PS2 Walkthroughs: Fight Night Round 3 Walkthrough

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Fight Night Round 3 Walkthrough

                          Fight Night Round 3
                 Training FAQ (Version 1.0; March 2nd 06')
                         Written by Aj_the_one


Table of Contents

A. Introduction
B. Version History
C. Training overview 
D. Auto-Training
E. Combo Dummy
F. Heavy Bag
G. Weightlifting
H. Sparring
I. Legal Stuff
J. Credits

A. Introduction
What's up readers!! My FAQ will be based on Fight Night Round 3 for PS2. I 
won't the basics of the game like the controls because I am going to assume
that you have read the manual or played the game. I will focus on the training
portion of the game which will be crucial to your success in career mode. I
will the explain the basics of each of the training modes and my method for
completing the training efficiently. I hope that reading this guide gives
you a better understanding of the training modes and makes your climb to the
top that much easier.  

B. Version history

Version 1.0 - FAQ Started

C. Training Overview
Training is an important part of your career mode for several reasons, the 
most important being that it increases your boxer's ratings. There are three
training mini-games that you can complete to raise your stats( You can only
choose one per training session) and you can also do sparring which is like
a free boxcing mode in which you can pratice your offense and defense. There
are some differences from Fight Night Round 2 and the most notably is when
you do one training mini-game(such as weightlifting) certain stats will 
increase( such as power and stamina) but others( such as speed and agility)
will decrease by 1%. This forces you to balance out your training so your
boxer becomes well-rounded and not one-dimensional(which will make the later
fights much harder than they already are). Again you can hire power and speed
trainers but this time they increase the rating gains for their specialties
(Power will go up an additional 2% or speed will go up additional 2%) instead
of just lowering the point totals. Also after winning the Burger King Trophy,
You can hire the BK mascot( the king) as a trainer and he will increase the 
ratings gain for heart. Lastly the target mitts have been taken out of the 
game. The most amount of points you can gain from training( by reaching the
point total for maximum benefit) starts at 8 points and goes down each time
you do the training to a minimum of 1 point, while the most you can lose is
1 point. You can do the mini-games yourself or you can do auto-training. 
Read on to see the explaination for both.

D. Auto-Training
I don't know why they added this feature in the game because chances you will
almost never use this feature. All auto-training does is skip the mini-game
and give you half the maximum amount of points. This isn't recommended at all
becaue you won't get the most out of your training and your boxer will be 
weak if you use this all the time. The only benefit I can think of for 
auto-training is the time it will save you towards the end of your career when
it won't make sense doing the mini-games because you will only get 1 point
anyway. Overall don't use this method unless you are feeling lazy and really
don't want to play the mini-game(although you will miss out on points).

E. Combo Dummy
Ratings increased= Speed, Agility, Chin, Body
Ratings Decreased= Power, Stamina, Heart, Cuts

The concept of this game is pretty simple. In front of your boxer is a combo
dummy with four different areas for you to hit( Left Face, Left Body, Right
Face, Right Body). Sounds pretty simple right? Wrong. What makes this 
mini-game challenging is it's like playing simon says. The game will show you
which zones on the dummy to hit and you must repeat the sequence. What makes
this even harder is the more combos you get right the faster the game shows
the sequences and this means less time for you to see and memorize the combo.
If you have bad memory this will undoubtedly be the hardest mini-game for you
to complete with the maximum benefit.

Best Strategy: The Only meaningful advice I can give you is to pay close 
attention to the dummy and ONLY throw Jabs and Straights. DO NOT throw crosses
hooks, uppercuts or haymakers because these punches take more time to execute
and you will need all of the 60 seconds you are given in case you screw up and
the sequence starts over again.

F. Heavy Bag
Ratings Increased= Chin, Body, Heart, Cuts
Ratings Decreased= Power, Speed, Agility, Stamina

Really simple Mini-game and the easiest training game to complete. In front of
you is the Heavy Bag just sitting there. You can either hit the High part of 
the bag or the low part of the bag. The game will tell you which area to throw
your punches to by showing you a row of X'S. Just Throw your puches where the
X's are and you get a easy increase for your ratings.

Best Strategy: They only give you 60 seconds for mini-game but trust me, that
is more than enough. If you want to rack up the most amount of points in the
shortest time just use continuos Jab, Straight combos. This is the fastest
combo in the game and will really rack up those points quick. If you don't
like this method or you want it to mix it up, all puches will work(except
haymakers, they are too slow) as long as they are thrown in a smooth and 
continuos motion.

G. Weightlifting
Ratings Increased= Power, Stamina, Heart, Cuts
Ratings Decreased= Speed, Agility, Chin, Body

This Mini-game can be easy or hard, depending on how well you can control the
analog sticks. Your Boxer stands in-between two weightlifting machines and
the bell rings telling you to begin. The object of this game is to raise the
weight(represented in blue) into the red zone. The mini-game gets harder 
because the better you do the smaller the red zone gets and the more precise
you have to be in controlling the analog. Also you alternate lifting the 
weights with your hands( So it's Left weight, Right weight and so on). The
farther you get not only does the red zone shrink, the weight becomes heavier
to your boxer and he raises the weight more slowly making it even harder to
get the blue bar inside the red.

Best Strategy: Around about 6 total reps( L,R,L,R,L,R) you will notice your 
boxer lift the weight slower. At this time you have to be precise in letting
go of the analog because although the starts out raising the weight slower it
goes up faster which makes the target harder to get inside. Let go of the 
analog stick a little before you reach the target, because although you let
go of the analog the meter will still raise a little before going back down
(Damn Momentum). When you play the mini-game my tip will become clear( it's a
little hard to simulate the meters and such using plain text) and getting 
those ratings boosts' will be easy!!

H. Sparring
This is basically a practice mode for you try out all your and to get familiar
with moving around the ring and working on your offense or defense. Of course
you have a boxer in the ring with you but really dosen't do anything except
throw a punch every like 3 seconds or so( You can change what you want him to
do by pausing the game and cycling through the menu. You can also choose a 
training mini-game after you finish sparring.

Best strategy: If you are going to mix up your fightint style alot during the
course of you career, I suggest you come here first to learn the mechanics of
the style you are using. For puching styles learn the weaknesses and strengths
of each style( Which punches are fast or slow, or have good or bad recovery 
times). For Blocking styles learn how to utilize each style( or the style that
you will be using) to it's fullest potential( Learning how to parry punches,
seeing how much damage you will take from blocking). Overall you should use 
this training alot depending on if your going to change your fighting style
frequently throughtout your career. Even if you don't, really useful for 
learning your most devastating combos(I know you don't want to experiment 
during a real fight, do you?) and becoming the best boxer you can possibly be.

I. Legal Stuff
My FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site except for and or as part of any public
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

J. Credits
-EA Sports for making the best boxing game ever
-Whoever reads this FAQ for just reading it
-GameFaqs for posting my FAQ

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