the store
  windows just right before the main square where the exit to the level
  is at. This is the 3rd Costume for the Martyr.

- Inner Graveyard - (Once again Matsuyama comes through in the pinch to
                     give more correct info. Thanks once again dude, you

- Missions:

  Defeat the werewolf

- Secrets to be found:

- Defeating the Werewolf:

  This is your first true boss fight. The werewolf is strong as hell,
  and has back-up from Rots. Fighting the Rots and the Werewolf
  simultaneously is no easy thing. If the Rots start to come in swarms,
  then worry about them. If there's just a few, then focus on the
  Werewolf. Goto the Boss section for more details on the Werewolf.

- Emma's Workshop -

- Missions:

  Protect Emma while she makes ammo
  Protect Emma while she makes the Grenade Launcher
  Protect Emma while she makes the Chain Gun

- Secrets to be found: 0

- Protecting Emma while she makes the silver ammo:

  This is no easy thing. You have to protect her for a certain amount of
  time against hordes of Rots. The Rots attack from three different
  directions, so bringing in whatever kind of Machine Gun that you have
  is recommended. You'll need the quickness that it does in getting rid
  of Rots.

- Protecting Emma: Grenade Launcher:

  You have exactly 1 minute to keep Emma alive in while she makes the
  Grenade Launcher. You can find Chainsaws lying around during this
  mission. You have to fight Rots Dogs during this fight, and it's not
  easy keeping her alive. It's best that you use a Hunter with the Ward
  Edge. An automatic weapon works wonders during this fight also. When
  you use the Ward Edge, stay on top of Emma so that the Rot Dogs don't
  attack her either. This is the greatest time waster. Survive for a
  minute and you'll earn the Grenade Launcher.

- Protecting Emma: Chain Gun:

  You have 2 minutes to survive this time around. The Auto Shotgun is
  your best friend here. All you can find in her shop is Pump Action
  Shotguns, so might as well have the Auto Shotgun and use them for
  ammo. You have to fight Rots Type 2 for this fight. They're slow so
  that's one less worry on your mind. Blast away any Rots that get close
  to Emma and run from her when the coast is clear to pick off Shotgun
  Rots. Basically if you hold your position well enough, the only thing
  you do have to worry about is the Shotgun Rot since they will hit Emma
  like crazy. Just make sure the coast is fully clear when you leave her
  to take out Shotgun Rots, because you can be sure that when you get
  back to her, there will be a Rot or two closing in her, and you there
  just able to make it in time. The Martyr is the best to use in this
  scenario due to her speed. Survive for two minutes and then collect
  your Chain Gun from her table.

- Midtown -

- Missions:

  Search the area for the mechanic
  Escort Le Roi to his Body Shop
  Recover a Bus Part
  Mechanic Model Unlocked
  Find the Alternate Costume - OPTIONAL

- Secrets to be found: 

- Finding the Mechanic Le Roi:

  Alright, let me start off by saying that this stage is split up into
  two parts; the Streets and the Apartments. The Apartments is a big
  green building with it's doors opened to enter by pressing X. If you
  destroy enough stuff around the Streets, and if you're also wandering
  around destroying stuff, you should eventually find a map of the area
  that'll make finding the Apartments easier. if not then just keep your
  eyes peeled for them since the Streets run like a maze almost. I'll
  do what I can with the map I got, so bear with it if I don't make it

                          Apartments [----------------------]
                               \     [----------------------]
                                \               [ ]
                                 \              [ ]
                                  \             [ ]
                                   \            [  ]
                                    \           [ ]
                              -------^----------- ]
                             [       $            ]
                             [   _________________]
                             [   ]
                             [   ]
                         End-[   ]
                             [   ]
                        ----- #  ]
                       [         ]

  Well there you have it. I've marked down the map as you get it in the
  game, so you don't have to get it. Keep an eye out for the apartments
  when you're on the streets. You should see two destroyed cars in front
  of the building, or close to it. Enter the apartments and defeat all
  enemies that get in your way as you go down the hallway. Eventually
  you'll find the mechanic Le Roi and you'll gain a new mission and a
  new ally for the moment.

- Escorting Le Roi:

  Le Roi's like Emma, in that you don't have to really defend him that
  much, he has a chain to help him out. Still though you must take on
  the majority of enemies that appear since Le Roi's not a Hunter like
  you are, only able to see the monsters like you. The Rot Dogs are the
  real thing that tears up Le Roi since he's so slow, and he doesn't
  have a gun like Emma so he can't try to pick them off from a distance.
  You have to fully watch out for the dogs and take them on for Le Roi
  as you escort him back to his shop. As long as you take care of the
  dogs and majority of Rots, then everything should be quite alright
  with this mission.

- Recovering the Bus Part:

  This time around you must go through the Streets to find the Bus
  Parts. I've marked the Bus Parts location with (#) on the map, so no
  need to write up any more.

- Unlocking the Mechanic's Model:

  To do this all you have to do is finish the Escorting Le Roi mission,
  and you get this mission completed as well.

- Finding the Alternate Costume:

  The Alternate Costume is marked on the map as ($) so no need to type
  up on it. I forgot which character's suit this is, so if anyone can
  tell me then e-mail me it.

  *** Thanks to Teresa P. for giving me the correct info on which
      costume this is. It's the 3rd costume for the Avenger. Thanks alot
      girl for the info. Keep on kicking that zombie ass! ***

- Le Roi's Body Shop - Outer -

- Missions:

  Find the Prison Bluprints
  Find the Bus Parts
  Find the Chain Gun parts - OPTIONAL
  Find the Alternate Costume - OPTIONAL

- Secrets to be found: 3

- Finding the Prison Blueprints:

  This place is chopped up into 4 areas. The blueprints are located in
  the 4th and final area, which is outside the shop. You must defeat the
  giant Mechanical Creature Miniboss to get the blueprints from him.

- Finding the Bus Parts:

  The second time you go through this stage you have to find the Bus
  Parts. The Bus Parts are located in the 4th Area of this stage. If you
  remember where you fought the Mechanical Creature miniboss, goto the
  left side corner from there where there's 3 boxes and an exploding
  barrel. You'll see a Toolchest just to the left of these things.
  Destroy it and you'll get the Bus Parts.

- Finding the Chain Gun parts:

  In the 4th area where the Mechanical Creature is at, from the doorway
  that you enter from go down and you should see a blue glyph. Activate
  it and then break the trashcan in front of it to get the Chain Gun

- Finding the Alternate Costume:

  You have to of first gone through this stage once, so when you're
  going for the Bus Parts you can get this. The Alternate Costume is
  located in the 3rd Area of the stage, where there's two cars in the
  middle of the area. If you go in between the two cars you should see
  a Toolchest there. If it's not there, then check around the two cars
  until you do see a Toolchest. Destroy it to get the Alternate Costume
  for the Avenger, his original Hunter outfit.

- Le Roi's Body Shop - Inner -

- Missions:

  Defeat the Machine
  Machine Model Unlocked
  Find the final bus part
  Find the Music Easter Egg - OPTIONAL

- Secrets to be found: 5

- Defeating the Machine:

  The Machine is located in the back of the shop, and an army of Machine
  Monsters are between you and it. Goto the Bosses Section for more info
  on the Machine and how to beat it.

- Unlocking the Machine Model:

  Again.....just beat the Boss to get their model. It's that simple.

- Finding the Bus Part:

  The bus part is to the left of the destroyed Machine, near the wall.
  You'll see it as a rotating box. Pick it up and you're well on out of
  the stage.

- Finding the Music Easter Egg:

  When you start the stage off you'll notice a Toolchest to your left
  that's hiding a Health Glyph. When you destroy the chest you get the
  Music Easter Egg and access to the Health Glyph now. So now you can
  kick the Machine's ass to new music and have no excuses to dying now.

- Cellblock II

- Missions:

  Activate the Power Switch
  Rescue the Innocents
  Find the Chain Gun Parts - OPTIONAL
  Find the Music Easter Egg - OPTIONAL

- Secrets to be found: 3

- Activating the Power Switch -

  The Power Switch is gonna be a tough to get at since it's a good long
  way. Once you get through the Visting Area and into the Cellblock, run
  down to the end of the hall and you'll see a box on the wall with a
  red button. Press it and it should turn green, and now the power's
  back on.

- Rescuing the Innocents:

  You have 9 innocents to rescue in this stage. This isn't the easiest
  mission around due to the fact that you're up against some of the best
  enemies around now. In the Visiting Area where you start off at there
  are two innocents in this room. One is located hugging the left wall,
  which is the closest wall to you, and the other one is hugging the
  other wall. It doesn't matter which one you get first, just know that
  there's one on each side of the room to get before you go through the
  door to the Cellblock. Now in the Cellblock is where the majority is
  at. There's 5 in the cells and 1 on the grating walkway in the middle
  of the room. The one on the grating walkway is easy to see, and you
  can jump off onto the grating if you want to get them. Search the
  cells one by one getting innocents as go. You'll also find plenty of
  guns and ammo in the cells as well. Once you've got all the innocents
  from this room, there should be one left. The final one is in the
  showers. To get into the showers goto the farside of the cellblock
  where the exit is, and you'll notice a small opening to the right of
  it. Walk up to it and press X. It should look like it's fenced up, but
  it's not. The innocent is behind one of the small pillars that's
  blocking him. Get behind the small pillars and stay within the marked
  square for the showers and you should run into him in the corner. With
  that done, you can now leave this place.

- Finding the Chain Gun part:

  The Chain Gun part is located in the showers where you find the
  innocent at. You should get a small message saying "It looks like they
  left this important thing behind" or something like that. It's your
  way of knowing that you got the Chain Gun part.

- Finding the Music Easter Egg:

  It's located in the Visiting Area where you start off at. You have to
  get it the second time going into the Cellblock II area. Run up to the
  part where the tables are broken. Now the first table beside the broke
  table is where the Easter Egg is on the long side, not the short side.
  If you postition the camera just right, you'll see it flashing. Just
  jump up onto the table and get it.

- Ashcroft Prison -

- Missions:

  Activate 5 Security Cameras
  Destroy the Totems
  Find the Alternate Costume - OPTIONAL

- Secrects to find: 2

- Strength Glyph Location:

  A strength glyph is located on this stage. When you enter the part of
  the yard with all the barbells and weights and such, destroy the bench
  on the far top left corner and you'll see the glyph appear.

- Activating the Security Cameras:

  To activate the security cameras, you must find their consoles. The
  first console is in the area where you first get off the catwalk. It
  is on the far left wall just before the fence. The second one is
  located to the right of the huge door behind the weights section of
  the yard. The third is in the area with all the bences and tables.
  To get there, go through the opening in the fence on the right side of
  the weights section. The opening is just above the weights section.
  On the left side of the huge door in this area is where the third
  switch is at. The fourth one is in the area with huge stairs. It is
  beside the exit. The final one is in the basketball court. Follow the
  fence up when you just enter the court and you'll see it on the wall.

- Destroying the Totems:

  The first Totem appears in the area where you first get off of the
  catwalk. You have to wait for this mission to show up when you get
  closer to the first Totem. There are two Totems in the Weights Area,
  both are just behind the Weights. There are two Totems in the Benches
  and Tables Area also, both are to the right from the entrance. There
  are 2 Totems in the Stairs and Exit Area, one is at the top of the
  stair case and the other is right beside the exit. The final two are
  in the Basketball Court, both are at the far end of the court.

- Finding the Alternate Costume:

  The alternate costume is in the Tables and Benches Area. It is in
  plain site behind a bench. Don't think that it's a box of ammo, even
  though it does look like it. You now have the Alternate Costume for
  the Defender from the original X-Box game.

- Death Row -

- Missions:

  Defeat the Witch

- Secrets to be found: 4

- Defeating the Witch:

  This is no easy task let me tell you. Check out the boss section for
  better details on the Witch. This fight is tough due to the fact that
  she has vampires backing her up. The same female bitches from the
  first Hunter game are back and finally making their debut in this game
  during a boss fight of all things. They still carry automatics, which
  they drop the ammo for when you kill them. A few will try to fight you
  unarmed, and this time around they have some moves. For a better
  description of what to expect from the Vampires goto the enemies
  section. Prepare yourself to lose quite alot of continues on this one.

*** Here's a tip from ShadowAngemon to in original e-mail format ***

*** There's a Strength Glyph in the back of the room you fight the Witch
    in. ***

- The Morgue -

- Missions:

  Defeat the War Ghouls - OPTIONAL
  Find the Chain Gun Part - OPTIONAL

- Secrets to be found: 1

- Accuracy Glyph Location:

  It's at the very end of the stage past the exit. You should see it
  when you go to fight the second War Ghoul just behind him.

- Defeating the War Ghouls:

  There are two War Ghouls that you must defeat in this stage. The first
  is in the giant circular conference room where they're are plenty of
  Vampires and Mourners that you must fight in order to get the War
  Ghoul to appear. When you do defeat the Vampires, Bats will start to
  appear from the top of the conference room. You'll be mainly fighting
  what seems like a inifinte army of Mourners. The War Ghouls are
  relatively weak like the first one you fought at the Theater District,
  only his attacks have been revamped and made stronger just alittle.
  The second War Ghoul is at the end of the long hallway after the
  conference room. Same thing as before in the conference room except
  you'll fight more Bats here and no Vampires. These War Ghouls really
  needed the back up it seems.

- Finding the Chain Gun Part:

  The second War Ghoul has the Chain Gun part, and you get it when you
  kill the War Ghoul. A simple task if you can deal with all that
  annoying back-up it's got.

- The Hospital - Lower -

- Missions:

  Stop the Rogue Hunter from killing the Innocents
  Find the Music Easter Egg - OPTIONAL

- Secrets to be found: 1

- Stopping the Rogue Hunter:

  This mission is frickin hard!!!!!!! It's even harder if you're trophy
  collecting. Yes you can get the Life Saver Trophy if you save all the
  innocents and not just the certain amount that it tells you to do.
  I'll list the ways of getting the Life Saver Trophy on this one. First
  off lets start off by giving the basics of what you'll need in this
  mission. You'll need to be the Martyr, no questions asked. This
  mission is all about speed, and she's the fastest that you got. Second
  your weapon of choice is the Bullpup. This weapon is fast on the draw
  and great in power. Alright....lets head out. Immedeately as you start
  the stage pull out your Bullpup. Turn right when you get into the
  hallway into the first room. Time for another map......



  1 - 1st Innocent to be shot at
  2 - 2nd Innocent to be shot at
  # - Rogue Hunter's first position
  @ - Rogue Hunter's second position

     [  2                                        @            ]
     [                                                        ]
     [                        ____                            ]
     [                       (____)                           ]
     [                                                        ]
     [                                                        ]
     [                                                        ]
     [                                                        ]
     [                        ____                            ]
     [                       (____)                           ]
     [                          1                             ]
     [                                                        ]
     [                                                   #    ]
     [                                                        ]
     [_____________________             ______________________]

  So from the entrance you immedeately start shooting towards your left.
  You'll hear a poof type sound signaling that you hit him and the he
  moved to his second location. Once you've hit him don't go for the
  innocent. Quickly side step right and start shooting down at him.
  You should be able to see him down at the end. Start spraying in his
  direction and don't stop til you see him disappear. Now you may get
  both innocents in safety. Pick up the shotgun beside the 2nd innocent
  because you'll need to make quick exits from rooms when the Rots have
  you cornered. Do not use it in this room though because I know for a
  fact there's plenty of room to escape them without shooting them.

  From the first room make your to the reception area through the hall
  the hallway entrance go to the room on the left first. This is the
  second room you will have to go to....

  1 - 1st Innocent to be shot at
  2 - 2nd Innocent to be shot at
  # - Rogue Hunter's first position
  @ - Rogue Hunter's second position

     [                                                        ]
     [   @                                          1         ]
     [          __                       __                   ]
     [         (__)                     (__)                  ]
     [                                                        ]
     [                                                        ]
     [          __                       __                   ]
     [         (__)                     (__)                  ]
     [                                                        ]
     [                                                        ]
     [        2 __                       __                   ]
     [         (__)                     (__)            #     ]
     [                                                        ]
     [                                                        ]
     [_____________________             ______________________]

  From the entrance of this room start firing towards your left again
  until you hear the poof sound. From there quickly run down in front
  of the pillars to the left until you get to the left side of it. Once
  you've got there start firing in that general direction, or if you're
  fast enough you can quickly snag the innocent without having to fire
  at him. I'd suggest firing while trying to get the innocent. Save the
  innocents and pick up ammo for your Bullpup, then move on.

  Move now to the middle entrance of the main area. Before you enter in
  the 3rd room, use you Demand Edge to give your speed a crazy amounted
  boost. You will need it trust me. Run into the area and get ready to

  1 - 1st Innocent to be shot at
  2 - 2nd Innocent to be shot at
  # - Rogue Hunter's first position
  @ - Rogue Hunter's second position
  ^ - Take first shot

    [                  ]
    [                  ]
    [  2               ]
    [              @   ]
    [                  ]
    [                  ]
    [        __________]
    [       ]
    [       ]
    [       ]
    [       ]
    [       ]
    [       ]___________________________________________
    [                                              #    ]
    [                                                   ]
    [                                                   ]
    [                                                   ]
    [                                                   ]
    [                                                   ]
    [  1                                                ]
    [                                                   ]
    [                                              ^____]
    [                                                   ]
    [                                                   ]
    [                                                   ]
    [______________________________________             ]
                                          [             ]
                                          [             ]
                                          [             ]
                                          [             ]
                                          [             ]
                                          [             ]
                                          [             ]
                                          [             ]
                                          [             ]
                                          [             ]

  I've marked on the map where you should take your first shot at him,
  because you'll all the time you can muster into getting to his 2nd
  position. This is why you're using the Demand Edge. The moment you see
  him motioning into his little disappearing trick, start running for
  the little hallway. You take your first shot just as you're reaching
  the beds. When you get in this little hallway 2 Rots Type 2 will show
  up. You can either dodge them or shoot them out of your way. It's your
  call on that one, whichever you think is the fastest. The very moment
  you enter that small room, start spraying all over the right side of
  the room. You should be able to hit him if you're fast enough. This is
  the clincher of all the rescues since timing is everything in it. If
  you manage to save the innocent, get them both and move on to the
  final room. You can now pick up the innocent from the Reception Area.
  Once you do pick her up, be ready for Rots Type 2 to ambush you and
  keep you pinned inside the Reception Desk. This is where your Shotgun
  will come in handy that you picked up back in the 1st room. Blast away
  all the Rots that stand in your way. Once you're through with them,
  it's time to go into the final room.

  1 - 1st Innocent to be shot at
  2 - 2nd Innocent to be shot at
  # - Rogue Hunter's first position
  @ - Rogue Hunter's second position

    [                 ]
    [               1 ]
    [                 ]                      [-----------]
    [                 ]                      [ 2         ]
    [                 ]______________________[           ]
    [                          EXIT                      ]
    [                                                    ]
    [                                                    ]
    [                                                    ]
    [                                                    ]
    [ #                                                  ]
    [                                                 @  ]
    [                                                    ]
    [                                                    ]
    [                                                    ]
    [                                                    ]
    [_____________________             __________________]

  The moment you enter the room start firing towards your right. He's in
  plain view so you shouldn't have any trouble picking him off. The very
  moment you see disappear turn and fire to your left because he's
  basically in the same line as you are should you of walked into the
  room while shooting. He doesn't waste much time when he gets into his
  second position so you have to be quick once he disappears. Save the
  final two innocents, pick them up and you've earned yourself the Life
  Saver Trophy. All you need to do now is goto the exit. If you're just
  wanting to get this stage out of the way then by all means just rescue
  the few that's needed and leave. Either way it's still hard to do, and
  you may have to redo this mission over a few times.

- Finding the Music Easter Egg:

  First you must of gone through this stage and beaten the intial
  mission of saving the innocents. Once that's done you can collect the
  Easter Egg. The Easter Egg is located inside the Reception Desk Area
  in plain site. Pick it up and leave the stage.

- The Hospital Roof -

- Missions:

  Defeat the Rogue Hunter

- Secrets to be found: 4

- Defeating the Rogue Hunter:

  The first thing you need to know is that in order to flush out the
  Rogue Hunter, you must destroy the air conditioning units. They are
  the boxish type things that look yellow/brown and have fans one them.
  Once you destroy enough of them the Rogue Hunter will come out of
  hiding to fight you. You can find glyphs by destroying these things as
  well. Next thing you need to know is to watch out for Skitters. Take
  care of the Skitters first before going after the air conditioning
  units. the Skitters respawn like crazy, but since they're so easy to
  kill, there should be no worries. For more info on the Rogue Hunter
  and what to expect go to the Boss section.

- The Hospital Roof Pt 2 -

- Missions:

  Get to the Lower Levels
  Find the Music Easter Egg - OPTIONAL

- Secrets to be found: 1

- Getting to the Lower Levels:

  Since there's a fire in your way you must take the long way around to
  getting to the stairwell. From your starting position go left and stay
  that course defeating all that get in your way until you reach the
  end of the stage. It's a simple mission, with the only worries being
  enemies along the way.

- Finding the Music Easter Egg:

  From the staring position go right and keep going that way til you
  reach the square with the huge skylight on it. From that skylight head
  to the bottom left section of the square and you'll find the Easter
  Egg in plain sight.

- Prison Hospital - Upper Level -

- Missions:

  Get to the Prison Yard
  Rescue the Innocent
  Find the Alternate Costume - OPTIONAL

- Secrets to be found: 1

- Getting to the Prison Yard:

  To get to the Prison Yard you must of found the key to exit the Upper
  Levels. The key is located with the Innocent, so find the innocent,
  you found the key. Once you've got the key go through the middle
  passageway from the room with the debris in it and take the right
  room from the room you are in. There's the exit out.

- Rescuing the Innocent:

  The Innocent is in the room from the left passage way from the room
  with all the debris and what not in it. Knock over some blinds and
  you'll see the Innocent ducking down in the corner. Run up and get

- Finding the Alternate Costume:

  From the starting position go downwards until you reach the small
  hallway with debris and what not in front of you as soon as you enter.
  Take the hallway on the right and go to the far back wall. From the
  wall go towards the pillar, the Alternate Costume is there. You now
  have the extra outfit for the Wayward Joshua.

- Ashcroft Prison -

- Missions:

  Get to the Tower
  Find the Music Easter Egg

- Secrets to be found: 2

- Getting to the Tower:

  Just go back to the starting point came through during your first
  romp through here. It's basicially the stage bacakwards and all you
  have to do is go the exit. Cultists will try to stop you along your
  way so be careful.

- Finding the Music Easter Egg:

  The Easter Egg is located in the Tables and Benches area of this place
  so head there on your way out to the exit. The Egg is guarded by
  Cultists both before and after you get it. Go to the right when you
  enter the Tables and Benches area, and keep going down toward the
  Health Glyph. You'll see the Easter Egg in plain sight before you get
  to the Health Glyph.

- The Tower -

- Missions:

  Reach the Tower Battlements

- Secrets to be found: 0

- Getting to the top:

  Just follow the path that's in front of you. It's a straight shot to
  the end. To get past the seals, you have to stand in them and let it
  drain your life. After so much draining it will be destroyed. This is
  a real continue eater so be sure to have plenty saved up after you get
  past this.

*** Here's a tip from Blake Wolfe for this stage left in original e-mail
    format ***

*** hi my name is blake on your guide its says that ont the first level
    on the  tower the part when your doing the strange wave doors that
    you have to litterly kill your self to get past did you know that
    you can hit the dirt on the side of the door and the door will fall
    apart but your guide was exellent  ***

*** Here's a tip from SliPpy0547 left in orignal e-mail format***

*** hey instead on running into the life sucker gates at the tower just
    use avenger run to the side of the gates where the rocks are and hit
    the shit outta them with avengers ax ull use like 2 continues
    instead of like 10 ***

*** Yet another tip for getting by those bastardizing life stealing
    seals from ShadowAngemon in the original e-mail format ***

*** As for the Life Draining Seals on the Tower, I found you can destroy
    them quite safely from a distance with a few blasts from a Shotgun.
    It took about 4-5 shots with the Autoshotgun. I'm not 100% sure how
    many it takes since Mourners kept getting in the way. ***

- Tower Battlements -

- Missions:

  Destroy Nephrack

- Secrets to be found: 4

- Destroying Nephrack:


*** Here's the very first tip given to help out this guide from fellow
    Hunter Fate. It's left in the original e-mail format. ***

*** Hey i thought i would let you know because the other walkthrough on
    gamefaqs is horribly unmanaged but in the final battle against
    nephrack there are two totems producing the monsters it isnt
    actually nephrack creating them.  You have to approach them both
    from the ramps on either side of the battle area un fortunately you
    cant get behind nephrack. ***

*** In another great tip in original e-mail format, this one's brought
    to you by. Listen closely to what he has to say, cuz it might just
    save your ass on the battlefield! ***

*** your walk through was extremely helpful and i have a tip for the 
    fight against nephrack, i noticed that it would use the retribution
    edge against me( i was using the avenger at the time with cleave
    three) and thus i would hit it and die, but i also noticed that the
    mourners would drop shotguns and useing the auto shotgun i was able
    to kill it useing only five continues because you were really only
    introuble when you were reloading or it did the stupid energy wave
    and the auto shot gun a t point blank range does a lot of damage to
    it, you might have already figured this out but i figured that you
    might want to know.  ***

10) Cheats

- Alright.....those trophies you earned were for good reason! They
  unlock and tell you how to use cheats. In Joshua's Hotel Room go to
  the door beside the map to view your trophies and cheats. Put in the
  code and show them how to take an unholy butt whipping. I don't need
  to list what the code is for the cheat since it's right there when you
  look at a trophy you earned. What I do need to tell you is how to
  get the trophies.

- Pit Fighter Trophy -

- Beat the Downtown level by killing all enemies using only your melee

- Werewolf Trophy -

- Defeat the Werewolf.

- Witch Trophy -

- Defeat the Witch.

- Rogue Hunter Trophy -

- Defeat Devin.

- Nephrack Trophy -

- Defeat Nephrack.

- Gun Bunny Trophy -

- Beat the Downtown level by killing all enemies using only your ranged

- The Machine Trophy -

- Defeat The Machine.

- Looter Trophy -

- Collect all silver pieces

- Warrior Trophy -

- Defeat all enemies in the Midtown Stage

- Life Saver Trophy -

- Save all the innocents in the Hospital from the Rogue Hunter (I listed
  how to do this)

- Team Up Trophy -

- Beat the game with two players

- Nightmare Mode -

- Beat the game under any difficulty.

11) Credits

- I giving credit to all those responsible for this bad ass game! All
  the guys at White Wolf, High Voltage,
  guys rule!!!!! This game is just as great as the first one! Can't wait
  to get my hands on Redeemer after playing this game.

- Giving creds to my fellow Hunters Levi, John, and Lee who all had a
  hand at getting me hooked and becoming a Martyr for life. Now the
  question is, will we be ready for Redeemer when it comes out? I know
  I will after going through this game, but I might have to pick up the
  slack of the other three due to their rusting from not playing the
  Hunter games in awhile.


  Alex Hall
  Creed: Martyr

  Levi Thomason
  Creed: Avenger

  Lee Hollar
  Creed: Defender

  John Linton
  Creed: Judge

- Giving some creds off to my parents in this one.....they've put up
  with me and my ways for 20 years now, and I'm still going strong. Hey,
  I got youth on my side and they don't.....what can I say if I'm the
  one giving them grey hairs? Love ya both lots!

- Giving creds to all the game fans out there that read this walkthrough
  of mine and find some use for it. Whether you're a veteran Hunter of
  the X-Box or Gamecube or a newbie Hunter just starting out on the PS2,
  I thank you for reading this walkthrough of mine.

- If you found anything that I did wrong, or feel like adding something
  to my existing work, then e-mail me at and I'll
  be happy to make changes to my guide to make things easier and better
  for everyone. Like my creed the Martyr, I'm willing to die for the
  cause of making this guide better and better.

  Sees Yas,

  Alex "Joker" Hall - The Martyr

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