PS2 Walkthroughs: Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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                    F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   X
                 for Playstation 2    by Mike Skubna  
              Last Update   02/11/2002     Ver. 1.12
              Home Page -  
              E-Mail -

	This FAQ is copyright(c)2002 by Mike Skubna. 
Final Fantasy X is copyright by Squaresoft. All of the 
characters, items, and  everything else about this game is copyright by Squaresoft. 
I am in no way  related to, nor do I have anything to do with 
Squaresoft. The only thing i am related to is being a big fan.

If you want to put this FAQs on a public or private site, I give you the right
to do so under three conditions: (1)This FAQs mush show credit and the correct
credit (2) This FAQs must not be altered in any way shape or form, and
(3) This FAQs must be for non profit.

(01)  Introduction
(02)  FAQ updates
(03)  About
(04)  The Basics
(05)  Demo Walkthru
(06)  Full version walkthru
(07)  Aeons
(08)  Weapon and Armor Abilites
(09)  Sphere Grid
(10)  Al Bhed Language
(11)  Side Quest
(12)  Gameshark Codes
(13)  Q/A
(14)  Rumors
(15)  Secrets

X   <<< 01. Introduction >>>   X

This FAQ is on Final Fantasy X for the playstation 2. What is Final Fantasy?
Well i think its one of the best RPG (role-playing game) every made. The basic idea
for all the final fantasy games is that you control a small band of mysterious, and
emotional  men and women though an edge of your seat story to say the world.
Final Fantasy X is no differnt but since its now on Playstation 2, you get to see even
better landscapes and cities. With the enhance system comes better emotional scenes.
FFX could be the best in the series. So what are you waiting for get the goods now!

Just a small warning, there could be plot spoilers here. Just so you know if you
havn't played it yet. 

Now enjoy

X  <<< 02. FAQ Update >>>   X

Version 1.00 - 12/06/2001
     Hurray the begining of a great adventure. Party on!!!

Version 1.01 - 12/09/2001
     The demo guide is now added. See how to get thru this incredibly
     easy demo. :)

Version 1.02 - 12/11/2001
    >Added all the weapons and armor that i could find in the demo.

Version 1.03 - 12/18/2001
     After getting FFX and starting to play and do the FAQs i decide to finish the 
     game first then get back to this. Be back soon.

Version 1.04 - 01/11/2002
     Well im back. Took awhile but now im ready to add all the juicy details
     that i can possibly add to this FAQ.
    >Added the Al Bhed Language Translation.
    >Added the sphere grid

Version 1.05 - 01/13/2002
    >Added Weapon and Armor Abilities
    >Added Aeons

Version 1.06 - 01/14/2002
   >Checked the beginning of the full game walk thru.
   >Continued to add into full Game Walk thru til Kilika.

Version 1.07 - 01/15/2002
   > Added to secrets
   > Added About section
   > Continued Full game walk thru up to Macalania

Version 1.08 - 01/16/2002
   > Added Side Quest section
   > Continued Full game walk thru up to Calm Lands

Version 1.09 - 01/25/2002
   > Added Question Section
   > Continued Full game walk thru up to Zanarkand Ruins

Version 1.10 - 02/02/2002
   > Continued Full game walk thru up to the fight with Sin
   > Added Gameshark Section

Version 1.11 - 02/07/2002
   > More Q/As

Version 1.12 - 02/11/2002
   > Fix up Rumors
   > Continue Full game walk thru up to the final battle

X  <<< 03. About >>>   X

So you have probably heard so much about a series know as Final Fantasy.
Your new and are wondering whats the big deal. Well... basicly Final Fantasy
is a RPG game. What does this mean? It's a game with a novel size story, and
chess like battles. You play out the story of certain characters through 
a horror in their world. You visit new places search for new better items
and engage in tricky battles.

So should i get it? For the most cases, yes. Ofcourse there are people that will
get turn down with RPG because they are time consuming or want something that 
moves fast or even that they have short attention. I personally love the Final Fantasy 
(also referred as FF) series for their rich areas, many explorations and 
interesting battle.

Battles themself can be tricky to explain even though they are quite simple in 
nature. Basicly you take "turns" attacking your enemies. Some FF games had what 
is called Active Time Battle (ATB) which is the same as Turn Base (TB) but all
happen in real time. Final Fantasy X (FFX) is Turn base but is now called 
Conditional Turn Base (CTB) which is more of a mix, even though its more on TB.
The time only flows when you or your enemies makes a move. Once the next person
is ready for a command, everything waits. In TB, every enemy and ally gets one turn
(for the most part) each. Depending on your agility did you get to fight first.
You can refer to section 4-1 for more info.

I heard it takes like a whole 70 hours to beat! Yes thats turn maybe not as much but
in that ball park. You get a good long story, lots of exploring and lots of battles.
For me thats makes it more worth while to get because theres alot to do and you
really get your moneys worth. Although in FFX you can beat it about 50 hours there
are many secrets and sides quest to try. When you add all that up, you get the 
longest FF game to ever come out. Were talking anywhere from 150-200 hours to get 
every single thing. Don't be afraid. Its not the hard game that makes it long, its
the richness of the game.

This FAQ has been made to give you help in getting through tougher spots in the game.
I have tried hard to make sure i don't add any spoilers in this FAQ. UNfortuantly
its not a complete spoiler free FAQ because you got small things like the name
of the cities and a specific bad guys name for the battle. But there is no
mention of any character speech or story spoilers.

Hope you enjoy!


X  <<< 04. The Basics >>>   X

4-1 Battles

First of all Final Fantasy X has a great battle system. Unlike the previous
FF game where its simple and rather the same FFX makes it fresh and intresting.
This by no chance means that its easy.

Once a battle begins you will be presented with between 1(only in the beginning of
the game) to 3 of you team-mates. Also in the field is a few enemies to Destroy.
On the screen it shows a few information to help you get through the battle
  1) On top it the info screen. Whatever the curser is pointing at displays 
     information about that thing. If the cursor is pointing at and enemy or an
     ally, the name will be displayed here too.
  2) To the rightis a small rectangle box. This display the line for who gets to 
     fight next. The ally/enemys picture is displayed here to represent whos who.
     The top pic is the one that can act while the one just underneath that is the
     next in line.
  3) In the bottom right displays the Good Guys HP (Hit points), MP (Msgic Points)
     and a small color line underneath those stats which is the OD (Overdrive).
  4) In the upper left of the screen might show currently selected enemy's 
     info. This depends if you are wearing something that lets you see it.
  5) In the lower left will display the command window. This allows you to do
     many things from just attacking with your weapon to casting spells.
     Here is a rough:

     Overdrive              Main            Sub                 
     Overdrive        <->   Attack     <->  Weapon    
     Trigger Command  <->   Skill      <->  Armor
                      <->   Special    <->  Escape
                      <->   Blk Magic  <->
                      <->   Wht Magic  <->
                      <->   Items      <->                      

4-2 Menu

You'll also need to get a good idea of the menu screen. To open it up
press the Triangle button. You'll see character stats on the left, 
a line of sub menus on the right and info like where your at and the time
you spent total on the game at the bottom. So what are those sub menus?
Well here they are.

  Sphere Grid - 
       This is the area where you develop your characters. Check on section
       9 for more details.
  Items - 
       In this sub menu you can check all the items you have collected so 
       far in the game. This ranges from usable items to Equipment to key 
  Ability - 
       Select ability then select a character. Here you can see all the skills
       and spells that character has learned. Any spells that are usable here
       will be in white while the rest will be darken.
  Overdrive - 
       Select Overdrive then the character. You will then automatically see what
       OD's that character has. If you press O once then right followed by X,
       You can change the way that characters OD fills up. This list adds up
       the more you fight.
  Equip - 
       Basiclly select this and a character to equip a weapon and an armor.
       Unlike previous FF games, in FFX the weapons and armors don't add to
       attack and defence. They just add status eliments which you will find
       more about in a bit.
  Status - 
       Nothing too special here. You just select this and a character to see
       everything about the character. This includes their stats to what skills
       and spells they learned. Just keep pressing X to roll through all the
  Aeons - 
       Once you get to a certain point in the game, this sub menu will open up.
       You can view all the aeons you have up to that point. Also at another
       point in the game you will learn how to add abilities to the aeons. 
       You can do that by select Abilities in this sub menu. Some aeons can't 
       learn abilities.
  Formation -
       This one just lets you change the formation of the party. In other words
       you can change the 3 characters that will appear first in the next battle.
       To do this just get the 3 characters you want in the next battle to 
       be in the top 3 positions in the menu (aka in the 3 whiten rectangle
  Customize - 
       Once you get to a certain point in the game this sub menu will open up.
       This allow you to customize the weapons and armors you carry with 
       special status elements. This can be quite useful in boss battles.
  Config - 
       Just change the options in the game like sound, subtitles, map, ect.
  Help - 
       Use this to get even more information about the world of FFX.         

X  <<< 05. Demo Walkthru >>>   X

5-1  Zanarkand >>> 

This part of the demo starts off with a great opening. Tidus starts playing blitzball.
It looks like a hovering ball of water as the playing feild and the players play 
inside. During this time a huge tidal wave coming from outside of town. During the 
game tidus notices it and sees attacks coming from it. Now the whole town is being

  >C> Not sure why i would even make a walkthru for demo 1 its so strait forward.
      When you get out of the building where you played blitzball just head southwards.
      You'll see auron there. Then keep going south.

Then you see Tidus running on a bridge, more like lost and stubling. A girl in a hood 
suddenly appears and everyone from around freezes. Tidus wonders what happen. The 
little girl saids "don't cry." Then she disappears and all the people start running
like normal. Then tidus sees auron and warns him not to go in the wrong
direction. "Look!" Tidus looks and sees a gigantic ball of water hovering over the 
city. Then some creature darts and hits a building and stays on like and arrow to a
wall. Little hexagon cratures come flying from its tail and starts landing and 
hitting places around tidus and auron from all angles like darts. And a battle begins.

  >B> Simple battle. Every "sinscale" can be killed with one hit. Just attack the one
      the cursor
      picks first.

  >B> Now you fight the creature that released all the sinscales, sinspawn ammes. 
      The first
      attack will be for auron. Use his overdrive. That will kill all the enemies but
      sinspawn. Now just attack sinspawn anyway you like. Dont forget that tidus will 
      have an overdrive too. And also don't forget to heal if needed.

After its defeated follow auron north to one more battle. There is also a cure bubble
just after sinspawn.

You will then start running past a huge TV on a building.
Tidus: "What are you laughing at old man?"
And then after tidus mentions that they are going the wrong way auron explains,
"We're expected." Tidus is puzzled.

  >B>  After you kill 3 sinscales auron will say to destroy a machine near by.
       After about 5 hits it breaks and half of it falls down out of the bridge.

After that they both start running over the section of the bridge that is falling from
its foundation. Tidus jump to try and reach the other end to the stable bridge. He
grabs with just a hand hanging for dear life. Auron apears on the bridge ready to 
give a hand to tidus. Tidus screams aurons name. A vortex from the floating water
(aka "sin") hovers over both of them. Auron looks at the vortex. A short pause.
"Are you sure?" Like he was listening to the vortex. Then he grabs tidus and 
saids that it begins here. This is he's story and it begins here. They both 
get absorb in.

    My two cents >>
It seems that auron knows whats going on here. He seems to be calling the wave in 
from the beginning. Also then end he seems to be talking to the vortex. Its also
apparent that some higher force is on the known of something happening and that 
tidus has a fate to what might be to save the world. Also how is that girl that 
appears on the bridge and causes everyone to stop?

5-2  Besaid Island >>>

You start off on a dirt road with lush green plants and grass. A structure is before you.
As you start to pass it some black tiger like creature appears. And a battle begins.

>B>  Its simple enoght. Just fight him with attacks. You might need to heal at least
     once here. Just go to items and use a potion. 

Then out of no-where everyone appears. Basicly the creature you fought was one
of yuna's guardians. Yuna explains that he has been guarding her ever since she was
a child.

>H> I have noticed a treasure chest on top of the structure. Can't seem to find a way
    to get it thought.

>B> As you continue east you'll get into 2 more battles with flyer creatures. Simple
    battles but what makes these battles cool is the characters lively interaction 
    with the flyers. You have to see if to enjoy it.

You then reach the beach and your party boards and sails away. Thats it with this one.
It may sounds short but is worth seeing many times. Also unlike the first demo section
you can go back and try to find the few hidden items.

Items in demo
Ability Sphere
Mana Sphere
Moon Crest
Power Sphere
Speed Sphere

Equipement in demo
Blue Bangle
Bright Bangle
Bright Shield
Cactuar Scope
Hunter's Sword
Liquid Steel
Pearl Armguard
Pearl Armlet
Power Ball
Rod of Water
Switch Hitter
Twilight Steel

X  <<< 06. Full version Walk thru >>>   X

>> And so begins the story.

6-1  Zanarkand >>> 

And so begins the story. The first part of Zanarkand is just Tidus going to the dome.
Its just one path through. You might want to talk to all the people on the way to
know more about the story.Then you'll get to the dome and see a CG clip. After that
head southwards. Now your on a long bridge. During this time just simply attack 
the enemies only infront of you to finish the battle quickly. You will end up 
fighting your first boss, Sinspawn Ammes.

>>Battle-    Sinspawn Ammes
     HP:     2400 
     AP:     0 
     Steal:  None 
     Weak:   None 
     Strong: None  
     Absorb: None

    This battle is so simple you can't lose unless you hit yourself. Well dont do
    that and just attack Ammes with normal attacks. Used you OD when you get the 
    chance. Ammes only attack is Demi. This takes onlt 1/4 of the parties HP.
    If you think about it you can never die so don't use any potions.

Continue going forward and you'll find a save point. When you tough it you will
get your HP and MP restored. Conitinue on for one more battle with some sinspawn.
Listen to what Auron has to say and a few hits. Then keep going forward.

After you get sucked into Sin you'll end up floating over the city, sortof swimming.
Just press the O button and "swim" towards the center of the blitzball area and
towards a figure.

6-2 Al Bhed Territory

Next scene is a swiming in the ruins. Not much except to swim north. There is 2 potion2
on the left side. Might want to checked that out. In the next area of the ruins, the
first fork take left for Hi-Potion. Then continue on.

>>Battle-    Geosgaeno
     HP:     32,767 
     AP:     0 
     Steal:  None 
     Weak:   None 
     Strong: None 
     Absorb: None 

    This battle is quite hard but mainly you would just want to run away. His
    HP is 32,767. You could also fight him for 3 rounds but ultimatly you won't
    defeat this boss.

In the open area room your going to need to light a fire. Examine the middle to see
a fire place. So to the door in the upper right. There is an ether at the beginning
of the hallway. Get halfway through the hall and look. Keep going to find a Hi-Potion.
Right next to the save point in the middle of the room is a door. Go in. The Flint 
is there. Now use both in the middle of the room.

>>Battle-    Klikk
     HP:     1500 
     AP:     5 
     Steal:  Grenade 
     Weak:   None 
     Strong: None  
     Absorb: None

    Nothing much you just fight Klikk. Just be careful of your HP. After a few hits
    another character joins in. Here it will tell you how to use Grenades. Now
    Scroll down to Special, select Use and use the grenades. You can also steal 
    grenades from the boss as well.

After the battle just sit back and watch what happens. 

6-3 Al Bhed Ship

When your on the ship, talk to the person on the left side for 3 Potions. Also look
around for AL BHED PRIMER VOL. 1. These are books that help you learn the famous
Al Bhed Language. Look Under (Al Bhed Language) for more info Talk to the girl in 
the middle a few more times to find out about the Sphere Grid and to continue the

When you jump into the water, dive and follow the map. Pretty strait forward. You
will encounter Piranhas during this trip. Its a good idea to lvl up here and also
to steal Grenades from them. Now swim through the underwater ruins. Pass an open 
chamber, examine the devise then head back to the open chamber for a battle.

>>Battle-    Tros 
     HP:     2200 
     AP:     8 
     Steal:  Grenade 
     Weak:   None 
     Strong: None  
     Absorb: None

    Oh a boss battle. Here you fight Tros. Again nothing too tough cuz its only the  
    beginning. Just Make sure you keep those HP's up. This battle now gets 
    interesting. When the boss hides behind something, you can select Trigger Command 
    to Stand By which makes you get ready for when the boss returns from the otherside.
    It also gives you 50HP so its very useful.
    If you can get both of your characters to be ready for an attack before Tros does
    you can get another Trigger Command called Pincer Attack. This makes it so the
    boss can't move around and you have him cornered.  

After that just follow the map then you'll be back on the ship. Alittle more story 
is unfold and then Sin attacks.

6-4 Besaid

And now the story moves on. Just follow wakka after you leave the beach. Follow the
Red arrow on the map. You will end up taking a dip in the water. When you
get in the water just follow the map. Look for ANTIDOES, HI-POTION and PHOENIX DOWN.
When you get control in the village you can search around the little hut but your 
main goal is to reach the big building in the North. Make sure to save your game 
before you do so.

After alittle story you'll end up being in the cloister of trials. This is where you
need to use your brains. The first trial here is quite easy compared to the rest and
you might get though it easy.

>>Trial- Besaid Temple

 1) Move to the back of the first room and examine the Glyph Sphere and an opening
    will be revealed on the right.
 2) Go down the stairs then examine the overhang on the wall to get the Glyph Sphere
    Move to the bottom of the stairs and insert it in the door to open it up.
 3) Take the Glyph Sphere from the open door and use it in the next spot to reveal
    the destruction sphere. You don't need this right now. Just keep going.
 4) Examine the runes to reveal a Glyph. Examine it again to open and new area.
    Search it to find the Besaid Sphere. Insert the besaid sphere in the pedestalto 
    open another area. Push the pedesial.
 5) Now leave the pedesial there and go find that Destruction Sphere. Place it in
    the slot where you found the besaid sphere to reveal a hidden chamber.
 6) Go to the new opening in the wall for the ROD OF WISDOM.
 7) Now go back to the pedesial and push it all the way in until it sinks into
    the ground.

After all the fun in the trials you head back out and get to see your first summoning.
When that is done you'll be near a camp fire. Go talk to Yuna. Then go talk to 
Wakka to go to sleep. When your asleep, you'll get a dream. In this dream just walk 
up to Yuna on the pier.

When you wake up the next morning check the attendant's desk in the lodge for
AL BHED PRIMER VOL. 2 then exit to join the others. Once yuna joins the party 
everyone leaves the village.

As you travel through the mountain side, you will be given many helpful hints about
the battles. Just follow the advice to advance all these. Make sure you pay attention
because this determines if you well have a fun time with the whole game or alot
of trouble.

Once you head to the top there is a save point. Use it then head north for the new
trail. You'll find some ruins there.

>>Battle-    Kimahri
     HP:     750  
     AP:     3 
     Steal:  None 
     Weak:   None 
     Strong: None 
     Absorb: None
    Its now a one on one battle between Kimahri and Tidus. This whole battle is just
    the exchange of attacks. When you get an OD use it. Also when you HP gets lot use
    a potion. It would also be useful to use Cheer if you learned it already.
    After Kimahri attacks 4 times he will alternate from normal attacks and Jump 
    attacks. Caeful with the Jump attacks. They hurt more.

After that battle you will travel a bit more and find out more with the battle system.
Now you'll head to the beach where you first showed up. Use the save point and follow
your party. They will eventually head inside the boat but if you look around you'll 
find acouple 2 ANTIDOTES and a MOON CREST. Once ready head to the ship.

6-5 S.S. Liki

After you talk to Wakka head to the dock below. The entrance is in the back of the 
boat. If you look in the Power room you'll find AL BHED PRIMER VOL. 3. Also talk to a
merchant guy in the dock below to discover the great O'aka. :) You can give him some
gil to help him on his travels. It helps if you do this because his wares get cheaper
as you find him in later levels. If you give him a large amount he might have rares
later in the game too.
Once you have done all this go top side and find Yuna. Talk to Wakka first after that
talk to Yuna to find out alittle more about her. After that Sin attacks.

>>Battle-    Sin
     HP:     2000 
     AP:     10 
     Steal:  None 
     Weak:   None 
     Strong: None
     Absorb: None  

    This battle takes place on the deck. Sins fin is seen floating around the ship.
    You goal is to hit the fin. Sin will attack back by bring Sinscales to the boats
    deck. When you kill all three and new set appears. Sin will move back and forth 
    every so often. It would be good to kill only 2 of the sin scales and to keep
    attacking the fin.

>>Battle-    Sinspawn Echuilles
     HP:     2000 
     AP:     12 
     Steal:  None 
     Weak:   Darkness 
     Strong: None 
     Absorb: None 

    After Wakka dives in the water to save Tidus another battle begins. Start by using
    Tidus's Cheer and also use Wakka's Dark Attack. This causes the Sinspawn to not
    be able to drain MP from you. After it uses 2 Drain Touches it will attack with
    Blender Attack which hurts alot. After that attack make sure to use Potions.

6-6 Kilika

Once you get on the remains of the village head north then west to find Yuna. After
the events have a good night sleep and the next morning one of the Aurockes tell
Tidus that Wakka is waiting. But before you do there is a few things you can do first.

  1) Go west of the inn to find a girl in danger. Save her!
  2) North of the inn you'll find 3 POTIONS.
  3) Go south to the local bar to find AL BHED PRIMER VOL. 4 on the counter. If you
     saved the girl west of the inn she let you open the chest.
  4) The weapon shop is now open.

Once ready head for Wakka to depart for the temple. Now head for the forest. There is
a chest to the east of the save point that has 2 MANA SPHERES. There is a SCOUT just 
to the west and up from the save point. And if you go strait up from the save point 
you'll find a LUCK SPHERE.

>>Battle-    Lord Ochu (optional)
     HP:     4649 
     AP:     40 
     Steal:  None 
     Weak:   Fire 
     Strong: N/A
     Absorb: None

    This battle will basicly be good to use every character. Use Lulu to cast
    Fire Spell since that is Ochu's weak point. Have Tidus cast Haste on Lulu if
    you can. Wakka is useful for his Silence Attack. Yuna is great for curing everyone.
    And have Kimahri just attack. You can also summon Valefor to continue attacking
    with Fire. Since this Aeon is fly the earthquake attack from Ochu has no effect.
    Once Ochu loses 2500 HP he will fall asleep causeing him to regenerate him HP.
    Wake him up with a Physical attack.  

Once your done with the forest you'll reach the stairs to Kilika Temple. Make 
you use the save point before you reach the top of the stairs. Theres a boss.

>>Battle-    Sinspawn Geneaux
     HP:     Body:3000 Tentacles:450 
     AP:     Body:48 Tentacles:5 
     Steal:  None 
     Weak:   Body:Fire 
     Strong: N/A
     Absorb: Water
    This boss battle consist of 2 enemies (in a way). While the tentacles are
    alive you cant do much damage to the boss. Casting magic just gets absorbed 
    to the tentacles. Also and normal attacks causes little damage because of its
    shell. If kimahri has a piercing weapon, use it. Also damage the tentacles
    with full force. Hasting lul and using fire is a good way. After their gone
    its only the boss now. He opens his shell so now you can do good attacks on him.
    Casting Fire spells is still very useful since that is Geneaux weakness. Just make
    sure not to cast water spells. That would cure him.

After you beat him, its another trial in the temple.

6-7 Kilika Temple

>>Trial-Kilika Temple

  1) Take the Kilika Sphere on the left and place it in the slot of the door.
     After it gets on fire remove the sphere.
  2) Enter the next room and insert the Kilika Sphere in the north wall. Now a
     Glyph Sphere will appearabove the shelf.
  3) Take the Kilika Sphere and put it on one of the side walls and touch the 
     glyph to open the wall.
  4) Take the Glyph Sphere and put it on one of the other side shelves and
     enter the next chamber with fire.
  5) Take the Kilika Sphere in this room and put it in the pedestal in the middle
     of the room.
  6) Return to the chamber before and take the Glyph Sphere and place it on the 
     wall where you found the Kilika Sphere and a new room will open.
  7) Put the Kilika Sphere in the pedestal and push it on the floor switch in the
     fire room then take the Kilika Sphere from the new slot and put it in the 
     slot next to the door.
  8) Now take the Destruction Sphere found upstairs and put it in that new slot 
     where the fire use to be. Open the chest in the new area to recieve the
  9) Now take the Kilika Sphere from the door in the back to open the way and exit.

When you get into the next room waiting for Yuna to appear go talk to everyone.
But to make the story move forward keep talking to Wakka until he has nothing
else to say. After that go back to the door and yuna will appear.

After this you now have to go back to the village and and board the ship. Make sure
you buy any items, weapons and armors before you go.

6-8 S.S. Winno

When you start exit the cabin to the hall. There is O'aka there. Here is another
to give him more money. After that go top side and check whats going on. When you
get on top, head for Yuna. After that go to the stairs that go up for alittle
more scenarios with Wakka and Lulu. 

Make sure you enter the bridge and to collect the AL BHED PRIMER VOL. 5. After that
go to the back of the ship. Go and examine the blitzball there.

6-9 Luca

Once you get in control, follow the map. Head right. After that scene you will
end up in the locker room. Wakka will appear and you will be presented with the
Blitzball Tutorial. Take some time to get familiar with blitzball. It'll take 
awhile to see all of the tutorial so grab a soda and sit back. 

After another little scene you'll have control again. Save then head down. In the 
next area head down again. Then right in the next area. After that head north.

After the bar scene you'll end up back tracking back. Just watch the map and see
which way you have to go. Becareful. because now you'll get into fights. After you 
fast the main desk in the next area, look for TIDAL SPEAR and 600 Gils.

>>Battle-    Oblitzerator
     HP:     6000
     AP:     36 
     Steal:  None 
     Weak:   Thunder
     Strong: N/A
     Absorb: None

    This battle is actually quite easy. When you begin have Lulu cast Thunder on
    the Crane to the right. Have Kimahri and Tidus get some damage on the boss. 
    Once Lulu gets the crane running use Tidus's Trigger Command and use the 
    crane. This will rip off the top part of the boss causing it to suffer ALOT 
    of damage. Now all you need to do is a few more rounds of attack and hes gone.

After the battle go back to the locker room. After you see the cut scene with
Wakka go back into the locker room and head right for wakka.

Now is time to play Blitzball.

After the great game a break of monster appear. Just attack them with normal
weapons and use potions when you need too. After auron joins your party, go 
talk to yuna.

6-10 Mi'ihen Highroad

Here you'll travel through a road surrounded by open fields. Along the way
you'll meet travelers on the highroad. They can help you alot if you talk to
them. During the first map, look for the ICE BRAND on the left side behind the
statue. The second map has a REMEDY on the left side. The third map has 2000 Gils
on the right side half way up and 3 EYE DROPS at the end.

Now the map has Mr. Rin's Travel Agency take a break here. There is a LV. 1 KEY
SPHERE and AL BHED PRIMER VOL. 8 inside the building.

>>Battle-     Chocobo Eater
     HP:      10,000
     AP:      90 
     Steal:   None 
     Weak:    Fire
     Strong:  N/A
     Absorb:  None

    Inless your whole party dies you can't really lose this battle. What is happening
    here is that your on a cliff. Theres a cliff behind you and behind Chocobo
    Eater. There are 2 ways to win and stay on the upper path. One is to kill him
    completely by getting rid of all his HP. The second is to attack him hard so 
    he falls over the cliff behind him. This also means that Chocobo Eater can knock
    you over as well. Dont worry about that part though. You won't die, just take 
    a different path. 
    Hes weak against Fire so use plenty of that. Use Aurons Power Break to be 
    able to cause more damage. Some times Chocobo Eater will get knocked back on
    his back. When this happens throw everything on him. His shell won't be able to
    protected him. You can push him back by inflicting more then 500 HP of 

Once the battle is over, it is your job to reach the gates at the end. As you go on 
the Highroad keep an eye out for AL BHED PRIMER VOL. 9. Also from the bottom of 
the road there is a MARS CREST just south of the save point. If you got knocked 
over the cleff its just directly down. 

Once you get to the bridge, talk to the gate keeper then walk back. You then be able
to pass the gates.

6-11 Mushroom Rock

Once you get into this new area the only way to continue on is to take the raod
to the left. Here you'll go down a zigzag path through. Keep an eye out for
REMEDY, 1000 GILS, and HI-POTION. When you pass these 2 maps and come out take the 
path next to the one that you came out. Theres a save point, MEGA-POTION, and
SERENE BRACER. Now go back and take the last path. Your in the camp area.

>>Battle-     Sinspawn Gui
     HP:      Head:4000 Body:12,000 Arm:800
     AP:      Carries over to second battle 
     Steal:   None 
     Weak:    None
     Strong:  Water
     Absorb:  Thunder

    This battle is quite hard and probably long but thats ok. You can handle it. Start
    off by attacking the head. Just anything long range. Make sure to attack it's
    head when it begins to shake. Also keep Yuna handy with Esuna for the Venom
    attacks. Onces the head is gone you can go and attack the arms but ultimatly you
    want to kill the body. If you destroy the arms they will regenerate after Gui
    takes 3 turns. Have Auron and Kimahri attack hard on the body. If Lulu knows
    any second level black spells you can destroy the arms in one shot.

>>Battle-     Sinspawn Gui
     HP:      Head:1000 Body:6,000 Arm:800
     AP:      Head:48   Body:400   Arm:37
     Steal:   None 
     Weak:    None
     Strong:  None
     Absorb:  None

    The second attack with Gui is much easier then the first. One thing, Seymour is
    on your party. Seymours magic alone will make this battle easy. Once you beat
    Gui again you will receive your first LV. 1 KEY LOCK from battle.

6-12 Djose Highland

After you have combed the beach and found the last of the survivers its time to travel
through Djose Highroad. The path is strait forward. As you walk you'll meet people
along the way. Make sure you talk to everyone because one of them has the SOFT RING.
That will help you lot on this travel. There are some enemies that can cast Stone
to your party. Also use Kimahri's Lancet to learn Stone Breath. Very useful. About
halfway there is AL BHED PRIMER VOL. 11.

>>Trials-Djose Temple

  1) Take the 2 Djose Spheres from the right and left wall and put them in
     the center double doors.
  2) In the second room take both of the Djose Spheres and put them on the wall
     in the right.
  3) Push the Pedestal with a Djose Sphere to the right when the other spheres
     are at and that sphere on the pedestal will get super charged.
  4) Take the Charged Djose Sphere and put it in the right of the door in the
  5) Take the 2 Djose Spheres that are on the wall to the right into the pedestal
     then go to the floor switch on the left to bring the pedestal back to the
     middle of the room.
  6) Now push the pedestal north to the room with electricity. Push it into the 
     pit and it will float and act as a stepping stone. Now go to the back and 
     press the pedestal there back.
  7) Jump back into the room where you found the first pedestal and hit the floor
     switch to the left again.
  8) Now take the 2 Spheres on the pedestal and put them back into the first room
     and lay them on the walls on the left and right. Now take the Charged Sphere
     from the second room that is on the right wall to the otherside of the door,
     on the left.
  9) Now take the elevator in the middle.
  10) There are 5 pedestals around this new room. Push all 5 in.
  11) Now to get the MAGIC SPHERE go back down using the elevator and examine a
      glowing Glyph on a wall. You will then find the Destruction Sphere. Take it
      back up and put it on the pedestal there to reveal a new opening.

Once you get a good nights sleep you'll wake up the next morning. So outside and
talk to everyone there. After that go back inside the temple and enter the left
room. Yuna will be sleep in the back inside. After that your ready to move
to Moonflow.

6-13 Moonflow

Take the path in Moonflow is strait forward. In the first map you'll find afew
different items. Keep an eye out for 6 LV.1 KEY SPHERES, X-POTION, AND MAGIC DEF 
SPHERE. Almost at the end of the first area you can fight against Belgemine.
Win or lose you will recieve the SUMMONER'S SOUL. This allows your Aeons to
learn new abilities. Keep going and you'll reach the docks.

Search around the docks for 5,000 Gils. Also talk to 0'aka for any goods he
has that you might want. When your ready to leave talk to the Shoopuf Trainer.

>>Battle-     Extractor
     HP:      4,000
     AP:      660
     Steal:   None 
     Weak:    Thunder
     Strong:  Water, Fire, Blizzard
     Absorb:  None

    This battle is strait forward. Use any weapons that have the lightningstrike
    ability. That is this bosses weak point. Haste is also a good idea.This will
    allow you to attack several times with every one attack Exractor does. Just 
    becareful with his Depth Charges. If you HP gets low use those Potions.

After the battle you will get to safty on the otherside. Make sure you check
everything around this new pier. There is O'aka, unfortunatly he is only selling 
medicines. But this is actually good since your about to get the Customize option
open. Look just behind O'aka for AL BHED PRIMER VOL. 12. 

After that continue on your journey  by taking the path to the left to Guadosalam.
Along the way you will receive the last member to join your party.

6-14 Guadosalam

When you get here you'll be treated to some more story. Then Rikku will
explain how to use Customize in the Menu. If you have extra potions now would
be a good time to use this option. There is an Inn near Tidus. Go inside to save
at this areas only save point.

When your ready go to the center of Guadosalam and enter the big red double doors.
Go up the hallway for a chest with 2 HI-POTIONS. After you talk with everyone 
go to the purple door on the ground level.

Once everything happens inside the dinning area head back out to the main area
and reach the highest point. From this point head right to reach the Farplane.

Once you get inside the Farplane, talk to Lulu and Wakka for some events.
After wakka's event, Tidus's Brotherhood weapon gains new abilities.
They are Strength +10%, Sensor, and Waterstrike. After that head for Yuna
and see her events.

When your done, head outside and go back to the main area. Head back to the
red double doors. After you talk to Lulu, follow her. Then go talk to Rikku
which is on the lower right of the area. Then go to the shop just to the
left of Rikku. Kimahri will pop out. Now talk to Lulu again. After this
you can confirm or deny his love for yuna. I don't think ether really changes
anything. After all that head to the lower left of that area to reach the 
Thunder Plains.

6-15 Thunder Plains

Now you have reached the Thunder Plains. Your goal is to get through this stretch of
land. The is one obstacle, Lightning. When you get hit you will get knocked down
and slow your travels. There are 2 ways to avoid this. One way is to stay near tall
towers that absorb the lightnings. Another way it to hit the X button just a split
second before it hits you. You will see a flash before it strikes. The game will
tell you more about that.

There are a number of items to watchout for. There are 2 PHOENIX DOWNS, 
About halfway through that plains, there is a rest stop. Take a moment to
see whats on sale. Here you can find AL BHED PRIMER VOL. 14. To get it
talk to Rikku. Doing so will cause Rin to show up and he'll ask you a question.
Pick the top coice to get the primer. Also look just outside the Travel Agency
for a YELLOW SHIELD. Continue on with the journey and then you'll make it
to Macalania.

6-16 Macalania

Don't get confused with the twisting and turning at the paths up ahead.
The first map is strait forward. From the save point head north. There are
2 treasure chests here. One has 2000 GILS and the other has SLEEPY CAIT SITH.

In the second map you will be presented with a twisting path. Don't worry! Its
only one path so you can't get lost. There is one Chest here and it has
3 PHOENIX DOWNS. At the end there is a small butterfly minigame. You don't have to 
play this game at all but there are some prizes you might want to get.

The third map tricked me. I thought it was a dead end. So here is one word of
advise: Your ok. :) It starts curving down then looks like a dead end. From this 
dead endwalk all the way to the right then start going up. You'll then see where
the path goes when the camera changes positions. There is one chest here too
and it has REMEDY.

The next map has a save point. Use that then get the AL BHED PRIMER VOL. 15 just 
to the right of the save point. When you ready head halfway up and a small scene
will occur followed by a boss.

>>Battle-     Sphereimorph
     HP:      12,000
     AP:      3,240
     Steal:   Ether 
     Weak:    Changes
     Strong:  None
     Absorb:  Changes

    Before you even think about fighting this boss make sure you equip
    non-elemental weapons. This boss has the ability to change its weak
    point with spells. Most of the Melee attacks don't cause too much damage.
    Magic is the key. The problem is that it will shift his weakpoint around.
    If you hit Sphereimorph with the wrong spell it will get cured. The way to
    find out what its weakness is is to watch and see what spell it cast.
    Whatever it is use the opposite. For example if it attacks with lightning
    you attack with water.

After the fight you'll reach another Travel Agency. Make sure you use
the save point and get pleny of weapons, armor and items. Also look
for AL BHED PRIMER VOL. 16 outside. There is Clasko
outside. Talk to him and tell him to take up chocobo breeding. This may effect 
his appearance later in the game. Then continue on.

>>Battle-     Crawler,       Negator
     HP:      16,000;        1000
     AP:      4400;          220
     Steal:   Lunar Curtain; Hi-Potion 
     Weak:    Lightning;     None
     Strong:  None;          None
     Absorb:  None;          None

    This battle may seem tricky at first. There is the Negator flying around
    the boss. His will deplete any magic spells and aeon attacks. You have to 
    get rid of it first. Why? Because the boss is weak against Thunder.
    Using Thuder will help alot. Have Wakka attack Negator since it will
    hit everytime. Once its gone there will be a Mana Beam count down. This
    causes alot of damage. The best way to avoid this is to use one of your aeons
    and provoke the shield command. If you use Shiva or Ifrit you can use thier
    own black magic to cure themselves. After about 2 blast from the Mana Beam
    the third one might be a no go. This can be a life saver.

6-17 Ice Temple

After you gain control of your characters there are 2 chest in the first area.
One has 5000 GILS, and the other has X-POTION. After you save go to the room on
the right of the stairs. After you return to the main room again head up the stairs.
Its time to fight Seymour.

>>Battle-     Seymour;      Guado Guardian; Anima
     HP:      6,000;        2,000;          18,000
     AP:      2,000;        290;            2,500
     Steal:   Turbo Ether;  Hi-Potion;      Silence Grenade
     Weak:    None;         None;           None;
     Strong:  None;         None;           None;
     Absorb:  None;         None;           None;

    Personally i think this is the toughest battle in the game, besides
    the last boss. This battle has 3 waves. The first is against Seymour
    and 2 Guado Guards. Everytime you attack Seymour the guardians will block
    the attack and then cure themself with Auto-Med. Even if you attack them
    they cure themself. The best way to tacle this is to steal from them both.
    You'll take a X-potion and now they can't cure themselves. Once Seymour loses
    half his HP, he will summon Anima. If you look in you Aeon list there is a
    new Aeon, although its only named with ?????. Summon this new aeon and use it
    though this battle. Anima will attack with pain. Just use the new aeons blizzard
    blizzard attacks on iteself for curative effects. Use OD's when ever possible.
    Careful because Anima is charging his OD and the attack is harsh.
    Once you kill Anima its up against Seymour be himself. He sill cast mutli-spells
    on you. Use Yuna's Nul spells to counter the magic effects. Now you have to 
    go all the way and kill him.

    I did beat him in this fashion. Yuna had her OD full before the battle started.
    Summon the new Aeon right away and use its OD. First wave done. Then the second 
    i just attack, cure and OD. But before i killed Anima i made sure my Aeon's
    OD was full. Don't use it as a final attack on Anima. Once anima well i had 
    another turn with the Aeon. Now i used the OD and seymour dies in one shot. 
    That i believe is the fastest way to win. Ofcourse noone really got experience
    but if you just get everyone to attack once before summoning the Aeon in the
    first wave you got it golden. Ofcourse yuna had to be strong enough because that
    effects how dtrong the Aeon is.

After that you'll have another new Trial to get through.

>>Trial-Ice Palace
  1) Take the Glyph Sphere from the center pillar.
  2) Now put the Sphere in the pedestal and push it rightwards. After that 
     push it upwards to the back wall. This will cause it to slid 
     down a slide to a lower cavern.
  3) Take the Sphere on the rightmost wall on the upper level. Now take it
     to the lower area and and put it on the leftmost wall. A small section 
     will rise.
  4) Now go up and and take the Macalania Sphere from the new rised section.
     And put it in the middles Pillar.
  5) Go back down and push the pliiar to the right. Now a second section of the 
     walkway is completed.
  6) Take the Sphere from the leftmost wall and put it in the pillar near you.

After you finished the trials, its time for an escape. Start running out the door.
Save but once the camera starts to move around that means the chase begins. Just 
keep running. Some of the enemies will catch up and battle them. Use the potion 
stealing tactic from the Guado. Then you'll exit the ice cavern and be on the 
snowy rockys. Just keep going along the trail. Look for MEGA-POTION, and 
LV. 1 KEY SPHERE. Then you'll reach another save point. USe that and get ready 
for another battle.

>>Battle-    Wendigo;   Guado Guardian
     HP:     12,000;    1,200
     AP:     2,000;     290
     Steal:  Hi-Potion; Hi-Potion
     Weak:   Fire;      None
     Strong: None;      None
     Absorb: None;      None

    This battle is in no way as hard as the last one but becareful.
    Wendigo becomes Berserk causing him to hit alot harder. Fortunatly
    you only hits one at a time. Also there are 2 Guado Guardians. These
    2 will cure themselves and cure Wendigo. Get rid of them first, or atleast
    take their potions. Wendigo is weak against Fire so use that. Have Auron use
    Armor Break and Kimahri's Jinx. You can also use Wakka's Sleep Attack on 

After the fight you will have alittle quite time and story time. Just talk to
everyone. Look behind Kimahri for a LV. 2 KEY SPHERE.

6-18 Sanubia Desert

Surprisingly you'll wake up in an oasis surrounded by desert. Go to the save point
and check the oasis for 4 REMEDY. Once ready go out onto the desert. You'll then
get into a battle with ZU.

>>Battle-    Zu
     HP:     12,000
     AP:     1,200
     Steal:  Smoke Bomb
     Weak:   None
     Strong: None
     Absorb: None

    Now this doesn't look like a fair fight. Only Tidus against a huge Zu. 
    Fortunatly he doesn't attack hard. Also after a few turns Auron will 
    appear. A few more turns then Lulu shows up. Just keep attacking Zu. Use
    potions if you need to.

After the battle ends head north then you'll find Wakka. Make sure to open the chest
there for 8 AL BHED POTIONS. In the second map head right. You'll find Kimahri
trying to walk up the steep sand hill. After you get him take the left route 
and you'll meet Rikku. She is important here because she can use the Al Bhed Potions.
They cure everyone with 1,000 HO and cures Aliment status.The third map has alot of 
things there. At the north end there are 2 exits. Both lead to the same place. 
Both have one AL BHED PRIMER. The left one has Number 17 and the right has 18.
Theres a save point in the middle of the map as well as a LV. 2 KEY SPHERE, 
and 10,000 GILS. Don't miss all that.

The fourth map has more treasure but some have enemies holding them. Becareful with
them because the battles can hurt you alot. Make sure you get the MERCURY CREST. 

6-19 Home

Once you get to AL Bhed's Home you'll see they have trouble as well. In the first 
map there is a save point. There is also AL BHED PRIMER VOL. 19 in the chest on the
left side. In the next map there is nothing to bother with except for a battle.
Just get rid of the Guado Guardians then get rid of everything else.

The third map has alot of items to find. The first is AL BHED PRIMER VOL. 20.
Keep going forward and you'll get 4 AL BHED POTIONS. Then the road branches. Right
is a dead end with AL BHED PRIMER VOL. 21. The middle path is a dead end with 6
AL BHED POTIONS. The left has a save point and a door that lets you continue.

The next area involves a few friendly familiar enemies. After that go down the steps
and look for a LV.4 KEY SPHERE and well as a LV.2 KEY SPHERE. Use the save point 
then go into the next room.

The last room has just one chest. 10,000 GILS. Make sure to get it.

6-20 Airship

Now your on the airship. MAke sure to use the save point and talk to everyone. If you
need items go look for Rin. When your ready go into the door past him. The next room 
has Dona. Talk to Dona for alittle counsoling. What you do here effects her in the 
furture of the game.

Once you have talked to everyone on the ship go back to the bridge. Talk to the
pilot. As your about the leave the bridge fiends attack. Save and get prepared. Head
for the other save point in the back. Becareful because you can get into some battles
along the way. From the save point go up the stair and go to the back of the room.
There is an elevator that takes you outside.

>>Battle-    Evrae
     HP:     32,000
     AP:     5,400
     Steal:  Water Gun
     Weak:   None
     Strong: Fire, Water, Thunder, Blizzard
     Absorb: None

    This battle is going to be quite long because  magic has little effect
    on Evrae. During the battle you can move the ship from near to far from the
    boss. If your thinking of staying far and attacking with wakka, your still going
    to get hit. When you begin cast Haste on Tidus and Rikku because they are
    the only ones that can move the ship. When your near attack Evrae with all
    your Melee attacks. Caeful because he will sooner or later inhale. On the next
    turn he will exhale causeing lots of HP damage and status elements. Use
    Al Bhed potions to cure everyone. When you take the ship away you wont get the
    inhale move but move characters won't be able to attack. Make sure you have 
    Wakka and Lulu attacking from afar although lulus spells won't hurt as much.
    When its cids next turn and your far he will attack with many missles. This can
    only be done 3 times.

6-21 Bevelle

After you beat Evrae its time for Bevelle. Once you touchdown you have a chance 
to get ready. When ready just move alittleput for the battle. Theres about 4
different battles but for the most part are strait forward. In the last battle
though move quickly because the enemy in the back hits hard but the ones in from
and knock your characters out of the battle if is the last enemy. You can kill the
one in the back with Wakka's normal attack. 

After alittle story is revealed you'll end up doing another trial.

  1) In the top path go to the second arrow on the floor and head left. Get the
     sphere and put in in the pedestal and push the pedestal back on the path.
  2) From the first Arrow on the top path turn to go down the next level. Go
     all the way to the end and turn just before you fall over. Now but one of the
     spheres in the slot and go back. You'll fall but thats ok.
  3) Ride the lower path strait again and turn the second to left arrow keys.
  4) Take the Glyph Sphere and go back on the path.
  5) Again you'll start over on the same path. Now go all the way to the last
     arrow key. Now take the glyph sphere and put it in the socket. Now take 
     the Destruction Sphere.
  6) Ride the lower path again and turn the second to last arrow key. Put
     the destruction sphere in the socket.
  7) Go back on the path, start over and turn right at the first Arrow key. Go down
     and take the Bevelle Sphere. Go back up, turn right then turn right again.
  8) You'll get off you platform but push it forward to continue on.
  9) Get to the new area then go up the stairs. Take the HP SPHERE in the chest
     to the right, it will disappear and then a floor switch will appear. Press
     the switch to make the pedestal appear on your level. 
  10) Take one of the spheres out and put it in the socket nearby. Now push the
      pedestal to the left. 
  11) Ride it to get to a chest with KNIGHT LANCE
  12) Now exit by taking the ride again to the right and walking right.

After the trials Yna will be in a new area all by herself. Go look for a few friends
in this area.From the save point if you go left you'll find ELIXIR, MAGIC SPHERE, 
10,000 GILS, LUCID RING, SKILL SPHERE, as well as Lulu.

Take the right path from the save for MEGA-POTION and Kimahri. The middle path has
BLACK MAGIC SPHERE and Auron waiting near another save point. All three route lead 
to that second save point. Also you don't need to find any or all of you friends
to continue on. 

>>Battle-    Grothia;  Pterya;   Spathi
     HP:     8,000;    12,000;   20,000
     AP:     6,000
     Steal:  N/A
     Weak:   Ice;      None;     None
     Strong: None;     None;     None
     Absorb: None;     None;     None

    Its now a one on one Aeon fight. Isaaru will call 3 different Aeons. You
    also call your own. In the first battle Isaaru will call out Grothia
    which is just like your Ifrit. Use Bahamut. Just use Impulse Attack. When
    Bahamut has full OD use it and the aeon should die in one blow.
    Next he will summon Pterya which is just like Valefor. Just use Bahamut again
    since you won't be able to use him in the last round. Just attack and when OD 
    pops up, use it. The last one is his version of Bahamut. Now you can't summon 
    him as well. Ixion would be the best choise. Just hammer him hard. Spathi will
    have a countdown and not attack so get as much damage as possible. When the 
    countdown reaches 1 use shield. If your Aeon survives keep attacking. If it 
    falls, get another. I was still able to win with one Aeon left.

After you win the battle with Yuna, you'll switch to the rest of the group,
Tidus, Rikku, Wakka. Here you'll be underwater swimming. Head for the save point.
Just swim around the corner for another save point. Keep an eye out for

>>Battle-    Evrae Altana
     HP:     16,384
     AP:     5,800
     Steal:  Water Gun
     Weak:   Curative things
     Strong: None
     Absorb: None

    Now you get to fight the zombie version of Evrae. Keyword there, Zombie. Anything
    that can cure your party can hurt Evrae. Use 2 or 3 Phoenix Downs to win. If you 
    want to fight the harder way, you can ether attack face to face or attack
    the locks on the gates. When you destroy the 2 locks you'll try to swim away 
    from the boss. He'll follow. Do it again for dejavu. But the third time you'll
    lock Evrae in. This will cause more damage. Make sure you have soft ready because
    this boss can Stone your characters. Now just attack.

Now everyone will get reunited on the Highbridge. There is a save point. Use it.
I would say here is a good time for leveling up alittle. Walk the long path up
and then you'll find another save point.

>>Battle-    Seymour;         Mortibody
     HP:     36,000;          4,000
     AP:     6,300
     Steal:  Tetra Elemental; None
     Weak:   None;            None
     Strong: None;            None
     Absorb: None;            None

    This battle is alittle tricky but nowhere as hard as the first fight
    with Seymour. First off if you attack directly seymour will counter
    with multi-spells and sometimes will even cast Flare. Make sure you
    have Yuna ready with cure and life spells. Mortibody will drain from
    seymour after getting a good attack. Although this may sound good,
    Mortibody also cures Seymour. The solution.... cast Reflect on Seymour.
    Mortibody will still drain from seymour but when it tries to cure seymour
    it will get bounced of reflect and hit your character. Keep doing this til
    seymour is defeated.

6-22 The Calm Lands

After all the events are over head for the Calm Lands. Its a huge area with
lots of interesting things to do. You'll be on a cliff near the bottom of the map.
Head west down the road then up to go north. You'll find a small camp there. If you
head to the upper west area of Calm Land you'll find AL BHED PRIMER VOL.23. There
are also some chest to the south east of calm land. 15,000 GILS can be found 

There is a small opening to the east center. This is the Monster Arena. You don't
have to come here now but if you do you'll be introduced to the Monster Arena.
You can even start collecting monsters in the calm lands.

Also in the area near the resting place of the plains is Belgemine. You can challenge
her aeons for some useful items. If you do beat her you will get 30 POWER
SPHERES and AEON'S SOUL. The aeon soul is useful because it allows you to use
inventory items to increase you aeons attributes.

When your ready to pass the Calm Plains head north east. You'll find an opening 
there. Get ready because your going to get into a boss fight.

>>Battle-    Defender X
     HP:     64,000
     AP:     6,660
     Steal:  Lunar Curtain
     Weak:   None
     Strong: None
     Absorb: None

    This battle is basicly easy. When the battle begins have Tidus Haste 
    everyone. Next have Auron use Armor Break and Mental Break. Even though
    Defender X has no element weakness using Waterga works great. Just keep 
    attacking at the boss and use Yuna's Cure spells and shell spells when 
    needed. If she has the overdrive Healer then she will get to OD in no 

After you win the battle you can take 2 different paths. When you get to the next
bridge you can ether cross it or you can go to the right and find a path that
goes under bridge. To continue the the story just go over the bridge. If you
take the pathuder the bridge you will get to Cavern of the Stolen Faith. You can
get Yojimbo but if you don't have at least 250,000 gils then you might want to
pass for now. You could go though for experience.

6-23 Mt. Gagazet

Now get ready for one of the longest walks in the game. After you get control
talk to everyone around. Don't forget to use the save point then walk up
to the next map.

>>Battle-    Biran;            Yenke
     HP:     Varies;           Varies
     AP:     4,500;            4,500
     Steal:  Lv. 3 Key Sphere; None
     Weak:   None;             None
     Strong: None;             None
     Absorb: None;             None

    Get ready for a 2 on 1 battle. This involes 2 ronsos. They start off side by
    side but will do a running attack that puts one on one side of kimahri and
    the other on the otherside. This is a great place to learn lots of Lancet 
    skills. Watch what the ronsos perform then use lancet to grab it. There are at
    least 8 different skills you can learn. Make the most of it. As to fight them
    just use attacks and potions when needed. When kimahri hits OD the best skill
    to use is Mighty Guard. You can also use Aqua Breath but make sure its when
    the 2 are together. When one of the ronso falls the other will become berserk
    which increases the attack 2 fold. But basicly its just like if there was 2
    ronsos attack but lets turns on the opposing side.

After the fight go back to the base and save. When your ready head on but becareful.
There is no save points before the next boss and its quite long and hard. In the 
second map there are a few things to look out for. 20,000 GILS, MEGA-POTION, 
around large rock after the zigzap portion of the map. Once you find the save 
point use it and get ready for another battle.

>>Battle-    Seymour Flux;   Mortiorchis
     HP:     70,000;         4,000
     AP:     10,000;         N/A
     Steal:  Elixir;         N/A
     Weak:   None;           None
     Strong: None;           None
     Absorb: None;           None

   Now begins the third battle with seymour. This can be quite tough. First get Tidus
   to cast Hastega on all the characters. Have Yuna cast Shell on everyone. When
   the time comes Seymour will use Cross Cleaver which deals more then 2,500 HP
   of damage. Shells halves that. Becareful because he can cast Dispel and that
   will destroy all your hard work.
   Seymour has another attack he loves. Its the Lance of Atrophy which Zombies you
   character. He will follow with a Full-Life which will instantly kill that 
   character. After he uses Lance of Atrophy use Holy Water on that character to
   save him/her from the second attack. 
   When the Mortiorchis starts  to charge make sure shell is up and running. Also 
   attack it to slow the charge down. If you hurt it enough it will drain from
   Seymour which is a good thing. After it charges up it will attack hard. Use 
   mega-potion to get you back on your feet.

After that battle continue around the corner for another little cave. When you get 
to the save point you'll find two paths. Going strait ahead seems to be blocked by
a strange hole so your only choice is to ge left. After you get down the tunnel a
bit you'll have to be a 3 person party to get past the swimming section. After you
get out of the water you'll find a shield rotating around an energy core. There is
one section of it that is open. Kick the ball into this opening. When you do it
the strange hole near the save point is now stairs. So now go back to those stairs 
and go up and to the left. You'll now reach another little puzzle for you to 
master. This one is quite simple. You have to guide each of the characters to the
color hole that correspond to the color of the sphere grid. In other words
RIKKU goes to green, TIDUS goes to blue, and WAKKA goes to orange.

After you solve the second puzzle head back through the water. When you get to where
you originally entered the water, you'll see that there is a new path to the left. 
Goes through that til you get to a save point.

>>Battle-    Sanctuary Keeper
     HP:     40,000
     AP:     11,000
     Steal:  Turbo Ether
     Weak:   None
     Strong: None
     Absorb: None

    I think this is the most challenging battle in the game. First off this boss
    is crazy with cure spells. Get everyone with Haste. Then cast reflex on him.
    Reflex it key because when he tries to cure himself with Curaga you'll be 
    cured instead. Not because you need it bu because its a killer if you gets all
    the way back to 40,000 and you were so close. Also he will try to cast reflex
    on one of your characters making the spell bounce off that character and back 
    to him. To counter this just switch a character when it gets reflexed.
    You can also try to get it down to about 15,000HP then cast Bahamut for the
    final blow.

6-24 Zanarkand Ruins

Now you have made it to the turning point of the whole game... Zanarkand. This area
is straight forward. There are a few treasure chest along the way but thats about it.
Use the save points as needed.

  1) In the first room go up to the back wall with the puzzle look on a screen.
     Examine it for what points on the floor is needed to step on. You don't have
     to worry about an order, just hit the right ones.
  2) After that 3 pedestal from the left and right walls come out.
  3) Basicly press one of the pedestals to reveal a pattern. Then go through the
     door in the back to enter room 2 which is bigger. Examine the monitor in the 
     back for the right pattern then execute it just like in the first room.
  4) Do number 3 for a total of 4 times.
  5) After that go the the back of room 2 and search left of the monitor for the
     Kilika Sphere. Take it then go back to the first room. Put into one of the
     2 pedestals and push it back.
  6) Now go back to the second room and look on the right of that monitor for the
     Besaid Sphere. Take that to the remaining pedestal and your completed. Save
     then go to the second room.

>>Battle-    Spectral Keeper
     HP:     52,000
     AP:     12,000
     Steal:  Ether, Turbo Ether
     Weak:   None
     Strong: None
     Absorb: None

    This battle is quite interesting. There are 6 Glyph Platforms around the
    boss. Whenever you attack the boos it will counter attack the platform infront, 
    the the left and right of that platform. Make sure to move your characters
    behind the boss with the Trigger command to get out of the way. The boss will
    then attack with Berserk Tail. This will cause the boss to turn to where your
    characters are. Move them again. You might want to equip equipment with 
    Berserkproof or berserk ward. After alittle while he will attack with glyph mines.
    There will be flashing on the 2 platforms before it attacks. Make sure no 
    characters are on these 2 platforms. This can cause certain death.

After you beat Spectral Keeper you will head down below for one hell of a climax of 
the story. After you see all of the story its time to fight Yunalesca.

>>Battle-    Yunalesca
     HP:     1st form: 24,000; 2nd form: 48,000; 3rd form: 60,000
     AP:     14,000
     Steal:  Stamina Tablet, Farplane Wind
     Weak:   Blizzard
     Strong: Fire, Water
     Absorb: Thunder

    This battle may look hard but infact it isn't. This first form is fairly simple.
    Every time you attack her she will counter with something that renders that
    type of attack useless. Such as Tidus does a normal attack. Yunalesca attacks 
    with blind or silence when you cast a spell. Equip armor and weapons that 
    makes yourself immune to these attacks and your golden here.

    When you reach the second form those special attacks stop but a new attack occurs.
    Its called Hellbiter. This attack causes your characters to turn to zombies. Use
    holy water to cure this. After you inflict alot of damage or shes about to die on
    the second form, make sure that you don't cure from zombie anymore. Once you beat
    this form the third one will attack with Mega-Death Attack. This will kill any
    character instantly if not in zombie form. 
    The last form can get tricky because you can't cure yourself anf if you release
    zombie your whole party has the benefit of certain death. Basicly the way i 
    beat this form is that everyone has different levels of HP. This makes it so
    if an all party attack comes the ones with lower HP dies and i use Phoenix Down
    with an Alchemy type weapon or full life it make the HP as high as possible.
    Now the ones that were high are low and a life maintaining stat is perform.
    Every now and then Yunalesca will attack again with Mega-Death attack so keep
    those zombie stats going. It might also be good to use to save Overdrives to this
    point. Aeons would also be useful here but because with that instant death attack.

6-25 Airship

Once you beat Yunalesca you go back to the ship and to our surprise... we can 
explore the world of spira and do sidequests. Every Final Fantasy game has this 
basic important things. At this point you can try some of the sidequest or go right 
for Sin. Even if you start fighting sin there are points later on that allows you
to go back to the airship and explore spira.

Make sure that when you are going to fight sin that your well prepared. Go to shops
and but the latest items, weapons, and armors.

>>Battle-    Left Fin; Right Fin
     HP:     Left: 65,000; Right: 65,000
     AP:     Left: 16,000; Right: 17,000
     Steal:  Stamina Tablet, Farplane Wind
     Weak:   None
     Strong: None
     Absorb: None

    These two battles are exactly the same. Its not too tough. Cast Hastega then get 
    the ship close to Sin. If you have Doublecast for Lulu then have her doublecast
    Flare or Ultima. Have all your strong characters attack head on. Use Armor Break
    for more damage. Sin will eventually attack with Gravija. Using an Al Bhed potion
    helps alot since it cures everyone. Have that person have the Alchemy. Using 
    Aeons helps too. Before you know it both battles will be over quickly.

>>Battle-    Sin; Sinspawn Genais
     HP:     Sin: 36,000; Genais: 20,000
     AP:     Sin: 18,000; Genais: 1800
     Steal:  Sin: Stamina Spring; Genais:Star Curtain, Shining Gem
     Weak:   Sin: None; Geais: Fire
     Strong: Sin: None; Geais: None
     Absorb: Sin: None; Geais: Water
    Genais absorbs magic so you want to take it out first. Cast slow and silence.
    Casting silence will stop it from curing. Casting double spells as always is 
    useful. After you get rid of Genais now head head for sins weak spot. Make sure 
    you use Armor Break. You wont be able to cast much damage until then. Make sure
    you save your Overdrives for the next battle. This also goes for Aeons Overdrives.

>>Battle-    Overdrive Sin
     HP:     140,000
     AP:     20,000
     Steal:  Ether, Supreme Gem
     Weak:   None
     Strong: None
     Absorb: None

    This battle is easy to explain and alittle fun but don't think this is easy. You
    have only a certain amount of time until you get a game over. Basicly you have to
    get 140,000 HP of damage before sin eats you up. When the battle begins give it
    all you got. The first several rounds are out of range for short range weapons. 
    Spells work also having Wakka use Armor Break and attack from far works well. 
    Double cast is very important. 

6-26 Inside Sin

Now your inside sin. The first map has lots of different paths to take as well as
a few chest to find. Keep and eye out for SPECIAL SPHERE, PHANTOM RING WIZARD LANCE,
LV. 3 KEY SPHERE, ELIXIR. Once you reach the north end and find the second save point
in sin its time to settle a little score.

>>Battle-    Seymour Omnis
     HP:     80,000
     AP:     24,000
     Steal:  Shining Gem, Supreme Gem
     Weak:   Changes
     Strong: None
     Absorb: None

    I found this fight rather easy. You'll want to switch armors that help you protect
    against elements. When the battle begins keep an eye on the 2 wheels behind 
    seymour. What ever the color is closest to him is his strength. Just use spells 
    that are opposite to that. Get Nul Spells up and running. If your fast enough
    this battle is a piece of cake.

The second area is alittle bit harder to explain but once you reach a map that 
resembles an up side down T with a save point, this is it for the final battle.
Look for many useful items. LV. 4 KEY SPEHERE, DEFENDING BRACER, MEGALIXIR, 20,000 

After you get to the save point and save, head northwards. A big tower falls. After it
falls head closer to it and you'll appear in a new area. This area is a small circular
area with the camera rotating around. What you have to do here is avoid the icicles 
that come from the ground. If you touch one it will cause a battle. You'll want to keep
an eye out for little crystals that appear and disappear. Get 10 and the final battle


X  <<< 07. Aeons >>>   X

Aeons are basicly the summon creatures for FFX. But unlike the ones from before,
Aeons and now act like any of the other characters. When Yuna summons an Aeon
all the party members move out of the way and all combat is handled with aeons.
Aeons can do normal attacks as well as learn many spell and skills. Here is a list
of them and how to get them.

Ability              Items needed
Dark Attack          6 Smoke Bombs
Silence Attack       3 Silence Grenades
Sleep Attack         3 Sleeping Powders
Dark Buster          12 Smoke Bombs
Silence Buster       10 Silence Grenades
Sleep Buster         10 Sleeping Powders
Delay Attack         20 Silver Hourglass
Delay Buster         30 Gold Hourglass
Zombie Attack        99 Holy Waters
Triple Foul          4 Skill Spheres
Power Break          8 Stamina Springs
Magic Break          4 Mana Spheres
Armor Break          2 Lv. 2 Key Spheres
Mental Break         4 Shining Thorns
Pray                 5 Healing Waters
Cheer                5 Power Spheres

Aim                  5 Speed Spheres
Focus                10 Mana Spheres
Reflex               10 Speed Spheres
Scan                 10 Ability Spheres
Luck                 2 Fortune Spheres
Jinx                 2 Fortune Spheres
Lancet               20 Soul Spheres
Doublecast           5 Three Stars
Cure                 99 High Potions
Cura                 30 X-Potions
Curaga               60 Mega Potions
NulBlaze             2 Bomb Fragments
NulShock             2 Electro Marbles
NulTide              2 Fish Scales
NulFrost             2 Antarctic Winds
Scan                 10 Ability Spheres

Life                 8 Elixirs
Full-Life            1 Megalixir
Haste                10 Chocobo Feather 
Hastega              16 Chocobo Wings
Slow                 4 Silver Hourglasses
Slowga               8 Gold Hourglasses
Shell                4 Lunar Curtains
Protect              6 Light Curtains
Reflect              3 Star Curtains
Dispel               3 Purifying Salt
Regen                50 Healing Springs
Holy                 60 Blessed Gems
Fire                 1 Bomb Fragments
Fira                 2 Bomb Cores
Firaga               4 Fire Gems

Thunder              1 Electro Marble
Thundara             2 Lightning Gems
Thundaga             4 Lightning Gems
Water                1 Fish Scale
Watera               2 Dragon  Scales
Wateraga             4 Water Gems
Blizzard             1 Antarctic Wind
Blizzara             2 Arctic Winds
Blizzaga             4 Ice Gems
Bio                  8 Poison Fangs
Demi                 8 Shadow Gems
Drain                60 Stamina Springs
Osmose               10 Mana Springs
Death                30 Farplane Shadows
Flare                60 Shining Gems
Ultima               99 Supreme Gems

There is one note thought, you cannot teach any of the above skills
to Yojimbo and the Magus Sisters.

X  <<< 08. Weapon and Armor Abilites >>>   X

Ability Name                 Items Needed
Sensor                       2 Ability Sphere
First Strike                 1 Return Sphere
Initiative                   6 Chocobo Feathers
Counterattack                1 Friend Sphere
Evade & Counter              1 Teleport Sphere
Magic Counter                16 Shining Gems
Magic Booster                30 Turbo Ethers
Alchemy                      4 Healing Waters
Auto-Potion                  4 Stamina Tablets
Auto-Med                     20 Remedies
Auto-Phoenix                 4 20 Mega phoenix
Piercing                     Lv. 2 Sphere

Half Mp Cost                 20 Twin Stars
One MP Cost                  20 Three Stars
Double Overdrive             30 Underdog's Secrets
Triple Overdrive             30 Winning Formulas
SOS Overdrive                20 Gambler's Spirits
Overdrive -> AP              10 Door to Tomorrow
Double AP                    20 Megalixirs
Triple AP                    50 Wings of Discovery
No AP                        None
Pickpocket                   30 Amulets
Master Thief                 30 Pendulums
Break HP Limit               30 Wings of Discovery
Break MP Limit               30 Three Stars
Break Damage Limit           60 Dark Matters
Gillionaire                  30 Designer Wallets
HP Stroll                    2 Stamina Tablets
MP Stroll                    2 Maga Tablets
No Encounters                30 Purifying Salts

Fire Strike                  4 Bomb Fragments
Fire Ward                    4 Bomb Fragments
Fireproof                    8 Bomb Cores
Fire Eater                   20 Fire Gems
IceStrike                    4 Antarctic Winds
Ice Ward                     4 Antarctic Winds
Iceproof                     8 Artic Winds
Ice Eater                    20 Ice Gems
LightningStrike              4 Electro Marbles
Lightning Ward               4 Electro Marbles
Lightningproof               8 Lightning Marbles
Lightning Eater              20 Lightning Gems
Waterstrike                  4 Fish Scales
Water Ward                   4 Fish Scales
Waterproof                   8 Dragon Scales
Water Eater                  20 Water Gems
Deathstrike                  60 Farplane Winds
Deathtouch                   30 Farplane Shadows
Deathproof                   60 Farplane Winds
Death Ward                   15 Farplane Shadows

Zombiestrike                 30 Candles of Life
Zombietouch                  70 Holy Waters
Zombieproof                  10 Candles of Life
Zombie Ward                  30 Holy Waters
Stonestrike                  60 Petrify Grenades
Stonetouch                   10 Petrify Grenades
Stoneproof                   20 Petrify Grenades
Stone Ward                   30 Soft
Poisontouch                  99 Antidotes
Poisonstrike                 24 Poison Fangs
Poisonproof                  12 Poison Fangs
Poison Ward                  40 Antidotes

Sleepstrikes                 16 Dream Powders
Sleeptouch                   10 Sleeping Powders
Sleepproof                   8 Dream Powders
Sleep Ward                   6 Sleeping Powders
Silencestrike                20 Silence Grenades
Silencetouch                 60 Echo Screens
Silenceproof                 10 Silence Grenades
Silence Ward                 30 Echo Screens
Darkstrike                   20 Smoke Bombs
Darktouch                    60 Eye Drops
Darkproof                    10 Smoke Bombs
Dark Ward                    40 Eye Drops
Slowstrike                   30 Hour Hourglasses
Slowproof                    20 Hour Hourglasses
Slow Ward                    10 Silver Hourglasses
Slowtouch                    16 Silver Hourglasses

Confuseproof                 48 Musk
Confuse Ward                 16 Musk
Berserkproof                 32 Hypello Potions
Berserk Ward                 8 Hypello Potions
Curseproof                   12 Tetra Elements
Auto-Shell                   80 Lunar Curtains
Auto-Protect                 70 Light Curtains
Auto-Haste                   80 Chocobo Wings
Auto-Regen                   80 Healing Springs
Auto-Reflect                 40 Star Curtains
SOS Shell                    8 Lunar Curtains
SOS Protect                  8 Light Curtains
SOS Haste                    20 Chocobo Feathers
SOS Regen                    12 Healing Springs
SOS Reflect                  40 Star Curtains
SOS NulTide                  1 Dragon Scale
SOS NulFrost                 1 Artic Wind
SOS NulShock                 1 Lightning Marble
SOS NulBlaze                 1 Bomb Core

Strength +3%                 3 Power Sphere
Strength +5%                 2 Stamina Springs
Strenght +10%                1 Skill Sphere
Strength +20%                4 Supreme Gems
Magic +3%                    3 Mana Spheres
Magic +5%                    2 Mana Springs
Magic +10%                   1 Blk Magic Sphere
Magic +20%                   4 Supreme Gems
Defence +3%                  3 Power Spheres
Defence +5%                  2 Stamina Springs
Defence +10%                 1 Special Sphere
Defence +20%                 4 Blessed Gems
Magic Def +3%                3 Mana Spheres
Magic Def +5%                2 Mana Springs
Magic Def +10%               1 Wht Magic Sphere
Magic Def +20%               4 Blessed Gems

HP +5%                       1 X-Potion
HP +10%                      3 Soul Springs
HP +20%                      5 Elixirs
HP +30%                      1 Stamina Tonic
MP +5%                       1 Ether
MP +10%                      3 Soul Springs
MP +20%                      5 Elixirs 
MP +30%                      1 Mana Tonic
Capture                      None

X  <<< 09. Sphere Grid >>>   X

Here is a brand new twist to leveling up in FFX. Its called the shpere grid.
Now don't get worried, its not that scarry but does take a bit of time to 
mastered. Now how to explain it....

Well basicly the sphere grid is one BIG board with lots of target like rings.
Something like a circle in a circle in a circle. And the board has about 20 or
30 of these circles that connect to eachother with a path or two.

You job is to walk on these paths and basicly open up the spheres. On there
cirlces are spheres that add to your stats and gives spells. Each of the 7 characters
start in a different place. This makes it so each character has their own set of

Now to unlock these spheres you need... well... spheres to unlock them. These
kinds of spheres can be won in battle and in chests. There are 4 kinds:
Power Shere
Ability Sphere
Magic Sphere
Speed Sphere

Depending on what sphere point your activating you will need a specific sphere.
For example you get to one that gives you 200 HP. To unlock this you need
the power sphere. Thats it no trick or anything.

Also you will come to points where they are blocked with a lvl. sphere. You 
need to earn that number lvl sphere to open it. This makes it so you can't get too
powerful early in the game and makes that battles always challenging.
Mainly you only get this from bosses, at the end of the game or in chest.

X  <<< 10. Al Bhed Language >>>   X

 A = E                           A = Y
 B = P                           B = P
 C = S                           C = L
 D = T                           D = T
 E = I                           E = A
 F = W                           F = V
 G = K                           G = K
 H = N                           H = R
 I = U                           I = E
 J = V                           J = Z
 K = G                           K = G
 L = C                           L = M
 M = L                           M = S
 N = R                           N = H
 O = Y                           O = U 
 P = B                           P = B
 Q = X                           Q = X
 R = H                           R = N
 S = M                           S = C
 T = D                           T = D
 U = O                           U = I
 V = F                           V = J
 W = Z                           W = F
 X = Q                           X = Q
 Y = A                           Y = O 
 Z = J                           Z = W

X  <<< 11. Side Quest >>>   X

  In Macalania Woods you'll find a person that will explain how to play this 
  mini game. Basicly all you do is start from your position and head back, trying
  to catch every Blue butterfly without touching a red one. When you catch all
  the blue butterflies so treasure chest appears along the route. If you get
  a red one you will get into a battle and lose one second from the time.

  In the Thunder Plains there are many lightning stricks that occur every
  6 second (more or less). When a lightning is about to strick there will
  be a flash one second before the actual stick. Hit X when this happen.
  See if you can get everyone without a strike.
  Dodged Lightnings      Reward
  5 times                2 X-Potions 
  10 times               2 Mega-Potions
  20 times               2 MP Spheres
  50 times               3 Strength Sphere
  100 times              3 HP Sphere
  150 times              4 Megalixirs
  200 times              Venus Sigil

  If you have the airship, you can select the temple easy. If not then head over to 
  the Calm Lands. Get on a chocobo then head to the southern part of the map and
  slimb up the cliff. If you go all the way to the end you'll find a feather on
  the floor. Examine that while on your chocobo to float over to the next cliff. 
  Now go left to get to the temple.

  There is a save point infront of the main doors. Enter and meet Belgemine. She
  wants to challenge you with your Aeons. This is one on one battles. Also after
  you beat one certain aeon you can rest and come back. If you can beat her all
  the way up to Bahamut then she will give you the FLOWER SCEPTURE.
  If you can beat her all the way past the magus sisters then you get

  When you get to the temple look around the left side for a sphere telling you all
  about the Chocobo Races. If you accept the chocobo races and win you will 
  recieve the CLOUDY MIRROR. This is an important item to get the parties 
  Legendary Weapons.

  When you get the air ship your free to explore the world of Spira.
  In the world there are many locations hidden from view. There are 2 ways to 
  get to these hidden places. The first is to use the search command and search
  the world. Use the X coordinates and the y coordinates.
  The second way is to use the passwords left by the Al Bhed heres the list.

  Hidden Locations
  X coordinates      Y coordinates     Location
  39~43              56~60             Battle Site
  11~16              57~63             Baaj Temple
  33~36              55~60             Mi'ihen Site
  12~16              41~45             Sanubia Desert
  69~75              33~38             Omega Ruins
  29~32              73~76             Besaid Falls

  Airship Password case (sensitive)
  GODHAND-Lets you get to a ravine below Mushroom Rock Road.
  MURASAME-Lets you get to a secret area in the ruins of Besaid
  VICTORIOUS-This opens a second secret area in the ruins of Besaid

X  <<< 12. Gameshark Codes >>>   X

* Must be on first!!                     0E3C7DF21645EBB3 0C08E7C3F8A9A297 

Use the codes below after you have seen the Sphere Grid Tutorial
* No random Battles                      1C2870F6F8FCFEFE 
* Infinite Gil                           3C28CEF785F19EFF
* Aeon-Ifrit In Party                    1C28ECDBF8FCFE01
* Aeon-Ixion In Party                    1C28EC6FF8FCFE01
* Aeon-Shiva In Party                    1C28ED03F8FCFE01

* Aeon-Bahamut In Party                  1C28ED97F8FCFE01
* Aeon-Anima In Party                    1C28EE2BF8FCFE01
* Aeon-Yojimbo In Party                  1C28EEBFF8FCFEF1
* Aeon-Cindy Magus In Party              1C28EF53F8FCFE01
* Aeon-Sandy Magus In Party              1C28F0E7F8FCFE01

* Aeon-Mindy Magus In Party              1C28F07BF8FCFE01

* Tidus-Super HP                         2C28E69FF8FC270F  
* Tidus-Super MP                         2C28E6A3F8FC270F  

* Yuna-Super HP                          2C28E733F8FC270F  
* Yuna-Super MP                          2C28E737F8FC270F  

* Auron-Super HP                         2C28E7C7F8FC270F  
* Auron-Super MP                         2C28E7CBF8FC270F  

* Kimahri-Super HP                       2C28E85BF8FC270F  
* Kimahri-Super MP                       2C28E85FF8FC270F  

* Wakka-Super HP                         2C28E9EFF8FC270F  
* Wakka-Super MP                         2C28E9F3F8FC270F  

* Lulu-Super HP                          2C28E983F8FC270F  
* Lulu-Super MP                          2C28E987F8FC270F  

* Rikku-Super HP                         2C28EA17F8FC270F  
* Rikku-Super MP                         2C28EA1BF8FC270F  

* Seymour-Super HP                       2C28EAABF8FC270F 
* Seymour-Super MP                       2C28EAAFF8FC270F 

Use these 6 set of codes for the all item trick

* Have All Items                         3C28CF7B98FDDEFE

3C28CFA39891DE02                         3C28CFCB98A5DE16
3C28CFA79897DE04                         3C28D0CF98ABDE28
3C28CFAB9895DE06                         3C28D0D398A9DE2A
3C28CFAF989BDE18                         3C28D0D798AFDE2C
3C28CFB39899DE1A                         3C28D0DB98ADDE2E
3C28CFB7989FDE1C                         3C28D0DF98B3DE20
3C28CFBB989DDE1E                         3C28D0E398B1DE22
3C28CFBF98A3DE10                         3C28D0E798B7DE24
3C28CFC398A1DE12                         3C28D0EB98B5DE26
3C28CFC798A7DE14                         3C28D0EF98BBDE38

3C28D0F398B9DE3A                         3C28D01B984DDE4E
3C28D0F798BFDE3C                         3C28D01F9853DE40
3C28D0FB98BDDE3E                         3C28D0239851DE42
3C28D0FF9843DE30                         3C28D0279857DE44
3C28D0039841DE32                         3C28D02B9855DE46
3C28D0079847DE34                         3C28D02F985BDE58
3C28D00B9845DE36                         3C28D0339859DE5A
3C28D00F984BDE48                         3C28D037985FDE5C
3C28D0139849DE4A                         3C28D03B985DDE5E
3C28D017984FDE4C                         3C28D03F9863DE50


X  <<< 13. Q/A >>>   X

Q. I have the airship among a lot of other things in the game, but what I am 
having trouble with is getting back into the Sanubia Desert to play the 
cactaur game and find the damn alcyones. I can get to sanubia dunes, but 
not the DESERT!!!!!! Please let me know how to re-enter this area...thanks.

A.  Yea, no problem. Its pretty simple to get too but also hard to find. Just 
go to the console in the airship and access the map. Select search and get the 
arrow in the area of 12to16 for X Coordinate and 41to45 for the Y corrdinate. 
It should come up saying you found the Sanudia Desert.


Q.I am sorry for bothering you, but, despite the many walkthroughs I have examined, 
I cannot find the means to get the No Random Encounters thing.I have nearly completed
the game, and I would just really like to know how to get it.  If you could help me 
out a bit, I would be very appreciative. Thanks

A. Basicly to get no encounters you need 30 Purifying Salts to an armor. As where to
find, there could be a few different places but i know you can get one from Warrior
Monks you get them from stealing but its a rare type.


Q. do you know how many slots include lv1-4lock and abilities on the sphere grid, all
of the slots it will  helps me a lot, thank you very very much.

A. I tried to count them all but there could be a few count different.
LV1 = 11
LV2 = 09
LV3 = 17
LV4 = 17


Q. i've heard - i have no idea where that u can unlock movies and music at the 
luca stadium....i can't find this information anywhere and i was wondering 
if you knew anything about it and how to unlock this stuff.

A. Yeah this one could be easy to pass right by without knowing. If you go from the
airship( when you get it)to luca you'll be near the save point which is near a 
reception desk. Head down. In the next map you'll be walking rightwards. Keep going 
til you find a path up. Head up and keep going up in the next map.Now you should see a
small band in the next map. Your close. Keep going up past the band to another room 
with a desk in the back. Now before that desk are two people on each side before 
the desk. The left one is for Music and the right is for Movies. You need money to
unlock them both. Once you get what you want head to the guy at the center on the 
desk to see/heard them all.

X  <<< 14. Rumors >>>   X

This is the rumors section. If i hear anything that could or might be in the game
or have any relation this would be the place. If you know a rumor that i dont have
or an update to one i already have up just e-mail me and let me know.

   Status           Description
1) Unknown - Theres a rumor that a "sequel" of the story in FFX might be made.
             Only time will tell.

2) True    - There is a "Final Fantasy X International". It contains new bosses
             and a new setup for the sphere grid.

3) False   - There is a secret second ending!

4) True    - FFX comes out on December 18 2001! Not Jan. 2 2002

X  <<< 15. Secrets >>>   X

>> Play music and movies from within the game
   You can do this by going to Luca and finding a special theater that
   deals with this. From the main desk head down or south. In the next screen
   you'll be walking right. When you get to a fork head up. In the next sceen
   just keep going up and that also includes the screen after that.
   Now you'll find a desk and some people around. Talk to they guy on the left
   to "purchase" music spheres. And on the left you can "purchase" movie spheres.
   After that go to the desk in the middle and talk to the guy there. Say Yes 
   and everything after is strait forward.

>> Green eggs on rye bread does make a good floor board. :)


         This FAQ is copyright(c)2002 by Mike Skubna.

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